An Obituary and an Odd Friendship

I was saddened to read a few days ago of the death of Hall of Fame trainer H. Allen Jerkens. Of all the upsets he engineered in his long and illustrative career, the 1973 Woodward Stakes stands out in my mind. It was one of my favorite races of all time.

I was a freshman at Kenyon College (Gambier, Ohio) in late September of 1973. I moseyed over to the commons late one Saturday afternoon to watch this race on television. There I was joined by Tim Blowhard (not his real name, but the name says it all; you know the type). We both lived in the same dorm (Norton Zoo) freshman year and eventually pledged to the same frat (Assholes, Derelicts, and Perverts).

TB turned out to be a BIG fan of Secretariat. Me, not so much. Secretariat was 2-5 or 3-10 (can’t remember which) that day in the 1973 Woodward. Among his foes was Prove Out, a son of Graustark (of whom I was somewhat fond) trained by H. Allen Jerkens.

I opined that Secretariat was an underlay at the odds. TB disagreed. The usual negotiations followed. I offered to book him at those odds. He demurred, saying “I don’t want to take your money” or some such bullshit.

Prove Out absolutely loved the sloppy going that day. The distance (a mile and a half) was right up his alley as well. He won by four lengths over an undertrained Secretariat. TB stormed off. I laughed and giggled.

“Too bad he didn’t take that wager,” I heard a voice behind me.

“Ah, he’s the kind of asshole who wouldn’t have paid up anyway,” I replied before even checking out the owner of this voice.

The owner of this voice turned out to be a reasonably attractive female. She was skinny as a rake and not very well endowed on top, but I kinda like them that way. “More than a mouthful is too much.”

We watched the recap of the race and chatted for a bit. Turned out her name was Amy, and she was a senior from Newton, Massa-Two-Shits. We went downstairs to dinner together and continued babbling on racing topics.

If this were a fairy tale, we fell in love and eventually got married and lived happily ever after, progeny and all. Life is usually a bit more complicated than fairy tales. No such fairy tale ensued.

It was the beginning of a somewhat odd friendship though. Odd mainly because she was a senior and I was a lowly freshman.

The thing that fueled the friendship was the nags of course. Turned out that she was a Bland-Horse subscriber. I preferred the Thoroughbred Rectum myself. So naturally we had to meet once a week and exchange magazines and opinions about the contents thereof. As well as the relative merits and deficits of the two magazines. There were not many people around the campus at that time (or any other time) who were as intensely interested in the nags as we were. Maybe it was only ONE THING we had in common, but it was the MOST IMPORTANT thing.

This did not lead to any ROMANCE, however. She made her opinion on that pretty clear from the start. She was a senior. I was a freshman. She was Jewish. I was Catholic. And never the twain shall meet (nor kiss nor whatever comes after that). I accepted her terms of friendship.

Come spring of the next year (1974) she started dragging me out to the tennis court with her. She was a decent player (varsity at a small high school). I had never played before at all. She did not exactly offer me any instructions. She explained the rules. She hit a ball at me. I tried to hit it back. It took me awhile to be able to hit it back with any consistency at all.

Of course she beat me mercilessly the first few times we played (and she insisted on keeping score). But I gradually got better. I never did develop a backhand that spring, but I was young and could still run like a deer, and so I ran around the court and hit everything with my forehand.

I gradually got better. The scores got closer. She had to expend more energy to beat me. I actually beat her the last time we played that spring (one set only; one set was usually all we could manage; and this set I won took a LONG time to be resolved).

It was near the end of the school year. She was graduating in a week or two. I had to go home for the summer before graduation. We went to several parties together that night (after I finally beat her at tennis). She got a little more inebriated than usual (I got WASTED as usual).

To make a long story short, she relieved me of my virginity that night. I was never much of a lady’s man. It came as pretty much a surprise to me. I was not complaining. I hope she had no cause for complaint either.

She graduated. I went home to Cincinnati for the summer. I wrote her a few times and vice versa. The last I heard she was getting married. I sent her a subscription to the Thoroughbred Rectum as a wedding present.

This story has come a long way from the death of H. Allen Jerkens. He was renowned for all the major upsets that he pulled (though he was a GREAT trainer even without all those upsets).

But when I think of H. Allen Jerkens, I think about Prove Out and Secretariat in the 1973 Woodward. And about the odd friendship of Amy and Davey in the fall of 1973 and spring of 1974.

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Almahmoud, Best in Show, Bourtai, Courtly Dee, Grey Flight, Knight’s Daughter, Missy Baba, Rough Shod II

The La Troienne (LT) female line came up with an other stakes winner recently. That is Fair Grounds Handicap (G3) winner Chocolate Ride (Candy Ride–Heatherdoesntbluff, Old Trieste, sold for $260,000 as a yearling in 2011, 362 Performance Points).

That does not change the prices, but it does change the results (PPI) a little. The PPI (result) for the 1,108 foals with LT in the female line increases from 0.94 to 0.96 (0.944 to 0.958, if you want to get technical). All my previous posts on the LT female line among sales foal of 2008-2111 have been updated accordingly.

I came across Chocolate Ride as I was preparing some statistics on the female lines of the eight broodmares named in the title above (Almahmoud, Best in Show, Bourtai, Courtly Dee, Grey Flight, Knight’s Daughter, Missy Baba, and Rough Shod II, hereafter to be referred to as the ABBCGKMR group).

I chose these eight mares for examination because I thought their female lines had the best chance of selling for high prices and/or producing good results. These eight mares are renowned for their female lines and should be familiar to all readers. Listed below are the individual prices for this group.

Female Line           Foals          Average          Maverage          Price Index

Almahmoud             182            $50,592            165.53                  1.07

Best in Show            104            $68,089            194.61                 1.26

Bourtai                     363             $69,108            190.21                 1.24

Courtly Dee               81             $133,090          263.74                 1.71

Grey Flight              230            $64,399            187.42                 1.22

Knight’s Daughter  135             $67,539            187.57                 1.22

Missy Baba              139             $106,360         250.34                1.63

Rough Shod II        166             $44,028           153.34                1.00

Totals                      1,400           $70,128            192.47               1.25

The overall average for all 45,562 sales foals of 2008-2111 was $46,418. All eight mares exceeded that figure except for Rough Shod II ($44,028). The overall maverage for all sales foals of 2008-2111 was 154.0. All eight mares exceeded that figure except for Rough Shod II (153.34).

In my last post I speculated why most people accept the rise and fall of male lines but not of female lines. It appears to me that most buyers are giving up on the Rough Shod II female line, accepting that its time has come and gone.

Listed below are the 46 stakes winners in this ABBCGKMR group. Listed for each stakes winner are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and number of Performance Points it earned. They are listed in descending order of Performance Points under their individual female lines. Discussion resumes after the list below.


Eskendereya (Giant’s Causeway–Aldebaran Light, Seattle Slew), 08Y250,000, 1,526 Performance Points.

Calgary Cat (Cowtown Cat–Big Sink Star, A.P. Indy), 11Y40,000, 922.

Centralinteligence (Smarty Jones–Shootforthestars, Seattle Slew), 09Y90,000, 709.

Free World (Stormy Atlantic–Welcometotheworld, Woodman), 11Y35,000, 511.

Bond James Bond (Old Topper–Excitations, Jolie’s Halo), 09Y3,196, 506.

Awesome Act (Awesome Again–Houdini’s Honey, Mr. Prospector), 08Y240,000, 501.

Trac N Jam (El Corredor–Swan River, Hennessy), 09Y4,500, 260.

Up Jumps a Monster (Proud Citizen–Hail the Flag, Devils’ Bag), 11T25,000, 224.

Dr John’s (Consolidator–Well At the Top, Sadler’s Wells), 10Y5,000, 200.


Estrela Monarchos (Monarchos–Dance Fever, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y20,000, 1,100.

Pathfork (Distorted Humor–Visions of Clarity, Sadler’s Wells), 09Y230,000, 938.

Sensational Slam (Grand Slam–Roman Romance, San Romano), 09Y80,000, 954.

Can the Man (Into Mischief–Smolensk, Danzig), 11W40,000, 526.


Jack Milton (War Front–Preserver, Forty Niner), 11Y100,000, 971.

Hoosier Kingdom (Repent–Aunt Pansy, Quiet American), 08T22,000, 758.

Peace Preserver (War Front–Preserver, Forty Niner), 10Y120,000, 682.

Millionresonswhy (Grand Slam–In Secure, A.P. Indy), 10Y115,000, 623.

Modern Cowboy (Tiznow–Western Woman, West by West), 08Y200,000, 589.

Giants Play (Giant’s Causeway–Playful Act, Sadler’s Wells), 08Y850,000, 459.


Bet Seattle (Seattle Fitz–Second Bet, Belong to Me), 10Y1,500, 701.

Kindergarden Kid (Dynaformer–Amelia, Dixieland Band), 08Y500,000, 639.

Super Espresso (Medaglia d’Oro–Amizette, Forty Niner), 08Y1,100,000, 576.


Integrity (Hard Spun–Generosity, Unbridled’s Song), 11Y320,000, 346.

Verso a Verso (Circular Quay–Folk Art, Bertrando), 11Y4,000, 308.


Fed Biz (Giant’s Causeway–Spunoutacontrol, Wild Again), 10Y950,000, 1,770.

Macias (Purge–Azelna, Tropular), 08Y170,000, 625.

Nana Knows (Bold Tribute–Bold Threat, Bold Ruckus), 08Y2,000, 347.

Endless Chatter (First Samurai–Orate, A.P. Indy), 11Y77,000, 322.

Dream Nettie (Dixie Union–Tell It, Storm Cat), 08Y130,000, 246.

Hoarding (Elusive Quality–What a Treasure, Cadeaux Genereux), 11Y150,000, 170.


Havre de Grace (Saint Liam–Easter Bunnette, Carson City), 08Y380,000, 4,586.

Pleasant Prince (Indy King–Archduchess, Pleasant Tap), 08Y30,000, 1,096.

Bouquet Booth (Flower Alley–Toll Order, Loup Sauvage), 10T30,000, 827.

Sky Kingdom (Empire Maker–Sky Beam, Kingmambo), 09W180,000, 712.

Hot Summer (Malibu Moon–Summer Delight, Quiet American), 09Y180,000, 699.

Moon Philly (Malibu Moon–Astor Place, Deputy Minister), 10Y25,000, 655.

Lady Cohiba (Broken Vow–Cohiba Miss, Cat Thief), 10Y240,000, 632.

Otero (Honour and Glory–Divot Doll, Dance Brightly), 08Y14,000, 205.

Lord Sinclair (Mizzen Mast–Great Connection, Dayjur), 10Y52,000, 151.


Effie Trinket (Freud–Maya’s Note, Editor’s Note), 11Y4,000, 985.

I Think So (Proud Citizen–Steve’s Little Girl, Catienus), 10W7,000, 453.

Millennia (Milwaukee Brew–Sararegal, Regal Classic), 08Y70,000, 440.

Musical Flair (Songandaprayer–Highwaytohappiness, Catienus), 11T47,000, 428.

Fusa Code (Fusaichi Pegasus–Lasting Code, Lost Code), 09Y55,000, 288.

Galloping Giraffe (Tapit–Fountain Square, Danzig Connection), 11Y130,000, 268.

Jubliant Girl (Henrythenavigator–Gamely Girl, Arch), 11Y270,000, 207.

Rough Shod II has a Price Index of 1.00 and a PPI (result) of 0.86 (see its seven stakes winners listed above from 166 foals). It appears that buyers were correct in giving up on Rough Shod II. Those 166 foals sold for prices very close to average and produced results about 14% below average.

The most expensive of the eight mares was Courtly Dee (average of $133.090, maverage of 263.74, and Price Index of 1.71). Based on its three stakes winners (listed above) from 81 foals, that works out to a PPI of 1.10, which does NOT compare favorably to its price of 1.71. Those 81 foals sold for prices about 71% above average and achieved results about 10% above average.

Missy Baba was not far behind Courtly Dee in terms of prices, and the other six were well behind those two. Missy Baba had an average of $106,360, a maverage of 250.34, and a Price Index of 1.63. Based on its nine stakes winners (listed above) from 139 foals, that works out to a PPI (result) of 3.21, which compares very favorably to its price of 1.63. These 139 foals sold for prices about 63% above average and achieved results about 221% above average.

Among those nine stakes winners was Horse of the Year Havre de Grace (4,586 Performance Points), which is the main reason Missy Baba fared so well. Without Havre de Grace this group’s PPI drops to 1.70, much more in line with its price of 1.63.

The third dam of Havre de Grace is Toll Booth. Five of the nine stakes winners listed under Missy Baba trace to Toll Booth. So does Belmont Stakes winner Tonalist (who is not part of this study group; he was a $195,000 RNA as a yearling in 2012). Most people think of Weekend Surprise as the best scion of Missy Baba in the female line. It appears that momentum has shifted in favor of Toll Booth over Weekend Surprise.

I did not list the individual results for the eight mares. You have their number of foals and their stakes winners listed. You can work it out from there if you are so inclined. I was more interested in the composite results for these eight mares than their individual results.

Listed below are the composite prices for these eight mares.

Mare                        Foals           Average          Maverage     Price Index

Totals                      1,400           $70,128            192.47               1.25

Listed below are the composite results for these eight mares. APPPSW stands for average Performance Points per stakes winner, a measure of the quality of stakes winners involved (661 being average).

Foals          Stakes Winners          %          APPPSW          PPI (Result)

1,400                   46                       3.29             688                   1.06

The overall percentage of stakes winners from foals for all sales foals of 2008-2111 was 3.24%. This group is slightly better at 3.29%. It is also slightly better by APPPSW (688 to 661). So its overall PPI (result) is 1.06. That is not bad in absolute terms, but it is not good relative to its price of 1.25.

Let us compare this group to LT in terms of prices versus results.

Group               Foals          Price Index          PPI (Result)

LT                      1,108                 1.15                      0.96

ABBCGKMR    1,400                1.25                      1.06

See the similarity???? ABBCGKMR has prices 0.10 higher than LT (1.25 to 1.15). It also has results 0.10 higher than LT (1.06 to 0.96). In both cases the difference between prices and results is 0.19. That is an approximate measure of how much each group was similarly overvalued.

SO LT is not the only female line that the market overvalues. The same is true of ABBCGKMR collectively. From which one might tentatively conclude that the market pays more attention to female lines than they really deserve.

A few more observations are in order. You see these eight names duplicated in pedigrees (Rasumussen Factor) rather frequently (particularly Almahmoud). One reason RF does not work is because you are duplicating names that have no positive value to them (at last not relative to their prices).

And at the risk of being repetitious, I will say again that female lines are purely a play on names in pedigrees. They have nothing to do with the racing/producing class of the sires and dams involved. This is what happens when you concentrate on names in pedigrees. You pay more than you should for the results you actually receive.

I am working on some other female lines as well. Perhaps I will post on them at a later date (unless you readers want to persuade me that enough is enough, that I have made my case against the obsession with female lines quite convincingly already).

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“Dark as a Dungeon”

Why is it that most people accept that male lines rise and fall? Yet when it comes to female lines, they do not seem to accept that at all? These are some of the questions that occurred to me as I posted this series on the La Troienne (LT) female line. I think I may have an answer or two.

When male lines fail, they do not just deteriorate, they disappear. Take the leading sire lists in North America from 1930 to 1953, for example. The sire lists of that period were led four times by Sir Gallahad III, once by his full brother Bull Dog, and five times by Bull Lea (a son of Bull Dog).

That sire line, once so successful, has disappeared now. And no one laments its passing. No one goes on and on about how “magic” those names still are in pedigrees (as opposed to LT).

In contrast, female lines deteriorate but never really disappear. The female line of LT, for example, continues to produce a goodly number of stakes winners. As long as it does so, people fail to realize that its results have actually deteriorated over time when compared to the number of foals it produces (the latter of which is the missing factor in the equation that most people just seem to ignore rather blithely).

Of the 70,714 sales foals of 2003-2007, just over 60% were from either the Northern Dancer male line (21,420) or the Mr. Prospector male line (21,115). That is pretty typical of how numerically dominant male lines are.

There is no argument that LT is the dominant female line in North American breeding, at least numerically, even today. Nothing else even comes close. My guess is that Escutcheon (including her daughter Bourtai) would be next. Or maybe Etoile Filante (1918 by Fair Play out of Chit Chat), who is even older than LT (a foal of 1926).

Yet dominant as it is, the LT female line accounts for only a little over 2.4% of the entire population among both sales foals of 2003-2007 and sales foals of 2008-2011. Female lines are nowhere near as dominant numerically as male lines. That is just the nature of the beast. And probably the reason why female lines never really disappear, while male lines do disappear.

The obsession with male lines is understandable only in terms of academic curiosity. It is a matter of historic interest to see which males lines come to dominate and which ones disappear. But that does NOT mean that a foal from a dominant male line is likely to be any better than any other foal (at least in any statistical sense). It is understandable to think about male lines in macro (historical) terms. But in micro terms (evaluating an individual foal), males lines are just about irrelevant. The only thing they are good for is fodder for advertising BS (pardon the redundancy).

(From a genetic point of view, the sire of the sire is no more important than the broodmare sire. Or the dam of the sire. Or the second dam.)

And the same is true of female lines. They are interesting historically (macro terms), but they are just about irrelevant in micro terms (evaluating an individual foal, as I just demonstrated with LT). Just because a male line or female line has the most numbers does NOT necessarily mean that it is any good. Sometimes quite the opposite. The most popular male and female lines frequently become the victims of their own (perceived) successes.

For whatever reasons, male lines are a lot more visible to most people than female lines. Male lines are sort of like the alphabet. You have to learn the alphabet before you can learn to read. And many people never learn to read at all. They never progress beyond the alphabet (male lines).

Another difference between male and female lines is the availability of statistics. You can find plenty of free statistics online on just about any sire. And if you are willing to pay $$$$, you can find quite detailed and esoteric statistics on just about any sire.

Finding statistics on female lines????? Good luck!!!!!

As far as I know, no organization routinely generates statistics on female lines via the computer. If you want to evaluate one particular female line, you can pay through the nose for a computer product on that line and then assimilate all the data and crunch all the numbers yourself.

If you want to evaluate more than one female line, you can acquire auction reviews and wade through thousands of foals one by one (sort of like the Johnny Cash song “One Piece at a Time”). Personally, I prefer the latter approach.

I believe this is the biggest reason why people have been reluctant to accept the fact that female lines rise and fall (albeit not quite as drastically as male lines rise and fall and sometimes disappear). Because statistics on female lines are very few and far between.

Particularly GOOD statistics on female lines. By which I mean statistics that include the number of foals involved, not just the number of stakes winners. As you may have heard me rant before, too many statistics are based on stakes winners only without any reference to the number of foals involved. The former is virtually meaningless without the latter.

So people see that the LT female lines is still producing Judy the Beautys and conclude erroneously that the name LT is still “magic” in pedigrees. It may have been “magic” at one point in time (through the 1970s or so), but even then only in the female line itself. As I just demonstrated, even the LT female line is actually below average now and well below average compared to its prices.

It takes hard WORK and EFFORT to generate viable statistics on female lines. You have to hunker down into the data mines and dig out those foals one by one. God forbid that any pedigree “expert” should have to stoop to WORK or EFFORT to substantiate his opinions. It is so much easier just to spout unsubstantiated drivel.

The name of the song is “Dark as a Dungeon.” Merle Travis wrote it. Johnny Cash did a pretty good version of it.

“Where the rain never falls, the sun never shines

It’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mines.”

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“Gates of Eden”

OK, I have posted the 34 stakes winners tracing to La Troienne (LT) in the female line from among sales foals of 2008-2111. I have posted all other foals tracing to LT in the female line from among sales foals of 2008-2111. Now is time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

If those 34 stakes winners were produced from 500 foals, that would be an excellent result. If those 34 stakes winners were produced from 1,000 foals, that would be a good result.

In fact these 34 stakes winners were produced from 1,108 foals. The prices for those 1,108 foals are listed below, compared to the prices for the 1,738 foals tracing to LT in the female line from among sales foals of 2003-2007 (see earlier post).

Sales Foals of                Foals          Average          Maverage          Price Index

2008-2111                      1,108           $66,667            177.43                   1.15

2003-2007                     1,738          $65,754            175.88                   1.08

The total number of foals tracing to LT in the female line declined from 1,738 in 2003-2007 to 1,108 in 2008-2111. That does not mean that the prevalence of LT has declined precipitously.

Those 1,738 foals were 2.46% of the total of 70,714 foals in 2003-2007 (five years). Those 1,108 foals were 2.43% of the total of 45,562 foals in 2008-2111 (four years). So the prevalence of LT in the female line declined very slightly, not precipitously.

The average price for all foals in the LT female line increased slightly from $65,574 in 2003-2007 to $66,667 in 2008-2111. The maverage also increased slightly from 175.88 to 177.43.

The overall average for all 70,714 foals in 2003-2007 decreased from $54,140 to $46,418 for all 45,562 foals in 2008-2111. The maverage decreased similarly from 163.11 to 154.0. So the Price Index increased from 1.08 in 2003-2007 to 1.15 in 2008-2111. The 1,738 foals of 2003-2007 sold for prices about 8% above average. The 1,108 foals of 2008-2111 sold for prices about 15% above average. So the LT female line increased from 2003-2007 to 2008-2111 in terms of popularity (prices paid).

Now let us examine the results for the LT female line in 2008-2111. APPPSW in the chart below stands for average Performance Points per stakes winner, a measure of the quality of stakes winners involved (661 being average).

Foals          Stakes Winners          %          APPPSW          PPI (Result)

1,108                     34                     3.07            669                     0.96

The overall percentage of stakes winners from foals in 2008-2011 was 3.24% (1,476 of 45,562). The LT female line was below that at 3.07% (34 of 1,108). The LT female line did have 669 APPPSW, slightly better than the overall average of 661.

Taking both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account, these 1,108 foals had a PPI (result) of 0.96. That does not compare well with their Price Index of 1.15. They sold for prices about 15% ABOVE average and achieved results about 4% BELOW average. They distinctly underperformed.

Now let us compares prices and results for 2003-2007 versus the same for 2008-2111.

Sales Foals of          Foals          Price Index          PPI (Result)

2003-2007               1,738                1.08                     0.92

2008-2111                 1,108                 1.15                     0.96

The LT female line did increase its PPI (results) from 0.92 on 2003-2007 to 0.96 in 2008-2111. Its prices increased even more sharply though, from 1.08 to 1.15. Therefore, the gap between the two (amount of underperformance) increased from 0.16 to 0.19. The LT female line performed even worse relative to its prices in 2008-2111 than in 2003-2007.

It should not come as any surprise to any rational person that LT is actually below average. After all, she was a foal of 1926.

You might be wondering why I confined myself to the female line in evaluating LT. The main reason is that I knew from previous research that LT has her BEST results in the female line and her worse results in all the other possible places in pedigrees. See La Troienne (“Talking World War III Blues”).

So I was giving her the benefit of the doubt by concentrating on the places in pedigrees in which she had had the BEST results in the past. LT appears in many more places in pedigrees than just the female line. Anyone want to wager that she has good results in these other places????

Also bear in mind that the worship of “Saint” LT is strictly a play on names in pedigrees alone (has nothing to do with the racing and/or producing class of the sires and dams involved). This is what happens when you place pedigree above racing/producing class. This is what happens when you concentrate on one name in pedigrees and attempt to canonize her. You pay above-average prices for below-average results.

I do not think that this obsession with LT developed naturally. Rational people did not look at the evidence and all come to the same conclusion independently, that LT is somehow “magic.”

No, what happened is that many so-called pedigree “experts” wrote a lot of drivel (to put it charitably) about LT. Many people read that drivel. An “expert” said it was so. Therefore, it must be true (and no one was producing any evidence to the contrary). So it came to be accepted as dogma that the name LT is “magic” in pedigrees.

We live in a world full of propaganda. LT is an excellent example of the power of propaganda.

But dogma and propaganda are both still bullshit. At least this particular dogma and propaganda, if not all others. There are no saints outside the “Gates of Eden.”

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La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2011

In a previous post I listed the 34 stakes winners from among sales foals of 2008-2011 who trace to La Troienne (LT) in the female line. Listed below are the remaining sales foals of 2010 who also trace to LT in the female line.

Listed for each foal are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and a brief synopsis of its racing class (W for winner, Pl for placed, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, etc.) The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (more or less in the order in which I found them).

Josue C (Act of Duty–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 11T4,500, UP.

Logan’s Lotto (Afleet Alex–Mystical Honor, Theatrical), 11W75,000, PL.

Return Trip (Afleet Alex–High Heel Sneaker, Dehere), 11Y20,000, W.

Royal Art (Afleet Alex–Prall Street, Cherokee Run), 11Y410,000, W.

Perry’s Prize (After Market–Prize, Out of Place), 11Y1,000, UR.

Saturday Special (Any Given Saturday–Nascat, Hennessy), 11Y20,000, W.

Karushi (Any Given Saturday–Western Jewel, Gone West), 11Y5,500, W.

Bayou One (A. P. Delta–Allthatcatcanbe, Sir Cat), 11Y100, PL.

Powerful (A.P. Indy–Malka, Deputy Minister), 11Y1,400,000, W.

Wicker Man (Arch–Mere Justice, Vindication), 11Y120,000, UR.

Epic (Arch–Pretty City, Carson City), 11Y50,000, UR.

Mephisto Aristo (Aristocrat–Runaway Sreva, Runaway Groom), 11Y10,000, W.

About Time (Artie Schiller–Don’t Ruffle Me, Pine Bluff), 11W25,000, UR.

Providential Glory (Atticus–Lovin Marlene, Sir Cat), 11Y1,200, UR.

Lucy’s Tacos (Attila’s Storm–Fooray, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y2,700, PL.

Awesome Adele (Awesome Again–Rhythmical Beat, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y65,000, UR.

Alamar (Badge of Silver–Demi Monde, Easy Goer), 11Y15,000, W.

Judge Lew (Badge of Silver–Evasive, Elusive Quality), 11Y20,750, W.

Sgt Bilko (Badge of Silver–Grace Lake, Meadowlake), 11Y10,000, W.

Despinas Desire (Badge of Silver–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 11T25,000, W.

Time Goes On (Bandini–My Six Sisters, Saint Ballado), 11T10,000, SPW.

Bricks and Glicks (Belgravia–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 11Y80,000, W.

King Whale (Bellamy Road–Don’t Ruffle Me, Pine Bluff), 11Y80,000, UP.

Me Commanche (Belong to Me–Comanche Wind, Forestry), 11W6,000, SPW.

Silent Music (Bernardini–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 11Y35,000, UR.

Berni Dancer (Bernardini–Manx Cat, Forest Wildcat), 11Y35,000, W.

Burn Em Bernie (Bernstein–Dancing Darling, Mutakddim), 11Y1,500, UP.

Saturdayatbernies (Bernstein–Unbridled Rhapsody, Songandaprayer), 11Y100,000, W.

Check Em (Best of the Bests–Lady Shakin, Dixieland Band), 11Y20,310, W.

All That (Big Brown–Miss Forest City, Coronado’s Quest), 11Y310,000, W.

Kentucky’s Tune (Bluegrass Cat–Greeley’s Tune, Mr. Greeley), 11Y20,000, UP.

Blue Catillac (Bluegrass Cat–Sweeping, End Sweep), 11Y80,000, W.

Bluegrass Kopp (Bluegrass Cat–Svea Dahl, Honor Grades), 11T21,000, W.

Bug’s Girl (Bold n’ Flashy–O. P. Love, One Way Love), 11Y9,647, W.

Tried to Tell U So (Borrego–Homerette, Grand Slam), 11W5,000, UR.

Brahmzotti Belle (Brahms–Lady Zotti, Manzotti), 11W2,800, UP.

Pretty Lilly Ann (Brahms–Royal Image, Proud Truth), 11Y3,000, UR.

Irish Winnie (Broken Vow–Amazing Speed, Langfuhr), 11Y21,000, W.

Mythical Man (Broken Vow–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 11Y20,000, W.

Broken Spell (Broken Vow–Rich Find, Exploit), 11Y85,000, GP.

Captain Derek (Brother Derek–Thunder Serenade, Thunder Gulch), 11Y10,000, W.

Candy City (Candy Ride–Grove City, Pleasant Tap), 11Y32,000, UP.

Rocket Ralph (Cape Canaveral–Aubergine, Ringside), 11W1,611, UR.

Dignatario (Cape Cross–Cordevalle, Storm Cat), 11Y17,000, W.

Strong Dog (Cat Strike–Goin Wide, Crimcino), 11Y300, UP.

Hope to Be Royalty (Chapel Royal–Pop Pop’s Hope, Valid Trefaire), 11Y3,700, W.

Cherokee Windsong (Cherokee Run–Sweet Windsong, Aptitude), 11Y89,650, SPW.

Sugar Mama (City Zip–Bumble Bee Mama, Notebook), 11Y75,000, W.

Huntingtons Silver (Classy Prospector–Petite Silver, Silver Minstrel), 11Y3,700, UR.

Thrillagee (Congaree–Singing Sister, Red Bullet), 11Y1,500, W.

Ten Thirty (Corinthian–Julie’s Touch, Touch Gold), 11Y17,000, W.

Distiller (Corinthian–Moonshine Run, Go for Gin), 11Y40,000, W.

Seven Spot (Cowboy Cal–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 11W30,000, W.

Swing True (Cowtown Cat–Hot Dice, Carson City), 11Y35,000, UR.

Ranking Queen (Cowtown Cat–Ibedarn, Aldebaran), 11Y1,300, UP.

Thunderina (Curlin–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 11W15,000, UR.

Delta Ru (Curlin–Delta Rhythm, A.P. Indy), 11W15,000, UR.

Liberated (Curlin–Lady Melesi, Colonial Affair), 11Y60,000, GP.

A Shin the Head (Curlin–Sweet Belle, Deputy Commander), 11Y170,000, W.

How ’bout Omero (Dance With Ravens–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 11Y6,500, PL.

Lightning N Hail (Dance With Ravens–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 11T6,200, W.

Forty Dehere (Dehere–Seven Sevens, Forty Niner), 11Y12,000, W.

Petrocelli (Disco Rico–Squaw Valley, Indian Charlie), 11Y12,000, SPW.

Take My Time (Discreet Cat–Prosper, Affirmed), 11W24,000, W.

Dragon Front (Discreet Cat–Kew Garden, Seattle Slew), 11Y5,000, UP.

Power Lady (Discreet Cat–Lady in Power, Defensive Play), 11Y15,000, GP.

Casual Affair (Discreet Cat–Flashy Frolic, Premiership), 11T30,000, PL.

Fleeting Smile (Distorted Humor–Fleet Indian, Indian Charlie), 11Y500,000, W.

J P Girl (Distorted Humor–Lady Lochinvar, Lord At War), 11Y600,000, UR.

Coin Flip (Distorted Humor–X Star, Pulpit), 11Y350,000, W.

Classic Reality (Distorted Reality–Kaydee Classic, Regal Classic), 11T8,000, UR.

Act of Divinity (Divine Park–Estimable, Came Home), 11Y40,000, W.

D’wildcat Gold (D’wildcat–Gold Khalifa, Formal Gold), 11Y21,000, W.

Zander (E Dubai–Maitrise, Ogygian), 11T9,500, W.

Quality Light (Elusive Quality–Mine Light, Mineshaft), 11W25,000, UR.

Aunte Shirley (Eugene’s Third Son–Traude, River Special), 11Y1,500, UP.

Five Star Rating (Exchange Rate–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 11T16,850, W.

My Maggie (Fisher Pond–Briars Button, Son of Briartic), 11Y3,782, UP.

It’s Fishin Time (Fisher Pond–Slewpy Time, Slewpy), 11Y1,022, W.

Madison Richelle (Flashy Bull–Jelly Roll Frolic, Affirmed), 11T20,000, UP.

I’m So Flattering (Flatter–Cream Rises, Dance Brightly), 11Y9,000, W.

Decorated Admiral (Formal Dinner–Admirelle, Smoke Glacken), 11T3,500, W.

Islomania (Friendly Island–Ochi Chernye, Mr. Greeley), 11T5,500, UP.

She Sure Is (Ghostly Minister–Hindsight, Wayne County), 11T4,000, W.

Mujeok Gangja (Ghostzapper–Angel Island, Forestry), 11Y37,000, W.

Ghoststone (Ghostzapper–Chamrousse, Peaks and Valleys), 11Y 150,000, W.

Queen’s Parade (Giant’s Causeway–Queen of Kills, Unbridled’s Song), 11W200,000, W.

Grand Manan (Giant’s Causeway–Manoa, Seeking the Gold), 11T25,000, PL.

Gibsonrollthedice (Gibson County–Hot Dice, Carson City), 11T5,500, UP.

After the Conflict (Gilded Time–Perfect Connection, Phone Trick), 11Y31,226, W.

Vengeful Song (Ginny’s Sunshine–Sky Bar Fly, Sky Mesa), 11Y500, W.

My Prince (Grand Reward–Princeapecia, El Prado), 11Y5,000, UP.

Grande Man Can (Grand Slam–Jennymeg, Housebuster), 11Y5,000, W.

Plying (Hard Spun–Nasaieb, Fairy King), 11Y200,000, W.

General Pico (Hard Spun–Queen’s Lady, Storm Cat), 11Y110,000, PL.

Wise Talk (Hard Spun–See Me Through, Sky Classic), 11Y40,000, UP.

Fine Spun (Hard Spun–Tarfaya, Pulpit), 11Y30,000, UP.

Doosey (Hard Spun–Loose Park, Stop the Music), 11T20,000, UP.

News Pending (Harlan’s Holiday–Motivated Sreva, Lear Fan), 11T250,000, GP.

Privatemarketvalue (Harlan’s Holiday–Naropa, Pleasant Tap), 11T210,000, W.

Red Hot Tweet (Heatseeker–Bird Chatter, Birdonthewire), 11Y20,000, W.

Munhagui Encore (Heatseeker–Southern Ivy, Majestic Light), 11Y10,500, UR.

Queen Nine (Henny Hughes–Motivated Sreva, Lear Fan), 11Y7,000, W.

Our Little Hen (Henny Hughes–Muklah, Singspiel), 11Y3,000, W.

Lookinfor Mr Right (Henrythenavigator–Search and Seizure, War Chant), 11W210,000, W.

Cuadrante (Henrythenavigator–I’ll Get Along, Smile), 11Y175,000, UR.

Cotton Place (High Cotton–Tomokas Outrageous, Out of Place), 11T15,000, W.

Split the Aces (Holy Bull–Silver On Gold, Artax), 11Y11,000, W.

Including (Include–Doolittle, Polish Numbers), 11Y160,000, W.

Regiment (Indian Charlie–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 11Y450,000, PL.

Indian Storm (Indian Charlie–Frolic Away, Pentelicus), 11T120,000, UR.

Tahima (Indian Charlie–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 11T170,00, W.

Feliz de La Vida (Indygo Shiner–Pretty Honoree, Double Honor), 11Y4,500, W.

Finer Shiner (Indygo Shiner–Singin Up a Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y3,700, W.

Shedidwhat (Indygo Shiner–Solarana, Mutakddim), 11Y2,500, UP.

Samy Ispanico (Invasor–Brilliant Mischief, Royal Academy), 11Y32,000, UP.

Turkish Wonder (Istan–Walts Wharf, Wharf), 11Y35,000, PL.

J J Be Chillin (J Be K–Chelan, Bertrando), 11Y30,000, W.

El Bagre (J Be K–She’s On Appeal, Glitterman), 11Y20,000, W.

Start Up (Jump Start–Island Design, Chester House), 11Y3,500, W.

Jumping Cherokee (Jump Start–Ritual Dance, Runaway Groom), 11Y30,000, UR.

Kayate Echo (Keyed Entry–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 11Y2,700, UP.

Kips Hog Wild (Kipling–Khalifa of Kushog, Air Forbes Won), 11T11,000, W.

Brave Act (Langfuhr–Shield, Rahy), 11Y19,000, W.

Fuhrika (Langfuhr–Tarika, Cozzene), 11Y3,200, UP.

Prosecutor Pete (Lawyer Ron–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 11Y47,000, UR.

Inquiry Miss (Lawyer Ron–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 11Y9,500, W.

Royal Barrister (Lawyer Ron–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 11Y150,000, W.

Sastoreddu (Leading the Parade–My Tru Luv, Bolger), 11Y6,500, W.

Curly W (Macho Uno–Nice Dilemma, Silver Deputy), 11Y30,000, W.

Un Hombre Caliente (Macho Uno–On Fuego, Pulpit), 11Y180,000, PL.

Fighting Lady (Majestic Warrior–Golden Honor, Mr. Prospector), 11Y15,000, W.

Surfer Moon (Malibu Moon–Manx Cat, Forest Wildcat), 11W130,000, PL.

Irish Media (Mass Media–Tri Some Irish, Irish Sur), 11W8,500, W.

Braveheartscommand (Master Command–Phanie Slam, Grand Slam), 11Y2,200, UR.

Artemus Paperboy (Master Command–Touch Me Once, Touch Gold), 11Y70,000, W.

Temper in Command (Master Command–Queen Evelyn, Hennessy), 11T45,000, W.

Lipstick Lily (Master Command–Sister Flag, Defrere), 11T9,000, UP.

Frost Fire (Medaglia d’Oro–Alta Love, Gone West), 11Y525,000, W.

Celestial Cruiser (Medaglia d’Oro–Catumbella, Diesis), 11Y380,000, UR.

Superfection (Medaglia d’Oro–Supercharger, A.P. Indy), 11Y1,200,000, UR.

Midnight Flute (Midnight Lute–Battle Search, Regal Search), 11Y65,000, W.

J’ouvert (Midnight Lute–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 11Y140,000, GP.

Tlahcuilo (Mineshaft–Siempre Lista, Unbridled’s Song), 11W3,000, UR.

Italian Monarch (Monarchos–Septieme Etoile, Septieme Ciel), 11Y9,000, W.

Mount Abu (Montbrook–Chelsea Park, El Prado), 11T25,000, UR.

Happy Retreat (More Than Ready–Clap Happy, Greinton), 11W200,000, W.

More Respect (More Than Ready–Search and Seizure, War Chant), 11Y275,000, W.

Morediamondsplease (More Than Ready–Diamonds for Lil, Summer Squall), 11T10,000, W.

Countess Theodora (More Than Ready–Lady in Power, Defensive Play), 11T200,000, PL.

Corkage (More Than Ready–Uncork, Unbridled), 11T300,000, UR.

Cloud Catcher (Mr. Greeley–High Heel Sneaker, Dehere), 11W30,000, PL.

Twin Engine (Mr. Greeley–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 11Y125,000, W.

Cliff Castle (Mr. Greeley–Lafirma, Giant’s Causeway), 11Y100,000, W.

Pure Sentiment (Mr. Greeley–The Legend Grows, Siphon), 11Y25,000, PL.

Ridin’ Wild (Mutakddim–Septieme Etoile, Septieme Ciel), 11T5,000, W.

Pirate Light (North Light–Addicted, Broad Brush), 11Y1,200, PL.

Ultimo Suspiro (Notional–Erin’s Tour, Tour d’Or), 11W6,000, UR.

Commands Attention (Officer–Susan Jane, Jump Start), 11Y12,000, UP.

Onlywild (Offlee Wild–Only Michelle, Academy Award), 11Y5,200, UR.

Old Fashioned Step (Old Fashioned–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 11W50,000, PL.

Vicar of Dibley (Old Forester–One for the Angels, Bold Executive), 11Y25,083, W.

Marine Park (Orchard Park–Fire Line, Trippi), 11Y12,000, PL.

Princess Laura (Orientate–Lady Margot, A.P. Indy), 11Y50,000, W.

Lady Minka (Orientate–Most Treasured, Mutakddim), 11Y14,046, W.

Le Secret (Pleasantly Perfect–Guy Grand’s Girl, Grand Slam), 11Y12,000, W.

Jordan’s Sorority (Pleasant Tap–Delta Rhythm, A.P. Indy), 11Y31,000, W.

Impatient Lady (Pleasant Tap–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 11Y10,000, UR.

Flashy Campaign (Political Force–Clash, Arch), 11Y32,000, SPW.

Starship Ashley (Pomeroy–Rahy’s Wish, Rahy), 11T30,000, UP.

Classic Blue Eyes (Porto Foricos–Blueyed Lass, Sky Classic), 11Y10,000, PL.

Tetherball (Proud Citizen–Frolicing, Royal Academy), 11Y6,000, SPW.

Proud Garden (Proud Citizen–Garden Spot, Danzig), 11Y6,000, W.

Brilliant Rescue (Purge–Miner’s Blessing, Forty Niner), 11Y20,000, W.

Gold Megillah (Purim–Touch Me Once, Touch Gold), 11T50,000, SPW.

Patrick S (Put It Back–Bye Bye Katie Pie, Robyn Dancer), 11Y15,000, W.

Alpha American (Quiet American–Foolish Girl, Exciting Story), 11Y10,000, UR.

Cumberland Chief (Quiet American–No Knocks, A.P. Indy), 11Y430,000, UP.

Snowboarder (Raven’s Pass–Gaudete, Distorted Humor), 11Y190,000, GP.

Jan Van Eyck (Raven’s Pass–Layounne, Mt. Livermore), 11Y95,000, W.

Holland Diamond (Rock Hard Ten–Liza Lu, Menifee), 11W35,000, PL.

Acquisition (Rock Hard Ten–Always Ready, Dixieland Band), 11Y35,000, W.

Meine Gloriana (Rock Hard Ten–Elizabeth Street, Street Cry), 11Y80,000, PL.

Rockport Princess (Rockport Harbor–Prevailing Fortune, Spinning World), 11Y35,000, UR.

Harrington Harbor (Rockport Harbor–X Tra Brassy, Pana Brass), 11Y50,000, W.

unnamed (Rockport Harbor–Hulamore, Mt. Livermore), 11T20,000, UR.

Jaelly Forever (Sarava–Genteel World, Spinning World), 11T5,000, W.

Madhubala (Scipion–Red Valentine, Dehere), 11Y10,000, PL.

Beefy and I No It (Seeking the Best–Shezaclassyslew, Evansville Slew), 11Y11,000, W.

Ruby La Belle (Senor Swinger–Turkish Taffy, Turkoman), 11Y1,200, UR.

Chillukis Chick (Sequoyah–Chenery’s Chick, Chief Seattle), 11Y300, W.

Doctor J Dub (Sharp Humor–Anotherbusride, Delineator), 11Y110,000, PL.

Silk in Silver (Silver Train–Silk Degrees, Mutakddim), 11Y5,000, W.

Skyrose (Sky Mesa–Rose Tiara, St. Jovite), 11Y10,000, W.

Clearbrook (Smart Strike–Coherent, Danzig), 11Y180,000, GP.

Maui Jijon (Smarty Jones–Promising, Irish Tower), 11W6,000, UR.

Smartacus (Smarty Jones–Saratoga Lady, Deputy Minister), 11T50,000, UR.

Oreuse (Smoke Glacken–Heavenly Splendor, Point Given), 11T20,000, W.

Frolic’s Song (Songandaprayer–Frolic N My Dreams, Smoke Glacken), 11Y15,000, UR.

Just Got In (Songandaprayer–Imastorming, Hennessy), 11Y15,000, W.

Britanica (Songandaprayer–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 11Y11,000, W.

She’s a Minx (Speightstown–Jakes Lil Sister, Louis Quatorze), 11T25,000, PL.

Importuno (Stormello–Impressive Star, End Sweep), 11T45,000, W.

Jilly Baylee (Stormin Fever–Out of a Dream, Out of Place), 11Y24,350, W.

Picardia (Stormy Atlantic–Pretty City, Carson City), 11W65,000, UR.

Coolgower (Stormy Atlantic–V. I. P. Princess, Thunder Gulch), 11W42,000, UP.

Stormy Bull (Stormy Business–Goldtown Beauty, Holy Bull), 11Y1,300, W.

Riot Gear (Street Hero–Torrid, Honor Grades), 11Y3,700, PL.

Majestica (Street Sense–Miles of Style, Storm Cat), 11W295,000, UR.

Street Credit (Street Sense–Adored Slew, Seattle Slew), 11Y58,000, UP.

Craving Carats (Street Sense–Diamonds for Lil, Summer Squall), 11Y320,000, W.

Sir Bond (Street Sense–Emmaus, Silver Deputy), 11T260,000, W.

Eleven Easy Street (Strong Contender–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 11T2,000, W.

Sweet Dish (Successful Appeal–Pretty Sweet, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y30,000, UP.

Lil’ Juju Bee (Sun King–Hot Communicator, Phone Trick), 11Y8,000, W.

Haze N Harlee (Survivalist–Miss Stuck Up, One Way Love), 11Y1,022, W.

Lovelight (Swiss Yodeler–Dazzling Light, A.P. Indy), 11Y1,000, UR.

Princess Adelyn (Tale of the Cat–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 11Y35,000, W.

Lady’s Tale (Tale of the Cat–Nifty Lady, Gone West), 11T42,000, W.

Go Cleve Go (Tap Day–Dixie Lynn, Dixie Brass), 11Y715, UP.

Pallasus (Tapit–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 11Y160,000, UP.

Perilous Times (Tapit–Shadow of Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y200,000, UR.

Swig It (Tapit–Swigert, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y75,000, W.

Tapps (Tapit–Battle Search, Regal Search), 11T20,000, W.

Dance Card (Tapit–Tempting Note, Editor’s Note), 11T750,000, W.

Pursuitofparadise (Taste of Paradise–Stormin’ Nana, Storm Bird), 11Y3,500, W.

Tiz a Chick (Tiznow–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 11W115,000, UR.

Wine Glow (Tiznow–Cool Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y250,000, UP.

Christinelisa (Tiznow–Typhoon Ling Ling, Hennessy), 11T75,000, W.

Tiz the Gal (Tiz Wonderful–Enterprise Coast, Awesome Again), 11Y7,500, UP.

Wonder About Lola (Tiz Wonderful–Luluwa, Zafonic), 11Y24,000, W.

Tiz for Tat (Tiz Wonderfull–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 11Y85,000, W.

Cajun Caveman (Toolighttoquit–Rock the Ranch, Spend a Buck), 11Y3,700, W.

Tocacielo (Unbridled Energy–Roleo, Devil’s Bag), 11Y3,700, W.

Gracewood (Unbridled’s Song–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 11W390,000, UR.

Rhodochrosite (Unbridled’s Song–Folklore, Tiznow), 11Y385,000, PL.

Unbridled Playboy (Unbridled’s Song–Oh Glory Be, Dixieland Band), 11Y30,000, UR.

Stormy Rhapsody (Unbridled’s Song–Priceless Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y115,000, UP.

I Got You (Unbridled’s Song–Lady Tiz, Tiznow), 11T50,000, PL.

U S Scout (U S Ranger–Coronation Cup, Chief’s Crown), 11W22,000, W.

unnamed (Valid Expectations–Autumn Banner, Summer Squall), 11Y12,000, UR.

Kieara Star (Valid Expectations–Island Greetings, Cape Town), 11Y1,000, UR.

Valid Jesse (Valid Expectations–Sister’s Shamrock, American Chance), 11Y1,500, UR.

Valuable Prince (Value Plus–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 11W13,000, W.

Rising Plus (Value Plus–Riesling, Wolf Power), 11Y20,000, PL.

Flowering Lady (Value Plus–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 11Y15,000, UR.

Enchanted River (War Chant–Island Fire, Island Whirl), 11Y30,000, W.

Hotchoi (Weather Warning–Nakoda, Real West), 11Y1,015, W.

Mr. Why (Whywhywhy–Stay On Point, Point Given), 11T15,000, W.

Distinctive Move (With Distinction–Local Gossip, Horse Chestnut), 11T20,000, W.

Back On Time (Y. C. Rail–Kicken Time, Tsunami Slew), 11Y3,009, UR.

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La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2010

In a previous post I listed the 34 stakes winners from among sales foals of 2008-2011 who trace to La Troienne (LT) in the female line. Listed below are the remaining sales foals of 2010 who also trace to LT in the female line.

Listed for each foal are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and a brief synopsis of its racing class (W for winner, Pl for placed, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, etc.) The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (more or less in the order in which I found them).

Josue C (Act of Duty–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 10Y1,800, UP.

Sweet Tess (Afleet Alex–Eye Catching, Alydar), 10W30,000, SPW.

Caribbean Beauty (Afleet Alex–Naropa, Pleasant Tap), 10W27,000, W.

Alacritese (Afleet Alex–Maitrise, Ogygian), 10T80,000, UR.

Fashion Lady (After Market–Aloft, Unbridled’s Song), 10Y3,500, W.

Tommycopacabana (After Market–Prize, Out of Place), 10Y4,000, UR.

Crying On Saturday (Any Given Saturday–Lady Melesi, Colonial Affair), 10Y22,000, UP.

Any Given Royal (Any Given Saturday–Really Royal, Unreal Zeal), 10Y130,000, GP.

Mexican Error (Anziyan Royalty–Lovely Aspen, Bianconi), 10T1,000, W.

Champagne Courage (A.P. Indy–Malka, Deputy Minister), 10Y625,000, UR.

Vivi Star (A. P. Warrior–Gold Fashioned, Seeking the Gold), 10Y3,000, W.

Thunder Moccasin (A. P. Warrior–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 10Y95,000, W.

Lady Emy (Aragorn–Open View, Southern Halo), 10Y5,000, W.

Silk Handling (Aragorn–Pantelleria, El Prado), 10T21,000, UP.

Battle Bridge (Arch–Board Battle, Seeking the Gold), 10Y285,000, W.

Arann (Awesome Again–Lakenheath, Colonial Affair), 10Y100,000, W.

Drill Sergeant (Awesome Again–Shades of Grace, Seeking the Gold), 10Y300,000, PL.

Despinas Desire (Badge of Silver–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 10Y17,000, W.

Gold Advantage (Badge of Silver–Prime Advantage, Tactical Advantage), 10Y6,000, PL.

Darcy’s Lightning (Bandini–Awesome Tri, Awesome Again), 10Y1,000, W.

Defy Gravity (Bandini–Quickest, Forest Wildcat), 10Y19,000, W.

Mary Bernice (Bernardini–Coronation Cup, Chief’s Crown), 10W30,000, W.

Goodrum (Bernardini–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 10Y32,000, UR.

One Bid too Many (Bernardini–Sweet Belle, Deputy Commander), 10Y75,000, UP.

Speedstein (Bernstein–Speedwell, Meadowlake), 10W12,000, UP.

Helimark (Bertrando–Wide Eyed Wanderer, Pirate’s Bounty), 10Y37,000, W.

Northern Shaker (Best of the Rests–Lady Shakin, Dixieland Band), 10Y1,942, W.

Varias Cuentas (Birdstone–Lu Lu Capaese, Luhuk), 10W2,000, UP.

Burr Jimmy (Birdstone–Lu Lu Capaese, Luhuk), 10Y15,000, W.

Lil’ Miss Tweety (Birdstone–La La Lola, Forest Wildcaty), 10Y2,000, W.

Derby Bird (Birdstone–Spinalong, Siphon), 10Y40,000, W.

Kentucky’s Tune (Bluegrass Cat–Greeley’s Tune, Mr. Greeley), 10W17,000, UP.

Blue Catillac (Bluegrass Cat–Sweeping, End Sweep), 10W35,000, W.

Alta Boy (Bluegrass Cat–Alta Love, Gone West), 10T60,000, W.

Sassy Harper (Bob and John–Compassionate, Housebuster), 10Y60,000, UR.

I Got Names (Bob and John–Susan Jane, Jump Start), 10Y2,300, UR.

Run Dink Run (Bob’s Proud Moment–Subtle Expression, Slew o’ Gold), 10Y1,700, UP.

Haengun Party (Broken Vow–Dutch One’s Storm, Stormin Fever), 10T35,000, W.

Basic Strategy (Broken Vow–Unifier, Deputy Minister), 10T35,000, W.

Romaflame (Burning Roma–Tri Some Irish, Irish Sur), 10W1,000, W.

Uncle Charlie (Bwana Charlie–Two Dozen Roses, Two Punch), 10Y5,000, UP.

Comma to the Top (Bwana Charlie–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 10T22,000, W.

Moonhak Candy (Candy Ride–Sparkling Sea, Sea Hero), 10Y8,000, UP.

Dulce Del Sur (Candy Ride–Sparkling Sea, Sea Hero), 10T1,400, UR.

Let It B (Chapel Royal–It It’s Meant to B, David), 10Y4,000, UR.

Namdo Maengju (Chelsey Cat–Drouth Willow, Premiership), 10T15,000, W.

Baby Bordeaux (City Place–Riesling, Wolf Power), 10T65,000, PL.

Plaxico (City Street–Shades of Pink, Fight Over), 10T10,000, UP.

Kev Says No (Compadre–Dixie Lynn, Dixie Brass), 10Y1,062, UR.

unnamed (Congaree–Miss Adorable, Mr. Prospector), 10Y1,700, UR.

Celestial Grove (Congrats–Sister Fiona, Defrere), 10Y16,000, PL.

Continent (Corinthian–Impart, Maria’s Mon), 10W20,000, UR.

Kat’s Corinthian (Corinthian–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 10Y7,000, PL.

Comisionado (Corinthian–Imastorming, Hennessy), 10Y20,000, UP.

Courageous Ruler (Corinthian–La Gueriere, Lord At War), 10Y425,000, UP.

Dervish Prince (Cozzene–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 10Y290,000, PL.

Lightning N Hail (Dance With Ravens–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 10Y9,000, W.

Stoopendous Diva (Da Stoops–Diva on Grass, Theatrical), 10T5,000, SPW.

Petrocelli (Disco Rico–Squaw Valley, Indian Charlie), 10W2,500, SPW.

Lucky Dan (Discreet Cat–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 10Y25,000, W.

Son de America (Discreet Cat–Elizabeth Street, Street Cry), 10Y11,000, W.

Immaculate (Distorted Humor–Folklore, Tiznow), 10Y450,000, W.

Red Virgin (Distorted Humor–Lafirma, Giant’s Causeway), 10Y210,000, W.

Ava Pie (Distorted Humor–Lakenheath, Colonial Affair), 10T310,000, UP.

Poof Two (Distorted Humor–Showpiece, Holy Bull), 10T50,000, GP.

Brock (Distorted Humor–Tomisue’s Delight, A.P. Indy), 10T2,300,000, W.

unnamed (Dixie Union–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 10W1,000, UR.

Igotadeal (Don’t Get Mad–Guiding Star, Touch Gold), 10W1,500, W.

Furtiva (Easing Along–Gan’s Girl, Prospector’s Music), 10Y1,500, W.

Jang Guem (E Dubai–Maitrise, Ogygian), 10W4,000, UR.

Zander (E Dubai–Maitrise, Ogygian), 10Y7,000, W.

Dubai Joy (E Dubai–Anotherbusride, Delineator), 10Y8,000, UR.

Praise for Dubai (E Dubai–With My Blessings, Pulpit), 10T75,000, W.

El Fortune (El Corredor–Beyond Price, King of Kings), 10Y19,000, W.

Oshten El (El Prado–Unincumbered, Unbridled), 10Y45,000, UP.

Trois Vallees (Elusive Quality–Chamrousse, Peaks and Valleys), 10Y375,000, W.

Marching Orders (Elusive Quality–Manx Cat, Forest Wildcat), 10Y90,000, W.

City Empress (Empire Maker–Pretty City, Carson City), 10Y400,000, UP.

Empire Diva (Empire Maker–Mooji Moo, Jeblar), 10T82,000, W.

La Sheikh (Essence of Dubai–Southern Summer, Storm Cat), 10T5,000, W.

Fire Ma (Fire Blitz–Ma Come Pretendi, Pentelicus), 10Y1,000, W.

Shellingitout (Flame Thrower–Outrageous Oyster, Wild Gold), 10Y5,500, W.

Madison Richelle (Flashy Bull–Jelly Roll Frolic, Affirmed), 10Y4,500, UP.

Moshesh (Flashy Bull–Second Strike, Fast Play), 10Y23,500, W.

Ramonita M (Flatter–Cherokee Eyes, Cherokee Run), 10Y4,000, W.

Dottie’s a Hottie (Flatter–Croupier, Go for Gin), 10Y30,000, W.

Donzelle (Forest Danger–Impressive Star, End Sweep), 10T32,000, W.

Fastlikewildfire (Forestry–Miss Speed, Forty Niner), 10Y67,000, W.

Decorated Admiral (Formal Dinner–Admirelle, Smoke Glacken), 10Y1,200, W.

unnamed (Freud–A Lovely Pickle, Not For Love), 10W1,000, UR.

Indy Go Ribbons (Friends Lake–Mother Superior, Petionville), 10Y2,000, UR.

Badlands Baby (Fusaichi Pegasus–Broadway Baby, Gilded Time), 10Y19,000, UR.

Ketal (Fusaichi Pegasus–Nice Dilemma, Silver Deputy), 10Y6,000, GP.

Casa Lago (Fusaichi Pegasus–Princess V., Memo), 10Y110,000, UR.

Proud Pluck (Ghostly Minister–Hindsight, Wayne County), 10T9,000, W.

Heavy Breathing (Giant’s Causeway–Takesmybreathaway, Gone West), 10Y150,000, GP.

Grip Hands (Giant’s Causeway–Smok’n Frolic, Smoke Glacken), 10T500,000, W.

Votre Meilleur (Gilded Time–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 10T30,000, W.

Amazonka (Gone West–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 10Y18,000, UP.

Britt’s Sweetheart (Gone West–Miss Heidi, Nureyev), 10T27,000, UP.

Shoe La Lady (Goodbye Doeny–Grey Gables, Candy Stripes), 10T10,000, W.

Duchess Diana (Grand Appointment–Silent Duchess, Silent Screen), 10W1,700, UR.

Nola Gusta (Grand Slam–Nascat, Hennessy), 10T15,000, W.

Miss Henny Penny (Half Ours–Storm Hen, Storm Broker), 10Y62,000, SPW.

Lightly Wound (Hard Spun–Frolicing, Royal Academy), 10Y160,000, W.

Light Burst (Hard Spun–Kew Garden, Seattle Slew), 10Y190,000, W.

Ormond Street (Hard Spun–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 10Y350,000, UR.

Tripping (Hard Spun–Mississippi Lights, Majestic Light), 10Y20,000, W.

Caps Lady (Hard Spun–Nasaieb, Fairy King), 10Y100,000, W.

Kingwood (Hard Spun–Swigert, Fusaichi Pegasus), 10Y170,000, W.

The Great Gonzo (Harlan’s Holiday–Be a Prospector, Mr. Prospector), 10Y130,000, W.

Islam Way (Harlan’s Holiday–Day Off, Dynaformer), 10Y30,000, W.

Privatemarketvalue (Harlan’s Holiday–Naropa, Pleasant Tap), 10Y90,000, W.

Sunday Monday (Hat Trick–Lakewater, Salt Lake), 10Y1,448, UP.

Mile High City (High Cotton–Fun City Lady, Jeblar), 10W2,500, W.

Cotton Place (High Cotton–Tomokas Outrageous, Out of Place), 10Y2,000, W.

Holy Justice (Holy Bull–Just Cuz, Cormorant), 10T105,000, UR.

Master Dunker (Imperialism–Finding Bucks, Buckfinder), 10T39,000, W.

Pickemuptruck (Include–Spun Gold, Mr. Prospector), 10Y7,500, W.

Includetheprincess (Include–Youcan’taffordher, Carson City), 10T5,000, UP.

Regiment (Indian Charlie–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 10W200,000, PL.

Indian Storm (Indian Charlie–Frolic Away, Pentelicus), 10Y60,000, UR.

Counselor Cabot (Indian Charlie–Hurricane Love, Quiet American), 10Y200,000, W.

Tahima (Indian Charlie–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 10Y90,000, W.

Free Shipping (Indian Ocean–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 10T10,000, W.

Wine N Maxine (In Excess–Lovin Marlene, Sir Cat), 10Y3,000, W.

Jimmy the Cat (Jimalator Cat–Majesty’s Grace, His Majesty), 10Y500, W.

Father’s Mig (Johannesburg–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 10Y7,000, W.

Big Reggie Man (Jump Start–Saintly Music, Saint Ballado), 10Y150,000, UR.

unnamed (Kela–Adore Me, Sword Dance), 10Y1,000, UR.

Leeson Street Lady (Kitten’s Joy–Miss Stuck Up, One Way Love), 10Y9,657, W.

Prosecutor Pete (Lawyer Ron–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 10W10,000, UR.

Inquiry Miss (Lawyer Ron–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 10W8,200, W.

Royal Barrister (Lawyer Ron–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 10W50,000, W.

Folded (Leestown–Mysti’s Poem, Stalwart), 10Y20,000, W.

Private Prayer (Lemon Drop Kid–Blueyed Lass, Sky Classic), 10Y72,000, W.

You’re Kidding (Lemon Drop Kid–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 10T255,000, SPW.

Jerry the Mush (Lightning N Thunder–Jerry’s Tootsie, Colonel Stevens), 10T3,000, W.

Excellent Frere (Limehouse–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 10W45,000, W.

Ride Captain (Lion Heart–Dressed for Action, Bold n’ Flashy), 10Y6,000, PL.

Satin Sunset (Lion Heart–Prosper, Affirmed), 10Y65,000, W.

unnamed (Lion Heart–Self Seeker, Skywalker), 10T4,500, UR.

Un Hombre Caliente (Macho Uno–On Fuego, Pulpit), 10W15,000, PL.

Tres Bees (Macho Uno–Bumble Bee Mama, Notebook), 10Y20,000, UR.

Uno Macho Man (Macho Uno–Shesarealdoll, Grand Slam), 10Y1,000, W.

Rockfield (Malibu Moon–Be My Prospect, Forest Wildcat), 10Y500,000, W.

Molina (Maria’s Mon–Zaafira, A.P. Indy), 10T12,000, UR.

Bell Master (Master Command–Adorabell, Distorted Humor), 10Y65,000, UR.

Domino Class (Master Command–Class Selection, Rahy), 10Y7,500, UR.

Furia d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro–Rich Find, Exploit), 10T110,000, W.

D D Renegade (Medallist–Glowing Honour, Honour and Glory), 10Y5,500, W.

J’ouvert (Midnight Lute–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 10W160,000, GP.

Biscuit Bird (Mineshaft–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 10Y2,500, UR.

Mount Abu (Montbrook–Chelsea Park, El Prado), 10Y4,500, UR.

Al’s Uncle (More Than Ready–Angel Island, Forestry), 10Y130,000, W.

Countess Theodora (More Than Ready–Lady in Power, Defensive Play), 10Y70,000, PL.

Corkage (More Than Ready–Uncork, Unbridled), 10Y50,000, UR.

Twin Engine (Mr. Greeley–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 10W25,000, W.

Brave Michelle (Mr. Greeley–Miss Salsa, Unbridled), 10Y77,000, UP.

Ipanema Bay (Northern Afleet–Plentiful, Lear Fan), 10Y14,486, W.

Primal Love (Not For Love–Known Thief, Cat Thief), 10Y16,000, W.

unnamed (Officer–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 10W10,000, UR.

Miss Shamazing (Officer–Shamazing, Yankee Victor), 10Y2,200, W.

Promising Ed (Officer–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 10T80,000, W.

More is More (Orientate–Marching, Coronado’s Quest), 10T40,000, W.

All of My Heart (Patrol–Awesome Olive, Awesome Again), 10Y1,448, UR.

Jerk Chicken (Patrol–Opinionated Lady, Known Fact), 10Y1,448, W.

Nick Rules (Peace Rules–Salt de Tere, Salt Lake), 10Y2,900, W.

Point Taken (Point Given–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 10Y9,000, W.

Starship Ashley (Pomeroy–Rahy’s Wish, Rahy), 10Y25,000, UP.

unnamed (Pomeroy–Sweet Hawaii, Honeyland), 10Y9,000, UR.

Avalanche Attack (Pomeroy–Avalanche Lily, Grand Slam), 10T50,000, W.

Axara (Powerscourt–Erin’s Tour, Tour d’Or), 10Y2,000, W.

Holster (Proud Citizen–Fashion Planner, Capote), 10W4,000, PL.

Highly Urgent (Purge–High Tec, Tactical Advantage), 10T4,500, UR.

Isaella Jane (Purge–Storm Hen, Storm Broker), 10T13,000, W.

Plinx Blinx (Purim–Blinx Babe, Wild Again), 10Y1,700, W.

Scarred (Purim–Judith’s Gamble, Prospectors Gamble), 10Y3,700, UP.

Squirrel’s Ticket (Put It Back–Lunar Valley, Gulch), 10W1,000, W.

Idella Is Back (Put It Back–Southern Summer, Storm Cat), 10W1,100, UR.

Nobody’s a Saint (Quiet American–Never a Saint, St. Jovite), 10W17,000, UP.

Cumberland Chief (Quiet American–No Knocks, A.P. Indy), 10W22,000, UP.

Mucho Grandioso (Quiet American–Known Heiress, Known Fact), 10Y15,000, W.

Opalite (Quiet American–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 10Y35,000, W.

Vladkaz (Quiet American–Nicebutnaughty, Exploit), 10Y13,000, UP.

Leo’s Pride (Raise the Bluff–Leona Drive, Salem Drive), 10Y7,500, UR.

Brikktown (Rare Brick–Special Lassie, Bright Launch), 10Y3,800, W.

Imagine the Gold (Ready’s Image–Gold Fashioned, Seeking the Gold), 10W3,500, UR.

Big Banana (Repent–Fraulein Brucher, Eltish), 10Y1,300, UR.

Designer Cat (Roar of the Cat–Fashion Designer, Island Whirl), 10Y5,000, PL.

Katie’s Ten (Rock Hard Ten–Hawayil, Halling), 10Y90,000, W.

Harrington Harbor (Rockport Harbor–X Tra Brassy, Pana Brass), 10W16,000, W.

Sevenfold (Rockport Harbor–Hulamore, Mt. Livermore), 10Y14,000, W.

Solandra (Sea of Secrets–Miss Double Dots, Stage Colony), 10Y4,000, UR.

Saros Secret (Sea of Secrets–Pachira, Saros), 10Y11,000, W.

Fitz N Giggles (Seattle Fitz–Riesling, Wolf Power), 10Y1,000, W.

Shakereadynroll (Shakespeare–Ready and Tough, Good and Tough), 10Y1,000, W.

Queen McRace (Shaniko–Exotic City, Carson City), 10T3,000, W.

Doctor J Dub (Sharp Humor–Anotherbusride, Delineator), 10W50,000, PL.

Funny Tide (Sharp Humor–Lakewater, Salt Lake), 10T60,000, W.

Divas Special (Sheryar Special–Sheza Diva, In a Walk), 10Y1,700, UR.

Mocha Polka (Shotiche–Dancer’s Prospect, Suave Prospect), 10Y1,000, UP.

Masquerade (Silent Name–Present Colors, Prized), 10Y15,000, SPW.

Rocket Train (Silver Train–Michigan Bluff, Skywalker), 10Y60,000, W.

Maggie Simon (Simon Pure–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 10Y22,000, W.

Captain Genius (Simon Pure–Shiny Happy Groovy, Groovy), 10Y12,000, W.

Skip Ahoy (Skip Away–Charlotte Russe, Fastness), 10Y3,000, UP.

Honest Truth (Sky Mesa–Trueytoo, Concern), 10Y17,000, W.

unnamed (Sligo Bay–Seminole Gal, Launch a Leader), 10Y1,200, UR.

Painted Paradise (Smart Strike–Ethel Anna, Storm Cat), 10Y230,000, PL.

Smart Masterpiece (Smart Strike–Showpiece, Holy Bull), 10Y95,000, W.

Smart Owner (Smarty Jones–Proud Owner, Proud Truth), 10Y5,000, W.

Es Four (Smarty Jones–Golden Honor, Mr. Prospector), 10T18,000, W.

Oreuse (Smoke Glacken–Heavenly Splendor, Point Given), 10Y13,000, W.

Bahati Gold (Soft Gold–Bahati, Horse Chestnut), 10Y8,000, W.

Rezar (Songandaprayer–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 10T24,000, W.

Shave and Pave (Stephen Got Even–Miniature Magic, Miswaki), 10Y17,000, W.

Foursouthernbelles (Stephen Got Oven–Toni DeNitto, Quiet American), 10Y1,000, W.

Grove City Storm (Storm Day–Polish Grove, Polish Numbers), 10T600, PL.

Importuno (Stormello–Impressive Star, End Sweep), 10Y27,000, W.

Stormy Dude (Stormello–Our Saratogadancer, Saratoga Six), 10Y7,000, W.

Stormy Donna Gail (Stormello–Silver On Gold, Artax), 10Y6,800, W.

Girl’s Got Swagger (Stormy Atlantic–Awesome Strike, Theatrical), 10Y6,500, UP.

Surrender (Stormy Atlantic–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 10Y25,000, PL.

Minnesota Storm (Stormy Business–Bold Applause, Pembroke), 10Y4,000, UP.

unnamed (Strategic Mission–Cayce Lady, Wavering Monarch), 10W1,000, UR.

Secret Agent Lady (Strategic Mission–Cayce Lady, Wavering Monarch), 10Y4,100, W.

In the Beat (Street Sense–Rhythmical Beat, Fusaichi Pegasus), 10Y180,000, W.

Pedestrian (Street Sense–Under Fire, Gulch), 10Y150,000, W.

Eleven Easy Street (Strong Contender–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 10Y4,000, W.

Kittitian (Strong Hope–Search and Seizure, War Chant), 10Y18,000, PL.

Nonno’s Boy (Successful Appeal–Singin Up a Storm, Storm Cat), 10Y10,000, W.

Flaunted (Tale of the Cat–Eye Catching, Alydar), 10Y160,000, UR.

Impartial (Tale of the Cat–Impart, Maria’s Mon), 10Y140,000, W.

Lady’s Tale (Tale of the Cat–Nifty Lady, Gone West), 10Y18,000, W.

Inflation Target (Tapit–Prall Street, Cherokee Run), 10Y200,000, W.

Tipit and Tapit (Tapit–Mary E, St. Jovite), 10T27,000, W.

Queen Teuta (Theatrical–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 10Y20,000, GP.

Royal Matter (Theatrical–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 10T20,000, UR.

Tizfirst (Tiznow–Number One Cat, Storm Cat), 10Y155,000, SPW.

Christinelisa (Tiznow–Typhoon Ling Ling, Hennessy), 10Y15,000, W.

Tiz the Gal (Tiz Wonderful–Enterprise Coast, Awesome Again), 10W15,000, UP.

Yolka (Tiz Wonderful–Sultry, Songandaprayer), 10W2,500, UR.

Sam the Ram (Toccet–Moments Past, Came Home), 10Y1,000, W.

Pioneer Zephyr (Too Much Bling–Sister’s Shamrock, American Chance), 10Y6,500, W.

Gold Knife (Touch Gold–House of Cheer, Housebuster), 10Y3,000, W.

Super Babycakes (Two Punch–Bye Bye Katie Pie, Robyn Dancer), 10Y2,800, UR.

Devil’s Energy (Unbridled Energy–Roleo, Devil’s Bag), 10Y17,000, W.

Cat Burglar (Unbridled’s Song–Be My Prospect, Forest Wildcat), 10W410,000, GP.

Whimsical Heat (Unusual Heat–Whimsical Goddess, Mountain Cat), 10W8,500, UP.

Valid Ruler (Valid Expectations–Fancy Locket, Woodman), 10Y15,500, UR.

Rising Plus (Value Plus–Riesling, Wolf Power), 10W1,100, PL.

Valuable Storm (Value Plus–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 10T3,000, UP.

Under Reason (Vindication–Under Fire, Gulch), 10T20,000, W.

Bourbonnais (War Chant–Smooth Charmer, Easy Goer), 10Y32,000, UR.

G. Q. Man (Werblin–Sixty Queens, Seattle Slew), 10T21,000, W.

Decidedly So (With Distinction–Cole’s Future, Lit de Justice), 10Y11,000, UP.

Fleet Distinction (With Distinction–Fleet Justice, Lit de Justice), 10T5,700, PL.

Mitch Rapp (Yankee Gentleman–Foolish Party, Party Manners), 10Y10,000, PL.

Julias Princess (Zanjero–Diana’s Derbystorm, Cozzene), 10W1,000, UR.

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La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2009

In a previous post I listed the 34 stakes winners from among sales foals of 2008-2011 who trace to La Troienne (LT) in the female line. Listed below are the remaining sales foals of 2009 who also trace to LT in the female line.

Listed for each foal are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and a brief synopsis of its racing class (W for winner, Pl for placed, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, etc.) The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (more or less in the order in which I found them).

Estrella Del Dia (Action This Day–Guiding Star, Tough Gold), 09W1,500, W.

Stremitilny (Action This Day–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 09T10,500, W.

Act of Dominance (Act of Duty–Finding Bucks, Buckfinder), 09T9,000, W.

Chloe Kate (Afleet Alex–Eye Catching, Alydar), 09Y170,000, W.

Alacritise (Afleet Alex–Maitrise, Ogygian), 09Y11,000, UR.

Alectrona (Afleet Alex–My Six Sisters, Saint Ballado), 09Y9,000, W.

Mackenzie’sdelight (Aldebaran–Torrid, Honor Grades), 09Y4,000, UP.

Zodiac Girl (Aldebaran–With My Blessings, Pulpit), 09T45,000, W.

Perla dell’Olmo (Anabaa–Topsy Morning, Lahib), 09Y3,700, PL.

Parable (A.P. Indy–Layounne, Mt. Livermore), 09Y210,000, W.

Jenna’s Wish (Aptitude–Heavenly Splendor, Point Given), 09Y1,200, UP.

Magnet Cove (Aptitude–Toni DeNitto, Quiet American), 09Y80,000, W.

Read the E Mail (Aragorn–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 09Y10,000, PL.

Magical Merry (Aragorn–Mona Rose, Gold Legend), 09Y55,704, W.

Eldarion (Aragorn–Pagan Dance, Valley Crossing), 09Y11,500, W.

unnamed (Arch–Shield, Rahy), 09W18,000, UR.

Aurora Prospect (Arch–Screen, Mr. Prospector), 09T7,000, W.

Beach Harber Man (Around the Cape–Wicked Mama, Devil’s Bag), 09Y3,200, W.

Addicted Again (Awesome Again–Addicted, Broad Brush), 09Y22,000, PL.

Tony Blue Eyes (Badge of Silver–Clap Happy, Greinton), 09W80,000, W.

Silver Applause (Badge of Silver–Clap Happy, Greinton), 09Y25,000, W.

Time Goes On (Bandini–My Six Sisters, Saint Ballado), 09W3,500, SPW.

Jon Don (Bandini–Sultry, Songandaprayer), 09W2,500, W.

Go Go Yvonne (Bandini–Known Heiress, Known Fact), 09Y5,000, SPW.

Jinjalad (Bellamy Road–Maria Dolores, Prized), 09Y7,500, W.

Bambola (Belong to Me–Light Ice, Arctic Tern), 09Y18,000, SPW.

Union Flag (Belong to Me–Runup the Colors, A.P. Indy), 09Y60,000, UR.

News Beat (Benchmark–Century Sweetheart, Pirate’s Bounty), 09Y13,000, W.

Zolata (Bernstein–Semiramis, Elusive Quality), 09Y27,852, W.

Pretty Pursuit (Bertrando–Consideration, Time to Explode), 09Y15,500, PL.

Milestone (Birdstone–Gilded Connection, Gilded Age), 09W60,000, UP.

Touch This (Black Mambo–Assuring Touch, With Approval), 09T8,500, W.

Union Address (Bluegrass Cat–Chamrousse, Peaks and Valleys), 09Y100,000, PL.

Actual Size (Bluegrass Cat–Lady Melesi, Colonial Affair), 09Y220,000, UP.

Blue Right By (Bluegrass Cat–Shades of Grace, Seeking the Gold), 09Y140,000, W.

Nina Fever (Borrego–Impact Now, Major Impact), 09Y32,000, SPW.

Colette’s Secret (Bowman’s Band–Theyrplayinoursong, Seattle Dancer), 09W500, PL.

Brahms Inferno (Brahms–Adorable Cielo, Stately Cielo), 09Y3,500, W.

Basic Strategy (Broken Vow–Unifier, Deputy Minister), 09Y7,000, W.

Buddha’s Verdict (Buddha–G I C Verdict, Woodman), 09Y1,300, UR.

Elisa’s Birthday (Buddha–G I C Verdict, Woodman), 09T14,000, W.

Uncle Charlie (Bwana Charlie–Two Dozen Roses, Two Punch), 09W5,200, UP.

Conway Candy (Candy Ride–Dwendi, El Prado), 09Y75,000, W.

Cook Inlet (Candy Ride–Grove City, Pleasant Tap), 09Y185,000, W.

Mighty Tizzy (Cee’s Tizzy–Vital, General Meeting), 09Y3,500, W.

Champali’s Cowboy (Champali–Remiss, Summer Squall), 09T2,500, UP.

Namdo Maengju (Chelsey Cat–Drouth Willow, Premiership), 09Y1,200, W.

Baby Bordeaux (City Place–Riesling, Wolf Power), 09Y45,000, PL.

Blinx Zip (City Zip–Blinx Babe, Wild Again), 09Y4,000, PL.

Goodgollymyholly (Closing Argument–Shesarealdoll, Grand Slam), 09T5,500, W.

Miss Aristocrat (Closing Argument–Social Top, Glitterman), 09T24,000, SPW.

Colonial Tour (Colonial Colony–Ethel on Tour, Tour d’Or), 09Y1,500, UP.

Da Plane (Concorde’s Tune–Whirl’s Girl, Island Whirl), 09T95,000, W.

Eishin Full Heart (Congaree–Mysti’s Poem, Stalwart), 09T150,000, W.

Samantha’s Jewel (Congrats–Sister Fiona, Defrere), 09Y3,000, W.

Mollymook (Consolidator–Stay On Point, Point Given), 09Y8,000, W.

Kat’s Corinthian (Corinthian–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 09W25,000, PL.

Dervish Prince (Cozzene–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 09W45,000, PL.

Charismatically (Cozzene–Just Like a Woman, Charismatic), 09Y27,852, W.

Shanesha (Dance With Ravens–Symbol of Hope, Pleasant Tap), 09Y4,000, UP.

Sweet Stoops (Da Stoops–Sweet Hawaii, Honeyland), 09Y20,000, UR.

Dehanger (Dehere–Beyond Price, King of Kings), 09Y4,500, W.

Mr. Producer (Dehere–Miner’s Blessing, Forty Niner), 09Y170,000, PL.

Delta Donya (Deputy Storm–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 09Y27,000, W.

Where’s My Candy (Deputy Storm–Red Valentine, Dehere), 09Y1,000, W.

Brock (Distorted Humor–Tomisue’s Delight), A.P. Indy, 09Y200,000, W.

Madillac d’Ville (Don’t Get Mad–Lady Becker, Nijinsky II), 09Y3,700, W.

Mad World (Don’t Get Mad–Summerchance, American Chance), 09Y5,000, W.

Double Slew (Double Honor–High On Gin, Slew Gin Fizz), 09T22,000, UP.

Catangelic (Easing Along–Cubby, Brocco), 09W12,000, W.

Gospel Park (Ecton Park–Affordable Fantasy, Al Mamoon), 09Y2,700, W.

Secular Lioness (Eddington–Nascat, Hennessy), 09W20,000, W.

Lottery Lass (E Dubai–She’s On Appeal, Glitterman), 09Y4,500, W.

Praise for Dubai (E Dubai–With My Blessings, Pulpit), 09Y35,000, W.

Love Rocks (El Corredor–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 09T10,000, W.

Vassily (Elusive Quality–Lady Margot, A.P. Indy), 09Y150,000, UP.

Doc Hay (Elusive Quality–Coherent, Danzig), 09T300,000, W.

Empiricist (Empire Maker–La Gueriere, Lord At War), 09Y350,000, PL.

La Sheikh (Essence of Dubai–Southern Summer, Storm Cat), 09Y5,500, W.

Indy Harbor (Essence of Dubai–Gion, Meadow Monster), 09T6,000, W.

Silver Contessa (Eurosilver–Adena’s Girl, Personal Flag), 09Y7,000, W.

Secret Harriet (Evansville Slew–My Secret, Sabona), 09W800, UP.

Sly Warrior (First Samurai–Mayhavebeentheone, Arch), 09Y400,000, W.

Gator Camp (Forest Camp–Curtain Raiser, Theatrical), 09Y35,000, W.

Forest Whip (Forestry–Swigert, Fusaichi Pegasus), 09Y65,000, UP.

Lady of the Forest (Forestry–Lady Margot, A.P. Indy), 09Y26,000, W.

Roar Cat (Forest Wildcat–Raise a Roar, Academy Award), 09T6,000, W.

Poppysmic (Fusaichi Pegasus–Danube, Green Desert), 09Y6,000, W.

S D P Maggie (Fusaichi Pegasus–Yam, Nureyev), 09Y3,000, UR.

Boltronic (Fusaichi Pegasus–Lindsay Frolic, Mt. Livermore), 09T300,000, W.

Star Cluster (Ghostly Minister–Hindsight, Wayne County), 09T15,000, PL.

Haunted Melody (Ghostzapper–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 09Y150,000, UP.

Spicy Salsa (Ghostzapper–Miss Salsa, Unbridled), 09Y85,000, W.

Cotton Top Phil (Ghostzapper–Ready and Tough, Good and Tough), 09Y50,000, W.

Leopardi (Giacomo–So French, French Deputy), 09Y7,000, UP.

Grip Hands (Giant’s Causeway–Smok’n Frolic, Smoke Glacken), 09Y260,000, W.

Aggravated Battery (Gibson County–Sanibel Sole, Miswaki), 09T25,000, W.

Say Jas (Gibson County–Sky Crystal, Septieme Ciel), 09T22,000, W.

Votre Meilleur (Gilded Time–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 09Y30,000, W.

Gimmeawinkpoppy (Gimmeawink–Footsie Cat, Darn That Alarm), 09T6,000, W.

Golden Blitz (Golden Missile–Holy Blitz, Holy Bull), 09Y5,000, UR.

Beauty Is a Beast (Golden Missile–Barcelona Beauty, El Prado), 09T75,000, W.

Thunder Jack (Golden Missile–Fleet Justice, Lit de Justice), 09T47,000, W.

Equiczar (Gone West–Gaily Egret, Storm Cat), 09Y230,000, W.

Britt’s Sweetheart (Gone West–Miss Heidi, Nureyev), 09Y70,000, UP.

Nola Gusta (Grand Slam–Nascat, Hennessy), 09Y30,000, W.

Nelson Avenue (Grand Slam–Roving Eyes, Rahy), 09Y25,000, W.

Grace of Greatness (Greatness–Glorious Grace, Saint Ballado), SPW.

Halo Katie Pie (Halo’s Image–Bye Bye Katie Pie, Robyn Dancer), 09Y1,800, UR.

Ormond Street (Hard Spun–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 09W300,000, UR.

News Pending (Harlan’s Holiday–Motivated Sreva, Lear Fan), 09W180,000, GP.

Hopemiss (Hennessy–Madam Hertfield, Miswaki), 09Y5,000, W.

Biggin Mike (Henny Hughes–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 09Y1,700, W.

Hugh and Me (Henny Hughes–Princess V., Memo), 09Y80,000, W.

Trouble for Tiger (Hold That Tiger–Dutchess Alexandra, Judge Smells), 09Y40,000, W.

Holy Justice (Holy Bull–Just Cuz, Cormorant), 09Y25,000, UR.

Holy Above (Holy Bull–So Right, Affirmed), 09Y13,000, W.

Master Dunker (Imperialism–Finding Bucks, Buckfinder), 09Y1,700, W.

Indian Ambush (Indian Charlie–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 09W200,000, W.

Charlie’s the Man (Indian Charlie–Social Woman, Woodman), 09Y85,000, SPW.

Indian Heart (Indian Charlie–Hulamore, Mt. Livermore), 09T50,000, UP.

Father’s Mig (Johannesburg–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 09W10,000, W.

On the Run (Johannesburg–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 09Y17,000, W.

Nutmeg Meg (Johannesburg–Moere Gold, Sunday Silence), 09Y40,000, W.

Philly Princess (Johannesburg–Princess Lanique, Cherokee Run), 09T43,000, W.

Johar’s Big Charm (Johar–Foolish Party, Party Manners), 09Y1,000, W.

C U Later (Jump Start–Southern Ivy, Majestic Light), 09Y8,700, UP.

Our Career Move (Kafwain–Career Move, Rare Performer), 09Y3,500, UP.

King Karma (Kafwain–Mysti’s Poem, Stalwart), 09Y42,000, UR.

Russianmambo (Kingmambo–Open View, Southern Halo), 09Y20,000, PL.

Phyllis (Langfuhr–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 09Y40,000, UP.

You’re Kidding (Lemon Drop Kid–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 09Y47,000, SPW.

Starred (Leroidesanimaux–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 09T40,000, W.

Gospel Thunder (Lightning N Thunder–Designing Miss, Notebook), 09Y2,700, UP.

Jerry the Mush (Lightning N Thunder–Jerry’s Tootsie, Colonel Stevens), 09Y1,500, W.

Candy Kisses (Limehouse–Erin’s Tour, Tour d’Or), 09Y12,000, W.

Goddes of Fortune (Limehouse–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 09Y45,000, W.

Satin Sunset (Lion Heart–Prosper, Affirmed), 09W50,000, W.

unnamed (Lion Heart–Self Seeker, Skywalker), 09Y13,000, UR.

Simba’s Voodoo (Lion Tamer–Miniature Magic, Miswaki), 09Y25,000, W.

Christian Soldier (Lost Soldier–Beyond the Horizon, Sultry Song), 09Y1,200, UP.

Val Alstyne (Lydgate–Silent Duchess, Silent Screen), 09Y3,000, UR.

Indian Pepper (Macho Uno–Vividly, Touch Gold), 09T120,000, W.

Flying Mon (Maria’s Mon–Aloft, Unbridled’s Song), 09Y2,000, W.

Ms Sent to Dakota (Marquetry–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 09Y8,000, PL.

Live From New York (Master Command–News At Ten, Pleasant Tap), 09W35,000, UR.

Medaglia’s Image (Medaglia d’Oro–Golden Image, Strike the Gold), 09Y100,000, W.

Furia d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro–Rich Find, Exploit), 09Y50,000, W.

Apollo Precious (Medallist–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 09T100,000, W.

Jaimes Gold (Midas Eyes–Stylish Sultana, Sundance Ridge), 09Y7,700, PL.

His Precious Lady (Millions–Cast the Knight, Slew the Knight), 09Y4,500, W.

Wings of Fury (Milwaukee Brew–Unincumbered, Unbridled), 09T40,000, W.

Dirty Old Town (Mingun–Flower, Mountain Cat), 09Y5,500, W.

A. P. Niner (Minister Eric–Cuz I Said So, Gold Fever), 09W1,000, UP.

Cat’s Axe (Minister Wild Cat–Axtec, Valley Crossing), 09Y3,714, W.

Palisades Breeze (Mizzen Mast–Coronation Cup, Chief’s Crown), 09W40,000, W.

Red Mountain (Monashee Mountain–Princess Cielo, Stately Cielo), 09Y3,200, PL.

More Than Proud (More Than Ready–Proud n’ Appeal, Proud Appeal), 09T8,000, W.

Breda (Northern Afleet–Cobbley’s Jewel, Tom Cobbley), 09Y2,500, UP.

Arctic Fox (Northern Afleet–Kenzie Girl, Maria’s Mon), 09Y60,000, UP.

Northern Route (North Light–Pretty Honoree, Double Honor), UR.

Double the Love (Not For Love–Loved, Pulpit), 09T35,000, W.

Mermaiden (Ocean Terrace–Proud Honor, Double Honor), 09Y3,500, PL.

Goodeveningofficer (Officer–Alligator Allie, Gone West), 09Y15,000, W.

Orsonian (Officer–Miss Speed, Forty Niner), 09Y230,000, W.

Promising Ed (Officer–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 09Y65,000, W.

Big Tsimmis (Old Topper–Kalihi Maggie, Al Mamoon), 09Y4,000, W.

Armond (Omega Code–Alliesunrun, Cherokee Run), 09T10,000, W.

General Custer (Orientate–Cherokee Eyes, Cherokee Run), 09Y20,000, W.

Joy Up (Outofthebox–Self Seeker, Skywalker), 09T18,000, W.

Finite Justice (Outofthebox–Sixty Queens, Seattle Slew), 09T35,000, PL.

Haneori (Perfect Soul–Youcan’taffordher, Carson City), 09T20,000, W.

Cous Cous (Placid Fund–Genuine Irish, Irish Tower), 09Y2,000, PL.

All Daddy’s Money (Placid Fund–Genuine Irish, Irish Tower), 09T3,500, UP.

A Boy Named Em (Point Given–No Knocks, A.P. Indy), 09W10,000, W.

Point Well Taken (Point Given–Behrens Breeze, Behrens), 09Y1,000, UR.

Postal Surprise (Polish Rifle–Baccata’s Surprise, Allen’s Prospect), 09Y10,000, W.

Avalanche Attack (Pomeroy–Avalanche Lily, Grand Slam), 09Y35,000, W.

Vigilare (Posse–Prieska, Cape Town), 09Y1,113, W.

Maine (Powerscourt–Shriving, Irish River), 09Y5,000, UR.

Proud Stacy (Proud Citizen–Stop the Musical, Stop the Music), 09Y9,700, UP.

Myah’s Knight (Pure Prize–Runaway Princess, Runaway Groom), 09T11,000, W.

E Z Led (Purge–Bumble Bee Mama, Notebook), 09Y17,500, W.

Sunday Shoes (Purge–Classy and Bright, Sky Classic), 09Y2,000, W.

Pursuxit (Purge–Endear, Grindstone), 09Y2,500, W.

Isabella Jane (Purge–Storm Hen, Storm Broker), 09Y4,700, W.

Irish American (Quiet American–I Aim High, I Enclose), 09W8,000, UR.

Quietly Waiting (Quiet American–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 09T80,000, W.

Years Ago (Rahy–Weepnomoremylady, Summer Squall), 09Y10,000, W.

Electricite (Regal Intention–Aubergine, Ringside), 09Y2,031, UR.

Why Tiger (Roar of the Tiger–Twenty Reasons Why, Montbrook), 09Y1,900, PL.

Burke’s Book (Rockport Harbor–Not for Turning, Deputy Minister), 09Y80,000, W.

Shiny Rock (Rock Slide–Shining Gem, Robyn Dancer), 09Y1,700, PL.

Devil’s Dawn (Roman Ruler–Orissa, Devil’s Bag), 09T13,000, UP.

Stag Party (Running Stag–Free and Foolish, Fly So Free), 09Y8,500, W.

unnamed (Saarland–Second Strike, Fast Play), 09T7,000, UR.

Swaythisaway (Scat Daddy–Oscillate, Seattle Slew), 09W85,000, UP.

Cosmic Surfer (Scatmandu–Cosmic Lady, High Brite), 09Y500, PL.

Paige Me (Shaniko–Jaunty Day, Pine Bluff), 09Y2,700, W.

Grand Silver (Silver Deputy–Adorable Lady, Affirmed), 09Y10,000, W.

Dr. Jajo (Sky Mesa–Hawayil, Halling), 09Y16,000, W.

Sky Jivin (Sky Mesa–Jump Jivin Jade, Gentlemen), 09Y50,000, UR.

Fly Smart (Smart Strike–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 09Y230,000, UP.

Lady Bonita (Smart Strike–Sauntering, Military), 09T10,000, PL.

Smartacus (Smarty Jones–Saratoga Lady, Deputy Minister), 09W15,000, UR.

Botanica (Smarty Jones–Speedwell, Meadowlake), 09T29,000, PL.

Feather Maid (Smarty Jones–Heritage of Gold, Gold Legend), 09Y10,000, UR.

Rezar (Songandaprayer–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 09Y55,000, W.

La Monda (Songandaprayer–Queen Evelyn, Hennessy), 09T10,000, W.

Speightfully (Speightstown–Enterprise Coast, Awesome Again), 09Y40,000, W.

Thinking of Girls (Speightstown–Flashy Frolic, Premiership), 09Y100,000, W.

Shady Slim (Spreebee–Blaine’s Song, Regal Affair), 09Y1,600, PL.

Silver Wave (Star Dabbler–Judith’s Gamble, Prospectors Gamble), 09Y3,200, W.

Cowboy Gets Even (Stephen Got Even–Smoking Quality, Elusive Quality), 09T160,000, W.

Kitness (Storm Cat–Firmness, Devil’s Bag), 09Y140,000, W.

Storm ‘n Indian (Storm Cat–Fleet Indian, Indian Charlie), 09Y2,050,000, PL.

Mister Lucky Cat (Storm Cat–Get Lucky, Mr. Prospector), 09Y650,000, W.

Night Hunt (Storm Cat–Moon Safari, Mr. Prospector), 09Y750,000, UP.

Stormy Dude (Stormello–Our Saratogadancer, Saratoga Six), 09W2,500, W.

Stormy Antics (Stormy Atlantic–Jeano, Fappiano), 09Y17,000, W.

Luba Kasai (Stormy Atlantic–Luluwa, Zafonic), 09Y230,000, UP.

Atlantic Breeze (Stormy Atlantic–Gan’s Girl, Prospector’s Music), 09T75,000, W.

Stormy Lypard (Stormy Atlantic–Medina, Covered Wagon), 09T12,000, W.

Pedestrian (Street Sense–Under Fire, Gulch), 09W110,000, W.

Serafico (Suave–Uncork, Unbridled), 09Y17,500, GP.

La Sun King (Sun King–Hot Communicator, Phone Trick), 09W1,200, PL.

Wainwright (Survivalist–Lady Shakin, Dixieland Band), 09Y3,500, W.

Kiotari Bay (Survivalist–Miss Stuck Up, One Way Love), 09Y3,708, W.

Going Steady (Swain–Our Saratogadancer, Saratoga Six), 09Y3,200, UR.

Fun City (Sweetsouthernsaint–Fun City Lady, Jeblar), 09Y4,000, W.

Big Hoss (Tactical Cat–Moscow Tap, Moscow Ballet), 09W1,000, UP.

Yesterday’s Story (Tale of the Cat–Prosper, Affirmed), 09Y85,000, W.

Catiara (Tale of the Cat–Rose Tiara, St. Jovite), 09Y4,000, UR.

Highland Dream (Tale of the Cat–Special Heritage, Gone West), 09Y100,000, W.

Tipit and Tapit (Tapit–Mary E, St. Jovite), 09Y62,500, W.

Tinsnips (Tenpins–March North, Manzotti), 09Y2,000, UR.

Big Red Daddy (The Daddy–Above Average, Two Punch), 09Y11,000, W.

Who Wonders Now (Three Wonders–Pyrite Who, Roy), 09Y1,100, UR.

Siete Truenos (Thunder Gulch–Danzignthemoonlite, Quiet American), 09Y1,500, W.

Thunder Britches (Thunder Gulch–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 09Y5,500, W.

Mi Karlota (Thunder Gulch–Let’s Roll, Unbridled), 09Y1,200, W.

Supernaturaltalent (Thunder Gulch–Typhoon Ling Ling, Hennessy), 09Y2,500, W.

Blackout Time (Time Bandit–Stickitout, Baederwood), 09Y700, UR.

Frolic Now (Tiznow–Frolic Away, Pentelicus), 09Y85,000, W.

Temza (Tiznow–Nice Dilemma, Silver Deputy), 09Y20,000, PL.

Abide (Tiznow–Number One Cat, Storm Cat), 09Y430,000, W.

Chabichou (Tiznow–Singin Up a Storm, Storm Cat), 09T60,000, W.

Rocket Toccet (Toccet–Miss Moola, Saint Ballado), 09Y1,600, UP.

Placer (Touch Gold–Free and Foolish, Fly So Free), 09W6,000, PL.

Ikaros (Touch Gold–Twilite Tryst, Afternoon Deelites), 09Y3,500, W.

Heraklion (Trippi–Wa Ka Ridge, Cox’s Ridge), 09T21,000, UP.

Truckee Force (Truckee–Stately Whisper, Stately Cielo), 09T1,100, UR.

Trust in Frank (Trust N Luck–Example, Touch Gold), 09W1,000, W.

Rabbit Punch (Two Punch–Rabbit Run Tootsie, Waquoit), 09T3,500, UR.

Sanadaat (Unbridled’s Song–Lindsay Frolic, Mt. Livermore), 09Y580,000, PL.

Ghaaleb (Unbridled’s Song–Queen’s Lady, Storm Cat), 09Y650,000, W.

Salty Girl Plus (Value Plus–Salt de Tere, Salt Lake), 09Y12,000, W.

Trail Dust (Value Plus–Crafty Quarry, Crafty Prospector), 09T8,500, UP.

Full Moon Frolic (Vindication–Frolicing, Royal Academy), 09Y28,000, W.

East of Omaha (Vindication–Sweeping, End Sweep), 09Y30,000, W.

Under Reason (Vindication–Under Fire, Gulch), 09Y27,000, W.

My Sweet Revenge (Vindication–Julie Mis, Miswaki), 09T25,000, W.

War Prospector (War Front–Latori, Unaccounted For), 09Y22,000, SPW.

Letlifecometoyou (Werblin–Shiny Happy Groovy, Groovy), 09Y6,500, W.

G. Q. Man (Werblin–Sixty Queens, Seattle Slew), 09Y1,000, W.

Pink Goose (Werblin–Saintly Lady, Saint Ballado), 09T50,000, W.

Wildcat Special (Wildcat Heir–Pop Pop’s Hope, Valid Trefaire), 09Y4,000, W.

Download (Wildcat Heir–Skara Brae, Wild Zone), 09Y1,100, UR.

Southern Tenacity (Yankee Gentleman–Mucha Prisa, Wild Again), 09T8,000, W.

Saetbyeol (Yankee Gentleman–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 09T32,000, W.

Call for Cash (Zavata–Boo Patch, Naevus), 09T24,000, UR.

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