“The Bland-Horse” Strikes Again

On page 582 of the most recent issue of The Blood-Horse (February 26) the author attempts to convince us that the best racemares do NOT make the best broodmares. One of the ways he attempts to do so is by listing a number of very good racemares who have produced multiple foals but no stakes winners in North America.

Unfortunately for the author, he includes TA WEE (champion sprinter twice) on this list. Ta Wee produced four stakes winners (all in North America) from only five foals (can’t get much better than that): Great Above ($331,377, sire of Holy Bull), Tweak ($148,597), Tax Holiday ($254,938), and Entropy ($293,999).

The credibility of any author capable of such a COLOSSAL mistake needs to be questioned. The credibility of any publication that allows such a COLOSSAL mistake to be printed in the first place likewise needs to be questioned.

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2 Responses to “The Bland-Horse” Strikes Again

  1. Lakotasblaze says:

    Sounds like they need a Fact Checker! or an Editor who can remember race history.

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