La Troienne, Sales Foals, Stakes Winners

Everyone knows who La Troienne was. Almost everyone worships at her throne. I thought it might be amusing to find all the foals tracing to LT in the direct female line (LT as the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, or tenth dam of the foal) among all weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds sold at public auction in North America in 2003-2007.

I found 56 stakes winners (black-type rules only) answering that description. They are listed in the chart below. Price needs a bit of explanation. Listed is the year sold, the type (W for weanling, Y for yearling, and T for two-year-old). Hence Master Command, the first stakes winner, is listed as 03Y650,000. That means he was sold as a yearling in 2003 for $650,000. PPI is Performance Points Index, a measure of the quality of the stakes winner. Pedigree is sire–dam. Your perusal of the 56 stakes winners below is cordially invited.

Stakes Winners Tracing in Direct Tail Female to La Troienne

Among all Weanlings, Yearlings, and Two-Year-Olds Sold

at Public Auction in North America in 2003-2007

Name                               Price                         PPI         Pedigree

Sixth Generation

Master Command          03Y650,000           2,337     A.P. Indy–Lady Lochinvar

Combo Royale                05Y1,500              181     Midnight Royalty–Winning Combination

Cuentmelotoo                06Y9,000                 444       Devil His Due–Legal Miss

Dubai Distinction         06Y175,000              192       E Dubai–Darlin

Endymion                      06W210,000            324       Tapit–Forever Young

Icon Project                   06Y775,000              1,261     Empire Maker–La Gueriere

Aurora Lights                07Y800,000             677        Pulpit–Lady Lochinvar

Bearcatt                        07Y190,000             290        Tapit-Nascat

Dangerous Midge         07Y120,000             2,390     Lion Heart–Adored Slew

Double Espresso          07Y160,000              429        Medaglia d’Oro–Second Strike

Seventh Generation

Rob Roy                           03Y300,000           1,066    Lear Fan–Camanoe

Bosskiri                          03Y32,328                817         Kiridashi–Bossy Boots

Kristali                           03Y200,000             246        Kris S.–Alligator Allie

Random Memo          03T40,000               279         Memo–Fort Silver

Special Heather           03T4,000                  235         Truckee–Hawk’s Heather

Chetten County           04Y42,000                180         Giant’s Causeway–Lovat’s Lady

City Number             04Y17,000                 357         Polish Numbers–Grove City

Nite Light                    04W190,000             1,047      Thunder Gulch–Lite Light

Cigar Man                   05W20,000               620         Drewman–Foxey’s Last Key

Lear’s Princess           05Y60,000                 992         Lear Fan–Pretty City

Sprung                      05Y55,000                  487          Grand Slam–Springhurst

Eight Belles               06Y375,000                1,309       Unbridled’s Song–Away

Grace and Power      06Y115,000                349           More Than Ready–Lady in Power

No Advantage        06Y43,500                 1,198         Posse–Prime Advantage

Green Vegas           06T70,000                  811            Trippi–Wa Ka Ridge

Roman Emperor     06Y7,000                    269            Empire Maker–Lady Melesi

Munnings                 07Y150,000               1,643          Speightstown–La Comete

Smoke’n Coal          07T550,000                221             Smoke Glacken–Cherokyfrolicflash

Eighth Generation

Air Julie                   03Y1,500                     204             Mountain Bike–Julie Nanna

If It’s Meant to B    03Y20,000                 231              David–Roving Eyes

In the Gold             03Y250,000               1,446            Golden Missile–Incinerate

Black Giant          04Y7,000                     130               Fast Play–Becomes a Rose

Fantastic Shirl     04Y170,000                352               Fantastic Light–Lady Shirl

Harborage             04Y100,000                218                Monarchos–Get Lucky

Premier Dance         04Y6,500                    777                Premiership–Vilshedance

Sweet Belle           04Y52,000                   408              Deputy Commander–Sanibel Sole

Awesome Gambler 05Y50,000                 199               Coronado’s Quest–Wedding March

Lomaki                  05Y425,000                427               A.P. Indy–Debit Account

Skewing                05Y4,500                     164               Skimming–Batanda

Izzy Speaking      06Y15,000                   285               Partner’s Hero–Moonshine Run

The Leopard        06Y1,000,000            474               Storm Cat–Moon Safari

Lightlightlight     07Y9,000                    434               Whywhywhy–Cigarlighter

Snazzyboy            07Y10,504                   171                Petersburg–Batanda

Ninth Generation

Frost Giant         04Y600,000              1,255            Giant’s Causeway–Takesmybreathaway

Molto Grande     05Y140,000               509              War Chant–New Dice

Mongoose Gold  05Y10,000                 366              Mongoose–A Golden Rose

Mr. Sidney               05Y3,900,000          1,187             Storm Cat–Tomisue’s Delight

Sonoma Cat          05Y625,000              232               Storm Cat–She’s a Winner

Woozy                       05Y6,700                  223                Ide–Miniature Magic

All of Her Twist  07Y77,000               223                Forest Wildcat–Zia Philomena

Wicked Diva            07Y125,000             206                Jump Start–Wicked Mama

Zlatan                  07W2,200                330                Olmodavor–Spinalong

Tenth Generation

Valid Lil              04Y55,000               370                 Valid Expectations–Western Lil

Be a Resident    05Y10,000                382                 Open Forum–Western Lil

Amazing Tale    06Y72,000                174                  Tale of the Cat–Svea Dahl

Lindsey’s Wish 06Y62,000                189                  Trippi–Rahy’s Wish

There were zero stakes winners with LT as their fifth dams, 11 with LT as their sixth dams, 17 with LT as their seventh dams, 15 with LT as their eighth dams, nine with LT as their ninth dams, and four with LT as their tenth dams.

There were some pretty good pedigrees among these 56 stakes winners, including three by Storm Cat (Mr. Sidney for $3,900,000, The Leopard for $1,000,000, and Sonoma Cat for $625,000) and two by A.P. Indy (Master Command for $650,000 and Lomaki for $425,000).

There were some pretty obscure pedigrees as well, including a Mountain Bike for $1,500 and a Midnight Royalty for $1,500.

The best of these stakes winners by PPI were BC Turf winner Dangerous Midge (2,390) and Master Command (2,337). Others of note included top sprinter Munnings (1,643) and the ill-fated Eight Belles (1,309).

Those 56 stakes winners look pretty good if you consider that Bourtai had only 13 stakes winners of the same description, Rough Shod II only ten, Grey Flight only nine, and Almahmoud only five. Those four mares were all younger than LT (some considerably younger). For that reason it makes sense that they had fewer stakes winners in this category than LT did. They had fewer foals as well.

Foals!!!!!!!!!!! The missing ingredient!!!!!! The one factor that usually gets left out of the equation.

If LT had about 1,000 foals among these sales foals of 2003-2007, her results were indeed pretty good. If she had about 1,500 foals, her results were just slightly above average. If she had about 2,000 foals, her results were well below average.

In the days to come I will tell you exactly how many foals LT had answering this description among sale foals of 2003-2007. Eventually I will do the same for Bourtai, Rough Shod II, Grey Flight, Almahmoud, and many others. It should be very entertaining.

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