La Troienne, Sales Foals, Not Stakes Winners, Fifth and Sixth Generations

Listed in the chart below are all sales foals of 2003-2007 (except stakes winners, which were listed previously) with La Troienne as their fifth or sixth dams. Listed after the name of the foal is the price (W for weanling, Y for yearling, and T for two-year-old with the $ omitted). After that is a brief race record (RR, with UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, W for winner, SPW for stakes-placed winner, and GSP for graded stakes placed). After that is pedigree (sire–dam).

Some housekeeping matters first. A horse could have sold in three different years (as a weanling, yearling, and two-year-old). Horses sold in separate years were counted as separate foals. A horse also could have sold more than once in the same year. Those horses were counted as only one foal, with the average of their prices being used for that foal.

The best stakes winners (such as Zenyatta, et al.) can severely skew the results. Hence stakes winners who sold in separate years were counted and listed only once as stakes winners (the first time they were sold). In subsequent years they were counted and listed as winners. So don’t freak out if you see a stakes winner listed only as a winner or if you see the same nag listed more than once (in different years).

There were 25 such sales foals with LT as their fifth dams, none of whom were stakes winners. Those 25 foals were not exactly cheap either. They sold for a gross of $1,774,200 and an average of $70,968 (compared to the overall average for all 70,714 foals of $54,140). They had a maverage of 177.32, compared to the overall maverage for all 70,714 foals of 163.11. No foals were found with LT closer than the fifth dam.

Those prices were helped by Temescal Ridge, who sold for $875,000 as a two-year-old in 2003. Temescal Ridge was a colt by Unbridled’s Song out of Belonging (dam of Belong to Me), by Exclusive Native out of Straight Deal, by Hail to Reason out of No Fiddling, by King Cole out of Big Hurry, by Black Toney out of LT (fifth dam). Temescal Ridge was unplaced in two starts, both at age two, and earned $0.

The cheapest of the 25 was Carrolling, who sold for $1,000 as a weanling in 2003. Carrolling was a filly by Skip Away out of Erica’s Fault, by Muttering out of Azeez, by Nashua out of La Dauphine, by Princequillo out of Baby League, by Bubbling Over out of LT (fifth dam). Carrolling was unraced.

There were 294 foals with LT as their sixth dams, including 11 stakes winners. Those 294 foals sold for a gross of $22,298,622 and an average of $75,846 (compared to the overall average of $54,140). They had a maverage of 199.24 (compared to the overall maverage of 163.11). Again, not cheap.

Those prices were helped by Juliya Space, who sold for $1,500,000 as a yearling in 2005. Juliya Space was a filly by Storm Cat out of La Affirmed, by Affirmed out of La Mesa, by Round Table out of Finance, by Nasrullah out of Busanda, by War Admiral out of Businesslike, by Blue Larkspur out of LT (sixth dam). Juliya Space was unplaced in one start at age three and earned $400.

Among some of the other highest prices was $850,000 for Vencer (a winner) as a two-year-old in 2003, $800,000 for Road Ruler (a winner) as a yearling in 2003, $750,000 for Warrior Song (a stakes-placed winner) as a yearling in 2003, and $685,000 for Aquarian (a winner) as a weanling in 2005.

Also of interest was More Than Somewhat, who sold for $475,000 as a yearling in 2003. More Than Somewhat was a colt by Lemon Drop Kid out of Whiffling, by Wavering Monarch out of Queen’s Gambit, by Bold Ruler out of So Social, by Tim Tam out of His Duchess, by Blenheim II out of the aforementioned Businesslike (hence LT sixth dam). Whiffling was the dam of 1993 champion 3-year-old Prairie Bayou. She had several other foals sold in this time period for lesser prices. More Than Somewhat won one of four starts, finished second twice, and earned $18,455.

Also of interest is Book Fair, who sold for $190,000 as a yearling in 2003. Book Fair was a colt by Red Ransom out of Printing Press, by In Reality of out Wealth of Nations, by Key to the Mint out of Admiring, by Hail to Reason out of Searching, by War Admiral out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (hence LT as the sixth dam). Book Fair was unraced.

Printing Press (by In Reality) was the dam of Lite Light, a filly by Majestic Light who won four G1 races and earned $1,231,596. Lite Light herself was the dam of Nite Light, a colt by Thunder Gulch who was a G3 winner and earned $546,960 (1,047 Performance Points). So Nite Light has LT as his seventh dam and was listed accordingly among the stakes winners yesterday, having sold for $190,000 as a weanling in 2004.

On the other end of the spectrum, three of these 294 foals sold for less than $1,000 each. Here’syourapproval (a colt by Lasting Approval out of Tullahona, by Wajima) sold for $800 as a yearling in 2003. He was unplaced once and earned $155. His fifth dam was Big Hurry. Red’s No Fool (a colt by Tejano Red out of How Pleasant, by Foolish Pleasure) sold for $730 as a yearling in 2003 and was unraced. His fifth dam was Baby League.

(Incidentally, odd prices such as $730 are mainly from Canadian sales; Canadian dollars converted to U.S. dollars.)

Joyful Song was a filly by Sultry Song of of In Merriment, by Introienne out of Imaglee, by Grey Dawn II out of Be Merry, by Battlefield out of Twitter, by Brookfield out of Besieged, by Balladier out of LT (sixth dam). Joyful Song sold for $600 as a yearling in 2006 and was unraced.

So the quality of the pedigrees of the nags listed below covers a wide spectrum, but overall their prices were higher than average. Your inspection of the list below is cordially invited.


Other Foals (Not Stakes Winners) Tracing in Direct Tail Female to La Troienne Among all Weanlings, Yearlings, and Two-Year-Olds Sold at Public Auction in North America in 2003-2007 (Fifth and Sixth Generation)

Name                                           Price                RR         Pedigree

2003 Fifth Generation

I’m Awesome Again         T75,000           SPW     Awesome Again–Imaglee

Jump Jivin Jade                 T120,000        UP         Gentleman–Setting

Horseton                              Y5,000             UR        Military–A Pretty Smile

Showtankthemoney          T15,000            W          Prospect Bay–His Ex

Carrolling                            W1,000             UR        Skip Away–Erica’s Fault

Rickashay Rock                  Y4,700              UP        Slewdledo–Royal Rave

Temescal Ridge                 T875,000          UP        Unbridled’s Song–Belonging

King Yankee                        Y8,000              PL        Yankee Victor–Gingerwood

2004 Fifth Generation

Royal Red Wing                 Y1,700                W         Cahill Road–Royal Rave

Pending Divorcee              T8,000               PL        Prospect Bay–His Ex

2005 Fifth Generation

Local Color                         Y62,000             W         Capote–Setting

Tease                                   T9,500               SPW     Crowd Pleaser–His Ex

Mr. Shangai                       W42,000            W         Point Given–Affirmed Ambience

Privatization                      Y160,000           W         Siphon–Belonging

Miss Goldenrod                Y11,000              UP        Touch Gold–Gingerwood

Eddies Tour                      T26,000             UR        Tour d’Or–Bells of Shandon

2006 Fifth Generation

Lucky Raven                     Y2,000               UR        Kentucky Lucky–Royal Rave

Mr. Shangai                      Y60,000             W         Point Given–Affirmed Ambience

Tempered Storm              Y5,000               W         Pulling Punches–Catch a Spy

Miss Goldenrod               T20,000             UP        Touch Gold–Gingerwood

2007 Fifth Generation

Mary Catherine                Y10,500              W         Entepreneur–Catch a Spy

Mr. Shangai                      T200,000           W         Point Given–Affirmed Ambience

Fortune in Faith              Y50,000              W         Grand Slam–Setting

unnamed                           Y1,700                UR        Rossini–Affirmed Ambience

Miss Slewy                        Y1,100                 PL        Slewdledo–Royal Rave

2003 Sixth Generation

Cantrell Road                   T7,000                W         Atticus–In Or Out

Bird Chatter                  T3,500                SP        Birdonthewire–Opinionated Lady

Old Harbour                 Y12,000              PL        Boston Harbor–Pattyg

Mustabid                        W8,000              PL        Brahms–Good Going Gracie

unnamed                          W125,000          UR       Brahms–Lady Lady

Franklin’s Tower        Y10,000               W       Cape Town–Our Locket

Out From Africa             Y15,000               W       Cape Town–Sweet Leader

Prieska                             W25,000             W       Cape Town–Party Giver

Racingtothemoon          Y34,000             UP       Catrail–Inoma Wild

Spanish Cavalier            Y5,500                UP       Charismatic–Anything in Sight

Tremont Light                T5,000                W        Colony Light–Creed’s Heroine

Shining Hero                  Y40,000             W        Commendable–Chelan

Diosper                            Y7,000                UP       Diesis–Prosper

Breezy Note                T12,000              UR       Editor’s Note–November Breeze

Vencer                             T850,000            W        El Prado–La Gueriere

Lady Bett                        Y55,000               W        Exploit–Caspian Tern

Call Anytime                  Y25,000               W        Family Calling–Just Anything

Mr. Forestrey                Y100,000             W        Forestry–Be a Prospector

Sandrican                      T2,500                  W        Fruition–Personal Triumph

Pretty Sweet                  Y180,000            UR       Fusaichi Pegasus–Sweet Times

She’s On Appeal           Y75,000               UR       Glitterman–Proud n’ Appeal

Westerly Gale               Y250,000             W        Gone West–Petiteness

Ready and Tough        T95,000               SPW     Good and Tough–Adena’s Girl

Payment in Kind     Y160,000               W        High Yield–Royal Image

unnamed                      Y3,000                   UR       Intidab–Polish Socialite

Phoenix Gold              Y9,516                     W         Katahaula County–Queens Luck

Here’syourapproval  Y800                 UP        Lasting Approval–Tullahona

Jacobs Spirit             Y16,500                 W         Leestown–Silent Duchess

More Than Somewhat   Y475,000          W         Lemon Drop Kid–Whiffling

Grace Lake                   W65,000              PL        Meadowlake–Adena’s Girl

War Commander         Y5,200                 PL        Military–Creed’s Lass

Mr. Merry                  T32,000               W         Miswaki–Curtain Raiser

More Than Eager        W23,000             W         More Than Ready–Inoma Wild

Hot Streak                    Y3,200                UR        Mr. Expo–Big Sky Beauty

Small Slam                   W9,000               W         My Boy Adam–Bobby Sox

Smart Date                   T3,500                 W         Native Regent–Festive Date

Image of Gold         Y20,000               W         Out of Place–Golden Image

J J for Short            Y2,700                  W         Pancho Villa–Our Miss Imo

Military Presence  T7,000                 W         Parade Ground–In Merriment

Aces in the Pocket      Y15,000              UP        Pine Bluff–Slew Be

Book Fair                     Y190,000           UR        Red Ransom–Printing Press

King’s Coronation      T16,000              W         Red Ransom–Coronation Cup

Midday Runner     Y160,000           UR       Real Quiet–Wanted Again

unnamed                     Y3,660                UR       Regal Remark–Irises

Embarassing Moment   T5,000           W        Runaway Groom–Majesty’s Grace

My Six Sisters                Y85,000         UR        Saint Ballado–Dearly Loved

Havelanch                      Y3,300            PL        Sea Salute–Newborn

unnamed                        Y100,000       UR       Seattle Slew–Hula Colony

Opus Five                   W25,000         PL        Songandaprayer–I’m Quite High

Worth See’n                  Y55,000           W        Straight Man–Native Banner

Kaiser Soze                   Y9,000             W        Suave Prospect–A Little Ambience

Pink Halo                     W2,000            PL       Sunny’s Halo–Pinctada

Li Dolce Mio                Y4,200              PL       Tactical Cat–Miss Speed

Red’s No Fool              Y730                 UR      Tejano Red–How Pleasant

Warrior Song              Y750,000        SPW    Unbridled’s Song–La Gueriere

Road Ruler                  Y800,000         W       Unbridled’s Song–Stephanie’s Road

2004 Sixth Generation

Baronessa Dicarini   W25,000           W       Anees–Jeddah Harbor

Beychevelle                Y22,000            PL       Anees–Chelan

Indy Hizzy              W6,000             PL       Beautiful Indy–Opening Reality

unnamed                   Y275,000          UR       Brahms–Lady Lady

Cape Sequence         Y1,500                W        Cape Canaveral–Dutchess Alexandra

Shes an Asset            Y15,000             W        Cape Town–Lady Zotti

Tequila Sunshine     T8,000              W        Capote’s Prospect–Kowloon

Majesty’s Diamond  Y6,000             UP       Catienus–Majesty’s Grace

unnamed                 Y22,000           UR       Chester House–Nascat

Ciely Girl                   Y40,000           UR       Conquistador Cielo–Party Giver

Saddle Shoes            Y44,000            PL       Delaware Township–Bobbysoxaroo

There You’ll Be        Y1,500               W        Deputy Cat–Music Tower

Miss Abita               T400,000           W       Dixie Union–Be a Prospector

Nickypalmer           Y160,000           W        Dynaformer–Petiteness

Call Anytime          T72,000              W        Family Calling–Just Anything

Mr Forestrey          T100,000           W         Forestry–Be a Prospector

Repose                  Y5,000                W         Formal Gold–Curious

Steal a Win            Y1,000                 W        Fruition–Personal Triumph

Blackjack Billy  Y26,000              PL       Geri–Leading Ballerina

Caseisacruzin        Y8,500                UP      Gold Case–Light Ice

Allthathecanbe      Y20,000             W       Hadif–Allthatyoucanbe

True Yield           Y30,000             W       High Yield–Royal Image

Fly So Far           Y130,000            W       Holy Bull-I’m a Thriller

Emilten                  Y1,000                PL      Homebuilder–Feminine Decor

Taz Second Chance  Y1,800           UR      Huff–Blue Eyed Judy

Diva of Diamonds    Y17,784           W       Katahaula County–Queens Luck

Mohtarres                  Y450,000       W       Kingmambo–Adored Slew

Yield Curve               W100,000      UR      Lemon Drop Kid–Coronation Cup

Lemon Twirl            W37,000          W       Lemon Drop Kid–Longing to Dance

Lemon Lifesaver     Y8,500             UP      Lemon Drop Kid–Miss Moola

Getdjobdone            T38,000           W       Louis Quatorze–In Or Out

Grace Lake              Y110,000          PL       Meadowlake–Adena’s Girl

Never Enough         Y3,500             PL       Menifee–Heaven Can Wait

Disagree                   Y5,000             UP      Mighty–Argumentative

Cynthia Ann            Y8,500              W       Miswaki–Septieme Etoile

Twenty Reasons Why  Y15,000      PL      Montbrook–Ioweyoutwenty

More Than Eager    Y40,000           W      More Than Ready–Inoma Wild

Patrimony             Y15,000           UP      More Than Ready–Passionate Heroine

Saboteur’s Secret    Y3,200              W      New Way–My Secret

Mise En Demeure  Y80,000       UR     Red Ransom–Becolina

Imelda Blue             Y29,000            W      Regal Classic–Blue Tap Shoes

Saint Harold           Y400,000          W      Saint Ballado–Eye Catching

Guys Nite Out         Y4,000               W      Sahm–Polish Socialite

Seneca Marilyn       Y3,000              PL      Seneca Jones–Marilynn M.

Seneca Wave           T5,500              PL       Seneca Jones–Marilynn M.

Opus Five             Y49,000            PL       Songandaprayer–I’m Quite High

Party Fever             T70,000             W        Stormin Fever–Party Giver

Worth See’n           T200,000           W       Straight Man–Native Banner

Special Hero           Y8,000               W       Struggler–Creed’s Heroine

Li Dolce Mio          T20,000             PL       Tactical Cat–Miss Speed

Tale of the Bear     W260,000         W        Tale of the Cat–Prosper

unnamed                Y30,000            UR        Tiger Ridge–Annie Imp

Buffy Babe          T21,000              W         Unaccounted For–Buffalo Bobbie

Virtue N Vice        Y10,000              PL        Valid Vengeance–Mary E

Imperial Vision     Y3,700               UP        Vision and Verse–In Or Out

Leo Getz                T140,000          SPW       Wild Rush–Vivid Angel

2005 Sixth Generation

Charlotte Stormcat  Y1,000            W          Aljabr–Sparkling Sea

Baronessa Dicarini  Y20,000         W          Anees–Jeddah Harbor

Beychevelle              T65,000          PL         Anees-Chelan

Indy Hizzy            Y31,000           PL         Beautiful Indy–Opening Reality

Sharma                    Y1,500              PL         Black Minnaloushe–Alem Da Lenda

Broker’s Risk      Y8,000             W          Broken Vow–Curious

Basket Case        W140,000        UP         Buddha–Pattyg

Meditation Miss    Y11,000            W          Buddha–Dearly Loved

All Plus                    Y22,000          UR         Cat’s At Home–Castle North

Ciely Girl                T75,000           UR         Conquistador Cielo–Party Giver

Saddle Shoes        T95,000            PL          Delaware Township–Bobbysoxaroo

Negev                     T19,000           UP           Desert Prince–Selection

Littleballoffire      Y1,400              W            Dewdle’s Dancer–Stutzeez

Former Glory       Y120,000         W            Dynaformer–Proud n’ Appeal

Nickypalmer        T320,000         W            Dynaformer–Petiteness

Just Plain Erl       Y8,000             UP           Erlton–Avenger’s Bouquet

Rebel Commander  Y5,500        GSP          Exploit–Flags Flying

Our Lucille            Y75,000          PL            Forest Camp–Chelan

Be My Prospect    W250,000     UR            Forest Wildcat–Be a Prospector

Repose                 T42,000          W             Formal Gold–Curious

Aquarian              W685,000       W              Fusaichi Pegasus–No Knocks

Hawaii Calls         Y225,000        W             Fusaichi Pegasus–Hula Colony

Reclaimed          T3,000           UR            Gold Fever–Shrewd Business

Duchess Goldilocks  T31,000   W          Gold Tribute–Silent Duchess

Majestic Hennessy  Y160,000    W             Hennessy–Southern Ivy

Barney                   Y27,000           W             High Yield–La Alleged

Los Autenticos   Y19,000         W             High Yield–Royal Image

Yield a Winner    T105,000          W            High Yield–Social Woman

Emilten                T6,750               PL            Homebuilder–Feminine Decor

Invoking Thy Name  T20,000    W             Horse Chestnut–Nameseeker

Reptilian Smarts  Y59,000          W             Include–Forever Young

Silent Ledger       Y36,000           W             Indian Charlie–Mary E

Dinamarca          W65,000           PL           Kafwain–Jeddah Harbor

Lemon Twirl       Y37,000             W           Lemon Drop Kid–Longing to Dance

Devils Warrior   Y15,000              W           Lost Soldier–Breaking Taboos

Lively                T20,000              W           Louis Quatorze–November Breeze

Rebalite              Y55,000              W           More Than Ready–Printing Press

My New Secret  Y5,700                W            New Way–My Secret

Miss Stuck Up Y64,726            W            One Way Love–Opinionated Lady

Except Sunday   Y3,000              UR          Point Given–Never a Saint

Come Sail Away  Y10,000           UR          Polish Navy–Anniversaried

unnamed             W30,000          UR          Proud Citizen–Lady Zotti

X Star                  Y270,000          GSP         Pulpit–Lady Lochinvar

Route Canal       Y340,000          UR           Pulpit–Queen Evelyn

Classy Shoes       Y11,000             UP           Regal Classic–Blue Tap Shoes

Return With Honor  Y20,000    UR           Roar–Caspian Tern

Big Boo Boo     T12,000             W            Sea Salute–Promising

Ponte Buzio     Y10,000            UP            Silver Charm–Becolina

Vapor Lock         Y10,000             W            Silver Ghost–Sweet Hawaii

Juliya Space      Y1,500,000        UP           Storm Cat–La Affirmed

Soda Pop          Y12,000              W            Storm Day–Genuine Irish

Stormin Kiwi     Y10,000              W           Stormin Fever–Party Giver

Flashing Flame  T19,000             W           Suave Prospect–Foolish Miz

Wonderfully Made  Y7,000        PL           Thunderello–Deal Harbor

Poison Pill         Y37,000              W           Thunder Gulch–Miss Moola

Example          Y84,000              W           Touch Gold–Pattyg

Truckee Storm  Y6,500               UR          Truckee–Adorable Tease

Virtue N Vice   T35,000              PL           Valid Vengeance–Mary E

Valhalla             Y2,000                W            Wagon Limit–Heaven Can Wait

Abby Morgan   Y43,000              W            Well Noted–Creed’s Lass

Gallery Fast     Y80,000           PL           Wild Again–Nascat

Approval Glance   Y15,000         W           With Approval–Septieme Etoile

Soco Creek           Y60,000          W            Yonaguska–Adenas Girl

2006 Sixth Generation

Alexis the Great   Y4,000            W           Albert the Great–Dutchess Alexandra

Ibedarn                W80,000        UR          Aldebaran–Sauntering

Sra Barbara         Y25,000           W           Aldebaran–Cuddley

Combo Cat        Y1,300            UR          Al Ghazi–Winningcombination

Baronessa Dicarini  T13,000     W           Anees–Jeddah Harbor

Gloria Goodbody  Y26,000    GSP       Arch–Our Locket

Indy Hizzy            T160,000       PL          Beautiful Indy–Opening Reality

Love This Baby     W8,500         PL          Brahms–Jeddah Harbor

Get It Done Bragg  Y10,000      UP          Brahms–Lady Lady

Hendersonville      Y5,250          W           Brahms–Party Giver

Nadadora              Y225,000       W           Carson City–Queen Evelyn

Getting’ Along   Y20,000         W           Carson City–Taking It Easy

Dick Whittington  Y16,267         W           Cat’s At Home–Castle North

Nevah Nevah         Y6,200           W          Changeintheweather–Majesty’s Grace

Metomkin Light    T6,000          PL          Colony Light–Creed’s Heroine

Deputy Doggone   T11,000      W         Deputy Diamond–Silent Duchess

My Silvers Due      Y15,000         W          Devil His Due–Verreaux

Domina Dixie        Y6,753           UP         Dixieland Brass–Terabyte

Saturday Edition   Y30,000        W         Editor’s Note–Lady Zotti

Judiths Explcit      Y8,000          UR        Exploit–Second Strike

Major Kevin           Y5,000           W         Fappie’s Notebook–Annie Imp

Our Lucille            T13,000          PL        Forest Camp–Chelan

Phanie Slam         Y250,000       UP        Grand Slam–Stephanie’s Road

Hey Duke               T40,000         W        Glitterman–Second Strike

Tappedoutneedshoes W5,000   UP       Halory Hunter–Blue Tap Shoes

Majestic Hennessy  T25,000      W        Hennessy–Southern Ivy

Los Autenticos      T32,000      W        High Yield–Royal Image

Furchellas                 Y10,000       W       Honour and Glory–Miss Moola

Cinfully Hooked      Y3,700         UP      Hook and Ladder–Cindez

Reptilian Smarts     T30,000       W      Include–Forever Young

Jump to the Front   Y23,000       W     Jump Start–Sweet Hawaii

Pandora’s Box       Y20,000       W     Kafwain–Becolina

Dinamarca               Y45,000        PL     Kafwain–Jeddah Harbor

Khazina                  Y160,000     W      Kingmambo–Easy Now

Colorado Kid           Y52,000      SPW    Lemon Drop Kid–Coronation Cup

Yield Curve              T85,000       UR      Lemon Drop Kid–Coronation Cup

Miss Dylan           Y16,000         W       Leestown–Silent Duchess

Gran Patron            W70,000       W       Lion Heart–Prosper

Peak in a Hurry      Y30,000        W       Peaks and Valleys–Grandmother

Blue Flight            Y67,000        PL      Phone Trick–Golden Hen

Navys Baby              Y4,500          PL      Polish Navy–Barbara Phoebe

unnamed                  Y4,000         UR     Proud Citizen–Lady Zotti

Route Canal           T140,000      UR     Pulpit–Queen Evelyn

Face the Fire           Y4,700           W     Pure Prize–Chelan

Amerikanka            Y4,200          UR     Repent–Ioweyoutwenty

St. Rosalind           W18,000       UP      Rossini–Never a Saint

So Seneca               T3,000           W      Seneca Jones–Social Call

My Angel               Y45,000          W      Silver Charm–Vivid Angel

Lovin Marlene      Y30,000         UR     Sir Cat–Septieme Etoile

Bella Blu              Y45,000          W      Sky Mesa–Royal Image

Sneaky Business  Y16,000           W      Snuck In–Fishy Business

Silent Weapon      Y3,500             PL     Suave Prospect–Foolish Miz

Joyful Song          Y600              UR      Sultry Song–In Merriment

Tale of the Bear    T85,000          W       Tale of the Cat–Prosper

Wonderfully Made  T13,000       PL      Thunderello–Deal Harbor

Shirley E.                Y14,857          UR      Tiger Trap–Duchess of Pekisko

Margenot               T370,000        W       Tiznow–Stephanie’s Road

Specific Rule           T40,000        W       Tribal Rule–Specific Gravity

Xcluesivgirlfriend   W13,000      W        Trippi–Oh My Mary Kate

Prince Andjo           W32,000      PL       Van Nistelrooy–Magic Flare

Propensity             Y70,000       W       Victory Gallop–Imastorming

Bane                          Y70,000        W       Vindication–Whiffling

Gallery Fast          T60,000        PL       Wild Again–Nascat

2007 Sixth Generation

Alexis the Great     T11,000          W       Albert the Great–Dutchess Alexandra

Style N Profile        Y1,000            W       Atticus–Brite ‘n Sassy

Specific Mark         Y9,000            W      Benchmark–Specific Gravity

Love This Baby      Y8,500            PL      Brahms–Jeddah Harbor

Basket Case        T10,500           UP      Buddha–Pattyg

Holy Limerick        Y5,000            W       Burning Roma–Bobbysoxaroo

Patiently              Y10,000           W       Came Home–Taking It Easy

Canardly                Y185,000          W      Dynaformer–Coronation Cup

Flash for Freedom  W15,000   UP    Essence of Dubai–Isathriller

For Peace                 Y2,200           UP       Forest Camp–Chelan

Ms. Rhetta            W200,000        W       Forest Danger–Jeddah Harbor

Dinner Out          Y11,000           UR      Formal Dinner–November Breeze

Formal Style          Y16,629            PL      Formal Gold–Caspian Tern

Bloomin Daisy     W185,000        UR      Fusaichi Pegasus–No Knocks

Namirah                 T25,000           W       Hold That Tiger–Social Woman

Cochise Style       Y1,200             W       Individual Style–Winningcombination

Lawrenceberg     Y60,000         W       Johannesburg–Pattyg

Joubert’s Gold      Y50,000           W       Johannesburg–Proud n’ Appeal

Gran Patron          Y90,000           W       Lion Heart–Prosper

Saturn Five        Y62,000           W        Malibu Moon–Bail Out Becky

Instant Mark     Y15,000            W        Malibu Moon–Imastorming

Darlin I’m Ready  Y37,000          W        More Than Ready–Darlin

Keep Ringing         Y50,000         W        More Than Ready–No Knocks

Texas Pacific          Y10,000         W        Naevus–Allthatyoucanbe

Fajita Rita               Y1,700            W        Najran–Verreaux

Get the Candy    T11,000          UP       On Target–Sweet Mag

Furgotten               Y11,000         UR       Orientate–Queen Evelyn

Blue Flight        T105,000         PL       Phone Trick–Golden Hen

Ship of Fools         Y2,500           UP       Polish Navy–Anniversaried

Navys Baby           T13,000          PL       Polish Navy–Barbara Phoebe

Storm Heaven       Y6,000          UR       Pure Prize–Party Giver

St. Rosalind          Y23,000         UP       Rossini–Never a Saint

Rodesian Sister    Y15,000         UR      Saarland–Sweet Halo

Lovin Marlene     T42,000         UR      Sir Cat–Septieme Etoile

Jelani                    Y100,000       UR      Smarty Jones–La Gueriere

Oh Smarty Girl    Y55,000         PL       Smarty Jones–Outlasting

Sneaky Business  T18,000         W        Snuck In–Fishy Business

Miss Obama Mama  W60,000  UR     Southern Image–Stephanie’s Road

Creativa                      Y70,000     W      Speightstown–Cuddley

Lets Get Wet              Y8,200       PL     Storm Passage–Fishy Business

Endymion                  Y15,000      W      Tapit–Forever Young

Kladester                   Y15,000       W     Van Nistelrooy–Longing to Dance

Champagneandlilies  Y320,000  W     Vindication–Madam Hertfield

Bane                              T25,000    W      Vindication–Whiffling

Sir Jimmy                     Y2,500      W      Wagon Limit–Heaven Can Wait

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