La Troienne, Sales Foals, Not Stakes Winners, Seventh Generation

Listed in the chart below are all sales foals of 2003-2007 (except stakes winners, which were listed previously) with La Troienne as their seventh dams. Listed after the name of the foal is the price (W for weanling, Y for yearling, and T for two-year-old with the $ omitted). After that is a brief race record (RR, with UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, W for winner, SPW for stakes-placed winner, and GSP for graded stakes placed). After that is pedigree (sire–dam).

There were 637 such sales foals with LT as their seventh dams, including 17 stakes winners. Those 637 foals sold for a gross of $34,594,641 and an average of $54,309 (compared to the overall average for all 70,714 foals of $54,140). They had a maverage of 167.90, compared to the overall maverage for all 70,714 foals of 163.11. The seventh was the most popular generation (meaning it had the most foals).

One of the reasons the seventh generation had lower prices than the fifth or sixth generations is because not one of its foals sold for $1,000,000 or more. They did, however, have 11 foals who sold for $500,000 or more 12 times.

Napa Cat sold for $800,000 as a yearling in 2005. He was a colt by Storm Cat out of Compassionate, by Housebuster out of Adored, by Seattle Slew out of Desiree, by Raise a Native out of Straight Deal, by Hail to Reason out of No Fiddling, by King Cole out of Big Hurry, by Black Toney out of LT (seventh dam). Napa Cat posted a record of 4-1-1-0 for earnings of $38,498.

Dynamoor sold for $770,000 as a yearling in 2007. He was a colt by Dynaformer out of Catumbella, by Diesis out of Benguela, by Little Current out of Lady Winborne, by Secretariat out of Priceless Gem, by Hail to Reason out of Searching, by War Admiral out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (hence LT seventh dam). Dynamoor posted a record of 5-2-2-1 and placed in a pair of G3 races for earnings of $97,000.

Brother Pegasus sold for $700,000 as a yearling in 2004. He was a gelding by Fusaichi Pegasus out of Sister Fiona, by Defrere out of Native Banner, by Raise a Native out of Banning, by Crafty Admiral out of Efficient, by Princequillo out of Resourceful, by Shut Out out of Black Helen, by Black Toney out of LT (seventh dam). Brother Pegasus posted a record of 20-3-1-3 for earnings of $30,359.

A. P. Elegance sold for $675,000 as a yearling in 2007. She was a filly by A.P. Indy out of Beaucette, by Mr. Prospector out of Mackie, by Summer Squall out of Glowing Tribute, by Graustark out of Admiring, by Hail to Reason out of the aforementioned Searching (hence LT seventh dam). A. P. Elegance posted a record of 6-1-1-0 for earnings of $39,306.

Aaroness sold for $550,000 as a yearling in 2007. She was a filly by Distorted Humor out of Diamonds for Lil, by Summer Squall out of Lady Lady, by Little Current out of the aforementioned Lady Winborne (hence LT seventh dam). Aaroness posted a record of 20-2-4-2, placed in two stakes (one G3), and earned $135,181.

Siempre Lista sold for $550,000 as a two-year-old in 2006. She was a filly by Unbridled’s Song out of Always Ready, by Dixieland Band out of Woodman’s Girl, by Woodman out of Becky Be Good, by Naskra out of Good Landing, by First Landing out of Best Side, by Better Self out of Belle of Troy, by Blue Larkspur out of LT (seventh dam). Siempre Lista was unraced.

Prodical Extreme sold for $525,000 as a two-year-old in 2006. He was a colt by Pulpit out of Queens Wild, by Spectacular Bid out of Wild Applause, by Northern Dancer out of the aforementioned Glowing Tribute (hence LT seventh dam). Prodical Extreme posted a record of 22-2-6-0 for earnings of $64,886.

Minister of Fire sold for $500,000 as a weanling in 2003 and then for $800,000 as a yearling in 2004. He was a colt by Deputy Minister out of Horsafire, by Hold Your Peace out of She Can’t Miss, by Duck Dance out of Stolen Scepter, by Jacinto out of Royal Bride, by Princequillo out of Bridal Flower, by Challenger II out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (hence LT seventh dam). Minister of Fire was unraced.

Giant Shift sold for $500,000 as a yearling in 2003. He was a colt by Giant’s Causeway out of Downshift, by A.P. Indy out of Easy Now, by Danzig out of Relaxing, by Buckpasser out of Marking Time, by To Market out of Allemande, by Counterpoint out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (hence LT seventh dam). Giant Shift had a record of 49-6-6-6 for earnings of $146,362.

Ghaneema sold for $500,000 as a yearling in 2007. She was a filly by Forestry out of Unify, by Farma Way out of La Affirmed, by Affirmed out of La Mesa, by Round Table out of Finance, by Nasrullah out of Busanda, by War Admiral out of Businesslike, by Blue Larkspur out of LT (seventh dam). Ghaneema finished second in her only start and earned $1,598.

Arcadius sold for $500,000 as a yearling in 2005. He was a gelding by Giant’s Causeway out of Unify (see paragraph above, hence LT seventh dam). Arcadius was actually very useful. He posted a record of 17-5-5-3 for earnings of $209,187 and both won and placed in many stakes over the jumps (which do not qualify for black type anymore).

On the other end of the spectrum, ten of these foals sold for less than $1,000 each. Paul of Tarsus sold for $900 as a yearling in 2005. He was a gelding by Rare Brick out of Paul’s Lil Girl, by Lil Tyler out of Nameseeker, by Run the Gantlet out of Cazeez, by Cannonade out of Azeez, by Nashua out of La Dauphine, by Princequillo out of Baby League, by Bubbling Over out of LT (seventh dam). Paul of Tarsus was unplaced in a dozen starts and earned $1,609.

Trashie Baby sold for $900 as a two-year-old in 2005. She was a filly by Why Change out of Blessedness, by Exclusive Era out of Heatherglow, by The Axe II out of Brilliantly, by Hill Prince out of Glamour, by Nasrullah out of Striking, by War Admiral out of the aforementioned Baby League (hence LT seventh dam). Trashie Baby was unraced.

Also selling for $900 as a two-year-old in 2005 was an unnamed colt by Won Song out of Tune, by Naevus out of No Song, by Nostrum out of Swan Song, by Ribot out of Diary, by Bold Ruler out of Narrative, by War Relic out of Belle Histoire, by Blue Larkspur of of LT (seventh dam).

Amber Boy was sold for $800 as yearling in 2005. He was a colt by Supremo out of Performing Artist, by Academy Award out of Curious, by Rare Performer out of Kleptomaniac, by Fleet Nasrullah out of Stealaway, by Olympia out of Dashing By, by Menow out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (hence LT seventh dam). Amber Boy posted a record of 46-2-2-7 for earnings of $40,155.

R Regent sold for $792 as weanling in 2004. He was a colt by Randy Regent out of Plentiful, by Lear Fan out of Prodigious, by Pharly out of Vichy, by Restless Native out of Boda, by War Admiral out of the aforementioned Bridal Flower (hence LT seventh dam). R Regent was unplaced in five starts and earned $1,936.

Korilin sold for $700 as a yearling in 2003. She was a filly by Matchlite out of Here Comes Spring, by Le Danseur out of Golden Spring, by Up Spirits out of Bustling, by Menetrier out of Be Merry, by Battlefield out of Twitter, by Brookfield out of Besieged, by Balladier out of LT (seventh dam). Korilyn posted a record of 19-0-4-2 for earnings of $12,904.

Urban Pioneer sold for $600 as a weanling in 2004. He was a gelding by Halory Hunter out of Foolish Party, by Party Manners out of Foolish Miz, by Foolish Pleasure out of Miz Seabird, by Sea-Bird out of Miz Carol, by Stymie out of the aforementioned No Fiddling (hence LT seventh dam). Urban Pioneer posted a record of 9-1-0-1 for earnings of $10,730.

Hidden Sky also sold for $600 as a weanling in 2004. He was a gelding by Hidden City out of La Magia, by Sky Classic out of Good Going Gracie, by Sate Dinner out of My Locket, by Key to the Mint out of the aforementioned Good Landing (hence LT seventh dam). Hidden Sky posted a record of 40-3-6-4 for earnings of $54,920.

Bear Lady Carson sold for $527 as a two-year-old in 2006. She was a filly by Lord Carson out of Decollete, by Al Nasr out of Fashionable Trick, by Buckpasser out of Fashion Verdict, by Court Martial out of So Chic, by Nasrullah out of the aforementioned Striking (hence LT seventh dam). Bear Lady Carson posted a record of 12-2-0-0 for earnings of $6,230.

Crazy On You sold for $400 as a yearling in 2007. She was a filly by Mi Selecto out of Allthathappyjazz, by Happy Jazz Band out of Allthatyoucanbe, by Fifth Marine out of To the Throne, by Elocutionist out of the aforementioned Diary (hence LT seventh dam). Crazy On You was unraced.

So the quality of the pedigrees of the nags listed below covers a wide spectrum, but overall their prices were slightly higher than average. Your inspection of the list below is cordially invited.


Other Foals (Not Stakes Winners) Tracing in Direct Tail Female to La Troienne Among all Weanlings, Yearlings, and Two-Year-Olds Sold at Public Auction in North America in 2003-2007 (Seventh Generation)

Name                               Price                RR       Pedigree

2003 Seventh Generation

My Wingman                  T45,000           PL     Accelerator–Gettin’ Air

Amy’s Runaway         Y4,000              W     Allen’s Prospect–Tempt

Soup Du Jour               Y57,000             W     Alphabet Soup–Boomtown Beauty

Clever Chance             T30,000             PL     American Chance–Rabbit

Admiralty Island       Y400,000            W     A.P. Indy–Imperfect World

Twice the Jet               T12,000             UR    A. P Jet–Twice Met

Picabo Skier                 T5,000               W     Appealing Skier–Appealing Look

Cool Ice                         Y17,000             UR    Banker’s Gold–Wee Wot

Belongs to Joe          Y10,000           SPW    Belong to Me–Moonlight Waltz

You’re Mine Now         T4,500              UP     Belong to Me–Theresa the Teacha

Cajun Country              Y17,000             W     Bernstein–Border Country

Pauls So Lucky              Y4,500              W      Best of Luck–Sitstick

Bia Bounding                Y2,500              UR     Bianconi–Bounding LIght

Singin’ ‘n Swingin’      W7,000               W     Birdonthewire–Smooth N Jazzy

Little Affair                   Y1,000                W     Blumin Affair–Most of It

Bowler                           Y7,000                W     Boston Harbor–Princess A A

Mr. Roland C.          Y32,000              W     Boston Harbor–Southern Summer

Seeking the Cape       Y20,000              W     Cape Town–I’m Allthat

Show Me the Town    Y47,000              W     Carson City–Khalifa of Kushog

Pavona                         Y23,000              W     Cee’s Tizzy–Wide Eyed Wanderer

Cherokee Eyes           Y145,000             W     Cherokee Run–Flashing Eyes

Banjo Boogie               Y1,000               UR     Chimes Band–Chosen Book

Temperature             Y385,000             W      Coronado’s Quest–Emmaus

Farnley Quest          Y1,100                UR     Coronado’s Quest–Unincumbered

Dancingonthegreen  W13,000             W      Dance Master–On the Green

Immortal                      Y11,346              W      Demons Begone–Mingan Isle

Minister of Fire         W500,000         UR     Deputy Minister–Horsafire

Unifier                         Y290,000          UP     Deputy Minister–Unfiy

Blown Audit                Y14,000           SPW    Devil His Due–Sunny Princess

La Diabla                      Y15,000            PL     Devil’s Bag–Career Move

Double Diamond T    T33,000            UR     Diamond–Aly’s Boundary

Dilbert Shmeckles      W5,500             PL     Distinctive Pro–Twice Met

Maddie’s Echo            Y12,000             PL     Eastern Echo–Polar Wind

Big Things                  W20,000            PL     Ecton Park–Emmy’s Lullaby

Excellent Event          T8,000               PL     Event of the Year–Excellent Spirit

Successful Seeking    Y175,000            W     Exploit–Seeking the Roses

Urbane Candor          T75,000            UR     Exploit–Debonairness

Fine Prince                  Y3,500              W      Fashion Find–Karen’s Princess

Clare County           W2,500             W      Fit to Fight–Frankly Irish

Golden Free               Y11,000             W      Fly So Free–Bluffing Lady

Gold From Apollo     Y12,000            W      Formal Gold–Apollo Sky

Forthcoming             T20,000            W      Furiously–Kurmond

Giant Shift            Y500,000           W      Giant’s Causeway–Downshift

Central                      Y25,000             W      Glitterman–Shecky’s Sister

Casey Jane             T1,000              UR     Gold Case–Panama Jane

Tropic Rocket       Y115,000          PL     Golden Missile–Panama Jane

Jimmy’s Hope          Y5,000             UR     Gold Fever–Music Row

Godgavemewings   Y10,000            UP     Goldminers Gold–Glamorous Beau

Slambamthankyamam  Y250,000  PL    Grand Slam–Little Bar Fly

Bahati                        Y17,000            UR    Horse Chestnut–Drouth Willow

Fleet Indian            T230,000           W     Indian Charlie–Hustleeta

Ibelieveinangels       Y3,200            UR     Kipper Kelly–Heavenly Highway

Smart Kipper        Y2,400             W      Kipper Kelly–Friendly Debbie

Mitanni                   W12,000            PL     Lear Fan–Maria Dolores

Motivated Sreva     Y17,000            W      Lear Fan–Amore E Baci

Premier Luhuker   Y4,000        UR     Luhuk–Premier Arangment

South Country       T10,000          W      Lycius–Shinall Mountain

Aksarben Aly         Y32,500             W      Maria’s Mon–Aly’s Boundary

Korilin                    Y700                 PL     Matchlite–Here Comes Spring

Gabriel’s Trumpet  T2,300            UP     Migrating Moon–Heavenly Highway

Annika Lass            T11,000            W      Mister Jolie–Mandy Tweedy

Reeves Park         Y12,000           UP     Misawki–Southern Summer

Ready and Waiting  W48,000     W    More Than Ready–High Tec

Last Crusader           W57,000       W     Mr. Greeley–Shinall Mountain

Mad Tide                  W35,000         W      Mutakddim–Tide and Time

Classic Play                Y2,500           W      Mystery Storm–Lady in Power

Bragger                      Y5,000            W      Naevus–Liberty Bid

Pour Argent            W105,000        PL     Not For Love–Clap Happy

Numerate                  W5,500           W      Numerous–Dangerous Type

Frolic Away               T25,000         UP     Pentelicus–Cherokyfrolicflash

Ma Come Pretendi  T25,000      W      Pentelicus–Wa Ka Ridge

Phone Glamour        Y2,500           UR     Phone Roberto–Twinkling

Tap the Phone         W35,000         W      Phone Trick–Moscow Tap

Quick Conversation  Y5,000          PL     Phone Trick–Danzing Number

Weekend Rates        T28,000         W      Phone Trick–Five Gold Stars

Whispering Walter  Y35,000         W      Pioneering–Rabbit

Stay On Point      W180,000       UR     Point Given–I Aim High

unnamed                  W25,000        UR     Point Given–Winter Spaces

Silent Terms            Y12,843          UR     Private Terms–Proud Frolic

Pyramid’s Gal           Y8,500          UP     Pyramid Peak–Love Me Dearly

Spongbobhorsepants  Y11,000     W      Quaker Ridge–Peaceful Face

Champchu                Y72,000         W      Quiet American–Daggett

Pescadito                   Y3,000           W      Real Quiet–Maria Dolores

Regal Award             Y18,000         PL     Regal Classic–Exceptional

Senor Rizzi               Y18,500          W      Rizzi–Known Heiress

Magic Speed              Y2,200        SPW    Robyn Dancer–Shiny Happy Groovy

Bucking the System  Y1,400         UP     Rodeo–Fixed Cost

Le Roi                        Y10,000         W      Royal Academy–Mt. Eden

Kerry Fair                 Y10,000         W      Sahm–Ms. Chatfield

Lakewater                W12,000        UR     Salt Lake–Five Gold Star

Our Saratogadancer  Y4,000       UP     Saratoga Six–Youcanbeadancer

Silver Vixen                Y1,098        UR     Silver Fox–North Bound

The Boiler               Y25,000       W      Skip Away–Baccata

I’m Sky High          Y50,000       W      Skywalker–I Aim High

Rebel Creek              Y90,000        W      Storm Boot–Rhythm of Dance

Rascal Creek             Y52,000        W      Storm Creek–Affirm the Gold

Hurricane Harry      Y21,000        PL     Stormin Fever–Harry’s Ack

Quitman                 Y10,058        PL     Straight Man–Fast Trick

Straightlittlelady      Y10,000        W      Straight Man–Fun City Lady

Arrepio                       Y5,000       SPW    Subordination–Lacerta

Supermec Express   Y2,700         UR     Supermec–Tally Ho Express

Considerate Swiss    Y10,000       W      Swiss Yodeler–Consideration

Tactical Command  Y18,000   UP     Tactical Advantage–Halo Belle

Jane the Pain            Y4,000        UR     Tejano Run–La Rubie

Deputy Festes           Y15,000      UP     The Deputy–Argumentative

Jimmi’s Hazy Road  W500         UR     The Name’s Jimmy–Hayes’ Faith

Gentle Thunder      Y215,000     UP     Thunder Gulch–La Comete

Gotta Be a Rose       T8,700         W      Top Account–Rosemont Risk

Gold Quarry            T75,000        W      Touch Gold–Crafty Quarry

War Boy                   T15,000        W      Unbridled–Glass Ceiling

St. Emilion             Y310,000      UP     Unbridled’s Song–Bursting Forth

Unbridled Sunshine  Y4,500    W    Untuttable–Sunshine Minnie

Magill’s Boy            T15,000     UP     Valid Trefaire–Magill’s Blue

Exotic Expo            Y16,000     UR     Valid Wager–Fort Silver

Hidden Hero             Y3,000        W      Victory Speech–Kurmond

Little Ocala                T11,000      UR     Victory Speech–Dagmar

unnamed                    W6,000     UR      Wavering Monarch–Kurmond

Balerina Doll           Y1,500       UR     Western Trader–Shafayat

Hooves of Thunder   Y2,069       W      With Approval–Bippie Boppie Boo

King Canute              Y35,920      UR     With Approval–Tide and Time

Going Zarb             Y5,200        UP     Zarbyev–Going Sid

2004 Seventh Generation

Priceless Bag            Y8,000        UP     Abaginone–Doctor Numbers

Trick Cat                W3,700        W      Adcat–Payer Way

Two Dog’s Running  W2,700     UR     Anziyan–Lively and Lovely

Analyze It                  T10,000       W      A. P Jet–Twice Met

Honies Badge            T5,500         W      Badge–Bourbon Honey

Belongs to Joe       Y25,000     SPW    Belong to Me–Moonlight Waltz

Unsung Hero         Y19,000        W      Belong to Me–Upupandaway

Padre George            Y36,000        W      Bertrando–Wide Eyed Wanderer

Jewels for Shawn      W2,000        UR     Big Jewel–Dynamic Miss

Bella Estell                 Y20,000        W      Broken Vow–Harry’s Ack

Seeking the Cape      T62,000         W      Cape Town–I’m Allthat

Amber Royale           W13,000        UR     Carson City–Dauphiness

Big Daddy Catty     Y6,500            W      Catienus–Jill’s Locket

Seattle Spy               Y1,700            UP     Catienus–Theyrplayinoursong

Be a Dancer                Y1,800            UR     Cat’s Career–Youcanbeadancer

Spiriton                     W120,000         W      Cherokee Run–Indira

Cherokee Eyes         T250,000          W      Cherokee Run–Flashing Eyes

Gold House               Y110,000          W      Chester House–Gilded Connection

Forgivable Bob         Y80,000           W      Commendable–Rhythm of Dance

Rattlesnake Joe        Y29,000         SPW    Concerto–Foxey’s Last Key

Frisky River            W7,000           UP      Coronado’s Quest–Torrid

Pop the Question      T35,000           W      Coronado’s Quest–Lovat’s Lady

Craftymoonlite           Y2,000            W      Crafty Friend–Danzignthemoonlite

Blind Bid                  Y6,500             W      Dayjur–Magicbatim

Erbanski                  Y7,000              PL     Dayjur–Miss the Dance

Deer Lane                T2,700              PL     Deerhound–Reggie Lane

La Libertee                 Y7,500              UR     Defrere–Lady in Power

Minister of Fire        Y800,000         UR     Deputy Minster–Horsafire

Coast Commander    W37,000          W      Deputy Commander–Treasure Coast Gem

Blown Audit               T50,000         SPW    Devil His Due–Sunny Princess

Maddie’s Echo           T20,000            PL     Eastern Echo–Polar Wind

Editing                        Y32,109             PL     Editor’s Note–Preparing

Successful Seeking   T77,000             W      Exploit–Seeking the Roses

Grapette Girl          Y28,000            UR     Fast Play–Satisfied

Enforcement Agent  Y14,000            UP     Favorite Trick–G I C Verdict

unnamed                   W40,000           UR     Forest Camp–Daggett

Formal Testimony   T25,000             W      Formal Dinner–Misleadthewitness

Justinthenickatyme  Y3,500              UP     Formal Gold–Apollo Sky

Gold From Apollo    T32,000             W      Formal Gold–Apollo Sky

Joes Lover                 T12,000              W      Friendly Lover–Consideration

Emirates Sevens     Y235,000             PL     Fusaichi Pegasus–Lite Light

Brother Pegasus     Y700,000             W      Fusaichi Pegasus–Sister Fiona

Res Ipsa                   Y100,000              W      Giant’s Causeway–Affirm the Gold

Shesarealdoll            Y65,000             UR     Grand Slam–Real Doll Dode

Tropic Rocket       T225,000            PL      Golden Missile–Panama Jane

Spin the Rock             Y2,000             UP     Gold Regent–Rock the Ranch

Atlantid Winner       W20,000           UP     Grand Lodge–Atlantide

Urban Pioneer             W600               W      Halory Hunter–Foolish Party

Unruly                         Y3,500             SPW    Hazaam–One D Flawless

Blotto                        Y150,000             W      Hennessy–Gleeful

Hidden Sky             W600                W      Hidden City–La Magia

Quarrata                  Y1,200               UR     Hidden City–La Magia

Golden Yield             W3,000              UR     High Yield–Affirm the Gold

High Reward             Y47,000             UR     High Yield–Naropa

Pay in Kind               Y130,000             W      High Yield–Queens Wild

Our Father                Y85,000               W      Honour and Glory–Redeemer

Miss Iceman              Y1,000                UR     Iam the Iceman–Steel for Gold

Ice N E Z                    T1,400                 PL     Iam the Iceman–Steel for Gold

Indira Baby              W60,000             UR     Indian Charlie–Lady of Lourdes

Paul’s Irish Girl        T5,500                UR     Irish Open–Paul’s Lil Girl

Katoftheknight         T3,195                 UP     Katahaula County–Knightimenina

Hubbert’s Peak       Y50,499                W      Kiridashi–Bossy Boots

Sandala                  W3,000                PL     Kissin Kris–Halo Belle

Big Belle                 Y5,000                UR     Kissin Kris–Halo Belle

King Play                  Y9,000                 W      K One King–Shecky’s Sister

Toyo Kris                T120,000              W      Kris S.–Jeano

Mitanni                    Y52,000               PL     Lear Fan–Maria Dolores

Bear Lady Carson   W4,500          W      Lord Carson–Decollete

Going Mach One      Y1,000          UP      Mach One–Northern Mynx

Moon Ala Mode      Y50,000           SPW    Malibu Moon–Marya’s Girl

Impart                      Y115,000            UR     Maria’s Mon–Emmaus

March Violet          Y5,000               W      Meadow Monster–Points for Patty

Septembershalfmoon  T5,200           W      Misnomer–September Affair

Ready and Waiting  Y75,000        W      More Than Ready–High Tec

Last Crusader            Y67,000         W      Mr. Greeley–Shinall Mountain

Espresso Gal                  Y6,000          W      Mula Gula–Leona Drive

Rasberry Jazz                 Y1,100          UP     Naevus–Allthathappyjazz

General Naevus             T6,200          W      Naevus–Thegeneralsdauter

Wayward Spree              Y1,160          UR     Nightofthegaelics–Diamond Spree

It’s a Risque Girl            Y9,500          W      Northern Afleet–Headstrong

Designing Miss             T55,000         W      Notebook–Foxey’s Last Key

Pour Argent                 Y180,000        PL     Not For Love–Clap Happy

Boo Boo Magoo         Y5,500         UR     Old Topper–Fort Silver

Spinning Jake                Y3,000         UP     Open Forum–Cross Tab

Tap the Phone               Y37,000        W      Phone Trick–Moscow Tap

Quick Conversation     T11,000         PL     Phone Trick–Danzing Number

Weekend Rates            T65,000         W      Phone Trick–Five Gold Stars

Heavenly Splendor      W12,000       UR     Point Given–Cherokee Darling

Point Breaker               Y15,000         UR     Point Given–Amore E Baci

Polish Grove             T53,000          W     Polish Numbers–Grove City

Nefela                              Y1,200          UR     Prenup–Ruby Red Dress

Spongbobhorsepants   T23,000        W      Quaker Ridge–Peaceful Face

Champchu                     T45,000         W      Quiet American–Daggett

R Regent                          W792           UP     Randy Regent–Plentiful

El Fiel                             Y2,000          UR     Reality Road–Liloy’s Time

Dangchage                    T12,000          W      Regal Classic–Saratoga Terms

Winone Rizzi                 T3,500           W      Rizzi–Myshiphascomin

Kinoko Man                   Y6,000          W      Runaway Groom–Rabbit

Crocodile Tears           Y100,000        W      Saint Ballado–Alligator Allie

Doc Cheney                  Y180,000       GSP    Saint Ballado–Lady Melesi

Seeking Intrigue      Y200,000        W      Seeking the Gold–Political Intrigue

Twentyandfour          Y8,000           W      Sea of Secrets–Reggie Lane

Havasu                           Y10,000         W      Sefapiano–Beguiled Again

World Asunder             Y75,000         W      Siphon–Imperfect World

Tijerazos                         Y52,000       UR     Sir Cat–Pretty City

Herbie Love                   Y55,000         W      Sky Classic–My Affection

Seattle Fizz                     Y14,000         W      Slew Gin Fizz–Friendly Goose

Still Snowin’                   W5,500         UP     Snow Ridge–Smooth N Jazzy

It’s On                             Y5,000            W      Snuck In–Peaceful Face

Our River Card             Y14,500           W      Souvenir Copy–Free and Foolish

Gold Wagner                 W5,500           W      Stolen Gold–Hot and Spicy

Stacey Storm                 Y18,000          W      Storm Boot–Debonairness

Rebecca’svalentine       Y28,000         W      Storm Creek–Cie Canadienne

Straightlittlelady          T25,000          W      Straight Man–Fun City Lady

Enchant Me                    Y1,000            W      Suave Prospect–Enchanted Belle

Adore Me                        T7,500            W      Sword Dance–Sereneness

Valecrest Lad                W21,000         UP     Texas Glitter–Fun City Lady

Tiz Timely                      Y50,000          UP     Tiznow–Delivery Day

Gold Quarry                   Y50,000          W      Touch Gold–Crafty Quarry

Southern Trip            Y37,000           W      Trippi–Southern Summer

Tall Tonic                        Y6,000            W      Tychonic–Elusive Envoy

Elusive Ty                        T1,300            W      Tychonic–Elusive Envoy

Marla’s Dancer          T6,000           PL     Unaccounted For–Magill’s Blue

Tableforfortytwo           W15,000        UP     Unbridled Time–Rigamajig

Timeless Wager              Y1,300           UP     Valid Wager–Kate’s Beauty

Hidden Hero                   T9,200           W      Victory Speech–Kurmond

Jazzy Queen                    T8,000           W      Wavering Monarch–Allthathappyjazz

Janie’s Way                     Y2,500           UR     Will’s Way–Borrowed Time

Mark of Victory              T2,000           W      Wire Me Collect–Itsoktobefast

2005 Seventh Generation

Trick Cat                       Y4,700           W      Adcat–Payer Way

Afternoon Princess       W2,000          PL     Afternoon Deelites–Vigorous Princess

Announcing Jenny    Y18,000        W      Announce–Jenny’s Devil

Dominican Indian     Y20,000        W      Artax–Shinall Mountain

Awesome Tri                 Y50,000          UR     Awesome Again–Significant Tri

unnamed                         Y2,500           UR     Bahri–Absurde

Belongs to Joe           T35,000        SPW    Belong to Me–Moonlight Waltz

Derouin                          Y12,000           W      Benchmark–Century Sweetheart

Bert’s Big Strike            Y25,000         UR     Bertrando–Glass Ceiling

Bella Estell                     T12,000          W      Broken Vow–Harry’s Ack

Favorite Holiday        Y7,500          UP     Cahill Road–Leona Drive

Estimable                   Y250,000         W      Came Home–Ethel Anna

unnamed                     W2,200           UR     Capsized–Decollete

Aunt Sister                  Y6,000             W      Captain Countdown–Buckpassing Benefit

Big Daddy Catty       T25,000            W      Catienus–Jill’s Locket

Caribana                        Y12,692            UP     Cat’s At Home–Equal Justice

Willow Willow              Y1,000              PL     Chelsey Cat–Drouth Willow

Spiriton                        Y260,000           W      Cherokee Run–Indira

Dance Chief                   W1,800          SPW    Chief Seattle–Beaming Smile

Cahill Band                    Y21,000           W      Chimes Band–Cahill Miss

I’m On a Quest         Y140,000         W      Coronado’s Quest–I Aim High

Loose Louie                     Y1,000           UP     Coronado’s Quest–Loose Arrow

Frisky River                  Y4,200          UP     Coronado’s Quest–Torrid

Rose Rose                      W100,000       W      Cozzene–Seeking the Roses

Sir Gilbert                        Y6,000          UP     Cozzene–Adorable Lady

Equity                               Y5,000           W      Delaware Township–On the Green

Coast Commander        Y85,000          W      Deputy Commander–Treasure Coast Gem

Spot the Attitude        Y2,889           W      Desperately–Stain

Russian Devil                  Y3,000           PL     Devil His Due–Moscow Tap

Party Pooper                    T1,012           UR     Diamond Sword–Party Til You Drop

Siseio                                 Y3,000          UP     Diesis–Avice Caro

Hostile Takeover           Y250,000       W      Dixie Union–Catumbella

Shiny Honor                    Y20,000        W      Double Honor–Shiny Happy Groovy

Ginette’s Dove                  Y1,800          PL     Dove Hunt–Thegeneralsdauter

Joyous Heart                   W2,000         W      Early Flyer–Youcanbeadancer

unnamed                       Y5,000          UR     Ecton Park–Royal Ballerina

Big Things                       T115,000        PL     Ecton Park–Emmy’s Lullaby

Escape Route                  Y170,000       W      Elusive Quality–Away

Semiramis                        Y50,000       UP     Elusive Quality–Zaafira

Longshot Legacy            W22,000       W      Essence of Dubai–Friendly Goose

Double Tumble                Y7,000         W      Evansville Slew–Bededinroses

Old Fashion Desire        T35,000      SPW    Forestry–Gold Fashioned

Not Me But U                   W1,000        W      Flatter–Chase You

unnamed                           Y42,000      UR     Forest Camp–Daggett

La La Lola                         Y190,000    UP     Forest Wildcat–Firmness

General Justice              Y1,200        W      General Royal–Blessedness

Thirsty Giant                    Y450,000     PL     Giant’s Causeway–Little Bar Fly

Arcadius                            Y500,000     PL     Giant’s Causeway–Unify

Chetten County                 T90,000      W      Giant’s Causeway–Lovat’s Lady

My Golden Chris                 Y1,200      UR     Gold Legend–You Can Wish

Tashbaan                             Y10,000     W      Greenwood Lake–Class With Luck

Lake of the City                   T27,000    W      Greenwood Lake–Class With Luck

Dump It and Run              W185,000   W      Hennessy–Danube

Hit Show                              Y120,000    W      Horse Chestnut–Hit

Shannon’s Lady                     T7,500      UR     Housebuster–Shannon Hill

Spirit of Orleans                   Y45,000    UR     Indian Charlie–Aly’s Boundary

Jazzy Blush                             Y1,000     UP     Jazz Club–French Blush

Jump Start Girl                      Y5,000     UR     Jump Start–Rabbit

Steve Barows                        T150,000    PL     Kingmambo–Video

Lexi’s Fortune                         Y3,100      UR     Klinsman–River Fortune

Taking the Gold                   W20,000     W      Langfuhr–Five Gold Stars

Bring Forth                            Y32,000    SPW    Langfuhr–Career Move

Jul’s Lil Gamble                     Y1,000        PL     Lil’s Lad–Judith’s Gamble

Lacruz                                   Y12,794       PL     Magic Prospect–Confirmation Class

Moon Ala Mode                    T130,000   SPW    Malibu Moon–Marya’s Girl

Maria Goodbye                       Y20,000     UR     Maria’s Mon–Crafty Quarry

Match Play                                Y7,500        W      Matchlite–Sharp Silver

Kat Trick                                    Y2,700       UR     Mazel Trick–Danzignthemoonlite

Mecke Jr                                 Y2,000       PL     Mecke–Friendly Debbie

Littleboy Brew                        W50,000     W      Milwaukee Brew–Nice Dilemma

Dr. Au Jus                                W50,000     W      Mizzen Mast–Gilded Connection

Timeisoftheessence            Y22,000      W      Mojave Moon–Baccata

Ready and Waiting            T150,000     W      More Than Ready–High Tec

Last Crusader                      T150,000      W      Mr. Greeley–Shinall Mountain

Open the Wine                         Y40,000       W      Mt. Livermore–Actress

Rib Tickler                                  Y1,000        PL     Muqtarib–Beaming Smile

Millin Frolic                               Y14,197        W      Mutakddim–Proud Frolic

It’s a Risque Girl                       T11,000        W      Northern Afleet–Headstrong

Numerate                                   T14,500        W      Numerous–Dangerous Type

Move It Ya                              W30,000       W      Officer–High Tec

Spinning Jake                            T5,000         UP     Open Forum–Cross Tab

Speedy Jones                            Y40,000        UP     Orientate–I’ll Get Along

Bayou Bride                               Y50,000        PL     Orientate–Whiffling

Oneoclockwinnie                        Y1,276          PL     Othello–Knightimenina

Prize                                             Y25,000        PL     Out of Place–Viva

Tillman’s Legacy                        Y30,000        W      Pioneering–Argumentative

For Daddy                                     Y11,000        W      Prized–Smoke ‘Em Good

Prodical Extreme                        Y90,000        W      Pulpit–Queens Wild

Bogukuiyeowang                          Y5,000         W      Pure Prize–Thunder Serenade

Luvyasomuch                              T125,000       W      Put It Back–My True Luv

Primal Peak                                   T17,000        W      Pyramid Peak–Need I Say More

Paul of Tarsus                                  Y900          UP     Rare Brick–Paul’s Lil Girl

Watchingirlsgoby                    Y35,000        W      Red Ransom–Symbol of Love

Lee Valley                                       Y22,000       W      Royal Academy–Wee Wot

Salty Moon                                   Y2,400        UP     Salt Lake–Moonlight Waltz

Havasu                                         T50,000       W      Sefapiano–Beguiled Again

Madamoiselle                                  Y8,500        W      Silic–Shecky’s Sister

Debbie’s Diamond                        Y50,000        W      Silver Charm–Weepnomoremylady

World Asunder                            T350,000        W      Siphon–Imperfect World

Mageumsan                                Y10,500         W      Slew Gin Fizz–Wa Ka Ridge

Who Who Brown                           T75,000         W      Smoke Glacken–Cherokee Darling

Still Snowin’                                     Y5,500          UP     Snow Ridge–Smooth N Jazzy

It’s On                                               T35,000         W      Snuck In–Peaceful Face

Unbridled Rhapsody               W45,000      SPW    Songandaprayer–Shinall Mountain

Sultry                                               Y200,000        PL     Songandaprayer–Innateness

Napa Cat                                         Y800,000        W      Storm Cat–Compassionate

Streetofchampions                    Y7,000           W      Street Cry–Becky’s Ransom

Don Rigo                                          Y30,000          PL     Straight Man–Rosemont Risk

Blue Cross Boy                               W42,000          W      Sunday Break–Introducer

Amber Boy                                       Y800             W      Supremo–Performing Artist

Teucro                                             Y11,000           W      Thunder Gulch–Twilite Tryst

American Cruiser                      Y80,000          W      Trippi–Southern Summer

Cozzinga                                            T2,500            PL     Turkoman–L. C. Tern

Anjelika                                          Y50,000          UP     Two Punch–Jellika

Unbridled Refrain                        W350,000         W      Unbridled’s Song–Outlasting

Omnipotent                                   Y8,500           UP     Unbridled Time–My Belle

Doctor Schnoz                                   Y7,500           UP     Waquoit–Polar Wind

Warn                                                 Y100,000         W      War Chant–Sister Fiona

Trashie Baby                                    T900            UR     Why Change–Blessedness

Kentucky Wild Man                          Y2,700           W      Wild Zone–Cross Tab

Hometown Sparkle                            Y1,500          UP     Williamstown–Saratoga Terms

unnamed                                                Y900           UR     Won Song–Tune

Varazze                                                Y90,000         W     Yankee Victor–Camanoe

2006 Seventh Generation

Afternoon Princess  Y18,000      PL     Afternoon Deelites–Vigorous Princess

Triple Word Score Y14,000   UP     Alphabet Soup–Unincumbered

American Hit           T11,500         W      American Chance–Mt. Eden

Hook a Hottie           Y4,700         PL     America’s Storm–Cotton Dollars

Send Yellow Roses   Y7,500        UR     Aptitude–Winter Spaces

Split City               W38,000       W      Broken Vow–Grove City

Sea of Echos             Y24,500       UR     Broken Vow–Rabbit

Tenpercenter           W32,000      UP     Canadian Frontier–Innateness

Uncle Bubba          Y3,500         W      Captain Countdown–Buckpassingbenefit

Dance Chief             Y5,200         SPW    Chief Seattle–Beaming Smile

Slewessence            Y7,000           W       Chief Seattle–Shecky’s Sister

City Love                 Y10,000         W      City Zip–Loved

Crazy Rhythm        Y35,000         W      Crafty Prospector–Rhythm of Dance

Becky’s Minister Y110,000     UR     Deputy Minister–Becky’s Ransom

Diamond Notebook  Y14,350       W      Delaware Township–Spinning Diamonds

Commander Girl  Y16,000      PL      Deputy Commander–Symbol of Love

Shout It Out             Y2,881        UR     Desperately–Stain

Devil in Blue        Y4,000              UR     Devil His Due–Hip Hop Blue

Autograph           Y20,000             PL     Devil’s Bag–Actress

Aaroness            W290,000         GSP    Distorted Humor–Diamonds for Lil

Diamond Deluxe  Y72,000          UP     Distorted Humor–Diamonds for Lil

Gaudete               Y350,000          UR     Distorted Humor–La Comete

Piccolo Man          W2,500            W      Doneraile Court–Shecky’s Sister

Upupandgo        Y6,000            W       Doneraile Court–Upupandaway

Speedily               Y10,000            UP     Double Honor–Shiny Happy Groovy

Check Out Nancy  W5,500          UR     During–Pretty Honoree

Canardly              W300,000         W      Dynaformer–Coronation Cup

Exuma                   Y25,000         SPW    Ecton Park–Private Showing

Elusive Moment    Y295,000         W      Elusive Quality–I’ll Get Along

Essence of Summer  Y40,000  UR   Essence of Dubai–Southern Summer

Not Me But U               Y2,000        W      Flatter–Chase You

My Apple Martini     Y8,000       PL     Forestry–Alligator Allie

Nifty Forest              Y50,000      UR     Forestry–Nifty Lady

Hath No Fury         Y120,000      UP     Forest Wildcat–Adorable Lady

Pegasus M D       W260,000     UR     Fusaichi Pegasus–Downshift

Gneiss in Motion     Y1,200         UR     Gneiss–Pros in Motion

Wonderful Witch  T130,000   UR     Golden Missile–Unincumbered

Condamine            Y100,000        W      Grand Slam–Atlantide

It’s a Grind              Y4,500           UP     Grindstone–Argumentative

Lunar Valley           Y82,000        UP     Gulch–Firmness

Tres Bien Ensemble  Y24,000  W    Gulf Storm–My Belle

Luigi P                        Y1,000          W      Gulf Storm–Tactical Taboo

Sachia                       T20,000         UP     Halissee–Winelight

Urban Pioneer         Y2,500            W      Halory Hunter–Foolish Party

Camo                        Y60,000          W      High Brite–Isleo Bebe

Tiger Warren          Y75,000          W      Hold That Tiger–Indira

Righteous Tiger      Y9,000           W       Hold That Tiger–So Right

Crafty Chestnut       Y2,500           PL     Horse Chestnut–Crafty Quarry

Local Gossip         Y5,500           UR     Horse Chestnut–Spreading the Word

Sir Jock                   Y50,000           W      Indian Charlie–Mysti’s Poem

Spirit of Orleans   T60,000           UR     Indian Charlie–Aly’s Boundary

Indira Baby             T2,600            UR     Indian Charlie–Lady of Lourdes

Sea of Marmara  W350,000          W      Johannesburg–Emmaus

Lumen                    Y30,000            W      Johannesburg–Worshipped

Jump This             W90,000           W      Jump Start–Thunder Serenade

Sandala                T7,500              PL     Kissin Kris–Halo Belle

Taking the Gold    Y50,000            W      Langfuhr–Five Gold Stars

Leestown Mary    Y3,200           UR     Leestown–La Magia

Huana Creek           Y3,000            UP     Leestown–Tune

Weekend Palace    Y16,000            W      Lido Palace–Saturdayland

Bear Lady Carson  T527             W      Lord Carson–Decollete

Louie’s Verdict       T50,000           W      Louis Quatorze–G I C Verdict

Mecke Jr               T11,000            PL     Mecke–Friendly Debbie

Zig Zag Zeb              Y5,500              W      Matty G–Stormin’ Nana

Littleboy Brew       Y40,000            W      Milwaukee Brew–Nice Dilemma

Ready to Tap          Y52,500            W      More Than Ready–Moscow Tap

unnamed                   Y32,000          UR     Mutakddim–Emmy’s Lullaby

Mortos Speedman  Y10,000       W      Najran–Satisfied

Kevin’s Budski        Y12,000            W      Northern Afleet–Known Heiress

Foxey’s Classic        T35,000          UR     Northern Afleet–Foxey’s Last Key

Call Me Afleet         T10,000            W      Northern Afleet–Headstrong

Designated Madman Y34,000  UR     Not For Love–Jellika

Lt. Chelsea                   T50,000        W      Officer–Mysti’s Poem

Move It Ya                 Y75,000        W      Officer–High Tec

Kubrikris                       Y2,000        UR     Old Kentucky Home–Cubby

Twice the Love             Y1,518          UP     One Way Love–Twice as Far

Speedy Jones              T120,000      UP     Orientate–I’ll Get Along

Perfect Envoy               Y2,500          PL     Perfect Mandate–Elusive Envoy

Trumpstoo                  W42,000        W      Perfect Soul–Cozzy Love

High Point Given    W50,000       W      Point Given–I Aim High

Graceful Ballerina    Y2,350        UR     Posse–Royal Ballerina

Yippy Yippy Yay          Y1,200            W      Proud Citizen–Delivery Day

Prodical Extreme      T525,000         W      Pulpit–Queens Wild

Bogukuiyeowang      T15,000             W      Pure Prize–Thunder Serenade

Big Cal                          W1,300            W      Put It Back–Alliesunrun

Havalotta Faith          Y2,500             UR     Pyramid Peak–Hayes’ Faith

First Bullet                 Y29,000            W      Red Bullet–Number One Cat

Alvarado Classic       W5,000             W      Regal Classic–Moscow Tap

Alie’s Doublecross     Y2,500              PL     Repriced–Cross Tab

Redgrave                 W15,000           UP     Royal Academy–Symbol of Love

Brianda                        Y2,000             UP     Royal Anthem–Kurmond

Kayla Do                     Y25,000             W      Silver Charm–Weepnomoremylady

Peter O’                       Y45,000            UP     Siphon–Daggett

Lunar Shot                 T27,000             PL     Sky Classic–Youcan’taffordher

Sky Bar Fly                 Y26,000            PL     Sky Mesa–Little Bar Fly

Arrowhead Harry       Y2,700             UR     Sligo Bay–Treasure Coast Gem

Firey Glow                W130,000           W      Smoke Glacken–Clap Happy

Unbridled Rhapsody  Y75,000    SPW  Songandaprayer–Shinall Mountain

Copewiththestorm      T23,000       W    Stormy Atlantic–Cope With a Lady

Napoleon’s Retreat       W17,000          W     Street Cry–Elbaseera

Discreet Street          W35,000       SPW   Street Cry–Torrid

Blue Cross Boy           Y37,000            W      Sunday Break–Introducer

Werehavinsumfunnow  Y290,000    PL     Tale of the Cat–Naropa

Heza Charger              T30,000            W      Tale of the Cat–Royal Merger

Fabulous Babe         Y90,000         SPW     Touch Gold–Sweeping

Afternoon Gold       Y130,000          W       Touch Gold–Twilite Tryst

Get Smarty                   W8,500            W      Trust N Luck–Daggett

Anjelika                     T70,000           UP     Two Punch–Jellika

Siempre Lista         T550,000         UR     Unbridled’s Song–Always Ready

Quicaria                    Y400,000        UR     Unbridled’s Song–Always Ready

Unbridled Refrain     Y350,000          W      Unbridled’s Song–Outlasting

Unbridled Skyhawk   W52,000          PL     Unbridled Time–Rigamajig

Time Wager                 Y4,700             UR     Valid Wager–Kate’s Beauty

Trusting Lady          Y23,000          UR     Van Nistelrooy–Trust in Me

Dunderhead                 Y1,000             UP     Waquoit–Polar Wind

Brecht                           W1,800            PL     Wheelaway–Foolish Party

Shiri                              Y55,000           W      Whywhywhy–Horizon

Seldom See Sherri    W6,000       UR     Woodman–Theyrplayinoursong

Mollee Sea                    Y5,000            W      Yankee Gentleman–Smoke ‘Em Good

Verdad Caden              Y12,000          PL     Yes It’s True–On the Green

A Rare Move                Y9,500             W      Yonaguska–Career Move

Deanoguska             Y25,000           W      Yonaguska–Theyplayinoursong

2007 Seventh Generation

Valentinus                   W17,000            W      Afleet Alex–Cozzy Love

Afternoon Princess     T8,000              PL     Afternoon Deelites–Vigorous Princess

Etoile Choisi                Y90,231             UR     Aldebaran–Prairie Flame

Energizer Cat               Y1,500               PL     Al Ghazi–It’s an Emerald

Awesome Frolic           T11,000             W      Alphabet Soup–Fanny’s Frolic

Triple Word Score     T15,000        UP     Alphabet Soup–Unincumbered

Turbulence                    Y9,000              W      America’s Storm–Emmy’s Lullaby

A. P. Elegance             Y675,000            W      A.P. Indy–Beaucette

Le Weaver                      Y3,700              W      Basket Weave–Leona Drive

Wide Eyed View            T8,000          SPW    Benchmark–Wide Eyed Wanderer

Mambo’s Sassy Lady     Y7,000           UR     Black Mambo–Saturdayland

Split City                       Y80,000         W       Broken Vow–Grove City

Elisa’s Birthday            W3,900            UP     Buddha–G I C Verdict

Frank’s Choice             Y27,000            W      Buddha–Horsafire

unnamed                       Y10,500           UR     Buddha–Judith’s Gamble

Tim’s Pick                      Y4,000             W      Burbank–Ann’s Classic

Tenpercenter               Y145,000          UP     Canadian Frontier–Innateness

Extensive Flight      T10,000            W      Cape Canaveral–Farasha

Ava’s Rainbow              Y2,500              W      Cee’s Tizzy–My Affection

Mr. Speed                      Y2,700              UR    Chelsey Cat–Drouth Willow

Miss Aristocrat           W55,000            W      Closing Argument–Social Top

Eishin Full Heart        W42,000           W      Congaree–Mysti’s Poem

Marion’s Choice           Y2,500              PL     Decarchy–Act Like a Lady

Aaroness                      Y550,000          GSP    Distorted Humor–Diamonds for Lil

Skillz                              Y60,000             W      Dixieland Band–Seeking the Roses

Dixie Frolic                 Y220,000            W      Dixie Union–Lindsay Frolic

Becalm                       T87,000              W      Dixie Union–Napping

Catarina Ranch           Y25,000            SPW    Dove Hunt–Free and Foolish

Lark’s Tune               T2,500                 W     Dove Hunt–Tiffany’s Tune

Dynamoor                 Y770,000               GSP    Dynaformer–Catumbella

Check Out Nancy      Y11,000                  UR     During–Pretty Honoree

Busted Biscuit             Y3,000                  W      Early Flyer–Youcanbeadancer

Private Park                 Y4,500                  W      Ecton Park–Private Showing

By Far                          Y2,500                  W     E Dubai–Farasha

Be Quiet Dad               T7,000                  PL     E Dubai–Elbaseera

Roman Emperor        T110,000               W      Empire Maker–Lady Melesi

Ontheredeyetodubai   Y2,800                 W      Essence of Dubai–On the Green

Go to Dubai               Y6,200                 UP     Essence of Dubai–Southern Summer

Longshot Legacy        T25,000                 W      Essence of Dubai–Friendly Goose

Essence of Summer  T75,000            UR     Essence of Dubai–Southern Summer

Unclerichpeanuts       W8,000                  W     Eurosilver–Jakes Lil Sister

Birthdays in May    W7,000                 UR     Eurosilver–Symbol of Love

Fashion Model            Y35,000                UR     Even the Score–Chase You

Brent Murphy              Y3,500                  PL      Express Tour–My Tru Luv

Storm Seeker                Y7,000                 PL     February Storm–Fun City Lady

Five Jak                         Y11,000                W      Five Star Day–Sister Flag

Ghaneema                   Y500,000              PL     Forestry–Unify

Bear Most Wanted   Y130,000           W      Forest Wildcat–Midday Runner

Peaceful Envoy              Y1,200                 W      French Envoy–Dagmar

Gimme Sunshine      Y5,500                W      Gimmeawink–Sunshine Minnie

Zlatogor                        Y35,000               W      Golden Missile–Alligator Allie

Launching Now           T11,000                PL     Golden Missile–Real Doll Dode

Golden Wish                 Y5,000                W      Gold Legend–You Can Wish

Yes Oh Yes                  W80,000              UR     Gone West–Diamonds for Lil

Good Blues                   T6,500                 W      Good and Tough–Bellebottom Blues

Ellen                              Y2,500                 UR     Gotham City–Cotton Dollars

Chapolte                      Y100,000              W      Grand Slam–Sister Fiona

Tres Bien Ensemble T10,000            PL     Gulf Storm–My Belle

Proprium                     W45,000               PL     Harlan’s Holiday–Delivery Day

Tigertude                     Y10,000                 W      Hold That Tiger–So Right

Crafty Chestnut           T4,000                  PL     Horse Chestnut–Crafty Quarry

He’sminenotyours      Y42,000                W      Indian Charlie–Lady of Lourdes

Lumen                         T200,000               W      Johannesburg–Worshipped

Allie’s Taboo                Y3,800                   W      Leestown–She’s Taboo

Lido Danny                 Y97,000                 UR     Lido Palace–My Tru Luv

Weekend Palace         T23,000                 W      Lido Palace–Saturdayland

Rojo Ho                       Y52,000                  W      Lion Heart–Danube

Tec Tactical              Y2,000                  UR     Luhuk–High Tec

Classy Prospect      Y6,207                    W      Magic Prospect–Confirmation Class

Intersky America       Y30,000                 UP     Maria’s Mon–Jeano

Will to Win                  Y20,000                 W      Maria’s Mon–Known Heiress

Zig Zab Zeb                   T5,000                  W      Matty G–Stormin’ Nana

Winterlake                   Y40,000                UR     Meadowlake–Winter Spaces

Medaglia d’Onore    Y40,000               W      Medaglia d’Oro–Always Ready

Crazy On You                  Y400                   UR     Mi Selecto–Allthathappyjazz

Botnia                             Y8,000                 UP     Mizzen Mast–Traude

unnamed                       Y100,000             UR     More Than Ready–Royal Merger

Campaneris                 Y3,500                UR     More Than Ready–Shortstop Sal

Gentle Ride                   Y15,000                W      Mutakddim–Rhythm of Dance

Likeunotloveu           Y9,000                W      Not For Love–Jellika

She’s So Proud          T90,000               W      Not For Love–Proud Owner

Apple                               Y28,000               W      Officer–Mt. Eden

Move It Ya                  T50,000                W      Officer–High Tec

Bluffing Pedro                Y1,200                 UP     Olmodavor–Bluffing Lady

Boxstar View                 Y2,200                  UR     Outofthebox–Tactical Taboo

Trumpstoo                    Y60,000                 W      Perfect Soul–Cozzy Love

High Point Given    Y55,000                  W     Point Given–I Aim High

No Advantage           T14,000                  W      Posse–Prime Advantage

Graceful Ballerina   T15,000                 UR     Posse–Royal Ballerina

Klepto Graduate             Y1,300                  UP     Precocity–Only Michelle

No Hubris                      W160,000              W      Proud Citizen–Innateness

Proud Melody                 Y10,000                W      Proud Citizen–Stop the Musical

Big Cal                              Y22,000                W      Put It Back–Alliesunrun

My Jon John               Y50,000                W      Rahy–Becky’s Ransom

Another Bullet                  Y6,000                UP     Red Bullet–Nice Dilemma

First Bullet                       T50,000                W      Red Bullet–Number One Cat

Alie’s Doublecross           T12,000                PL     Repriced–Cross Tab

Kerchak                            W46,000               W      Royal Academy–Traude

Brianda                               T4,000                UP     Royal Anthem–Kurmond

Fat Lady Singing               Y2,250                UR     Scrimshaw–Tight Shoes

Peter O’                              T350,000            UP     Siphon–Daggett

Sweet Jumper                    Y5,000                W      Slewdledo–Legal Beagle

Sun Hunter                       T20,000               PL     Storm Boot–Maria Dolores

Stormin Bob                       Y9,250                 PL     Stormin Fever–Equal Justice

Passmybag                          Y8,000                W      Storm Passage–Itsmybag

Inattendu                          W80,000              UR     Street Cry–Springhurst

Kohunlich                          Y20,000               UP     Suave Prospect–Shiny Happy Groovy

First Blue                            Y5,000                UR     Swiss Yodeler–Carrie’s Wild Girl

Tapit Lightly                     Y20,000                W      Tapit–Lady in Power

Weefc                               Y33,500                 W      Tapit–Prime Advantage

Minturno                        Y40,000                W      Ten Most Wanted–Panama Jane

Pencil to Paper                   Y1,500                  W      Tenpins–Smooth N Jazzy

Strangelove                        Y14,000                W      Tiznow–Five Gold Stars

Get Smarty                         Y26,000                W      Trust N Luck–Daggett

Rabbit Punch                 W15,000               UR     Two Punch–Rabbit Run Tootsie

Realgoodlookin                T250,000               W      Unbridled’s Song–Sister Fiona

Trail Dust                           W20,000               UP     Value Plus–Crafty Quarry

Treat Her Right                Y100,000               W      Vindication–Nifty Lady

Air Horizon                        W12,000               UP     Whywhywhy–Horizon

Why Why Lady                    Y1,000                 UP     Whywhywhy–Horizon

Northern Viceroy           Y5,500                 UP     With Approval–Fluttering Monarch

Drexel                                   Y20,000                W      Yes It’s True–Weepnomoremylady

Jonne                                  Y17,000                 W      Yonaguska–Trust in Me

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