La Troienne, Sales Foals, Not Stakes Winners, Eighth Generation

Listed in the chart below are all sales foals of 2003-2007 (except stakes winners, which were listed previously) with La Troienne as their eighth dams. Listed after the name of the foal is the price (W for weanling, Y for yearling, and T for two-year-old with the $ omitted). After that is a brief race record (RR, with UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, W for winner, SPW for stakes-placed winner, and GSP for graded stakes placed). After that is pedigree (sire–dam).

There were 504 such sales foals with LT as their eighth dams, including 15 stakes winners. Those 504 foals sold for a gross of $38,874,594  and an average of $93,119 (compared to the overall average for all 70,714 foals of $54,140). They had a maverage of 184.76, compared to the overall maverage for all 70,714 foals of 163.11.

That average of $93,119 was the highest for any generation. One of the reasons for that is that 11 of these 504 foals with LT as their eighth dams sold for $500,000 or more, including five for $1,000,000 or more.

Fusaichi Samurai sold for $4,500,000 as a two-year-old in 2004. He was a colt by Fusaichi Pegasus out of Hidden Storm, by Storm Cat out of Hidden Garden, by Mr. Prospector out of The Garden Club, by Herbager out of Fashion Verdict, by Court Martial out of So Chic, by Nasrullah out of Striking, by War Admiral out of Baby League, by Bubbling Over out of LT (eighth dam). Fusaichi Samurai posted a record of 4-1-0-0 and earned $22,200.

The Leopard sold for $2,500,000 as a two-year-old in 2007 and for $1,000,000 as a yearling in 2006. He was a colt by Storm Cat out of Moon Safari, by Mr. Prospector out of Video, by Nijinsky II out of Foreseer, by Round Table out of Regal Gleam, by Hail to Reason out of Miz Carol, by Stymie out of No Fiddling, by King Cole out of Big Hurry, by Black Toney out of LT (eighth dam). The Leopard posted a record of 6-3-1-0 and earned $173,700. He won the Generous S. (G3) and Pilgrim S. (and hence is listed twice, having been sold twice in separate years).

Queen of France sold for $1,450,000 as a yearling in 2005. She was a filly by Danehill out of the aforementioned Hidden Storm (hence LT eighth dam). Queen of France posted a record of 6-1-1-1, finished third in the Salsabil Stakes in Ireland, and earned $30,256.

White Tie sold for $1,300,000 as a yearling in 2006. He was a colt by Unbridled’s Song out of Queen’s Lady, by Storm Cat out of Jeano, by Fappiano out of Basie, by In Reality out of Stolen Base, by Herbager out of Bases Full, by Ambiorix out of the aforementioned Striking (hence LT eighth dam). White Tie was unplaced in three starts and earned $3,450.

Kindred was sold for $1,000,000 as a yearling in 2006. He was a colt by A.P. Indy out of Garden Spot, by Danzig out of the aforementioned Hidden Garden (hence LT eighth dam). Kindred was unraced.

Sterkel sold for $900,000 as a two-year-old in 2006. He was a colt by Orientate out of Contrive, by Storm Cat out of the aforementioned Jeano (hence LT eighth dam). Sterkel posted a record of 5-1-0-0 and earned $43,460.

Baroness Aamoura sold for $800,000 as a yearling in 2006. She was a filly by Theatrical out of Anguilla, by Seattle Slew out of Awesome Account, by Lyphard out of Special Account, by Buckpasser out of Intriguing, by Swaps out of Glamour, by Nasrullah out of the aforementioned Striking (hence LT eighth dam). Baroness Aamoura was unplaced in three starts and earned $2,180.

Ice Road sold for $775,000 as a yearling in 2007. He was a gelding by Unbridled’s Song out of Runup the Colors, by A.P. Indy out of Up the Flagpole, by Hoist the Flag out of the aforementioned The Garden Club (hence LT eighth dam). Ice Road posted a record of 7-1-1-2, finished third in the Ohio Derby (G2), and earned $59,800.

Swath sold for $760,000 as a yearling in 2006. He was a gelding by Pulpit out of Mayhavebeentheone, by Arch out of Emmaus, by Silver Deputy out of La Affirmed, by Affirmed out of La Mesa, by Round Table out of Finance, by Nasrullah out of Busanda, by War Admiral out of Businesslike, by Blue Larkspur out of LT (eighth dam). Swath posted a record of 8-1-1-1 and earned $32,470.

Malibu Bay sold for $750,000 as a yearling in 2007. He was a colt by El Prado out of Favorite Funtime, by Seeking the Gold out of Promising Girl, by Youth out of Beaufield, by Maribeau out of Bushfield, by Jet Pilot out of Miss Busher, by Alibhai out of Busher, by War Admiral out of the aforementioned Baby League (hence LT eighth dam). Malibu Bay posted a record of 6-1-0-1, finished third in the Classic Trial Stakes (G3) in England, and earned $26,411.

Iqbaal sold for $675,000 as yearling in 2007. He was a colt by Medaglia d’Oro out of the aforementioned Queen’s Lady (hence LT eighth dam). Iqbaal posted a record of 3-2-0-1, finished third in the Pegasus S. (G3), and earned $63,900.

On the other end of the spectrum, six of these 504 foals sold for less than $1,000 each. An unnamed colt by Mint out of Nipper Nelly sold for $999 as a yearling in 2007. Nipper Nelly was by Kipper Kelly out of Drouth Willow, by Premiership out of Moskee, by Explodent out of Timing, by Bold Ruler out of Marking Time, by To Market out of Allemande, by Counterpoint out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (hence LT eighth dam).

Cool Cache sold for $856 as a yearling in 2003. He was a gelding by Cache In out of Froze in Amber, by Lord Chilly out of Rambler, by Seafood out of Travel West, by Paternity out of Travelling Round, by Traveling Dust out of Lilly Fair, by Round Table out of Choosy, by My Request out of Black Helen, by Black Toney out of LT (eighth dam). (I think this one takes the cake for the most OBSCURE connection to LT.). Cool Cache posted a record of 29-2-6-3 and earned $8,688.

L. A. Freedom sold for $800 as a yearling in 2004. He was a gelding by La Saboteur out of Freedom Basket, by Basket Weave out of Easter Freedom, by Windy Tide out of Gundy’s Best, by Vitality out of Gundy Jo, by Col. Bob out of Big Hit, by Reading II out of Bomb Dolly, by Omaha out of the aforementioned Baby League (hence LT eighth dam). (I might have spoken too soon.) L. A. Freedom was unplaced in five starts and earned $0.

Mama Kaz sold for $600 as a yearling in 2006. He was a gelding by Winthrop out of Cie Club, by Theatrical out of Cie Canadienne, by Canadian Gil out of Corporate Queen, by Truxton King out of the aforementioned La Mesa (hence LT eighth dam). Mama Kaz posted a record of 15-1-2-0 and earned $9,064.

Bluegrass Madam sold for $500 as  a yearling in 2003. She was a filly by Secretito out of Royal Dignity, by Gracious Ghost out of Real Klassy Kathy, by Silent Dignity out of Food Stamp, by Smart out of Bee Tree, by Beau Max out of Boda, by War Admiral out of Bridal Flower, by Challenger II out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (and hence LT eighth dam). Bluegrass Madam posted a record of 5-1-1-0 and earned $9,240.

Lady Marfa sold for $500 as a yearling in 2004. She was a filly by Jersey City out of Madam Marfa, by Marfa out of Taylors Promise, by Promised City out of Delta De, by Delta Judge out of Ina Battle, by Battlefield out of Inaname, by Shut Out out of Blue Line, by Burgoo King out of the aforementioned Big Hurry (hence LT eighth dam). Lady Marfa was unraced.

Madam Promise sold for $600 as a two-year-old in 2005. She was a filly by Esplanade Ridge out of the aforementioned Madam Marfa (and hence LT eighth dam). Madam Promise posted a record of 13-0-1-1 and earned $8,623.

So the quality of the pedigrees of the nags listed below covers a wide spectrum, but overall their prices were much higher than average. Your inspection of the list below is cordially invited.


Other Foals (Not Stakes Winners) Tracing in Direct Tail Female to La Troienne Among all Weanlings, Yearlings, and Two-Year-Olds Sold at Public Auction in North America in 2003-2007 (Eighth Generation)

Name                                Price          RR       Pedigree

2003 Eighth Generation

Afternoon Que           Y5,000        W      Afternoon Deelites–How ’bout Chris

Susie’s Prospect        W17,000      W      Allen’s Prospect–Habar’s Mystery

Timonium Stan              W3,300        W      A. P Jet–See Me Willie B.

Bookworm                   Y16,000        W      Avenue of Flags–Seeking a Clue

Hartford Court               Y70,000       PL     Bertrando–St. Helens Shadow

Rouge Buck                      Y2,000        UR     Buckhar–Risque Rouge

Cool Cache                           Y856          W      Cache In–Froze in Amber

Belawood                          Y63,000       W      Cape Town–Pantelleria

Magic Monde                Y8,500        W      Capote–Demi Monde

Hot Tizzy                          Y95,000       W      Cee’s Tizzy–Hot Communicator

Seattle Sally                     W52,000     UR     Chief Seattle–Flower

My Tabitha                        Y2,000        W      Confide–Moi Moi

Rolex Princess                  Y75,000      W       Defrere–Roleo

A Gallant Discover      T2,000     SPW     Discover–Lonely Dove

Flight to a Star                 Y15,000       PL      Distant View–Batanda

Callmedistinctive            Y10,000       UP      Distinctive Cat–Call Me Country

Matsui                               T12,000      SPW    Double Honor–Proud n’ Precious

Don’t Park Now            W250,000      W      Ecton Park–Impact Now

Skyward Exchange        W15,000        W      Exchange Rate–Skyward Bound

Drumheller                   Y4,000         UP     Favorite Trick–A Slim Chic

City Trick                      T35,000        W      Favorite Trick–Silk ‘n Silver

Destiny Beckons             W140,000      W      Forest Camp–Jelly Roll Frolic

Loyal Lover                        T9,500       GSP    Friendly Lover–Alas Pequenas

Emperor Fusaichi      Y75,000        W      Fusaichi Pegasus–Hear the Bells

Fusaichi Samurai            Y270,000      W      Fusaichi Pegasus–Hidden Storm

Swigert                            Y85,000        UR     Fusaichi Pegasus–Oscillate

Blotto                                W75,000        W      Hennessy–Gleeful

Eishin Imphal                Y200,000        W      High Yield–See You

Adamant                         Y125,000         W      Lion Hearted–Mississippi Lights

Sir Tyler T                       T23,000           W      Lite the Fuse–Lady Tymatt

Keystone Malibu      Y34,000            W      Malibu Moon–Habar’s Mystery

Don’t Call Mom             Y10,000            W      Maria’s Mon–The Aggravator

Ready Set Swing           W43,000           W      More Than Ready–Swing

Sumthingtotalkabt       W28,000           W      Mutakddim–Nannetta

Court a Native                 T1,200              W      Native Regent–Foxey World

Bumble Bee Mama        T30,000           UR     Notebook–Whirl’s Girl

Orlop                              Y70,000            W      Partner’s Hero–Triple Pro

Perfect Connection   Y20,000          SPW    Phone Trick–Remiss

Pleasant Risk                  T80,000            W      Pleasant Tap–Arbitrary Risk

Mountain Cougar            Y8,500             PL     Private Terms–Flower

Quarryman                       Y1,100              UR     Quarry–Wolf Creek Dancer

unnamed                          W3,700            UR     Rodeo–Subversive Dancer

Rodeo Raheem                Y1,000              W      Rodeo–Subversive Dancer

Macademy Royal           W32,000           W      Royal Academy–Garden Folly

Classy Blonde              Y15,000             W      Rubiano–Irish Class Miss

Ballade’s Girl                  Y130,000          UR     Saint Ballado–Pleasing Prospect

Scattin’ Emma                Y8,000              W      Scatmandu–Personal Pizazz

Antiqued                      Y300,000           W      Seeking the Gold–Anguilla

Bluegrass Madam            Y500                W      Secretito–Royal Dignity

Missy Souix                     Y3,000             UR     Semoran–Maggies’s Missy

Logan’s Draw                Y200,000         SPW    Silver Deputy–Yam

Classy and Bright      Y37,357             W       Sky Classic–Strong And Steady

Oh Dad                          Y20,000            UP      Slewdledo–Inspired Verse

Gineral Stonewall           Y7,000             UR     Slew Gin Fizz–Tassano

Precision Strike             Y110,000            W      Smart Strike–Affordable Fantasy

Admirelle                          Y3,500              UP     Smoke Glacken–Risky Seas

No Communication       T60,000             W      Smoke Glacken–Lady Trickery

Beautiful Mover             Y32,000             PL     Spinning World–Dancer’s Glamour

Reverse                           W30,000             W      Storm Boot–Moi Moi

Kristin’s Charm         Y40,000            SPW    Swain–Hidden Dreams

Bourmana                      T50,000              UP     Swain–Pleasing Prospect

Smooth Harmony        Y50,000              UR     Tactical Cat–Lyrical Princess

Bingamon                     T1,100                UR     Tricky Mister–Baccata’s Surprise

Zion Punch                    T16,000                W      Two Punch–Mississippi Lights

Mills Road                  Y23,500                W      Unbridled Jet–Baccata’s Surprise

Nature’s Verdict            T1,400                  W      Valiant Nature–Icy Verdict

Slick City Nites         W41,000             SPW    Valid Expectations–Slick City Chic

Wilma’s Dollie              T10,500                 PL     Western Borders–Darbyville

Whipper Power              Y1,300                 UR     Wind Whipper–Mercedes Power

Greenwood Outlaw        Y7,500                UP     Woodman–Shriving

Yes He’s a Pistol            Y60,000               W      Yes It’s True–Maggies Pistol

I’m in Love                 W160,000           GSP    Zafonic–Bank On Her

2004 Eighth Generation

Freedom Venture           W3,700                W      Adventure Road–Freedom Basket

Afternoon Que          T250,000              W      Afternoon Deelites–How ’bout Chris

Driskoll                            Y170,000              W      Albert the Great–Pantelleria

Bocarrifle                          Y3,000                UR     Aljabr–Cathy’s Halo

Breezy Prospect         Y25,000                W      Allen’s Prospect–Habar

Soup Du Jour                  T50,000                W      Alphabet Soup–Boomtown Beauty

M Lee                               Y8,000               SPW    A. P Jet–Salt de Tere

Annconda                        W20,000                W      Artax–Garden Folly

Gallant Dreamer        W72,000             SPW    Belong to Me–Demi Monde

Sunshine Helen              Y25,000                 PL     Broken Vow–Katin

Yackito                             W30,000               UR     Cape Town–Summer Smile

Butterfly Garden         Y3,000                  W      Cape Town–Empress of Troy

Itsacelebration                Y90,000                 W      Cat Thief–Exotic City

Just Like a Woman        Y18,000                  W      Charismatic–Parrish Empress

Shakespearesister     T77,000                  W      Chester House–Lady Shirl

Seattle Sally                      Y80,000                UR     Chief Seattle–Flower

Sweet Nanapuddin            Y7,500                  W      Clever Trick–Spoon Fudge

She’s Funny                        T4,000                 UP     Comic Strip–Darbyville

Let Harry Out                Y1,500                  UR     Dance Floor–Miss Chanel

If It’s Meant to B              T35,000                 W      David–Roving Eyes

Tohard Times                 Y7,500                  UP     Deputy Commander–Demi Monde

Due Time                          Y7,500                   PL     Devil His Due–How ’bout Chris

Runningwithhonors          Y1,850                   W      Double Honor–Prepsy

Don’t Park Now                Y150,000                W      Ecton Park–Impact Now

Missy Eltish                         Y1,700                   W      Eltish–Maggies’s Missy

Madam Promise                 T600                      PL     Esplanade Ridge–Madam Marfa

Skyward Exchange            Y3,500                    W      Exchange Rate–Skyward Bound

Icanmakeitrain                   W62,000                W      Forest Camp–Sister’s Shamrock

Destiny Beckons                 Y90,000                 W      Forest Camp–Jelly Roll Frolic

Old Fashion Desire           Y150,000              SPW    Forestry–Gold Fashioned

C J’s Gold                             Y15,000                  W      Formal Gold–Rosana’s Intention

Madame Provocateur          T5,700                  W      Fortunate Prospect–Prepsy

Fusaichi Samurai             T4,500,000              W      Fusaichi Pegasus–Hidden Storm

Emperor Fusaichi         T300,000               W      Fusaichi Pegasus–Hear the Bells

Salute the General                Y11,000                 W      General Royal–Summer Smile

Expiration Day                 Y32,000                 W     Gilded Time–Dayflower

Y Seven                                  Y13,000                  W     Gilded Time–Unlaced

Portuguese Woman              Y1,500                   W     High Brite–Hajji’s Pistol

Soul Blazer                           Y100,000               PL     Honour and Glory–See You

Atlantis Queen                      Y2,700                  UR     Jazz Club–Pennys Valay

Lady Marfa                              Y500                   UR     Jersey City–Madam Marfa

Ela Aliti                                  W2,200                UP     Judge T C–Subversive Dancer

L. A. Freedom                         Y800                   UP     La Saboteur–Freedom Basket

Stillcrazyafterall                   W2,500                 UR     Lasting Approval–Crazy Cyd

Lyincheatinheart            T15,500                 UR     Lion Hearted–Jennymeg

Sourire                                   Y3,000                   W      Louis Quatorze–Bright Smile

Keystone Malibu            T50,000                  W      Malibu Moon–Habar’s Mystery

Batey                                     Y27,000                 PL      Marquetry–Lyrical Princess

Ready Set Swing                 Y35,000                  W      More Than Ready–Swing

T C Goldpenny                 T4,000                   UP     Mr. Goldlust–Penny Stock

Microbrew                           W10,500                  PL     Muqtarib–Brewing

Silk Degrees                        W27,000                SPW    Mutakddim–Cigarlighter

Those Shoes                        Y17,000                    W      Mutakddim–Cigarlighter

Tricky Pretzel                   Y3,866                    UP     Nightofthegaelics–Diamond Pretzel

Fortheloveofconnor     W70,000                  W      Not For Love–Silk Stole

Strive for Love                    Y34,000                   W      Not For Love–Shriving

Wild Trieste                        Y37,000                   UR     Old Trieste–Blinx Babe

Pressac                                  Y7,769                    SPW    Perigee Moon–Malbec

Down Town Miss           Y5,500                     UR     Polish Navy–Uptown Chic

Toss for Cash                  Y37,000                     W      Rahy–Lady Becker

Italian Summer                  Y85,000                     W      Red Ransom–Incinerate

Country Rhythm                  Y2,200                      W      Rhythm–Call Me Country

Classy Blonde                   T15,000                     W      Rubiano–Irish Class Miss

Saint Spot                            Y325,000                    W      Saint Ballado–Garden Spot

Bukmyeongsingong             W2,000                     W      Shanawi–Silver Straw

Rasso                                      Y15,000                      W      Sky Classic–Seven Sevens

Smokem Then Frolic          W120,000                    W      Smoke Glacken–Flashy Frolic

I Am Rolling                         Y6,500                        UP     Smoke Glacken–Good Time Frolic

Admirelle                              T23,000                      UP     Smoke Glacken–Risky Seas

Snicker M H F                     W11,000                       W      Snuck In–The Aggravator

No Ticket                            Y7,500                         UR     Snuck In–Jane Sarah

Snuck By                            Y25,000                      SPW    Snuck In–Lydia Jane

Maggies Prayer                   W50,000                       UR     Songandaprayer–Maggies Pistol

Santino                                Y3,500                          PL     Son’s Corona–Equate

Southern Moonshine          Y17,000                       W      Southern Halo–Moonshine Run

Scottsdale Slew                    Y17,000                      W     Stephen Got Even–Bemusing Tomisue

Reverse                                  Y28,000                     W      Storm Boot–Moi Moi

Smooth Harmony                T21,000                    UR     Tactical Cat–Lyrical Princess

Fabled                                   Y325,000                    W      Tale of the Cat–Miner’s Blessing

Wheelsofortune                    Y20,000                    W      Talk Is Money–Flower

Bill’s Prospect                         Y1,100                      W       Tank’s Number–Pradda

Wishful Woman                    Y19,000                    W      Tejano Run–Kind Hearted Lady

Diva On Grass                    Y31,076                    UR     Theatrical–Strong And Steady

Primprettynproper                 Y4,700                    UP     Tiger Ridge–Top That

For Love Only                         W75,000                 UR     Tiznow–Queen’s Lady

Clarence Beeks                         Y8,500                    W      Traitor–Win Not Place

Ghostofxmaspresent      Y130,000                  W      Two Punch–Jennymeg

Untuttable Affair                   W28,000                   W      Untuttable–Takemeforawhirl

Slick City Nites                   Y95,000                  SPW    Valid Expectations–Slick City Chic

Junebug Surprise              Y11,000                     W      Wayne County–Baccata’s Surprise

Get in the Game                     Y24,000                    UR     Wild Rush–Boomtown Beauty

Crafty Rushin                          Y22,000                    W      Wild Rush–Pretty Crafty

Greenwood Outlaw                T16,000                    UP     Woodman–Shriving

Cheynee                                    T9,000                      UP     World Stage–Silver Straw

Winsome Silver                  Y6,500                       W      You and I–Silk ‘n Silver

2005 Eighth Generation

Barnett Shale                      Y20,000                   SPW    Albert the Great–Lydia Jane

Driskoll                                    T77,000                      W      Albert the Great–Pantellaria

Exotic Garden                         Y6,000                      UR     Aptitude–Exotic City

Clairvoyant Miss                    Y10,000                      W      Aptitude–See You

Silver On Gold                        Y9,700                         W      Artax–Lyrical Princess

Grande                                W15,000                        W      Belong to Me–Miss Terasita

Gallant Dreamer             Y105,000                      SPW    Belong to Me–Demi Monde

Lake Isle                                W85,000                        W      Came Home–Fashion Planner

Yackito                                   Y30,000                        UR     Came Home–Summer Smile

Gattina                                    W7,752                           W      Cat’s At Home–Nakoda

Known Thief                          Y45,000                         W      Cat Thief–Make Known

Ranger Creek                         Y75,000                         W      Cat Thief–Parrish Empress

Itsacelebration                      T75,000                         W      Cat Thief–Exotic City

House of Words                    Y40,000                        W      Chester House–Princess Rooney

Musculita                              Y3,200                         UR     Corwyn–A Slim Chic

Queen of France                   Y1,450,000                  SPW    Danehill–Hidden Storm

Sweet Belle                           T100,000                      W      Deputy Commander–Sanibel Sole

Adorabell                              Y305,000                      UP     Distorted Humor–Hear the Bells

Fancy a Banjo                           Y50,000                       W      Dixieland Band–Hepburn

Api Mohkat                               W15,000                       W      Early Flyer–The Aggravator

Ecton Ridge                                Y8,000                         PL     Ecton Park–Lady Tymatt

Pilates                                         Y30,000                        PL     Elusive Quality–Delivery Day

Skyward Exchange                   T21,000                        W      Exchange Rate–Skyward Bound

Fabulous Tri                              T14,000                        W      Fabulous Frolic–Tri for Maw

Chiripita                                     T10,000                        W      Family Calling–Sparky’s Scene

No Prob Bob                                Y3,200                        W      Festival of Light–Halton Hills

Icanmakeitrain                          Y35,000                      W      Forest Camp–Sister’s Shamrock

Heart Lancaster                       T210,000                     W      Forest Wildcat–St. Helens Shadow

Neighbor Bob                             Y18,000                      W      Formal Dinner–Cole’s Future

Fresh Episode                          Y3,500                       W      Freud–Saintly Lady

Beyond Innocence               T50,000                     UP     Freud–Saintly Lady

Rhythmical Beat                  Y200,000                    UP     Fusaichi Pegasus–Oscillate

Grace Game                                 Y13,000                     UP     Game Plan–I’m a Littlebarfly

Bootleggin Gent                            Y1,100                     SPW    Gentlemen–Moonshine Run

Grand Yule                                   Y110,000                    W      Grand Slam–Forever Holy

Jelly Roll Kid                                  Y2,000                     PL     Halissee–Jelly Roll Jelly

Theory                                             Y60,000                   W      High Brite–Toomanytomorrows

Teddy Bear Tuff                            T23,000                    W      High Brite–Thewholebag

Mr. Pegelow                                Y9,000                     UR     High Yield–Mary McGlinchy

Clued In                                         Y310,000                   PL     Include–Katin

Ben’s Dr. Dan                               Y2,200                   W      Irish Bluff–Byrne’s Lalique

Sallymally                                    Y10,000                  W      Line In The Sand–Proud n’ Precious

El Vaquero                                T5,000                    W      Louis Quatorze–Havasu City Sue

Free Game                                 Y7,500                    UR     Medford–Baccata’s Surprise

Lady Maria                                   W16,000                 PL     Monarchos–Seven Sevens

Harborage                                 T165,000                 W      Monarchos–Get Lucky

Three and Out                               Y6,000                  W      Monarchos–Seven Sevens

Microbrew                                     Y9,500                  PL     Muqtarib–Brewing

Those Shoes                                T85,000                 W      Mutakddim–Cigarlighter

Kokeeno                                       T5,481                  W      Nightofthegaelics–Diamond Maiden

Hemingway’s Key                      T210,000              GSP    Notebook–Whirl’s Girl

Fortheloveofconnor             Y65,000                 W      Not For Love–Silk Stole

Bavarian                                       Y100,000               W      Officer–Jelly Roll Frolic

War Tale                                     Y57,000                 W     Officer–Remiss

Wild Trieste                                  T50,000                UR     Old Trieste–Blinx Babe

Sterkel                                           Y185,000                W      Orientate–Contrive

King Quizi                                     W72,000                PL     Outofthebox–Two Dozen Roses

Henry’s Hero                            Y25,000                 W      Partner’s Hero–Triple Pro

Mountain Quest                            Y3,700                   W      Peaks and Valleys–Bold Applause

Beyond All Belief                    Y15,000                  W      Petionville–Lydia Jane

Pioneering Gem                            Y1,500                   UR     Pioneering–Classic Gem

Troya                                             Y5,500                   W      Pioneering–Jim’s Alley Dancer

Armonk Benny                             Y26,000                 W      Prime Timber–Arbitrary Risk

Doing                                             T24,000                  W      Prime Timber–Arbitrary Risk

Cacti                                              W40,000                 W      Proud Citizen–Flower

Sincity Glow                               W480,000                W      Pulpit–Mississippi Lights

Narthax                                     Y260,000                  PL     Pulpit–Lyphard Gal

Tuckahoe Road                      Y100,000                  PL     Quiet American–Bank On Her

Jasmine and Jewels             Y40,000                   UR     Rahy–Lady Becker

Sarah’sway                                    Y6,500                      W      Repent–Lady Tymatt

Flash Shot                                 T14,000                     W      Richter Scale–Hot Dice

Promisenottotell                        T20,000                     PL     Royal Anthem–Mighty Miss

Fight Spirits                            Y200,000                    W      Seeking the Gold–Anguilla

Sampaulo                                     Y22,000                    UR     Siberian Summer–Baby Barfly

Sonday’s Cat                               W22,000                   UR     Sir Cat–Bright Smile

Smokem Then Frolic                 Y75,000                     W      Smoke Glacken–Flashy Frolic

I Am Rolling                               T20,000                    UR     Smoke Glacken–Good Time Frolic

Merton’s Heart                             Y3,500                      W      Snow Ridge–Maggies’s Missy

No Ticket                                   T50,000                   UR     Snuck In–Jane Sarah

Snuck By                                    T69,000                  SPW    Snuck In–Lydia Jane

Maggies Prayer                           Y100,000                  UR     Songandaprayer–Maggies Pistol

Corona Time                               Y1,300                    W      Son’s Corona–Equate

Scottsdale Slew                          T20,000                  W  Stephen Got Even–Bemusing Tomisue

Miss Scat Cat                              Y20,000                  PL     Storm Day–Boomtown Beauty

Risque’s Dear                              Y14,000                   W      Stormy Atlantic–Endear

Stanley’s Game                           T95,000                   W      Stormy Atlantic–Decompressed

Sundaysunday                             W8,000                 SPW    Sunday Break–Moi Moi

Blazing Bentley                            Y22,000                  W      Swiss Yodeler–Thewholebag

Rockit Man                                   T11,000                   PL     Sword Dance–Subtle Expression

Glasheen                                        Y19,000                  UP     Take Me Out–Just Cuz

J’s Lady Dew                                  Y1,000                    PL     Tank’s Number–Pradda

Lady Tiz                                        Y370,000                 UP     Tiznow–Kew Garden

Some Sweet Deal                        Y130,000                  W      Tiznow–Pleasing Prospect

For Love Only                             Y375,000                  UR     Tiznow–Queen’s Lady

Clarence Beeks                            T25,000                     W      Traitor–Win Not Place

Rule the Storm                             W4,700                   SPW    Tribal Rule–Thewholebag

Little Hummingbird                     Y2,000                     W      Vicar–Prepsy

R J Gent’s Express                        Y1,000                      W      Victor’s Gent–Valid Express

Willoughby                                   W11,500                     W      Yonaguska–Pretty Crafty

Exclusive Chic                          Y35,000                     UR     Yonaguska–Slick City Chic

2006 Eighth Generation

unnamed                        W7,500               UR     Action This Day–Pretty Crafty

To Give Joy                    Y5,000                 W      Aldebaran–Glacier Lily

Kindred                      Y1,000,000            UR     A.P. Indy–Garden Spot

Annconda                     T10,000                 W      Artax–Garden Folly

Broken Express           Y17,000                GSP    Broken Vow–Waterford Express

Judiths Smile               Y5,000                  UR     Buddha–Summer Smile

Nut Flush                  Y6,000                    W      Caller I. D.–True Performer

Lake Isle                     Y125,000                  W      Came Home–Fashion Planner

Known Thief              T27,000                    W      Cat Thief–Make Known

Letterman Charles     T1,700                     UR     Charles Bridge–Marisha

A Coyote Ugly            Y2,000                      PL     Corslew–Midnight Nell

Roby Larry                 Y9,000                      W      Dayjur–Spoon Fudge

Lost Devil                  Y38,000                     W      Deputy Commander–Pleasing Prospect

Rollins                       Y65,000                      W      Dixie Union–Maitrise

Seminary Ridge       Y150,000                    PL     Dixie Union–Under Fire

Lord Tik Tik             Y100,000                    UP     Doneraile Court–Saratoga Lady

The Entitled One       Y4,700                       W      Double Honor–Proud ‘n Precious

Senor Fong                 Y3,000                       W      Dr Fong–Hawayil

Api Mohkat                Y30,000                    W      Early Flyer–The Aggravator

Icanmakeitrain          T62,000                    W      Forest Camp–Sister’s Shamrock

Lynx of Gold               Y55,000                    PL     Forest Wildcat–Gold Fashioned

Formal Intention        Y6,000                     W      Formal Gold–Rosana’s Intention

Theodora                    Y335,000                SPW    Fusaichi Pegasus–Loose Park

Princess Yatahay         Y4,700                    UR     Game Plan–I’m a Littlebarfly

Bootleggin Gent         T20,000                 SPW    Gentlemen–Moonshine Run

Shimmer to Gold        Y11,000                    W      Ghostly Moves–Golden Moment

Grand Trio                  Y275,000                  W      Grand Slam–Hidden Storm

Gran Yule                    T100,000                  W      Grand Slam–Forever Holy

Picture Maker             T25,000                   UP     Gibson County–Sparky’s Scene

Gold Rush Casey    Y19,500                  SPW    Gold Case–Remiss

Salty Sarge                Y6,700                      W      Good and Tough–Salt de Tere

Gnome’s Delight        W40,000                SPW    Harlan’s Holiday–Exotic City

Unforgettable Fire     Y97,000                    PL     Hennessy–Hurricane Love

Make Sure                   Y75,000                    UP     Hennessy–Make Known

Stormy Again             T55,000                     W      Honour and Glory–Blinx Babe

Samaritan’s Star    Y15,000                   UR     Hook and Ladder–Saintly Lady

Mister Clarke Said     Y28,000                     W      Horse Chestnut–Detach

Hustling                       Y25,000                    UR     Hussonet–Blinx Babe

Kattegatt Kid               Y11,000                      W      Katowice–Batanda

Really                             Y1,700                       PL     King Tutta–Greta’s Galaxy

Pub                                 W1,100                      PL     Knockadoon–House of Cheer

Lopster                        W6,700                     W      Lion Hearted–Triple Pro

Honourable Heart       Y4,000                     W      Lion Hearted–Glowing Honour

McMurtry                     Y25,000                    W      Lord Carson–Hajji’s Pistol

Cuyuni Waters            T57,000                      W      Lucky Lionel–Auntie Bellum

Mine or Who’s              Y80,000                  SPW    Mayakovsky–Stately Lady

Medfordexpress       Y7,500                    SPW    Medford–Baccata’s Surprise

Heidi’s Bay                 W6,114                       W      Megas Vukefalos–Miss Heidi

King Kong Kingdoms   Y2,000                     W      Millennium Wind–Personal Pizazz

Siphon the Brew           Y25,000                    PL     Milwaukee Brew–Provoleta

Shordawatyadrink   Y2,700                      W      Mojave Moon–Expedia

Lady Maria                     Y4,000                     PL     Monarchos–Seven Sevens

Alta Brew                        Y12,606                    PL     Muqtarib–Brewing

Microbrew                     T10,000                     PL     Muqtarib–Brewing

Love You Too             Y40,000                   SPW    Not For Love–Trueytoo

Fortheloveofconnor Y150,000                  W      Not For Love–Silk Stole

C R Topper                       Y9,000                     UP     Old Topper–Sultry Bebe

El Amigo Fiel                  W25,000                  UR     Olmodavor–Garden Folly

One More Bunny             Y2,100                     UR     One More Power–Easter Foil

Sterkel                             T900,000                  W      Orientate–Contrive

Tootsie’s Dream              Y50,000                   W     Outflanker–Lady Dulcinea

King Quizi                        Y67,000                   PL     Outofthebox–Two Dozen Roses

Maggie Rules                   Y47,000                   W      Peace Rules–Maggies Pistol

Kite Runner                      W6,114                     W      Peaks and Valleys–Nakoda

Racinegift                          Y2,000                     PL     Polish Gift–Mimi’s Swingnhit

Preship                               Y1,000                     UP     Presailist–Faseship

Armonk Benny                T70,000                    W      Prime Timber–Arbitrary Risk

Citizen Jones                   Y60,000                    W      Proud Citizen–Be Happy My Love

Swath                               Y760,000                   W      Pulpit–Mayhavebeentheone

Rage for Fame             Y22,500                    PL     Pure Prize–Demi Monde

Meet Leaders                  W30,000                  UR     Red Bullet–Dressed for Action

Sinandpray                   W2,500                    UP     Rossini–Demi Monde

Guzzlin Grass                  W7,700                     UR     Running Stag–Demi Country

Judiths Column              Y2,000                      PL     Sea of Secrets–Crazy Cyd

Bukmyeongsingong       T14,000                     W      Shanawi–Silver Straw

C R Sultry Summer        T11,000                     PL     Siberian Summer–Sultry Bebe

Tarheel Girl                    Y150,000                    W      Silver Charm–Contrive

Addicted Bay                    Y5,000                      W      Sligo Bay–Addicted

Inside Strike                 Y17,000                    W      Smart Strike–Gallant Dancer

Smokin’ Stephanie         Y37,000                     PL     Smoke Glacken–Frolic Away

Chimchimchuri               Y25,000                     W      Smoke Glacken–Good Time Frolic

Merton’s Heart                T10,500                     W      Snow Ridge–Maggies’s Missy

Carter’s Song                    Y15,000                     W      Songandaprayer–Dancer’s Glamour

Maggies Prayer                T85,000                   UR     Songandaprayer–Maggies Pistol

Bootsmadeforacing          Y5,350                     UR      Storm Boot–Cathy’s Halo

Sicilian Storm               Y7,500                      W      Storm Creek–Inspired Verse

Miss Scat Cat                    T20,000                    PL     Storm Day–Boomtown Beauty

Seminole Storm                Y9,000                     UP     Stormy Atlantic–Lady Dulcinea

Jeninsky                             Y13,000                    W      Stravinsky–Don’t Ruffle Me

Jealous Guy                      Y130,000                   PL     Street Cry–Topsy Morning

Sundaysunday                  Y52,000                   SPW    Sunday Break–Moi Moi

Swingn Slew                       W2,000                     W      Swing Lord–Larun

Just Take Me                      Y1,200                       W      Take Me Out–Just Cuz

Prime Aspiration        Y120,000                    W      Tale of the Cat–Bank On Her

Baroness Aamoura    Y800,000                   UP     Theatrical–Anguilla

Donny Donutz                   W60,000                   UR     The Cliff’s Edge–Uncork

Snared                                  Y2,650                      UP     Thunderello–Summer Catch

Tossabouquet                    W32,000                    W      Toccet–Flower

Trade Master                  Y30,000                    UP     Touch Gold–Expensive Slew

Janas Golden Touch          Y15,000                    UR     Touch Gold–Miss Adorable

Gizmo Man                          T60,000                    W      Touch Gold–Addicted

Rule the Storm                    Y10,000                   SPW    Tribal Rule–Thewholebag

Star All the Way                   Y13,000                    UP     Tribunal–Baby Barfly

Mexican Twilight                  Y3,000                     UR     Twilight Agenda–Scene Three

unnamed                                 Y5,500                     UR     Two Punch–Forever Holy

White Tie                            Y1,300,000                 UP     Unbridled’s Song–Queen’s Lady

Pajarito                                   Y12,750                     W      Unbridled Time–Delicious Princess

Spirit On Ice                           Y1,800                      W      United Spirit–Icy Verdict

Poni Girl                                  Y2,000                     W      Volponi–Jaunty Day

Victory March                      W115,000                  W      War Chant–Mississippi Lights

uannamed                              W20,000                 UR     West Acre–Takemeforawhirl

Pitone                                        T6,000                   PL     Wind Whipper–Mercedes Power

Mama Kaz                                  Y600                      W      Winthrop–Cie Club

2007 Eighth Generation

Perfect Rhythm                  Y30,000                   W      Action This Day–Salt de Tere

Shantaram                            Y10,000                   W      Aldebaran–Gallant Dancer

Yankee Rooster                   Y50,000                  PL     Bernstein–Empress of Troy

Sorry Baby                               Y42,000                   W      Bernstein–Our Saratogadancer

Big Bernstein                            Y2,700                    UP     Bernstein–Zipangu Alydar

Vow Buster                             Y40,000                 PL     Broken Vow–Jennymeg

Nut Flush                                T22,000                 W      Caller I.D.–True Performer

Mr. Izzy                                       Y12,000                 PL     Came Home–Pantelleria

Mad for Candy                           Y18,000                 W      Candy Ride–March North

Century Club                               Y7,500                  UP     Century City–Cathy’s Halo

Champali’s Cowboy             W2,700                  UP     Champali–Remiss

Saint Brigid                                Y14,000                  W      Chapel Royal–Pleasing Prospect

Kentucky Cousin                       Y27,000                 UR     Chapel Royal–Unlaced

Teamed                                        Y1,200                   UR     Claudius–Mysty’s Honor

Mista Twista                               T9,000                   PL     Cobra King–Mayflower Lass

Super Concerto                     Y7,000                    W     Concerto–Rainbow Morning

Our Girl Harmony                    T30,000                  W      Concorde’s Tune–Whirl’s Girl

Springtime Frolic                     Y25,000                   W      Cuvee-Jelly Roll Frolic

Jaunty Dave                               W2,700                   UR     David Copperfield–Jaunty Day

Unhinged                                   W25,000                 W      Dehere–Uncork

Lost Devil                                  T40,000                 W   Deputy Commander–Pleasing Prospect

Desert Devil                               Y15,000                UP     Desert God–Devil’s Tap

Seminary Ridge                      T300,000                PL     Dixie Union–Under Fire

Lord Dubai                                Y15,000                  W      E Dubai–Shellmound

Endearing Corredor                Y4,000                    W      El Corredor–Endear

Malibu Bay                              Y750,000                GSP    El Prado–Favorite Funtime

Ativa                                          W10,000                  W      Eurosilver–Hot Communicator

Goldenmiranda’s                      Y95,000                W       Exploit–Gold Fashioned

Rabbitoutofmyhat                   Y2,700                     W      Favorite Trick–Auntie Bellum

Rasingthebarr                            Y2,500                   UP     Fit to Fight–Shriving

Primetime Miss                         Y8,000                   W      Five Star Day–Lyrical Princess

Fancy Frolic                              W60,000                 W      Forest Danger–Jelly Roll Frolic

Campout                                     Y95,000                 W      Forestry–Hurricane Love

St. Albert Fox                             Y5,000                  W      Foxtrail–Significant Tri

Breezing Home                    Y40,000                 W      Free House–Class Confirmed

Indy Lake                                  Y7,000                   UR     Friends Lake–Don’t Ruffle Me

Shades of a Lady                     Y30,000                 UR     Giant’s Causeway–Shades of Grace

Kenny Penny                           Y60,000                  W      Golden Missile–Starr Mis

Gray Stone Rally                T10,000                  PL     Grindstone–Turkish Taffy

Gnome’s Delight                     Y70,000                SPW    Harlan’s Holiday–Exotic City

Hogan Beach                           Y90,000                   W      Harlan’s Holiday–Runnin Wonder

Short Shrift                          Y97,500                    W      Hennessy–Bank On Her

Samaritan’s Star                 T22,000                  UR     Hook and Ladder–Saintly Lady

Derwin’s Pulpit                   W16,000                   W      Horse Chestnut–Silk Stole

Takemetoyourleader              Y17,000                   SPW    Jump Start–Blinx Babe

King’s Race                               Y4,500                       W      King Cugat–Spoon Fidge

Stay Long                                 W15,000                     PL     Langfuhr–Seven Sevens

Bruce N Autumn                   Y180,000                     W      Lemon Drop Kid–Loose Park

All Heart                                  Y250,000                    W      Lion Heart–Impact Now

Solder                                        Y20,000                     PL     Lost Soldier–Affordable Fantasy

Oh Gee She’s Gold                    Y1,700                       W      Malabar Gold–Ogee

Brianna Zianna                       W23,000                     W      Malibu Moon–Laurenziana

Quinn’s Moon                          Y92,500                      PL      Malibu Moon–Hot Communicator

Johnny’s Surprise                  Y100,000                    UP      Malibu Moon–Winter Leaf

Iqbaal                                        Y675,000                   GSP    Medaglia d’Oro–Queen’s Lady

Siphon the Brew                      T10,000                      PL     Milwaukee Brew–Provoleta

A. P. Cat                                      W2,000                     PL     Mingun–Flower

unnamed                                       Y999                       UR     Mint–Nipper Nelly

Lady Maria                                T20,000                     PL     Monarchos–Seven Sevens

Fly’n Frolic                                  T5,500                      UR     Montbrook–Stormy Frolic

Tatiana Romanova            T150,000                     W      Mr. Greeley–Bank On Her

Fleeting Frolic                            T6,500                        W      Northern Afleet–Time to Frolic

El Amigo Fiel                             Y20,000                      UR     Olmodavor–Garden Folly

On the Spot                               W30,000                       W      Omega Code–Provoleta

unnamed                                      Y3,500                        UR     Orientate–Jelly Roll Jelly

Before the Prom                         Y17,000                        W      Outofthebox–Two Dozen Roses

Arbitrary Park                              Y5,000                        UR     Outofthebox–Arbitrary Risk

Ed the Boxer                               T30,000                      SPW    Outofthebox–Sixty Queens

King Quizi                                    T50,000                       PL     Outofthebox–Two Dozen Roses

True to a Point                        Y15,000                        W      Point Given–Trueytoo

Frolic                                            T26,000                        W      Proud Citizen–Jelly Roll Frolic

Glacier Peak                                Y85,000                        W      Pulpit–Glacier Lily

Pull Dancer                                 Y220,000                   SPW    Pulpit–Mayhavebeentheone

Sincity Glow                                T120,000                      W      Pulpit–Mississippi Lights

Sparky’s Precision                       T18,000                       W      Pure Precision–Sparky’s Scene

Dr. House                                      T12,000                       W      Pure Prize–Gold Fashioned

The Storm Is Back                        Y5,500                         W      Put It Back–Apollo’s Storm

Condition Red                              Y10,000                        W      Red Bullet–Addicted

Suspicious Package                 Y5,500                         PL     Regal Code–Eastern Time

Pinky Panther                                Y23,000                      UR     Roar of the Tiger–Bright Smile

Sinandpray                                  Y1,000                        UP     Rossini–Demi Monde

Guzzlin Grass                                  Y3,500                       UR     Running Stag–Demi Country

Queen Beli                                       Y2,500                        W      Saarland–Good Time Frolic

Saarbricken                                Y30,000                      PL     Saarland–Miss Terasita

Cecilsluckymistake                       Y30,000                       W      Seattle Fitz–Trupon On

Ice Man’s Secret                              Y1,600                        UR     Secret Claim–Icy Verdict

The Leopard                                T2,500,000                    W      Storm Cat–Moon Safari

His Option                                    Y3,500                        UR     Shore Breeze–Arcdecho

Kilkenny Creek                               Y1,200                         W      Skimming–Promising River

High Mesa                                       Y7,000                         W      Sky Mesa–Significant Tri

Smart and Fun                               Y90,000                       W      Smarty Jones–Hawayil

Smokin’ Stephanie                        T165,000                      PL     Smoke Glacken–Frolic Away

Art Fund                                           Y50,000                       W      Speightstown–Kew Garden

Western Fire                                  Y185,000                       W      Speightstown–Under Fire

Stormintothefront                          Y4,700                        W      Storm Boot–Summer Smile

Tempting Storm                       Y13,000                      PL     Stormy Atlantic–Tempting Note

Harvard Hunk                                Y11,000                      W      Suave Prospect–Prepsy

Misa                                                  Y12,000                     W      Sunday Break–Risky Seas

Sundaysunday                               T150,000                  SPW    Sunday Break–Moi Moi

Saco de Batata                                 Y20,000                    W      Tale of the Cat–Coray

Doctor K                                         Y6,000                     UR     Teton Forest–Eighteen Shots

Donny Donutz                                 Y30,000                   UR     The Cliff’s Edge–Uncork

Tossabouquet                                   Y5,000                      W      Toccet–Flower

Ice Road                                       Y775,000               GSP   Unbridled’s Song–Runup the Colors

Spirit On Ice                                   Y1,100                   W      United Spirit–Icy Verdict

Victory March                              Y100,000               W      War Chant–Mississippi Lights

Maribel’s Princess                        T10,000                W      Wild Wonder–Decompressed

Princessa Approval                        Y1,200                 W      With Approval–Crazy Cyd

Saetbyeol                                     W15,000               W      Yankee Gentleman–Tom’s Kid

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