La Troienne, Sales Foal, Not Stakes Winners, Ninth and Tenth Generations

Listed in the chart below are all sales foals of 2003-2007 (except stakes winners, which were listed previously) with La Troienne as their ninth or tenth dams. Listed after the name of the foal is the price (W for weanling, Y for yearling, and T for two-year-old with the $ omitted). After that is a brief race record (RR, with UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, W for winner, SPW for stakes-placed winner, and GSP for graded stakes placed). After that is pedigree (sire–dam).

There were 244 such sales foals with LT as their ninth dams, including nine stakes winners. Those 244 foals sold for a gross of $14,817,541 and an average of $60,728 (compared to the overall average for all 70,714 foals of $54,140). They had a maverage of 151.03, compared to the overall maverage for all 70,714 foals of 163.11.

Mr. Sidney sold for $3,900,000 as a yearling in 2005, and that is one reason the average for the ninth generation was high while the maverage was low. Mr. Sidney was a colt by Storm Cat out of Tomisue’s Delight, by A.P. Indy out of Prospectors Delite, by Mr. Prospector out of Up the Flagpole, by Hoist the Flag out of The Garden Club (who has been mentioned a few times already in this series; hence LT ninth dam). Mr. Sidney posted a record of 13-5-1-2 and earned $486,875. He won the Maker’s Mark Mile S. (G1) and Firecracker H. (G2) and is listed among the stakes winners.

Two other foals with LT as their ninth dams sold for $500,000 or more. Cool Storm sold for $1,000,000 as a yearling in 2007. She was a filly by Storm Cat out of She’s a Winner, by A.P. Indy out of Get Lucky, by Mr. Prospector out of Dance Number, by Northern dancer out of Numbered Account, by Buckpasser out of Intriguing (who has been mentioned a few times already in this series; hence LT ninth dam). Cool Storm was unraced.

Shakeyourbody sold for $575,000 as a yearling in 2007. She was a filly by Giant’s Causeway out of Takesmybreathaway, by Gone West out of Oscillate, by Seattle Slew out of the aforementioned Dance Number (hence LT ninth dam). Shakeyourbody posted a record of 4-1-2-0 and earned $17,318.

On the other end of the spectrum, only one foal with LT as its ninth dam sold for less than $1,000. That was an unnamed filly by Hard Wire out of Here ‘tiz which sold for $600 as a yearling in 2003. Here ‘tiz was by Chas Conerly out of Laura’s Love, by Midnight Matinee out of Seduceable, by Sebring II out of Mild Persuasion, by Roman Line out of Twin Oaks, by Double Jay out of Oak Cluster, by Nasrullah out of Busanda (who has been mentioned a few times in this series; hence LT ninth dam).

There were 34 such sales foals with LT as their tenth dams, including four stakes winners. No foals were found with LT as their 11th dam or farther back. Those 34 foals sold for a gross of $1,920,810 and an average of $56,494 (compared to the overall average for all 70,714 foals of $54,140). They had a maverage of 169.18, compared to the overall maverage for all 70,714 foals of 163.11.

One of those 34 foals sold for more than $500,000. Kings Cache sold for $700,000 as a yearling in 2007. He was a colt by Storm Cat out of Spun Gold, by Mr. Prospector out of Wicked Mama, by Devil’s Bag out of Conjuror, by Nijinsky II out of Palmistry, by Forli out of Foreseer, by Round Table out of Regal Gleam (who has been mentioned a few times in this series; hence LT tenth dam). Kings Cache was unplaced in one start and earned $350.

The cheapest of these 34 foals was Onceuponamiracle, who sold sold for $1,000 as a yearling in 2006. He was a colt by Authenticate out of Miraclesdocometrue, by Golden Gear out of Coryphee, by Hadif out of Internationaliste, by Filiberto out of Hildesheim, by Carteret out of Hildessa, by Bronzerullah out of Hill Princess, by Hill Prince out of Imprint, by War Relic out of In the Purple, by Burgoo King out of Black Helen, by Black Toney out of LT (tenth dam). Onceuponamiracle was unplaced in one start and earned $100.

So the quality of the pedigrees of the nags listed below covers a wide spectrum, but overall their prices were slightly higher than average. Your inspection of the list below is cordially invited. This series will conclude tomorrow.

2003 Ninth Generation

Great Saint                 W20,000           W      Albert the Great–Saintly Music

Magic Alphabet           Y11,500           GSP    Alphabet Soup–Miniature Magic

Art History                  Y30,000            W      Artax–Beautiful Princess

Tax Cat                         Y72,000            UR     Artax–Singin Up a Storm

Scots Diva                     Y4,267               PL     Ascot Knight–Domasca Sports

Belong Midway            Y9,500              W      Belong to Me–Present Colors

Boston Song                T50,000             W      Boston Harbor–Singing Up a Storm

Guided Missle        Y120,000           UR     Boundary–Supercharger

Count for Time            Y6,000              PL     Count the Time–Silkweed

Slew Peggy Slew       Y3,800             W     Evansville Slew–Ozark Sky

Sky Calling                      T3,950             UP     Family Calling–Sky Crystal

Formal Assassin           T30,000           UR     Formal Dinner–Paid Assassin

Classy Lover                    Y4,500             W      Friendly Lover–Kaydee Classic

Fire Play                          Y25,000            W      Go for Gin–Pownal

Kid Grindstone              Y25,000            W      Grindstone–Lady in Waiting

unnamed                            Y600              UR     Hard Wire–Here ‘tiz

Typhoon Ling Ling       W130,000        UR     Hennessy–Lady in Waiting

Lee’s Say So                   Y5,000          SPW    Leestown–I’ll Say So

Mighty Mike                     W1,500           UR     My Mike–Foriel

Penny’s Turn                    T31,000           W      Open Forum–Getting Warmer

Itsafamlytradition           Y14,000           PL     Outflanker–Ida Approves

Rome Is Burning         Y2,900            W      Party Manners–Ralsa

unnamed                           W2,100           UR     Peaks and Valleys–Verdict’s Runaway

Whitey’s Wager                T5,000             W      Prosper Fager–Horse Feathers

Toni DeNitto                 Y35,000           W      Quiet American–Francoa

Burgundian                   Y350,000         W      Red Ransom–Prospectora

Brilliant Mischief               Y8,133            W      Royal Academy–Jolie’s Angel

Gold Heritage               Y400,000         PL     Seeking the Gold–Heritage of Gold

Cat Drive                            Y35,000           W      Sir Cat–Ridge Drive

Late Breaking News         Y32,000           W      Skip Trial–Front Page News

Skippykeepswinning          T7,500            W      Skip Trial–Front Page News

Supercell                              Y20,000          W      Storm Boot–Rose Tiara

Jochy Prospect                T8,000          UR     Suave Prospect–Keen Haley

Crystal Tiger                         Y25,000         PL     Tiger Ridge–Sky Crystal

Twilight Fling                        T4,500          UP     Twilight Agenda–Winter Fling

Winny’s Gal                        Y8,500           W      Winthrop–Gallant Gal

2004 Ninth Generation

Great Saint                           Y20,000          W      Albert the Great–Saintly Music

Susie’s Prospect                   Y40,000          W      Allen’s Prospect–Habar’s Mystery

Magic Alphabet                   T30,000         GSP    Alphabet Soup–Miniature Magic

Await                                     Y5,350             W      Arch–Croupier

Raging Lady                       Y7,000             W      Artax–Gold Bar Lady

Walkonkaydeeavenue         Y16,000         SPW    Avenue of Flags–Kaydee Classic

Fidgity Felon                     W35,000          W      Cat Thief–Ant’s in Her Pants

Sonic Chief                        W19,000           W      Chief Seattle–Clue

Ascot Runner                         W1,030           UR     Compadre–Knight Lady

Chuck Dat                                Y1,317              W      Compadre–Knight Lady

Secretserviceagent                Y5,700             UP     Concerto–Paid Assassin

Count for Time                     T12,000            PL     Count the Time–Silkweed

Decoy Dan                          Y40,000            W      Deputy Commander–Francoa

Make Me King                        Y6,000             W      Fair Skies–Lawful Beat

Hip Twentyfive                  Y3,200              W      Forest Gazelle–Misty Mourning

Heavenly House                Y5,000              W      Free House–Heavenly Bells

Angela Jane                        Y10,000             W      General Royal–Clue

Sister Elegance                  W5,000             W      Gentlemen–Gold Bar Lady

Gin On Ice                              Y15,000             PL     Go for Gin–San Andreas

Special Heritage              Y170,000           SP     Gone West–Heritage of Gold

Typhoon Ling Ling              Y110,000           UR     Hennessy–Lady in Waiting

Chase ‘Em Morgan                Y3,000              PL     Joe Who–Winter Fling

King of the Surf               W30,000             W      Lion Hearted–Malibu Lady

Sam’s Big Brother                Y11,000               W      Lord Carson–Honey Smacks

Go Lucky Go                         T65,000               W      Lucky Lionel–Red Valentine

Mighty Mike                           Y1,500                UR     My Mike–Foriel

Itsafamlytradition                T25,000               PL     Outflanker–Ida Approves

Rowdy Honey                        T10,250               UR     Pine Bluff–Honey Smacks

Biker Chef Onthego          Y5,000               UP     Polish Navy–A Golden Rose

Salty Princess                         Y15,000               W      Salt Lake–Beautiful Princess

Kitagawa                                  W3,200              UP     Sir Cat–Runaway Princess

Cat Drive                                 T15,000               W      Sir Cat–Ridge Drive

Accrual                                    Y110,000             UR     Smoke Glacken–Cajun Colors

Supercell                                 T65,000               W      Storm Boot–Rose Tiara

Another Genepi                     Y25,000               W      Stravinsky–Dawn Aurora

Polichinelle                            W20,000             UR     Successful Appeal–Twirling Angel

Tailtails                                   W75,000               W      Tale of the Cat–Double Straw

Crystal Tiger                           T24,000               PL     Tiger Ridge–Sky Crystal

King of Killarney                Y8,000               UR     Wild Escapade–Castle Lady

Lady Kim                                Y2,000                UP     Winthrop–Gallant Gal

Double Ply                               Y35,000               W      Woodman–Double Straw

2005 Ninth Generation

Real Art                                  Y1,300                  W      Adcat–Autumn Scene

Sun Goddess                           Y17,000                UP     Aptitude–Dawn Aurora

Senior                                     Y32,000              SPW    Arch–Croupier

Vice Admiral                           Y55,000                 W      Bertrando–Whimsical Goddess

Capricious One                       T17,000                 W      Bertrando–Whimsical Goddess

Sonic Chief                           Y60,000                 W      Chief Seattle–Clue

Whack Attack                     Y250,000                UP     Dixie Union–Wacky Becky

Wazzu Red                            Y20,000                 W      Exploit–San Diego Sue

Fair Beauty                                Y1,000                  UR     Fair Skies–Lawful Beat

Dreamy Jeanie                     Y10,000                UR     Free House–Heavenly Bells

Expiration Day                     T31,000                 W      Gilded Time–Dayflower

Diva Fever                                  Y2,200                 UP     Gold Fever–Diversity

Windblown                               Y50,000                UP     Grand Lodge–Autumn Banner

California Barb                    Y2,000                  UR     Half a Year–Classy Barb

Sachia                                         Y15,000                UP     Halissee–Winelight

Philharmonic                      W110,000               W      Hennessy–Zia Philomena

Smokie’s Smokin                     Y29,000                UR     Honour and Glory–Smoke Buster

In Delight                                    Y3,200                 UP     Indy Mood–Elite One

Bombay Jazz                               Y5,500                 UR     Jambalaya Jazz–Balldo

Deer Valley Danni                     W2,200                UR     Joe Who–Winter Fling

Who’s Foolin Who                     Y1,500                  UR     Joe Who–Winter Fling

Musical Start                              Y50,000                W      Jump Start–Saintly Music

King of the Surf                     Y42,000                W      Lion Hearted–Malibu Lady

Just Like Her                              Y10,000                 W     Lord Carson–Kaydee Classic

Sam’s Big Brother                      T10,000                 W     Lord Carson–Honey Smacks

Rahy Wind                                   W2,200                 PL     Millennium Wind–Lyrical Lady

Azincourt                                   T5,500                  UR     Mojave Moon–Findinapleasure

Greeley’s Tune                           Y120,000                W      Mr. Greeley–Singin Up a Storm

Bad Boy Mike                               Y1,500                  UR     My Mike–Foriel

Guts Game                                   Y30,000              SPW    Officer–Genteel World

Causin Confusion                   Y15,000                 W      Orientate–Medina

Pecan Cream                                 Y9,247                   W      Peaks and Valleys–Canadian Cream

Biker Chef Onthego              T10,000                  UP     Polish Navy–A Golden Rose

Down Town Miss                    T11,000                  UR     Polish Navy–Uptown Chic

Prime Heat                                    T6,000                   W      Prime Timber–Getting Warmer

Gran Punch                                Y4,000                    W      Pulling Punches–I’ll Say So

Rare Scene                                     Y2,500                    W      Rare Brick–Silent and Classy

Sarah Mony                                   Y11,000                   W      Running Stag–Red Valentine

Salty Princess                                T75,000                  W      Salt Lake–Beautiful Princess

Sting’n Inthe Rain                        Y10,000                  W      Scorpion–Ridge Drive

Streakin Stripe                              Y17,000                  UP     Service Stripe–Rose Tiara

Summer Barfly                               Y5,000                   W      Siberian Summer–Barknight

Kitagawa                                          Y1,403                   UP     Sir Cat–Runaway Princess

Fouzia                                              Y11,000                  W      Stephen Got Even–San Andreas

Stormy Racer                                 W3,000                  W      Stormy Jack–T. G.’s Girl

Polichinelle                                    Y67,000                 UR     Successful Appeal–Twirling Angel

Stop N Gun                                     W3,000                 PL     Tactical Cat–Runaway Princess

V. I. P Princess                              Y20,000            W      Thunder Gulch–Rooneys Princess

Takes My Song                       Y300,000          W      Unbridled’s Song–Takesmybreathaway

Sunnyside’s Legacy                      Y15,000           W      Unbridled Time–Kenora Dream

Diche                                                Y6,500            W      With Approval–Detach

2006 Ninth Generation

Red Monkey                                   Y3,000             W      Afternoon Deelites–Evasive Prospect

Teeberry                                         Y32,000            W      Black Minnaloushe–Cajun Colors

Wave the Colors                            T18,000           UR     Brahms–Present Colors

Bridled Buddha                             W7,000            UR     Buddha–Mucha Prisa

Sweet Street                              Y40,000             W      City Street–Shades of Pink

Smooth Momma                            Y1,500              UP     Coordinator–Honey Smacks

Cusarare                                        Y8,500            GSP    Ecton Park–Liaison Dangereuse

Spanish Skies                                  Y1,000             UP     Fair Skies–Lawful Beat

Catch Fire                                        Y6,000              W      Flame Thrower–Erin’s Tour

Classy Continental                    Y1,200             UR     Flying Continental–Classy Barb

She’s Rio Fast                                  Y3,000             W      Free At Last–Barknight

Teacht an Earraig                         Y200,000          W      Galileo–Autumn Banner

Step This Way                               Y150,000           W      Giant’s Causeway–Lady in Waiting

Western Goldrush                   Y145,000          UR     Gone West–Heritage of Gold

Sky County                                      T21,000            W      Gibson County–Sky Crystal

Diva Fever                                        T5,000             UP     Gold Fever–Diversity

After His Money                         Y10,000            PL     Gone Hollywood–Alpine Gem

Frontpagematerial                         T20,000            W      Graeme Hall–Front Page News

Marooned                                        Y37,000             PL     Gulch–Open View

Harlans Fortune                            Y75,000             W      Harlan’s Holiday–Prevailing Fortune

Hello Hercules                               Y20,000            UR     Include–Ridge Drive

King’s Fleet                                      Y1,500               W      Indy King–Fleet Justice

Lexicon Eagle                                 Y27,000             UP     Lexicon–Anniversary Wish

Nashvilles Beauty                         W35,000             W      Lion Heart–Double Straw

King of the Surf                        T20,000              W      Lion Hearted–Malibu Lady

Just Like Her                                 T37,000               W      Lord Carson–Kaydee Classic

Aloha Love                                   Y6,200                W      Malabar Gold–San Diego Sue

Gold Dream                                    T10,000              UP     Malabar Gold–Beautiful Princess

Kentucky Jeff                                 Y31,000              UR    Malibu Moon–Dawn Aurora

Liza Lu                                            Y210,000             W      Menifee–Chamrousse

Make the Point                          Y160,000             W      Menifee–New Dice

Prince Minardi                                Y5,500                W      Minardi–Rooneys Princess

Dano                                                 Y50,000              W      Mizzen Mast–Miniature Magic

Greeley’s Tune                               T172,500              W      Mr. Greeley–Singin Up a Storm

Deviled Delight                                T2,500               UR     Not a Role Model–Demonica

Guts Game                                      T165,000            SPW    Officer–Genteel World

unnamed                                          Y20,000              UR     Officer–Genteel World

Meliora                                            Y5,000               UR     Outflanker–Malibu Lady

Gran Punch                                    T8,000                W      Pulling Punches–I’ll Say So

Mims Robe                                        W1,200               UR     Robannier–Mim’s Precedent

Pillar of Salt                                    Y4,500                W      Salt Lake–Ralsa

C My Secret                                     Y4,000               W      Sea of Secrets–Slim Gold

G’day Mate                                         Y11,500               W      Seeking Daylight–Red Valentine

Rosy Cantina                                     Y12,000               PL     Stravinsky–Roleo

Tu Tu Larue                                   Y33,000              UR     Theatrical–Band Lady

King Midas                                         Y16,500               W      Three Wonders–King’s Sweetest

Threesheetstodawin                          Y7,000               UP     Three Wonders–Riesling

Saada                                                   Y20,000             GSP    Thunder Gulch–Wicked Mama

Buzzin ‘n Trippin                               Y25,000              UP     Trippi–Bumble Bee Mama

Inhaler                                          Y325,000          W   Unbridled’s Song–Takesmybreathaway

Validar                                             Y6,000            W      Valid Wager–Slim Gold

Cat Gal                                             Y2,300            UP     Winthrop–Gallant Gal

Hint Hint Hint                            Y14,500            W      Yonaguska–Clue

Popnhammer                                   Y17,000            W      Zavata–Rose Tiara

2007 Ninth Generation

Kilal                               Y1,700                UR    Black Mambo–Demonica

King Combo                 Y8,500                W     Black Mambo–King’s Sweetest

Bridled Buddha           Y1,500               UR     Buddha–Mucha Prisa

Swirly Girl                 Y12,000             UP     Cat Dreams–San Diego Sue

Dr. Dunkenstein      Y19,000             W     Changeintheweather–Ardennes

Jay Hawk                      Y25,000            UR     Congaree–Saintly Music

Groovy Lightning     T1,200              W      Crowning Storm–My Gal Groovy

Rainy Rain                  W13,000           PL     During–Gold Bar Lady

Marias Pass                    Y24,000           W      El Corredor–Prevailing Fortune

Mooji’s Empire             Y40,000            W      Empire Maker–Mooji Moo

Buzzin and Dreamin   Y170,000         GSP    Five Star Day–Bumble Bee Mama

Freudian Fetish            W11,500            W      Freud–Loose Talk

Gozzer Pond                  Y16,000            UP     Ghostly Moves–Tejina

Shakeyourbody        Y575,000           W     Giant’s Causeway–Takesmybreathaway

Gibson Crystal               Y5,500               W     Gibson County–Sky Crystal

Crystal County               T3,000              UR     Gibson County–Sky Crystal

Gave Her the Money  Y3,000           UP     Gone Hollywood–Alpine Gem

Marooned                        T15,000            PL     Gulch–Open View

Philharmonic            T120,000           W     Hennessy–Zia Philomena

Old Dorothy                     Y1,200            UP     Hero’s Tribute–Fast Mouse

North Platte                    Y15,000           W      High Demand–T. G.’s Girl

Flying Tiger                    T18,000            W      Hold That Tiger–Present Colors

Bugiardo                          Y12,000           UP     Is It True–Riesling

Heavenly Jackpot      Y1,000             UR     Jackpot–Heavenly Bells

Strong Clue                  Y46,500            W      Kafwain–Clue

Strawn                             Y25,000            UP     Kafwain–Roleo

Pass the Brew              T2,500              PL     Kipper Kelly–Passum Once

Eagle Star                         Y6,000             UR     Legal Eagle–Evasive Prospect

Sheza Screamer               Y3,000             PL     Liberty Gold–Barknight

Air Lion                         Y62,000            PL     Lion Heart–Swigert

Faye’s Gray                       Y4,000             W      Macho Uno–Assuring Touch

Kentucky Jeff                  T10,000           UR     Malibu Moon–Dawn Aurora

Brand Time                   Y10,000          UR     Maria’s Mon–Band Lady

My Horizon                      Y18,000           W      Monarchos–Balldo

Red Boutonniere              Y1,000           UR     Montreal Red–Boutonniere

Pugnacious                        Y5,500            W      Outflanker–Peace Flag

Knot News                         Y3,700            W      Prime Timber–Front Page News

Myah’s Knight                 W17,000          W      Pure Prize–Runaway Princess

Meet Me                          W3,200           UP     Salt Lake–Royal Year

Cool Storm                Y1,000,000        UR     Storm Cat–She’s a Winner

Strawberry Milk         Y2,500             W      Supreme Cat–Shades of Pink

Wives Tale                      Y190,000           W      Tale of the Cat–Rooneys Princess

Slewpy’s Appeal               Y7,194              W      Tempered Appeal–Slewpy Time

Mara                                 Y6,000            PL     Ten Most Wanted–Medina

Edge Appeal                     Y95,000           W      The Cliff’s Edge–Lady in Waiting

King Midas                       Y29,000           W      Three Wonders–King’s Sweetest

Tizallaboutme              Y30,000           PL     Tiznow–Mrs Miniver

Buzzin ‘n Trippin             T25,000           UP     Trippi–Bumble Bee Mama

Rose of Aran                     Y20,000           W      Van Nistelrooy–Runaway Princess

2003 Tenth Generation

Belong to Julie                 Y20,000           UR     Belong to Me–Wolfie’s Image

Miss Know It All          Y30,000          SPW    Confide–Lone Wolf’s Rose

Royal Rebuff                  T2,200            GSP    General Royal–Stricter Sister

Mother Superior          Y3,000             W      Petitionville–Stricter Sister

Real Edge                           Y20,000           UP     Real Quiet–Western Lil

2004 Tenth Generation

Miss Know It All            T7,200            SPW    Confide–Lone Wolf’s Rose

Tarraburn                          W15,000             W      Eltish–Rahy’s Wish

Clery’s Contender              Y1,200             SPW    Key Contender–Spacy Scarlet

Quick Sarah                        Y5,000              UP     Ocala Slew–Quick Kill

Greyside                             Y22,000             W      Tactical Cat–Amber Gold

2005 Tenth Generation

Art and Soul                      Y32,000             W      Artax–Motown Medley

Golden Thief                     Y23,000             W     Cat Thief–Amber Gold

Tarraburn                          Y24,000             W      Eltish–Rahy’s Wish

Clery’s Contender             T1,000             SPW    Key Contender–Space Scarlet

Robbos Courage              Y90,000              W      Mr. Greeley–Svea Dahl

Chugwater                          Y1,200               W      Old Kentucky Home–Fairy Ship

Shell Walls                      Y3,500               W      Sweetsouthernsaint–Letitbe Letitbe

2006 Tenth Generation

Onceuponamiracle           Y1,000              UP     Authenticate–Miraclesdocometrue

Raising Memo                   Y2,000              W      Grey Memo–Raising Rainbows

Nia                                      Y40,000             PL     Monarchos–Amber Gold

2007 Tenth Generation

Zodiac Girl                         W9,000             W      Aldebaran–With My Blessings

Boom Town Gal           Y130,000           W      Cactus Ridge–Showpiece

Home Blessings                 Y11,000            W      Came Home–With My Blessings

Cat of Gold                          T12,000           W      Cat Thief–Spun Gold

Loyal Son                            Y47,000           W      Doneraile Court–Amber Gold

Em Grace                            Y15,000            PL     Horse Chestnut–Boston Song

Kings Cache                       Y700,000         UP     Storm Cat–Spun Gold

Waylaid in L. A.                  Y47,510           PL     Stormin Fever–Hawk Cliff

Hope Against Hope          Y325,000         UR     Strong Hope–Svea Dahl

Lindsey’s Wish                   T82,000           W      Trippi–Rahy’s Wish

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