Rasmussen Factor, La Troienne

A little over two years ago I did a series on the Rasmussen Factor (inbreeding to females within five generations), using sales foals of 1999-2002. That was so much fun I decided to do it all over again, this time with sales foals of 2003-2007. Just giving y’all fair warning of what is next on my agenda.

For sales foals of 1999-2002, the most popular names duplicated were Almahmoud and Somethingroyal in that order, with the rest nowhere. Now (sales foals of 2003-2007) it is Somethingroyal over Almahmoud, with Natalma coming up fast and Gold Digger also making progress.

Certain names are always very popular (usually names associated with the most popular sires, as is the case with the four above). Certain families are always very popular. Among those popular families is that of La Troienne, needless to say.

And why not???? If LT were indeed the most influential mare of the 20th century (not much argument about that), it would seem to make sense to inbreed to her tail-female descendants. Especially since LT is considered by most to be “magic” in her own right.

So I decided it would be fun to compile a list of all the sales foals of 2003-2007 inbred to tail-female descendants of LT in order to determine what their actual results were. I compiled a list as usual (see below, following discussion of the results).

Name and price are listed first. Price needs a bit of explanation. Listed for the stakes winners is the year sold, the type (W for weanling, Y for yearling, and T for two-year-old). Hence Bobbie Use, the first stakes winner, is listed as 03T110,000. That means she was sold as a two-year-old in 2003 for $110,000. Race record (RR) is next. It is listed in terms of PPI (Performance Points Index, a measure of the quality of the stakes winner). After that the inbreeding itself is listed. On the line below each stakes winner is the pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire).

The foals who were not stakes winners are listed next. The only thing different is race record (RR). They are briefly notated as W for winner, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, SPW for stakes-placed winner, and GSP for graded stakes placed.

In terms of the names duplicated, all the usual suspects showed up: Busanda, Numbered Account, Glamour, Intriguing, et al. Even Big Hurry and Businesslike made cameo appearances. It was a wide variety of names duplicated.

I found 286 foals inbred to tail-female descendants of LT. Those 286 foals sold for a gross of $14,905,353, an average of $52,117, and a maverage of 159.80. Those figures were slightly below the overall average of $54,140 and overall maverage of 163.11 for all 70,714 foals.

Included among those 286 foals were 11 stakes winners (3.85%), above the overall 3.36% stakes winners from foals for all 70,714 foals.

At this point I need to remind readers, especially new readers unfamiliar with the terms, that maverages and Performance Points are explained on my home page. The latter are the methodology I choose to evaluate quality of stakes winners. And you need to know both quantity and quality of stakes winners in order to evaluate a group of foals.

Let us use a hypothetical example. Stallion A sired 5% stakes winners from foals. Stallion B sired 10% stakes winners from foals. Is B always a better sire than A?????

Not necessarily. Depends on the quality of the stakes winners involved. Say that 600 is average, A’s stakes winners averaged 1,000 apiece, and B’s stakes winners averaged 500 apiece. Five percent of 1,000 is 50. Ten percent of 500 is 50. Statistically I would say that A and B are about even. Take your pick.

(Most people, I suspect, would think that A was a better sire than B. Most people are unduly influenced by all the publicity surrounding a BIG HORSE. Most people do not understand statistics at all.)

The 2,373 stakes winners from 70,714 overall foals earned an average of 603 Performance Points apiece. Now look at the 11 stakes winners inbred to tail-female descendants of LT. Only two of those 11 were higher than the overall average of 603: Signature Red (1,175) and My Baby Baby (910). The next highest was Lomaki at 427, well below the overall average of 603.

The 11 stakes winners earned a total of 4,511 Performance Points, an average of 410 apiece, well below the overall average of 603. So these 11 stakes winners as a group were not very good at all. The 286 foals earned an average of 15.77 Performance Points each. The overall average for all 70,714 foals is 20.24. The former (15.77) divided by the latter (20.24) is 0.79. This is the Performance Points Index (PPI) for the 286 foals. It takes both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account. Since 1.00 is exactly average, it means that these 286 foals are about 21% BELOW AVERAGE.

As documented in La Troienne, Conclusions, there were 1,738 foals tracing to LT in tail female among these 70,714 sales foals of 2003-2007 (some with duplications, most with not). Those 1,738 foals had a PPI of 0.916 (8.4% BELOW AVERAGE).

If you duplicate a name with a positive value, you expect to get an even higher positive value. If you duplicate a name with a negative value, you should expect to get an even lower negative value.

The latter describes these duplications of tail-female descendants of LT. Accept for the sake of argument that the value of all 1,738 foals in this group with LT in tail female was 0.916 (1.00 being average). Duplicate one of those names, and you should expect a result of about 0.839 (0.916 times 0.916). The actual observed value was 0.79, not much below the predicted value of 0.839.

One of the reasons the actual value was below the predicted value might be because prices were lower. All 1,738 foals averaged $65,754. These 286 foals averaged $52,117. All 1,738 foals posted a maverage of 175.88. These 286 foals posted a maverage of 159.80. Taking those lower prices into account, the predicted value could be even closer to the actual observed value.

OK, I think I am done with LT, at least for the time being. Will I ever stop beating up on poor LT?????

Yes, I will do so whenever the UTTER DRIVEL about her ceases to be written and published. Needless to say, I am not exactly holding my breath waiting for that to happen.


Rasmussen Factor Foals Duplicated to Tail-Female Descendants of La Troienne Among Sales Foals of 2003-2007

Stakes Winners

Name                                      Price                     RR             Inbreeding

Bobbie Use                         03T110,000           205          3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Truth and Beauty, Private Terms

Dr. Kathy                            03T60,000             185          3×4 Intriguing

Polish Numbers–Elbow, Woodman

Seven Nation Army           04Y15,000             313          5×5 Glamour

General Meeting–Swingtime Music, Woodman

Lomaki                                 05Y425,000          427         5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Debit Account, Mr. Prospector

Miss Challenge                   05W100,000         224         5×4 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Full Figure, Polish Numbers

Pavarotti                              05Y2,500,000       252         5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Snow Forest, Woodman

Quite Acceptable                05Y18,000             197          5×5 Intriguing

Acceptable–Quite a Rapper, Dixieland Band

Amie’s Legend                     06Y180,000          204        3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Lunar’s Legend, Polish Numbers

Love for Not                         06Y60,000            419         3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Go Nicholas Go, Polish Numbers

My Baby Baby                      06Y50,000            910        5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Sarah Darling, Wavering Monarch

Signature Red                      07Y77,000            1,175       5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Irish and Foxy, Irish Open

Not Stakes Winners


Whazupbannyrooster            Y5,000               UP         4×4 Numbered Account

Accelerator–My Miss Daisy, Private Terms

Threesixtyfive                          Y17,000              W          5×5 Intriguing

Afternoon Deelites–Queen Livia, Hansel

Apprentice                              Y300,000             W          5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Woodyousmileforme, Woodman

Hope’s Triumph                     T250,000            UP         5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Clever Monique, Clever Trick

A P Friday                                 W87,000            UP         5×4 Busanda

Aptitude–Feel the Motion, Polish Navy

Ninfa’s Flying Jet                     Y16,000              UR        5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Double Entendre, Double Negative

Miss Maestro                             Y10,500               W         5x5x5 Busanda

Bernstein–La Veta Madre, Mining

Imposer                                      Y21,000               W          5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Sasaya, Slew o’ Gold

Magic Monde                             Y8,500                 W         5×5 Glamour

Capote–Demi Monde, Easy Goer

Dark Plot                                     Y45,000               W        5×5 Glamour

Capote–Stark Passage, Woodman

Kittys Mom                                 Y5,000                 UP        5×5 Busanda

Catrail–Fearless Flight, Ghazi

Racingtothemoon                      Y34,000              UP        5×4 Busanda

Catrail–Inoma Wild, Wild Again

Balint                                            Y10,000               W         5×5 Busanda

Catrail–Sarah’s Victress, Ghazi

Hey Gorgeous                             W80,000             W         5×4 Blue-Eyed Momo

Cherokee Run–Sun Luck, Conquistador Cielo

Flyslewfly                                       Y800                  UR        5x5x5 Busanda

Code Word R.–Hickmans Slew, Hickman Creek

Don Limpio                                  Y22,000               W        5×5 Glamour

Doneraile Court–Private Awakening, Private Account

Man On a String                          T20,000               W        5×5 Glamour

Doneraile Court–Snow Song, Woodman

Elusive Elegance                          Y42,000               W        4×4 Glowing Tribute

Elusive Quality–Spirit’s Sister, Eastern Echo

Accountable Event                      Y40,000               W        5×5 Glamour

Event of the Year–Ms. Margi, Private Account

Play Fast Ken                                 Y2,950                 PL      5×5 Glamour

Fast Play–Log Jammer, Woodman

Sandrican                                        T2,500                W       4×4 Intriguing

Fruition–Personal Triumph, Private Account

Bunny Junction                              Y4,500                W      4×5 Busanda

Ghazi–Fuzzy Silver, Fuzziano

Prize d’Or                                         T1,000                PL     5×5 Intriguing

Gold Case–Woodman’s Prize, Prized

Speedmeister                                   Y1,500                W      4×5 Intriguing

Holzmeister–Texas Terms, Private Terms

Private Money                                 Y1,200                W       5×5 Glamour

King of the Hunt–Private Honey, Private Account

God’s Pocket                                    Y50,000             W      5×5 Busanda

Maria’s Mon–Facts of Love, Known Fact

Maria’s Mystery                               Y67,000            UR     5x4x5 Busanda

Maria’s Mon–Mystery of Faith, Polish Navy

Red Hot Fay                                      Y3,700               W       5×4 Intriguing

Miner’s Mark–Fashion Print, Chromite

Trishs Wild Child                             W7,000            UR      5×5 Intriguing

Mutakddim–Hansel’s Beauty, Hansel

Swift Prince                                        Y7,000              W       4×5 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Chao Praya, Gold Legend

Hale Haven                                        Y39,000            W       4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakkdim–Heavenly Starlet, Brunswick

Dim Lady                                            Y4,700               W      5×4 Intriguing

Mutakddim–Stormy Lady, Rehaan

unnamed                                             W35,000          UR     3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Terms of Victory, Private Terms

Mr. Patience                                       T15,000              W       5×5 Big Hurry

Ordway–My Sika, True Knight

Dun Roamin Hero                             Y38,000             W       5×5 Striking

Partner’s Hero–Silvermento, Silver Badge

Go Kathy                                               Y8,761               W       3×5 Busanda

Polish Navy–Shore Mist, Coastal

Inthenavynow                                     T6,500               W       3×5 Busanda

Polish Navy–Purely Political, Wavering Monarch

Sea Lord                                               T4,500              UR      3×3 Glowing Tribute

Sea Salute–Graceful Glory, Hero’s Honor

Quiet Money                                       Y490,000         SPW    4×5 Glamour

Seattle Slew–Discreet Account, Private Account

Captain Slew                                       Y150,000           W       4×5 Glamour

Seattle Slew–Mama Dean, Woodman

Secret Samurai                                     Y3,500             UR      5×5 Busanda

Secret Hello–Noble Duchess, Ghazi

No Turn On Red                                 Y187,500           UR      4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Belle Du Bois, Woodman

Sterling Bob                                         Y270,000          UP      4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Majestic Number, Polish Numbers

Private Charm                                      Y85,000            W       4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Said Privately, Private Account

Guarachera                                           Y25,000            PL      5×5 Striking

Silver Charm–Vanoise, Nijinsky Model

Sir Winzalot                                          Y11,000           SPW    5×5 Intriguing

Sir Cat–Kindnesses, Hansel

Admirelle                                                Y3,500             UP      5×4 Admiring

Smoke Glacken–Risky Seas, Sea Hero

Jimmi’s Hazy Road                                W500              UR     5×4 Bases Full

The Name’s Jimmy–Hayes’ Faith, Cahill Road

Blue Northern                                       Y52,000             W      5×5 Glamour

Top Account–Strongerthanpride, Proud Birdie

Mezzo and Me                                       Y8,500              UR     5×5 Glamour

Unaccounted For–Elegant Lilly, Seattle Slew

Saratown                                                Y1,400              UP      5×5 Glamour

Williamstown–Lustrous Queen, Chromite

Let’s Go to Win                                     T20,000            PL     3×4 Intriguing

Woodman–Counting Moonbeams, Private Account


Cheetah Chat                                        T50,000            W       4×4 Numbered Account

Accelerator–Cat News, Storm Cat

Arnie’s Pick                                           W15,000           UR      5×5 Intriguing

Acceptable–Broad Account, Broad Brush

Ice N Lemon                                          Y60,000          SPW    5×5 Intriguing

Acceptable–Quite a Rapper, Dixieland Band

Threesixtyfive                                       T20,000            W       5×5 Intriguing

Afternoon Deelites–Queen Livia, Hansel

Really Indian                                        Y375,000           W      5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Really Polish, Polish Numbers

Welcome Girl                                        Y150,000           W      5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Welcometotheworld, Woodman

Two Dog’s Running                             W2,700             UR      5×5 Busanda

Anziyan–Lively and Lovely, Lively One

Springstreetballet                                Y72,000            PL       5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Sanctionize, Groovy

Miss Maestro                                        T35,000            W       5x5x5 Busanda

Bernstein–La Veta Madre, Mining

Dark Plot                                               T70,000            W       5×5 Glamour

Capote–Stark Passage, Woodman

Hey Gorgeous                                       Y110,000           W       5×4 Blue-Eyed Momo

Cherokee Run–Sun Luck, Conquistador Cielo

Elusive Elegance                                  T105,000           W        4×4 Glowing Tribute

Elusive Quality–Spirit’s Sister, Eastern Echo

Stephen Bruce                                        Y37,000            W       5×5 Glamour

Event of the Year–Ms Margi, Private Account

Steal a Win                                               Y1,000             W        4×4 Intriguing

Fruition–Personal Triumph, Private Account

Pacific Force                                             Y7,500             W        5×5 Busanda

Game Plan–Pacific Pearl, Colonel Stevens

Thinking Broadway                               Y105,000          PL       5×5 Glamour

General Meeting–Blue Moon Sky, Woodman

Nautical Meeting                                     Y25,000           W       5×5 Glamour

General Meeting–Nautical Look, Woodman

Miss Iceman                                               Y1,000           UR     5×5 Striking

Iam the Iceman–Steel for Gold, Steelinctive

Ice N E Z                                                     T1,400            PL      5×5 Striking

Iam the Iceman–Steel for Gold, Steelinctive

Joy King                                                     W6,500           W       5×5 Busanda

King Cugat–Lady Heroine, Sea Hero

Wanstead Heights                                    W1,500           W       5×5 Busanda

King Cugat–Seaside Deli, Sea Hero

Lady of the Fog                                          Y4,200           UR     5×5 Busanda

King Cugat–Z. Boob, Ziad

Lion’s Pure Heart                                      Y4,000           UR     5×4 Busanda

Lion Hearted–Andy F., Damascus

Impart                                                        Y115,000         UR     5×5 Busanda

Maria’s Mon–Emmaus, Silver Deputy

Maria’s Mystery                                        T15,000          UR     5x4x5 Busanda

Maria’s Mon–Mystery of Faith, Polish Navy

Succeed Or Bust                                        Y52,000          W       4×5 Busanda

Miswaki–Raney Raney, It’s Freezing

Patrimony                                                   Y15,000          UP      5×4 Best Side

More Than Ready–Passionate Heroine, Hero’s Honor

Spartan Valor                                             Y19,500           W       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Trial Terms, Private Terms

F Star                                                            W1,500           W        4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Brunswick Star, Brunswick

Sugar for My Honey                                  W47,000        PL      5×4 Intriguing

Mutakddim–Jayhawk Judy, Woodman

Swift Prince                                                 T65,000          W      4×5 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Chao Praya, Gold Legend

Tricky Pretzel                                               Y3,866          UP      4×4 Intriguing

Nightofthegaelics–Diamond Pretzel, Diamond Sword

Wayward Spree                                            Y1,160           UR      5×5 Busanda

Nightofthegaelics–Diamond Spree, Diamond Sword

Oneforlove                                                   W30,000        W       3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–One Account, Private Account

Gonna Be Love                                            Y25,000         W       3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Gonna Be, Mountain Cat

Ring the Bell                                                 Y40,000        W      3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Polish Spender, Polish Numbers

Ocala Spy                                                       Y4,000          UP     5×4 Glamour

Ocala Slew–Spywholovedme, Spy Signal

Silver Heroine                                              Y25,000         W       5×5 Striking

Partner’s Hero–Silvermento, Silver Badge

Down Town Miss                                          Y5,500          UR     3×5 Busanda

Polish Navy–Uptown Chic, Cox’s Ridge

Beauty On Deck                                            T53,000         W      3×5 Busanda

Polish Navy–Delaroy Beauty, Red Anchor

Fusaichi Forza                                              T500,000       W      4×5 Glamour

Polish Numbers–Student Wife, Seattle Slew

Who’s to Say                                                   Y8,850           W      5×5 Big Hurry

Premiership–Sly Arrival, Phone Trick

Anybodys Guess                                             Y1,500           W      3×4 Numbered Account

Rhythm–Victorian Flag, Personal Flag

Quiet Money                                                 T500,000     SPW    4×5 Glamour

Seattle Slew–Discreet Account, Private Account

Private Charm                                               Y25,000          W      4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Said Privately, Private Account

Charm My Socks Off                                    T27,000          PL     4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Woodman’s Pride, Woodman

Admirelle                                                       T23,000          UP     5×4 Admiring

Smoke Glacken–Risky Seas, Sea Hero

Makeover Me                                                 W7,500            W     4×3 Playmate

Three Wonders–Princess Shine, Chromite

Papo C                                                             W5,500            W     5×5 Busanda

Thunderello–Clouds of Mist, Sea Hero

Blue Northern                                               T27,000            W     5×5 Glamour

Top Account–Strongerthanpride, Proud Birdie

Tuckin Nickels                                              T15,000             W     3×4 Numbered Account

Unaccounted For–Jungle Rhythm, Rhythm

Janie’s Way                                                     Y2,500             UR    5×5 Busanda

Will’s Way–Borrowed Time, Sea Hero

Poseidon’s Son                                               W17,000           W     4×5 Glamour

Woodman–Anex, Seattle Slew

Three Trees                                                     Y11,000            UR    3×4 Intriguing

Woodman–L’Addition, Private Account

Gaslight Gossip                                              Y135,000          UR    3×4 Intriguing

Woodman–Silent Account, Private Account

Prince Woodman                                            Y15,000          SPW   4×5 Glamour

Woodman–Queen Mama, Seattle Slew


Ber Bear                                                           Y17,000              W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Brace It, Miswaki

Kera’s Cookie                                                  Y37,000             W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Mi Cookie, Fast Play

Hot Table                                                        Y60,000             W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Regal Romp, Wavering Monarch

Sarah’s Cool Dude                                         Y30,000            W       5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Victoria Riggs, Believe It

Afrikaans                                                         Y22,000            W       5×4 Busanda

Cape Town–Rhodesia, Polish Navy

Caribana                                                          Y12,693             UP     5×5 Busanda

Cat’s At Home–Equal Justice, Proof

Seattle Numbers                                             W700               UR     5×5 Glamour

Chief Seattle–Wandering Ways, Polish Numbers

Murray Dancer                                             W19,000            UP     5×5 Glamour

Doneraile Court–Midnight Stroll, Private Account

Copperjet                                                         T1,000              UP     4×5 Busanda

For Really–Copelan’s Heroine, Sea Hero

Meetmeinthewoods                                      T30,000           SPW    5×5 Glamour

General Meeting–Star of the Woods, Woodman

Book Case                                                        Y35,000            W       5×5 Intriguing

Gold Case–Booking, Farma Way

Joy King                                                            Y8,000             W       5×5 Busanda

King Cugat–Lady Heroine, Sea Hero

Radar Boy                                                         Y5,000             UP      5×5 Glamour

King of the Hunt–Unchained Melody, Woodman

Devils Warrior                                                 Y15,000            W       5×5 Big Hurry

Lost Soldier–Breaking Taboos, Devil’s Bag

Succeed Or Bust                                              T55,000            W       4×5 Busanda

Miswaki–Raney Raney, It’s Freezing

Mojave Buck                                                      Y1,100              W       4×3 Numbered Account

Mojave Moon–Polish Buck Trout, Polish Numbers

Moe Money                                                        W7,000           W       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Married for Money, Not For Love

Maltese Magan                                                 Y32,000           W       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Falls Church, Secret Hello

Better Than Ready                                           Y27,000           PL       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Mightbearuffian, Don’s Choice

Spartan Valor                                                    T17,000            W       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Trial Terms, Private Terms

Crazy Kloppe                                                      W1,500            UR     5×4 Intriguing

Mutakddim–Speedy Suzy, Verification

F Star                                                                    Y6,000            W       4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Brunswick Star, Brunswick

Carolus Magnus                                                 Y40,000          W       4×3 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Caddam Wood, Polish Numbers

Buc the Spartan                                                  Y85,000          W       3×3 Dance Number

Mutakddim–Dolly by Golly, Not For Love

Satin Kddin                                                          Y2,000            W       4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Satin Sammi, Private Terms

Senu Warrior                                                       Y22,000         UR      4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–War of the Roses, Lord At War

Kokeeno                                                                 T5,481            W        3×4 Playmate

Nightofthegaelics–Diamond Maiden, Diamond Sword

Jojo’s Bandit                                                         Y70,000        UR       3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Chase It Down, Polish Numbers

Almost Jackson                                                    Y24,000         W        3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Runs Numbers, Polish Numbers

Scarlet Love                                                           Y82,000         W        5×5 Glamour

Not For Love–Scarlet Tango, French Deputy

Ring the Bell                                                          T32,000         W       3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Polish Spender, Polish Numbers

Currency Crisis                                                      T2,200          UR      5×5 Busanda

Out of the Crisis–Sparksadasical, Mr. Sparkles

Down Town Miss                                                  T11,000         UR      3×5 Busanda

Polish Navy–Uptown Chic, Cox’s Ridge

Dealt Gold                                                              T20,000        UR      4×5 Glamour

Polish Numbers–Gold Huntress, Hunting Hard

Shirley’svalentine                                                   Y4,500          W       5×5 Glamour

Prince of the Mt.–Trixie Dixie, Nelson

Sugar Plum Time                                                    T5,000          W       5×5 Glamour

Private Terms–Chris’ Rocket Girl, Seattle Dancer

Return With Honor                                               Y20,000       UR      5×4 Searching

Roar–Caspian Tern, Arctic Tern

At the Bada Bing                                                      Y2,300       SPW     4×5 Admiring

Roar–Dontletmysizefoolu, Tossofthecoin

San Bellarmino                                                        Y15,000        W        5×5 Glamour

Scorpion–Parcae, Woodman

Way too Cool                                                            Y52,000      UR       4×4 Busanda

Silver Charm–Naval Talk, Polish Navy

Charming Silence                                                     Y9,000       UR        4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Woodsia, Woodman

Northern Report                                                     Y160,000      W         5×5 Intriguing

Snow Ridge–Annasan, Corporate Report

Anfitrione                                                                  Y52,000       W         5×4 Intriguing

Three Wonders–Great Girlfriend, Private Account

Makeover Me                                                             Y4,500         W        4×3 Playmate

Three Wonders–Princess Shine, Chromite

Prince Woodman                                                     T65,000      SPW      4×5 Glamour

Woodman–Queen Mama, Seattle Slew


Arnie’s Pick                                                                T25,000       UR      5×5 Intriguing

Acceptable–Broad Account, Broad Brush

Decoding Secrets                                                      T17,000         W        5×4 Busanda

Aptitude–Going Ashore, Polish Navy

Cool C Note                                                               W12,000        W       5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–No Stopping, Unbridled

Double Understand                                                 Y17,000       GSP      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Double Entendre, Double Negative

Isabella’s Girl                                                            Y25,000         W       5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Effie Bland, Mining

Kera’s Cookie                                                            T10,000          W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Mi Cookie, Fast Play

Buzz Babe                                                                     Y500            UR     4×3 Intriguing

Buzz Saw–Stately Babe, A Title

Aerial Stunt                                                                  Y892            UR      5×4 Blue-Eyed Momo

Digital Dan–Aerial Lass, Ship Leave

Bright Raile                                                                 Y5,500          UP      5×5 Glamour

Doneraile Court–Bright Asset, Private Account

One Smooth Stone                                                   Y100,000       UP      5×5 Glamour

Doneraile Court–Carpenter’s Lace, Woodman

Silent Rage                                                                   Y1,000          PL      5×5 Glamour

Doneraile Court–Leaf Storm, Woodman

Cannonville                                                                  Y5,500          W       5×5 Glamour

Event of the Year–Swingtime Music, Woodman

Sam Angelo                                                                  Y4,500          W       3×3 Wild Applause

Flatter–It’s an Echo, Eastern Echo

Sky Lake                                                                       Y60,000       UR      5×5 Glamour

General Meeting–Lake of the Woods, Woodman

Mexican Duchess                                                         Y1,300         PL      4×4 Busanda

Ghazi–Governance, Affirmed

Snowport                                                                       Y15,000       PL      4×5 Busanda

Ghazi–Snow Cove, Alysheba

Mr Super Sonic                                                              Y7,230        W       2×3 Never Knock

Go for Gin–Tempolassie, Pleasant Tap

Kesie                                                                                Y27,000     UR      5×4 Blue-Eyed Momo

Honour and Glory–Sun Luck, Conquistador Cielo

Moonlight Raffle                                                            W1,200     UP      4×3 Numbered Account

Mojave Moon–Raffle, Polish Numbers

Shordawatyadrink                                                          Y2,700      W       4×3 Numbered Account

Mojave Moon–Expedia, Polish Numbers

Morereadythanever                                                      Y32,000     W        5x5x5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Canadian Alliance, Private Terms

Been Ready                                                                    W97,000   UR       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Jouled Rhythms, Silver Deputy

Miss Challenge                                                              Y150,000    W       5×4 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Full Figure, Polish Numbers

Ready Or Not                                                                  Y6,000       W       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Surprise Valley, Valley Crossing

Morereadythannot                                                         T30,000    W       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Surprise Valley, Valley Crossing

Jessica’s Tak                                                                   Y16,000     PL      4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Brunswick Star, Brunswick

Gulf Coast Special                                                          Y10,000     W      4×5 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Faithful Heart, Miner’s Mark

Taktical Flight                                                                  Y1,000     UR     5×5 Busanda

Mutakddim–Fearless Flight, Ghazi

Crazy Kloppe                                                                    Y1,200      UR     5×4 Intriguing

Mutakddim–Speedy Suzy, Verification

Buc the Spartan                                                              T45,000    W      3×3 Dance Number

Mutakddim–Dolly by Golly, Not For Love

Nasreen                                                                            Y24,000     W      5×5 Glamour

Not For Love–Student Wife, Seattle Slew

Scarlet Love                                                              T170,000    W      5×5 Glamour

Not For Love–Scarlet Tango, French Deputy

Navys Baby                                                           Y4,000     PL     3×5 Busanda, 4×5 Businesslike

Polish Baby–Barbara Phoebe, Chidester

Channel Fever                                                     T15,000    UR      3×5 Busanda

Polish Navy–Silka, Shuailaan

Proud Mama                                                         Y3,200     UR      5×5 Busanda

Proud Citizen–Hash It Out, Lost Code

Retro                                                                      W2,200     W       5×5 Busanda

Pure Precision–Chance for Snow, Frosty the Snowman

Northern Tribute                                                 T1,400      UP      3×3 Glowing Tribute

Roar–Sing With Me, Hero’s Honor

Returnto Karakorum                                          Y9,000      W       4×3 Numbered Account

Say Florida Sandy–Return to Me, Polish Numbers

Major Dome                                                        Y68,000     W      4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Gallant Number, Polish Numbers

Wood Be Charming                                           Y17,000       W      4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Mama Dean, Woodman

Snorkey                                                                Y13,000       W       4×5 Glamour

Silver Charm–Park City Gal, Woodman

Au Chocolat                                                         Y30,000     UR       5×5 Admiring

Smoke Glacken–Enjoy, Roar

Snowboard Ridge                                                Y1,000        W        5×5 Intriguing

Snow Ridge–Scheming Broad, Broad Brush

Johnny Snow                                                       Y14,000      UR       5×5 Intriguing

Snow Ridge–Concise, Corporate Report

unnamed                                                                Y1,100        UR       5×4 Intriguing

Three Wonders–Great Girlfriend, Private Account

Makeover Me                                                         T5,500        W        4×3 Playmate

Three Wonders–Princess Shine, Chromite

Papo C                                                                     T16,000      W        5×5 Busanda

Thunderello–Clouds of Mist, Sea Hero

Globalization                                                         Y120,000     W       4×4 Busanda

Touch Gold–In the Limelight, Polish Navy

Innocenttillproven                                               Y125,000     UR      5×5 Glamour

Vindication–Clever Monique, Clever Trick

Doll Pattern                                                           Y40,000       W       5×5 Glamour

Vindication–Wood Pattern, Woodman

Seldom See Sherri                                                W6,000       UR       4×5 Glamour

Woodman–Theyrplayinoursong, Seattle Dancer

Poseidon’s Son                                                     T40,000        W       4×5 Glamour

Woodman–Anex, Seattle Slew

Irish Mayhem                                                      Y135,000       W      3×4 Intriguing

Woodman–Adventurous Di, Private Account

De Carpenter                                                         Y2,000         UP     3×5 Intriguing

Woodman–Kate’s Law, Corporate Report


Afternoon Light                                                   Y2,700           UR      5×5 Intriguing

Afternoon Deelites–Majestic Special, Majestic Light

My Hearts Delight                                               W2,200         UR      3×3 Never Knock

Albert the Great–Moscow Tap, Moscow Ballet

Shantaram                                                            Y10,000          W      5×4 Intriguing

Aldebaran–Gallant Dancer, Seattle Dancer

Cosmic Warning                                                Y100,000         W      4×3 Numbered Account

Aldebaran–Many Smiles, Polish Numbers

Indy’s Spell                                                         Y350,000         W      5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Charm, Polish Numbers

Dogwoods Lance                                                W15,000          W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Wood Dixie Dance, Woodman

Brookstein                                                           Y15,000           W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Brook Trout, Wavering Monarch

Booboo Bee                                                         Y30,000          W       5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Elaine’s Booboo, Pertsemlidis

Bronze Fox                                                           Y3,500            W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Elegant Fox, Foxhound

Yankee Rooster                                                   Y50,000         PL     5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Empress of Troy, Dr. Caton

Fauna Silvestre                                                   Y60,000          W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Fauna, Woodman

Off Paper                                                               Y6,200           W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Kaneohe Bay, Touch Gold

Flying the Flag                                                    Y50,000         PL      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Misedge, Miswaki

Le Bee                                                                   Y13,000           W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Miss Le Berthon, El Gran Senor

Cool C Note                                                         Y100,000        W      5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–No Stopping, Unbridled

Sunny Bird                                                           Y50,000         W      5x5x5 Busanda

Bernstein–Sun Spray, Woodman

Ladinsky                                                               Y47,000         UP    5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Tanzanite Lady, With Approval

Isabella’s Girl                                                      T20,000          W     5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Effie Bland, Mining

Pyrite Bernie                                                        T11,000          PL    5x5x5 Busanda

Bernstein–La Veta Madre, Mining

Full Horse Power                                                W9,000          W      5×5 Busanda

Black Mambo–Scarlet Combo, Scarlet Ibis

Linedropper                                                        Y10,000         UR      5×5 Busanda

Eavesdropper–Turkish Taffy, Turkoman

Ryman                                                                 Y100,000       PL      4×5 Glowing Tribute

Elusive Quality–Letgomyecho, Menifee

Flatter Me Again                                                 Y2,500          W        3×3 Wild Applause

Flatter–It’s an Echo, Eastern Echo

Old Dorothy                                                         Y1,200          UP       5×5 Busanda

Hero’s Tribute–Fast Mouse, Fast Play

Willhewin                                                             Y3,700          UP       3×4 Glowing Tribute

Hero’s Tribute–Grand Tiara, Roar

Robs Hero                                                            Y10,750         W        5×5 Busanda

Hero’s Tribute–Mi Cookie, Fast Play

Ridehmlikeustolehm                                            Y600           PL       5×5 Glamour

Kentucky Lucky–Toowildtodrive, Loyal Double

Fully                                                                      Y10,500         UR      4×5 Marking Time

Lion Hearted–Full Life, Norquestor

Solder                                                                    Y20,000        PL       2×3 Lady Winborne

Lost Soldier–Affordable Fantasy, Al Mamoon

Missing in Action                                                 Y7,000          UP      4×5 Searching

Lost Soldier–Titled Miss, Sir Ivor

Galashiels                                                             Y22,000         W        5×5 Busanda

Maria’s Mon–Raney Raney, It’s Freezing

Edward Longshanks                                          W145,000      SP       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Amour Mio, Private Terms

Swinginfromarainbo                                          W95,000       UP       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Liszy, A.P. Indy

Gumption                                                             Y133,500        W      5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Golden Rhythm, Rhythm

Been Ready                                                         Y110,000        UR      5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Jouled Rhythms, Silver Deputy

Taeyangui Mabeopsa                                          Y1,200           PL       5×5 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Liszy, A.P. Indy

Campaneris                                                           Y3,500          UR      4×4 Good Landing

More Than Ready–Shortstop Sal, Ghazi

Winthrop House                                                  Y40,000         W      5×4 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Why You, Polish Numbers

Gold Accountess                                                   Y7,500          PL      4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–French Feminina, French Deputy

Missy Miner                                                          Y20,000        W       4×5 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Miner’s Friend, Miner’s Mark

Gulf Coast Special                                                Y30,000        W       4×5 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Faithful Heart, Miner’s Mark

Flipped Over You                                                  Y3,800          W       4×4 Numbered Account

Mutakddim–Jena, Cobra King

Hello Lover                                                            Y105,000       W       3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Chemise, Secret Hello

One Tough Love                                                     Y6,500         UR      3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–One Tough Number, Polish Numbers

Profit                                                                        Y20,000        W      3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Refugee, Unaccounted For

Love Treasures                                                       Y32,000        W      3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Ten Treasures, Coronado’s Quest

Not Up for Love                                                  Y19,000        W       3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Up We Go, Waquoit

Navys Baby                                                       T13,000     PL       3×5 Busanda, 4×5 Businesslike

Polish Navy–Barbara Phoebe, Chidester

Proud Nicholas                                                 Y6,000      W        5×5 Busanda

Proud Citizen–Lady Heroine, Sea Hero

Retro                                                                  Y11,000      W       5×5 Busanda

Pure Precision–Chance for Snow, Frosty the Snowman

Early Applause                                               T100,000    UP      2×3 Wild Applause

Roar–Early Early Echo, Eastern Echo

Ross and Roll                                              Y4,000      W      4×3 Glowing Tribute, 5×5 Busanda

Rossini–Emelinda, Sea Hero

River Saar                                                     Y5,500       W       5x5x5 Busanda

Saarland–One Neat Trick, Phone Trick

Snakesngators                                             W1,500      W       4×3 Numbered Account

Say Florida Sandy–Runnin’ Numbers, Polish Numbers

unnamed                                                      W10,000   UR      5×5 Intriguing

Snow Ridge–Broad Issue, Broad Brush

Cuenta Privada                                             T9,000      W        5×5 Intriguing

Snow Ridge–Broad Issue, Broad Brush

Harmony Express                                        T16,000     W       5×5 Intriguing

Snow Ridge–Scheming Broad, Broad Brush

Timely Mission                                             Y21,000     W       5×5 Busanda

Strategic Mission–Reality of Love, Big Sal

Follow Me Girls                                            Y4,500      UR      5×4 Busanda

Thunderello–Sea Loving, Polish Navy

Thor’s Roar                                                   T3,500        W       5×5 Busanda

Thunderello–Clouds of Mist, Sea Hero

Globalization                                            T250,000     W       4×4 Busanda

Touch Gold–In the Limelight, Polish Navy

In Larry We Trust                                        Y5,000        W      5×5 Busanda

Trust N Luck–Craft Sands, Crafty Prospector

Back in Artemus                                            Y40,000     UP      5×5 Glamour

Vindication–Woodland Shadow, Woodman

Innocenttillproven                                     T300,000    UR      5×5 Glamour

Vindication–Clever Monique, Clever Trick

unnamed                                                         Y1,422       UR      5×5 Busanda

Where’s the Ring–Sea Grouch, Sea Hero

Go Again Gold                                                Y2,500      UR     5×4 Busanda

Wild Gold–Miff, Beau Genius

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4 Responses to Rasmussen Factor, La Troienne

  1. jim culpepper says:

    While I don’t claim genuine comprehension of the past several months of your numbers, I gather that when a given line becomes fashionable through actual merit at the track and breeding shed, the averaging effect of the bell curve is amplified by everyone trying to make their also rans salable by inbreeding to the fashionable line, hence the rather disappointing long term numbers for the famous breeding lines you have portrayed herein.

    • ddink55 says:

      Yes, I agree that is a reasonable summation. Also, by the time these names get three or four or five generations back in pedigrees, what evidence is there that they have any positive value in the first place??????

      • jim culpepper says:

        For several centuries after horses were domesticated, nature continued to select for horses that started to run “on time” to escape, not for horses that ran ran fast. Consequently, the species average imposes a distribution of offspring such that my racing pigeons produce only a couple of percentage points fewer “race horses” than do do the highest indexing stallions and mares.

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