Rasmussen Factor

A little over two years ago I did a series on the Rasmussen Factor (inbreeding to females within five generations), using sales foals of 1999-2002. That was so much fun I decided to do it all over again, this time with sales foals of 2003-2007. I think y’all should be familiar enough with the format by now that I will dispense with the explanation of the chart. Discussion starts after the chart ends.

Stakes Winners With Rasmussen Factor From Sales Foals of 2003-2007

Name                                              Price               RR                   Inbreeding

Bobbie Use                               03T110,000       205           3×4 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Truth and Beauty, Private Terms

Boomzeeboom                       03T30,000         390           4×4 Gold Digger

Explosive Red–Zee Lady, Unreal Zeal

Boston Raider                       03Y50,000           228          5×5 Victoriana

Boston Harbor–Morgans Raider, Giboulee

Cherry Hill Lady                 03Y12,500              151          4×5 Tamerett

Grand Slam–Casanova Storm, Storm Cat

Claymont                             03Y23,000              136         5×4 Natalma

Bernstein–Miss Crypto, Cryptoclearance

Cowboy Hardware           03Y19,000                413         4×4 Knight’s Daughter

Announce–Proper Promise, Apalachee

Declan’s Moon                 03Y125,000            1,906       5×4 Somethingroyal

Malibu Moon–Vee Vee Star, Norquestor

Dr. Kathy                         03T60,000                 185        3×4 Intriguing

Polish Numbers–Elbow, Woodman

Eishin Lombard            03Y125,000                455        5×5 Cosmah

Victory Gallop–Pacific City, Carson City

Family Guy                    03Y30,000                  312        4×4 Gold Digger

Western Fame–Golden Josselin, Candi’s Gold

French Village              03T100,000                382        4×5 Natalma, 5×5 Almahmoud

Jules–She’s French, Jolie’s Halo

Gallant Fighter            03Y50,000                   193         4×5 Cosmah

Devil His Due–Spirit of Fighter, Gallant Knave

Golden Stravinsky      03Y15,000                    370        5×5 Almahmoud

Stravinsky–Shagdellic, Devil’s Bag

High Blues                  03W190,000                  397        5×5 Somethingroyal

High Yield–Kim’s Blues, Cure the Blues

Hyperbaric                03W10,000                    1,519        5×5 Almahmoud

Sky Classic–Teasing Charm, Skywalker

Indigo Cat                03Y2,600,000                  165         4×5 Natalma

Storm Cat–Bluemamba, Kingmambo

Jeremy                    03W375,000                    1,059        5x5x5 Natalma

Danehill Dancer–Glint in Her Eye, Arazi

Lemon Drop Gal   03Y120,000                       378         5×4 Special

Lemon Drop Kid–Exhilaration, Storm Cat

Level Playingfield   03T15,000                       1,065       4×4 Crimson Saint

Level Sands–Chao Praya, Gold Legend

Malibu Mint           03Y15,000                        1,524        5×5 Somethingroyal, 5×5 Raise You

Malibu Moon–Ivory Mint, Key to the Mint

Master of Disaster   03W12,000                     462          4×5 Tamerett

Dance Master–More d’Amour, Tour d’Or

Mighty Mecke          03Y5,200                         472          3×4 Biddy Big

Mecke–So Cheerful, Fortunate Prospect

My Guy                     03W2,200                        290         5×5 Almahmoud

Private Interview–My Margaret, Parfaitement

Outrageous Queen   03T35,000                     202         5×5 Bold Irish

Wild Event–Cute Move, Cherokee Fellow

Per Curiam               03Y11,500                       140          5×5 Lalun

Judge T C–Miss Iron Quill, Iron Constitution

Perfectperformance   03Y1,100,000             599          5×5 Almahmoud

Rahy–Balistroika, Nijinsky II

Queansco                    03Y600                          414          5×5 Somethingroyal

Humming–Century Storm, Eastern Bazaar

Ready’s Gal               03Y120,000                   1,610        5×4 Gold Digger

More Than Ready–Exquisite Mistress, Nasty and Bold

Ready to Please       03W75,000                     642          5×5 Gold Digger

More Than Ready–Guilty Pleasure, Pine Bluff

Round Pond            03Y105,000                   3,399        4×5 Victoria Regina

Awesome Again–Gift of Dance, Trempolino

Sir Jackie                 03Y5,000                          446         5×5 Almahmoud

Sweetsouthernsaint–Reen’s Racer, Compliance

Summer Raven     03Y200,000                      369         5×5 Missy Baba

Summer Squall–Rahy Rose, Rahy

Sweet Win             03T10,000                          463         4×5 Little Hut

King of Kings–Win for Juno, St. Jovite

Thunder Touch     03T95,000                         605        4×4 Snow Flyer

Gulch–Highland Vixen, Highland Ruckus

Time to Divorce    03Y13,500                          198        4×5 Almahmoud

Halo’s Image–Stormy Divorce, Storm Bird

Tax Refund           03Y270,000                        518        5×5 Aspidistra

Artax–Dreamscape, Mt. Livermore

Woodlander         03Y350,000                        730        5×5 Sequence

Forestry–Madam Lagonza, Kingmambo

Amandatude         04Y58,000                          509       5×5 Almahmoud, 5×5 Somethingroyal

Aptitude–Heavenliness, Lord Avie

Bai and Bai            04Y3,200                           1,625      5×5 Raise You

Falstaff–Bai Shun, Fappiano

Belgravia              04W190,000                        327       5×5 Somethingroyal

Mr. Greeley–Peaks Mill, Stalwart

Borrowing Base   04Y60,000                          715        5×5 Pocahontas

Personal Flag–Bonita Chica, Turkoman

Catch My Fancy   04Y50,000                         348        3×2 Monique Rene

Yes It’s True–Walk Away Rene, Gold Alert

Church Service     04Y32,000                         790        5×5 Somethingroyal

Pulpit–To Be Approved, With Approval

Country Vision     04Y27,000                         157         5×5 Raise You

Cahill Road–Country Dream, Country Pine

Direct Connect    04Y11,000                          447         5×5 Plum Cake

General Meeting–Mama Mama, Bonus Money

Fifth Avenue       04Y90,000                          210         5×4 Lady Be Good

Monarchos–Shop Here, Dehere

Golden Hunt      04Y55,000                           357         3×5 Gold Digger

Gold Alert–Insearchofgold, Herat

Gower                  04T45,000                           363         5×5 Aspidistra

Mecke–Hidden Intent, Pentelicus

Greenstreet         04W35,000                         207          5×5 Natalma

Street Cry–Very Popular, Deputy Minister

Guiding Hand      04Y4,000                           486          5×5 Misty Morn

Helmsman–Sarah’s Echo, Compliment

Highland Games   04Y80,000                       550          4×5 Natalma

Game Plan–Evergreen Beauty, Hurlingham

Jazil                         04Y725,000                     1,291        5×5 Traffic Court

Seeking the Gold–Better Than Honour, Deputy Minister

Keyed Entry          04Y145,000                        823        4×5 Grand Splendor

Honour and Glory–Ava Knowsthecode, Cryptoclearance

La Traviata           04W75,000                          429        5×5 Grand Splendor

Johannesburg–Piedras Negras, Unbridled

Meadow Blue       04Y10,000                           423        5×5 Nothirdchance

Meadow Monster–Arboresque, Cure the Blues

Mecke Daugther    04W11,000                        546        5×5 Aspidistra

Mecke–B. J. Telicus, Pentelicus

My Great Love       04Y5,500                            370       5×5 Flower Bowl

Albert the Great–Holy Love, Holy Bull

Palace Episode       04Y100,000                       875       4×5 Natalma

Machiavellian–Palace Weekend, Seattle Dancer

Queen Razyana         04Y1,300                         312       4x4x5x4 Natalma

Anziyan–Missionary Kid, Robin des Pins

Seven Nation Army     04Y15,000                    313       5×5 Glamour

General Meeting–Swingtime Music, Woodman

She’s All Silk                 04Y7,500                      518       5×4 Somethingroyal

Delineator–Shimmer of Silk, Drone

Silence Dogood           04W160,000                 225      5×5 Somethingroyal

Grand Slam–Crystal Vous, Crystal Water

Silly Little Mama            04Y5,700                   350        5×5 Kerala

Old Topper–White Truffle, Dehere

Smart and Fancy           04Y47,000                 1,826      5×5 Almahmoud

Not For Love–Substitute Teacher, Shelter Half

Smokin Forest                04T210,000                238        5×5 Sequence

Forestry–Oxford Scholar, Seeking the Gold

Snowbound Halo              04Y3,000                  197        5×5 Nothirdchance

Snowbound–Sunny Sunset, Sonny’s Solo Halo

Sparkling Pink                  04Y45,000                306        4×5 Victoria Regina

Marquetry–Ribbons, Beau Genius

Star Dabbler                    04Y180,000               620        4×5 Nothirdchance

Saint Ballado–Meadow Silk, Meadowlake

Unification                     04Y125,000                  389        5×5 Almahmoud

Dixie Union–Devil’s Orchid, Devil’s Bag

Union Avenue              04Y300,000                  704       4×5 Somethingroyal

Gone West–Miss Union Avenue, Steinlen

Abby Road                    05Y210,000                    141       4x4x4 Natalma

Danehill–Bells Are Ringing, Sadler’s Wells

Alice Belle                      05Y18,000                      318      5×4 Natalma

Street Cry–Camporese, Sadler’s Wells

Apple Special                05W10,000                     328      5×5 Almahmoud

Outflanker–Apple Juice, Pleasant Tap

A True Pussycat            05T47,000                      577       4×5 Missy Baba

Yes It’s True–Cool Pussycat, Tabasco Cat

Barkley Sound              05Y170,000                    180       4×5 Almahmoud

Dixieland Band–Class On Class, Jolie’s Halo

Beacon Shine                05T200,000                   307         4×4 Old Bess

Montbrook–Unlimited Pleasure, Valid Appeal

Big Timer                       05Y15,000                     465          5×4 Natalma

Street Cry–Moonflute, The Minstrel

Catman Running         05Y65,000                     226          5×5 Somethingroyal

Tactical Cat–Nurse Dopey, Dr. Blum

Cowtown Cat                05Y135,000                  1,062         5×5 Pocahontas

Distorted Humor–Tom’s Cat, Storm Cat

Diamondrella               05Y185,000                  1,926         5x5x5x4 Natalma

Rock of Gibraltar–Tap Your Feet, Dixieland Band

Eldon’s Effort                05Y35,000                     170          3×4 Drumtop

Storm Boot–Sandpiper, Rahy

Famous Gal                    05Y24,000                     321         4×4 Gold Digger

Western Fame–Golden Josselin, Candi’s Gold

Forest Huntress           05Y110,000                     228          5×5 Sequence

Forestry–Chasseresse, Jade Hunter

Genuine Devotion       05Y90,000                       676          5x5x5x5 Natalma

Rock of Gibraltar–Starlight Dreams, Black Tie Affair

Good and Lucky          05T32,000                       1,075        5×4 Key Bridge

Wild Rush–Shannon’s Innocent, Accused

Hisse                             05W40,000                       830        5×5 Kerala

Buddha–Street Beat, Dixie Brass

Howsitgoinghotshot    05Y33,016                       254        3×5 Victoria Regina

Regal Remark–La Belle Bleu, Beau Genius

Key’s Band                    05Y43,000                      829         4×5 Foggy Note

Chimes Band–Quickkey, Devon Lane

Kingsfield                     05T32,000                      443           5x5x5 Pocahontas

Ecton Park–Sinfully Delicious, Notebook

Lomaki                        05Y425,000                     427           5×5 Glamour

A.P. Indy–Debit Account, Mr. Prospector

Mad Rush                  05Y80,000                        502            5×4 Special

Lemon Drop Kid–Revonda, Sadler’s Wells

Mint Lane                 05W110,000                      699          5×5 High Voltage

Maria’s Mon–Sister Girl, Conquistador Cielo

Miss Challenge        05W100,000                      224            5×4 Intriguing

More Than Ready–Full Figure, Polish Numbers

Mulcahy                   05Y27,000                           449           4×4 Victoria Regina

Tribunal–Briar de La Rose, Regal Companion

Notional                    05Y77,00                            1,433          4×4 La Morlaye

In Excess–Truly Blessed, French Deputy

Pavarotti                05Y2,500,000                        252            5×5 Glamour, 5×5 Miss Disco

A.P. Indy–Snow Forest, Woodman

Quite Acceptable    05Y18,000                             197            5×5 Intriguing

Acceptable–Quite a Rapper, Dixieland Band

Red Zipper             05T40,000                              604            5×4 My Dear Girl

City Zip–Lady in Red, Red Attack

Rock Star Show     05Y20,000                             1,129           4×5 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Arsaan, Nureyev

Spirited Away        05Y290,000                            234           4×4 Square Generation

Awesome Again–Cape North, Capote

Smokey Stover      05T140,000                           1,369           5×5 Grand Splendor

Put It Back–Milady’s Halo, Jolie’s Halo

Stevie Wonderboy   05T100,000                       1,759            3×3 Weekend Surprise

Stephen Got Even–Heat Lightning, Summer Squall

Storm Allied            05Y70,000                            429             5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Aliata, Mr. Prospector

Street Sounds        05Y400,000                          1,006           5×5 Natalma

Street Cry–Rare Opportunity, Danzig Connection

Summer Doldrums   05Y150,000                      1,328           5×5 Natalma

Street Cry–Dance for Dixie, Unaccounted For

Teuflesberg                  05Y9,000                         1,122            5×4 State

Johannesburg–St. Michele, Devil’s Bag

Wollaston Bay             05Y8,500                           247           5×5 Somethingroyal

Sea of Secrets–Wollaston’s Baby, Wollaston

Victory Tetsuni          05Y325,000                        424           5×5 Persian Maid

Gone West–Radu Cool, Carnivalay

Yaqeen                       05Y400,000                         151           5×5 Lalun

Green Desert–Lady Elgar, Sadler’s Wells

Alma d’Oro               06W75,000                       729        5×4 Natalma

Medaglia d’Oro–Brenda D S, Fortunate Prospect

Amie’s Legend         06Y180,000                  204    3×3 Numbered Account, 5×5 Almahmoud

Not For Love–Lunar’s Legend, Polish Numbers

Atoned                       06Y65,000                     938        5×3 Shenanigans

Repent–Amidst, Icecapade

Avie’s Tale               06Y110,000                      310        5×5 Somethingroyal

Tale of the Cat–Fly for Avie, Lord Avie

Bee Cee Cee           06W100,000                     281         5×4 Old Bess

Songandaprayer–Mighty Rose, Mighty Appealing

Champagne Eyes   06Y30,000                       328        5×5 Somethingroyal

Flatter–Corking, Sensitive Prince

Cry and Catch Me   06Y150,000                    626         5×5 Natalma

Street Cry–Please Sign In, Doc’s Leader

Exotic Bloom           06T65,000                    457           4×5 Bebop II

Montbrook–Melegant, Kris S.

Golden Spikes         06Y250,000                  791           4×5 Sequence

Seeking the Gold–A. P. Interest, A.P. Indy

Highland Torree      06Y35,000                  306          5×5 Mumtaz Begum

Menifee–Highland Tootsie, Highland Blade

Idonea                      06Y60,000                    123           3×3 Height of Fashion

Swain–Ivastar, Alwasmi

Karama                  06W130,000                   274            5×4 Gold Digger

Macho Uno–Royal Confection, Candi’s Gold

Krz Exec                06Y99,407                        709           4×5 Victoriana

Bold Executive–Krz Lady, Regal Intention

Kwik                      06Y23,000                        235          5×5 Gold Digger

Jump Start–Hot Time, Gilded Time

Love for Not         06Y60,000                       419           3×3 Numbered Account

Not For Love–Go Nicholas Go, Polish Numbers

Marie Soleil         06Y25,000                        311            5×5 Misty Morn

Louis Quatorze–Lullaby’s Melody, Ziggy’s Boy

Miss Mary Pat    06Y160,000                      303           5×5 Victoriana

Service Stripe–Missadryannaatto, Green Dancer

My Baby Baby     06Y50,000                       910          5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Sarah Darling, Wavering Monarch

Prenuptial          06T150,000                      220         4×4 Charedi

Broken Vow–Global Finance, End Sweep

Riley Tucker     06Y475,000                       782         5×4 Alanesian

Harlan’s Holiday–My Sweet Country, Bold Ruckus

Seventh Street    06Y100,000                  1,516        5×5 Natalma

Street Cry–Holiday Runner, Meadowlake

Sly Storm           06Y500,000                    436           5×5 Almahmoud

Storm Cat–Brushed Halory, Broad Brush

Soul Warrior     06W175,000                   942           5×5 Nothirdchance

Lion Heart–Urmia, Meadowlake

Spanish Market    06Y10,000                 228            5×5 High Voltage

Marquetry–Angel Lips, Lost Code

Sue’s Sweet Girl    06T50,000                169            4×5 Blue Moon

Meadow Monster–Climb Any Mountain, In Case

Tenjectory             06Y76,815                  293            4×4 Tamerett, 4×5 Gold Digger

Trajectory–Pick Ten, Ten Gold Pots

Tomcito                  06Y7,500                   957             5×5 Natalma

Street Cry–Inside Or Outside, Eastern Echo

Wink At the Girls   06Y3,000                617          3×5 Cosmah, 4×5 Almahmoud

Halo’s Image–Coloring Book, Mari’s Book

Wise Mandate       06Y12,000               208            5×5 Flaming Page

Perfect Mandate–Baroness V Ullmann, Bold Badgett

Yankee Bravo        06Y17,000                463           4×3 Crimson Saint

Yankee Gentleman–Vickey Jane, Royal Academy

Annihilation         07Y115,000              426             4×4 Special

Northern Afleet–Exhilaration, Storm Cat

Big Truck              07T90,000               670            5×5 Almahmoud

Hook and Ladder–Just a Ginny, Go for Gin

Blushing Dixie     07Y290,000            236             5×5 Hidden Talent

Dixie Union–Broad Queen, Broad Brush

Bow Tie Pasta       07Y62,000              351             4×4 Foggy Note

Champali–Betty Spaghetti, Honour and Glory

Concord Point      07Y70,000             1,169            5×4 Foggy Note

Tapit–Harve de Grace, Boston Harbor

Fastin Bear          07W57,000               286             5×5 Victoriana

Forest Camp–Regal ‘n Bold, Bold Executive

Hatfield                07Y70,000                272            5×5 Somethingroyal

Proud Citizen–Key Flight, Bates Motel

High Resolve      07T135,000               953           5×5 Grey Flight

Put It Back–Shari’s Glory, On to Glory

Insolito                 07Y15,000                 128          5×5 Somethingroyal

Storm Boot–Treasure Mine, Forty Niner

Island Time        07W52,000                229           5×4 Gold Digger

Trippi–Queen Candance, Candi’s Gold

Ju Jitsu Jax        07Y57,000                1,003         5x4x5 Somethingroyal

Tiger Ridge–Carol’s Amore, Two Punch

Letter of the Law    07W4,000             193            5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Feather Boa, Saint Ballado

Lucky Halo              07Y4,700               122            5×5 Almahmoud

Brahms–Santo Mio, Southern Halo

Megan’s Tough Love   07Y50,000      167           5×5 Almahmoud

Rahy–Silent Partner, Capote

Mona de Momma      07Y100,000      984           5×5 Pocahontas

Speightstown–Society Gal, Linkage

Noisy Feet                   07Y55,000        302           5×5 Killaloe

Tapit–Victory Road, Ikari

Passion                        07T260,000      516           4×3 Tamerett

Came Home–Rajmata, Known Fact

Performing Dancer    07Y5,500          202      5×4 Flaming Page, 5×5 Somethingroyal

Performing Magic–Milkmustache, Green Dancer

Proud Jefe                07Y160,000         245        5×5 Natalma

Proud Citizen–Besige, Polish Numbers

Quindici Man           07Y12,000          912          5×5 Somethingroyal

Came Home–Humble, Valiant Nature

Redreamit               07Y40,000           186          5×3 Foggy Note

Tapit–Dreamsport, Relaunch

Saucey Evening      07Y160,000         668        3×3 Northern Sea

More Than Ready–Jeweled Lady, General Meeting

Signature Red          07Y77,000          1,175        5×5 Busanda

Bernstein–Irish and Foxy, Irish Open

Soul of Nataka         07Y75,000           299        4×5 Somethingroyal

Perfect Soul–Nataka, With Approval

Square Eddie          07Y200,000        1,255       4×4 Smartaire

Smart Strike–Forty Gran, El Gran Senor

Stylish Citizen          07Y35,000          249          5x5x5 Natalma

Proud Citizen–Informative Style, Dayjur

Sunday Sunrise       O7Y50,000          249          3×3 Miesque

Lemon Drop Kid–Sun Is Up, Sunday Silence

Ten Churros            07Y10,000           244          3×4 Rose Bower

High Brite–Grana, Miswaki

Tiger’s Rock           07Y300,000          331          4×3 South Ocean

Giant’s Causeway–Call Me Fleet, Afleet

Tropa de Elite          07Y25,000           217           5×5 Natalma

Street Cry–Cincinnatti, Midnight Tiger

Uno Mas                  07Y150,000          324            4×4 Ta Wee

Macho Uno–Queen Majesty, Regal Classic

First a note on housekeeping. For sales foals of 1999-2002 I divided Japanese earnings by 8.5 in calculating Performance Points. For sales foals of 2003-2007 I lowered that number to five because I thought the gap between Japanese and other earnings was narrowing, and I wanted to be a little more conservative.

Eishin Lombard is an example. He won one legitimate G3 race in Japan and earned $1,245,148. So he earned 200 Performance Points for the G3 win and 249 points for this earnings for a total of 449. Those earning were from BRIS. I checked the TJC data base and found somewhat higher earnings there. So he is listed in the chart above as having 455 Performance Points.

Racehorse Breeding Theories offers the following definition: “The Rasmussen Factor (RF) occurs when there is a duplication of a female ancestor, between the individual’s sire and dam, within five generations (5×5 or closer).” Not everyone totally agrees with that definition. I will deal with that discussion later.

There are 170 stakes winners listed in the chart above. If those 170 stakes winners were achieved from 4,000 foals, the results would be pretty good. If 4,500 foals, the results would be slightly above average. If 5,000 foals, the results would be below average.

In fact there were 5,110 foals with the RF among these sales foals of 2003-2007. That represents 7.23% of the total of 70,714 foals. That is very close to what it was for sales foals of 1999-2002 (3,886 of 54,244 foals, or 7.16%, over four years).

So the percentage has risen slightly, and the results are below average. I will demonstrate the latter in some detail.

The 5,110 RF foals sold for a gross of $314,777,593, an average of $61,600, and a maverage of 172.93. That is higher than the overall figures for all 70,714 foals (average of $54,140 and maverage of 163.11). So the RF foals sold for higher prices. They should have produced better results. They did not.

Of these 5,110 RF foals, 170 (3.33%) were stakes winners. That is just slightly below the results for the overall group (2,373 stakes winners from 70,714 foals, or 3.36%).

The 2,373 stakes winners in the overall group earned a total of 1,431,157 Performance Points, an average of 603 apiece. The 170 RF stakes winners earned a total of 94,827 Performance Points, an average of 558 apiece (well below the overall average of 603).

This lack of quality among the 170 RF stakes winners can be documented another way. Only one of those 170 RF stakes winners (Round Pond, 3,399) earned 2,000+ Performance Points. That is 0.59% of all 170 stakes winners. Overall, 87 of the 2,387 stakes winners (3.67%) earned 2,000+ Performance Points. Those 170 RF stakes winners should have included four or five (4.6, to be exact) with 2,000+ Performance Points. They actually included only one. That is a big reason their results are below average.

The 70,714 overall foals earned a total of 1,431,157 Performance Points, an average of 20.24 apiece. The 5,110 RF foals earned a total of 94,827 Performance Points, an average of 18.56 apiece. That means the 5,110 RF foals had a PPI (Performance Points Index) of 0.917 (18.56 divided by 20.24), making them about 8.3% BELOW the overall average of 1.00.

I mentioned that the 5,110 RF foals had a maverage of 172.93. That translates into a Price Index of 1.06 (172.93 divided by the overall maverage of 163.11). So the 5,110 RF foals sold for prices about 6% HIGHER than average and produced results about 8.3% BELOW average.

For sales foals of 1999-2002, the corresponding figures were a Price Index of 1.0436 and a PPI of 0.975. So the gap between price and performance has widened from sales foals of 1999-2002 to sales foal of 2003-2007.

I mentioned that not everyone is in total agreement with the definition of RF listed above. Earlier versions included the adjective “superior” in describing the name being duplicated. If we define superior as a mare who was either a stakes winner herself or who produced at least one stakes winner, how would that affect the results???????

Very, very little. Only 69 of the 5,110 foals would be eliminated using that definition of “superior.” Thirty of them would be eliminated because the name duplicated is Mixed Marriage, who is considered a “star” mare (the female equivalent of a chef-de-race, for whatever that is worth). Those 30 actually sold pretty well (average of $76,502 and maverage of 216.93) but produced no stakes winners.

Twenty-one would be eliminated because the name duplicated was Bebop II. Those 21 sold for an average of $35,283 and a maverage of 151.24 and produced one stakes winner, Exotic Bloom (457 Performance Points).

Another 18 would be eliminated because of a variety of names. Those 18 sold poorly (average of $18,982 and maverage of 96.33) and produced no stakes winners. So overall, 69 would be eliminated. Those 69 sold for an average of $48,952, a maverage of 165.48, and produced one stakes winner, Exotic Bloom.

So if you eliminated those 69 foals, the resulting PPI would be 0.925 (up from 0.917), and the resulting Price Index would be 1.061 (up from 1.06). Very little difference.

And who is to say that Mixed Marriage and Bebop II were not “superior” in the first place???? If names of mares of little or no distinction are duplicated, it is because SOMEONE has instructed people that inbreeding to mares is good (period).

At this point I would like to consult the readership on a matter of procedure. I am disinclined to list all 5,110 foals and their pedigrees for two reasons. The first is because I get the impression that the readers are not particularly interested in these big long lists of foals and their pedigrees. The second is because it is a lot of work and not worth doing if no one is gonna peruse the results (though it would be a DIFFERENT story if someone were willing to PAY me to produce a list of all 5,110 nags and their pedigrees).

I have thought about a series of partial lists. For example, I have mentioned that the four most popular names duplicated among sales foals of 2003-2007 are Somethingroyal, Almahmoud, Natalma, and Gold Digger. I could list all the Somethingroyals in one post, all the Almahmouds in another post, etc.

I have already dealt with duplicating mares from the tail-female family of La Troienne. I have done the same for the family of Rough Shod II but have not posted it yet. Or maybe you the readers have other names you would to see examined in more detail. So I am soliciting suggestions and/or feedback as to what you would or would not like to see with regard to the Rasmussen Factor. I have a lot of data available. I am trying to finger out what particular data would interest the most people.

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