Rasmussen Factor, Rough Shod II

Rasmussen Factor, La Troienne was so much fun that I decided to do it all over again, only this time with Rough Shod II, among the most influential broodmares of the 20th century.

The list below follows the same format. Discussion begins following the list.

Stakes Winners

Name                                     Price                   RR            Inbreeding

Lemon Drop Gal               03Y120,000         378         5×4 Special

Lemon Drop Kid–Exhilaration, Storm Cat

Eldon’s Effort                     05Y35,000          170          3×4 Drumtop

Storm Boot–Sandpiper, Rahy

Mad Rush                           05Y80,000           502         5×4 Special

Lemon Drop Kid–Revonda, Sadler’s Wells

Rock Star Show                 05Y20,000          1,129        4×5 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Arsaan, Nureyev

Storm Allied                       05Y70,000            429         5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Aliata, Mr. Prospector

Annihilation                      07Y115,000            426          4×4 Special

Northern Afleet–Exhilaration, Storm Cat

Letter of the Law               07W4,000              193          5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Feather Boa, Saint Ballado

Not Stakes Winners


Panuco                                   Y32,000                  W         5×5 Rough Shod II

Atticus–Tampico, Sitzmark

Bama Point                            T3,000                   UP         5×5 Thong

Bon Point–Alabama River, Blushing John

Eishin Sullivan                     Y40,000                GSP       4×4 Special

El Prado–Swimmingly, Nashwan

Forever Friends                     Y4,746                    W         5×5 Rough Shod II

Friendly Lover–Regal Day, Bargain Day

Royal Sapphire                      Y80,000                UP        4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Amethyst, Sadler’s Wells

Hashima                                 Y90,000                 PL        4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Fairy Heights, Fairy King

Gabanna                               Y1,200,000              W         4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Star Begonia, Sadler’s Wells

I Am                                          Y5,500                    PL        4×5 Special

King of Kings–American Mambo, Kingmambo

Fat Lear                                    Y14,000                  W        4×5 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Fattaanah, Nureyev

Lear Dancer                             Y5,000                    W        4×4 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–High Style, King Pellinore

Lereyev                                     Y24,000                  W        4×5 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Main Edition, Nureyev

Splendid Dancer                     W2,600                   W        4×4 Special

Miesque’s Son–Brent’s Last Dance, Hermitage

Dancers Prize                           Y4,000                   UR      4×4 Special

Northern Afleet–Merlin’s Dancer, Hermitage

Numerate                                  W5,500                   W       5×4 Rough Shod II

Numerous–Dangerous Type, Air Forbes Won

Quarryman                                Y1,100                    UR      5×5 Rough Shod II

Quarry–Wolf Creek Dancer, Sovereign Dancer

unnamed                                   Y30,000                 UR      5×4 Special

Silic–Aseda, Theatrical

Gold Lupin                                Y280,000               W        5×5 Special

Singspiel–Leave the Mark, Kingmambo

Antifreezette                               Y47,000                W        4×4 Zonah

Storm Boot–Icy Zone, Wild Again

Picture That                                Y17,000                 W       3×4 Drumtop

Storm Boot–Tea Brush, Broad Brush

Froth                                              Y2,500                 PL      5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Fizzi, Rizzi

Isidore                                           Y15,000                PL      5×4 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Frappeur, King Pellinore

Storm ‘n’ Hail                               Y10,500                PL      5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Sabre Dance, Sword Dance

Tugboat                                         T50,000               UR      5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Geriano, Sefapiano

Port Aranasas                               W87,000              W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Sabre Dance, Sword Dance

Gayle’s Fan                                    Y48,500               W      5×5 Rough Shod II

Stravinsky–Cassation, Lear Fan

Oreanda                                          T40,000              PL     5×5 Rough Shod II

Stravinsky–Rangoon Belle, Alysheba

Real Spitfire                                      Y1,100                W      5×5 Gambetta

Suggest–Losing Ground, Cutlass Reality

Sword of Ireland                              W3,500              W      4×5 Thong

Sword Dance–Good Golly, Alwuhush

unnamed                                           W3,700             UR     4×5 Thong

Sword Dance–Joy’s Countess, Geiger Counter

Winning Wonder                             T40,000          SPW    4×3 Thong

Sword Dance–Joy’s Countess, Geiger Counter

Spar Dance                                        Y16,000             W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Sword Dance–Sara Lass, Cutlass

Talking Bear                                      T42,000            PL      4×3 Thong

Sword Dance–Bear With Me, Geiger Counter

Secretive Lady                                    T9,500             UR      5×5 Rough Shod II

Sword Dance–Cahill Lady, Cahill Road

Wild Buster                                         W1,000            UR      5×4 Zonah

Wild Zone–Rachel Lynn, Housebuster

Eishin Badong                                   T150,000           W       5×4 Zonah

Wild Zone–Top Ends Up, Topsider

Dame Lizzie                                          T6,500             UR     5×5 Rough Shod II

World Stage–Doc n Trope, Sitzmark


Mr. Luna                                               W5,800            W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Artax–Araza, Arazi

Artrageous                                           T20,000            W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Artax–Treize, Alysheba

Panuco                                                   T55,000           W        5×5 Rough Shod II

Atticus–Tampico, Sitzmark

Auto Lane                                               Y3,500            UR       4×4 Rough Shod II

Autocracy–Apple Tree Lane, Apalachee

Adelantado                                           Y105,000          UP      4×4 Special

El Prado–Hope’s Ahead, Alwuhush

Eishin Sullivan                                    T360,000         GSP     4×4 Special

El Prado–Swimmingly, Nashwan

Frisky Flyer                                           Y23,000            W        5×5 Rough Shod II

Friendly Lover–Fizzi, Rizzi

Springemfromjail                                  Y4,500             UR      5×3 Thong

Gentlemen–Spring Back, Geiger Counter

Isipingo                                                   Y70,000          GSP      5×4 Special

Horse Chestnut–Lover’s Lover, Woodman

Eau Claire                                               Y37,000           UR       5×4 Special

Horse Chestnut–McCall, Shirley Heights

Big Raise                                                 Y12,000             W       5×4 Special

Horse Chestnut–Raise, Seattle Slew

Gates of Eden                                        Y300,000          PL      4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Amethyst, Sadler’s Wells

Unquenchable                                       Y550,000          UP      4×4 Special

Kingmambo–First Night, Sadler’s Wells

Mighty Mambo                                       Y75,000            W       4×5 Special

Kingmambo–Geisha Girl, Nashwan

Leonian Lady                                          Y350,000         UP      4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Moon Flower, Sadler’s Wells

Pearly King                                              Y200,000         W       4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Mother of Pearl, Sadler’s Wells

Green Dollar                                            Y230,000         UR     4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Strawberry Roan, Sadler’s Wells

Shahin                                                       Y950,000         GSP    4×4 Special

Kingmambo–String Quartet, Sadler’s Wells

Matikanetmakazura                               Y900,000         GSP     4×5 Special

Kingmambo–Sweet and Ready, El Prado

Tak Bun                                                       Y1,700             UR      4×3 Special

King of Kings–Trop Special, Nureyev

King Play                                                     Y9,000             W       4×4 Rough Shod II

K One King–Shecky’s Sister, Green Forest

Betty Bugs Me                                            Y1,000             UR      5×4 Rough Shod II

Laabity–Enchatar, Red Attack

An Khe Pass                                                Y21,000           UR     4×5 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Beaute Dangereuse, Nureyev

Aegean Pearl                                               Y150,000         UP      5×4 Special

Lemon Drop Kidd–Reluctant Diva, Sadler’s Wells

Splendid Dancer                                         Y11,000            W       4×4 Special

Miesque’s Son–Brent’s Last Dance, Hermitage

Mountain Rivera                                        W20,000          W       5×4 Thong

Northern Afleet–Countess Diablo, Diablo

Dancers Prize                                                T5,000           UR      4×4 Special

Northern Afleet–Merlin’s Dancer, Hermitage

Numerous Liaisons                                      Y5,050           UR      3×4 Special

Numerous–Monster Mash, Alwuhush

Emerald Turban                                             W900           UR      4×4 Special

Persian Turban–Abed, Numerous

Magley                                                             Y7,000          PL      5×4 Special

Sahm–Monica Bay, Stately Don

Havasu                                                            Y10,000         W      4×4 Rough Shod II

Serfapiano–Beguiled Again, Geiger Counter

Grand Fappy                                                   Y5,000         UP      4×5 Rough Shod II

Sefapiano–Pure Satin, Cutlass

Day Dream Boy                                              Y8,500          W       5×4 Special

Silic–Forest Song, Robin des Pins

Double Colico                                                W35,000       W       4×5 Zonah

Storm Boot–Launch a Double, Bright Launch

Buenisima                                                      Y20,000      SPW     3×4 Drumtop

Storm Boot–Cherokee Rain, Cherokee Colony

Lightning Bolt                                                Y18,000        W       3×4 Drumtop

Storm Boot–Raria, Rahy

Rockaspell                                                     T22,000          W        5×5 Thong

Royal Anthem–Dance for Thee, Sword Dance

Partly Sunny Skies                                       T12,000          W       4×4 Moccasin

Stormy Atlantic–That’s My Sunshine, Glitterman

L. A. Phil                                                        Y190,000        W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Stravinsky–Mountain View, Mountain Cat

Energy Sun                                                     Y3,500           UR      4×3 Thong

Sword Dance–Blushing Windy, Geiger Counter

Everglades Drifter                                         T8,000           W       4×5 Thong

Sword Dance–Crissy’s Comet, Clever Trick

La Estrella                                                     Y100,000         W       4×5 Thong

Theatrical–Princess Ellen, Tirol

Diva On Grass                                                Y31,076          UR      5×5 Rough Shod II

Theatrical–Strong And Steady, Steady Growth

Benny’s Angel                                                   Y600             UP     5×5 Thong

Vaudeville–Besidestillwaters, Mi Cielo

Zarb’s Pleasure                                               Y2,200          SPW    5×5 Rough Shod II

Zarbyev–Cutlass Fantasy, Cutlass

Mitzy A                                                             Y3,200            W      5×5 Rough Shod II

Zarbyev–Mity City, Reno City


Muiredach                                                      Y25,000           W      3×3 Fairy Bridge

El Prado–Mi Devon, Hermitage

Moteado                                                         Y160,000          W      5×5 Thong

El Prado–No New Tax, Mi Cielo

The Red Storm                                                Y5,000            W       4×5 Special

El Prado–Royal Riff, Kingmambo

Shenaigan                                                       Y80,000          W      4×5 Special

El Prado–Sweet and Firm, Peteski

Adelantado                                                     T60,000          UP     4×4 Special

El Prado–Hope’s Ahead, Alwuhush

Lacadena                                                       W290,000     SPW     3×4 Special

Fasliyev–Butterfly Blue, Sadler’s Wells

Pyrite Beauty                                                  T20,000         W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Friendly Lover–Make Me Beautiful, Mecke

Springemfromjail                                          T20,000        UR      5×3 Thong

Gentlemen–Spring Back, Geiger Counter

Nancy Casey                                                   Y10,000          W      4×4 Special

Geri–Choral Belle, Numerous

Dancing Rebecca                                           W2,200           W      5×5 Thong

Gold Tribute–Dancing Lane, Sword Dance

Oscar Taylor                                                    Y1,000           UR     5×4 Thong

Hap–Hey Mom, Home At Last

Awwal Malika                                                Y125,000         W       4×4 Special

Kingmambo–First Night, Sadler’s Wells

She of the Moon                                            Y475,000        UP      4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Moon Flower, Sadler’s Wells

Lake Periyar                                                    Y450,000        W      5×5 Thong

Kingmambo–Sulk, Selkirk

King Val                                                            Y75,000         UP     4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Valencay, Sadler’s Wells

King Rooney                                                    W11,000         UR     5×4 Special

King Cugat–Miss Annie Rooney, Sadler’s Wells

Kings Party                                                         Y300             UR     4×4 Special

Kings Blood–Spinning Party, Spinning World

Sweet and Sassy                                              Y10,000           W      4×5 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Carinae, Nureyev

Fanlight Fanny                                                Y13,000         SPW    4×5 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Miss Nureyev, Nureyev

Mythical Kid                                                  Y1,400,000     GSP     5×4 Special

Lemon Drop Kid–Myth to Reality, Sadler’s Wells

Mountain Rivera                                             Y57,000           W      5×4 Thong

Northern Afleet–Countessa Diablo, Diablo

Yummy in Da Tummy                                    T5,000            PL     4×5 Special

Northern Spur–Waltzing Camel, Sheikh Albadou

Numerate                                                          T14,500           W      5×4 Rough Shod II

Numerous–Dangerous Type, Air Forbes Won

Al Diva                                                                Y8,461            W      4×5 Thong

One Way Love–Alyancer, Robin des Pins

Glows in the Dark                                            Y8,461            UR     4×4 Special

Porto Foricos–Cinallis, Hermitage

Havasu                                                               T50,000          W      4×4 Rough Shod II

Sefapiano–Beguiled Again, Geiger Counter

Thepathetique                                                  W3,500           W      5×4 Special

Silic–Little Symphony, Theatrical

Ren Can                                                               Y2,000          UR     5×5 Rough Shod II

Skimming–Renkant, Runaway Groom

Double Colico                                                    Y33,000          W      4×5 Zonah

Storm Boot–Launch a Double, Bright Launch

Roses Are Gold                                                  Y70,000         W       5×4 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Five Gold Stars, Mining

Hot Ann Stormy                                                Y32,000        UR      5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Hot Baby, Lear Fan

Sweet Temper                                                   Y105,000        W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Pattern Step, Nureyev

Stormy Sis                                                          T22,000        UR     5×4 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Sister of Darkness, Geiger Counter

Bullsae                                                                Y20,000        PL      4×3 Thong

Stravinsky–Millie Curie, Geiger Counter

Music Night                                                       Y50,000        W       3×4 Special

Stravinsky–Starlyte Girl, Fairy King

Puffinsky                                                            T12,000         UP     5×4 Rough Shod II

Stravinsky–Cheela, Apalachee

L. A. Phil                                                            T150,000        W      5×5 Rough Shod II

Stravinsky–Mountain View, Mountain Cat

Cats Dance Too                                                  T1,200           W      4×4 Thong

Sword Dance–Smart Cat, Storm Cat

Thereses Heat                                                    Y14,000        UR     5×5 Rough Shod II

Unusual Heat–Fleet Sparrow, Cozzene

Wild Buster                                                         T7,500          UR     5×4 Zonah

Wild Zone–Rachel Lynn, Housebuster


Divine Form                                                       W37,000       UR     4×5 Aphonia

Chapel Royal–Dynamite Form, Dynaformer

Greek Joy                                                            Y65,000        PL      4×5 Special

El Prado–Dominique’s Joy, Strawberry Road

Adayinspain                                                        Y16,000         W      4×5 Special

El Prado–Doo Dah Day, Woodman

Oubliette                                                             Y175,000       UP      4×4 Special

El Prado–Miss Lenora, Theatrical

Lobau                                                                   Y30,000        PL     3×5 Special

Fasliyev–Calico Moon, Seeking the Gold

Make Wayfor Norman                                      Y11,000         PL     5×4 Special

Horse Chestnut–Egret, Alwuhush

Cuban Rhythm                                                  Y170,000       PL     4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Kournakova, Sadler’s Wells

Mazloma                                                             Y400,000      PL     4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Opera Aida, Sadler’s Wells

Turbo Fan                                                            T20,000        W      4×4 Rough Shod II

Lear Fan–Apala Princess, Apalachee

Irene’s Irish Kid                                                  Y75,000       PL      5×5 Special

Lemon Drop Kid–El Nora, El Prado

Madame Du Lac                                                 Y70,000       UR      5×5 Special

Lemon Drop Kid–Geisha Girl, Nashwan

Godfrey Queen                                                 W180,000      UP      5×5 Special

Medaglia d’Oro–Star Queen, Kingmambo

Greenapple Martini                                         W145,000       W       5×4 Special

Medaglia d’Oro–Trishyde Slew, Seattle Slew

Kit Jr.                                                                     T3,000        PL     5×5 Rough Shod II

Niner Bush–Napa Lady, Blumin Affair

Sue’s N Promise                                                   Y1,500         PL     4×4 Special

Northern Afleet–Honest Promise, Numerous

unnamed                                                              Y57,000        UR     5×5 Thong

Northern Afleet–Mimi Chevalier, Sword Dance

Mountain Rivera                                                T26,000          W      5×4 Thong

Northern Afleet–Countessa Diablo, Diablo

On a Break                                                           Y33,437          PL      5×5 Rough Shod II

One Way Love–Apache Signal, Announce

Prospectors Lilman                                            Y1,500            W       5×4 Special

Sahm–Domovoi, Soviet Lad

Bellagar                                                                 T3,800           W      5×4 Special

Sahm–Dorei, Theatrical

Joe Mama                                                             Y1,000            W      5×4 Special

Silic–Sabot, Robin des Pins

Twowishes                                                           Y12,000          UR     4×4 Special

Sligo Bay–Number One Love, Numerous

Top Jazz                                                                Y2,200           UR      4×4 Drumtop

Smooth Jazz–Top Potential, Lord Avie

Welly                                                                    Y27,000           W       3×4 Drumtop

Storm Boot–Raria, Rahy

Jimni                                                                   W12,000          W      5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–A Real Eye Opener, Cutlass

Untitled Blues                                                    Y15,000           SP      3×5 Special

Stravinsky–Eshaarat, Zafonic

Ginny’s Pig                                                          Y10,000           W       4×4 Thong

Stravinsky–Long Vacation, Thatching

Kiwi Girl                                                               Y7,000            W       3×4 Special

Stravinsky–Starlyte Girl, Fairy King

Alley Theater                                                      Y35,000           W      5×5 Rough Shod II

Theatrical–Aly’s Question, Alysheba

Theatre Fan                                                       Y135,000          UP      5×5 Rough Shod II

Theatrical–Misama, Lear Fan

Peachmelba                                                       Y160,000        SPW    5×5 Rough Shod II

Theatrical–Peachtree City, Carson City

Campy                                                                T130,000          PL      5×5 Rough Shod II

Theatrical–Miasma, Lear Fan

Texas Affair                                                         Y5,500             W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Texas Glitter–Jennifer’s Affair, Nureyev

Lord Abbie                                                          T11,000           PL      5×5 Special

Uncle Abbie–Lady llano, El Prado

Olympic Zone                                                     W2,000           PL      5×4 Zonah

Wild Zone–Z Olympic Cat, Olympio


Arminta                                                               W67,000         UP      5×4 Special

Afleet Alex–Sand Pebbles, Sadler’s Wells

Divine Form                                                        Y55,000          UR     4×5 Aphonia

Chapel Royal–Dynamite Form, Dynaformer

Gall Hill                                                               Y80,733            W      4×4 Special

El Prado–Eden Lodge, Numerous

Adayinspain                                                        T5,000             W       4×5 Special

El Prado–Doo Dah Day, Woodman

Cool Spool                                                           Y7,000            UP      3×5 Thong

Freespool–Fresadora, Alwuhush

Storm Galileo                                                   Y170,000           W       4×5 Special

Galileo–Allencat, Storm Cat

My Chestnut Girl                                              Y57,000            W       5×3 Special

Horse Chestnut–Mien, Nureyev

Anhar                                                                 W950,000         W       4×4 Special

Kingmambo–Because, Sadler’s Wells

Lady Cugat                                                           Y8,535            UP       5×5 Special

King Cugat–Pun, Batshoof

Yahilmoon                                                         Y300,000         UR      5×3 Special

Medaglia d’Oro–Ravnina, Nureyev

Always in Love                                                   Y20,000           W       4×5 Special

Northern Afleet–A Love Story, El Prado

Captain Marco                                                    Y71,235           UR       4×5 Special

Northern Afleet–Miss Prado, El Prado

Sneaky Patrol                                                      Y5,216              W        5×5 Rough Shod II

Patrol–Voices Carry, Ascot Knight

Perfect Gold                                                         Y1,700             PL      4×5 Special

Perfect Soul–Gender Dance, Miesque’s Son

Irish Blarney                                                       Y67,500           PL       5×5 Thong

Perfect Soul–Turn On the Charm, Archway

Tequila Tonight                                                   W1,300            W       4×4 Special

Powerscourt–Margarita Maggie, Cadeaux Genereux

Silent Powers                                                       W30,000         UR      4×4 Special

Powerscourt–McCall, Shirley Heights

Memory and Magic                                            W85,000         PL       5×4 Special

Sahm–Aljawza, Riverman

Special Jak                                                             Y4,700            W      4×4 Special

Sligo Bay–Live in Freedom, Our Emblem

Jimni                                                                      Y22,000          W       5×5 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–A Real Eye Opener, Cutlass

Pacific Calm                                                         Y130,000         W      4×4 Moccasin

Stormy Atlantic–Miss Lucy, Woodman

Storms and Stars                                                 Y40,000         UR      4×4 Moccasin

Stormy Atlantic–Nithi, Wolf Power

Kalookan Dream                                                 Y50,000          W       5×4 Rough Shod II

Stormy Atlantic–Play Date, Geiger Counter

To the Penny                                                        T55,000          W        5×4 Rough Shod II

Stravinsky–Round It off, Apalachee

Bridge Note                                                         Y250,000        UP       3×5 Special

Stravinsky–Myrtle, Batshoof

Spring Tale                                                           Y35,000         SPW     3×5 Special

Stravinsky–Sadler’s Profile, Royal Academy

unnamed                                                                Y1,100             UR      5×5 Thong

Stydahar–Summertime Miss, Sword Dance

Atlantic Festival                                                   Y60,000          UP      5×5 Rough Shod II

Theatrical–Crafty Atlantic, Crafty Prospector

Two Together                                                       Y130,000         UP      5×5 Rough Shod II

Theatrical–Miasma, Lear Fan

I found 194 foals among these sales foals of 2003-2007 inbred to Rough Shod II, her daughters (Thong, Gambetta, etc.), or other direct female-line descendants (Special being particularly popular).

Eighteen of these 194 foals were by Kingmambo, which is one reason they sold so well. These 194 foals sold for a gross of $16,553,850, an average of $85,329, and a maverage of 205.88. That is considerably higher than the overall average for all 70,714 foals of $54,140 and the overall maverage of 163.11

Seven of these 194 foals were stakes winners (none by Kingmambo). That is 3.61%, above the overall average of 3.36%.

The 2,373 overall stakes winners averaged 603 Performance Points apiece. These seven stakes winners averaged only 461 Performance Points. Rock Star Show (1,129) was pretty good, but the other six (502, 429, 426, 378, 193, and 170) were all below the average of 603. As a whole they were not a particularly good group of stakes winners.

Hence taking both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account, these 194 foals had a PPI (result) 0f 0.82, well below the overall average of 1.00 despite having prices well above the overall average and maverage. La Troienne had similar results (0.79) from slightly below-average prices.

Now let us consider all foals among this group of sales foals of 2003-2007 with Rough Shod II in their direct female lines regardless of whether they were duplicated. The chart below lists ten stakes winners fitting that description.

Stakes Winners

Name                                     Price                   RR            Generation

Bandini                            03Y500,000         1,276              5th

Fusaichi Pegasus–Divine Dixie, Dixieland Band

Storm Allied                    05Y70,000            429                5th

Stormy Atlantic–Aliata, Mr. Prospector

Atlantic Paws                  07T15,000             244                5th

Cat Thief–Crafty Atlantic, Crafty Prospector

Lemon Drop Gal             03Y120,000          378                6th

Lemon Drop Kid–Exhilaration, Storm Cat

Corinthian                      04Y385,000          2,067              6th

Pulpit–Multiply, Easy Goer

Annihilation                   07Y115,000            426                6th

Northern Afleet–Exhilaration, Storm Cat

Fatal Bullet                    07T27,000            1,938               6th

Red Bullet–Sararegal, Regal Classic

Rush to Glory               04T43,000              201                7th

Wild Rush–Gloria’s Pleasure, Crafty Prospector

Timber Reserve           05Y195,000          1,072               8th

Forest Camp–Fountain Square, Danzig Connection

Don’t Forget Gil            07Y43,000              771                 8th

Kafwain–Livermore Leslie, Mt. Livermore

Lemon Drop Gal, Storm Allied, and Annihilation appear on both lists.

I apologize because I do not have a handy list of all the foals fitting this description among sales foals of 2003-2007. (Did I just hear a sigh of relief out there?).

I can tell you that there were 260 such foals and that those 260 foals sold for a gross of $18,965,722, an average of $72,945, and a maverage of 200.14. Those figures were higher than the overall average ($54,140) and maverage (163.11) but not as high as for the inbred group (average of $85,329 and maverage of 205.88).

Ten stakes winners from 260 foals is pretty good, better than the 3.36% overall rate. And these stakes winners were actually pretty good, including Corinthian (2,067 Performance Points), Fatal Bullet (1,938), Bandini (1,276), Timber Reserve (1,072), and Don’t Forget Gil (771). Those five were all above the overall average of 603. The other five were all below the overall average of 603. The ten combined for 8,802 Performance Points, an average of 880 each.

So taking both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account, these 260 foals had a PPI (result) of 1.67. They also had a Price Index of 1.23. So they had much better results than the overall average (1.00) and than their prices (1.23). This was a pretty good group.

These two groups were not mutually exclusive. They had some overlaps. The common element was Rough Shod II somewhere in their pedigrees. The first group all had RSII or her descendants duplicated somewhere. The second group did not necessarily have any duplications of RSII or her descendants. The second group was a good value. The first group was a poor value.

What gives????? Inbreeding is supposed to improve results, at least according to everything we have been “taught.” You might want to consider that everything you have been “taught” about inbreeding is a crock of shit. In this particular case inbreeding took good results and transmuted them into poor results.

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