Rasmussen Factor, Gold Digger, Combinations of the Sexes

Somethingroyal was the most popular female name duplicated among these sales foals of 2003-2007, followed by Almahmoud, Natalma, and Gold Digger. I am going to reverse the order a little bit and discuss Gold Digger today and Natalma later. Let’s just say that the discussion works out better that way.

The chart below shows stakes winners inbred to Gold Digger among these sales foals of 2003-2007. I trust that you are familiar with the format by now. Discussion begins at the end of the chart.

Stakes Winners Among Sales Foals of 2003-2007 Inbred to Gold Digger

Name                               Price                       PPI       Inbreeding

Boomzeeboom               03T30,000             390         4×4

Explosive Red–Zee Lady, Unreal Zeal

Family Guy                    03Y30,000             312          4×4

Western Fame–Golden Josselin, Candi’s Gold

Ready’s Gal                    03Y120,000          1,610        5×4

More Than Ready–Exquisite Mistress, Nasty and Bold

Ready to Please             03W75,000             642          5×5

More Than Ready–Guilty Pleasure, Pine Bluff

Golden Hunt                   04Y55,000             357           3×5

Gold Alert–Insearchofgold, Herat

Famous Gal                     05Y24,000             321           4×4

Western Fame–Golden Josselin, Candi’s Gold

Karama                           06W130,000           274           5×4

Macho Uno–Royal Confection, Candi’s Gold

Kwik                                06Y23,000              235           5×5

Jump Start–Hot Time, Gilded Time

Tenjectory                      06Y76,815               293           4×5

Trajectory–Pick Ten, Ten Gold Pots

Island Time                    07W52,000             229           5×4

Trippi–Queen Candace, Candi’s Gold

Note that these ten stakes winners were all relatively cheap. Only two sold for more than $100,000 (Karama for $130,000 and Ready’s Gal for $120,000). Tenjectory was inbred to Tamerett (4×4) as well as to Gold Digger. Family Guy and Famous Gal were full siblings.

There was one very expensive foal inbred to Gold Digger. Ibn Al Nafis (Distorted Humor–Stormy Bear, Storm Cat) was 4×4 to Gold Digger and sold for $1,900,000 as a yearling in 2007. He was undefeated in three starts in UAE and earned $36,747.

A total of 289 foals were inbred to Gold Digger, and they sold relatively cheaply. Those 289 foals sold for a gross of $12,079,432, an average of $41,797, and a maverage of 136.46. Those last two figures were below the overall figures of $54,140 and 163.11.

Ten stakes winners from 289 foals is 3.46%, not bad, slightly better than the overall figure of 3.36%. Those ten stakes winners were not particularly good. The overall average for all 2,373 stakes winners was 603 Performance Points. Only two of these ten stakes winners exceeded 603 (Ready’s Gal at 1,610 and Ready to Please at 642). The other eight were all below 603. These ten stakes winners averaged 466 Performance Points apiece.

So taking all these factors into account, these 289 foals had a PPI (result) of 0.80, not much below their corresponding Price Index of 0.84. So they sold for prices about 16% below average, and their results were about 20% below average. Not a horrible result by any means. Not a good result either.

I mentioned that combinations of Secretariat and Sir Gaylord yielded male-male combinations of Somethingroyal. Gold Digger is similar to Somethingroyal in that the vast majority of these 289 foals are male-male through Mr. Prospector and one of his many full or half brothers.

Nine of the ten stakes winners answer this description. Five were combinations of Mr. Prospector and his full brother Search for Gold. Four were combinations of Mr. Prospector and his half-brother Yukon (by Northern Dancer). Boomzeeboom was the lone exception, being a combination of Myrtlewood Lass (a daughter of Gold Digger) on top and Mr. Prospector on bottom. Ibn Al Nafis was also a combination of Mr. Prospector (on top) and Myrtlewood Lass (on bottom).

Most of the Almahmouds were female-female combinations of Northern Dancer and Halo (Almahmoud was the second dam of both). Sires were involved, but the direct descendant of Almahmoud was a female in each case. That classifies it as female-female. Now is as good a time as any to look at the various combinations of the sexes with regard to RF.

Combination           Foals       Average      Maverage   PI       SWs       %      APPPSW      PPI

Male-male               1,579       $56,714       162.44      1.00      52        3.29      621           1.01

Female-female       1,079         72,656        194.81      1.19       41        3.80     512            0.96

Male-female              889         67,501        174.61       1.07       27       3.04      463           0.70

Female-male           1,101        48,116        161.56        0.99     38        3.45      582           0.99


Same sex                 2,658        63,186        175.58       1.08      93        3.50      573           0.99

Opposite sex           1,990       56,776         167.39       1.03      65        3.27       533           0.86

The chart above attempts to summarize the data for both prices and results. PI stands for Price Index, APPPSW stands for average Performance Points per stakes winner, and PPI stands for Performance Points Index (result). Multiples (as defined earlier) are not included in any of these figures.

The easiest way to read these data is to compare the Price Index to the PPI (result). Hence I will abbreviate the above to the below.

Combination            Price Index          PPI (result)

Male-male                     1.00                     1.01

Female-female             1.19                      0.96

Male-female                 1.07                      0.70

Female-male                0.99                     0.99


Same sex                      1.08                      0.99

Opposite sex                1.03                      0.86

Male-male is the only group with a higher PPI (1.01) than Price Index (1.00). Female-male is 0.99 for both scores (right on the money). Female-female was disappointing (Price Index of 1.19 and PPI of 0.96). Male-female was by far the worst group (Price Index of 1.07 and PPI of 0.70).

I also combined male-male and female-female into same sex and male-female and female-male into different sex. The former was slightly better (or perhaps I should say not as disappointing) than the latter. Same sex had a Price Index of 1.08 and a PPI of 0.99. Different sex had a Price Index of 1.03 and a PPI of 0.86.

The best of these 170 RF stakes winners was Round Pond with 3,399 Performance Points. Round Pond was a male-male. Same sex has a PPI of 0.93 without Round Pond. If you look at it that way, the differences between same sex and opposite sex are even smaller. But anyway you look at it, opposite sex is NOT any better than same sex. “The balance of sexes I think is essential. . . . ” does not hold any water, at least with regard to the Rasmussen factor.

I should also point out that many of these results could be sire driven. Take Forestry, for example. The fourth dam of Forestry is Sequence, who is also the second dam of Mr. Prospector. Hence many of Forestry’s foals are inbred female-female to Sequence. All you need is Mr. Prospector within three generation on the dam’s side of the pedigree. That is easy to find (you might even say hard to avoid). So Forestry might have had something to do with the results of female-female.

Preakness Stakes (G1) winner Shackleford is NOT inbred to Sequence, at last not within five generations. He is out of an Unbridled mare, which is one generation too far back. Shackleford is 5×6 to Sequence, but close counts only in horseshoes.

An even better example is Street Cry, by Machiavellian, whose third dam was Natalma (dam of Northern Dancer). So all you need is Northern Dancer within four generations on the dam’s side of the pedigree to duplicate Natalma (female-male) with Street Cry as the sire. Northern Dancer within four generations is even harder to avoid than Mr. Prospector within three generations. A lot of Street Cry’s foals are thusly inbred to Natalma. I will pick up on that idea when I conclude this series next time out by examining Natalma.

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