Bourtai Female Line

Shuvee (the subject of my last two posts) was by Nashua out of Levee, by Hill Prince out of Bourtai. Bourtai is the subject of this post, specifically all sales foals of 2003-2007 tracing to Bourtai in the female line. The stakes winners answering that description are listed below. I trust that the format is familiar to you by now. I have added the name of the daughter of Bourtai through which the stakes winner descends after the generation. Discussion starts after the list.

Stakes Winners Among Sales Foals of 2003-2007 With Bourtai in Tail Female

Name                               Price                  RR        Generation

Great Intentions         03Y65,000         1,325       5th, Bayou

Cat Thief–Packet, Polish Navy

Cross                             05T10,000          226         5th, Bayou

Mighty–Lateral, Rahy

War Pass                     03Y180,000        2,383       5th, Bayou

Cherokee Run–Vue, Mr. Prospector

You Rock                        06W800             187          5th, Delta

Rock Slide–Hamseh, Danzig

Simply Because          03Y125,000         294          6th, Delta

Seattle Slew–Bent Creek City, Carson City

Storm Treasure          03W75,000          910          6th, Delta

Storm Boot–Boogie Beach Blues, Cure the Blues

Arden Belle                   04Y5,809           1,015        6th, Delta

Dance Brightly–Bow Bells Reef, Virginia Rapids

Cristobal                     04W100,000         464          6th, Levee

Aptitude–Balenciaga, Gulch

Dead Red                      04Y1,000             348          6th, Delta

Out of Place–Lonely Fact, Known Fact

Seven Nation Army    04Y15,000            313         6th, Bayou

General Meeting–Swingtime Music, Woodman

Honest Man                05Y700,000           888        6th, Bayou

Unbridled’s Song–Oath, Known Fact

Wicked Style                06Y49,000           1,173       6th, Delta

Macho Uno–Deviletta, Trempolino

Eldon’s Effort               05Y35,000            170         7th, Bayou

Storm Boot–Sandpiper, Rahy

Bourtai was a foal of 1942 by Stimulus out of Escutcheon, by Sir Gallahad III. She posted a record of 12-2-1-2, finished third in the Pimlico Nursery Stakes, and earned $3,850. Bourtai produced 13 foals, all starters, 12 winners, and five stakes winners. Four of the five stakes winners were fillies: Banta (1949 by Some Chance), Delta (1952 by Nasrullah), Levee (1953 by Hill Prince), and Bayou (1954 by Hill Prince). The other stakes winner was the gelding Ambassador (1957 by Nasrullah).

Delta was Broodmare of the Year in 1968 (when Shuvee was a two-year-old). Shuvee was probably the best female runner produced by this family. The best male runner was probably two-time champion Slew o’ Gold (1980 by Seattle Slew out of Alluvial, by Buckpasser out of Bayou).

Banta, Levee, and Bayou were all stakes producers as well. The 13 stakes winners listed above all trace in the female line to Delta, Levee, or Bayou. Tracing to Bayou were Great Intentions, Cross, War Pass (champion), Seven Nation Army, Honest Man, and Eldon’s Effort. Tracing to Delta were You Rock, Simply Because, Storm Treasure, Arden Belle, Dead Red, and Wicked Style. Cristobal was the only one tracing to Levee.

Banta was the only one of the four not represented among the 13 stakes winners above. Banta was the second dam of 1973 champion two-year-old filly Talking Picture and the ancestress of many other stakes winners in the female line as well.

So the family of Bourtai is quite distinguished and prolific. It may not rival La Troienne in sheer volume, but as I have pointed out, sheer volume is not the same thing as positive results.

I found 425 foals tracing to Bourtai in the female line among these sales foals of 2003-2007. Those 425 foals ranged from the fourth through eighth generations (fourth through eighth dams). Notice that the 13 stakes winners ranged from the fifth through seventh generations (fifth through seventh dams).

Those 425 foals sold for a gross of $39,934,597, an average of $91,611, and a maverage of 207.21. The latter two figures are well above the overall average of $54,140 and overall maverage of 163.11. So these 425 foals should have had pretty good results.

Thirteen stakes winners from 425 foals is 3.06%, below the overall figure of 3.36%. These 13 stakes winners were pretty good though, averaging 746 Performance Points, well above the overall average of 603.

So taking all these factors into account, these 425 foals had a PPI (result) of 1.13, better than the overall average of 1.00. That was based on a Price Index of 1.27, however. So these 425 foals sold for prices about 27% above average and achieved results only about 13% above average. They were not exactly bargains, in other words.

I notice that the maverage for these 425 foals (207.21) is very similar to the maverage for the 308 foals tracing to Almahmoud in the female line (207.74). The former had a PPI (result) of 1.13. The latter had a PPI (result) of 0.29. So Bourtai was definitely better than Almahmoud among these 70,714 foals, which is NOT saying very much.

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