Escutcheon Female Line

Escutcheon, the dam of Bourtai, founded a thriving female family in her own right. Escutcheon is the subject of this post, specifically all sales foals of 2003-2007 tracing to Escutcheon (NOT through Bourtai) in the female line. The stakes winners answering that description are listed below. I trust that the format is familiar to you by now. Discussion starts after the list.

Stakes Winners, Sales Foals of 2003-2007, Escutcheon in Tail Female

Name                               Price                   RR        Generation

Elusive Thunder         03Y75,000           222      8th, Demolition

Thunder Gulch–Be Elusive, With Approval

Estate Collection          03Y7,000            296      9th, Demolition

Souvenir Copy–Mother’s Meeting, General Meeting

Smudgeledo                 03Y16,000           457      7th, Akron Gal

Slewdledo–Sharpheels Lucille, Sharper One

Money Card                  04Y1,000            702      7th, Demolition

Left Banker–Unmarked Money, Red Ransom

The Thought Occurs   04Y22,000          144      9th, Mars Shield

Souvenir Copy–Mysteryachievement, Regal Classic

Organ Pipe                   05Y25,000           201      7th, Akron Gal

Stormy Atlantic–Divine Diva, Theatrical

Jungle Wave               05W140,000         894      6th, Demolition

Hold That Tiger–Darien Blue Wave, Cure the Blues

Good N Gold                 06Y6,100             234     6th, Demolition

Gold Case–Thank Goodness, Home At Last

I’m a Numbers Guy   06T225,000         296     7th, Demolition

City Zip–Midway Gal, Midway Circle

Saki to Me                    06Y55,000          359      6th, Demolition

Fusaichi Pegasus–Buy the Cat, Storm Cat

Throbbin’ Heart         06Y225,000          381     8th, Demolition

Smoke Glacken–Countless Affairs, Storm Cat

Tomcito                         06Y7,500             957     8th, Akron Gal

Street Cry–Inside Or Outside, Eastern Echo

Kelly Leak                    07Y29,000           920     6th, Demolition

Runaway Groom–Hasty Appeal, World Appeal

Loch Dubh                    07Y42,000           171     7th, Akron Gal

Friends Lake–Star Landing, Caller I. D.

Escutcheon was a foal of 1927 by Sir Gallahad III out of Affection, by Isidor. Escutcheon was a stakes winner in her own right. She posted a record of 27-5-3-4, won the Alabama Stakes, and earned $19,480. Escutcheon produced 16 foals, 15 starters, 14 winners, and three stakes winners: Mars Shield (1934 filly by Diavolo), Strange Device (1938 filly by Stimulus), and By Far (1951 colt by Bold Gallant).

Note that Escutcheon was 24 years old when she produced By Far, the best of her three stakes winners. Strange Device is best known as the fourth dam of 1985 Belmont Stakes winner Creme Fraiche, a gelding who won 17 of 64 starts, including 14 stakes, seven of them G1, and earned $4,024,727.

Mars Shield figures in the list above as the ninth dam of stakes winner The Thought Occurs. Four of these 14 stakes winners (Smudgeledo, Organ Pipe, Tomcito, and Luck Dubh) descend through Akron Gal. The others all descend through Demolition.

Akron Gal was by Stimulus out of Escutcheon and a winner. Demolition was by Foray II out of Escutcheon and was a stakes-placed winner (third in the Demoiselle Stakes). Demolition is best known as the second dam of 1962 champion two-year-old filly Smart Deb (Dedicate out of Demree, by Revoked out of Demolition).

So the family of Escutcheon is quite distinguished and prolific. It may not rival La Troienne in sheer volume, but large packages do not necessarily ensure good results.

I found 285 foals tracing to Escutcheon (NOT through Bourtai) in the female line among these sales foals of 2003-2007. Those 285 foals ranged from the fifth through ninth generations (fifth through ninth dams). Notice that the 14 stakes winners ranged from the sixth through ninth generations (sixth through ninth dams).

Those 285 foals sold for a gross of $13,697,378, an average of $48,061, and a maverage of 158.22. The latter two figures are below the overall average of $54,140 and overall maverage of 163.11. So these 285 foals should have had slightly below-average results.

Fourteen stakes winners from 285 foals is 4.91%, well above the overall figure of 3.36%. These 14 stakes winners were NOT very good though, averaging only 445 Performance Points, well below the overall average of 603. The best of the 14 was only 957.

So taking all these factors into account, these 285 foals had a PPI (result) of 1.08, better than the overall average of 1.00. That was based on a Price Index of 0.97. So these 285 foals sold for prices about 3% BELOW average and achieved results about 8% ABOVE average. They were pretty good value for the money, in other words.

If you combine Bourtai and Escutcheon into one family, it has 710 foals, making it second in popularity only to La Troienne (1,738 foals). Those 710 foals sold for a gross of $52,631,975, an average of $74,130, and a maverage of 187.55. Those latter two figures were well above the overall average of $54,140 and overall maverage of 163.11. So these 710 foals should have had pretty good results.

Included among these 710 foals were 27 stakes winners (3.80%), well above the overall figure of 3.36%. Those 27 stakes winners averaged only 590 Performance Points, though, slightly below the overall average of 603.

So taking all these factors into account, these 710 foals had a PPI (result) of 1.11, with a corresponding Price Index of 1.15. So they sold for prices about 15% above average and produced results about 11% above average. Another result that only a statistician could love. The larger the number of foals, the greater the chance that, as the expression goes, “You get what you pay for.”

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