Legendra Female Line

Congratulations to all the Breeders’ Cup winners!!!!! If Havre de Grace goes on to be named 2011 Horse of the Year, she will be the third female in a row to claim that honor, following Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta.

I confess to some partiality for Havre de Grace, particularly her pedigree, specifically her female line (third dam Toll Booth, fourth dam Missy Baba, fifth dam Uvira II). It does not get much better than that.

Zenyatta also has an interesting female line. She is by Street Cry out of Vertigineux, by Kris S. out of For the Flag, by Forli out of In the Offing, by Hoist the Flag out of Mrs. Peterkin, by Tom Fool out of Legendra.

Legendra is the subject of this post. Listed below are all stakes winners among sales foals of 2003-2007 tracing to Legendra in the female line. I trust that the format is familiar to you by now. Discussion starts after the list.

Stakes Winners, Sales Foals of 2003-2007, Legendra in Tail Female

Name                               Price                   RR          Generation

Awesomewithbroads   03W95,000        279          6th, Moll Flanders

Awesome Again–Aggressive Broad, Broad Brush

Where’s Bailey              03Y4,o00           216          5th, Mrs. Peterkin

Aljabr–Vertigineux, Kris S.

Balance                         04Y260,000      2,648        5th, Mrs. Peterkin

Thunder Gulch–Vertigineux, Kris S.

Zenyatta                       05Y60,000      13,705        5th, Mrs. Peterkin

Street Cry–Vertigineux, Kris S.

Choragus                       06Y42,000         487          6th, Hasty Doll

Harlan’s Holiday–Tappanzee, Bet Big

Goshawk Ken               06Y18,000         238          6th, Hasty Doll

Bernstein–Allthewaybaby, Grand Slam

She’s Sensational        06T115,000        475          5th, Slapton Sands

Point Given–Blushing Issue, Blushing John

Dakota Phone              07T67,000        2,083        6th, Slapton Sands

Zavata–World of Gold, Spinning World

Ittybittymeadow         07Y5,000           161          7th, Hasty Doll

Meadow Prayer–Ittybittygritty, Native Factor

Legendra was a 1944 filly by Challenger II out of Lady Legend, by Dark Legend. She posted a record on the track of 32-6-2-5, finished third in the Queen Isabella Handicap, and earned $23,220.

At stud Legendra produced 14 foals, 11 starters, ten winners, and four stakes winners: Hasty Doll (1955 filly by Roman), Rich Tradition (1956 filly by Rosemont), Sky Clipper (1957 colt by Citation), and Mrs. Peterkin (1965 filly by Tom Fool). Note that Legendra was 21 years old when she produced Mrs. Peterkin in 1965.

Mrs. Peterkin was a multiple stakes producer and is the fifth dam of three of the stakes winners listed above, Zenyatta and her half-siblings Balance and Where’s Bailey. Mrs. Peterkin is also the second dam of current sire Mizzen Mast.

Hasty Doll is the tail-female ancestress of three of the stakes winners listed above: Choragus, Goshawk Ken, and Ittybittymeadow. She’s Sensational and Dakota Phone descend from Slapton Sands (1964 by First Landing out of Legendra and a winner). Awesomewithbroads descends from Moll Flanders (1961 by Swaps out of Legendra and a winner).

So Legendra had some claim to quality even before Zenyatta came along. Legendra may not be the second coming of La Troienne, but then again, La Troienne is seriously overrated.

I found 246 foals tracing to Legendra in the female line among these sales foals of 2003-2007. Those 246 foals ranged from the third through seventh generations (third  through seventh dams). Notice that the nine stakes winners ranged from the fifth through seventh generations (fifth through seventh dams).

Those 246 foals sold for a gross of $12,414,033, an average of $50,464, and a maverage of 165.78. The average was below the overall average of $54,140, but the maverage was above the overall maverage of 163.11. So these 246 foals should have had results pretty close to the overall results.

Nine stakes winners from 246 foals is 3.66%, above the overall figure of 3.36%. Thanks to Zenyatta, these nine stakes winners had 2,255 average Performance Points, way above the overall average of 603.

So taking all these factors into account, these 246 foals had a PPI (result) of 4.08, much better than the overall average of 1.00. These 246 foals had a Price Index of 1.02. So these 246 foals sold for prices about 2% above average and achieved results about 308% above average.

Of course those results were heavily influenced by the excellence of Zenyatta. How good was Legendra without Zenyatta???? Even without Zenyatta, Legendra still had a PPI (result) of 1.32, still above her Price Index of 1.02. The two reasons for that were three-time G1 winner Balance (2,648 Performance Points) and 2010 Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile (G1) winner Dakota Phone (2,083 Performance Points).

So even without Zenyatta, Legendra still had positive results. That is a lot more than can be said for La Troienne. Maybe Missy Baba will be the next subject of this series.

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