Missy Baba Female Line

I mentioned that Missy Baba is the fourth dam of Havre de Grace. Missy Baba is also the fifth dam of Breeders’ Cup Mile winner Court Vision.

That is good enough reason to examine Missy Baba. Listed below are all stakes winners among sales foals of 2003-2007 tracing to Missy Baba in the female line. I trust that the format is familiar to you by now. Discussion starts after the list.

Stakes Winners, Sales Foals of 2003-2007, Missy Baba in Tail Female

Name                               Price                   RR          Generation

Lord Snowdon              04Y75,000         712         5th, Gay Missile

Seeking the Gold–Weekend Storm, Storm Bird

Cohiba Miss                   05Y87,000        241         3rd, Pennyworth

Cat Thief–Penny Arcade, Danzig

Girls Pearls                    05Y21,000       207          4th, Pennyworth

Talk Is Money–Girls Girls Girls, Colonial Affair

Smart Surprise            05Y235,000     1,109        5th, Gay Missile

Smart Surprise–Weekend Storm, Storm Bird

Court Vision                 06Y180,000     6,547         5th, Gay Missile

Gulch–Weekend Storm, Storm Bird

Swing That Cat             06Y10,000        721          4th, Toll Booth

Cat Thief–Incha, Nashwan

Missy Baba was a 1958 filly by My Babu out of Uvira II, by Umidwar. Uvira II was also a mare of great distinction. Perhaps she will be profiled later as well. Missy Baba posted a record on the track of 7-1-0-0 for earnings of $2,275.

Missy Baba fared much better at stud than she did on the track. She produced 13 foals, 12 starters, all winners, and six stakes winners: Master Bold (1965 colt by Bold Ruler), Chokri (1966 filly by Herbager), Gay Missile (1967 filly by Sir Gaylord), Raja Baba (1968 colt by Bold Ruler), Dromba (1974 colt by Droll Role), and Sauce Boat (1975 colt by Key to the Mint).

Note that Missy Baba produced her first four stakes winners in consecutive years, 1965-1968, at ages seven to ten. Raja Baba, the last of those four, was leading sire in 1980.

Three of the six stakes winners listed above descend from Gay Missile: Lord Snowdon, Smart Surprise, and Court Vision. All three are out of Weekend Storm, by Storm Bird.

Cohiba Miss and Girls Pearls descend from Pennyworth (1979 by Key to the Mint out of Missy Baba and a pretty good winner, with four wins from 14 starts for earnings of $74,120). Swing That Cat descends from Toll Booth (1971 by Buckpasser out of Missy Baba and a winner).

Missy Baba was never named Broodmare of the Year. Toll Booth produced nine stakes winners, including 1980 champion sprinter Plugged Nickle, and was named Broodmare of the Year in 1991.

Weekend Surprise (a multiple G3 winner foaled in 1980 by Secretariat out of Lassie Dear, by Buckpasser out of Gay Missile) produced four stakes winners, most notably A.P. Indy and Summer Squall, and was named Broodmare of the Year in 1992. She is the second dam of Court Vision, Smart Surprise, and Lord Snowdon listed above and of many others.

So Missy Baba was not exactly chopped liver.

I found 151 foals tracing to Missy Baba in the female line among these sales foals of 2003-2007. Those 151 foals ranged from the third through sixth generations (third  through sixth dams). Notice that the six stakes winners ranged from the third through fifth generations (third through fifth dams).

You might think that 151 foals is a small number compared to the other mares profiled so far. Keep in mind that Missy Baba was a foal of 1958 and hence a lot younger than the other mares profiled so far. That number will increase over time. This family is still relatively young.

Those 151 foals sold for a gross of $38,167,350, an average of $252,764, and a maverage of 328.15. The average was way above the overall average of $54,140, and the maverage was way above the overall maverage of 163.11. So these 151 foals should have had way-above-average results.

Seven of these 151 foals sold for $1,000,000 or more apiece. The individual prices were $8,000,000, $3,000,000, $3,000,000, $1,600,000, $1,550,000, $1,450,000, and $1,000,000. Those seven foals accounted for more than half ($19,600,000) of the gross of $38,167,350. But even without these seven foals, the remaining 144 foals still averaged $128,940, still way above the overall average of $54,140. These 151 foals were not cheap.

Six stakes winners from 151 foals is 3.97%, above the overall figure of 3.36%. Thanks to Court Vision, these six stakes winners had 1,523 average Performance Points, way above the overall average of 603.

So taking all these factors into account, these 151 foals had a PPI (result) of 2.99, much better than the overall average of 1.00. These 151 foals had a Price Index of 2.01. So these 151 foals sold for prices about 101% above average and achieved results about 199% above average.

Of course those results were heavily influenced by Court Vision. How good was Missy Baba without Court Vision???? Without Court Vision, Missy Baba had a PPI (result) of 0.85.

So Legendra had positive results even without Zenyatta. The same cannot be said for Missy Baba. Without Court Vision, Missy Baba’s results were pretty pathetic, especially considering the prices for which they were sold.

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