Boudoir II Female Line

A couple weeks ago I posted on Shuvee to set up Bourtai. Then I posted on Gallant Bloom, a rival (OK, nemesis) of Shuvee. Then I posted on Majestic Prince (very popular, for some reason) because he was from the same female family as Gallant Bloom. Majestic Prince and Gallant Bloom shared the same third dam, Boudoir II, subject of this post.

Listed below are all stakes winners among sales foals of 2003-2007 tracing to Boudoir II in the female line. I trust that the format is familiar to you by now. Discussion starts after the list.

Stakes Winners, Sales Foals of 2003-2007, Boudoir II in Tail Female

Name                               Price                   RR          Generation

Going Wild                   03Y140,000      1,013         6th, Your Hostess, Gay Hostess

Golden Missile–Pola, Strawberry Road

Power Wave                  03Y4,200           292         9th, Flower Bed, Flower Bowl

All Thee Power–Catch a Wave, Man From Eldorado

Edenwold                     04Y77,690          1,343        6th, Your Hostess, My Guest

Southern Halo–Best of Friends, Mining

Hello Liberty               04Y75,000           684         6th, Your Hostess, Lady Ambassador

Forest Camp–Witness Post, Gone West

Deep Dish Pie             05W110,000         197         6th, Your Hostess, Lady Ambassador

Hennessy–Our Patty, Personal Flag

Pious Ashley                05W50,000         352          6th, Your Hostess, Lady Ambassador

Include–Witness Post, Gone West

Set Play                        06Y27,000          704          6th, Your Hostess, Lady Ambassador

Van Nistelrooy–Boldy’s Reflection, Bold Ruckus

Whatever Whenever   06Y35,000         184         6th, Your Hostess, Gay Hostess

Delaware Township–Casino Bound, Langfuhr

High Resolve                07T135,000        953         7th, Your Hostess, Etiquette

Put It Back–Shari’s Glory, On to Glory

Maritime Passion        07W80,000         234         8th, Your Hostess, Etiquette

Stormy Atlantic–Embraceable, Dehere

Payton d’Oro               07Y35,000         1,173        8th, Your Hostess, Etiquette

Medaglia d’Oro–Jealous and Jaded, Jade Hunter

Retraceable                  07Y18,996          464          8th, Your Hostess, Etiquette

Medaglia d’Oro–Embraceable, Dehere

Takin the Bullet           07Y23,000         296          8th, Your Hostess, Gay Hostess

Red Bullet–Border Fire, Boundary

Boudoir II was a foal of 1938 by Mahmoud out of Kampala, by Clarissimus. She won one of a dozen starts in England. At stud she produced 12 foals, 11 runners, nine winners, and one stakes winner. That solitary stakes winner was Your Host, who won 13 of 23 starts for earnings of $384,795.

Your Host is perhaps better known as the sire of five-time Horse of the Year Kelso. Which reminds me that I have some Charles Hatton on Kelso that I have not get gotten around to posting. Better late than never, I hope.

All but one of the stakes winners listed above descend through Boudoir II’s daughter Your Hostess (the second dam of Majestic Prince). So in order to distinguish the various branches of Your Hostess, I listed both the daughter and granddaughter of Boudoir II through which the stakes winners descend in the table above.

Your Hostess was a 1949 daughter of Alibhai out of Boudoir II. A stakes-placed winner, she produced 14 foals, 11 starters, eight winners, and four stakes winners: Royal Clipper (1955 gelding by Royal Charger), Gallatia (1961 filly by Gallant Man), T. V. Commercial (1965 colt by T. V. Lark), and Coraggioso (1970 filly by Gallant Man). Notice that Your Hostess produced Coraggioso at the age of 21.

Four of the stakes winners listed above descend through Lady Ambassador: Hello Liberty, Deep Dish Pie, Pious Ashley, and Set Play. Lady Ambassador was a 1959 daughter of Hill Prince out of Your Hostess. She was third once in six starts but produced 17 foals, all starters, and 16 winners, including stakes winner Minstrel Grey (1974 gelding by Tudor Grey).

Four of the stakes winners listed above descend through Etiquette: High Resolve, Maritime Passion, Payton d’Oro, and Retraceable. Etiquette was a 1954 daughter of Bernborough out of Your Hostess and a winner of one of 13 starts. She produced 12 foals, ten starters, and eight winners, including stakes winners Command Module (1968 colt by Knightly Manner) and Mr. Pomranky (1976 colt by Cannonade). Note that Etiquette produced Mr. Pomranky at the age of 22.

Three of the 12 stakes winners listed above descend through Gay Hostess: Going Wild, Whatever Whenever, and Takin the Bullet. Gay Hostess was a 1957 daughter of Royal Charger out of Your Hostess and was unraced. She produced 12 foals, eight starters, and six winners, including stakes winners Lovely Gypsy (1963 filly by Armageddon), the aforementioned Majestic Prince (1966 colt by Raise a Native), and Crowned Prince (1969 colt by Raise a Native and champion two-year-old in England).

Edenwold descends through My Guest, an unraced daughter of Mister Gus out of Your Hostess foaled in 1963. My Guest produced 11 foals, eight starters, and five winners, including stakes winners Native Guest (1972 colt by Raise a Native) and Raise Your Sights (1976 filly by Raise a Native).

The only stakes winner not through Your Hostess was Power Wave, who descends through Flower Bed (the second dam of Gallant Bloom). Flower Bed was a 1946 daughter of Beau Pere out of Boudoir II and won four of nine starts. She produced nine foals, eight starters, and seven winners, including stakes winners Flower Bowl (1952 filly by Alibhai), Floral Park (1953 filly by Alibhai), and Brambles (1960 colt by Beau Max).

Flower Bowl was quite a broodmare in her own right. She produced five foals, four starters, all winners, including stakes winners Bowl of Flowers (1958 filly by Sailor), Graustark (1963 colt by Ribot), and His Majesty (1968 colt by Ribot). Bowl of Flowers was champion of her division at both two and three. His Majesty was leading sire in 1982. Which reminds me that I have some Charles Hatton to post on both Bowl of Flowers and Graustark. Better late than never, I hope.

So Boudoir II was not exactly chopped liver.

I found 387 foals tracing to Boudoir II in the female line among these sales foals of 2003-2007. Those 387 foals ranged from the fourth through ninth generations (fourth  through ninth dams). Notice that the 13 stakes winners ranged from the sixth through ninth generations (sixth through ninth dams).

Those 387 foals sold for a gross of $18,339,789, an average of $47,390, and a maverage of 163.98. The average was below the overall average of $54,140, but the maverage was just slightly above the overall maverage of 163.11. The Price Index (based on the maverage) was 1.01. So these 387 foals should have had results very close to the average.

Thirteen stakes winners from 387 foals is 3.36%, right on the overall figure of 3.36%. These 13 stakes winners had 607 average Performance Points, just above the overall average of 603.

So taking all these factors into account, these 387 foals had a PPI (result) of 1.01, exactly matching their Price Index of 1.01. So these 387 foals sold for prices about 1% above average and achieved results about 1% above average. Again, a result only a statistician could love. As the expression goes, you get what you pay for.

Actually, if you want to get technical, the Price Index was 1.005, and the PPI (result) was 1.007. So if you want to look at it that way, Boudoir II just barely did outperform her prices. Hey, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Be thankful for small favors.

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