The Bland-Horse Strikes Again

The Bland-Horse of December 3, 2011, reports on page 3409:

” . . . Rapid Redux became the all-time North American consecutive win leader in modern times with his 20th victory in a row Nov. 21 and now sets his sights on Citation’s record for most wins in a calendar year. . . .

“Triple Crown winner Citation won 19 straight races in 1948.”

Citation did NOT win 19 straight races in 1948. He did NOT win 19 straight races at ANY POINT in his career.

Citation won his first four starts of 1948, on Feb. 2, 11, 18, and 28 at Hialeah. He then finished second by a length to Saggy (sire of Carry Back) in the April 12 Chesapeake Trial Stakes at Havre de Grace. Citation did win his remaining 15 starts of 1948. He did win 19 of 20 starts overall in 1948. After a year off in 1949, he came back at five in 1950 and won his first start of the year, making it 16 in a row (then finished second in his next five starts).

All of this is recorded in black and white in assorted old American Racing Manuals. (I resorted to the 1989 version in this case.) Perhaps the moral of this story is that there is a good reason to keep all those musty old reference books around,. Especially since no one seems to be able to REMEMBER the facts nowadays.

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6 Responses to The Bland-Horse Strikes Again

  1. Qatmom says:

    One of the reasons I dropped my subscription was the inaccuracies in print. The other was the appalling quality of the writing, and the way I never could find the winning time of a stakes race in the body of an article about a race. Racing is forgetting the history that makes it such a rich and enjoyable game.

  2. Double Jay says:

    I started to make a smart remark that they must be using Wikipedia to check their facts but Wikipedia got it right! I can’t imagine what is going on at the BH. I shudder to think.

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