Flower Bowl, Rasmussen Factor

I have been working my way through the female family of Boudoir II/Flower Bowl: Gallant Bloom, Majestic Prince, Bowl of Flowers, and Graustark (and his son Key to the Mint, from a completely different female family). Today I have some information to impart on inbreeding to Flower Bowl (the Rasmussen Factor).

At this point I usually list all the stakes winners among sales foals of 2003-2007 with the pedigree characteristic being examined (in this case inbreeding to Flower Bowl). Today there is no need for a long list because only one stakes winner among sales foals of 2003-2007 was inbred to Flower Bowl.

That one stakes winner was My Great Love, a 2003 filly by Albert the Great out of Holy Love, by Holy Bull out of Love’s Exchange, by Key to the Mint, by Graustark. Albert the Great was by Go for Gin, by Cormorant, by His Majesty. Graustark and His Majesty were full brothers by Ribot out of Flower Bowl. Therefore, My Great Love is “inbred” 5×5 to Flower Bowl.

My Great Love sold for $5,500 as a yearling in 2004 and raced in Puerto Rico. She posted a record of 25-9-5-5 for earnings of $170,493, won two stakes, and placed in two stakes. That is 370 Performance Points.

Now if My Great Love was the ONLY sales foal of 2003-2007 inbred to Flower Bowl, that would be a nice success story. The only problem is that 132 such foals were inbred to Flower Bowl. Those 132 foals sold for a gross of $8,922,142, an average of $67,592 (compared to the overall average of $54,140), and a maverage of 166.57 (compared to the overage maverage of 163.11). So those 132 foals were NOT cheap.

One stakes winner from 132 foals is 0.76% (compared to the overall figure of 3.36%). My Great Love earned 370 Performance Points (compared to the average of 603 for all stakes winners in this group). Taking both quantity and quality into account, that works out to a PPI (result) of 0.14, not good at all, especially compared to a Price Index of 1.02.

So inbreeding to Flower Bowl was not a particularly successful strategy. In the case of My Great Love, the duplications were through the full brothers Graustark and His Majesty. I would guesstimate that about 80% of these 132 foals were also duplicated through Graustark and His Majesty.

“Duplications of sires, only by sons, does nothing at all for the racing class of the progeny. . . . ” You could cite inbreeding to Flower Bowl (the vast majority through full brothers) as a good example of this. It would not be wise to make this a general conclusion, however. Details can be found in my earlier post, “Rasmussen Factor, Gold Digger, Combinations of the Sexes.”

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