Dustwhirl Female Line

Whirlaway has been mentioned several times in recent posts as the sire of Rock Drill, the dam of Lady Pitt. Whirlaway, 1941 Triple Crown winner and 1941-1942 Horse of the Year, was by Blenheim II out of Dustwhirl, by Sweep. The female family of Dustwhirl is the subject of today’s post.

Listed below are all stakes winners among sales foals of 2003-2007 tracing to Dustwhirl in the female line. I trust that the format is familiar to you by now. Discussion starts after the list.

Stakes Winners, Sales Foals of 2003-2007, Dustwhirl in Tail Female

Name                        Price               RR               Generation

Roman Ruler           03Y500,000          2,521                 8th, Dustsweep

Fusaichi Pegasus—Silvery Swan, Silver Deputy

Steelin’                        04W72,000             285                   8th, Lost Horizon

Orientate—Steel Band, Carson City

Good and Lucky     05T32,000             1,076                9th, Lost Horizon

Wild Rush—Shannon’s Innocent, Accused

Gold Wonder           05Y5,000                 389                   8th, Dustsweep

Golden Missile—Swift and Classy, Clever Trick

Papa Time                06Y45,000               261                   6th, Whirl Right

Gilded Time—Te Papa Crystal, Roy

Silver Edition         06Y270,000           478                   8th, Panoramic

Silver Deputy—Sincerely, Meadowlake

Denos Keys             07T33,500               227                   9th, Lost Horizon

Denouncer—Miss Astro Keys, Astro

We’re in the Money 07T28,000          702                  10th, Panoramic

Whywhywhy—Numerous Moves, Numerous

Dustwhirl was an unraced 1926 filly by Sweep out of Ormonda. Ormonda (1916 by Superman out of Princess Ormonde, by Ormondale) was a stakes winner herself and produced the stakes winners Osmand (1924 gelding by Sweeper), Brevity (1933 colt by Sickle), and Binder (1937 colt by Sickle).

Dustwhirl produced 12 foals, ten to race, and six winners, including stakes winners Feudal Lord (1930 gelding by Stefan the Great), Reaping Reward (1934 colt by Sickle), and the piece de resistance in Whirlaway (1938 colt by Blenheim II).

The eight stakes winners listed above trace to four different daughters of Dustwhirl. Steelin’, Good and Lucky, and Denos Keys trace to Lost Horizon. Roman Ruler and Gold Wonder trace to Dustsweep. Silver Edition and We’re in the Money trace to Panoramic. Papa Time traces to Whirl Right.

Lost Horizon was an unraced 1935 filly by Sir Gallahad III out of Dustwhirl. She produced one stakes winner from nine foals, Whirlabout, a 1941 filly by Pompey who won 17 races (including a dozen stakes) from 51 starts and earned $162,695.

Whirlabout in turn produced one stakes winner from 13 foals, Spinning Top, a 1950 filly by Bull Lea. This should start to be more familiar ground to the reader. Spinning Top is the tail-female ancestress of many stakes winners.

Panoramic was a 1932 filly by Chance Shot out of Dustwhirl. She finished second twice in six starts. Panoramic produced 11 foals, all starters, all winners, including stakes winners Hemisphere (1942 filly by Blenheim II), Honeymoon (1943 filly by Beau Pere), and Pedigree (1946 colt by Beau Pere).

Honeymoon was by far the best of these three stakes winners. She won 20 of 78 starts, including 13 stakes, and earned $387,760. Both Honeymoon and Hemisphere produced stakes winners.

Panoramic also scored some pedigree points as the fourth dam of 1967 champion three-year-old filly Furl Sail, by Revoked out of Windsail, by Count Fleet.

Dustsweep was a 1931 filly by Chance Shot out of Dustwhirl. Her main claim to distinction while still alive was as a full sister to Panoramic.

Whirl Right was a 1945 filly by Blenheim II out of Dustwhirl and hence a full sister to Whirlaway. She posted a record on the track of 11-3-1-4 for earnings of $8,825 and a very respectable SSI of 3.15. Whirl Right produced ten foals, nine starters, and eight winners, including stakes winner Right Bright (1950 colt by Sun Again).

Whirl Right also scored some pedigree points as the fourth dam of 1982 Horse of the Year Conquistador Cielo (Mr. Prospector out of K D Princess, by Bold Commander).

So Whirlaway was not the only claim to distinction held by the female family of Dustwhirl.

I found 360 foals tracing to Dustwhirl among these sales foals of 2003-2007. These 360 foals had Dustwhirl as their fourth through tenth dams. The eight stakes winners had Dustwhirl as their sixth, eighth, ninth, or tenth dams.

(I also found four foals with Dustwhirl as their 11th dam, but I drew the line at the tenth generation and threw them out. Ten generations is ridiculous enough without going even farther back.)

These 360 foals sold for a gross of $24,590,745, an average of $68,308 (compared to the overall average of $54,140), and a maverage of 171.48 (compared to the overall maverage of 163.11).

Two of the reasons for these high prices were a 2006 yearling colt by Vindication out of Silvery Swan, by Silver Deputy, who sold for $4,600,000 and a 2005 yearling filly by Mr. Greeley out of Silvery Swan who sold for $2,700,000.

Silvery Swan was the dam of Roman Ruler, one of the eight stakes winners listed above. Prior to Roman Ruler she also produced G1 winner El Corredor (colt by Mr. Greeley) and G3 winner Silver Tornado (filly by Maria’s Mon). So these high prices were at least somewhat justified.

The $4,600,000 Vindication colt was named Maimonides and finished third in the 2007 Hopeful Stakes (G1) but did not win any stakes. The $2,700,000 Mr. Greeley filly was unnamed and unraced.

Nevertheless, these 360 foals sold for prices well above average. Therefore, their results on the racetrack also should have been above average.

Their results on the racetrack were decidedly below average. Eight stakes winners from 360 foals is 2.22%, well below the overall figure of 3.36%.

These eight stakes winners were collectively pretty good though. Thanks mainly to Roman Ruler’s 2,521, they averaged 742 Performance Points apiece, well above the overall average of 603.

Taking both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account, these 360 foals had a PPI (result) of 0.82, well below their corresponding Price Index of 1.05. Their prices were about 5% above average. Their results were about 18% below average. That is the classic definition of underperformance.

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