Affectionately, 1962

Charles Hatton on 1962 champion two-year-old filly Affectionately from the 1963 American Racing Manual.


Affectionately always had a sentimental appeal, as a daughter of Swaps and the first born of Searching, two enormously popular entertainers. The public expected great things of her. If she was not gifted with matchless speed and endurance she lived up to her high breeding by proving one of the top notch.

Mating the undersized Searching with the 16 hands, long-backed Swaps was a miscegenation of the physical types. It could easily have resulted in a misfit. But Searching’s influence prevailed so that Affectionately has symmetrical conformation rather than looking as if she were put together by a committee. Of course she can have inherited speed and class from either or both parents.

Affectionately was smart, precocious and light on her feet from the outset of her rather busy campaign. By midsummer she was a veteran, wearing blinkers and responding to the whip in bruising finishes. Her dash and education stood her in good stead in the sprints against larger and rather backward rivals. In the late season, Affectionately herself commenced to grow, and the “Jennie Come Latelies” ran by her at the longer routes. But Affectionately could reappear to repudiate that form at three and later.

Affectionately’s Bloodlines of Interest

Affectionately’s bloodlines are of interest. Swaps is a grandson of Hyperion in tail male, and he comes of a family redundant in Derby winners of late years, numbering Clyde Van Dusen and Iron Liege among them.

Searching introduces another strain of Hastings through War Admiral and she comes of the matriarchy established by La Troienne, a rather thin bay mare imported from France by Col. E. R. Bradley and who ran into a tree in a thunderstorm at Idle Hour and all but broke her right shoulder.

It has been said La Troienne was the most important broodmare imported to America, but not by those familiar with Fairy Gold or the records of Selima, ancestress of Hanover, and the gray Gallopade, ancestress of Mannie Gray.

But La Troienne has immediacy, whether or not her family endures, and that is what concerns Affectionately and persuaded Hirsch Jacobs to buy Searching. It is doubtful if he ever invested $15,000 more profitably.

It used to be said, down in the Blue Grass, that “A good mare is like a life annuity.”

Good Mare Better Nowadays

A good mare is even better nowadays, for the earnings of her descendants are based on the contemporary economy.

Affectionately is an engaging filly, physically, temperamentally and on her record. She is not a terribly big mare, nor ever shall be, but she is blessed with a set of legs which set on her light torso just right. She is a bit taller than long and the angulation of the scapula and humerus places her forelegs well under her while her hind legs are a study in correct running gear, the straight sort facilitating quick starts and long action.

Her bone is deerlike and clean with flat hocks and pasterns at a 45 degree angle, long enough to afford a certain snap and bounce without inviting the danger of running down. The knees and fetlocks are closely knit and there is no tendency to tie in about the tendons.

Affectionately at two was not particularly broad across the loins and quarters and the semimembraneous muscle is long and supple rather than bulging like a sprinter’s. Similarly, there is no pronounced development of muscle about the elbow and forearm.

The Jacobs filly has a “saddle back” and pleasing length of pelvis, with a low-dropped stifle affording dexterity. The great English race horse and sire Isinglass was defeated only once, and then because his rather high stifle operated against his prompt acceleration when he was challenged near the finish of a race he appeared to have won.

Affectionately’s hoofs pass muster and are dark, an extension of her bay-brown coat and black points. She has a sweet head and a bold, intelligent eye. As in the instance of Cicada, Affectionately’s beauty comes largely from within. She has a headful of horse sense and an inflexible will to win. Again like Cicada, Affectionately is impatient of delay and likes to jump off at the drop of the flag and defy he rivals to outrun her.

There is no reason, genetically, Affectionately should not stay. Since she is a sensible young mare, it will be surprising if she does not prove amenable to rating when the knowledgeable Jacobs trains her to attempt the distances at the Oaks.

Her dam was a rather narrow little mare at three, and indeed the saddle slipped from her low withers a time or two in her races, but she developed and thickened with more maturity. Affectionately seems to be much the same sort.

Dr. Gilman, impressed with her natural speed and innate high character, delineated her with the tape as follows:

Height, 15 2 1/2 hands

Girth, 70 1/2 inches

Point of shoulder to point of shoulder, 17 inches

Withers to point of shoulder, 29 inches

Elbow to ground, 27 1/2 inches

Point of shoulder to point of hip, 48 inches

Point of hip to point of hip, 22 1/2 inches

Point of hip to point of hock, 41 inches

Point of hip to buttock, 24 inches

Poll to withers, 40 inches

Buttock to ground, 54 inches

Point of shoulder to buttock, 65 inches

Circumference of cannon under knee, 8 1/2 inches.

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