“Incest Is Best”??????????

Incest: “Sexual intercourse between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by law or custom.” You probably need a lawyer to interpret the dictionary definition of this word, and it could mean different things in different jurisdictions as well.

I bring up this subject because one of my readers commented recently: “Incest is best.” He meant the opposite of those words, that incest is NOT best. I thought perhaps he was accusing me of believing that “incest is best,” which is NOT the case.

In terms of Thoroughbred pedigrees, “incest” has become somewhat synonymous with close inbreeding (3×3 or closer, for example). Personally, I would favor a more strict definition of the term. In terms of pedigrees “incest” to me means mating a daughter to her own sire or a son to his own dam (1×2 or 2×1).

I have not seen any foals inbred 1×2 or 2×1 recently, but they do exist. A little over 20 years ago I did a survey of all North American-bred named foals of 1983 (45,643 of them). I found 22 foals inbred 1×2 or 2×1, 19 of the former, three of the latter. Their racing results were dismal of course. Only nine of the 22 started, and only two were winners.

Nevertheless, there are still some people out there who erroneously believe that inbreeding is good, and that the closer it is, the better the results. I thought it might be fun to go through the sales foals of 2003-2007 and identify each foal inbred 3×3 or closer individually and tabulate their results. Hence the lists below.

The first thing I should point out is that this is a work in progress. The lists below cover only one year of sales foals, those sold in 2005. My intention is to do one post for every sale year.

I did not find any foals inbred 1×2 or 2×1. I did find one foal inbred 2×2, 44 foals inbred 2×3, 12 foals inbred 3×2, and 389 foals inbred 3×3. That makes 446 foals inbred 3×3 or closer, a little over 3% of the 14,000+ foals in this group. That was right in line with all North American named foals of 1983, 1,351 of 46,643 (just under 3%) of which were inbred 3×3 or closer.

Some people believe that 2×4 and 4×2 is approximately the same as 3×3 (I have some doubts about that myself). So I included those two groups as well and found another 104 of the former and 44 of the latter.

Listed are the name of the foal, the pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire) in parentheses, the price for which the foal sold in that year, and the sire to whom it is inbred. I have omitted foals inbred to females but will include them at a later date.

The categories listed are 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×2, 3×3, and 4×2. Within each category the foals are listed alphabetically by the sire to whom they are inbred, then alphabetically by the sire of the foal. That way you can see at a glance that 172 of the 389 3×3 foals are inbred to Mr. Prospector and that 16 of those 172 are by Tale of the Cat.

If you look closely at the prices of the 44 foals inbred 2×3, you will see that they were dirt cheap. In fact they sold for an average of only $15,043 (way below the overall average of $54,140) and a maverage of 91.86 (way below the overall maverage of 163.11).

One of the reasons they were so cheap is because they were not by very good sires in the first place. Their overall pedigrees were not very good. Four of the 44 were by pretty good sires though (one Distorted Humor, one Fusaichi Pegasus, and two Red Ransoms).

The Distorted Humor yearling filly (She’s Not for Sale) was inbred to Forty Niner and sold for only $55,000. Distorted Humor’s 76 yearlings sold in 2005 went for an average of $190,342 and a median of $137,500. She’s Not for Sale posted a record of 12-1-4-1 and earned $57,340.

The Fusaichi Pegasus yearling colt (Chapter One) was inbred to Mr. Prospector and sold for only $10,000. The 34 yearlings by Fusaichi Pegasus sold in 2005 went for an average of $419,029 and a median of $267,500. Chapter One was unraced.

The two Red Ransoms (both inbred to Roberto) fared somewhat better. The colt out of Leary Lass (Relentless Pursuit) sold for $80,000. The filly out of Pine Rob (Little Red Roaster) sold for $20,000. The 21 yearlings by Red Ransom sold that year went for an average of $103,429 and a median of $55,000. Relentless Pursuit posted a record of 11-0-3-3 and earned $51,280. Little Red Roaster posted a record of 6-0-0-0 and earned zilch.

The point is that the inbreeding of these four sales foals did not make them sell for higher prices. Or accomplish much on the racetrack either.

I have omitted race records from the 594 foals listed below. When I get all five years finished, then I will list the stakes winners and tabulate the results.

You are cordially invited to peruse the lists below. You might amuse yourself as you do so by trying to pick out the stakes winners. There are 594 foals listed. So about 20 of them should be stakes winners. Enjoy!!!!!!


B. A. King (K One King—B. A. Sensation, Apalachee), 05Y4,000, Apalachee.


Run Baby Run (Wheaton—Nezzie Baby, Jeblar), 05T11,000, Alydar.

Sir Lady Lee (Marquetry—Marque Gal, Sir Cat), 05Y4,400, Conquistador Cielo.

Mugsy the Leader (Tree—Mugsy, Mi Cielo), 05T7,000, Conquistador Cielo.

Spirit of God (Eltish—Diablo’s Madam, Diablo), 05T10,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Ascot Fields (Ascot Knight–Sheffield, Dayjur), 05Y8,406, Danzig.

Katillac Bluff (Katowice—Magnolia Jazz, Pine Bluff), 05Y1,200, Danzig.

Lost Prima (Lost Soldier—Prima Excellence, Turkoman), 05T12,000, Danzig.

Bound to You (Military—Up to You, Boundary), 05T26,000, Danzig.

Jubilee Partner (Partner’s Hero—Crown Jubilee, Chief’s Crown), 05Y20,000, Danzig.

Devilish Dance (Scottsville—Graceful Dance, Mane Minister), 05Y1,000, Deputy Minister.

Glitterman’s Ruler (Glitterman—St. Paddy’s Pal, Affirmed), 05Y1,200, Dewan.

My Jestic (Signal Tap—Cake and Cookies, Cryptoclearance), 05T15,000, Fappiano.

Vyking Venture (Vying Victor—Katalina Flight, Katahaula County), 05Y9,275, Flying Paster.

She’s Not for Sale (Distorted Humor—Holy Niner, Holy Bull), 05Y55,000, Forty Niner.

On the Case (Gold Case—Captivate, Gold Fever), 05Y3,200, Forty Niner.

Gal on the Prowl (Roar—Sweeping Biscuit, End Sweep), 05Y1,200, Forty Niner.

Blushing Prospect (Carson City–Allen Parkway, Allen’s Prospect), 05Y8,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Dream Luck (Chester House–Fee, Spectacular Bid), 05Y40,000, MP.

Honeyville (Chester House–Kiss Me Not, Deputy Minister), 05Y27,000, MP.

Stellar Cloud (Cloud Hopping–Laun Shaw, Relaunch), 05T50,000, MP.

Attackum (Digging In—Smart Attack, Northern Prospect), 05Y2,300, MP.

Criminal Activity (E Dubai—Make Merry, Rare Performer), 05Y96,500, MP.

Chapter One (Fusaichi Pegasus—Legion Etrangere, Carson City), 05Y10,000, MP.

Midnight Confessor (Gold Token—Fappies Cosy Miss, Fappiano), 05W9,500, MP.

Performance Line (Line in the Sand—Clutch Performance, Rare Performer), 05Y2,000, MP.

Golden Line (Line in the Sand—Dylan’s Gold, Gold Crest), 05T10,000, MP.

Gracies Choice (Line in the Sand—Merlin’s Gold, Crafty Prospector), 05T5,000, MP.

Sweet Cashcc (Line in the Sand—Okay Babe, Crafty Prospector), 05T16,500, MP.

History Love (Not for Love—Alyander, Miswaki), 05Y9,500, MP.

Laurens Dahlia (Our Emblem—Nicole Lauren, Jade Hunter), 05Y1,000, MP.

My Secret Melody (Prospector’s Music—My Secret Prospect, Great Prospector), 05Y2,200, MP.

Niska (Smart Strike—Lady of Talent, Siphon), 05W7,000, MP.

Favoritehandcalled (Favorite Trick—Queen Palm, Caller I. D.), 05Y3,000, Phone Trick.

Mystic Lord (Brunswick–Mystic Jade, Don’s Choice), 05Y7,657, Private Account.

Relentless Pursuit (Red Ransom—Leary Lass, Lear Fan), 05Y80,000, Roberto.

Little Red Roaster (Red Ransom—Pine Rob, Pine Bluff), 05Y20,000, Roberto.

Call Me Doc (Dr. Caton—Call Me Goldie, Gold Legend), 05T7,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Classic Jewel (Event of the Year—Day Jewels, Slew o’ Gold), 05T37,000, SS.

Mayday Slewzie (Gold Meridian—Hurry Slew, Tip On Slew), 05Y1,700, SS.

Adelpha (He’s Tops—Fast Sister, Fast Play), 05Y1,700, SS.

Bonito Tormenta (Ciano Cat–Harley Rules, Harlan), 05Y1,238, Storm Cat.

Sea of Fog (Sea of Secrets—Diamond Mae, Level Sands), 05Y1,500, Storm Cat.

Carmen’s Appeal (Valid Belfast—Sapphire Valley, Rubiano), 05T2,700, Valid Appeal.

Valid Exchange (Valid Expectations—Copelan’s Exchange, Copelan), 05T16,000, Valid Appeal.


Stella Mark (Benchmark–Social Savvy, Deputy Minister), 05Y6,000, Alydar.

unnamed (Turkoman—Chance Meeting, General Meeting), 05Y1,700, Alydar.

Desert Moves (Desert Wine–It’s a Katie, Night Mover), 05Y2,000, Damascus.

Quinton’s Shocker (Festive—Timely Star, Foreign Survivor), 05Y8,350, Damascus.

Smokin’ Sandi (Anziyan–Queen Marge, Grindstone), 05T8,000, Danzig.

A Little Bit Wayward (Brahms–Guiding Principle, Ghazi), 05Y25,000, Danzig.

Shelldame (Outflanker—Saramy, Personal Hope), 05T55,000, Danzig.

Be Quick Spice (Sea Saluute—OK Be Quick, Not for Love), 05W1,000, Danzig.

Shortcake (War Chant—Take the Cake, Fly So Free), 05Y500,000, Danzig.

Hogan (Quiet American—Grandstone, Grindstone), 05Y50,000, Fappiano.

Thatsalottabull (Holy Bull—On My Last Nerve, Housebuster), 05Y20,000, Great Above.

Send Me an Angel (Halo’s Image—Heavenly Deed, Shadeed), 05T135,000, Halo.

Fedway (The Fed—Eskiway, Eskimo), 05Y14,857, Key to the Mint.

Gilman (Cape Canaveral–Baraha, Dayjur), 05Y27,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Bacpac (Carson City–Lookaway Dixieland, Dixieland Band), 05Y45,000, MP.

Eye for Style (Carson City–Donna Karan, Roy), 05T185,000, MP.

Guns Drawn (Carson City–Inner Circle, El Gran Senor), 05T210,000, MP.

Jalkum (Chester House–Inexcessive Speed, In Excess), 05Y2,000, MP.

Fugazi (Chester House–No Pulp, Silver Deputy), 05Y3,500, MP.

Big Crescendo (Chopin–Pammer, Twining), 05Y5,000, MP.

Billow Talk (Cloud Hopping–Free Rein, Unbridled), 05Y1,000, MP.

Narcissistic (Cloud Hopping–Over the Clover, Capote), 05Y5,500, MP.

Real Cat Daddy (Crafty Prospector–Some Kinda Babe, Roy), 05W18,000, MP.

Crafty Mark (Crafty Prospector–Lady Victoriate, Silver Deputy), 05Y33,000, MP.

Royal Genes (Crafty Prospector–Mink Alert, Greinton), 05Y22,000, MP.

Elite Champion (Dance Brightly–Tender Moment, Torrential), 05Y28,000, MP.

Diamond King (Diamond–Album, Sultry Song), 05W500, MP.

Digams (Digging In—Gams Galore, Fortunate Prospect), 05Y2,100, MP.

Wild Fields View (Distant View—Right Here, Hector Protector), 05W3,700, MP.

Choctaw Chief (Distant View—Affair With Molly, Black Tie Affair), 05Y33,000, MP.

Distinct Pleasure (Distinctive Pro—New York Flag, Personal Flag), 05Y20,000, MP.

Time to Indulge (E Dubai—Miss Lulu, Unbridled), 05Y52,000, MP.

Interrogation (Family Calling—Hansel’s Messenger, Hansel), 05T7,000, MP.

Portstewart (Fusaichi Pegasus—Deputy Maiden, Deputy Minister), 05W170,000, MP.

Son of Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Cindazanno, Alleged), 05Y875,000, MP.

Samurai Storm (Fusaichi Pegasus—Pacheca, Storm Creek), 05Y240,000, MP.

Be Alert (Gold Alert—Humorous Wish, Distorted Humor), 05Y5,200, MP.

Victory Tetsuni (Gone West—Radu Cool, Carnivalay), 05Y325,000, MP.

Totally Gone (Gone West—Wendy Vaala, Dayjur), 05T65,000, MP.

Louisiana Song (Gold Tribute—Grable, Dehere), 05Y5,200, MP.

My Shei Amour (Gold Tribute—Stormy Frontera, Storm Boot), 05Y700, MP.

Superficial (Gold Tribute—Cat Paws, Mountain Cat), 05T3,500, MP.

Wind Gull (Gulch—Wendy Vaala, Dayjur), 05Y4,500, MP.

Goobanader (Line in the Sand—Cryptocat, Cryptoclearance), 05Y8,500, MP.

Nadia Mist (Line in the Sand—Fortunate Beau, Fortunate Prospect), 05Y7,500, MP.

End of the Line (Line in the Sand—Honorable Miss, Double Honor), 05Y2,000, MP.

Silkily (Line in the Sand—Silky Tonya, Fortunate Prospect), 05Y6,000, MP.

Goodlooking Guy (Line in the Sand—Looks So Good, Fortunate Prospect), 05T17,000, MP.

Line of Force (Line in the Sand—Ms Tasso, Tasso), 05T8,000, MP.

Toclosetothemusic (Mancini—Close But No, Gold Legend), 05Y15,000, MP.

Mancini’s Flagship (Mancini—Flag of Hope, Sheikh Albadou), 05Y6,500, MP.

Miss Music Maker (Mancini—Miss Rae Rae, Roy), 05Y7,000, MP.

Mancini Martini (Mancini—Twining Curls, Twining), 05Y9,500, MP.

Mademoisellewhaki (Miswaki—Tasha Yar, Cryptoclearance), 05Y25,000, MP.

Not for Gold (Not for Love—Glacken’s Grace, Smoke Glacken), 05W75,000, MP.

Dixi Rock Jack (Not for Love—Dixieland Rock, Dixieland Band), 05Y75,000, MP.

Love Runs Deep (Not for Love—Hugsie, Summer Squall), 05Y60,000, MP.

Show Respect (Not for Love—Respectful, Honour and Glory), 05Y52,000, MP.

Fortheloveofconnor (Not for Love—Silk Stole, Pulpit), 06Y65,000, MP.

R C Wild Emblem (Our Emblem—Frivolity, Wild Again), 05W3,000, MP.

Silver Pizzazz (Our Emblem—Marvellous Silver, Silver Deputy), 05Y26,899, MP.

Lauren’s Music (Prospector’s Music—Twin Induction, Slewacide), 05Y4,000, MP.

Genuine Princess (Proud and True—Hines Farley Rules, King of Kings), 05Y5,000, MP.

Rhythm Lane (Rhythm—Jaspar Lane, Prospect Bay), 05T1,200, MP.

Dash Back (Sahm—Nadwah, Royal Abjar), 05W100,000, MP.

Truman’s Gold (Seeking the Gold—Capote Belle, Capote), 05T650,000, MP.

Hauntingly (Silver Ghost—Paris Gem, Rubiano), 05Y22,000, MP.

Wisdom Walk (Smart Strike—Dixie Linedancer, Dixieland Band), 05W290,000, MP.

unnamed (Smart Strike—Valid Miss Dress, Valid Appeal), 05W10,000, MP.

Great Hit (Smart Strike—Great Connection, Dayjur), 05Y135,000, MP.

Low Strike Zone (Smart Strike—Royal Ride, Pulpit), 05T12,000, MP.

Souvenir’s Lady (Souvenir Copy—Golden Sliver, Silver Deputy), 05Y20,000, MP.

Reminisce (Souvenir Copy—Miss Linny, Lord Carson), 05Y3,000, MP.

Lots of Treasure (Treasure Cove—Fun Senorita, Senor Speedy), 05W1,200, MP.

Golden Gloves Kid (Two Punch—Gold Huntress, Hunting Hard), 05Y45,000, MP.

Punchette (Two Punch—Maisonette, Pulpit), 05Y50,000, MP.

Laila’s Punch (Two Punch—Morning Tease, Holy Bull), 05Y80,000, MP.

Ultimate Akdov (Two Punch—Pithy, Quiet American), 05Y85,000, MP.

Travelin Leroy (Two Punch—Morning Tease, Holy Bull), 05T250,000, MP.

Patty’s Punch Line (Two Punch—Patelin Line, Pleasant Line), 05T21,000, MP.

You Won’t Like It (Moscow Ballet—State Your Course, Stately Cielo), 05Y2,700, Nijinsky II.

Compelling Reason (Danzig–Compel, Seeking the Gold), 05Y85,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Dijeerr (Danzig–Sharp Minister, Deputy Minister), 05Y500,000, ND.

New York Dixie (Dixieland Band—Dounine, Kaldoun), 05Y12,000, ND.

Polly Peptide (Dixieland Band—Polly’s Fleet, Afleet), 05Y60,000, ND.

Putnam County (Dixieland Band—Requesting More, Norquestor), 05Y180,000, ND.

Dixie Crisp (Dixieland Band—Two Step Trudy, Capote), 05Y45,000, ND.

Hillbilly Rockstar (Lucky North—Southern Dawn, Southern Halo), 05Y7,000, ND.

Lucky Divinity (Lucky North—Dancing Divinity, Two Punch), 05T13,000, ND.

Strict Liability (Lucky North—Missing Dancer, Gate Dancer), 05T12,500, ND.

Wellrito (Sadler’s Wells—Fanny Cerrito, Gulch), 05Y65,000, ND.

Olive on Top (Shotiche—Kumara, Cogency), 05Y1,000, ND.

Gracie Girl (Stravinsky—Carefree Sid, Thunder Gulch), 05T120,000, Nureyev.

Love for a Price (Repriced—Bye My Love, Runaway Groom), 05Y5,000, Roberto.

Front Runner (Avenue of Flags–Running River, River Special), 05Y10,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

unnamed (Chief Seattle–Paige Commands, Deputy Commander), 05Y25,000, SS.

Seattle Vixen (Chief Seattle–You Tell Nick, Ferrara), 05Y4,000, SS.

Tarage (Doneraile Court—Graciously, Thunder Gulch), 05Y10,000, SS.

Summer’s Gone (Doneraile Court—No Mo Strawberries, Strawberry Road), 05Y27,000, SS.

Wide Open Canvas (General Meeting—Light the Crown, Chief’s Crown), 05Y11,000, SS.

Flying Lucky (Kentucky Lucky—On Wings She Flyes, Golden Slewpy), 056Y700, SS.

Kung Fu Slew (Slew City Slew—Bries Golden Girl, Geiger Counter), 05Y3,015, SS.

Slew by Slew (Slew City Slew—Cradlesong, Pine Bluff), 05Y7,000, SS.

Calcaria (Storm Cat—Spain, Thunder Gulch), 05Y150,000, Storm Bird.


Track Town (Trail City—Honey Dar, Alydar), 05Y1,500, Alydar.

Baltic Flier (Fusaichi Pegasus—Baltic Sea, Danzig), 05Y350,000, Danzig.

Got on Credit (One Way Love—Always Elated, Geiger Counter), 05Y15,131, Geiger Counter.

Imafreighttrain (St. Jovite—Heatherfields, Northfields), 05Y2,000, Northfields.

U Did It Again (Royal Anthem—Poetic, Nureyev), 05T15,000, Nureyev.

Seattle Hotline (Chancery Court–Crank Call, Phone Trick), 05Y15,000, Phone Trick.

Doctor Jewel (Big Jewel–Romantic Beauty, Rajab), 05Y3,000, Rajab.

Pucker Me Up (Lemon Drop Kid—Madam Moyra, Seattle Slew), 05Y10,000, Seattle Slew.

Turquoise n Gold (Officer—L’Autre Monde, Septieme Ciel), 05Y35,000, Septieme Ciel.

Dance Vision (Perfect Vision—Dancing Lady Luck, Sharpen Up), 05Y12,000, Sharpen Up.

Professor Cinch (Victory Gallop—Omy Vice, Vice Regent), 05Y20,000, Vice Regent.

More Than a Feelin (More Than Ready—Park City Gal, Woodman), 05Y70,000, Woodman.


Include Charlie (Include—Abruzzi Ridge, Mountain Cat), 05Y40,000, Ack Ack.

Reata’s Shadow (Include—Ingenuity Joan, Valley Crossing), 05Y15,000, Ack Ack.

Bullistic Miss (Holy Bull—Miss Roxana, Gilded Time), 05W6,000, Al Hattab.

Visual Effect (Anees–Make Smoke, Saratoga Six), 05T21,000, Alydar.

Cat Buddy (Just a Cat—Moveable Type, Criminal Type), 05Y4,127, Alydar.

Radar Boy (King of the Hunt—Unchained Melody, Woodman), 05Y5,000, Alydar.

Don Ismael (Outflanker—Harem Queen, Turkoman), 05T9,000, Alydar.

Outgraces (Outflanker—No Social Graces, Jeblar), 05T8,500, Alydar.

Adarlyn Cat (Scatmandu—She’s Adarlyn, Saratoga Six), 05Y115,000, Alydar.

Kid Carson (Carson City–Warm Thoughts, Rahy), 05T22,000, Blushing Groom.

Successful Outlook (Orientate—Catch a Glimpse, Gulch), 05Y95,000, Blushing Groom.

Music Night (Stravinsky—Starlyte Girl, Fairy King), 05Y50,000, Blushing Groom.

Rosy Lea (Swain—Moonshine Girl, Shadeed), 05T40,000, Blushing Groom.

Rahy Springs (Wekiva Springs—Rahy’s Valentine, Rahy), 05Y1,100, Blushing Groom.

Creampuff (Change Takes Time–Friendly One, Bel Bolide), 05T3,200, Bold Bidder.

unnamed (Valid Wager—Timely Bidder, Stalwart), 05Y40,000, Bold Bidder.

Jones Power (Seneca Jones—That Kind I Want, Relaunch), 05Y7,500, Bold Forbes.

Seneca Sugar (Seneca Jones—That Kind I Want, Relaunch), 05T6,500, Bold Forbes.

Justawitch (Chief Seattle–G. U. Senorita, Pancho Villa), 05Y12,000, Bold Reasoning.

Dashingalltheway (Kiridashi—Blue Basin, Mt. Livermore), 05Y15,000, Briartic.

Snuck on You (Snuck In—As of Now, Blue Buckaroo), 05Y1,000, Buckaroo.

Good Ride (Montbrook—Psychic Fair, Buckpoint), 05Y115,000, Buckpasser.

My Buckeye (Thats Our Buck—Apple of My Eye, State Dinner), 05T3,700, Buckpasser.

With Affirmation (With Approval—Dice Passer, Affirmed), 05T125,000, Buckpasser.

Emily’s Hope (Woodman—Bringing Hope, Buckaroo), 05W19,000, Buckpasser.

Morganbonnetday (Worldly Ways—Morgansbluebonnet, Blue Orca), 05Y1,000, Caerleon.

Tenkiller Lake (Red Bullet—Terakat, Storm Cat), 05Y125,000, Caro.

Pogey Nogey (Tactical Cat—Olden Rijn, Cozzene), 05W13,000, Caro.

Bourbon Cat (Tactical Cat—Private Drive, Cahill Road), 05W30,000, Caro.

Tactical Fire (Tactical Cat—Can’t Stop the Fire, Cozzene), 05Y25,000, Caro.

Swift Approval (Tactical Cat—Credit Approval, With Approval), 05Y6,500, Caro.

Jackstown Road (Tejano Run—Private Drive, Cahill Road), 05Y15,000, Caro.

Octave (Unbridled’s Song—Belle Nuit, Dr. Carter), 05Y350,000, Caro.

Unbridle This Star (Unbridled’s Song—Grisonnante, Kaldoun), 05Y150,000, Caro.

Spanishayes (Mazel Trick—Executricker, El Prado), 05T7,000, Clever Trick.

King El Dorado (Yes It’s True—Hadette, Hadif), 05Y100,000, Clever Trick.

Illigetimate (Luftikus—Full Life, Norquestor), 05Y5,000, Conquistador Cielo.

Straightaway (Straight Man—Arion’s Wish, Lyphard’s Wish), 05Y50,000, Cornish Prince.

Stephenwilgetueven (Stephen Got Even—Crystal n Pennies, Vanlandingham), 05Y11,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Phrase (Wagon Limit—Verse, Sultry Song), 05Y14,500, Cox’s Ridge.

Bird on the Run (Graeme Hall—Unpainted Dancer, Robyn Dancer), 05Y16,812, Crafty Prospector.

Letinerip (Boundary–Look for a Change, Time for a Change), 05Y5,000, Damascus.

Mytermsonly (Private Terms—Only Angel, Cause Celebre), 05T1,500, Damascus.

Joisey John (Swiss Yodeler—Juliandra, Bolger), 05T47,000, Damascus.

Wheelit (Wheelaway—Doc n Trope, Sitzmark), 05Y15,000, Damascus.

Wheeling On (Wheelaway—Make the Cut, Cutlass), 05Y15,000, Damascus.

Queensmark (Benchmark–Queen of the Nile, Chief’s Crown), 05Y1,000, Danzig.

First Tee Rick (Distorted Humor—Ascot Yael, Ascot Knight), 05Y165,000, Danzig.

Silver Payday (Fusaichi Pegasus—I Got Silver, Petersburg), 05W120,000, Danzig.

Sops (Fusaichi Pegasus—Sophorific, Danehill), 05Y500,000, Danzig.

Balhara (Fusaichi Pegasus—Star of Africa, Polish Precedent), 05T42,000, Danzig.

Laddies Loaded (Lil’s Lad—Load Up, Dove Hunt), 05Y3,000, Danzig.

Dusty Did It (Six Below—Cheerful Giver, Mane Minister), 05Y681, Deputy Minister.

Crazy Sams (Wild Deputy—Prime Kooky, The Prime Minister), 05Y14,000, Deputy Minister.

Overextended (Monarchos—Way of Life, Gulch), 05W20,000, Dixieland Band.

Boss Hoss Austin (Dewdle’s Dancer–Bold Fager, Bold Forbes), 05Y1,150, Dr. Fager.

Miami House (Chester House–Miami Mama, Theatrical), 05Y20,000, El Gran Senor.

Back Gate (Put It Back—Gate Dasher, Gate Dancer), 05T27,000, Exuberant.

Albert the Elder (Albert the Great–Elderberry, Roy), 05Y7,500, Fappiano.

unnamed (Albert the Great–Tasaruma, Tasso), 05Y5,500, Fappiano.

Flying Jojie (Crypto Star–Press You, Press Card), 05Y2,000, Fappiano.

Mal’s Magic (Magic Cat—Came Uncorked, Signal Tap), 05T18,000, Fappiano.

Mizzou Tiger (Millennium Wind—Audacity, Chief’s Crown), 05Y35,000, Fappiano.

Real Star (Real Quiet—My Shining Star, Comet Shine), 05Y10,000, Fappiano.

Cane River Lights (Toolighttoquit—Fuzzy Light, Fuzziano), 05Y1,300, Fappiano.

Saturday’s Dream (Unbridled’s Song—Danzig’s Dreamer, Rubiano), 05W285,000, Fappiano.

Victory Adventure (Victory Gallop—Excellentadventure, Slew City Slew), 05W30,000, Fappiano.

Pitch a Victory (Victory Gallop—Hitaway, Quiet American), 05Y40,000, Fappiano.

Mecke Me Crazy (Mecke—Hurdy Gurdy, In Reality), 05T9,000, Foolish Pleasure.

Mecke Girl (Mecke—Shy Marfa, Marfa), 05T15,000, Foolish Pleasure.

Castillo Del Sol (El Corredor—Color Me Special, River Special), 05Y240,000, Gone West.

Owen’s Choice (Devil His Due–Ivorilla, Sir Ivor), 05Y40,000, Halo.

Buel’s Boy (Flame Thrower—White Ice Cream, Devil’s Bag), 05W4,500, Halo.

Let’s Get Serious (Machiavellian—Sudden Michief, Southern Halo), 05T140,000, Halo.

Halo Miss Monroe (Pine Bluff—Diabla Nina, Devil’s Bag), 05Y7,000, Halo.

Brightest Halo (Unbridled Time—Bright Halo, Jolie’s Halo), 05W3,700, Halo.

Yoonoino (Yoonevano—Vera Fleet, Cool Halo), 05Y5,902, Halo.

Romana Eyes (Cherokee Colony–Personal Eyes, Roman Majesty), 05Y1,600, His Majesty.

Victorious Eyes (Cherokee Colony–Personal Eyes, Roman Majesty), 05T1,300, His Majesty.

Former Glory (Dynaformer—Proud n’ Appeal, Proud Appeal), 05Y120,000, His Majesty.

Dynegor (Dynaformer—St Adele, Pleasant Colony), 05Y175,000, His Majesty.

Crypto’s Dream (Cryptoclearance–Mom’s Alleged, Alleged), 05T18,000, Hoist the Flag.

Girl’s Camp (Forest Camp—Lady Buttercup, Meadowlake), 05Y35,000, Hold Your Peace.

Band Camp (Forest Camp—Susan Jean, Cahill Road), 05Y225,000, Hold Your Peace.

Rowdy’s a Warrior (Greenwood Lake—Allie McDevil, Holy Mountain), 05Y12,000, Hold Your Peace.

Rare Wish (Middle Man—Rare Indication, Sezyou), 05Y3,000, Hold Your Peace.

Violetta (Anet–Missy Good, Its Good), 05Y12,000, Icecapade.

Dasherboard (Anet–Virginia Cool, The Cool Virginian), 05T28,000, Icecapade.

Clever Chief (Chief Seattle–Baldski’s Finesse, Clever Trick), 05T90,000, Icecapade.

Clever Petra (Petersburg—Clever Bit, Clever Trick), 05Y1,000, Icecapade.

Spanish Summer (Siberian Summer—Buffalo, Clever Trick), 05Y38,000, Icecapade.

Heat of Summer (Siberiam Summer—Escapade Lass, Ice Age), 05Y13,500, Icecapade.

Comoncheetah (Commanchero–Flora Spring, Real Courage), 05Y2,000, In Reality.

Monster Drive (Commendable–Ms. D. D. Walton, Known Fact), 05Y40,000, In Reality.

Booboocando (Commendable–Deliteful Princess, Relaunch), 05T3,700, In Reality.

Class of Fifty (Commendable–Lil’mary, Known Fact), 05T30,000, In Reality.

Tiquita (General Royal—Flashy French Oil, Proper Reality), 05T8,500, In Reality.

Buttermilk Falls (Glitterman—Pura y Propia, Proper Reality), 05Y10,000, In Reality.

Skatin Jake (Honour and Glory—Li Law, Known Fact), 05T55,000, In Reality.

Pricely Gem (Honour and Glory—Thirty Six Carat, Meadowlake), 05T34,000, In Reality.

Alittlepretentious (Littleexpectations—Pretentious Digs, Dignitas), 05Y7,841, In Reality.

Light the Stage (Medford—Miss Princess, Believe It), 05T3,500, In Reality.

Cookies in the Jar (Pentelicus—Scully, Sunny Clime), 05T27,000, In Reality.

Goggles Pisano (Slew Gin Fizz—Joyatlast, Valid Appeal), 05Y35,000, In Reality.

Unquestionably (Untuttable—Shananie’ Question, Shananie), 05Y1,700, In Reality.

Foolish Wager (Valid Wager—Copper Queen, Kyle’s Our Man), 05Y2,700, In Reality.

Successful Girl (Fortunate Prospect—Oriel, Maudlin), 05T19,000, Lucky Debonair.

Earnednevergiven (Cee’s Tizzy–Code It Nikki, Falstaff), 05Y150,000, Lyphard.

King A. J. (King Cugat—Murfreesboro, Wavering Monarch), 05Y24,000, Majestic Light.

Dotoroe (King Cugat—Radiant Prospect, Supremo), 05Y3,976, Majestic Light.

Twoten (Favorite Trick—Prairie Dancer, Dumaani), 05Y1,000, Medieval Man.

Janie’s Gotta Run (Yarrow Brae—Chianti Classic, Black Tie Affair), 05W1,000, Miswaki.

Gold Chant (Banker’s Gold–Merchant, Silver Ghost), 04Y2,500, Mr. Prospector (MP).

unnamed (Brahms–Serafina Pekkala, Seeking the Gold), 05W5,000, MP.

John Brian (Brahms–Miss Madeleine, Woodman), 05Y32,000, MP.

Diggin’ the Gold (Brahms–Beautiful Diamond, Fappiano), 05T32,000, MP.

Buckaroo Dandy (Brunswick–Sunny Type, Conquistador Cielo), 05W2,552, MP.

Came Through (Came Home–Mimi’s Golden Girl, Seeking the Gold), 05Y300,000, MP.

Gotthatfeeling (Cape Storm–Enchanted Acorn, Crafty Prospector), 05T45,000, MP.

Bebop to the Top (Castle Gandolfo–Elevator Gail, Native Prospector), 05W1,200, MP.

Ad Me In (Catienus–Antics Upstairs, Fair American ), 05Y26,000, MP.

Scatienus (Catienus–Big Headache, Chequer), 05Y1,500, MP.

Rapid Ron (Catienus–Carson City Madame, Carson City), 05Y15,000, MP.

Cheery Cat (Catienus–Olinka, Wolfhound), 05Y25,000, MP.

Bear in Paris (Catienus–Paris City Line, Carson City), 05Y29,421, MP.

Bravest Princess (Catienus–Steaming Home, Salt Lake), 05Y7,000, MP.

Rayona (Catienus–Zienat, Woodman), 05Y20,000, MP.

Tina’s Rolex (Catienus–Big Headache, Chequer), 05T6,500, MP.

Light Up the City (City Zip–Luminous, Majestic Light), 05W45,000, MP.

Daddy Eddie (City Zip–Travellin’ Along, Silver Ghost), 05W8,000, MP.

Lottie Zip (City Zip–Hoist a Native, Distinctive Pro), 05Y29,000, MP.

Sota de Oros (Clure–Torana, Gulch), 05Y1,800, MP.

Accountability (Coronado’s Quest–Select Account, Seeking the Gold), 05Y2,000, MP.

Friendly Advice (Crafty Friend–Avian Cielo, Conquistador Cielo), 05Y4,500, MP.

Welcome Zone (Crafty Friend–Carlee’s Cupid, Geiger Counter), 05Y28,000, MP.

Pink Kryptonyte (Cryptoclearance–Pink Cadillac, Man From Eldorado), 05W17,000, MP.

Mel’s Sister (Cryptoclearance–Aletha, Conquistador Cielo), 05Y4,200, MP.

Cryaletha (Cryptoclearance–Aletha, Conquistador Cielo), 05T13,000, MP.

Moneys Defense (Defensive Play–Sez Who Honey, Private Terms), 05Y7,700, MP.

Abo L B (Desert God–Grand Tally, Grand Ruler), 05Y4,000, MP.

Quite a Line (Desert God–Zenda’s Line, Line in the Sand), 05Y10,500, MP.

Infinite Resource (Distorted Humor—Ali’s Way, Mining), 05Y225,000, MP.

Sensational Humor (Distorted Humor—My Sensation, Mining), 05T80,000, MP.

Standup Double (Double Honor—Amy’s Halo, Mining), 05Y7,000, MP.

Double Keys (Double Honor—Aurum Key, Aurium), 05Y10,000, MP.

Doublely Delight (Double Honor—Dylan’s Gold, Gold Crest ), 05Y15,000, MP.

Mailman Mike (Double Honor—Mine Amint, Mining), 05Y3,500, MP.

Double Mystery (Double Honor—Mystery Line, Line in the Sand), 05Y2,500, MP.

Ozilda’s Honor Ms (Double Honor—Ozilda’s Gale, Fountain of Gold), 05Y5,200, MP.

Sharethehonor (Double Honor—Sharethechampagne, Woodman), 05Y8,000, MP.

Misty Parade (Double Honor—Hazy Star, Prospective Star), 05T13,000, MP.

Ecton (Ecton Park—Dolly by Golly, Not for Love), 05W32,000, MP.

Lady Muriel (Ecton Park—Suave Lady, Line in the Sand), 05Y4,000, MP.

Espadrille Wings (Ecton Park—Tantrum, Pleasant Colony), 05T200,000, MP.

Escape Route (Elusive Quality—Away, Dixieland Band), 05Y170,000, MP.

Elusive Dreams (Elusive Quality—Bally Five, Miswaki), 05Y750,000, MP.

Blessed Event (Event of the Year—Nureyev’s Angel, Nureyev), 05W2,500, MP.

Fairy Dress (Fasliyev—Sun Spray, Woodman), 05Y95,000, MP.

Clean Sheet (Fasliyev—Starlight Night, Distant View), 05W85,000, MP.

Phenomena (Five Star Day—Violet Hill, Two Punch), 05Y48,000, MP.

Sabatini (Five Star Day—Play Date, Geiger Counter), 05T350,000, MP.

Tamo Tiger (Flatter—Afleet Summer, Afleet), 05W40,000, MP.

Magical Fortune (Fortunate Prospect—Merlin’s Gold, Crafty Prospector), 05Y7,000, MP.

Prancin n Dancin (Fruition—Nouvelles Danseur, Siyah Kalem), 05Y1,100, MP.

S. S. Express (Fusaichi Accele—Key Lime Express, Alnaab), 05Y1,000, MP.

Nancy Casey (Geri—Coral Belle, Numerous), 05Y10,000, MP.

Gie (Geri—Diamonds and Jade, Naevus), 05Y9,500, MP.

Rubies n Gold (Gold Case—Precious Find, Demidoff), 05T3,000, MP.

Golden Hottie (Gold Fever—Debie’s Daughter, Loose Cannon), 05Y15,000, MP.

Detecting Gold (Gold Legend—On Radar, Hadif), 05Y2,200, MP.

I’ll Go (Gold Legend—Gammons Lil’ Girl, Gold Alert), 05T2,000, MP.

Good Prospect (Good and Tough—Herb’s Prospect, Claim), 05Y1,200, MP.

Santa Zanta (Good and Tough—Tank’s Joy, Allen’s Prospect), 05Y20,000, MP.

El Gran Melin (Good and Tough—Below Broad Street, Kokand), 05T17,000, MP.

Impure Thoughts (Good and Tough—Boysinthewoods, Woodman), 05T38,000, MP.

One Eighty (Grand Slam—Himmlisch, Gulch), 05Y9,000, MP.

Meritocracy (Grand Slam—King’s Love, Kingmambo), 05Y170,000, MP.

Ought (Grand Slam—Silver Valley Girl, Deputy Minister), 05Y75,000, MP.

Fabulous Finish (Grand Slam—Varnish, Cox’s Ridge), 05Y350,000, MP.

No Called Strikes (Grand Slam—Smart Ladys Friend, Carson City), 05T100,000, MP.

Miners Jackpot (Hit a Jackpot—Miner’s Lady, Lost Opportunity), 05Y2,300, MP.

Forty City (Ide—Swoop City, Carson City), 05Y9,000, MP.

Woozy (Ide—Miniature Magic, Miswaki), 05Y6,700, MP.

Schifty’s Angela (Intidab—Buddy’s Bird, Buddy), 05Y18,000, MP.

Black Velvet Band (Intidab—Buddy’s Dinasha, Double Negative), 05Y6,500, MP.

Iuturna (Intidab—Samut, Danehill), 05Y20,000, MP.

Swingin Sting (Jazz Club—Mischief Seeker, Crafty Prospector), 05Y14,000, MP.

King at Play (King Cugat—Play Date, Geiger Counter), 05Y3,000, MP.

Squeeze That Lemon (Lemon Drop Kid—Solo, Halo), 05W32,000, MP.

Safe Landing (Lemon Drop Kid—Chasm, Gulch), 05Y50,000, MP.

Cinderella Kid (Lemon Drop Kid—Ceron, Miswaki), 05T30,000, MP.

Liberty Jack (Liberty Gold—Fleet Chelseanna, Afleet), 05Y12,648, MP.

Klondike Moon (Malibu Moon—Klondike Rose, Bankbook), 05W32,000, MP.

Manhattan Moon (Malibu Moon—Miss Rolla Punch, Two Punch), 05Y10,500, MP.

Crafty Lady Z (Marked Tree—Crafty Lady B, Crafty Prospector), 05Y1,100, MP.

Urban Guy (Marquetry—City Life, Carson City), 05T200,000, MP.

Arresteddevolpment (Matter of Honor—Suzy Queen, Rhythm), 05Y7,565, MP.

Brandemarti (Minardi—Batuka, Bates Motel), 05Y6,000, MP.

Free Addition (Mr. Greeley—Cleverly, Danzig), 05Y65,000, MP.

Chimney Stone (Mr. Greeley—Fair Jordan, Woodman), 05Y180,000, MP.

Classic Legend (Mr. Greeley—Miss Barbara, Miner’s Mark), 05Y150,000, MP.

Takemebacktotulsa (Muldoon—Tulsey Baby, Here We Come), 05T1,700, MP.

Angel Eunice (Muqtarib—Color Me Silver, Silver Ghost), 05W4,000, MP.

Sampson’s Gold (Mutakddim—Appealing Line, Line in the Sand), 05W1,000, MP.

Buc the Spartan (Mutakddim—Dolly by Golly, Not for Love), 05Y85,000, MP.

Shoe Babe (Mutakkdim—Perfect Reason, Distinctive Pro), 05Y25,000, MP.

Letz Rock (Mutakddim—Stratter, Society Max), 05Y16,000, MP.

Silver Cindy (Nelson—Silver Lame’, Silver Ghost), 05Y1,700, MP.

Breaking Through (New Way—Break Through, Prosper Fager), 05Y4,200, MP.

New Squeal (New Way—Unreal Squeal, Unreal Zeal), 05Y65,000, MP.

No Phone Dean (Northern Afleet—Lady Blackhawk, Stutz Blackhawk), 05T40,000, MP.

Kilkenny (Northern Afleet—Twice as Real, Unreal Zeal), 05T30,000, MP.

Miss Truffles (Parisianprospector—Jadewood, Jade Hunter), 05Y58,842, MP.

Raise the Weight (Pentelicus—Via Mizner, Forty Niner), 05T28,000, MP.

A Pint o’ Lager (Pikepass—Block the Stage, Jade Hunter), 05Y1,692, MP.

The Kielbasa Queen (Polish Miner—So Smashing, Two Punch), 05Y10,000, MP.

Pray Tell (Pulpit—Pratella, Jade Hunter), 05Y375,000, MP.

Jilly Indy Pulpit (Pulpit—Scope, Devil’s Bag), 05T40,000, MP.

Roaring Fire (Roar—Redsand Dancer, Desert Wine), 05W23,000, MP.

Belle Soiree (Robyn Dancer—Beautiful Dance, Sword Dance), 05Y3,000, MP.

Double Brilliant (Robyn Dancer—Julie’s Prospect, Allen’s Prospect), 05Y6,000, MP.

Willamena Tina (Robyn Dancer—Willa’s Girl, Homebuilder), 05Y1,700, MP.

Misty’s Key (Robyn Dancer—Aurum Key, Aurium), 05T41,000, MP.

Sky Miss (Robyn Dancer—Cielo Dancer, Conquistador Cielo), 05T5,000, MP.

unnamed (Robyn Dancer—Gomarygo, Rock Hill), 05T3,000, MP.

Chassy Wassy (Rock Slide—Duck’s Folly, Two Punch), 05W1,100, MP.

Market Tumble (Rock Slide—Oblivious T., Miswaki), 05W30,000, MP.

Lesly’s Back (Rock Slide—Theheartofdixie, Crafty Prospector), 05W7,000, MP.

Bosetti (Rosetti—Isabeau, Prospector’s Pick), 05Y20,222, MP.

Shady Lil Prospect (Rosetti—Prospect Lil, Allen’s Prospect), 05Y17,746, MP.

Aristareta (Sea of Secrets—Just Like a Lady, Miner’s Mark), 05Y13,000, MP.

Havasu (Sefapiano—Beguiled Again, Geiger Counter), 05T50,000, MP.

Peep Show (Silver Deputy—Catch a Glimpse, Gulch), 05W35,000, MP.

unnamed (Silver Deputy—Inquisitive Look, Crafty Prospector), 05W60,000, MP.

Campbell Jane (Silver Deputy—Ultimate Strike, Crafty Prospector), 05W56,000, MP.

Belladia (Silver Deputy—Arbela, Conquistador Cielo), 05Y105,000, MP.

Silver Devil (Silver Deputy—Dewars Rocks, Big Mukora), 05Y35,000, MP.

Head Games (Silver Deputy—Head Count, Forty Niner), 05Y4,500, MP.

Meaux Power (Silver Deputy—Skirt the Wind, Red Ransom), 05Y7,000, MP.

Law Breaker (Silver Deputy—Such Flair, Kingmambo), 05Y85,000, MP.

Idolizer (Silver Deputy—Fleet Pact, Afleet), 05T140,000, MP.

Puff n Smoke (Smoke Glacken—French Factor, Gulch), 05Y13,000, MP.

Smoky Chimney (Smoke Glacken—Herat’s Goldengirl, Gold Alert), 05Y75,000, MP.

Deserts Goldengirl (Soft Gold—Lexis, Native Prospector), 05Y1,500, MP.

Head to Toe (Storm Boot—Crown Jewel, Regal Search), 05Y14,500, MP.

Mostbeauitufulstorm (Storm Boot—Mostbeautifulsound, Miswaki), 05Y100,000, MP.

Sister Cyclone (Storm Boot—Sister Girl, Conquistador Cielo), 05Y55,000, MP.

Master Cat (Storm Boot—Crown Jewel, Regal Search), 05T75,000, MP.

Via Rodeo (Storm Boot—Ghost Runner, Procida), 05T105,000, MP.

Boldtoboot (Storm Boot—Not So Shy, Crafty Prospector), 05T40,000, MP.

Chelsea Creek Pat (Storm Creek—Excite, Gone West), 05W3,500, MP.

Moon Run (Storm Creek—Dezibelle’s Star, Prospective Star), 05Y13,500, MP.

Prince Ersc (Storm Creek—Mark Her Nasty, Miner’s Mark), 05Y10,000, MP.

Matter of Record (Tale of the Cat—Gulch Girl, Gulch), 05W250,000, MP.

Cat Verse (Tale of the Cat—Adversity, Seeking the Gold), 05Y61,000, MP.

Paws (Tale of the Cat—Champagne Sunset, Gulch), 05Y60,000, MP.

Nicole’s Image (Tale of the Cat—Cyber Sam, Capote), 05Y22,000, MP.

Rhapsodyohemian (Tale of the Cat—Magic Melody, Gulch), 05Y400,000, MP.

Maltese Storm (Tale of the Cat—Michi Gras, Not for Love), 05Y50,000, MP.

Jamacian Kev (Tale of the Cat—Miss Moonwaki, Miswaki), 05Y100,000, MP.

Cola de Gato (Tale of the Cat—Miss Thermal Tech, Distinctive Pro), 05Y220,000, MP.

Radicat (Tale of the Cat—Rovie Wade, Silver Ghost), 05Y130,000, MP.

Beiju (Tale of the Cat—Saratoga Style, Conquistador Cielo), 05Y275,000, MP.

Why You Ask (Tale of the Cat—Shawaatee, Gulch), 05Y75,000, MP.

Magic Land (Tale of the Cat—Tiger Land, Machiavellian), 05Y30,000, MP.

Ever Shifting (Tale of the Cat—Carry All, Devil’s Bag), 05T5,200,000, MP.

Cat Criminal (Tale of the Cat—Jade Bird, Jade Hunter), 05T400,000, MP.

Poco Loco (Tale of the Cat—Jaye’s Hope, Line in the Sand), 05T42,000, MP.

Louiselle (Tale of the Cat—Never Again, Mining), 05T16,000, MP.

Task Force (Thunder Gulch—Golden Aster, Seeking the Gold), 05Y130,000, MP.

Mira Costa (Thunder Gulch—Kicken Grass, Jade Hunter, 05Y52,000, MP.

Thunder Warning (Thunder Gulch—Something Else, Seeking the Gold), 05Y250,000, MP.

The Luckiest (Thunder Gulch—Taianna, Cox’s Ridge), 05Y130,000, MP.

Storm Master (Thunder Gulch—Conquistress, Conquistador Cielo), 05T90,000, MP.

Dottin (Trajectory—Inside Job, Secret Claim), 05Y849, MP.

Creekside Cafe (Trajectory—Lazylou Cafe, Carson City), 05Y29,421, MP.

Caylee (Trajectory—Miners Bay, Geiger Counter), 05Y1,292, MP.

Kissed the Girls (Trajectory—Once Upon a Kiss, Conquistador Cielo), 05Y39,508, MP.

Cousin J J (Tree—Withall D D’s Love, Not for Love), 05T15,000, MP.

Way Too Tipsy (Way West—Fortune Pro, Procida), 05Y4,200, MP.

Eyes West (West Acre—Evil Eyed Czarina, Carson City), 05W1,500, MP.

West Abe (West Acre–Licorice Taffeta, Unreal Zeal), 05Y18,000, MP.

He Biscuit (West Acre—Siyah Marie, Siyah Kalem), 05Y10,000, MP.

Classy Win (Winning Bid—Rhythm and Tempo, Rhythm), 05Y1,200, MP.

Fine Star (Ide—Fine Focus, Star de Naskra), 05Y11,000, Naskra.

Ave’s Princess (Banker’s Gold–Soulac Sur Mer, Sword Dance), 05Y2,700, Nijinsky II.

Twentynine Red (Hit a Jackpot—Secret Training, Nijinsky’s Secret), 06Y1,700, Nijinsky II.

Nushka Babee (Aptitude–Arbusha, Danzig), 05Y4,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Sun Goddess (Aptitude–Dawn Aurora, Night Shift), 05Y17,000, ND.

Leningrad (Aptitude–Jazz Rags, Dixieland Band), 05Y310,000, ND.

Atozoe (Aptitude–Zoe’s Gold, St. Jovite), 05T60,000, ND.

Letinerip (Boundary–Look for a Change, Time for a Change), 05Y5,000, ND.

Northern Rocket (Brahms–Southern Fable, Exclusive Native), 05W6,000, ND.

Minister of Cairo (Deputy Minister–Ruby Cairo, Nashwan), 05Y15,000, ND.

Ally (Deputy Minister–Secret Partner, Rahy), 05Y50,000, ND.

Sunvolt (Devonwood–Sweet on You, Northern Horizon), 05Y6,191, ND.

Marco Rolo (Diamond Sword–Marco Dancer, Icecapade), 05T2,108, ND.

Catch Shup (Digging In—Catch the Lady, Danzatore), 05Y1,000, ND.

Mernneedsashooter (Dove Hunt—Capilla Bonita, Pleasant Colony), 05Y2,600, ND.

Florida Flagship (Family Calling—Sally Goodin, Northern Flagship), 05T13,000, ND.

Family Voyage (Family Calling—Starfire Voyage, Fire Dancer), 05T19,000, ND.

I Luva Popcorn (Iftimam—Snacktime, Staff Writer), 05Y5,500, ND.

Libby Creek (Langfuhr—Its a Girl, Thunder Gulch), 05Y35,000, ND.

Lady Love (Not for Love—In Her Honor, Hero’s Honor), 05W49,000, ND.

Dixi Rock Jack (Not for Love—Dixieland Rock, Dixieland Band), 05Y75,000, ND.

Luvtoluvyoubaby (Not for Love—Fairy Song, Fairy King), 05Y135,000, ND.

One Nighter (Not for Love—Low Pressure, Storm Bird), 05Y67,000, ND.

Not a Fling (Not for Love—Memories of Madrid, El Gran Senor), 05Y5,500, ND.

Ninth of July (Sea Salute—Mistical Mirage, Miswaki), 05T10,000, ND.

Criminal Power (Signal Tap—Dana’s Wedding, Compliance), 05Y15,000, ND.

Kaseema (Storm Cat—Onaga, Mr. Prospector), 05Y1,100,000, ND.

Okeechobee Road (Stack—Colonial Meteor, Pleasant Colony), 05Y4,000, ND.

Tchaikovsky (Stravinsky—Cartagena, Secretariat), 05T45,000, ND.

Just Pray (Theatrical—If Angels Sang, Seattle Slew), 05Y35,000, ND.

Little Big Girl (Weekend Cruise—Dutra Star, Yukon), 05Y4,000, ND.

Madame Shisendo (Gentlemen—Shisendo Palace, Theatrical), 05Y8,250, Nureyev.

Desire Unleashed (Wild Rush—Dire Desire, Pistols and Roses), 05Y15,000, Plugged Nickle.

Jura River (Gold Case—Black Olive, Secret Hello), 05Y13,000, Private Account.

Our Destiny (Our Emblem—Secret Hills, Secret Hello), 05Y75,000, Private Account.

Devins Devil (Devil His Due–Intoxicated, Silver Buck), 05Y35,000, Raise a Cup.

Young Luck (Benchmark—Luck Galore, Zoot Alors), 05T5,500, Raise a Native (RAN).

Allie Will (Digging In—Allie Will Win, Will Win), 05Y600, RAN.

Heels Aflyn (Digging In—Miss High Heels, Dawn of Creation), 05Y2,500, RAN.

Wakeupwithmakeup (Gulch—Letter of Intent, Capote), 05Y135,000, RAN.

Kupets (Kingmambo—Lassie’s Lady, Alydar), 05T375,000, RAN.

Butkus (Our Emblem—Royal Fit, Native Royalty), 05Y40,000, RAN.

Troya (Pioneering—Jim’s Alley Dancer, I’ma Hell Raiser), 05Y5,500, RAN.

Lucky Loma (Prospector Jones—Loma Looker, He’s a Looker), 05T3,500, RAN.

Princess Laila (Souvenir Copy—Pristine Princess, Alydar), 05Y8,500, RAN.

De Jewel (Big Jewel–Regally Perfect, Regal Search), 05W2,500, Rajab.

Four for Dinner (Formal Dinner—Final Flight, Harvest Ruler), 05T7,500, Raja Baba.

Strength (Yes It’s True—Basque Song, Bounding Basque), 05Y80,000, Raja Baba.

West Coast Kitty (Bertrando–Escape the Storm, Storm Cat), 05T35,000, Relaunch.

Abbott’s Account (Mr. Greeley—Agenda, Private Account), 05Y110,000, Reviewer.

Reckoning Day (Irgun—Social Noel, Swoon), 05Y6,000, Secretariat.

Honey Rules (Judge T C—Honey O’Mine, Leprechaun’s Wish), 05Y1,000, Secretariat.

Pionero de Imbuia (Pioneering—Evetsyma, Pancho Villa), 05T37,000, Secretariat.

Gi’s Second Chance (American Chance–Thnkhvnforltlgirls, Danton), 05Y23,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Dapper Dave (Cape Canaveral–Tiffany Lu, Slew o’ Gold), 05T155,000, SS.

Eyewall (Cape Town–Northwest Storm, Tsunami Slew), 05Y130,000, SS.

Cbt Frenchmistress (French Envoy—Beach Girl, Gold Meridian), 05Y1,500, SS.

Thoroughly (Full Mandate—King’s Pact, Slewacide), 05W27,000, SS.

Royal Mandate (Full Mandate—Lucy’s Princess, Capote), 05W15,000, SS.

Loveliness (Lemon Drop Kid—Clincher, Metfield), 05Y15,000, SS.

Cosmic Rover (Lemon Drop Kid—Cosmic Fire, Capote), 05Y7,000, SS.

Lemon Drop High (Lemon Drop Kid—Highest Goal, Slew o’ Gold), 05Y22,000, SS.

Citrus Chief (Lemon Drop Kid—Tricky Indy, A.P. Indy), 05Y6,000, SS.

Classic Betty (Macabe—Classic Metfield, Metfield), 05W5,000, SS.

Influenced (Malibu Moon—Tsu Lou, Tsunami Slew), 05W100,000, SS.

Emarald City Slew (Matricule—Granger Gal, Slewdledo), 05Y1,300, SS.

Lady Attack (Mutakddim—She’s a Slewpy, Slewpy), 05Y30,000, SS.

Astera (Mutakddim—Slewplay, Fast Play), 05Y39,508, SS.

Bear’s Lucky Seven (Mutakddim—Toosie, D’Accord), 05Y8,500, SS.

Smart Cigar (Pulpit—Arcadiana, Deputy Minister), 05Y130,000, SS.

Spells and Charms (Stormin Fever—Stacey’s Relic, Houston), 05Y2,200, SS.

Bold Assurance (Stormy Atlantic—Houston Bluelass, Houston), 06Y15,000, SS.

Noble Tradition (Stormy Atlantic—Tradition of Time, Half Term), 05Y15,000, SS.

Speak English (American Chance–All Told, Alla Breva), 05W4,700, Stop the Music.

Miss Sara K (Catienus–American Passage, Quiet American), 05Y1,200, Storm Bird.

Moccasin Gap (Giant’s Causeway—Lemon Dove, Forty Niner), 05Y500,000, Storm Bird.

Silver Glove (Giant’s Causeway—Stormy Temper, Conquistador Cielo), 05Y220,000, Storm Bird.

Spirito (Hennessy—Unbridled Soul, Unbridled), 05Y245,000, Storm Bird.

Piker’s Hope (Pikepass—Hope’s Hope, Personal Hope), 05Y4,203, Storm Bird.

Cat Criminal (Tale of the Cat—Jade Bird, Jade Hunter), 05T400,000, Storm Bird.

Valid Wonder (Three Wonders—Valid Storm, Valid Appeal), 05Y10,000, Storm Bird.

Dicky’s Cat (Vision and Verse—Winloc’s Rainbow, Summer Squall), 05Y9,000, Storm Bird.

Alittle Plump (Buddha–Stella Be Good, Forest Wildcat), 05W30,000, Storm Cat.

Kit n’ Kabuddha (Buddha–Hot Kitty, Tabasco Cat), 05Y75,000, Storm Cat.

Fancy Fiona (Cactus Ridge–Fancy Felicity, Affirmed), 05W40,000, Storm Cat.

Te de Rosas (Johannesburg—Tango Passion, Tabasco Cat), 05Y23,000, Storm Cat.

Jump Lightly (Jump Start—Light as a Cat, Tabasco Cat), 05W33,000, Storm Cat.

Sunday Prospector (Sunday Break—Parisian Cat, Mountain Cat), 05W12,000, Storm Cat.

Wise Mountain (Wiseman’s Ferry—Dreamscat, Mountain Cat), 05W8,200, Storm Cat.

Goodlookindude (Halo’s Image-Joy’s Appeal, World Appeal), 05Y15,000, Valid Appeal.

Appella’s Trip (Trippi—Appella, World Appeal), 05W11,000, Valid Appeal.

Klassy Tripp (Trippi—Klassy Charade, World Appeal), 05Y37,000, Valid Appeal.

Shorty Cain (Castine–Danielle’s Darling, State Dinner), 05T15,000, Vice Regent.

Scarlet Commander (Deputy Commander–Reasonable Thought, Peaks and Valleys), 05T30,000, Vice Regent.

Lady of Mystery (Domasca Dan—Mysterious Rockus, Mysterious Vice), 05W4,737, Vice Regent.

Bill Jr. (Open Forum—Countess Delainea, Geiger Counter), 05W3,000, Vice Regent.

Sueno (Open Forum—Regal ‘n Rich, Regal Classic), 05Y3,500, Vice Regent.

Lotta Salt (Salt Lake—Plus Beau, Beau Genius), 05Y45,000, Vice Regent.

Miss Pool (Salt Lake—Pool, Meadowlake), 05T350, Vice Regent.

Arizona Dream (Stephanotis—Shared Ideals, Regal Intention), 05Y31,198, Vice Regent.

Iron Id (Victory Gallop—See Moon, Deputy Minister), 05W38,000, Vice Regent.

Victory Mile (Victory Gallop—Viva Girl, Deputy Minister), 05Y110,000, Vice Regent.

Victory Warrior (Victory Gallop—Butter Cream, Deputy Minister), 05T125,000, Vice Regent.

Ebony Amazon (Acceptable–Howaboutme, Theatrical), 05Y3,500, Woodman.

Boots and Shoes (Snow Ridge—Caught My Eye, Hansel), 05W26,000, Woodman.


Heart of Oak (Brahms–Shahoune, Blushing Groom), 05Y34,000, Blushing Groom.

unnamed (Five Star Day—Bet She Can, Cox’s Ridge), 05W12,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Hall a Day (El Corredor—Prime Affair, Deputy Minister), 05Y90,000, Deputy Minister.

El Grego (El Corredor—Santa Elena, Deputy Minister), 05Y60,000, Deputy Minister.

Buddha Lady (Buddha–Aroz, Fappiano), 05Y90,000, Fappiano.

Hannah’s Halo (Confide–Ten Hail Marys, Halo), 05Y5,000, Halo.

Deemen’s Halo (Menifee—Vouch, Halo), 05Y85,000, Halo.

Lemhi Lightning (Old Kentucky Home—Counter Glow, Halo), 05Y2,000, Halo.

Victory Choice (Victory Gallop—Sky Bonnet, Halo), 05Y10,000, Halo.

French Soldier (French Envoy—Fizzarene, Hold Your Peace), 05Y13,000, Hold Your Peace.

unnamed (Madraar—Acurare, Key to the Mint), 05W2,500, Key to the Mint.

Ruth’s Proof (Dixie Union—Sierra Madre, Mr. Prospector), 05Y300,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Art Exhibit (Johannesburg—Art’s Prospector, Mr.. Prospector), 05Y23,500, MP.

Scat Daddy (Johannesburg—Love Style, Mr. Prospector), 05Y250,000, MP.

Dazzle Darlin (Johannesburg—Scrape, Mr. Prospector), 05Y70,000, MP.

Primed and Poised (More Than Ready—Sierra Madre, Mr. Prospector), 05W30,000, MP.

Lotta Gamble (Point Given—Arabian Peninsula, Mr. Prospector), 05Y50,000, MP.

Spades and Hearts (Stravinsky—Task, Mr. Prospector), 05T135,000, MP.

Proprietary (Unbridled’s Song—Prospinsky, Mr. Prospector), 05Y190,000, MP.

Haka Dancer (War Chant—Safe Return, Mr. Prospector), 05T485,000, MP.

Reigning Heroine (Prime Timber—Queen Regent, Pentelicus), 05T11,000, Nodouble.

Short Hop (Lemon Drop Kid—Dance Gaily, Nureyev), 05Y32,000, Nureyev.

Lemon Twirl (Lemon Drop Kid—Longing to Dance, Nureyev), 05Y37,000, Nureyev.

U Devil U (Devil His Due–Gay Senorita, Raise a Native), 05Y12,500, Raise a Native (RAN).

Royal Ronique (Littlebitlively—Ronique, Raise a Native), 05Y65,000, RAN.

Subtle Reaction (Tale of the Cat—Subtle Raise, Raise a Native), 05Y145,000, RAN.

Epoca Blava (Point Given—Aucilla, Relaunch), 05Y260,000, Relaunch.

Go All In (Giant’s Causeway—Have It Out, Roberto), 05Y575,000, Roberto.

Lady Tiz (Tiznow—Kew Garden, Seattle Slew), 05Y370,000, Seattle Slew.

Deliteful Sunrise (Afternoon Deelites–Sunrise Symphony, Secretariat), 05Y2,000, Secretariat.

Spice Thief (Cat Thief–Cardamine, Secretariat), 05T100,000, Secretariat.

Selectra (Freud—Eternally Hopeful, Secretariat), 05Y50,000, Secretariat.

Publican (Hennessy—Crystal Cream, Secretariat), 05Y260,000, Secretariat.

Stevie’s Lil Sis (Stephen Got Even—Secretly’s Sister, Secretariat), 05Y6,500, Secretariat.

Storm Burst (Stormin Fever—Timotara, Secretariat), 05Y20,000, Secretariat.

Angela’s Storm (Stormin Fever—Secretariat’s Fire, Secretariat), 05T135,000, Secretariat.

Under Paid (Tale of the Cat—Lady Secretary, Secretariat), 05T35,000, Secretariat.

Vision of Sunrise (Vision and Verse—Sunrise Symphony, Secretariat), 05T130,000, Secretariat.

Miss Morgy (Formal Gold—Walk of Fame, Silent Screen), 05Y9,500, Silent Screen.

Valentine Dance (Dance Brightly–Lady Be Smart, Smarten), 05T52,000, Smarten.

Mama’s Find (Sunday Break—Storm’s Award, Storm Bird), 05W22,000, Storm Bird.

Miss Star Dancer (Five Star Day—Vice Dancer, Vice Regent), 05Y11,000, Vice Regent.

Jack Be Fast (Outofthebox—Decorated Dancer, Well Decorated), 05W17,000, Well Decorated.

Onefor Kieran (Songandaprayer—Ms. Lillian, Well Decorated), 05Y60,000, Well Decorated.

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