Frankel and Big Brown Patterns

Frankel is back in the news, having remained undefeated in 12 starts on Wednesday in the Sussex S. (G1) at Goodwood. A few weeks ago I commented about his pedigree in Questions About Frankel, as well as the pedigree of Big Brown.

Big Brown and Frankel are similar in that their pedigrees both feature SLBMSL (sire line-broodmare sire line) inbreeding to Northern Dancer. Big Brown is by Boundary (by Danzig, by ND) out of Mien, by Nureyev (by ND). So he is 3×3 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern. Frankel is by Galileo (by Sadler’s Wells, by ND) out of Kind (by Danehill, by Danzig, by ND). So he is 3×4 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern.

In that post I promised to list all the sales foals of 2003-2007 inbred in these two patterns. For lagniappe I throw in all the foals inbred 4×3 to ND in this pattern on the theory that if 3×4 is good, 4×3 might be good as well.

I remind readers that this is a work in progress. Listed below are sales foals from 2005 only. I will post the other years as I get them finished, then list all the stakes winners of the same description and tabulate the results.

So my listing of the 28 foals inbred 3×3 to ND last week was incomplete. Those 28 foals were inbred to ND NOT in the SLBMSL pattern. As you can see below, another 47 foals are inbred to ND in the the SLBMSL pattern, as well as 75 foals 3×4 and 90 foals 4×3.

I reiterate that I have not attached race records to these foals. Will get around to listing the stakes winners later. As I suggested before, you might want to to amuse yourself as you peruse these lists by trying to pick out the stakes winners. There are 212 foals listed below. So there ought to be at least a half-dozen stakes winners.

I will draw attention to one foal listed below, Queen of France (Danehill out of Hidden Storm, by Storm Cat). Inbred 3×4 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern (just like Frankel), she sold for $1,450,000 as a yearling in 2005. Queen of France posted a record of 6-1-1-1 and earned $30,256, finishing third in the Salsabil Stakes in Ireland.

Two other foals from last week’s lists also sold for $1,000,000+. Kaseema (Storm Cat out of Onaga, by Mr. Prospector) sold for $1,100,000 as a yearling in 2005. Inbred 3×3 to ND (NOT in the SLBMSL pattern), she posted a record of 5-1-0-0 and earned $15,446.

Ever Shifting (Tale of the Cat out of Carry All, by Devil’s Bag) sold for $5,200,000 as a two-year-old in 2005. Inbred 3×3 to Mr. Prospector in the female-female pattern,  this colt was unplaced in two starts and earned $507.

You might say that the inbreeding of these three foals helped them sell for high prices ($1,000,000+). It does not appear that the inbreeding helped them at all in terms of becoming racehorses.

3×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Queen of Race (Anziyan–Rhythm Queen, Far North), 05T3,000.

Classy Missy (Belong to Me–Classy Mirage, Storm Bird), 05Y27,000.

I Go Wild (Belong to Me–Southern Sound, Dixieland Band), 05Y25,000.

Mo Chroi (Bianconi–Banquet Scene, Lyphard), 05Y8,000.

Bold Bounder (Boundary–Diaspora, Vice Regent), 05W2,500.

Jamaica Bound (Boundary–Jamaican Me Smile, Sovereign Dancer), 05Y65,000.

It’s a Pretty Day (Brahms–Current Guest, Be My Guest), 05Y14,750.

Parisian Parade (Brahms–Da’s Mimi, Imperial Falcon), 05Y45,000.

Il Vento (Compadre–Estrella del Cielo, Northern Mystic), 05Y3,807.

Fabulous Gem (Compadre–Fabulous Sign, Somethingfabulous), 05Y9,307.

Abby Road (Danehill–Bells Are Ringing, Sadler’s Wells), 05Y210,000.

Let There Be Light (Deputy Minster–Aurora, Danzig), 05Y280,000.

Most Distinguished (Dixie Union—Stylish Storm, Storm Bird), 05Y500,000.

True Virtue (Dixie Union—Weekend Flight, Storm Bird), 05Y8,000.

Yourmoneysnogood (Exchange Rate—North to South, Northern Flagship), 05T27,000.

Lacadena (Fasliyev—Butterfly Blue, Sadler’s Wells), 05W290,000.

Sarah Mia (Helmsman—Wasmi Song, Alwasmi), 05Y7,500.

Jazzman’s Dance (Jambalaya Jazz—Just About Enough, Danzig), 05Y5,000.

Princess of Jazz (Jazz Club—Winning Falcon, Imperial Falcon), 05Y8,000.

Jazz Fraternity (Jazz Club—Feyzie, Northern Jove), 05T35,000.

Border Run (Langfuhr—Periphery, Vice Regent), 05Y16,812.

Sweetlittlesoldier (Lost Soldier—Poetic Eskimo, Eskimo), 05Y10,087.

Lost Hunter (Lost Soldier—Take Me Hunting, Hunting Horn), 05Y70,000.

Lively (Louis Quatorze—November Breeze, Northern Baby), 05T20,000.

The Colonel’s Lady (Military—Race a Dream, Northern Flagship), 05W10,000.

Dream a Little Bit (Native Regent—Herat’s Pleasure, Herat), 05Y18,000.

Out o’ Vanilla (Outflanker—Pure Vanilla, Northrop), 05T12,000.

Saras Mule (Petersburg—Fabrudan, Somethingfabulous), 05Y700.

U S S Oklahoma (Polish Navy—Dominique’s Lass, The Minstrel), 05Y6,700.

Angel Academy (Royal Academy—My Pocket Angel, Storm Bird), 05Y30,000.

Charlie’s Academy (Royal Academy—Final Flag, Northern Flagship), 05W3,000.

unnamed (Royal Academy—Captive Island, Northfields), 05Y7,000.

Irish Bride (Sligo Bay—Danzig’s Bride, Danzig), 05W20,000.

Don Ricardo (Sligo Bay—Sooty Tern, Storm Bird), 05W27,000.

Le Citadel (Stravinsky—Halholah, Secreto), 05W20,000.

Le Rossignol (Stravinsky—La Barberina, Nijinsky II), 05Y20,000.

Music Night (Stravinsky—Starlyte Girl, Fairy King), 05Y50,000.

Stravinsky’s Song (Stravinsky—Money Unlimited, Fire Dancer), 05T13,000.

Stravinsky’s Angel (Stravinsky—My Pocket Angel, Storm Bird), 05T20,000.

Northern Edge (Syncline—Miss North Street, Northern Flagship), 05Y6,500.

Highest Drama (Theatrical—Talent to the Max, Local Talent), 05W35,000.

Royal Magenta (Theatrical—Heliotrope, Northern Score), 05Y70,000.

Zempoala (Theatrical—Mudslinger, El Gran Senor), 05Y67,000.

Pandemonium (Theatrical—Sudden Sun, Danzig), 05Y175,000.

Commando Chant (War Chant—Go Carolina, Rahy), 05W90,000.

John’s Baby (Zarbyev—Ooh Baby, Northern Baby), 05Y7,300.

Zarb’s Bully (Zarbyev—Von’s Dancer, Orbit Dancer), 05Y17,000.

3×4 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Alfaarimiss (Alfaari–Understating, Stately Don), 05Y8,010.

Callmemorgan (Ascot Knight–Pococurante, Nain Bleu), 05Y2,548.

Belongs to Bandit (Belong to Me–Amandas Bandit, Royal Academy), 05Y8,000.

Gonzalita (Belong to Me–Cymbala, Assert), 05Y14,000.

Bian Reel Fast (Bianconi–Diamonds for Reel, Reel On Reel), 05Y3,000.

Brahms Dance (Brahms–Dance Dance Dance, Dance of Life), 05Y8,000.

Y U Haytn (Brahms–Island Style, Manila), 05Y8,000.

Tocatta y Fuga (Brahms–Ms. Preacher, Deputy Minister), 05Y14,000.

Z Z Pop (Brahms–Zhangbei, Zilzal), 05Y45,000.

Kiss a Chimes (Chimes Band–Sneak a Kiss, Chief’s Crown), 05Y4,000.

Captain Kyle (Compadre–Belong to Katie, Belong to Me), 05Y8,461.

Ain’t No Cure (Compadre–R Rainbow’s Blue, Cure the Blues), 05Y21,235.

Storm Echos (Crowning Storm–Opera Tune, Danzatore), 05T5,000.

Queen of France (Danehill–Hidden Storm, Storm Cat), 05Y1,450,000.

Day Lilia (Dayjur–Dudley Bay, Iskandar Elakbar), 05Y3,000.

Launch the Day (Dayjur–Gaily Mew Gull, Brief Truce), 05Y6,191.

Chez Kitty (Dayjur–Tango Out, Fred Astaire), 05Y5,000.

Soaring By (Deputy Minister–Soaring Sultana, Northjet), 05Y200,000.

Storm Deputy (Deputy Minister–Spinning, Spinning World), 05Y12,000.

Burghermeister (Deputy Minster–Squall City, Carson City), 05Y175,000.

Minister Black (Deputy Minister–Sun Colony, Pleasant Colony), 05Y3,000.

Party Pooper (Diamond Sword–Party Til You Drop, Regal Remark), 05Y1,012.

Forbidden Union (Dixie Union—Ruvolina, Caerleon), 05W12,000.

Dixie Dare (Dixie Union—Cary Grove, Theatrical), 05Y9,000.

Southernconference (Dixie Union—In Conference, Dayjur), 05Y460,000.

Sixthirteen (Dixie Union—Mandy’s Classic, Sky Classic), 05Y200,000.

unnamed (Dixie Union—Peppen, Pep Up), O5Y25,000.

Wish I Was (Dixie Union—Pink Slip, Personal Hope), 05Y2,500.

Sentimental Union (Dixie Union—Sentimental Gift, Green Dancer), 05Y60,000.

Decendant (Dixie Union—Sunday Play, Defensive Play), 05Y55,000.

Dixie Quick (Dixie Union—Trisha Quick, Deputy Minister), 05Y90,000.

Energico (Dixie Union—Sprightish, Northjet), 05T90,000.

Ms. Ciencia (Dumaani—Ruffles n Rubles, Czaravich), 05W1,200.

Count of Russia (Dumaani—Ruffles n Rubles, Czaravich), 05T8,000.

Muiredach (El Prado—Mi Devon, Hermitage), 05Y25,000.

Adelantado (El Prado—Hope’s Ahead, Alwuhush), 05T60,000.

Abuelo Domingo P (Exchange Rate—Elsecretell, El Prado), 05T80,000.

Mister Zee Man (Exclusiveengagement—Nagawicka, Theatrical), 05T500.

Eightnine (Global Mission—Monica Bay, Stately Don), 05Y1,600.

Are U Being Served (Jambalaya Jazz—Shop Girl, Summer Squall), 05Y3,500.

Kings Party (Kings Blood—Spinning Party, Spinning World), 05Y300.

Malpractice M D (Langfuhr—Jury’s Still Out, Dahar), 05Y12,000.

OK to Play (Lost Soldier—Charging Fire, Peterhof), 05Y13,000.

Four Leaf Soldier (Lost Soldier—Fumar, Sword Dance), 05Y16,000.

Athenais (Louis Quatorze—Bolshoia, Moscow Ballet), 05Y12,500.

Golada King (Louis Quatorze—Frannie Frantic, Deputy Minister), 05Y18,500.

Be Patient (Outflanker—Waiting for Sophia, In the Wings), 05W1,500.

Classic Victoria (Outflanker—Taiki Victoria, Caerleon), 05Y7,500.

Outflyer (Outflanker—Josey Arrah, Fly a Kite), 05T3,700.

Carefree Hero (Partner’s Hero—Carefree Flyer, Zilzal), 05Y3,500.

Jogging Partner (Partner’s Hero—Why Walk, Zilzal), 05Y5,000.

Lambertson Road (Private Interview—Darby Dance, Green Dancer), 05Y1,000.

Regal Rhythm (Regal Classic—Ceil Cody, Sky Classic), 05T19,000.

Kavaler (Regal Classic—Ceil Cody, Sky Classic), 05Y15,500.

You Sure (Regal Classic—Consider It Done, Green Dancer, 05Y25,000.

Teddymadeit (Regal Intention—Windser Bay, Sword Dance), 05Y8,667.

Minnis Bay (Royal Academy—Aly’s Daylite, Dayjur), 05Y40,000.

Jillian (Royal Academy—Classy Ensign, Polish Navy), 05Y175,000.

Lucky Will (Royal Academy—Lucky Lady Sarah, Polish Numbers), 05Y80,000.

Lee Valley (Royal Academy—Wee Wot, Eagle Eyed), 05Y22,000.

Morning Dancer (Score Early—Aluring Dancer, Manila), 05Y6,000.

Junior Classic (Sky Classic—Princess Par, Chief’s Crown), 05Y30,000.

Sky Dragon (Sky Classic—She’s a Dragon, Infantry), 05Y17,000.

Lady Mar Lou (Stack—Mont Germont, Assert), 05Y1,400.

Instant Coverager (Storm Cat—McConnell Springs, Deputy Minister), 05Y210,000.

Stravinskys Secret (Stravinsky—Don’tellmichelle, Regal Classic), 05T21,000.

Deputy Stravinsky (Stravinsky—La Deputay, Deputy Minister), 05Y19,000.

Princesa Americana (Stravinsky—Princess of Tides, Dahar), 05Y22,000.

Spring Symphony (Stravinsky—Spinnin Cannon, Loose Cannon), 05Y20,000.

Mississippi Moon (Stravinsky—Spinnin Cannon, Loose Cannon), 05W3,000.

Hishi Galaxy (Theatrical—Dancing Sea, Storm Cat), 05Y180,000.

Sexy Librarian (Theatrical—La Recherche, Sky Classic), 05Y90,000.

Fri Guy (Theatrical—Stormy Squall, Summer Squall), 05T70,000.

Martial Song (War Chant—Accessory, Royal Academy), 05Y145,000.

Coffee Creek (Zarbyev—Crossett, Lustra), 05T10,000.

4×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Arena’s Dream (Aljabr–Witching Well, Night Shift), 05Y8,500.

Nice Deed (Alydeed–Dame Fortune, Fairway Fortune), 05Y3,384.

Exceed Miss Jones (Bustopher Jones–Exceedingly, Be My Guest), 05W4,000.

Storm Dixie (Catienus–Golden Wave Band, Dixieland Band), 05Y20,000.

Maid of Lorn (Catienus–Kutira, Dixieland Band), 05Y7,800.

Micino (Cat Thief–Northern Lombardi, Lombardi), 05Y10,000.

Cohiba Miss (Cat Thief–Penny Arcade, Danzig), 05Y87,000.

Megan’s Mia (Cat Thief–Heart Lady, Dixieland Band), 05T75,000.

Dicey Cat (Cat Thief–Remarkable Style, Danzig), 05T15,000.

Palm Beach County (Cat Thief–Sweet Symmetry, Magesterial), 05T115,000.

Flame Cat (Chelsey Cat–Northern Nueces, Northern Flagship), 05Y2,000.

Theforceiswithyou (Crown Ambassador–Eskimo Babe, Northern Baby), 05T18,000.

Wake Up Gabby (Daylight Savings–Birds n’ Bees, Imperial Falcon), 05Y1,000.

Butterstride (Deputy Commander–Etats Unis, Dixieland Band), 05Y250,000.

Jeri G (Deputy Commander–Just Be Lucky, Topsider), 05Y10,000.

Miss Deputy Dancer (Deputy Commander–Icelandic Dancer, Eskimo), 05T17,000.

In Full Command (Deputy Commander–Soiree Russe, Nureyev), 05T20,000.

Moonlight Frolic (Fabulous Frolic—Morelikelythannot, Northern Baby), 05T6,000.

Wicked Samurai (Forest Camp—Laurel Hall, Sovereign Dancer), 05Y92,500.

Paddy Murphy (Forest Camp—No Ordinary Storm, Storm Bird), 05T190,000.

Royal Forest (Forestry—Majesty’s Crown, Magesterial), 05W525,000.

Generous Gabriella (Forest Wildcat—Ginny Dare, Pilgrim), 05Y110,000.

Raging Cat (Forest Wildcat—Baccarat Queen, Sovereign Dancer), 05T22,000.

Oedipus Rex (Freud—Sultry Secret, Nijinsky II), 05Y95,000.

Call of the Sea (Giant’s Causeway—Lypink, Lyphard), 05Y400,000.

Got a Question (Giant’s Causeway—North East Dancer, Far North), 05Y325,000.

Transcending (Giant’s Causeway—Many Happy Returns, Danzig), 05T80,000.

Ought to Happen (Hap—Ought to Comply, Compliance), 05Y1,000.

Unleash the Tiger (Hold That Tiger—Dixie Probe, Dixieland Band), 05W5,500.

Prioritize (Hold That Tiger—Sarasota, Northern Flagship), 05W16,000.

Age of Couture (Hold That Tiger—Three Wishes, Sadler’s Wells), 05W6,200.

Dixieland Classic (Hold That Tiger—Tzara Band, Dixieland Band), 05W35,000.

Ring the Register (Horse Chestnut—Fancy Legs, Yukon), 05T70,000.

Mr. Superb (Illinois Storm—Say, Staff Writer), 05Y50,000.

Judy’s Touch (Jaunatxo—Touch Me, Plain Dealing), 05Y800.

Satdnitejukbox (Jazz Club—Ashby’s Asset, Deposit Ticket), 05Y2,500.

Mojo Special (Karen’s Cat—Team Sundancer, Orbit Dancer), 05Y4,200.

Surprise Me Not (Lil’s Lad—Dinner Surprise, Lyphard), 05Y4,700.

Cause I Like It (Lil’s Lad—Youwantmetodowhat, Storm Bird), 05Y6,000.

Kapen Cat (Lion Hearted—Chilly Hostess, Vice Regent), 05Y120,000.

Drift in Style (Mr. Publisher—Adriftonapark, Northern Park), 05W650.

Delta Dancer (Noactor—Cascade Dancer, Sovereign Dancer), 05Y3,700.

Moriahs Friend (Once Wild—Tuesday’s Child, Minshaanshu Amad), 05Y1,600.

One Way Vixen (One Way Love—Nimble Vixen, Shotiche), 05Y4,247.

Sweet Cravings (Othello—Seduce, Northern Baby), 05Y4,127.

Perfect Gift (Perfect Vision—Will Comply, Sovereign Dancer), 05Y3,000.

Spanish Darling (Puerto Madero—Darling Zippy, Nureyev), 05T3,500.

unnamed (Radio Star—Exclusia North, The Minstrel), 05Y3,500.

Rock Candy (Rock of Gibraltar—Strawberry Roan, Sadler’s Wells), 05Y100,000.

Diamondrella (Rock of Gibraltar—Tap Your Feet, Dixieland Band), 05Y185,000.

Carefree Kat (Royal Anthem—Carefree Kate, Lyphard), 05W3,000.

Singaroyalsong (Royal Anthem—Danzatime, Danzatore), 05Y5,000.

Salty Jake (Salt Lake—Kimco Lady, Sovereign Dancer), 05Y2,500.

Murales (Salt Lake—Poco Bambino, Nureyev), 05Y14,000.

Princess Kamila (Service Stripe—Ameritop, Topsider), 05Y4,000.

Striped Flag (Service Stripe—Final Flag, Northern Flagship), 05Y20,000.

King of the Beers (Silver Deputy—Pracer, Lyphard), 05Y50,000.

Rocco (Silver Deputy—Vanities, Nureyev), 05Y170,000.

Epic War (Sir Cat—Granulette, El Gran Senor), 05W5,000.

Bigalow (Storm Boot—Antonia Bin, Sadler’s Wells), 05Y55,000.

Storm Squall (Storm Boot—Northern Swava, Northern Baby), 05Y47,000.

Box Office Fever (Stormin Fever—Box Office Gold, Dixieland Band), 05Y20,000.

Cat De Mille (Stormin Fever—De Mille, Nureyev), 05Y35,000.

Indigenous Ruler (Stormy Atlantic—Indigenous, Lyphard), 05W26,000.

My Stormy Elaine (Stormy Atlantic—Lake Minipi, Far North), 05W10,000.

Tadashi Cat (Stormy Atlantic—Dixieland Special, Dixieland Band), 05Y30,000.

Stormin Sweetie (Stormy Atlantic—Exotic Dancer, Sovereign Dancer), 05Y9,500.

Ocean Flyer (Stormy Atlantic—Falcon Dancer, Imperial Dancer), 05Y65,000.

Sweet Temper (Stormy Atlantic—Pattern Step, Nureyev), 05Y105,000.

South Atlantic (Stormy Atlantic—Pleasant Dixie, Dixieland Band), 05Y100,000.

unnamed (Stormy Atlantic—Rob Lomond, Lomond), 05Y7,000.

Angel Eyed (Tactical Cat—Bourbon Street Gal, Dixieland Band), 05Y38,000.

Curious Kitty (Tactical Cat—Forladiesonly, Sovereign Dancer), 05Y12,000.

McNutt (Tale of the Cat—Allison’s Pride, Dixieland Band), 05W115,000.

Vidora (Tale of the Cat—Cozzall, Cozzene), 05Y79,857.

Potentate Jeff (Tale of the Cat—Demonize, Danzig), 05Y10,000.

Laday Tale (Tale of the Cat—Laday, Lyphard), 05Y325,000.

Victorianna (Tale of the Cat—Savanna Anna, Vice Regent), 05Y250,000.

Cool Tales (Tale of the Cat—Shameem, Nureyev), 05Y285,000.

Purr of the Cat (Tale of the Cat—Spark of Success, Topsider), 05Y55,000.

Son Montuno (Tale of the Cat—Sporting Ladder, Danzig), 05Y45,000.

Kit Kat Club (Tale of the Cat—La Gran Bandera, El Gran Senor), 05T30,000.

Talkinclass (Talk Is Money—First Class Ticket, Northern Flagship), 05W4,000.

Ready Now (Talk is Money—Not Ready, Carnivalay), 05T4,000.

Juju’s Girl (Three Wonders—Hastys Book, Mari’s Book), 05Y35,000.

Chiming Tiger (Tiger Ridge—Belle of Dixie, Dixieland Band), 05Y7,500.

Courtroom Charmer (Tribunal—Bold Magestrate, Magesterial), 05Y100,000.

Vision of Stars (Vision and Verse—Melanesian Star, Somethingfabulous), 05Y17,000.

Marisa’s Melody (War Deputy—Flameproof, Fire Dancer), 05W947.

Zonezone (Winthrop—Music Zone, The Minstrel), 05Y7,000.

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