Incest Is Best?????????-Foals of 2003

The following is a continuation of my original post Incest Is Best??????? In that post I listed all weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds sold at public auction in North America in 2005 who were closely inbred. This post does the same for sales foals of 2003.

I repeat that this is a work in progress. The lists below cover only one year of sales foals, those sold in 2003. My intention is to do one post for every sale year.

I still have not found any foals inbred 1×2 or 2×1. I did find one foal inbred 2×2 in 2005 and five such foals in 2003. Those six foals included one unnamed foal who obviously was unraced. The other five foals included one winner, two placed foals, and two unplaced foals. That is about par for the course for foals who sold so cheaply (the six sold for an average of $8,800 and a maverage of 72.50).

Over the two years I have now found 89 foals inbred 2×3, 29 foals inbred 3×2, and 747 foals inbred 3×3.

Some people believe that 2×4 and 4×2 are approximately the same as 3×3 (I have some doubts about that myself). So I included those two groups as well and have found another 185 of the former and 74 of the latter.

Listed are the name of the foal, the pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire) in parentheses, the price for which the foal sold in that year, and the sire to whom it is inbred. I have omitted foals inbred to females but will include them at a later date.

The categories listed are 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×2, 3×3, and 4×2. Within each category the foals are listed alphabetically by the sire to whom they are inbred, then alphabetically by the sire of the foal. That way you can see at a glance that 172 of the 389 3×3 foals in 2005 are inbred to Mr. Prospector and that 16 of those 172 are by Tale of the Cat.

Two of these foals sold for $1,000,000+ in 2003. Carpocrates (a colt by Storm Cat out of Spain, by Thunder Gulch) was inbred 2×4 to Storm Bird, sold for $2,400,000 as a weanling, and was unplaced in three starts.

Snow Lynx (a filly by Lemon Drop Kid out of Snow Forest, by Woodman) was inbred 3×3 to Mr. Prospector, sold for $1,800,000 as a yearling, and was unplaced in one start. That price of $1,800,00 was by far the highest for any Lemon Drop Kid over the five years (2003-2007). I would not be surprised if it was the highest price ever paid for any Lemon Drop Kid foal.

At any rate, I do not know if the inbreeding had anything to do with the high prices paid for these two foals. The inbreeding certainly did not help make them very useful as racehorses.

I have omitted race records from the foals listed below. When I get all five years finished, then I will list the stakes winners and tabulate the results.

You are cordially invited to peruse the lists below. You might amuse yourself as you do so by trying to pick out the stakes winners. Enjoy!!!!!! I had the impression that 2003 produced more and better stakes winners than 2005 did. Will see when I tabulate them all at the end.


Avery Grace (Emphatic One—Dr. Avery, Encourager), 03Y800, Encourager.

unnamed (Wavering Monarch—Horsemint, Majestic Light), 03W5,000, Majestic Light.

Tell Me Jason (Diligence—Tell Me Why, Miswaki), 03T20,000, Miswaki.

Ghetto (Line in the Sand—Fabulous Prospect, Mr. Prospector), 01T7,000, Mr. Prospector.

Mo Lido Bay (Bertrando—Irregardless, Skywalker), 03Y16,000, Skywalker.


Alyjam (Turkoman—Dahichi, Dare and Go), 03Y3,500, Alydar.

Penny Wise (Private School—Matching Coins, Tossofthecoin), 03Y1,400, Bates Motel.

Bush Landslide (Mt. Livermore—Lasha, Rahy), 03T75,000, Blushing Groom.

Refined Grace (John the Magician—Manhatten Place, Highland Ruckus), 03Y2,141, Bold Ruckus.

Hyeonbin (Good and Tough—Light the Way, With Approval), 03Y25,000, Carson City.

Discovering Harry (Discover—Lady Fleetfoot, Afleet), 03W700, Cox’s Ridge.

Pure Americana (Honor Grades—Sailor’s Miz, Miswaki), 03T10,500, Danzig.

Bobby Glenn (Partner’s Hero—Femma’s Crown, Chief’s Crown), 03Y3,000, Danzig.

Fatouma (Cryptoclearance—Tripps My Mom, Rubiano), 03T27,000, Fappiano.

Spray (Rubiano—Payline, Honour and Glory), 03W3,000, Fappiano.

Bargainwiththedevil (Southern Halo—Devil’s Dispute, Devil’s Bag), 03Y22,000, Halo.

Rivers to Sail (Canyon Creek—Once Upon a Kiss, Conquistador Cielo), 03Y36,505, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Mortgage the House (Chester House—Fee, Spectacular Bid), 03Y40,000, MP.

Tech Wreck (Conquistador Cielo—Cyber Sam, Capote), 03Y150,000, MP.

St. Cielo (Conquistador Cielo—St. Michele, Devil’s Bag), 03T21,000, MP.

Rare American (Fair American—Oksana’s Dream, Rare Performer), 03Y2,700, MP.

Dahong Cima (Family Calling—Communicator Madam, Allen’s Prospect), 03Y5,700, MP.

Fargo Time (Fargo—Timely Secret, Native Prospector), 03Y2,800, MP.

Princess Medusa (Fusaichi Pegasus—Bet Twice Princess, Bet Twice), 03Y260,000, MP.

Fusaichi Samurai (Fusaichi Pegasus—Hidden Storm, Storm Cat), 03Y270,000, MP.

Platinum Player (Gold Token—Goldie’s Moment, Seeking the Gold), 03Y1,000, MP.

Skywan Classic (Kayrawan—Rising Sky, Sky Classic), 03Y23,000, MP.

Mister Mambo (Kingmambo—Madeleine’s Joy, Theatrical), 03T75,000, MP.

Emmas Aunt Amy (Line in the Sand—Clutch Performance, Rare Performer), 03Y1,100, MP.

Paolo (Line in the Sand—Dylan’s Gold, Gold Crest), 03Y1,200, MP.

Starship Sam (Line in the Sand—Okay Babe, Crafty Prospector), 03Y3,000, MP.

Keystone Point (Line in the Sand—Aurum Key, Aurium), 03T8,000, MP.

Elegant Talk (Machiavellian—Sheena’s Gold, Fast Gold), 03Y270,000, MP.

Red Hot Fay (Miner’s Mark—Fashion Print, Chromite), 03Y3,700, MP.

H C Express (Not for Love—Am Senorita, Miswaki), 03T8,000, MP.

Lightningsbigboy (Numerous—Lightning Gal, Carson City), 03T4,200, MP.

Hurricane Marco (Pioneering—Petronia, Miner’s Mark), 03Y10,000, MP.

Sarafina Fine (Shakeel—Miss Sarafina, Miswaki), 03Y800, MP.

Andrea’s Pearl (Smart Strike—Dawn of Promise, Tank’s Prospect), 03W8,500, MP.

Superior Cat (Smart Strike—Ira’s Cat, Bold Josh), 03Y1,700, MP.

Costa Gold (Strike Gold—Prospector’s Dame, Native Prospector), 03W3,700, MP.

Tiva (Two Punch—Protiva, Distinctive Pro), 03T27,000, MP.

Meteor Wells (Sadler’s Wells—Meteor Stage, Stage Door Johnny), 03Y725,000, ND.

Shangai (Equation—Yank’s Birthday, Lac Ouimet), 03T2,000, Pleasant Colony.

Smart Glory (Canaveral—Emerging Glory, Smarten), 03Y4,000, Relaunch.

Dreamy Yolanda (Cee’s Tizzy—Sincerely Sweet, Skywalker), 03T18,000, Relaunch.

Red Award (Red Ransom—Awwaliya, Distant Relative), 03W205,000, Roberto.

Nice Price (Repriced—Loyal Friend, Relaunch), 03Y2,000, Roberto.

Gamhwaryeok (Down the Aisle—Elusive Runaway, Hatchet Man), 03Y30,000, Runaway Groom.

Calico Maiden (Sea of Secrets—Diamond Mae, Level Sands), 03W5,000, Storm Cat.

My Red Sea (Sea of Secrets—Defining, Miswaki), 03Y10,000, Storm Cat.

Dominate Jolie (Mister Jolie—World Domination, World Appeal), 03T7,000, Valid Appeal.


Flyslewfly (Code Word R.–Hickmans Slew, Hickman Creek), 03Y800, Alydar.

Tricky Dennis (Jeblar—Tricky Teen, Phone Trick), 03Y9,500, Alydar.

Wind and Wine (Desert Wine—It’s a Katie, Night Mover), 03Y10,500, Damascus.

Oswald (Outflanker—Crystal Sky, Conquistador Cielo), 03W1,600, Danzig.

Simplesubstitution (Cryptoclearance—Lotus Moon, Skywalker), 03Y18,500, Fappiano.

Rods Mistress (Fabulous Frolic—Modestly, Quest for Fame), 03Y2,750, Green Dancer.

Irish Value (Present Value—Sports Watch, Stancharry), 03T1,700, Halo.

Susie’s Prospect (Allen’s Prospect—Habar’s Mystery, Cryptoclearance), 03W17,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Diamond Hard Cut (Allen’s Prospect—Hail Ho Silver, Silver Deputy), 03Y32,000, MP.

Piano Bar (Carson City—Hidden Pleasure, Proper Reality), 03Y10,000, MP.

Show Me the Town (Carson City—Khalifa of Kushog, Air Forbes Won) 03Y47,000, MP.

Celophane Man (Carson City—La Princesa, Latin American), 03T25,000, MP.

Careerwithnicole (Cat’s Career—Prado Gold, El Prado), 03Y2,200, MP.

Lucky Cielo (Conquistador Cielo—Sheffield, Dayjur), 03Y17,960, MP.

Cozy Style (Conquistador Cielo—My Sweet Eva, Silver Deputy), 03T40,000, MP.

Clever Cadence (Crafty Prospector—Jouled Rhythms, Silver Deputy), 03Y57,000, MP.

Crafty Kid (Crafty Prospector—Kidnap, Silver Deputy), 03Y130,000, MP.

Keunakeun Seonmul (Dance Brightly—Hansel’s Beauty, Hansel), 03Y3,500, MP.

Simply Again (Dance Brightly—Simply Wild, Wild Again), 03Y3,592, MP.

Princess Samala (Dance Brightly—Strawberry Runner, Strawberry Road), 03Y2,600, MP.

Crystal Trophy (Diamond—Nubile, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y25,000, MP.

Owenahincha (Distant View—Granulette, El Gran Senor), 03Y37,000, MP.

Byeairmail (Family Calling—Young American, Pentelicus), 03T22,000, MP.

Spirited Way (Fusaichi Pegasus—Pacheca, Storm Creek), 03Y500,000, MP.

Roman Ruler (Fusaichi Pegasus—Silvery Swan, Silver Deputy), 03Y500,000, MP.

Strong Force (Fusaichi Pegasus—Spray, Roy), 03Y50,000, MP.

Peebles (Gone West—Poetically, Silver Deputy), 03W500,000, MP.

Totally Gone (Gone West—Wendy Vaala, Dayjur), 03W130,000, MP.

Princesa do Oeste (Gone West—Wendy Vaala, Dayjur), 03Y55,000, MP.

Queenhanna’s Home (Homebuilder—Queenhanna, Cryptoclearance), 03T10,500, MP.

Little Elf (Line in the Sand—Black Tie Melody, Black Tie Affair), 03T11,000, MP.

Nonothillary (Line in the Sand—Scandals, Fortunate Prospect), 03T3,500, MP.

Senor Gato (Lion Cavern—Fluer D Mar, Devil His Due), 03Y12,000, MP.

Umbi (Lycius—Unacloud, Unaccounted For), 03Y26,000, MP.

Everyday Magic (Magic Prospect—Myfavoritedaughter, Defensive Play), 03Y1,287, MP.

Grand Miesque (Miesque’s Son—Spotty Light Rain, Cryptoclearace), 03Y8,000, MP.

Dr. Day (Miesque’s Son—Starship Excelsior, End Sweep), 03Y1,000, MP.

Domestic Diva (Miswaki—Frivolity, Wild Again), 03Y25,000, MP.

Our Milky Way (Our Emblem—Protogalaxy, Thirty Six Red), 03W1,300, MP.

Pioneer Rose (Pioneering—Rosie O’Greta, Fight Over), 03Y6,700, MP.

Pioneering Pro (Pioneering —Royalty Check, Roy), 03Y10,000, MP.

Prospectors Kid (Prospector Jones—Bel Fushe, Brunswick), 03Y2,000, MP.

Steven’s Rein (Proud and True—Free Rein, Unbridled), 03T10,000, MP.

Gold Heritage (Seeking the Gold—Heritage of Gold, Gold Legend), 03Y400,000, MP.

Ozzy’s Shame (Shawaf—What a Shame, Torrential), 03Y3,500, MP.

Visionary (Silver Ghost—Provisions, Devil’s Bag), 03Y13,000, MP.

Dutchman (Smart Strike—Renfro Valley Star, Dayjur), 03Y52,000, MP.

Sweet Souvenir (Souvenir Copy—Spring Vale, Silver Deputy), 03T16,000, MP.

Golden Strategy (Strategic Mission—Glacial Lake, Marquetry), 03W8,000, MP.

Hope of Nations (Two Punch—Carrie the Flag, U. S. Flag), 03Y230,000, MP.

Holy Moses (Two Punch—Pithy, Quiet American), 03T130,000, MP.

Master Painter (Two Punch—September Sky, Septieme Ciel), 03T45,000, MP.

Hewn (Woodman—Oops, Silver Deputy), 03Y70,000, MP.

Seasonedforsuccess (Royal Academy—Hot Salt, Linamix), 03Y800, Nijinsky II.

Cosmo Queen (Sword Dance—Gold Chalice, Jolie’s Halo), 03W12,000, Nijinsky II.

Bultaeryeong (Sword Dance—The Faster You Get, Entropy), 03Y10,000, Nijinsky II.

Miss Chalice (Sword Dance—Gold Chalice, Jolie’s Halo), 03T15,000, Nijinsky II.

Whetstone (Sword Dance—Run Smartly, Smarten), 03T150,000, Nijinsky II.

Northgate Dancer (Sword Dance—The Faster You Get, Entropy), 03T8,200, Nijinsky II.

Misslevalay (Carnivalay—Missle Lock, Goldlust), 03T5,200, Northern Dancer (ND).

C C Danzee (Danzatore—Sparkling Runaway, Runaway Groom), 03Y8,000, ND.

Broke the Code (Dixieland Band—Lemon Dove, Forty Niner), 03W180,000, ND.

Milford Sound (Dixieland Band—Dodie Mae, Capote), 03Y20,000, ND.

Dixie Slew (Dixieland Band—Madam Moyra, Seattle Slew), 03Y22,000, ND.

G. W.’s Jazz (Dixieland Band—Solarity, Ascot Knight), 03Y50,000, ND.

Dixieland Express (Dixieland Band—Iniki, Miswaki), 03T80,000, ND.

Elegant Dixie (Dixieland Band—Stayingalive, Gone West), 03T22,000, ND.

Saddlesong (Dixieland Band—Tanja, Allen’s Prospect), 03T62,000, ND.

Sweet Lucky T (Lucky North—Targa Two, Al Nasr), 03T15,000, ND.

Swift Dancer (Nureyev—Meritorious, St. Jovite), 03T200,000, ND.

Dancing Flair (Stravinsky—Such Flair, Kingmambo), 03Y40,000, Nureyev.

Watercrest (Theatrical—Ganar Es Todo, Kingmambo), 03Y15,000, Nureyev.

unnamed (Atticus—Turbo Dream, Unbridled), 03W3,700, Nureyev.

Mitanni (Lear Fan—Maria Dolores, Prized), 03W12,000, Roberto.

Croisiere (Capote—Glasgow’s Gold, Seeking the Gold), 03Y140,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Golden Year (Event of the Year—Golden Harmony, Half a Year), 03Y2,700, SS.

Year of Light (Event of the Year—Light the Crown, Chief’s Crown), 03Y25,000, SS.

Yearly Report (General Meeting—Fiscal Year, Half a Year), 03T95,000, SS.

Magicafterdark (Houston—Ray’s Dancer, Bolger), 03W1,900, SS.

Carpocrates (Storm Cat—Spain, Thunder Gulch), 03W2,400,000, Storm Bird.

Nikki’s Secert (Regal Intention—Hello Cindy, Secret Hello), 03Y4,392, Vice Regent.


B B Choice (Mecke—Ovetta, Baldski), 03T8,000, Baldski.

Aristoi (Awad—Canninvade, Cannonade), 03T4,000, Cannonade.

Spyrit (Awad—Canninvade, Cannonade), 03Y1,100, Cannonade.

Red Beret (Red Ransom—Syrian Dancer, Damascus), 03W100,000, Damascus.

Fiery Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Baltic Sea, Danzig), 03Y125,000, Danzig.

Casa Oficial (High Yield—Pushing Fifty, Forty Niner), 03Y26,000, Forty Niner.

Strike Lightning (Jack Wilson—Lightning in a Jug, Mr. Leader), 03Y10,000, Mr. Leader.

Baie des Flamands (Kingmambo—Isle de France, Nureyev), 03Y400,000, Nureyev.

Diamond Treasure (Big Jewel—Rajab’s Diary, Rajab), 03T3,000, Rajab.

Tia Pan (Gone West—Madame Secretary, Secretariat), 03Y105,000, Secretariat.

Purrfect Dream (Perfect Vision, Cram, Sharpen Up), 03Y2,000, Sharpen Up.

E B Striker (Smart Strike—Miss Owens, Smarten), 03Y5,000, Smarten.

Gab Bag (Abaginone—Spectacularjenelle, Spectacular Bid), 03T15,000, Spectacular Bid.

Mr. Charisma (Charismatic—Flip the Bird, Storm Bird), 03Y18,000, Storm Bird.

Thunder (Thunder Gulch—Simply French, Storm Bird), 03Y7,000, Storm Bird.

Thunder Point (Thunder Gulch—Stormy Jewel, Storm Bird), 03Y37,000, Storm Bird.

Picabo Skier (Appealing Skier—Appealing Look, Valid Appeal), 03T5,000, Valid Appeal.


Just a Scat Cat (Just a Cat—Lady Piet, Steady Beat), 03Y3,700, Alydar.

Gal’s Hunter (King of the Hunt—Gallivelier, Lively One), 03Y1,500, Alydar.

Karbobway (Lion Hearted—Explisa, Time to Explode), 03Y26,000, Alydar.

Emgeem (Lion Hearted—Turk’s Regal Lady, Turkoman), 03Y29,000, Alydar.

Braveandbeautiful (Scatmandu—Debora, Jeblar), 03T1,000, Alydar.

R. Synful Way (Will’s Way—R Syn, Code Word R.), 03Y2,500, Alydar.

Kid Carson (Carson City—Warm Thoughts, Rahy), 03W40,000, Blushing Groom.

If It’s Meant to B (David—Roving Eyes, Rahy), 03Y20,000, Blushing Groom.

unnamed (Peaks and Valleys—Verdict’s Runaway, Runaway Groom), 03W2,100, Blushing Groom.

She’s Blushing (Prince of the Mt.–Blushing Nights, Seattle Knight), 03Y4,700, Blushing Groom.

Lord Mayfair (Silic—Spring Wedding, Prized), 03Y12,250, Blushing Groom.

Air Forbes Jones (Seneca Jones—Terrizer, Air Forbes Won), 03T4,900, Bold Forbes.

Flashin Lady (Bold n’ Flashy—Sounding Joy, Steady Grwoth), 03Y57,472, Briartic.

Star Change (Bay Street Star—Moment’s Change, Moneychanger), 03T1,050, Buckpasser.

Countryman (Miswaki—Purely Social, State Dinner), 03Y50,000, Buckpasser.

Phil the Usher (Silver Charm—Usherette, Stage Door Johnny), 03Y45,000, Buckpasser.

Touch Em Baby (Touch Gold—Splash Em Baby, Bucksplasher), 03T17,000, Buckpasser.

I Lived in Heaven (In Excess—Heavenly Harmony, Habitony), 03Y27,000, Caro.

Maria’s Class (Maria’s Mon—Waquoit Landing, Waquoit), 03Y2,200, Caro.

Clarkocool (Maria’s Mon—Malibran, Spectacular Bid), 03T30,000, Caro.

White Nile (Unbridled’s Song—Raise a Carter, Dr. Carter), 03Y170,000, Caro.

Greygoosegal (Unbridled’s Song—Regal Approval, With Approval), 03T150,000, Caro.

Catch Me a Star (Tejano Run—Private Drive, Cahill Road), 03Y6,000, Caro.

Kissin List (Recommended List—Catch Ya Later, Kissin Kris), 03T3,500, Copelan.

Straightlittlelady (Straight Man—Fun City Lady, Jeblar), 03Y10,000, Cornish Prince.

Over the Ridge (Quaker Ridge—Dual Monarchy, Sports View), 03Y1,100, Cox’s Ridge.

Didycheatamandhowe (Stephen Got Even—My Lady Marine, Little Missouri), 03Y14,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Win for Poncho (Pancho Villa—Parts Unknown, Brilliant Sandy), 03Y5,500, Crimson Satan.

Lords Gift (Carnivalay—Smart ‘n Proud, Smarten), 03Y3,500, Cyane.

Conquest Bound (Boundary—Conquestality, Conquistador Cielo), 03Y51,000, Damascus.

Too Risky (Boundary—Private Banking, Private Account), 03Y37,000, Damascus.

Matthews Quest (Coronado’s Quest—Endowment, Private Account), 03Y4,000, Damascus.

Nitro Oxide (Dr. Giggles—Funtime Had by All, Desert Wine), 03Y1,600, Damascus.

Ledger (Fast Account—Lady Bolger, Bolger), 03T2,500, Damascus.

Moon Flyer (Fly So Free—Beneath the Moon, Ogygian), 03Y3,500, Damascus.

Southern Glow (Fly So Free—Regents Glow, Vice Regent), 03Y32,000, Damascus.

Tinarina (Fly So Free—Beneath the Moon, Ogygian), 03T8,200, Damascus.

Timeport (Gilded Time—Rita’s Reatta, Time for a Change), 03T21,000, Damascus.

Total Conviction (Mertzon—Certain Conviction, Believe It), 03W800, Damascus.

Bello Victorio (Private Terms—Winterthur, Ogygian), 03W2,500, Damascus.

Linda T. (Rodeo—Doc n Trope, Sitzmark), 03Y3,700, Damascus.

Tropical Beauty (Time Bandit—Time for Daylight, Timeless Moment), 03Y6,000, Damascus.

Bella Bandit (Time Bandit—Binn Attitude, Eastern Echo), 03T18,000, Damascus.

Rosso (Unaccounted For—Oh Girl, Ogygian), 03Y2,300, Damascus.

Lord Patrick (Dance Brightly—Shining Knight, Ascot Knight), 03Y2,555, Danzig.

Denaejur (Danjur—Elttaes Lady, Petersburg), 03Y6,200, Danzig.

Shezafox (Distorted Humor—Buckeye Star, Foxhound), 03W30,000, Danzig.

unnamed (Eltish—Lightningbacktoo, Katowice), 03T50,000, Danzig.

Ghazaratti (Ghazi—With Kindness, Eagle Eyed), 03Y1,200, Danzig.

Howe Sound (Misnomer—Soft Echo, Polish Numbers), 03Y2,000, Danzig.

Susan Rem (Tree—Susan My Love, Honor Grades), 03Y700, Danzig.

Hilton Paradise (Archers Bay—Little Bay, Miswaki), 03Y13,000, Deputy Minister.

Adelante Jules (Jules—Belongonhigh, Belong to Me), 03Y22,000, Devil’s Bag.

Lee’s Say So (Leestown—I’ll Say So, Spellbound), 03Y5,000, El Gran Senor.

Vacarro (Vicar—Cherokee Squaw, Cherokee Colony), 03W12,000, El Gran Senor.

Estrella de Oro (Belong to Me—Chelsey Dancer, Affirmed), 03Y140,000, Exclusive Native.

Albemarle Sound (Albert the Great—Molly G., Cryptoclearance), 03W16,000, Fappiano.

Unbridled Anees (Anees—Hot Flash, Cahill Road), 03Y22,000, Fappiano.

Mystic Stone (Grindstone—Allwan, Cryptoclearance), 03W2,200, Fappiano.

Pyrrhic Victory (Victory Gallop—Lady Tasso, Tasso), 03W75,000, Fappiano.

Captain Marcus (Mecke—Shy Marfa, Marfa), 03T1,000, Foolish Pleasure.

Ramble n Rock (High Brite—Go Not a’ Ramblin, Huguenot), 03Y2,500, Forli.

Swift Silver (Open Forum—Cirque du Soleil, Solar City), 03Y2,500, Graustark.

Lotsa Mojoe (Open Forum—Swift Cobra, Gregorian), 03Y12,000, Graustark.

Drawn In (Winter Halo—Ms Drawn Off, Mr. Redoy), 03Y600, Grey Dawn II.

Sharaiji Blossom (Saint Ballado—Lilac Garden, Roberto), 03Y575,000, Hail to Reason.

Aunt Due (Devil His Due—Aunt Mottz, Honey Jay), 03Y120,000, Halo.

Ginger (Devil His Due—Ms One and Only, Beaudelaire), 03T10,000, Halo.

Worth More (More Than Ready—Worth’s Girl, Devil’s Bag), 03W37,000, Halo.

Ready Yet (More Than Ready—Polish Devil, Devil’s Bag), 03Y17,000, Halo.

Jack’s Kid (More Than Ready—Sweet Femme, Saratoga Six), 03Y8,000, Halo.

Visionary (Silver Ghost—Provisions, Devil’s Bag), 03Y13,000, Halo.

Neutron (Dynaformer—Sparkle Colony, Pleasant Colony), 03T250,000, His Majesty.

Broadway Martha (Broad Brush—Martha Stalwart, Stalwart), 03Y75,000, Hoist the Flag.

Criminal Mind (Cryptoclearance—French Quill, Alleged), 03Y11,000, Hoist the Flag.

Precocity Princess (Precocity—No Allegation, Alleged), 03T1,400, Hoist the Flag.

Top Attitude (Top Account—Roman Attitude, Stalwart), 03T3,000, Hoist the Flag.

The Pharaoh (Forest Camp—Touche de Velours, Meadowlake), 03W47,000, Hold Your Peace.

Jetborne (A. P Jet—Careful Approach, Relaunch), 03Y23,000, In Reality.

Melissa’s Star (A. P. Jet—Kuma Bear, Judge Smells), 03Y11,500, In Reality.

A.P. Lax (A. P Jet—Doyourthing, Known Fact), 03T16,000, In Reality.

Twice Infallible (A. P. Jet—Ms. D. D. Walton, Known Fact), 03T40,000, In Reality.

Shabanu’s Jet (A. P Jet—Shabanu, Relaunch), 03T17,000, In Reality.

Common Hero (Commanchero—Flora Spring, Real Courage), 03Y4,000, In Reality.

Commendable Girl (Commendable—Diane’s Girl, Relaunch), 03W6,000, In Reality.

Class of Fifty (Commendable—Lil’mary, Known Fact), 03W1,000, In Reality.

Commend Time (Commendable—Times a Wastin, Gilded Time), 03Y90,000, In Reality.

Moneybackguarantee (Commendable—Valid Coins, Valid Appeal), 03Y18,000, In Reality.

Concerto’s Crown (Concerto—Inthemiddleofitall, Proper Reality), 03T18,000, In Reality.

Ms. Riskay (General Royal—No Kayela, American Standard), 03Y12,500, In Reality.

Lau Mor’s Glitter (Glitterman—Radical Appeal, Valid Appeal), 03T30,000, In Reality.

Pricely Gem (Honour and Glory—Thirty Six Carat, Meadowlake), 03W210,000, In Reality.

Skatin Jake (Honour and Glory—Li Law, Known Fact), 03W40,000, In Reality.

Sandy’s Glory (Honour and Glory—Fit n Fappy, Fappiano), 03Y12,000, In Reality.

Timeless Glory (Honour and Glory—Princess Allemont, Believe It), 03T80,000, In Reality.

Little Bit of Mint (Judge T C—Filimint, Key to the Mint), 03Y5,000, In Reality.

Scrubbin Speed (Kipper Kelly—Believe in Sur, Believe It), 03Y5,250, In Reality.

Suzy Q (Pentelicus—Idella, Real Courage), 03Y3,000, In Reality.

Shirley Bird (Pentelicus—Scully, Sunny Clime), 03Y17,000, In Reality.

Penny Star (Pentelicus—Rahy Star, Rahy), 03T3,000, In Reality.

Slew Motion (Slew Gin Fizz—Inthemiddleofitall, Proper Reality), 03Y52,000, In Reality.

Gallant Princess (Slew Gin Fizz—Reality Will Be, Kris S.), 03Y25,000, In Reality.

General Stonewall (Slew Gin Fizz—Tassano, Tasso), 03Y7,000, In Reality.

Ensign Appeal (Successful Appeal—Honorable Ensign, Blue Ensign), 03W20,000, In Reality.

Mr. Meridian (Successful Appeal—Notable Crusader, Crusader Sword), 03Y55,000, In Reality.

Beat the Chalk (Valid Wager—Bearly Smiling, Smile), 03Y22,000, In Reality.

Judge Fred (Autocracy—What a Credit, Pachuto), 03Y2,700, Lt. Stevens.

Peck o’ Peppers (Double Niner—Peck o’ Trouble, Toil and Trouble), 03Y3,200, Lyphard.

Fevers Golden Girl (Gold Fever—Miss Moonstruck, Stacked Pack), 03T10,000, Majestic Light.

Voodoo Priestess (King Cugat—Murfreesboro, Wavering Monarch), 03W9,000, Majestic Light.

Some Nerve (Academy Award—What Nerve, Rare Performer), 03Y4,500, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Icantsaywhy (Announce—Great Prospects, Northern Prospect), 03Y1,000, MP.

Miss L. Woods (A. P Jet—Forest Garden, Woodman), 03W30,000, MP.

Distinctive Jet (A. P Jet—Distinctive Sis, Distinctive Pro), 03Y2,700, MP.

Its in the Name (A. P. Jet—Doublicious, Double Negative), 03Y7,000, MP.

Karakorum Splendor (A. P Jet—Forest Garden, Woodman), 03Y25,000, MP.

Quiet Rendition (A. P Jet—Quiet City, Carson City), 03Y30,000, MP.

Distintoydiferente (Banker’s Gold—Merchant, Silver Ghost), 03W27,000, MP.

Bugle Blues (Brahms—Elk Hollering, Jade Hunter), 03W42,000, MP.

Double Cleft (Brahms—Lida’s Double, Double Negative), 03W1,500, MP.

April Kisses (Brian B.–Me No Kiss Kiss, Tammany), 03Y803, MP.

Can’t Touch This (Bugatti Reef—Carson Touch, Carson City), 03Y3,200, MP.

Farruco (Cape Town—Pupcake, Gone West), 03Y10,000, MP.

Kira’s Kat (Catienus—Seeking Justice, Seeking the Gold), 03Y10,000, MP.

Easy Big Cat (Catienus—Zienat, Woodman), 03Y5,000, MP.

Judith’s Beach (Cryptoclearance—Beach Rain, Tank’s Prospect), 03W7,000, MP.

Clearing (Crytoclearance—Fleet Dreamer, Seeking the Gold), 03T30,000, MP.

Rapid Cam (Cryptoclearance—Rapid Rosa, Crafty Prospector), 03T20,000, MP.

Seamanship (Dance Master—Codydoneit, Stutz Blackhawk), 03Y6,000, MP.

Daywood (Dayjur—Backwoods Teacher, Woodman), 03Y10,000, MP.

Speedy Gone Sally (Devonwood—One Hundred Plus, Claim), 03Y2,283, MP.

Ima Elegant Dancer (Diligence—Clochal, Allen’s Prospect), 03Y1,800, MP.

Discovering Harry (Discover—Lady Fleetfoot, Afleet), 03W700, MP.

Umarah (Discover—Magritte, Strike Gold), 03W300, MP.

Double Humor (Distorted Humor—Double Space, Line in the Sand), 03W20,000, MP.

Funny Ha Ha (Distorted Humor—Conscience, Conquistador Cielo), 03Y15,000, MP.

Flower Alley (Distorted Humor—Princess Olivia, Lycius), 03Y165,000, MP.

Scrutinize (Double Honor—Watch Closely, Regal Search), 03Y1,000, MP.

Sky Missile (Double Honor—Cielo Dancer, Conquistador Cielo), 03T50,000, MP.

Espadrille Wings (Ecton Park—Tantrum, Pleasant Colony), 03W30,000, MP.

One Starry Nite (Five Star Day—Jovette, St. Jovite), 03W30,000, MP.

Baronage (Fortunate Prospect—Baroness Stutz, Stutz Blackhawk), 03T40,000, MP.

Crafty Babe (Fortunate Prospect—Okay Babe, Crafty Prospector), 03T27,000, MP.

Genesee Nugget (Fruition—Gold at the Line, Strike Gold), 03T9,500, MP.

Khayelitsha (Gold Case—Estri, Conquistador Cielo), 03Y2,500, MP.

Goldenaskanbe (Gold Fever—Askrania, Afleet), 03Y85,000, MP.

Berrygoodlooking (Gone East—Juniper Berry, Gulch), 03W700, MP.

Gruff (Good and Tough—Orlanova, Conquistador Cielo), 03T210,000, MP.

Tough Negotiator (Good and Tough—Tarnished Gold, Cabrini Green), 03T310,000, MP.

New York Slugger (Grand Slam—Sugar Slew, Seattle Slew), 03W25,000, MP.

Tailkicker (Grand Slam—Uno Dos, Two Punch), 03W18,000, MP.

Notovertilit’sover (Grand Slam—Elevate, Cox’s Ridge), 03T50,000, MP.

Anything for Love (Grand Slam—Miner League, Cherokee Colony), 03T22,000, MP.

Smoke Shop (Jazz Club—I Smokin, Two Punch), 03W7,500, MP.

Boricua Kid (Kahuna Jack—Golden Realm, Strike Gold), 03Y1,000, MP.

Treasure Chest (Lemon Drop Kid—Secregold, Seeking the Gold), 03W85,000, MP.

Personal Odyssey (Lemon Drop Kid—Double Platinum, Seeking the Gold), 03Y100,000, MP.

Lemon Maid (Lemon Drop Kid—Meter Maid, Geiger Counter), 03Y390,000, MP.

Kid Ziggy (Lemon Drop Kid—Seeking Ziggy, Seeking the Gold), 03Y40,000, MP.

Snow Lynx (Lemon Drop Kid—Snow Forest, Woodman), 03Y1,800,000, MP.

Lemoncello (Lemon Drop Kid—Spring Flight, Miswaki), 03Y190,000, MP.

Goldrush Lady (Lord Carson—Tarnished Gold, Cabrini Green), 03Y60,000, MP.

Auburn (Marquetry—Delacour, Our Emblem), 03Y7,000, MP.

Pacific Destiny (Mr. Greeley—Grace Creek, Allen’s Prospect), 03Y55,000, MP.

Ruby Do (Mr. Greeley—Princess Joanne, Crafty Prospector), 03Y42,000, MP.

Prince Muldoon (Muldoon—A Story Told, Here We Come), 03Y7,000, MP.

Here Comes Doon (Muldoon—Herecomesjitterbug, Here We Come), 03T2,600, MP.

Rush Hour Mob (New Way—Unreal Squeal, Unreal Zeal), 03Y10,000, MP.

No Phone Dean (Northern Afleet—Lady Blackhawk, Stutz Blackhawk), 03W13,000, MP.

Quick Solution (Northern Afleet—Communicator Madam, Allen’s Prospect), 03T15,000, MP.

Raise the Weight (Pentelicus—Via Mizner, Forty Niner), 03W14,000, MP.

A Chance to Pass (Pikepass—Miss Distant View, Distant View), 03W600, MP.

Fast Pike (Pikepass—Range, Cox’s Ridge), 03W3,500, MP.

Prospect of Mine (Prospect Bay—Gal of Mine, Mining), 03Y600, MP.

Niner’s Pulpit (Pulpit—Niner’s Home, Forty Niner), 03Y250,000, MP.

Silk Prophet (Pulpit—True Grit, Woodman), 03Y300,000, MP.

I Love America (Quiet American—Amore Cielo, Conquistador Cielo), 03Y220,000, MP.

Toni Denitto (Quiet American—Francoa, Gone West), 03Y35,000, MP.

Who’s My Pappy (Rixby—Shinning, Procida), 03Y500, MP.

Pablo’s Flash (Rizzi—Share the Gold, Mining), 03Y2,500, MP.

Roar Jamerica (Roar—Jamerica, Goldwater), 03T4,000, MP.

Darkest Roar (Roar—Sister of Darkness, Geiger Counter), 03T45,000, MP.

Ruby’s Wild Harte (Rubiano—Midwest Prospect, Northern Prospect), 03Y17,500, MP.

Lundzman (Rubiano—Mississippi Blues, Silver Ghost), 03Y11,000, MP.

Rubiano’s Music (Rubiano—Overture, Forty Niner), 03Y22,000, MP.

Dee Dee’s Ruby (Rubiano—Roxanne, Woodman), 03T9,000, MP.

My Red Sea (Sea of Secrets—Defining, Miswaki), 03Y10,000, MP.

Secret Woods (Sea of Secrets—Tropez, Woodman), 03Y5,000, MP.

Sea of Promises (Sea of Secrets—Crafty Promise, Crafty Prospector), 03T29,000, MP.

Flo Rose n’ Net (Sea of Secrets—Felt Blue, Hello Gorgeous), 03T30,000, MP.

Racing Thoughts (Sea of Secrets—Finial, Naevus), 03T3,500, MP.

Carson Secrets (Sea of Secrets—My Lady Carson, Carson City), 03T22,000, MP.

Kelp (Sea of Secrets—Tuesday Edition, Gold Alert), 03T250,000, MP.

Secret Miss (Sea of Secrets—Woodmiss, Woodman), 03T4,500, MP.

Tap Fab (Signal Tap—Keith’s Moment, Miswaki), 03Y4,000, MP.

Oro y Plata (Silver Deputy—Forty Carats, Forty Niner), 03Y150,000, MP.

Breezy Way (Silver Deputy—Sea Breezer, Gulch), 03Y27,000, MP.

Segue (Silver Deputy—Shuttle, Conquistador Cielo), 03Y31,500, MP.

Mutalahef (Silver Deputy—Soaring Sultana, Northjet), 03Y250,000, MP.

Cherry Springs (Silver Deputy—Abrasive, Sultry Song), 03T45,000, MP.

Mr. Jester (Silver Deputy—Future Pretense, Fappiano), 03T75,000, MP.

Soft Embers (Smoke Glacken—Sheer Risk, Bet Twice), 03Y4,000, MP.

Princess Malice (Smoke Glacken—Beautiful Craft, Crafty Prospector), 03T50,000, MP.

Air Supremacy (Storm Boot—Native Dowry, Naevus), 03W90,000, MP.

Boldtoboot (Storm Boot—Not So Shy, Crafty Prospector), 03W20,000, MP.

Ritzy (Storm Boot—Princeton Lady, Time for a Change), 03Y170,000, MP.

Player Again (Storm Creek—Golf Girl, Kingmambo), 03Y75,000, MP.

Flood Watch (Storm Creek—Prospective Joy, Allen’s Prospect), 03Y22,000, MP.

Sea of Sin (Storm Creek—Finally Yours, Woodman), 03T17,000, MP.

Denaesalildevil (Suggest—Devilkin, Devil’s Bag), 03Y2,500, MP.

unnamed (Suggest—Samsoutofcontrol, Distinctive Pro), 03Y2,500, MP.

Poco Loco (Tale of the Cat—Jaye’s Hope, Line in the Sand), 03W165,000, MP.

Choisir (Tale of the Cat—Rovie Wade, Silver Ghost), 03W60,000, MP.

Endless Dream (Tale of the Cat—Conquistador Blue, Conquistador Cielo), 03Y50,000, MP.

Nike Welcome (Tale of the Cat—Dezibelle’s Star, Prospective Star), 03Y70,000, MP.

Luckys Apollo (Tale of the Cat—Mahhdooda, Forty Niner), 03Y53,000, MP.

Lion Cat (Tale of the Cat—Maryland Parkway, Mogambo), 03Y300,000, MP.

unnamed (Tale of the Cat—Patchiano, Fappiano), 03Y800,000, MP.

Daiwa Impact (Tale of the Cat—Stars Knockout, Two Punch), 03Y66,000, MP.

Kat’s Fairy Tale (Tale of the Cat—Woodman’s Diplomat, Woodman), 03Y70,000, MP.

Belmont Babe (Tale of the Cat—Arizona Star, Afleet), 03T37,000, MP.

Tango Tales (Tale of the Cat—Tango’s Mambo, Kingmambo), 03T600,000, MP.

Esau’s Thunder (Thunder Gulch—Lady Paoshan, Native Prospector), 03Y80,000, MP.

Accentuate (Thunder Gulch—Reel Tough Lady, Reel On Reel), 03Y170,000, MP.

D D’s in Love (Tree—Withall D D’s Love, Not for Love), 03Y800, MP.

Unbridled’s Legacy (Unbridled—Medicine Bow, Pioneering), 03Y275,000, MP.

Unbridled Native (Unbridled—Bountiful Native, Pirate’s Bounty), 03T11,000, MP.

Smart Silver (Two Smart—Silvery Lady, Silver Ghost), 03W6,000, MP.

Fast Entry (Cyberspace—Miss Cattie, Bedford), 03T9,500, Nijinsky II.

Chosen Words (Dance Master—Coffee Royale, Sword Dance), 03Y8,500, Nijinsky II.

Billy Ho Jo (Dance Master—Dancingtide, Green Dancer), 03Y12,000, Nijinsky II.

Meeshiano (Rubiano—Marie’s Pride, Saratoga Six), 03Y80,000, Nijinsky II.

Freedom Rocks (Fusaichi Accele—Rock n Roll Ballet, Moscow Ballet), 03W1,700, Nijinsky II.

Kawfee (Madraar—Santana Dance, Fred Astaire), 03W2,500, Nijinsky II.

Pozzo (Sky Classic—Genuine Emerald, Unduplicated), 03Y29,454, Nodouble.

Jacob Le Coutre (Atticus—Go Quietly, Silent Screen), 03Y8,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Close Dancing (Belong to Me—All Star Dancer, Pleasant Colony), 03T8,000, ND.

Maddie’s Echo (Eastern Echo—Polar Wind, Northern Jove), 03Y12,000, ND.

Seanachai (El Prado—Tedarshana, Darshaan), 03Y650,000, ND.

Family Ghost (Family Calling—Dance Somar, Dance Bid), 03Y12,500, ND.

Family Outing (Family Calling—Go Silk, Yukon), 03Y2,200, ND.

Flyawaybutterfly (Family Calling—Lalula, Northern Baby), 03Y6,000, ND.

Callnorth (Family Calling—Native Northrop, Northrop), 03T50,000, ND.

Dillagi (Family Calling—Native Northrop, Northrop), 03Y7,500, ND.

Timcallmeback (Family Calling—Suggestion, Local Talent), 03Y13,500, ND.

Dixie Melinda (Half Term—Dixie Time, Dixieland Band), 03Y3,800, ND.

Springbrakemistake (Honor Grades—Alma’s Motel, Bates Motel), 03T55,000, ND.

Siempre Fi Boy (Langfuhr—Para Siempre, Val de l’Orne), 03W1,500, ND.

Sand in Dixieland (Line in the Sand—Metalmark, Dixieland Band), 03Y1,250, ND.

Follies Girl (Line in the Sand—Country Folly, Secreto), 03T4,000, ND.

Pray for Success (Line in the Sand—Prayerangel, Lucky North), 03T3,500, ND.

Majestico (Majesterian—One Last Bird, One for All), 03Y30,000, ND.

Show Me the Love (Not for Love—Crooked Tower, North Tower), 03Y8,700, ND.

Katie’s Love (Not for Love—Fabulous Vee, Somethingfabulous), 03Y60,000, ND.

Special Prospect (Not for Love—In Her Honor, Hero’s Honor), 03Y56,000, ND.

Hot for O’Hara (Newton’s Law—North by South, Northern Flagship), 03Y1,100, ND.

Victory Armarda (Paxos—Flagship Victory, Northern Flagship), 03Y2,500, ND.

All Bluff (Pine Bluff—Mysterel’s Lady, Saratoga Six), 03T17,000, ND.

Queen Sarabi (Roar—Soft Copy, Staff Writer), 03Y25,000, ND.

Dream Machine (Roar—Wings of Dreams, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y34,000, ND.

Reverberation (Roar—Audy’s Bird, Storm Bird), 03T70,000, ND.

Dancefortyniner (Roar—G. U. Dancer, Sovereign Dancer), 03T21,000, ND.

Southphilly Barry (Roar—Heir D’ Mint, Sovereign Dancer), 03T31,000, ND.

Imax (Robannier—Charlston Fair, Nureyev), 03Y2,141, ND.

Metallic Grit (Royal Academy—Dancelikethedevil, Devil’s Bag), 03Y5,000, ND.

Halo de Oro (Southern Halo—Deceit Princess, Vice Regent), 03Y15,000, ND.

Tip of the Halo (Southern Halo—Kissogram Girl, Danzig), 03T2,700, ND.

Halo Rube (Southern Halo—Ruby Slippers, Nijinsky II), 03T52,000, ND.

Black Horse Silver (Southern Halo—Skipping Beats, Lyphard), 03T35,000, ND.

Dixie Boy (Southern Halo—Sweet Lexy May, Danzig), 03T40,000, ND.

Gayle’s Fan (Stravinsky—Cassation, Lear Fan), 03Y48,500, ND.

Danzastar (Tarakam—Dancing Token, Danzatore), 03Y2,800, ND.

Yukon Louie (Tarakam—Mary Louise, Yukon), 03Y500, ND.

Constantine (Gentlemen—Shisendo Palace, Theatrical), 03Y12,000, Nureyev.

Madame Mogambo (Kingmambo—Aqua Galinte, Kris S.), 03Y350,000, Nureyev.

Mister Mambo (Kingmambo—Madeleine’s Joy, Theatrical), 03T75,000, Nureyev.

Egypt (Souvenir Copy—Marlene, Theatrical), 03W13,500, Nureyev.

Sunbeam Slew (Slewpy—Casey’s Whiff, John Casey), 03Y5,500, Prince John.

Our Spirits (Our Emblem—Corporate Spirit, Corporate Report), 03Y12,000, Private Account.

Sir Skinney (Sir Cat—Cloudy Colors, Personal Flag), 03Y20,000, Private Account.

Private Run (Sir Cat—Parish Business, Phone Trick), 03Y13,000, Private Account.

La Gata Loca (Sir Cat—Casting a Spell, Pancho Villa), 03T4,500, Private Account.

Houston Blvd. (Houston—Sunrise Blvd., Gate Dancer), 03T2,200, Quadrangle.

Texila Sunrise (Houston—Sunrise Blvd., Gate Dancer), 03W900, Quadrangle.

Midnite Sonatta (Chopin—Nasaree, Rewarded), 03Y1,400, Raise a Native (RAN).

Raise a Chance (Cloud Hopping—Raise a Wish, Raise a Man), 03W1,200, RAN.

Lee Sam Weapon (Crafty Prospector—Flyfisher, Riverman), 03T140,000, RAN.

Hr U Dig (Digging In—Allie Will Win, Will Win), 03Y1,500, RAN.

Two Mattoon (Distinctive Pro—Finite E. F., Wolf Power), 03Y30,000, RAN.

Call Anytime (Family Calling—Just Anything, Laomedonte), 03Y25,000, RAN.

Callnorth (Family Calling—Native Northrop, Northrop), 03T50,000, RAN.

Dillagi (Family Calling—Native Northrop, Northrop), 03Y7,500, RAN.

Family Book (Family Calling—Bride’s Book, Notebook), 03T3,500, RAN.

Fastnfurious (Family Calling—Raise a Goddess, Dixie Brass), 03T1,000, RAN.

Fashion Creek (Fashion Find—Behind the Line, Lines of Power), 03Y12,500, RAN.

Viva La Rose (Larrupin’–Faustina Maria, Feel the Power), 03Y700, RAN.

Lakeman (Meadowlake—Anna’s Angel, Raised Socially), 03T11,000, RAN.

Watchmedothis (Miswaki—Glamorous Broad, Broad Brush), 03T30,000, RAN.

Goldkill (Mr. Goldust—Urkillnme, Raise a Bid), 03Y500, RAN.

Amateur Ambush (Proud and True—View of Royalty, Native Royalty), 03Y5,500, RAN.

Along Comes Jones (Seneca Jones—First Runner, Superoyale), 03Y7,000, RAN.

Our Memento (Souvenir Copy—Maresa, Shahrastani), 03T80,000, RAN.

Four for Dinner (Formal Dinner—Final Flight, Harvest Ruler), 03W7,000, Raja Baba.

Dinner Flight (Formal Dinner—Final Flight, Harvest Ruler), 03T10,000, Raja Baba.

Quick Book (Notebook—Scale House, Cryptoclearance), 03Y110,000, Raja Baba.

Mood to Yodel (Swiss Yodeler—Miss Moody, Leo Castelli), 03W3,300, Raja Baba.

Berica (Bertrando—Seeper, Believe It), 03Y7,000, Relaunch.

Double Dose (Devon Lane—Roblar Miss, Skywalker), 03Y1,500, Relaunch.

Dual Fuel (Arch—Musical Miss, Seattle Song), 03Y65,000, Roberto.

Grassy Strip (Comic Strip—Sawgrass Express, Roman Diplomat), 03Y10,000, Roberto.

Krovitz (Trail City—Thanks Tissar, In Tissar), 03Y10,000, Roberto.

Unleaven (Bert’s Bubbleator—Fabalachee, Apalachee), 043Y1,500, Round Table.

Reina Reina (Sandpit—Star of Usquaebae, Star de Naskra), 03Y3,000, Sassafras.

Chance for Us (American Chance—So Say All of Us, Gold Meridian), 03Y12,500, Seattle Slew (SS).

Makeittothebigs (Cape Town—Parade of Hats, General Meeting), 03Y10,000, SS.

Seattle Landing (American Chance—Slew Song, Seattle Song), 03T25,000, SS.

Race for Glory (Cape Town—Charming Gal, Slew’s Royalty), 03T600,000, SS.

Cosmonaut (Lemon Drop Kid—Cosmic Fire, Capote), 03Y105,000, SS.

Candy Shop (Lemon Drop Kid—Nolan County, A.P. Indy), 03Y160,000, SS.

Swift Prince (Mutakddim—Chao Praya, Gold Legend), 03Y7,000, SS.

Kandinsky (Stephen Got Even—Sintress, Gold Legend), 03Y40,000, SS.

La Joya Escondida (Stephen Got Even—Tomisue’s Girl, Danzig), 03Y5,000, SS.

Gwangyeolhan (Stormin Fever—Clever Hou, Houston), 03Y32,000, SS.

Eliminator (Stormin Fever—Littleboldchrissie, Williamstown), 03Y70,000, SS.

Anniesatlanticgold (Stormy Atlantic—Nandys Gold, Gold Meridian), 03Y7,500, SS.

Cruise ‘n’ Time (Weekend Cruise—Share ‘n Time, Metfield), 03W8,500, SS.

Master Command (A.P. Indy—Lady Lochinvar, Lord At War), 03Y650,000, Secretariat.

Sunny’s Florida (Irgun—Maple Lyph, Lyphard), 03Y9,500, Secretariat.

Sweetandspecial (Irgun—Sweet Diva, Affirmed), 03Y2,500, Secretariat.

Obsessional (Lion Cavern—Obsessed, Pancho Villa), 02Y9,000, Secretariat.

Holiday Hustle (Lion Cavern—Reluctant Dancer, D’Accord), 03W6,000, Secretariat.

unnamed (Pioneering—Catopetl, Northern Dancer), 03Y12,000, Secretariat.

Unbridled Tiger (Tiger Ridge—Bridled Delite, Unbridled), 03Y2,000, Secretariat.

unnamed (El Prado—Queen Suite, Bates Motel), 03Y42,000, Sir Ivor.

Girl On Go (Mister Jolie—Bates Pleasure, Bates Motel), 03T20,000, Sir Ivor.

Canadian Deputy (War Deputy—Foxy Canadian, Golden Reserve), 03Y7,320, Sir Ivor.

Spruce Meadows (Meadowlake—Spruce Song, Verbatim), 03T17,000, Speak John.

Snow Ocean (Doneraile Court—Brook Blues, Cure the Blues), 03Y11,000, Stop the Music.

Circle the Heart (Lion Hearted—Outer Circle, Slew o’ Gold), 03W1,500, Storm Bird.

Carry N On (Pikepass—A. C. Gold, Squadron Leader), 03W500, Storm Bird.

Thunder Bayou (Thunder Gulch—Bayou Storm, Storm Cat), 03W230,000, Storm Bird.

Donner and Blitzen (Thunder Gulch—Marsh Cat, Storm Cat), 03Y75,000, Storm Bird.

Inform (Thunder Gulch—Overbrook, Storm Cat), 03T305,000, Storm Bird.

Garland of Heather (Bull inthe Heather—Ladies Hat, Hatchet Man), 03Y2,000, The Axe II.

Back by Jake (Wild Invader—Allison Fast, Al Hattab), 03Y1,200, The Axe II.

Hipotenusa (Semoran—Closet Cowgirl, Peterhof), 03T7,000, The Minstrel.

Wicked Sunrise (Diplomatic Jet—Jetashine, Florida Sunshine), 03T2,200, Tri Jet.

Jet Splash M. D. (Diplomatic Jet—Satin Splash, Copelan), 03T1,500, Tri Jet.

Rackelmylove (Halo’s Image—Si Si Sez Me, Sezyou), 03Y9,500, Valid Appeal

Fairy Image (Halo’s Inage—Si Si Sezyou, Sezyou), 03Y19,000, Valid Appeal.

Let It Be True (Kelly Kip—Chelly’s Daughter, Wolf Power), 03Y1,100, Valid Appeal.

Bowler (Boston Harbor—Princess A A, Miswaki), 03Y7,000, Vice Regent.

Shy Harbor (Boston Harbor—Shy Beauty, Great Gladiator), 03Y105,000, Vice Regent.

Scarlet Commander (Deputy Commander—Reasonable Thought, Peaks and Valleys), 03W52,000, Vice Regent.

Classic Folly (Political Folly—Classic Empress, Regal Classic), 03Y900, Vice Regent.

Ulterior (Salt Lake—Bamboo Memory, Regal Remark), 03W3,500, Vice Regent.

Viva Quail (Victory Gallop—Viva Girl, Deputy Minister), 03Y30,000, Vice Regent.

Strydio (Victory Gallop—Walite, Waquoit), 03T260,000, Vice Regent.

Stars n’ Amber (Star of Valor—Red Ruby, Dr. Adagio), 03T5,000, Wavering Monarch.


Mais Depressa (Aljabr—Hearts and Clouds, Blushing Groom), 03Y33,000, Blushing Groom.

Charlies Dot (Indian Charlie—Dorothy Kirsten, Caro), 03Y25,000, Caro.

Clever Assault (Old Topper—Win the Trick, Clever Trick), 03Y1,600, Clever Trick.

Toosmartsweetheart (Two Smart—Rougegait, Dancing Count), 03Y5,200, Dancing Count.

Halo Chief (Lil’s Lad—Shahalo, Halo), 04Y35,000, Halo.

Gallop to Victory (Victory Gallop—Flying Red Jet, Halo), 03T92,000, Halo.

Swerve (Lil E. Tee—Hawaiian Query, Hawaii), 03T5,200, Hawaii.

Xtra Jet (Robyn Dancer—Dance Attendance, In Reality), 03Y15,000, In Reality.

Hail to Humor (Distorted Humor—What Can I Do, Mr. Leader), 03Y34,500, Mr. Leader.

Oraia (Stravinsky—Optimistic Lass, Mr. Prospector), 03W130,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Close to Perfect (Stravinsky—Envied, Mr. Prospector), 03T100,000, MP.

Safety Martial (War Chant—Safe Return, Mr. Prospector), 03Y230,000, MP.

Dance Fever (Fusaichi Pegasus—Golden Oriole, Northern Dancer), 03Y625,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Fifty Grand Bonus (Grand Slam—Daphne’s Dancer, Northern Dancer), 03Y42,000, ND.

Wimble Dancer (Parade Ground—Nimble Foot, Nureyev), 03Y3,500, Nureyev.

Takeo (Doneraile Court—Poke Salad, Poker), 03Y8,500, Poker.

One Lonely Devil (Devil His Due—Lonely Melody, Raise a Native), 03W18,000, Raise a Native (RAN).

Forest Bo K (Forest Wildcat—Bo K., Raise a Native), 03T22,500, RAN.

Couldn’t Resist (Shuailaan—Lonely Melody, Raise a Native), 03Y5,000, RAN.

Bold Bell (Concerto—Radiant Belle, Secretariat), 03W6,500, Secretariat.

Mav Man (Exploit—Cardamine, Secretariat), 03Y55,000, Secretariat.

Sin Verguenza (Grand Slam—Viva Sec, Secretariat), 03Y210,000, Secretariat.

Takinghometheroses (Old Trieste—Triple Strike, Secretariat), 03Y100,000, Secretariat.

Pink Storm (Stormin Fever—Pink Ice, Secretariat), 03T15,000, Secretariat.

Tea Time Tomorrow (Tomorrows Cat—An Alltime High, Secretariat), 02T15,000, Secretariat.

Chastise (Vicar—Gracious Reason, Secretariat), 03Y8,500, Secretariat.

Snark Tiger (Formal Gold—Walk of Fame, Silent Screen), 03T75,000, Silent Screen.

Lunces Hall (Gold Case—Hollywood Empress, Silent Screen), 03Y7,184, Silent Screen.

Scoutie (Exchange Rate—Spectacular Image, Spectacular Bid), 03W10,000, Spectacular Bid.

Comical Errors (Distorted Humor—Fallibility, Tom Rolfe), 03Y22,000, Tom Rolfe.

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