There’s No Crying in Baseball

I had seen bits and pieces of the movie “A League of Their Own” before. But yesterday I managed to catch the whole movie from start to finish (in between four races at Saratoga and a little golf as well).

Great movie!!!!!! I have to confess that my original attraction to the movie was Geena Davis. Lori Petty as the former’s little sister was not bad either. Yes, I have something of a predilection for redheads.

Tom Hanks was good too. “There’s no crying in baseball” struck something of a chord with me. I remember playing baseball as a kid and, contrary to Hanks’s statement, crying sometimes when I struck out. I even scribbled a post about this, The Catcher, to which you are kindly referred.

The climactic scene of “A League of Their Own” involves a game-decided play at home plate by the catcher (Geena Davis). My short story/post “The Catcher” also revolved around a game-deciding play at home plate.

In my own story I struck out and cried. A coach handled it well. He patted me on the butt and told me to get back behind the plate and go to work. I did. A runner tried to steal home from third on me. Big collision outside of home plate. The runner was out. We won the game (and also the title, division, championship, whatever). I was not particularly happy, however. I had done my job. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I thought about all that again as I watched the similar scene in “A League of Their Own.” If any of my three siblings ever tried to run me over and score a winning run, I would NOT voluntarily have allowed them to do so. I would have tried my damndest to leave them groping in the stinkhole (a cribbage allusion).

But the character played by Geena Davis (Dottie the catcher) was a better person than I am. She surreptitiously allowed her little sister to score that run and have her one moment of glory. Kudos to the former!!!!! It seemed to make them both happy somehow. Winning baseball games never seemed to do much for me in terms of happiness.

“A League of Their Own” was an excellent movie. But as for “no crying in baseball,” take that with some grains of salt.

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