Frankel and Big Brown Patterns–2003

I just read this morning that Frankel is supposed to race next in the ten-furlong Champion Stakes (G1) at Ascot on October 20, which will almost definitely be the final race of his career. No surprise at all. Not exactly a cause for celebration either.

A few weeks ago I commented about his pedigree in Questions About Frankel, as well as the pedigree of Big Brown. Big Brown and Frankel are similar in that their pedigrees both feature SLBMSL (sire line-broodmare sire line) inbreeding to Northern Dancer. Big Brown is by Boundary (by Danzig, by ND) out of Mien, by Nureyev (by ND). So he is 3×3 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern. Frankel is by Galileo (by Sadler’s Wells, by ND) out of Kind (by Danehill, by Danzig, by ND). So he is 3×4 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern.

In that post I promised to list all the sales foals of 2003-2007 inbred in these two patterns. For lagniappe I throw in all the foals inbred 4×3 to ND in this pattern on the theory that if 3×4 is good, 4×3 might be good as well.

I remind readers that this is a work in progress. A few weeks ago I listed all sales foals of 2005 conforming to this SLBMSL pattern to Northern Dancer. Listed below are sales foals from 2003 only also conforming to this pattern. I will post the other years as I get them finished, then list all the stakes winners of the same description and tabulate the results.

Listed below are 199 foals (41 of them 3×3, 78 of them 3×4, and 78 of them 4×3). Somewhat surprisingly, not one of them sold for $1,000,000+. Two of them sold for $500,000 on the nose, the highest price among these 199 foals.

Street Theatre (a colt by Theatrical out of Heart of America, by Northern Jove) was inbred 3×3 to ND in this pattern and sold for $500,000 as a two-year-old in 2003. Street Theatre posted a record of 10-2-1-2 for earnings of $101,528 and finished second in the Arlington Classic Stakes (G2) and third in the Will Rogers Stakes (G3). So he more or less justified his price.

I Am the Star (colt by Deputy Minister out of Caiseal Ros, by Roi Danzig) was inbred 3×4 to ND in this pattern and sold for $500,000 as a yearling in 2003. He posted a record of 13-1-2-2 for earnings of $179,101. Which would be a respectable race record except that all of his starts were in Japan, where purses are much higher than in other countries. So I Am the Star was just a pretty ordinary winner.

If you combine the results from 2003 and 2005, you find 409 foals inbred in this pattern (3×3, 3×4, and 4×3, all SLBMSL to ND). Those 409 foals sold for a gross of $19,597,911, an average of $47,917 (below the overall average of $54,140), and a maverage of 156.06 (below the overall maverage of 163.11).

I am frankly surprised that these 409 foals sold for below-average prices. I will be interested to see if that trend holds up over the remaining three years. And if it does hold up, if the racing results are below average as well. Time will tell.

3×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Nodagain Blondie (Ascot Knight—Palace Chill, The Minstrel), 03Y17,960.

Third Date Kate (Bartok—Noruega, Dance in Time), 03W4,500.

Bartok Lady (Bartok—Triple Connection, Far North), 03Y30,000.

Sheezgotattotude (Bianconi—Go Go Shoes, Staff Writer), 03Y2,500.

Danceable (Bianconi—Northern Swava, Northern Baby), 03Y33,000.

Morias (Bianconi—Topsiders Miss, Topsider), 03Y5,500.

Cool Cole (Captain Collins—Somefabulous Miss, Somethingfabulous), 03Y12,444.

Banjo Boogie (Chimes Band—Chosen Book, Mari’s Book), 03Y1,000.

Run Dixie Run (Dixieland Brass—Writing Home, Staff Writer), 03Y9,086.

Another Iris (Dixieland Heat—Pasque Flower, Storm Bird), 03Y10,000.

Victory Script (Game Plan—Staff Wind, Staff Writer), 03Y19,000.

Mrs. Robinson (Honor Grades—Inuvik, Herat), 03T1,800.

unnamed (Jazz Club—Anne’s Gem, Northern Jove), 03W3,000.

I’ve Got It (King of Kings—Eureka Lass, Lucky North), 03Y55,000, ND.

Jambalaya (Langfuhr—Muskrat Suzie, Vice Regent), 03Y2,500.

Super G I (Lost Soldier—Super Glued, Herat), 03T24,000.

Cat Quatorze (Louis Quatorze—Auction Cat, Storm Bird), 03Y30,000.

Louis Special (Louis Quatorze—Carni Gal, Carnivalay), 03Y8,200.

Marty’s Joia (Louis Quatorze—Sarah Too, El Gran Senor), 03Y8,000.

Port Town (Louis Quatorze—Victorian Angel, Vice Regent), 03Y200,000.

I’m a Lucky Native (Native Regent—Lucky Asset, Lucky North), 03Y20,000.

Out o’ Vanilla (Outflanker—Pure Vanilla, Northrop), 03W2,200.

Nilla (Outflanker—Pure Vanilla, Northrop), 03Y17,000.

Sneak Attack (Pine Bluff—Dinner Surprise, Lyphard), 03Y55,000.

Doctor Diane (Regal Classic—Dances With Quack, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y30,000.

Action Hero (Regal Intention—Janie Jeanie, Norwegian), 03Y3,660.

Ifyouseekyouscore (Score Quick—Northern Pairodice, Far North), 03T2,500.

Sea Lord (Sea Salute—Graceful Glory, Hero’s Honor), 03T4,500.

Ms. Northernclassic (Sky Classic—Northern Temptress, Far North), 03T11,000.

Stravinsky’s Song (Stravinsky—Money Unlimited, Fire Dancer), 03W25,000.

Stravinsky’s Angel (Stravinsky—My Pocket Angel, Storm Bird), 03W14,000.

Above Reason (Stravinsky—Odori, The Minstrel), 03W65,000.

Bod Stravinsky (Stravinsky—Viburnum, El Gran Senor), 03W75,000.

Sudden Flame (Stravinsky—Allison’s Pride, Dixieland Band), 03Y12,000.

Rusky Dusky (Stravinsky—Celtic Shade, Lomond), 03Y22,000.

Galtee Miss (Summer Squall—Lady of Winloc, Compliance), 03Y15,000.

Tatum’s Spirit (Tatum Canyon—Fulmar’s Doll, Fulmar), 03Y4,000.

Grand Entrance (Theatrical—Miss North Beach, Northern Baby), 03Y27,000.

Don’tcussthefiddle (Theatrical—North East Dancer, Far North), 03Y210,000.

Street Theatre (Theatrical—Heart of America, Northern Jove), 03T500,000.

Lisaized (Wayne County—Imperial Patriot, Imperial Falcon), 03Y2,600.

Lucky Anna (World Stage—Northanna, Lucky North), 03T1,100.

Meany Me (Zarbyev—Defeat the Legend, Local Talent), 03Y4,000.

3×4 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Anziyan Holiday (Anziyan—Baldski’s Holiday, Baldksi), 03Y17,000.

Missis (Ascot Knight—J and J Discovery, Regal Intention), 03W6,896.

Operetta (Ascot Knight—Dance With Ease, Fred Astaire), 03Y33,765.

Major Ascot (Ascot Knight—Regent’s Barbie, Regent’s Dancer), 03Y8,562.

Honor Mr. Peck (Atticus—Grademelater, Honor Grades), 03W5,000.

Stormcat’s Atticus (Atticus—Cat Storm, Storm Cat), 03T20,000.

At the Bar (Bartok—Thank’s to Hunt, Baldski), 03Y16,500.

Blazing Bartok (Bartok—Lotta Glory Beau’s, Empire Glory), 03T55,000.

Belong to Rita (Belong to Me—Santa Elena, Deputy Minister), 03Y7,000.

Mariah’s Bullet (Bianconi—Queen Majesty, Regal Classic), 03T75,000.

Kim’s Dancer (Bianconi—Symphonic Music, Al Nasr), 03T37,000.

Archerfield Links (Brahms—Georgian Bay, Storm Cat), 03W95,000.

Nickel Candi (Candi’s Gold—Victory Coin, Tossofthecoin), 03T4,000.

March Heir (Deputy Minister—Advancing Star, Soviet Star), 03Y75,000.

I Am the Star (Deputy Minister—Caiseal Ros, Roi Danzig), 03Y500,000.

Wilderness Area (Deputy Minister—Concentric, Shadeed), 03Y80,000.

The Registrar (Deputy Minister—Apolda, Theatrical), 03T10,000.

Casey Doya Dance (Dewdle’s Dancer—Becca’s Dream, Norch Buchan), 03Y1,100.

Annormousadrenalin (Dixieland Brass—Annmorous, Baldski), 03Y1,098.

Mr. Madden (Dixieland Heat—Prada, El Prado), 03W2,000.

G Mo’s Band (Dixie Union—Sejm’s Lunar Star, Sejm), 03W50,000.

Rascal (Dixie Union—April Squall, Summer Squall), 03Y110,000.

Nothing But Fun (Dixie Union—Zepa, Theatrical), 03Y150,000.

Sea Dove (Dove Hunt—Erin Go, Go and Go), 03Y1,000.

Gaily Duma (Dumaani—Gaily Mew Gull, Brief Truce), 03Y6,500.

Hoopthereitis (Elnadim—Girchoop, Storm Cat), 03Y11,000.

Foxy Old Charger (Fred Astaire—Any Old Charger, Poles Apart), 03Y600.

Game Boy Johnny (Game Plan—Donttalktoomuch, Alwuhush), 03Y27,000.

Northern Plans (Game Plan—Round Is Funny, Moscow Ballet), 03Y1,100.

Zatara (Game Plan—Cast a Don, Stately Don), 03T30,000.

Slieve Bounder (Helmsman—Gray Dough, El Prado), 03Y7,135.

Jacklin (Helmsman—Soviet Sting, Moscow Ballet), 03Y5,000.

Gyeongboryeong (Jazz Club—Summer Deputy, Deputy Minister), 03W5,700.

Joyful Jackie (Joyeux Danseur—Jaquenetta, Manila), 03Y2,500.

Solomon’s Song (King of Kings—Minister’s Song, Deputy Minister), 03W5,000.

Danzig Mon (Langfuhr—Emigrant Mom, L’Emigrant), 03Y26,500.

Sweet Lil Punky (Limit Out—Chris’ Diamond, Gate Dancer), 03Y2,200.

Scruffy (Little Nureyev—Regal Janice, Regal Companion), 03Y856.

Adol (Louis Quatorze—Crysta, Pine Bluff), 03W9,500.

Oracle of Omaha (Louis Quatorze—In Your Sights, Green Dancer), 03Y200,000.

Paradise Room (Lure—Dazzling Dancer, Green Dancer), 03W95,000.

Kingsley (My King—Al’s Kate, Al Nasr), 03Y1,400.

Dancinatthegate (Native Regent—Anchor Lady, Gate Dancer), 03T5,000.

Baldski’s Lassie (Outflanker—Lillybylamplight, Baldski), 03Y13,000.

Manila Fudge (Outflanker—Manila Kaper, Manila), 03Y30,000.

Crowning Act (Outflanker—Princess Haley, Mr. Justice), 03T9,000.

Outskier (Outflanker—What a Skier, Baldski), 03T8,000.

West Coast Dancer (Pachinko—En En Dancer, Theatrical), 03T732.

Tall Pines (Pine Bluff—Spite and Malice, Peterhof), 03Y30,000.

Garfield’s Bluff (Pine Bluff—Garfield Holme, Deputy Minister), 03T24,500.

Majestic Navy (Polish Navy—Miss Shel, Manila), 03Y3,700.

Numbers Don’t Lie (Polish Numbers—Hey Butterfly, Theatrical), 03Y30,000.

So Perfect (Polish Numbers—Robin Le Rouge, Robin des Pins), 03Y16,000.

Stormy Numbers (Polish Numbers—Stormeor, Lypheor), 03T30,000.

Randy Jan (Randy Regent—Longing, Lyphard’s Wish), 03Y4,381.

Fraser Canyon (Regal Intention—Torrey B, Moscow Ballet), 03Y8,052.

Macademy Royal (Royal Academy—Garden Folly, Pine Bluff), 03W32,000.

Rosa Palpitante (Royal Academy—Jadite, Falstaff), 03W7,000.

Delongshot (Royal Academy—Stellar Stellari, Pass the Line), 03W11,000.

Porrada (Royal Academy—White Fang, Wolfhound), 03W3,500.

Invertiel (Royal Academy—Intriguing, Deputy Minister), 03Y17,000.

Miss Classic Cut (Sky Classic—Diamonds Direct, Diamond Sword), 03Y2,500.

Dream Sky (Sky Classic—Launch the Dream, Danzig Connection), 03Y22,000.

Royal Classic (Sky Classic—Lil’s Crown, Chief’s Crown), 03Y12,000.

Lady Circe (Spinning World—Chesa Plana, Niniski), 03Y12,000.

Beautiful Mover (Spinning World—Dancer’s Glamour, Danzig Connection), 03Y32,000.

Kharlamov (Stravinsky—Madame Equis, Book the Band), 03Y4,500.

Donnybrook Joy (Stravinsky—Reluctant Guest, Hostage), 03Y30,000.

Spring (Stravinsky—Spinnin Cannon, Loose Cannon), 03Y110,000.

Rake’s Progress (Stravinsky—Electorate, Caerleon), 03T37,000.

Bogey (Summer Squall—Marina Duff, Caerleon), 03Y90,000.

Financial Security (Summer Squall—Two Altazano, Manzotti), 03Y8,000.

Sword of Ireland (Sword Dance—Good Golly, Alwuhush), 03W3,500.

Heads I Win (Tossofthecoin—Stayski, Baldksi), 03T2,700.

Fair Queen (Wayne County—Fashionable, Gate Dancer), 03W1,700.

Valkyrie Dancer (Wayne County—Classical Saluki, Deerhound), 03Y900.

Cal County (Wayne County—Gussie, Deerhound), 03Y2,600.

Wish Upon a Zar (Zarbyev—Amanda’s Wish, Lyphard’s Wish), 03Y12,000.

4×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Susquehanna Cat (Adcat—Truly Amanda, Imperial Falcon), 03Y15,000.

Guildhall (Awesome Again—Earth Song, The Minstrel), 03Y180,000.

Reregister (Awesome Again—Register, Mari’s Book), 03Y75,000.

Bernie C (Bernstein—Misagreeable, Northern Flagship), 03Y1,500.

Rio Storm (Bustopher Jones—Comicus, Northern Jove), 03T35,000.

Run Denae Run (Category Five—Bright Butterfly, Dance in Time), 03Y5,200.

Cameo Castle (Category Five—Embassy Manor, Pilgrim), 03T7,000.

Fifth Song (Category Five—Pandora’s Song, Dance in Time), 03Y7,500.

Hello There (Category Five—Turquoise Dawn, Dance in Time), 03Y1,700.

Harvey’s Cat (Catienus—Nijinsky Queen, Nijinsky II), 03W1,500.

Papa’s Prize (Catienus—Nijinsky Queen, Nijinsky II), 03Y3,700.

Piner Style (Cat Power—Cooter, Night Shift), 03W850.

Preferred Risk (Cat Thief—Fois Gras, Barachois), 03Y50,000.

Commandment (Charismatic—Radu Cool, Carnivalay), 03T17,000.

Cloud Monster (Cloud Cover—Always Love U, Alwasmi), 03T75,000.

Classic North (Concerto—Northanna, Lucky North), 03Y1,500.

Crowning Caper (Crowning Storm—Carnival Caper, Carnivalay), 03W8,000.

Fast Dancer (Dancing Glamour—Red Hot Slipper, Compliance), 03Y1,000.

Tropical Glamour (Dancing Glamour—Tropical Twister, Compliance), 03Y1,200.

My Three Sisters (Defrere—Hennryetta, Lucky North), 03Y5,000.

Crazy Commando (Deputy Commander—Hoh Flyer, Northern Flagship), 03W45,000.

Torquay (Deputy Commander—Rebel Account, Dixieland Band), 03Y250,000.

Simple Affair (Deputy Commander—Winter, Lyphard), 03T90,000.

Diamonds of Luck (Deputy Diamond—Lucky House, Lucky North), 03Y13,000.

Expabs (Exploit—Absolute Trust, Danzig), 03Y48,000.

Pudding Lane (Exploit—Norrsken, Northern Jove), 03Y44,000.

Moonlight Frolic (Fabulous Frolic—Morelikelythannot, Northern Baby), 03W9,500.

Paddy Murphy (Forest Camp—No Ordinary Storm, Storm Bird), 03W50,000.

Expeditious (Forestry—Nonies Dancer Ali, Danzatore), 03Y175,000.

Sarah’s Wish (French Deputy—Pitchunia, Compliance), 03T85,000.

Gentleman’s Girl (Gentlemen—Zulu Dance, Danzatore), 03T40,000.

Man Among Boys (Gentlemen—Javelin Flight, Danzatore), 03Y5,850.

Musical Giant (Giant’s Causeway—Music House, Sadler’s Wells), 03W100,000.

Lenski (Giant’s Causeway—Twigazuri, Dixieland Band), 03W190,000.

Boulder Tiger (Giant’s Causeway—Devil’s Needle, Nureyev), 03Y55,000.

Loch Quest (Giant’s Causeway—Taibhseach, Secreto), 03Y150,000.

Lovely Memories (Hennessy—Childhood Memories, The Minstrel), 03T35,000.

Gimme That Wine (High Yield—Dixie Delight, Dixieland Band), 03W35,000.

Foolish Move (Horse Chestnut—Broom Dance, Dance Spell), 03W52,000.

Ring the Register (Horse Chestnut—Fancy Legs, Yukon), 03W40,000.

Toyo Fort (Horse Chestnut—Dixie Rouge, Dixieland Band), 03T190,000.

Prairie Cactus (Jack Wilson—Arizona Cactus, Alwasmi), 03Y12,000.

I Did It Again (Lil’s Lad—Exotic Dancer, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y8,500.

Mother (Lion Hearted—Proper Lassie, Topsider), 03Y10,000.

Ultimate Mongol (Mongol Warrior—Queen of Berrmuda, Danzig), 03Y1,500.

Dancin Mortlock (Mortlock—Turquoise Dawn, Dance in Time), 03T5,000.

Feel Adrift (Mr. Publisher—Adriftonapark, Northern Park), 03W700.

Trip the Switch (Mr Purple—Jazzercise, Nureyev), 03Y1,500.

Northern Sparkles (Mr. Sparkles—Cinderbella, Incinderator), 03Y1,100.

Act Classy (Noactor—Showemyourclass, Dixieland Band), 03T1,500.

Don’t Look Now (Open Forum—Avert Your Eye’s, North Pole), 03Y7,500.

Swift Silver (Open Forum—Cirque du Soleil, Solar City), 03Y2,500.

Peachy Perfect (Perfect Vision—Skip the Rest, Eskimo), 02T2,500.

Roses for My Lady (Royal Anthem—Rose O’Riley, Nijinsky II), 03Y1,700.

Northern Anthem (Royal Anthem—Warta, Danzig), 03Y3,000.

Nova Scotia Norma (Salt Lake—Miss Blush, Dixieland Band), 03Y50,000.

Zaccai (Scatmandu—Satchmo’s Lady, Dixieland Band), 03Y8,000.

Sympathie (Scatmandu—C. Philadelphia, Lomond), 03T4,000.

Paradise Peak (Scatmandu—Jolie Boutique, Northern Jove), 03T130,000.

Logan’s Draw (Silver Deputy—Yam, Nureyev), 03Y200,000.

Zoogdidi (Singspiel—Star Ridge, Storm Bird), 03Y21,000.

Rue de Courcelle (Sir Cat—Makin’ a Bee Line, Lomond), 03Y17,000.

Big Ma Moo (Sir Cat—Sheila’s Angela M, Imperial Fling), 03Y5,000.

Prince’s Pleasure (Storm Creek—Banquet Scene, Lyphard), 03W7,000.

Storm Miss (Storm Creek—Cagna, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y51,500.

Storm Creek Rising (Storm Creek—Goulash, Mari’s Book), 03Y180,000.

Mel’s Moment (Storm Creek—One Moment in Time, Magesterial), 03Y40,000.

Stormin Moe (Stormin Fever—Bookaparty, Mari’s Book), 03T85,000.

Frosty Royalty (Stormy Atlantic—Royalty On Ice, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y10,000.

Escapade (Tactical Cat—Flora Danica, Danzig), 03T32,000.

Jive Cat (Tactical Cat—Danzing Tori, Danzig), 03T51,000.

Tale of Dubai (Tale of the Cat—Jamaican Me Smile, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y75,000.

One Lucky Storm (Tale of the Cat—Shameem, Nureyev), 03T50,000.

Anthony J. (Tiger Ridge—Sly Stylist, Sovereign Dancer), 03Y22,000.

Great River (Tomorrows Cat—Do’s Gent, Vice Regent), 03Y6,000.

Takin Aim (Twin Spires—Canalia, Incinderator), 03T12,000.

Ty Life (Tychonic—Some Life, Somethingfabulous), 03Y600.

Erica’s Num Num (Z Z Cat—Maddie Bumpo, Lombardi), 03T17,000.

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