Close Inbreeding–Rasmussen Factor–Sales Foals of 2003-2007

So far in this continuing series on close inbreeding I have concentrated on duplications to sires only. The Rasmussen Factor (inbreeding to female ancestors; see previous post) also contains some foals with close inbreeding.

Listed below are the seven stakes winners among sales foals of 2003-2007 who are closely inbred to a female ancestor. Six of them are inbred 3×3. One is inbred 3×2.

Listed for its stakes winner is its name, its pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire), the number of Performance Points it earned, the sales information, and the female ancestor duplicated. The discussion continues after this list of seven stakes winners.

Stakes Winners

Stevie Wonderboy (Stephen Got Even–Heat Lightning, Summer Squall), 1,759 Performance Points, 05T100,000, 3×3 Weekend Surprise.

Saucey Evening (More Than Ready–Jeweled Lady, General Meeting), 668, 07Y160,000, 3×3 Northern Sea.

Love for Not (Not for Love–Go Nicholas Go, Polish Numbers), 419, 06Y60,000, 3×3 Numbered Account.

Catch My Fancy (Yes It’s True–Walk Away Rene, Gold Alert), 348, 04Y50,000, 3×2 Monique Rene.

Sunday Sunrise (Lemon Drop Kid–Sun Is Up, Sunday Silence), 285, 07Y50,000, 3×3 Miesque.

Amie’s Legend (Not for Love–Lunar’s Legend, Polish Numbers), 204, 06Y180,000, 3×3 Numbered Account.

Idonea (Swain–Ivastar, Alwasmi), 123, 06Y60,000, 3×3 Height of Fashion.

Including these seven stakes winners, a total of 193 foals were closely inbred to a female ancestor: 19 2×3, 11 2×4, six 3×2, 155 3×3, and two 4×2. I included 2×4 and 4×2 because some people think they are the equivalent of 3×3 (although I have my doubts about that personally).

Listed below are the remaining 186 foals closely inbred to a female ancestor. Listed for each foals are its name, pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and female ancestor duplicated. I arranged them degree of inbreeding (2×3, 2×4, 3×2, 3×3, 4×2), then alphabetically by the female ancestor duplicated. The discussion resumes at the end of this list.


Wapiti (Meinfee–La Sarto, Cormorant), 05Y35,000, Anne Campbell.

Blame the Malt (Highland Ruckus–Nimble Vixen, Shotiche), 03Y4,310, Arctic Vixen.

Oriental Gambler (Bold Executive–Orient Express, Barbeau), 06Y13,556, Arctic Vixen.

Saint Water (Allen’s Prospect–Sea View Picture, Pirate’s Bounty), 05Y4,000, Change Water.

On a Groom Stick (Groomstick–Zeta Love, Cherokee Fellow), 03W5,000, 04Y4,500, Dame Francesca.

Runaway Broom (Groomstick–Roxie Roan, Cherokee Fellow), 03Y1,000, Dame Francesca.

Princess Medelys (Van Nistelrooy–You’ve Got Mitch, Tossofthecoin), 07Y55,000, Halory.

Wekiva Sun (Wekiva Springs–Simply Love Me, Simply Majestic), 03T15,000, Jetting Angel.

Solder (Lost Soldier–Affordable Fantasy, Al Mamoon), 07Y20,000, Lady Winborne.

Mr Super Sonic (Go for Gin–Tempo Lassie, Pleasant Tap), 06Y7,230, Never Knock.

Kavaler (Regal Classic–Ceil Cody, Sky Classic), 05Y15,500, No Class.

Regal Rhythm (Regal Classic–Ceil Cody, Sky Classic), 05T19,000, No Class.

Native Victory (Olympic Native–Victory Moment, Victory Speech), 05Y8,750, Olympic Moment.

unnamed (Olympic Native–Marvelous Memory, Raise a Champion), 05Y1,300, Olympic Moment.

Graven Angel (Halo’s Image–Cliche, Pentelicus), 06Y45,000, Sugar’s Image.

Optical Illusion (Theatrical–Paradise River, Irish River), 05Y200,000, Tree of Knowledge.

Arabian Tiger (Tiger Ridge–Luminosity, Honor Grades), 07Y1,300, Weekend Surprise.

Early Applause (Roar–Early Early Echo, Eastern Echo), 07T100,000, Wild Applause.


Noe Valley (Royal Academy–Evita Villa, Forest Wildcat), 07Y38,000, Crimson Saint.

Flitting (Explicit–Fleeting, Exploit), 07Y3,000, Elegant Victress.

Grey Houdini (Moving Shoulder–Alydara, Alydeed), 03Y900, Gonfalon.

Strike a Bargain (Sky Classic–Struck, Smart Strike), 03Y24,000, No Class.

Colangik (Sky Classic–Rainbow Strike, Smart Strike), 07Y82,000, No Class.

Sir Lady Lee (Marquetry–Marque Cat, Sir Cat), 05Y4,400, Regent’s Walk.

No Boys Allowed (Lion Cavern–Sha Hearah, Dehere), 06Y3,000, Secrettame.

Wine N Wishes (Derby Wish–Wine N Seattle, Seattle Knight), 04T10,000, Swiftybyrd.

Wheaton’s Sunshine (Wheaton–Stormy Sunshine, Future Storm), 07Y10,750, Terlingua.

Gilda’s Limerick (A Corking Limerick–Gilda, Gilded Time), 04W1,200, That’s Show Biz.

A. P. Elegance (A.P. Indy–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 07Y675,000, Weekend Surprise.


Aint Dat the Truth (Is It True–Saratoga Crystal, Saratoga Six), 07Y4,000, Kitchen Window.

Lang’s Trick (Langfuhr–Game Trick, Clever Trick), 03Y57,000, Prima Babu Gum.

Steevlyn (Langfuhr–Southern Cat, Storm Cat), 03W18,000, Prima Babu Gum.

Vanilla Scoop (Souvenir Copy–Grand Sophisticate, El Gran Senor), 04Y25,000, Sophisticated Girl.

Captain Hennessy (Hennessy–Careless Kitten, Caro), 05Y150,000, T. C. Kitten.


unnamed (Aptitude–Storm Fear, Coastal), 06Y40,000, Alluvial.

Paris Beauty (Aptitude–California Style, Coastal), 07Y15,000, Alluvial.

Sarahs Poem (Bag–Love’s Melody, Imperial Falcon), 03Y1,800, Ballade.

Hawk Hill (Rahy–Falcon Dancer, Imperial Falcon), 03Y200,000, Ballade.

Crooked Woman (Straight Man–Caravannsis, Imperial Falcon), 03Y4,000, 04T37,000, Ballade.

Buel’s Boy (Flame Thrower–White Ice Cream, Devil’s Bag), 05W4,500, Ballade.

Truely Grand (El Sancho–Simply Grand, Simply Majestic), 07Y1,000, Beaming Bride.

My Little Fortune (Fortunate Prospect–Kayjack, Cozzene), 03Y5,200, Biddy Big.

T’s Meckenzie (Mecke–Kayjack, Cozzene), 03T2,000, Biddy Big.

Street Hustle (Wild Wonder–Kingdom’s Princess, Meadowlake), 05W15,000, 06Y40,000, Bushel-n-Peck.

Djournet (Grindstone–Buzz Buzz Buzz, Well Decorated), 04T9,000, Chateaupavia.

Jura River (Gold Case–Black Olive, Secret Hello), 05Y13,000, Ciao.

The Arneli Angel (Doneraile Court–Paix, King of Kings), 07W5,500, Close Control.

Asia Winter (Awad–Syrian Winter, Damascus), 03Y2,500, Cold Hearted.

Ice Is Nice (Awad–Syrian Winter, Damascus), 03T2,500, Cold Hearted.

Astera (Mutakddim–Slewplay, Fast Play), 05Y39,508, Con Game.

Abogado (Where’s the Ring–Play Book, Fast Play), 07W1,000, Con Game.

Mr. Baccarat (With Approval–Hot Pillow, Bates Motel), 06T40,000, Cool Mood.

Emerald Cat (Storm Cat–Heeremandi, Royal Academy), 03Y1,500,000, Crimson Saint.

Pionero de Imbuia (Pioneering–Evetsyma, Pancho Villa), 04Y20,000, 05T37,000, Crimson Saint.

Indian Reservation (Cherokee Run–Collymore Hall, Concerto), 07Y14,000, Dame Francesca.

Buc the Spartan (Mutakddim–Dolly by Golly, Not for Love), 05Y85,000, 06T45,000, Dance Number.

Ice Quest (Toolighttoquit–Eskimo Quest, Eskimo), 03T20,000, Dr. Mary Lou.

Muiredach (El Prado–Mi Devon, Hermitage), 05Y25,000, Fairy Bridge.

Tour d’Eyes (Tour d’Or–Caught My Eye, Hansel), 03Y4,000, Fanfreluche.

Carolyn’s Birthday (Dixieland Heat–Spirits of Annie, Cojak), 03Y30,000, 04T19,000, Fight On.

Detective Chase (Dixieland Heat–Frederick Fair, Cojak), 06T4,500, Fight On.

Fast Pike (Pikepass–Range, Cox’s Ridge), 03W3,500, 04Y4,500, File.

Unbridled Anees (Anees–Hot Flash, Cahill Road), 03Y22,000, 04T10,500, Gana Facil.

Sea Lord (Sea Salute–Graceful Glory, Hero’s Honor), 03T4,500, Glowing Tribute.

Northern Tribute (Roar–Sing With Me, Hero’s Honor), 06T1,400, Glowing Tribute.

Family Outing (Family Calling–Go Silk, Yukon), 03Y2,200, Gold Digger.

Deadly Aim (Pioneering–Northwest Princess, Yukon), 05Y8,500, 06T62,000, Gold Digger.

Mazaage (Honour and Glory–Skies of Blue, Ogygian), 03Y55,000, 04T80,000, Gonfalon.

Reata’s Shadow (Include–Ingenuity Joan, Valley Crossing), 05Y15,000, 06T105,000, Hay Patcher.

Entrenchment (Ecton Park–Jean Beebe, Missionary Ridge), 04Y42,000, Impetuous Gal.

Privatelyexcessive (In Excess–Private Honey, Private Account), 04Y2,200, 05T1,200, Indian Call.

Sir Quando (Alydeed–Woodfordcounty Mis, Clever Trick), 07Y2,998, Kankakee Miss.

Counselled (A.P. Indy–Countess Diana, Deerhound), 05Y900,000, Lassie Dear.

Black Jack Boogie (Black Mambo–One Classie Lassie, Deerhound), 06W6,500, Lassie Dear.

Rock Mambo (Black Mambo–One Classie Lassie, Deerhound), 07W10,000, Lassie Dear.

Skip a Rose (Skip Away–Promising Reliant, Pembroke), 06Y5,000, Looks Promising.

Regal Pacific (Regal Intention–Moire Dawn, No Louder), 03Y5,490, Loudrangle.

Rare Value (Regal Intention–See Angel Win, Slew of Angels), 03Y9,632, Loudrangle.

La Hoagre (Regal Intention–Moire Dawn, No Louder), 04Y3,479, Loudrangle.

Northern Silence (Regal Intention–Sworn Silence, No Louder), 05Y13,206, Loudrangle.

Scarlet Begonia (Salt Lake–Madame Jumel, D’Accord), 03Y42,000, Mint Copy.

Bulita (Knockadoon–Belle Buoy, Two Punch), 03Y11,100, Mississippi Mud.

Brendolyn (Knockadoon–Belle Buoy, Two Punch), 04Y50,000, Mississippi Mud.

Some Nerve (Academy Award–What Nerve, Rare Performer), 03Y4,500, Mono.

Glittering Hour (Finest Hour–Glittering Jane, Glitterman), 05W2,500, Moon Glitter.

Dona Habana (Doneraile Court–Halawa, Lomond), 05Y4,000, My Charmer.

The Honorable (Sadler’s Wells–Bonita Francita, Devil’s Bag), 06Y110,000, Natalma.

My Hearts Delight (Albert the Great–Moscow Tap, Pleasant Tap), 07W2,200, Never Knock.

Air Strike (Smart Strike–I Beat the Tornado, Regal Classic), 06W50,000, 07Y80,000, No Class.

Chasin the Tornado (Smart Strike–I Beat the Tornado, Regal Classic), 06Y90,000, No Class.

Liquid Intensity (Smart Strike–Illiquidity, Sky Classic), 06Y20,000, No Class.

Smart Engagement (Smart Strike–All Engaged, Sky Classic), 07Y30,000, No Class.

Irish Channel (Smart Strike–La Recherche, Sky Classic), 07Y170,000, No Class.

Oneforlove (Not for Love–One Account, Private Account), 04W30,000, Numbered Account.

Jojo’s Bandit (Not for Love–Chase it Down, Polish Numbers), 05Y70,000, Numbered Account.

Almost Jackson (Not for Love–Runs Numbers, Polish Numbers), 05Y24,000, Numbered Account.

Ring the Bell (Not for Love—Polish Spender, Polish Numbers), 05T32,000, Numbered Account.

One Tough Love (Not for Love–One Tough Number, Polish Numbers), 07Y6,500, Numbered Account.

Abiding (Dynaformer–Unending Love, Dixieland Band), 07Y300,000, On the Trail.

Jet G Amour (Lost Soldier–Encore Amour, Affirmed), 03W2,500, Pas de Nom.

Slice of Glory (Langfuhr–Deli Cat, Bold Ruckus), 03Y61,064, Prima Babu Gum.

Northbound Bull (In Excessive Bull–Northbound Sally, Big Sal), 07Y7,700, Proudest Bee.

Gerarda Is Free (Dance the Ballado–Trouble in Gerarda, Ward Off Trouble), 07T1,700, Reasonable Miss.

Jog Your Memory (Dance the Ballado–Vague Memory, Ward Off Trouble), 07T4,200, Reasonable Miss.

Classic Coupe (Five Star Day–Couldabeenabenz, Marquetry), 05Y260,000, Regent’s Walk.

Ittybitty Mean Man (Five Star Day–Couldabeenabenz, Marquetry), 06Y8,000, Regent’s Walk.

Montana Mike (Mizzen Mast–Oops, Silver Deputy), 06Y37,500, 07T180,000, Ride the Trails.

Foxy Reward (Chief’s Reward–Foxy Judi, Akureyri), 03Y900, Royal Statute.

Tres Aimees’s (Canaveral–Chipper Roth, Blushing Groom), 03Y14,000, Runaway Bride.

Dottin (Trajectory–Inside Job, Secret Claim), 05Y849, Secrettame.

Jelly (El Angelo–Pineaire, Compliance), 04T14,000, Sex Appeal.

Golden Year (Event of the Year–Golden Harmony, Half a Year), 03Y2,700, Six Months Long.

Sweetsisterdodd (Event of the Year–Good Spirit, Half a Year), 03Y6,000, Six Months Long.

Social Whirl (Event of the Year–Places to Go, Half a Year), 04Y2,500, Six Months Long.

Garden Event (Event of the Year–Garden of Roses, Half a Year), 05T3,500, Six Months Long.

Queen’s Purse (Event of the Year–Queen’s Crown, Half a Year), 05T37,000, Six Months Long.

Daytime Style (Souvenir Copy–Sophisticated Miss, General Meeting), 03T9,000, Sophisticated Girl.

Manda Girl (Signal Tap–Wajibird, Storm Bird), 04Y3,000, South Ocean.

Angel’s Love (Swain–Aerial Ballet, Kingmambo), 04Y10,000, Square Angel.

Arizona’s Golden (Gold Legend–Really Primed, The Prime Minister), 07Y1,200, Stick to Beauty.

Hishi Ranger (Forestry–Golden Court, Slew o’ Gold), 04Y90,000, Surgery.

Lake Capote (Greenwood Lake–Lake Weir, Capote), 06Y2,000, 07T4,700, Suspicious Native.

A. P. Lax (A. P Jet–Doyourthing, Known Fact), 03T16,000, Tamerett.

Twice Infallible (A. P Jet–Ms. D. D. Walton, Known Fact), 03T40,000, Tamerett.

Posted (Gone West–Give Notice, Known Fact), 04Y350,000, Tamerett.

Cilita (Lion Cavern–Almanac, Known Fact), 05Y3,500, Tamerett.

Dancing Dorothy (Forestry–C’Mon Lets Dance, Alleged), 03Y80,000, 04T130,000, Terlingua.

unnamed (Rocket Cat–Nagging Nanni, Pioneering), 04Y1,000, Terlingua.

Cherokee Cat (Tactical Cat–Cherokee Ridge, A.P. Indy), 04Y16,000, Terlingua.

Forest Gray (Forestry–Give Praise, Pioneering), 05T40,000, Terlingua.

Pure Business (Pure Prize–Sam’s Farit, Wheaton), 05Y12,000, 06T47,000, Terlingua.

Dna of a Cat (Scatmandu–Conestoga Lady, Pioneering), 05Y17,000, Terlingua.

Gitana Gaucha (Stormy Atlantic–Give Praise, Pioneering), 05Y4,000, Terlingua.

Lady Loushe (Black Minnaloushe–Conestoga Lady, Pioneering), 06Y10,000, Terlingua.

Giantelle (Giant’s Causeway–Medicine Bow, Pioneering), 06Y110,000, Terlingua.

Evil Ego (Freud–Pioneer’s Music, Pioneering), 07Y3,500, Terlingua.

Storm Lady F (Hold That Tiger–Cherokee Ridge, A.P. Indy), 07T10,000, Terlingua.

Da Big Dawg (Roar of the Tiger–Catdog, Pioneering), 07Y11,000, Terlingua.

Ms. Riskay (General Royal–No Kayela, American Standard), 03Y12,500, Too Bald.

General Funds (General Royal–No Kayela, American Standard), 04Y3,200, Too Bald.

Precious Chaos (Mineshaft–Redhead Riot, Top Account), 06W140,000, Up the Flagpole.

Charism (Charismatic–Prima Supra, A.P. Indy), 03Y30,000, Weekend Surprise

Datsyuk (Stephen Got Even–Awesome Autumn, Summer Squall), 03Y110,000, Weekend Surprise.

Color Storm (Aptitude–Living Color, Summer Squall), 04Y8,000, Weekend Surprise.

Salute the General (General Royal–Summer Smile, Summer Squall), 04Y11,000, Weekend Surprise.

My Little Monkey (Old Trieste–American Profile, Summer Squall), 04Y45,000, 05T17,000, Weekend Surprise.

Hollybygolly (Old Trieste–Stelluchella, Honor Grades), 04Y25,000, Weekend Surprise.

Blue Hill Bay (Aptitude–Lakeside Lassie, Summer Squall), 05Y25,000, Weekend Surprise.

Stormin’ Jean (Golden Missile–Weeekend Squall, Summer Squall), 05W25,000, Weekend Surprise.

unnamed (Stephen Got Even–Awesome Autumn, Summer Squall), 05Y4,500, Weekend Surprise.

Friendly Fling (Friends Lake–Crazy Summer Fling, Summer Squall), 06W47,000, Weekend Surprise.

Maggies Mandate (Full Mandate–Good Listener, Honor Grades), 06Y11,000, Weekend Surprise.

Oh What Fun (Full Mandate–Oh Wee Wa, Honor Grades), 06Y35,000, Weekend Surprise.

Gypsy Cab Company (Malibu Moon–Hazel’s Honor, Honor Grades), 06W8,000, Weekend Surprise.

Cutie Kitty (Malibu Moon–Honorable Peace, Honor Grades), 06Y50,000, Weekend Surprise.

Hurricane Hymnbook (Pulpit–April Squall, Summer Squall), 06Y210,000, Weekend Surprise.

Stephen’s Summer (Stephen Got Even–Close to Summer, Summer Squall), 06Y7,000, Weekend Surprise.

Our Big Squeeze (Stephen Got Even–Summer Squeeze, Summer Squall), 06Y12,500, Weekend Surprise.

Ormuz (Aptitude–Justin Quesadilla, Summer Squall), 07Y13,000, Weekend Surprise.

My Dad’s Fine (Honor Glide–Financial Security, Summer Squall), 07Y8,200, Weekend Surprise.

Malibu Mischief (Malibu Moon–April Honors, Honor Grades), 07Y60,000, Weekend Surprise.

Some Kinda Trouble (Stephen Got Even–Lethal Lover, Honor Grades), 07Y42,000, Weekend Surprise.

Stevie’s Squeeze (Stephen Got Even–Storming Way, Summer Squall), 07Y17,000, Weekend Surprise.

Sam Angelo (Flatter–It’s an Echo, Eastern Echo), 06Y4,500, Wild Applause.

Flatter Me Again (Flatter–It’s an Echo, Eastern Echo), 07Y2,500, Wild Applause.

Acceptable Dancer (Acceptable–Etcetera Etcetera, Citidancer), 05W5,000, Willamae.


Casey’s Tribe (Yonaguska–Deftly, In Reality), 06Y30,000, Execution.

Hoochie Glide (High Yield–Abrade, Mr. Prospector), 04Y70,000, File.

Stevie Wonderboy was by far the best of the seven stakes winners and was inbred 3×3 to Weekend Surprise, who was very popular. Another 25 foals were also inbred to Weekend Surprise, making her the name most often duplicated in this group.

Included among those 25 was A. P. Elegance (a filly by A.P. Indy out of Beaucette, by Mr. Prospector). A. P. Elegance was inbred 2×4 to Weekend Surprise and sold for $675,000 as a yearling in 2007. She posted a record of 6-1-1-0 for earnings of $39,306.

Weekend Surprise of course was the dam of A.P. Indy. The only other A.P. Indy in this group was Counselled (a colt out of Countess Diana, by Deerhound). Counselled was inbred 3×3 to Lassie Dear and sold for $900,000 as a yearling in 2005. He posted a record of 9-2-1-1 for earnings of $37,360.

Almost all of the inbreeding to Weekend Surprise involved sons of A.P. Indy, not A.P. Indy himself. If you have a sire as good as A.P. Indy, you do not need to resort to gimmicks such as close inbreeding or inbreeding to female ancestors to try to achieve good results.

Terlinga was next most popular after Weekend Surprise. Fifteen foals were inbred to Terlinga (dam of Storm Cat). Not one of those 15 was by Storm Cat himself (ditto my remarks about A.P. Indy). Almost all of the inbreeding to Terlinga involved sons of Storm Cat, not Storm Cat himself.

There was one Storm Cat among these 193 foals. Emerald Cat (a colt out of Heeremandi, by Royal Academy) was inbred 3×3 to Crimson Saint (dam of Terlingua) and was sold for $1,500,000 as a yearling in 2003. He posted a record of 3-0-1-0 for earnings of $23,171 and finished second in the Tetrarch Stakes (G3) in Ireland before being exported to India.

Despite those three high prices, the overall group of 193 foals was not overly expensive. In fact, they sold for prices a little below average. The 193 foals sold for a gross of $9,862,252, an average of $51,100 (below the overall average of $54,140), a maverage of 156.71 (below the overall maverage of 163.11), and a Price Index of 0.96 (1.00 being average).

Seven stakes winners from 193 foals is 3.63% (a bit above the overall figure of 3.4%). Those seven stakes winners were not particularly good, however, averaging only 544 Performance Points apiece, well below the overall average of 610.

So taking both quality and quantity of stakes winners into account, these 193 foals had a PPI (result) of 0.95. So they sold for prices about 4% below average and achieved results about 5% below average, a perfectly normal and expected result.

Actually, I think this group is somewhat flattered by that PPI 0f 0.95. I say that because Stevei Wonderboy (1,759) accounts for almost half of the group’s total of 3,806 Performance Points. Without Stevie Wonderboy that PPI drops to 0.51.

Stevie Wonderboy was champion two-year-old of 2005. He started only once afterward though, finishing second in the San Rafael Stakes (G2) early in his three-year-old season. His oldest foals are three-year-olds of 2012, and he currently ranks 33rd on the list of second-crop stallions by 2012 earnings.

If Stevie Wonderboy is the BEST this group can produce, I am not overly impressed.

To recapitulate, this group of 193 foals closely inbred to female ancestors had results almost exactly in line with it prices, but those results are mainly attributable to one nag, Stevie Wonderboy. So the results are somewhat inconclusive. Perhaps I should go back to sales foals of 1999-2002 and see what its results were??????

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