Close Inbreeding–Rasmussen Factor–Sales Foals of 1999-2002

So far in this continuing series on close inbreeding I have concentrated on duplications to sires only. The Rasmussen Factor (inbreeding to female ancestors; see previous post) also contains some foals with close inbreeding.

Last week I examined sales foals of 2003-2007 and listed all those with both the Rasmussen Factor and close inbreeding. The results were inconclusive. So I decided to go back to sales foals of 1999-2002 and perform the same function. Voila!!!!, here it is.

Listed below are the four stakes winners among sales foals of 1999-2002 who are closely inbred to a female ancestor. Three of them are inbred 3×3. One is inbred 2×4.

Listed for its stakes winner is its name, its pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire), the number of Performance Points it earned, the sales information, and the female ancestor duplicated. Next are listed the remaining 136 foals of the same description who are NOT stakes winners. The discussion continues after both lists.

Stakes Winners

Dream Impact (Royal Academy–One Fit Cat, Storm Cat), 1,144 Performance Points, 02Y26,000, 2×4 Crimson Saint.

Stauch (Ocean Crest–La Tzigane, Slewpy), 412, 99Y2,000, 3×3 Rare Bouquet.

Freeroll (Touch Gold–Lady Avalon, Sensitive Prince), 314, 02Y50,000, 3×3 Cool Mood.

Forever Joe (Demidoff–Northwest Princess, Yukon), 238, 01Y31,000, 3×3 Gold Digger.

Not Stakes Winners


Cory Road (Naevus Star–Reyadance, Dance in Time), 99T2,200, Spanish Speed.


Triple Vixen (Barbeau–Nimble Vixen, Shotiche), 01Y637, Arctic Vixen.

Eterno Amor (Pembroke–Eternal Vow, Nasty and Bold), 99T70,000, College Bold.

One Broken Vow (Pembroke–Eternal Vow, Nasty and Bold), 00T7,000, College Bold.

American Winner (Fast Play–Jazzy Stalker, Stacked Pack), 00W7,000, Con Game.

Double Con (Western Trick–Twice as Fleet, Twice Burned), 00T2,500, Con Game.

Master the Game (Ocala Slew–Quiet Evening, Pentelicus), 01Y1,500, Golden Way.

Boxarox (Irgun–Blindedby Rainbows, Allen’s Prospect), 99W2,500, Late From Lunch.

Lil Mike (Lucky North–Snow All Knight, Snow Knight), 99W3,800, Lucky Ole Me.

Sunday Classic (Always a Classic–Regal Image, Regal Classic), 99W9,500, 01T4,000, No Class.

Saccade (St. Jovite–Majorca, Salem Drive), 99Y11,000, Northern Sunset.

Pleasant Saint (St. Jovite–Lucky Drive, Salem Drive), 01Y6,500, Northern Sunset.

Bayonet Charge (Lac Ouimet–Lucky Drive, Salem Drive), 00Y17,000, Northern Sunset.

Snowflake (American Standard–Leslie’s Fortune, Capote), 99T2,600, Too Bald.

One Last Fling (Top Account–Winter Fling, Northern Baby), 01Y1,000, 02T1,000, Up the Flagpole.

I’m Sailing Bye (Will’s Way–Miss Keyonna, Septieme Ciel), 01Y19,000, Willamae.

Two Knights Show (Tough Knight–Yang’s Value, Lasting Value), 00Y4,200, Yang.


Ra Devil (Devil’s Bag–Ra Hydee, Rahy), 01Y60,000, 02T40,000, Ballade.

Ten o’ Clock News (Beyond the Mint–Marvy, Groovy), 00T2,100, Far Beyond.

Grey Houdini (Moving Shoulder–Alydara, Alydeed), 02W1,300, Gonfalon.

Big Bad Lightning (Deerhound–Go to Glory, Summer Squall), 00Y6,000, Lassie Dear.

H. Jones (Polish Numbers–Light of the Moon, Cox’s Ridge), 01Y5,000, Numbered Account.

McNumbers (Polish Numbers–Duffel, Private Terms), 02Y20,000, Numbered Account.

Bruella (Kleven–Hurricane Linda, Harlan), 02Y10,000, Strings Attached.

Lewis and Clark (Known Fact–Gowestforluck, Gone West), 99Y75,000, Tamerett.

Whispered Fact (Known Fact–Dutch Buttons, Hold Your Peace), 99T30,000, Tamerett.

Double Terlingua (Wheaton–Telling Storm, Future Storm), 99Y12,000, Terlingua.

Free Party (Capote–Danzig’s Girl, Danzig), 00Y40,000, Too Bald.

Customs (American Standard–Flying Tina, Abel Prospect), 02Y900, Too Bald.


Tarfu (Langfuhr–Southern Cat, Storm Cat), 02Y30,000, Prima Babu Gum.

All Star Frank (Judge T C–Eternal Vow, Nasty and Bold), 00W10,000, 01Y82,000, Quit Me Not.


Isle of Tunes (Island Whirl–Smiling Tune, Tunerup), 00Y5,000, 01T2,500, Amber Dancer.

Reef Runner (Supremo–Reefside, Dynaformer), 01T3,400, Andover Way.

Dancing Pratella (Rahy–Dancing Devlette, Devil’s Bag), 00Y27,000, Ballade.

Ellie Gator (Variety Road–Bid for Elegance, Falstaff), 02Y3,000, Captivator.

Setting the Scene (Wild Wonder–Crystal Ball, Olympio), 02Y2,700, Carols Christmas.

Cindra (Valiant Nature–Cosmic Mirage, Sham), 99T11,000, Classic Perfection.

Heavenly Summer (Hunting Hard–Hurry Summer, Fast Play), 99Y1,200, Con Game.

Hard Summer (Hunting Hard–Hurry Summer, Fast Play), 00Y3,500, Con Game.

Slap Shot (Petionville–Playful Valentine, Fast Play), 02W13,000, Con Game.

Devil’s Hollow (Devil’s Bag–Lake Placid, Royal Academy), 01Y70,000, Cosmah.

Melody Maiden (Saint Ballado–Lake Placid, Royal Academy), 02Y230,000, Cosmah.

Streamline Jim (The Name’s Jimmy-Wide Variety, Pancho Villa), 01Y10,000, Crimson Saint.

Cornbread N Honey (The Name’s Jimmy-Wide Variety, Pancho Villa), 02Y4,000, Crimson Saint.

Aloft (Northern Flagship–Above Limits, Great Above), 99Y33,000, Dinner Partner.

Ice Quest (Toolighttoquit–Eskimo Quest, Eskimo), 02Y1,000, Dr. Mary Lou.

Toolate Kasey (Toolighttoquit–Paulabelle, Eskimo), 02Y1,600, Dr. Mary Lou.

Huckleberry’s Gal (Toolighttoquit–River Band Kid, Eskimo), 02Y2,700, Dr. Mary Lou.

Toy Storm (Storm Boot–Panttoble, Roberto), 99Y22,000, Drumtop.

Mittens (Storm Boot–Casanna, Topsider), 01Y15,000, Drumtop.

Genuine Appeal (Affirmed–Scorched, Dixieland Band), 99Y50,000, Exclusive.

Queen Nefertari (King of Kings–Lyrical Fantasy, Tate Gallery), 01Y210,000, Fairy Bridge.

Wineing and Dining (Twining–Bunch, Polish Navy), 01Y10,000, 02T22,000, File.

Pot Limit (Prospector’s Music–Trip Around Heaven, Halo), 00Y6,200, Flight Dancer.

Battle (Glitterman–Harps and Wings, Relaunch), 99Y50,000, 00T220,000, Foggy Note.

The Jean Genie (Glitterman–Native Connection, Relaunch), 00W18,000, 01Y20,000, 02T32,000, Foggy Note.

Sour Note (Glitterman–Foggy Note Medley, Relaunch), 01Y13,500, Foggy Note.

Battle the Law (Glitterman–Harps and Wings, Relaunch), 02Y11,000, Foggy Note.

Sheza Rocket (Crafty Prospector–Padlin Madlin, Search for Gold), 99W18,000, 00Y110,000, Gold Digger.

Two Strikes (Two Punch–Impossible Affair, Yukon), 99Y26,000, Gold Digger.

Volhynia (Not for Love–Impossible Affair, Yukon), 00W7,000, 01Y11,000, Gold Digger.

Play in the Sand (Line in the Sand–Senorita Dulce, Yukon), 01Y3,500, Gold Digger.

Diamondsonhishoes (Diamond–Impossible Affair, Yukon), 02Y2,500, Gold Digger.

Julie Truly (Miner’s Mark–Truly Needy, Yukon), 02Y7,000, Gold Digger.

Numbers Played (Numerous–Gold Liaka, Yukon), 02Y8,500, Gold Digger.

Fabricator (Honour and Glory–Lalique, Ogygian), 00W170,000, Gonfalon.

Tamburello (Honour and Glory–Ogy’s Threat, Ogygian), 01Y125,000, Gonfalon.

Respectmyauthority (Concern–Painterly, Sovereign Dancer), 00Y4,200, Hay Patcher.

Hope’s Secret Port (Porto Varas–Shesasecretariat, Lone Secretariat), 01Y500, Hopespringseternal.

My Pal William (Banker’s Gold–Jean Beebe, Missionary Ridge), 02Y25,762, Impetuous Gal.

Jennifer Kay (Alydeed–Quajenn, Clever Trick), 99Y10,000, Kankakee Miss.

Drop a Dime (Phone Trick–Nutbush One, Conquistador Cielo), 00Y20,000, Kankakee Miss.

Treacherous Zone (Alydeed–Lady Trickery, Clever Trick), 01Y32,000, Kankakee Miss.

Odds Maker (Phone Trick–Jewel Coast, Fappiano), 02Y100,000, Kankakee Miss.

Cayey (Eastern Echo–Granny Blevins, White Rammer), 02Y5,500, Kerala.

Flameout (A. P Jet–Cassat, Broad Brush), 01Y2,350, Killaloe.

Bridgefield (A.P. Indy–Bering Cruise, Danzig), 01Y900,000, Lassie Dear.

Squall Seeker (Summer Squall–Lassie’s Gold, Seeking the Gold), 01W180,000, Lassie Dear.

Disputed Intent (Regal Intention–Moire Dawn, No Louder), 00Y10,750, Loudrangle.

Bubblelator’s Lady (Bert’s Bubblelator–Bert’s Lady Jester, Believe It), 02Y2,200, Louisa’s Pleasure.

Take My Hand (Devil’s Bag–Worth Avenue, Spend a Buck), 99T50,000, Miss Swapsco.

Hang On Snoopy (Metfield–Lo and Behold, Lomond), 99Y27,000, 00T43,000, My Charmer.

Dancing Nelson (Nelson–November Light, Seattle Dancer), 00T9,500, My Charmer.

Simple Charm (Capote–Private Strike, Seattle Dancer), 01Y62,000, My Charmer.

My Oval Office (Slewpy–Miss Nairobi, Lomond), 02T12,000, My Charmer.

Champagneinecstacy (Known Fact–Switchboard, Fappiano), 01Y7,500, My Dear Girl.

Supreal (Dr. Reality–Alass, Superbity), 02Y963, My Dear Girl.

Starship Northstar (Danzig–Madam North, Halo), 01Y21,000, Natalma.

Touch of Classic (Smart Strike–Classic Wonder, Regal Classic), 00W40,000, No Class.

Lei Rhythmnverse (Rhythm–Platinum Record, Private Account), 00Y3,000, Numbered Account.

Two Steps to Go (Rhythm–Lyonushka, Private Account), 00Y12,000, Numbered Account.

Legendary Journey (Not for Love–Lunar’s Legend, Polish Numbers), 02Y47,000, Numbered Account.

Fordestiny (Not for Love–Polonaise, Polish Numbers), 02Y13,500, Numbered Account.

Forli Fight (Fit to Fight–Polo, Forli), 02Y4,700, Pocahontas.

Taketimetoshine (Take Me Out–Time to Shine, Holy Bull), 01Y1,400, Quick Cure.

Faithfulness (Ocean Crest–La Tzigane, Slewpy), 99W3,500, Rare Bouquet.

Miss Genevieve (Mt. Livermore–Beaute Dangereuse, Nureyev), 02Y40,000, Runaway Bride.

Valdez Jones (Seneca Jones–Valdez Jones, Valdez), 99T63,000, Sally Stark.

Slew of the Year (Event of the Year–Clever Column, Half a Year), 02Y18,000, Six Months Long.

Tinners Belle (Tinners Way–Maroon Belle, Sir Gaylord), 00Y9,200, Somethingroyal.

Standing Applause (Theatrical–Pent, Mr. Prospector), 99Y310,000, Special.

Capote’s Crystal (Bonus Money–Chrystal City, Capote), 02Y6,000, Sugar Plum Time.

The Magic’s Gone (Demidoff–Fact Finding, Known Fact), 01W1,500, Tamerett.

Cargo Ship (A. P Jet–Doyourthing, Known Fact), 01Y16,000, 02T60,000, Tamerett.

Editor’s Cat (Editor’s Note–Tune in to the Cat, Tunerup), 01Y5,000, T. C. Kitten.

Symphonious (Hennessy–If Angels Sang, Seattle Slew), 02Y95,000, Terlingua.

Spring Holiday (Nureyev–Spring Back, Geiger Counter), 99Y260,000, Thong.

Rock Harbor (Boston Harbor–Stylish Aristocrat, Groovy), 01W25,000, Tinnitus.

Boston Maggie (Boston Harbor–Miss Maggie, Afleet), 02Y50,000, Tinnitus.

Dominate (Boston Harbor–Ski Dancer, Baldski), 00Y375,000, Too Bald.

Lil Awesome Annie (Matty G–No Kayela, American Standard), 01Y37,000, Too Bald.

Royal Ride (Pulpit–Hugsie, Summer Squall), 99W340,000, Weekend Surprise.

Televangelist (Pulpit–Living Color, Summer Squall), 01Y190,000, Weekend Surprise.

Temple Goddess (Pulpit–Temporada, Summer Squall), 02Y77,000, Weekend Surprise.

Datsyuk (Stephen Got Even–Awesome Autumn, Summer Squall), 02W120,000, Weekend Surprise.


Delicias Blues (Grindstone–Magic Blue, Cure the Blues), 01W42,000, Charedi.

Golden Copy (Souvenir Copy–Golden Darling, Slew o’ Gold), 02Y165,000, Close Control.

Monday Thru Friday (Souvenir Copy–Golden Darling, Slew o’ Gold), 02T150,000, Close Control.

Tactical Victory (Tactical Cat–Promised Trial, Bailjumper), 02Y32,000, Looks Promising.

Grogger (Arazi–Farewell Partner, Northern Dancer), 99Y17,000, Native Partner.

Smoke’n Jack (Smoke Glacken–Capallade, Accalade), 01T20,000, Turn Capp.

Fly Eagle Fly (Flying With Eagles–Yang’s Value, Lasting Value), 01W1,100, Yang.

Native Princess (Wild Zone–Native Zone, Exclusive Native), 00Y16,000, Zonely.

Weekend Surprise was the runaway leader among sales foals of 2003-2007 as the female ancestor most often duplicated, followed by Terlingua. Those two names are not nearly as evident among sales foals of 1999-2002. In fact, the one name most often duplicated is Gold Digger (dam of Mr. Prospector).

These 140 sales foals of 1999-2002 did not contain any sold for $1,000,000+. The closest was Bridgefield (colt by A.P. Indy out of Bering Cruise, by Danzig). He was inbred 3×3 to Lassie Dear, sold for $900,000 as a yearling in 2001, and was unraced.

Despite that one high price, these 140 foals were relatively cheap. They sold for a gross of $6,511,162, an average of $46,508 (just below the overall average of $48,313), a maverage of 154.24 (just above the overall maverage of 150), and a Price Index of 1.03 (1.00 being average).

Four stakes winners from 140 foals is 2.86% (well below the overall figure of 3.76%). The four stakes winners were not particularly good either, averaging 527 Performance Points each (well below the overall average of 626).

So taking both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account, these 140 foals had a PPI (result) of 0.64. They sold for prices about 3% ABOVE average and achieved results about 36% BELOW average. That would not exactly be passing in terms of a letter grade.

So close inbreeding with the Rasmussen Factor is not exactly a magic formula for success. It yielded results (PPIs) of 0.95 for sales foals of 2003-2007 and 0.64 for sales foals of 1999-2002. As I noted last week, that 0.95 was thanks mainly to one nag, Stevie Wonderboy. The true results of this factor are probably closer to 0.64 than to 0.95.

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