Incest Is Best?????????–Foals of 2007

The following is a continuation of my original post Incest Is Best??????? In that post I listed all weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds sold at public auction in North America in 2005 who were closely inbred. A second post did the same for sales foals of 2003. This (third) post does the same for sales foals of 2007.

I repeat that this is a work in progress. The lists below cover only one year of sales foals, those sold in 2007. My intention is to do one post for every sale year.

I still have not found any foals inbred 1×2 or 2×1. I did find one foal inbred 2×2 in 2005 and five such foals in 2003. I found two more such foals in 2007, both inbred to Montbrook (see list), Irock a winner and Mydadycantdance unraced.

So that brings the total of foals inbred 2×2 to eight. Those eight foals included one unnamed foal who obviously was unraced. The other seven foals included two winners, two placed foals, two unplaced foals, and one unraced foal. That is about par for the course for foals who sold so cheaply (the eight sold for an average of $7,475 and a maverage of 63.13).

Over the three years I have now found 121 foals inbred 2×3, 46 foals inbred 3×2, and 1,084 foals inbred 3×3.

Some people believe that 2×4 and 4×2 are approximately the same as 3×3 (I have some doubts about that myself). So I included those two groups as well and have found another 311 of the former and 92 of the latter.

Listed are the name of the foal, the pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire) in parentheses, the price for which the foal sold in that year, and the sire to whom it is inbred. I have omitted foals inbred to females but listed them separately in another post.

The categories listed are 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×2, 3×3, and 4×2. Within each category the foals are listed alphabetically by the sire to whom they are inbred, then alphabetically by the sire of the foal. That way you can see at a glance that 172 of the 389 3×3 foals in 2005 are inbred to Mr. Prospector and that 16 of those 172 are by Tale of the Cat.

One thing I noticed is that Mr. Prospector is becoming more and more popular over time. Among the 358 sales foals of 2003 inbred 3×3, less than a third (118) were inbred to Mr. Prospector. Among the 337 sales foals of 2007 inbred 3×3, more than a half (179) were inbred to Mr. Prospector. That is quite a gain over only four years.

One of those foals inbred 3×3 to Mr. Prospector was Patricia’s Gem (filly by Mineshaft out of Stylish Talent, by Mr. Prospector). Sold for $1,750,000 as a two-year-old in 2007, Patricia’s Gem justified that price somewhat. She posted a record of 7-3-1-3 for earnings of $192,320, finishing second in the Royal Heroine Mile Stakes (G2) and third in the John C. Mabee S. (G1).

Two others also sold for $1,000,000+, both were by Storm Cat, and both were inbred 3×3 to Secretariat. Cool for Cats (a colt out of Mythomania, by Nureyev) was sold for $1,700,000 as a yearling in 2007 and posted a record of 3-0-0-1 for earnings of $1,584. Unraced Stormy Welcome was a filly out of Welcome Surprise, by Seeking the Gold, and was sold for $1,600,000 as a yearling in 2007. Neither Cool for Cats nor Stormy Welcome was exactly a bargain.

I have omitted race records from the foals listed below. When I get all five years finished, then I will list the stakes winners and tabulate the results. You are cordially invited to peruse the lists below.


I Rock (Outofthebox—Extra Appealing, Montbrook), 07T4,000, Montbrook.

Mydadycantdance (Pure Precision—Brooksdonedancin, Montbrook), 07W3,000, Montbrook.


Country Rose (Just Ruler—Amanda Quick, Hansel), 07Y1,000, Cox’s Ridge.

The Duckling (Alyzig—Palace Royale, Perugino), 07T1,500, Danzig.

Brahmshell (Brahms—Glimmer Ice, Pine Bluff), 07Y5,000, Danzig.

Tec Tactical (Luhuk—High Tec, Tactical Advantage), 07Y2,000, Forty Niner.

Bulova (Proud Citzien—Maud Gonne, Mr. Greeley), 07T16,000, Gone West.

Zay Snowbound (Zayzoom—Snowbound Elite, Snowbound), 07Y1,100, Meadowlake.

Lees Pro (Distinctive Pro—Allen’s Girl, Allen’s Prospect), 07T10,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

One Tough Dubai (E Dubai—One Tough Beth, Sunny’s Halo), 07T30,000, MP.

Meransa (Fusaichi Pegasus—Blue Moonlight, Mining), 07W12,000, MP.

Pedasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Butterfly Cove, Storm Cat), 07Y50,000, MP.

Miro (Fusaichi Pegasus—Sluice, Seeking the Gold), 07Y450,000, MP.

Fusaichi Valentine (Fusaichi Pegasus—Wear, Arch), 07Y25,000, MP.

Anemotis (Fusaichi Pegasus—Arbela, Conquistador Cielo), 07T220,000, MP.

Star Tribute (Gold Tribute—Carr Star, Carr de Naskra), 07T11,000, MP.

Danielles Diva (Gulch—Glimmer of Gold, Slew o’ Gold), 07Y47,000, MP.

Kinhedance (Kinshasa—Dancing Hertfield, Dance Brightly), 07Y1,897, MP.

Tiger Town Girl (Kokand—Sweet as Punch, Two Punch), 07Y5,000, MP.

Shut It Down (Porto Foricos—Bar U Raphael, Varick), 07Y18,018, MP.

Magicalcarpetride (Smart Strike—Catch the Moment, Unbridled), 07T220,000, MP.

Bold Irene (Two Punch—Mighty Lode, Lode), 07T8,700, MP.

Lori Anne (Smokester—Pirate’s Captiva, Pirate’s Bounty), 07Y8,000, Never Tabled.

Moscow Adventure (Stravinsky—Encinitas, Theatrical), 07Y25,000, Nureyev.

B Red (Zavata—Blench, Red Ransom), 07W1,000, Phone Trick.

Maur Hill (Honour and Glory—Lil Mary Too, Stop the Music), 07T14,000, Relaunch.

Runaway Jet G (Down the Aisle—Elusive Runaway, Hatchet Man), 07T4,500, Runaway Groom.

Eye on Jacob (A.P. Indy—Escena, Strawberry Road), 07Y800,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Davey’s Delight (General Meeting—Elaine’s Angel, T U Slew), 07Y20,000, SS.

Charming Mary (Vindication—Water Music, Danzig), 07Y40,000, SS.

Lunar City (City Place—Paper Mountain, Mountain Cat), 07Y9,600, Storm Cat.

Hwanggeum Tugu (Freud—Quick Alert, Gold Fever), 07Y7,500, Storm Cat.

Strongdollarpolicy (Rainmaker—Namora, Tabasco Cat), 07Y77,000, Storm Cat.

Shebatim’s Kitten (Stagecoach—Shebatim’s Morrow, Tomorrows Cat), 07Y1,200, Storm Cat.


Marked Treasure (Benchmark—True Treasure, Alydeed), 03Y9,500, Alydar.

Angel in Silks (Bold Executive—Silver Silks, Silver Deputy), 07Y10,147, Bold Ruckus.

Approving Grace (With Approval—Gracefully Stated, Chenin Blanc), 07Y2,500, Caro.

Straboe (Green Desert—Staff Nurse, Arch), 07Y75,000, Danzig.

North Platte (High Demand—T. G.’s Girl, Smokester), 07Y15,000, Danzig.

Monashee Song (Monashee Mountain—Honorable Song, Unbridled’s Song), 07Y10,000, Danzig.

Rollin’ Rodney (Shore Breeze—Runninouttareasons, Arch), 07Y3,500, Danzig.

Doncaster Rover (War Chant—Rebridled Dreams, Unbridled’s Song), 07Y45,000, Danzig.

Anarko (Desert Warrior—Ordinary Paula, Ordway), 07Y6,638, Deputy Minister.

Shi of Modoc (Commemorate—Mostly Helen, Peteski), 07Y1,000, Exclusive Native.

Here Comes Molly (Premiership—Bridled Song, Seattle Song), 06Y10,981, Exclusive Native.

Jaunty Dave (David Copperfield—Jaunty Day, Pine Bluff), 07W2,700, Halo.

Polar Image (Halo’s Image—Allison’s Eyes, Pine Bluff), 07T6,500, Halo.

Elton Lammie (Act of Duty—Golden Royalty, Unzipped), 07W2,500, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Zodiac Girl (Aldebaran—With My Blessings, Pulpit), 07W9,000, MP.

Tintawn (Aldebaran—Idols Eye, A.P. Indy), 07Y50,000, MP.

Silver Aldebaran (Aldebaran—Marvellous Silver, Silver Deputy), 07Y15,000, MP.

Aldebaransgirl (Aldebaran—Quick Lap, Nicholas), 07Y6,000, MP.

Bluegrass Gal (Cape Canaveral—Reigning Princess, Storm Boot), 07Y3,700, MP.

Walk in the Sun (Cape Canaveral—Notable Craft, Notebook), 07T16,000, MP.

Reata’s Tsavo (Carson City—Andora Springs, Capote), 07T70,000, MP.

Carson’s Copper (Carson City—Citiview, Citidancer), 07T60,000, MP.

Catmania (Cat’s Career—Stargazer, Horatius), 07T1,200, MP.

Seeking Chopin (Chopin—Gregg’s Mistake, Meadowlake), 07Y2,200, MP.

Ucicanrun (Chopin—U. C. Merced, Distinctive Cat), 07Y400, MP.

Crafty Bob (Crafty Prospector—Cathy’s Star, Torrential), 07Y26,000, MP.

Dubai of the North (E Dubai—Baraha, Dayjur), 07Y4,297, MP.

Saints Alive (E Dubai—Golden Envoy, Dayjur), 07Y28,000, MP.

Jerry’s Connection (E Dubai—Prize Connection, Editor’s Note), 07Y7,000, MP.

Laurajen (E Dubai—Pretty Pretty, Silver Deputy), 07T65,000, MP.

Florida Sweetie (Family Calling—Fly Birdie Fly, Tactical Advantage), 07T3,000, MP.

Marky P (Family Calling—Pyrite’s Beaut, Green Dancer), 07T1,000, MP.

Angel in Lace (Fusaichi Pegasus—Silver Lace, Silver Deputy), 07W50,000, MP.

Flying Private (Fusaichi Pegasus—Beautiful Treasure, Unbridled), 07Y700,000, MP.

Pegase Hurry (Fusaichi Pegasus—Big Hurry, Red Ransom), 07Y145,000, MP.

Astro Gains (Fusaichi Pegasus—First Lady Blue, A.P. Indy), 03Y110,000, MP.

Honey Dipped (Fusaichi Pegasus—Indyfault, A.P. Indy), 07Y95,000, MP.

Pegasus Fever (Fusaichi Pegasus—Last Love, Danehill), 07Y300,000, MP.

Merry’s Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Merry Princess, Polish Numbers), 07Y70,000, MP.

Pegasus Fantasy (Fusaichi Pegasus—Poetically, Silver Deputy), 07Y16,000, MP.

Dodge the Bullet (Fusaichi Pegasus—Quiet Strike, Quiet American), 07Y16,000, MP.

Program Manager (Fusaichi Pegasus—Sculpture, Deputy Minister), 07Y120,000, MP.

Ole Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Stoic, Forestry), 07Y19,000, MP.

Pisa No Tiffany (Fusaichi Pegasus—Tap Your Heels, Unbridled), 07Y325,000, MP.

High on the Hill (Fusaichi Pegasus—Totemic, Vanlandingham), 07Y100,000, MP.

Heisman U (Fusaichi Pegasus—Gera, Capote), 07T900,000, MP.

Winged Warrior (Fusaichi Pegasus—Hope for Love, Fortunate Prospect), 07T150,000, MP.

Naughty Fu Peg (Fusaichi Pegasus—Minister’s Destiny, Deputy Minister), 07T48,500, MP.

Whiskey n Me (Gold Regent—Strawberry Runner, Strawberry Road), 07Y11,000, MP.

Goldstorm (Gold Token—Storm’s Advance, Storm Creek), 07W6,500, MP.

Golden Boychick (Gold Token—Lady Windham, Aloha Prospector), 07Y1,000, MP.

Token’s Token (Gold Token—Lovely Living, Wagon Limit), 07Y1,000, MP.

Chiprobjoey (Gold Token—Narcissistic Girl, Cobra King), 07Y500, MP.

Govite (Gone West—Dance Special, Theatrical), 07W57,000, MP.

All West (Gone West—Allison P., Unbridled), 07Y360,000, MP.

Caerus (Greatness—Bellewood, Alydar), 07Y48,000, MP.

Silver Lulu (Greatness—Fantasy Fest, Skip Away), 07Y5,700, MP.

Miss Charleta (Greatness—Mapuchita, Roy), 07Y5,500, MP.

Lady Bountiful (Greatness—Royal Bauble, Jules), 07Y15,000, MP.

Canadian Princess (Gulch—Wedding Day Blues, El Prado), 07W65,000, MP.

Grand Gulch (Gulch—Capote’s Niner, Capote), 07Y45,000, MP.

Chestnut Ruler (Gulch—Coronda Rose, Coronado’s Quest), 07Y13,000, MP.

Soulfully (Gulch—Perdition, Dixieland Band), 07Y40,000, MP.

Banakel (Gulch—Run Up the Banner, A.P. Indy), 07Y12,000, MP.

Little Nancy (Gulch—Time to Decide, Wavering Monarch), 07Y40,000, MP.

Express Return (Gulch—Marseille Express, Caerleon), 07T8,500, MP.

Nearly Gold (Ihtimam—Quick Charge, Gumboy), 07Y1,000, MP.

Chic Countess (Kokand—Countess Linda, Norquestor), 07Y13,500, MP.

Baby Moon (Larrupin’–Magesterial Moon, Jonathan’s Gold), 07Y2,500, MP.

Mr. Sand Box (Line in the Sand—Forward Girl, Robyn Dancer), 07Y6,700, MP.

Below the Line (Line in the Sand—Truly Romantic, Robyn Dancer), 07Y9,000, MP.

Mancini’s Mistress (Mancini—Camber’s American, Quiet American), 07Y19,000, MP.

Mancini’s Lady (Mancini—Potri Star, Potrillazo), 07Y15,500, MP.

Foxy Frauline (Mancini—Sally’s Sweep, End Sweep), 07Y4,500, MP.

Byliteofthemoon (Mojave Moon—Crossano, Valley Crossing), 07Y1,300, MP.

Wonder Moon (Mojave Moon—Winning Wonder, Sword Dance), 07Y9,000, MP.

Not Surprise (Not for Love—Hugsie, Summer Squall), 07Y6,500, MP.

U. S. Deputy (Not for Love—Limes ‘n Lemons, Deputy Minister), 07Y92,500, MP.

One Tough Love (Not for Love—One Tough Number, Polish Numbers), 07Y6,500, MP.

Not for Silver (Not for Love—Silverdew, Silver Deputy), 07Y32,000, MP.

Love Treasure (Not for Love—Ten Treasures, Coronado’s Quest), 07Y32,000, MP.

Not for Gold (Not for Love—Glacken’s Grace, Smoke Glacken), 07T550,000, MP.

Ourtimeisnow (Our Emblem—Time Will Tell, Storm Creek), 07Y1,500, MP.

Roll the Bones (Porto Foricos—Reputed Style, Silver Deputy), 07Y15,197, MP.

Gift of Pie (Prospector’s Gift—Ms. Daisie’s Pie, Bag), 07T3,200, MP.

Trustprospectornow (Prospector’s Gift—Trustmenow, Tamayaz), 07T1,200, MP.

Mamou (Safe Prospect—Kajun Waltz, Green Dancer), 05T6,000, MP.

Positive Prospect (Sasha’s Prospect—Inspiration Miss, Herat), 07T32,000, MP.

Uptown Seattle (Secret Claim—Seattle Prospector, Slewacide), 07Y5,000, MP.

Overshadow (Smart Strike—Daily Special, Dayjur), 07Y245,000, MP.

Bodoni (Smart Strike—Jazz Legend, Silver Deputy), 07Y50,000, MP.

Copy That Dream (Souvenir Copy—Dreamy Meeting General Meeting), 07W5,000, MP.

Dark Ops (Strategic Mission—Galosha, Storm Boot), 07Y1,200, MP.

unnamed (Two Punch—Datzfast, Polish Numbers), 07W9,000, MP.

unnamed (Two Punch—Datzfast, Polish Numbers), 07Y4,000, MP.

Rabbit Punch (Two Punch—Rabbit Run Tootsie, Waquoit), 07W15,000, MP.

Chaddy Choo Choo (Two Punch—Past You, Marlin), 07W30,000, MP.

Premium Punch (Two Punch—Madiera, Silver Deputy), 0T55,000, MP.

Illegal Ticket (United Spirit—No Parking, Corporate Report), 07T37,000, MP.

Wood Prince (Woodman—Never on Tuesday, Thunder Gulch), 07Y5,000, MP.

Schwartzbewithyou (Royal Academy—And Nobody Knows, Colonial Affair), 07W65,000, Nijinsky II.

Kerchak (Royal Academy—Traude, River Special), 07W46,000, Nijinsky II.

Boxing Pammy (Russian Courage—Pam in the Gym, Order), 07T2,200, Nijinsky II.

Arjuna (Dixieland Band—Hafifah, Machiavellian), 07W105,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Colmillo (Dixieland Band—Pleasant Fame, Pleasant Colony), 07W42,000, ND.

Jazacosta (Dixieland Band—Dance With Del, Sword Dance), 07Y165,000, ND.

Dancing Bandit (Dixieland Band—Dancing Gulch, Gulch), 07Y360,000, ND.

Palacio de Amor (Dixieland Band—Haitian Vacation, Petionville), 07Y85,000, ND.

Southern Princess (Dixieland Band—King’s Fancy, King of Kings), 07Y32,000, ND.

Rose a Native (Dixieland Band—Long Stemmed Rose, Rhythm), 07Y95,000, ND.

Dixie Newman (Dixieland Band—Milady’s Honor, Bound by Honor), 07Y32,000, ND.

Brunie (Dixieland Band—Silk City, Carson City), 07Y25,000, ND.

Dixieland Diva (Dixieland Band—Old Star, Southern Halo), 07T62,000, ND.

Main Clu (Northern Symphony—First Clu, Exclusivengagement), 07Y500, ND.

Devilin (Atticus—Color Collection, Souvenir Copy), 07Y8,750, Nureyev.

Souvenir Winner (Skimming—Grand Prize Winner, Souvenir Copy), 07Y5,000, Nureyev.

Key Secret (A.P. Indy—Private Opinion, Deputy Minister), 07Y750,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Jadal (A.P. Indy—Roar Emotion, Roar), 07Y500,000, SS.

Luvsgreatestchance (Chancery Court—Mountains of Love, Mt. Livermore), 07Y700, SS.

The Florida Gator (Doneraile Court—Bubble n Squeak, Dixie Union), 07Y25,000, SS.

Meeting in Limbo (General Meeting—Limbo Rock, Thunder Gulch), 07Y5,000, SS.

Larry’s Leestown (Leestown—Get It in Gear, Golden Gear), 07Y2,200, SS.

American Avenue (Seattle Shamus—Americas Pride, Baquero), 07Y8,000, SS.

Bentonheartbreak (T. G. Dewey—Coyote Springs, Benton Creek), 07Y600, SS.

Martyr (Vindication—En Silence, Rahy), 07T55,000, SS.

Skip D’ Lane (Devon Lane—Justa Skip Away, Skip Away), 07Y1,200, Storm Cat.

Drake Passage (Stormy Atlantic—Deep South, Unbridled’s Song), 07Y85,000, Storm Cat.

Jo Jo the Great (Tiger Ridge—Stormin Sally, Well Decorated), 07Y38,000, Storm Cat.

Two Dollar Wager (Valid Wager—Two Tone Lindi, Cutlass Reality), 07T11,000, Valid Appeal


Roses in October (Harlan’s Holiday—River Crossing, Affirmed), 07T60,000, Affirmed.

Portable Alpha (Hook and Ladder—Devon Ridge, Cox’s Ridge), 07T397,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Corazon Parti’o (Stephen Got Even—Path to Glory, Cox’s Ridge), 07Y2,500, Cox’s Ridge.

Bluegrass Broke (Old Kentucky Home—Bag Woman, Devil’s Bag), 07Y1,500, Devil’s Bag.

Steps to the Stars (Spanish Steps—Fapulous Star, Fappiano), 07Y50,000, Fappiano.

Grace Appear (Littlebitlively—I’ma Stephanie, I’ma Hell Raiser), 07Y1,600, I’ma Hell Raiser.

Advanceexpectation (Valid Expectations—Iron’s Advance, Iron Constitution), 07Y2,000, Iron Constitution.

Over Andover (War Chant—Andover Lady, Kris S.), 07Y210,000, Kris S.

Prospectormountain (Monashee Mountain—Art’s Prospector, Mr. Prospector), 07Y1,200, MP.

Cranks Last Call (Chancery Court—Crank Call, Phone Trick), 07Y6,500, Phone Trick.

Dr. House (Pure Prize—Gold Fashioned, Seeking the Gold), 07Y12,000, Seeking the Gold.

Destello (Big Jewel—Right Effort, Rajab), 07W2,700, Rajab.

La Pensadora (Cape Canaveral—Catmanslew, Seattle Slew), 07T17,000, Seattle Slew.

unnamed (Wiseman’s Ferry—Marchena, Silver Deputy), 07W1,000, Silver Deputy.

Dr Dan (Yonaguska—Mississippi Blues, Silver Ghost), 07T12,000, Silver Ghost.

Gallop for Gold (Victory Gallop—Passing Vice, Vice Regent), 07W5,000, Vice Regent.

Black Salix (More Than Ready—Woodman’s Dancer, Woodman), 07Y75,000, Woodman.


Fortywonandchange (Forty Won—Ldef, Linkage), 07Y5,500, Ack Ack.

Brianda (Royal Anthem—Kurmond, Woodman), 07T4,000, Ack Ack.

Dude on the Loose (King of the Hunt—Dunkin for Gold, Strike the Gold), 07Y3,000, Alydar.

Silky Slim (Macho Uno—Angelina J, Rahy), 07Y5,500, Blushing Groom.

Five Oh Somewhere (Seneca Jones—That Kind I Want, Relaunch), 07Y4,300, Bold Forbes.

Lady Dashiell (Kiridashi—Blue Basin, Mt. Livermore), 07Y20,000, Briartic.

A Little Bit Bossy (Chapel Royal—Tainted Angel, Roo Art), 07Y1,000, Buckaroo.

Bang for the Buck (Trust n Luck—Dynamite Dancer, Lite the Fuse), 07Y18,996, Buckaroo.

Biloxi Roxie (Najran—Imwithchya, Twilight Agenda), 07Y1,000, Capote.

Rotterdam (Unbridled’s Song—Zoftig, Cozzene), 07Y235,000, Caro.

I’m the Truth (Yes It’s True—Sazerac Song, Phone Trick), 07Y100,000, Clever Trick.

Gunnislake (Straight Man—Cornish Pastie, Mining), 07Y19,000, Cornish Prince.

Kick Loose (Mongoose—Place Kicker, Out of Place), 07Y6,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Retrade (Orientate—Magnetic Place, Out of Place), 07T1,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Giuseppegeppetto (Graeme Hall—Crafty Jigg, Crafty Friend), 07Y13,500, Crafty Prospecxtor.

Wheresthewireshirl (Chapel Royal—Cutlass Cat, Exploit), 07Y37,000, Cutlass.

Crazyforlovingyou (Arch—Samut, Danehill), 07W300,000, Danzig.

Polish Dance (Dance With Ravens—One Tough Number, Polish Numbers), 07W2,500, Danzig.

Nervous Laughter (Distorted Humor—Star Number, Polish Numbers), 07Y65,000, Danzig.

Dothetwist (Distorted Humor—Lemon Twist, Seeking the Gold), 07Y62,500, MP.

Miss Ecton Stuff (Ecton Park—Bluffer n’ Duffer, Pine Bluff), 07W7,500, Danzig.

Go Doug Go (Ecton Park—Don’t Ruffle Me, Pine Bluff), 07W10,000, Danzig.

Miss Ecton (Ecton Park—Miss Lion King, Lion Cavern), 07T11,500, Danzig.

Blood Park (Ecton Park—Perfect Pear, Pine Bluff), 07T7,000, Danzig.

Pegasus Fever (Fusaichi Pegasus—Last Love, Danehill), 07Y300,000, Danzig.

Merry’s Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Merry Princess, Polish Numbers), 07Y70,000, Danzig.

Deep Suspicion (Fusaichi Pegasus—Oh Nellie, Tilt the Stars), 07Y20,000, Danzig.

Nicut Coyote (Fusaichi Pegasus—Torros Straits, Boundary), 07Y150,000, Danzig.

Grand Mobil (Mobil—Tamarisk, Boundary), 07W1,000, Danzig.

Big Speculator (Saarland—Glamorous One, Gone West), 07Y60,000, Danzig.

Lookbeforeyouleap (The Cliff’s Edge—Be My Lover, Belong to Me), 07Y5,000, Danzig.

Dream Town Lady (Erlton—High Ona Dream, Twining), 07Y2,200, Deputy Minister.

Kurt J (Full Mandate—Fiery Forum, Open Forum), 07Y7,000, Deputy Minister.

Fulfilling Dream (Full Mandate—Victory Toast, Victory Speech), 07Y1,700, Deputy Minister.

Mickies Gold Hill (Here’s Zealous—Marisara, Deputy Commander), 07W1,000, Deputy Minister.

Deltamax (Omega Code—Against the Code, Awesome Again), 07Y40,000, Deputy Minister.

Omega Minister (Omega Code—Golden Park, Touch Gold), 07Y57,000, Deputy Minister.

Wanted Alive (Posse—Celtic Harp, Bold Ruckus), 07Y120,000, Deputy Minister.

Altasor (Sarava—Heaven’s Tear, Open Forum), 07W5,000, Deputy Minister.

Pent Up (Stanislavsky—Pentelis, Pentelicus), 07Y100,000, Deputy Minister.

Keep Running (Strong Hope—Raintree Lake, Salt Lake), 07Y90,000, Deputy Minister.

History Starts Now (Strong Hope—Third Street, Salt Lake), 07Y250,000, Deputy Minister.

Sleeve (Ten Most Wanted—Private Deputy, Private Terms), 07Y16,000, Deputy Minister.

Cookie Dough (Toccet—Eyeofthestorm, Summer Squall), 07Y5,500, Deputy Minister.

Westvirginia Cabin (Old Kentucky Home—Starkville, Marquetry), 07Y1,000, Devil’s Bag.

Plutonium (Monarchos—Could Be Jazz, Jambalaya Jazz), 07W1,500, Dixieland Band.

Overextended (Monarchos—Way of Life, Gulch), 07T400,000, Dixieland Band.

unnamed (Go Gary Go—Devilere, Exclusive Darling), 07Y1,910, Exclusive Native.

Party Affairs (Drewman—Phaedra, Pentelicus), 07Y10,000, Fappiano.

First Magnitude (Saarland—Fapindy, A.P. Indy), 07Y15,000, Fappiano.

My Little Sister (Saarland—Flying Clear, Cryptoclearance), 07Y2,000, Fappiano.

Spanish Diva (Spanish Steps—Cricketonthehearth, Pentelicus), 07Y4,500, Fappiano.

Max Man (Spanish Steps—Tomorrow’s Star, Tomorrows Cat), 07Y75,000, Fappiano.

unnamed (Wheelaway—Barely Perfect, Housebuster), 07W2,700, Fappiano.

Addriano Lines (Wheelaway—Sybil S., Rubiano), 07Y6,000, Fappiano.

M B’s Treasure (High Yield—Treasured Memory, Jules), 07T8,000, Forty Niner.

Dancing B. G. (B. G.’s Drone—Fit to Dance, Fighting Fit), 07Y16,000, Full Pocket.

El Primero (El Corredor—Ashlee’s Lady, Gilded Time), 07W80,000, Gone West.

Spanish Crayon (El Corredor—Color Me Special, River Special), 07W60,000, Gone West.

Why Whynot (Whywhywhy—Marfa’s Squall, Marfa), 07T5,500, Gone West.

Redneck Friend (Peaks and Valleys—Paula’s Day, Henbane), 07Y18,000, Green Dancer.

Awana Win (Bwana Charlie—Sarah’s a Winner, Cormorant), 07W6,500, Halo.

A. M. Due (Devil His Due—Aunt Mottz, Honey Jay), 07Y27,000, Halo.

Bankabet (More Than Ready—Recapitalize, Saint Ballado), 07Y150,000, Halo.

Sindy Jacobson (More Than Ready—Behaving, Rubiano), 07T65,000, Halo.

Pine Derby (Pine Bluff—Choral Belle, Numerous), 07T13,500, Halo.

Lacrosse Player (Saint Liam—Almost Saintly, St. Jovite), 07W10,500, Halo.

Robertos Country (Dynaformer—Plum Country, Country Pine), 07Y150,000, His Majesty.

Concerto’s Relic (Concerto—Relic Rhythm, Prospector’s Halo), 07Y10,500, In Reality.

Expect More (Littleexpectations—Breaker, Tsunami Slew), 07T13,000, In Reality.

T C’s Charmer (Leelanau—Kissin Charm, Kissin Kris), 07T34,000, Kris S.

Ergiyas (War Chant—Southern Fiction, Brocco), 07Y10,000, Kris S.

Lord Dubai (E Dubai—Shellmound, American Chance), 07Y15,000, Lord At War.

Nima’s Pad (Lord Carson—Vie a Vie, Lord Avie), 07T42,000, Lord Gaylord.

Don’tbetrivial (Skimming—Triviality, Trempolino), 07T9,000, Lyphard.

Dumar (Maria’s Mon—Mispillion, Deputy Minister), 07Y90,000, Majestic Light.

Sweet Brandi Wine (Announce—Karakorum Galore, Distinctive Pro), 07Y1,600, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Fast Approach (A. P Jet—Lady Commando, Distinctive Pro), 07Y5,000, MP.

Brahms Medal (Brahms—Double Jeopardy, Horse Chestnut), 07Y1,500, MP.

Spank Me Happy (Brahms—Spank Me Silly, Crafty Prospector), 07Y4,500, MP.

Brahms’ Opus (Brahms—Viola’s Honor, Crafty Prospector), 07Y5,500, MP.

Sweetsouthernhome (Came Home—Magnolia Point, Carson City), 07Y32,000, MP.

Bedarra (Came Home—Strikeapromise, Smart Strike), 07T110,000, MP.

Safari Dream (Cape Canaveral—Sun Luck, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y20,000, MP.

Quick Strike (Capture the Gold—Minefinder, Mining), 07T1,100, MP.

unnamed (Cashel Castle—Regally Perfect, Regal Search), 07W5,500, MP.

Landlash (Catienus—Show the Mark, Miner’s Mark), 07W10,000, MP.

Model Cat (Catienus—Elevate, Cox’s Ridge), 07Y22,000, MP.

Zolinka (Catienus—Olinka, Wolfhound), 07T1,000, MP.

unnamed (City Zip—Honour a Bull, Holy Bull), 07Y7,500, MP.

Metro Man (City Zip—Heart of Honor, Honour and Glory), 07Y15,000, MP.

Daddy Eddie (City Zip—Travellin’ Along, Silver Ghost), 07T56,000, MP.

Betteandthejetg (Comstock Lode—Madame Jade, Jade Hunter), 07T2,200, MP.

unnamed (Cryptoclearance—Beach Rain, Tank’s Prospect), 07Y2,500, MP.

Gotta Cadillac Car (Cryptoclearance—Pink Cadillac, Man From Eldorado), 07Y4,400, MP.

Pink Kryptonyte (Cryptoclearance—Pink Cadillac, Man From Eldorado), 07T7,000, MP.

Tevez the Tiger (Cuvee—Eighteen Carat, Gold Alert), 07Y165,000, MP.

Revenge May (Cuvee—Happy Princes, Double Negative), 07Y18,996, MP.

Marion’s Choice (Decarchy—Act Like a Lady, Pioneering), 07Y2,500, MP.

Desert Romance (Desert God—Nofinancenoromance, Society Max), 07Y20,500, MP.

Azbash Kazakh (Distorted Humor—Cinnamon Spice, Seeking the Gold), 07Y35,000, MP.

Dothetwist (Distorted Humor—Lemon Twist, Seeking the Gold), 07Y62,500, MP.

Kabulera (Distorted Humor—Kendall Hill, Theatrical), 07Y25,000, MP.

Theorist (Distorted Humor—Two Punch Lil, Two Punch), 07Y155,000, MP.

Gone Mining (Double Honor—Mine Amint, Mining), 07Y30,000, MP.

Double Your Dollar (Double Honor—Reflexion, Miner’s Mark), 07Y7,500, MP.

Jungleland (Double Honor—Super Lass, Line in the Sand), 07Y5,000, MP.

God Gave Me Style (Eavesdropper—Devilish Doris, Afleet), 07Y16,000, MP.

Rock It (Eavesdropper—Hybaby, Rock Band), 07Y2,500, MP.

Miss Ecton (Ecton Park—Miss Lion King, Lion Cavern), 07T11,500, MP.

Rio Charm (Exit to Rio—Charmed Dancer, Gate Dancer), 07Y500, MP.

Boquita de Rosa (Five Star Day—Inlay, Miswaki), 07W15,000, MP.

Boraure (Flatter—Alsamedah, Shadeed), 07Y23,000, MP.

Headline Hunter (Flatter—Kilcoe Castle, Gone West), 07Y70,000, MP.

Flat Hot (Flatter—White Hot, Silver Ghost), 07Y3,000, MP.

Tamo Tiger (Flatter—Afleet Summer, Afleet), 07T140,000, MP.

High End Prospect (Fortunate Prospect—Reflexion, Miner’s Mark), 07T190,000, MP.

B Z’s Ghost (Ghostly Moves—Hometown Belle, Homebuilder), 07Y22,000, MP.

Gave her the Money (Gone Hollywood—Alpine Gem, Jade Hunter), 07Y3,000, MP.

Tough Justice (Good and Tough—Above Reproach, Crafty Prospector), 07Y12,000, MP.

Ease My Mind (Good and Tough—Amalert, Gold Alert), 07T51,000, MP.

Lady Ghandi (Good and Tough—Urn, Always a Rainbow), 07T1,000, MP.

Bailzee (Grand Slam—Golden Gale, Summer Squall), 07W70,000, MP.

Urbasa (Grand Slam—Pastel Colour, Distant View), 07W10,000, MP.

Dunne Grand (Grand Slam—Francisco Road, Strawberry Road), 07Y125,000, MP.

Alternative Choice (Grand Slam—Northern Fleet, Afleet), 07Y37,000, MP.

Slam City (Grand Slam—Spring City, Seeking the Gold), 07Y75,000, MP.

Gone Grand (Grand Slam—Greyciousness, Miswaki), 07T120,000, MP.

Color Coming In (Ide—Full of Life, Idabel), 07Y4,000, MP.

Lincoln Imp (Intidab—Dutch Maid, Distinctive Pro), 07Y10,000, MP.

Lighten Jazz Punch (Jazz Club—Banner Punch, Two Punch), 07Y5,200, MP.

Club Star (Jazz Club—Kalmila, Miswaki), 07Y2,500, MP.

Lilbit Jazzy Punch (Jazz Club—Plenty of Punch, Two Punch), 07Y2,200, MP.

Zero to Zoom (Lake William—Prosperous Lady, Allen’s Prospect), 07T5,500, MP.

Loded Star (Lazy Lode—A. P.’s Super Star, Smart Strike), 07Y750, MP.

Lazy Memory (Lazy Lode—Not Soon Forgotten, Tank’s Prospect), 07Y700, MP.

In My Prayers (Lemon Drop Kid—Meter Maid, Geiger Counter), 07Y65,000, MP.

Lemonbird (Lemon Drop Kid—Rewarding, Storm Bird), 07Y65,000, MP.

Kidson (Lemon Drop Kid—Solo, Halo), 07Y67,000, MP.

Prince Igor (Lemon Drop Kid—Glory Way, Woodman), 07T100,000, MP.

Arizona Diamond (Lexicon—Pat on the Back, Unreal Zeal), 07Y1,800, MP.

Conn’s Corvette (Lexicon—Naevette, Naevus), 07T3,000, MP.

Lord U S A (Lord Carson—Fire One Fire Two, Northern Prospect), 07Y2,200, MP.

Kortess (Luhuk—Midnite Rose, Miswaki), 07Y1,500, MP.

Rhythm On (Luhuk—Royal Rhythm, Rhythm), 07Y3,000, MP.

Little Mo Mambo (Mambo King—Mocida, Procida), 07T500, MP.

Kazbeg Up (Malibu Moon—Carsonality, Carson City), 07W210,000, MP.

Latigo Shore (Malibu Moon—Carson’s Vanity, Carson City), 07W120,000, MP.

Brianna Zianna (Malibu Moon—Laurenziana, Mining), 07W23,000, MP.

Sahara Moon (Malibu Moon—Resurge, Seeking the Gold), 07W125,000, MP.

Blue Malibu (Malibu Moon—Blue Sky Princess, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y200,000, MP.

Grand Malibu (Malibu Moon—Golf Girl, Kingmambo), 07Y11,500, MP.

Au Moon (Malibu Moon—She’s Mahogany, Mahogany Hall), 07Y130,000, MP.

Johnny’s Surprise (Malibu Moon—Winter Leaf, Muhtafal), 07Y100,000, MP.

Madame Kiawah (Malibu Moon—Danzalert, Gold Alert), 07T70,000, MP.

To Straight (Malibu Moon—Prospective Joy, Allen’s Prospect), 07T9,250, MP.

Treetop Star (Marked Tree—Gold Star Shines, Prospector’s Gold), 07Y1,500, MP.

Count on Lou (Marquetry—Irish Baroness, Larrupin’), 07Y9,000, MP.

Underground Hero (Mineshaft—Cinemine, Mining), 07Y160,000, MP.

Prince Majestic (Mineshaft—Royal Reserves, Forty Niner), 07Y50,000, MP.

Nuguara (Mineshaft—Swan Street, Seeking the Gold), 07Y9,000, MP.

Patricia’s Gem (Mineshaft—Stylish Talent, Forty Niner), 07T1,750,000, MP.

Shafted (Mineshaft—Twist Afleet, Afleet), 07Y150,000, MP.

All That Money (Monashee Mountain—Dolly by Golly, Not for Love), 07Y1,000, MP.

unnamed (Monashee Mountain—Hitched to a Star, Crafty Prospector), 07Y500, MP.

I’m Your Lady (Monashee Mountain—Night Fashion, Chester House), 07Y15,000, MP.

Alaysiah’s Girl (Monashee Mountain—Strum the Banjo, Crafty Prospector), 07Y2,000, MP.

Shirley’s Bay Girl (Monashee Mountain—Voisey Bay, Crafty Prospector), 07Y2,200, MP.

Mr. Irons (Mr. Greeley—Jive Talk, Kingmambo), 07W425,000, MP.

Fortina’s Boy (Mr. Greeley—Really Quick, In Reality), 07Y85,000, MP.

Legend Hunter (Mr. Greeley—Rose Jade, Jade Hunter), 07Y175,000, MP.

Ballyclare (Mr. Greeley—Special Brush, Broad Brush), 07Y100,000, MP.

Prospector’s Cross (Mr. Greeley—Ticky Tacky, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y57,000, MP.

Missy Miner (Mutakddim—Miner’s Friend, Miner’s Mark), 07Y20,000, MP.

Gulf Coast Special (Mutakddim—Faithful Heart, Miner’s Mark), 07T30,000, MP.

Another Cool Cat (One Cool Cat—Amizette, Forty Niner), 07Y30,000, MP.

unnamed (Parade Ground—Anitafleet, Afleet), 07Y1,800, MP.

Jacobs Ground (Parade Ground—Top Paddler, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y4,300, MP.

Geter Done Henny (Parker’s Storm Cat—Like Yesterday, Allen’s Prospect), 07Y2,000, MP.

Just Passing By (Pikepass—Mrs. Dish, Jade Hunter), 06Y3,500, MP.

Visiontowin (Pollard’s Vision—Crafty Promise, Crafty Prospector), 07W25,000, MP.

He’s All Heart (Private Gold—Big Headache, Chequer), 07Y2,000, MP.

Blue Tambourine (Proud Citizen—Tantrum, Pleasant Colony), 07Y130,000, MP.

Flag Waver (Proud Citizen—Miss Barbara, Miner’s Mark), 07Y52,000, MP.

Proud Lisa (Proud Citizen—Miss the Mark, Miner’s Mark), 07Y90,000, MP.

One Proud Lady (Proud Citizen—Precious One, Deputy Minister), 07Y20,000, MP.

Insurgence (Pulpit—Erzulie Freda, Fappiano), 07Y50,000, MP.

Surprise Minister (Pulpit—Nault, Woodman), 07Y12,000, MP.

Convocation (Pulpit—Shade Dance, Nureyev), 07Y150,000, MP.

Pulpitina (Pulpit—Double Sixes, Gone West), 07T475,000, MP.

Pulpiano (Pulpit—Patchino, Fappiano), 07T69,000, MP.

unnamed (Quarry—Wolfpack Fan, Goldlust), 07Y1,200, MP.

Quiet Emarati (Quiet American—Epithet, Gulch), 07Y97,000, MP.

True Brit (Quiet American—Joe’s Lil Honey, Miswaki), 07Y5,000, MP.

Mr. Quiet (Quiet American—Red Empress, Gone West), 07Y27,000, MP.

Hot Idol (Quiet American—Strike It Hot, Smart Strike), 07Y8,000, MP.

Lady of La Leche (Robyn Dancer—Mysterious Girl, Line in the Sand), 07T27,000, MP.

Rocky Ledge (Rock Slide—Ain’t Talkin, Smart Strike), 07Y120,000, MP.

Mister Mover (Rock Slide—B G’s Queenmambo, Kingmambo), 07Y6,200, MP.

With Purpose (Rock Slide—Duck the Punch, Two Punch), 07Y7,000, MP.

Kenya Skye (Rock Slide—Im No Cynic, Two Punch), 07T77,000, MP.

Natural Blues (Rock Slide—Never Again, Mining), 07T7,000, MP.

Market Tumble (Rock Slide—Oblivious T., Miswaki), 07T170,000, MP.

Strikin Ike (Rodeo—Camille E, Pioneering), 07Y900, MP.

Roman Wildcat (Roman Ruler—Ertiqaa, Sahm), 07W1,000, MP.

Unto Caesar (Roman Ruler—Ore Money, Not for Love), 07W67,000, MP.

Slash (Rosetti—Emerald Rose, Weekend Guest), 07Y1,910, MP.

Perfetto Rosa (Rossini—Perfect Souvenir, Souvenir Copy), 07W1,000, MP.

Santa Rossini (Rossini—Sister Act Too, Saint Ballado), 07Y3,250, MP.

Carl S. (Scrimshaw—Miss McCowan, Gilded Time), 07Y21,000, MP.

Scrim (Scrimshaw—Numerous Searches, Numerous), 07Y15,000, MP.

Fat Lady Singing (Scrimshaw—Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 07Y2,250, MP.

Benny the Waiter (Sea of Secrets—Double Coverage, Double Negative), 07T75,000, MP.

Button Box Kid (Silver Deputy—Babae, Barkerville), 07Y35,000, MP.

Sequin (Silver Deputy—Flower Canyon, Gulch), 07Y70,000, MP.

Brave and Skillful (Silver Deputy—Life’s a Dance, Gone West), 07T150,000, MP.

Our Girl Kinzie (Silver Deputy—Whispered Love, Forest Wildcat), 07Y90,000, MP.

Liberating Love (Silver Deputy—Tourney, Forty Niner), 07T20,000, MP.

Consigulary (Smoke Glacken—Strike Rate, Smart Strike), 07Y110,000, MP.

Dakota Smoke (Smoke Glacken—Bullet Points, Gulch), 07Y12,000, MP.

Desert Stone (Smoke Glacken—Desert Jade, Jade Hunter), 07Y75,000, MP.

Wall Lake Lil (Smoke Glacken—La Reinette, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y9,500, MP.

Smokin’ Gigi (Smoke Glacken—Right Regal, Regal Search), 07Y7,000, MP.

Rubicund (Smoke Glacken—Ruby Glows, Deputy Minister), 07T65,000, MP.

Western Fire (Speightstown—Under Fire, Gulch), 07Y185,000, MP.

Boots Ahead (Storm Boot—Mostbeautifulsound, Miswaki), 07Y90,000, MP.

Insolito (Storm Boot—Treasure Mine, Forty Niner), 07Y15,000, MP.

Storm Booty (Storm Boot—Rare Star, Rare Performer), 07T11,000, MP.

Rockin in the Rain (Storm Boot—Rockley, Miner’s Mark), 07T165,000, MP.

Kindred Creek (Storm Creek—Kindred Soul, Woodman), 07Y5,000, MP.

Spicey Hot (Storm Creek—Mike’s Way, Gulch), 07Y2,500, MP.

Cry for the Moon (Street Cry—Kafaf, Zilzal), 07Y190,000, MP.

unnamed (Street Cry—Pareepassoo, Distinctive Pro), 07Y12,000, MP.

Golden Kaskad (Tale of the Cat—Earthly Angel, Crafty Prospector), 07W50,000, MP.

Catskill City (Tale of the Cat—Adorable Lydia, Carson City), 07Y50,000, MP.

Merchants Row (Tale of the Cat—Chsseresse, Jade Hunter), 07Y350,000, MP.

Cat on a Quest (Tale of the Cat—Conquestality, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y107,500, MP.

Island Drums (Tale of the Cat—Flashy Attraction, Fappiano), 07Y700,000, MP.

Catofninetales (Tale of the Cat—Iniki, Miswaki), 07Y2,200, MP.

Monty Cat (Tale of the Cat—License Free, Miswaki), 07Y95,000, MP.

Reina Tangonita (Tale of the Cat—One Only Knows, Barkerville), 07Y17,000, MP.

Star Power (Tale of the Cat—Stylish Talent, Forty Niner), 07Y40,000, MP.

True Gatita (Tale of the Cat—True Grit, Woodman), 07Y40,000, MP.

unnamed (Tale of the Cat—Vole Vole Monamour, Woodman), 07Y150,000, MP.

Splash of Colour (Tale of the Cat—Flashy Attraction, Fappiano), 07T725,000, MP.

Tale the Truth (Tale of the Cat—Kiss Me Not, Deputy Minster), 07T100,000, MP.

Edgy Lady (The Cliff’s Edge—Allegro Lady, Souvenir Copy), 07Y40,000, MP.

Invisible Edge (The Cliff’s Edge—Conquistress, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y25,000, MP.

Edge Appeal (The Cliff’s Edge—Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 07Y95,000, MP.

unnamed (The Cliff’s Edge—Shamrock Love, Not for Love), 07Y9,000, MP.

Diamond Cliff (The Cliff’s Edge—Si Si Gem, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y75,000, MP.

Coral Lace (Thunder Gulch—Single Event, Theatrical), 07Y3,500, MP.

Eagle Express (Thunder Gulch—Wellbustmybuttons, Gold Stage), 07Y3,000, MP.

Ready to Be Kissed (Trajectory—Once Upon a Kiss, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y3,319, MP.

Melba Toast (Western Fame—Mahdees Integrity, Mr. Integrity), 07T5,500, MP.

Ide Be Honored (Ide—Honorably, Star de Naskra), 07Y3,200, Naskra.

J. R. Streamer (Broken Vow—Racetrack Queen, Manzotti), 07Y2,700, Nijinsky II.

Fivefifteen (Gold Token—Sleeplessnseattle, Seattle Dancer), 07Y5,000, Nijinsky II.

Thou Swell (Aptitude—L’Abidjanaise, Dixieland Band), 07T250,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Sally the Flapper (Family Calling—Sally Goodin, Northern Flagship), 07Y1,700, ND.

Come on Ponce (Line in the Sand—Metalmark, Dixieland Band), 07Y2,000, ND.

Cognito (Langfuhr—Coral Sea, Rubiano), 07Y135,000, ND.

Loves to Fly (Not for Love—Dances With Quack, Sovereign Dancer), 07Y40,000, ND.

If Not for Lust (Not for Love—Memories of Madrid, El Gran Senor), 07Y15,000, ND.

Eastwood Dacat (Storm Cat—Western Eternity, Gone West), 07Y75,000, ND.

Broadway Breeze (Theatrical—Candace in Aspen, Woodman), 07Y160,000, ND.

Courtssurprisecall (Chancery Court—One Good Call, Desert God), 07Y600, Phone Trick.

Forest Lightning (Forestry—Plenty of Light, Colony Light), 07T50,000, Pleasant Colony.

Byliteofthemoon (Mojave Moon—Crossano, Valley Crossing), 07Y1,300, Private Account.

Catastros (Vision and Verse—Heidi’s Marfie, Unaccounted For), 07W1,900, Private Account.

Happy Intrusion (Roar of the Tiger—Come On Get Happy, Mr. Greeley), 07W3,700, Rahy.

Racetrack Jack (E Dubai—Plate Boundary, Boundary), 07Y24,000, Raise a Native (RAN).

Flying Wings (Fusaichi Pegasus—Ida’s Image, Alydar), 07W20,000, RAN.

Invision (Madraar—Ms. Saltyann, Salt Lake), 07T1,000, RAN.

Madrigal Laur (Meadowlake—Prudently Patient, Native Royalty), 07Y5,000, RAN.

Metro Man (City Zip—Heart of Honor, Honour and Glory), 07Y15,000, Relaunch.

Imahollywoodstar (Gone Hollywood—Pacific Reign, Altazarr), 07Y3,500, Relaunch.

Wildweed Lane (Devon Lane—Wildwood Ghost, Northern Flagship), 07Y20,000, Relaunch.

Majormotionpictire (Action This Day—Boa, Rahy), 07Y55,000, Roberto.

Unicorn Girl (A. P. Five Hundred—Horah for Bailey, Doneraile Court), 07T45,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Slew the Maestro (Aptitude—Feel the Capote, Capote), 07Y7,500, SS.

Capote Attraction (Cape Canaveral—Summer Heat, Capote), 07Y7,000, SS.

Charming Hostess (Cape Canaveral—Charming Gal, Slew’s Royalty), 07T800,000, SS.

Classy Attraction (Cape Canaveral—Classy Charlotte, A.P. Indy), 07T5,500, SS.

Goins to Town (Cape Town—Houston Vixen, Houston), 07T7,500, SS.

Margeisforthebirds (Friends Lake—Buffalo Bird Woman, Slew City Slew), 07Y55,000, SS.

Thoroughly (Full Mandate—King’s Pact, Slewacide), 07T20,000, SS.

Influenced (Malibu Moon—Tsu Lou, Tsunami Slew), 07T450,000, MP.

Jiggsie (Stephen Got Even—Slewzy Floozy, Slew City Slew), 07Y5,300, SS.

Tsunami Sue (Stormin Fever—Tsu’s Delta, Tsunami Slew), 07T13,000, SS.

Arabian Storm (Stormy Atlantic—Arabian Peninsula, Mr. Prospector), 07W70,000, SS.

Atlantic Beauty (Stormy Atlantic—Beauty Bug, A.P. Indy), 07W140,000, SS.

Ursa (Stormy Atlantic—Houston Bluelass, Houston), 07T250,000, SS.

Tyler’s Hope (Stydahar—Don’t Digress, Digression), 07Y1,100, SS.

Go Chic Go (Chicago Six—Ornate Lady, D’Accord), 07Y1,200, Secretariat.

Mr. What’s That (Eavesdropper—Incontro, D’Accord), 07Y1,700, Secretariat.

Manofthewest (Gone West—Twin Sails, Boston Harbor), 07T485,000, Secretariat.

Tony the Terio (Judge T C—Fixin to Storm, Storm Bird), 07T70,000, Secretariat.

Cool for Cats (Storm Cat—Mythomania, Nureyev), 07Y1,700,000, Secretariat.

Stormy Welcome (Storm Cat—Welcome Surprise, Seeking the Gold), 07Y1,600,000, Secretariat.

Bernie the Cat (Bernstein—Crafty Toast, Crafty Prospector), 07Y11,000, Storm Bird.

Sea Blue (Bernstein—Ocean Apart, Ocean Crest), 07Y3,000, Storm Bird.

Believe Me I Know (Catienus—Tobrah, Summer Squall), 07T11,000, Storm Bird.

Victoria Charm (Forest Wildcat—City Souer, Carson City), 07Y45,000, Storm Bird.

Big McCool (Giant’s Causeway—Copper Rose, Unbridled), 07Y150,000, Storm Bird.

That Cat (Hold That Tiger—Flame Song, Unbridled’s Song), 07Y1,700, Storm Bird.

Humadoodle (Humming—Polywolydoodle, Kris S.), 07Y800, Storm Bird.

Hope’s Pass (Pikepass—Hope’s Hope, Personal Hope), 07Y9,009, Storm Bird.

Stormintothefront (Storm Boot—Summer Smile, Summer Squall), 07Y4,700, Storm Bird.

Spicey Hot (Storm Creek—Mike’s Way, Gulch), 07Y2,500, Storm Bird.

Who Dat Breeze (Thunder Gulch—Mi Devon, Hermitage), 07W10,000, Storm Bird.

Carmenkety (Thunder Gulch—American Profile, Summer Squall), 07Y6,000, Storm Bird.

Nautical Rule (Tribal Rule—Nautical Look, Woodman), 07T30,000, Storm Bird.

Above (Van Nistelrooy—True Love, Affirmed), 07Y40,000, Storm Bird.

Almost Silver (Buddha—Personify, Tabasco Cat), 07Y8,500, Storm Cat.

My Buddy Garfield (Buddha—Rare Cat, Tabasco Cat), 07Y6,000, Storm Cat.

Implied Volatility (Jump Start—Light as a Cat, Tabasco Cat), 07Y30,000, Storm Cat.

Cognac Cougar (Lion Heart—Remy Red, Hennessy), 07Y8,500, Storm Cat.

New Believer (Sky Mesa—Cocktail Sauce, Tabasco Cat), 07T200,000, Storm Cat.

Brown Co Co (Sky Mesa–Chocolate Brown, Lion Hearted), 07Y25,000, Storm Cat.

Kid Gusto (Wiseman’s Ferry—Dreamscat, Mountain Cat), 07T11,000, Storm Cat.

Getty Man (Gimmeawink—Frozen Dough, It’s Freezing), 07Y6,500, T. V. Commercial.

Quick to Fire (Closing Argument—Flames in the Sand, Line in the Sand), 07W30,000, Valid Appeal.

La Pimienta (Closing Argument—Hula Hula, Valid Wager), 07W14,000, Valid Appeal.

Itsalittleharsh (Deputy Commander—Portlaoise, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y7,250, Vice Regent.

My Grecian Goddess (Deputy Wild Cat—Mahima, Roy), 07T12,000, Vice Regent.

Velvet Garden (Domasca Dan—Consort’s Choice, Great Gladiator), 07Y22,759, Vice Regent.

Diamond Moon (Domasca Dan—Polar Moon, Regal Remark), 07Y2,000, Vice Regent.

Barry Said So (Forest Camp—Queen of My Nights, Regal Intention), 07Y30,000, Vice Regent.

Martango (Marquetry—Cat Tango, Regal Classic), 07Y11,000, Vice Regent.

All Beat (Mr. Publisher—All Alight, Regal Classic), 07W300, Vice Regent.

Bill Jr. (Open Forum—Countess Delainea, Geiger Counter), 07T30,000, Vice Regent.

All the Vices (Royal Albert Hall—Sunday’s Painter, Regal Remark), 07Y950, Vice Regent.

Dempster (Salt Lake—Glory’s Story, Defensive Play), 07Y4,749, Vice Regent.

Agleron (Stephanotis—Regal Holdings, Regal Remark), 07Y5,701, Vice Regent.

Money Mamma (Talk is Money—Regalian, Regal Classic), 07T4,000, Vice Regent.

Yum Balam (More Than Ready—Forest Princess, Hansel), 07Y100,000, Woodman.


Chief Buffalo (Volponi—Chippewa, Alleged), 07Y2,200, Alleged.

Lucky Art (Johannesburg—Syrian Summer, Damascus), 07Y12,000, Damascus.

Sweet Brown Sugar (Roman Ruler—Full Approval, Deputy Minister), 07W50,000, Deputy Minister.

Scootinit (Tapit—Scootie Utie, Fappiano), 07Y28,000, Fappiano.

Cardinal Hill (Harlan’s Holiday—Sky Bonnet, Halo), 07T135,000, Halo.

Rivanna (El Corredor—Prospective Wife, Mr. Prospector), 07T135,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Sam Sharp (Johannesburg—Caffe, Mr. Prospector), 07Y160,000, MP.

Illuminative (Point Given—Pretty Clear, Mr. Prospector), 07Y30,000, MP.

Jordan’s Song (Unbridled’s Song—Jordanesque, Mr. Prospector), 07Y72,000, MP.

General Lafayette (Lion Heart—Eggs Binnedict, Naskra), 07Y100,000, Naskra.

Black Be Nimble (Black Mambo—Nimble Foot, Nureyev), 07Y2,500, Nureyev.

Dixie Motion (Dixie Union—Slew of Comfort, Seattle Slew), 07Y300,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

High Quail (Tiznow—Lake Travis, Seattle Slew), 07Y160,000, SS.

Elusive Ways (Elusive Quality—Fantastic Ways, Secretariat), 07Y210,000, Secretariat.

Ess Palin (Soto—Peau de Soie, Secretariat), 07Y11,000, Secretariat.

Memorable Date (Invisible Ink—Stormy Moment, Storm Bird), 07Y2,100, Storm Bird.

My Latest Flame (Sunday Break—One Sharp Bird, Storm Bird), 07Y4,000, Storm Bird.

Apache Appeal (Omega Code—Regal Consort, Vice Regent), 07Y12,000, Vice Regent.

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  1. vineyridge says:

    The whole theory behind close inbreeding is that it is claimed to reduce the amount of variability–fixing traits– in inheritance for the selected ancestor for FUTURE breeding. It is something that is usually undertaken in programs of generational breeding, where the breeder has a plan for several generations of this line in the future. The impact has little to do with 1st generation performance or sales.

    Science has proved that it is possible to “backbreed” to a remote ancestor with this technique by recreating the Polish Forest Horse–I think that’s the one, but it could be the Prz….Horse. Take a look at the use of Raffles in Arabians to see very close inbreeding to fix type.

    While this research seems interesting on the surface, it’s really not pertinent to what close inbreeding is generally about. Most TB breeding doesn’t come from breeders with the funds and discipline to plan four or five generations ahead and cull ruthlessly.

    Just my own opinion, though.

    • ddink55 says:

      So, why bother to do it in the first place?????????????? It would be so common if it were not being encouraged by someone.

      • vineyridge says:

        It’s done to fix type–phenotype. How the horse looks and acts. The thoroughbred shows more than a little bit of close inbreeding in its very early days. Once the type was well fixed, breeding relatives together happened farther away from the joint ancestor.

        If you look at the “speed” gene, it explosively expanded with the use of Nearco/Neartic/Northern Dancer in multiples. It also seems to have an effect on the look of sprinters. The QH looking sprinter was fairly rare in the past. Now it seems to be very common.

      • ddink55 says:

        1. If no one persists over the requisite four or five generations, what good does “fixing type” do????
        2. What evidence exists that even if you successfully “fix type” over four or five generations, the end result is a better racehorse????
        3. “The QH looking sprinter was fairly rare in the past. Now it seems to be very common.” And that is a good thing HOW???????
        4. You make reference to the “speed” gene, as if one gene is totally responsible for “speed” in the Thoroughbred. Do you really believe this???? If you do, you need to make a much more THOROUGH study of genetics.

  2. vineyeridge says:

    I certainly do not believe that one gene is responsible for speed in the TB. However,that one gene does have a significant effect on how muscles respond to training. As you know, short twitch muscle fibers are what makes sprinters sprinters; And the TB has a large number of a particular type of Type II muscle fiber that can become either aerobic or anaerobic, depending on training. (The nomenclature for muscle fiber types has changed in the past few years, and my research into this issue has not been kept up to date, so I’m typing in a bit of a fog. According to the most recent research, 90% of QH have the C allele of that particular myostatin control gene, and they also are noted for having mostly short twitch muscle fibers.. If you’d like, I’ll go back and get precise chromosome and name of the gene, which escape me at the moment.

    I certainly never said that TB sprinters that look like QHs are good things; just that the spread of that phenotype seems to be correlated with the spread of the C allele of that particular gene, which has been nicknamed the “speed” gene.

    A brief summary of what I’ve been able to determine from the various scientific papers that I’ve actually read. The “wild” or original allele of the gene in question is called the T allele. In ALL of the historical and very famous British stallions who had DNA analysis done–and these include horses like Hyperion, St. Simon, Eclipse, Ormond, Persimmon, and about ten others–the gene in question was homozygous for the T allele. That version has been correlated to later maturing, with a preference for longer races, i.e. more stamina oriented. Now we all know that races shorter than a mile, even in Europe, were run at the time of these stallions, but some horse, regardless of breeding, has to win a race. That is to say that horses with T/T could well win sprints, given the competition. The C allele is believed to be a later mutation, based on population studies and some particular facets of the surrounding parts of the chromosome in question, which indicate that the T allele has been stable for a very long time, while the C shows signs of more recent change.

    According to Dr. Hill, one of the researchers who is commercializing her findings but is still an academic scientist, the frequency of the C allele in the original founder population of the TB was less than 10%, and that percent stayed fairly stable until Nearco appeared. They call him a nexus and there is another term for what he did to the breed. He definitely had and passed on the C allele to some or all of his offspring, depending on whether or not he was homozygous. Nasrullah is believed to have be heterozygous for the C allele, while it is thought that Nearctic was homozygous, but that’s only believed because of number crunching.

    Fixing type can be an inadvertent side effect of breeding for pure speed. That’s why I brought it up.

    Take a look at Domino and how closely inbred some of his descendants were. Yet the Domino line sprinters were mostly the greyhound type as far as I’ve been able to determine. That would seem to indicate that speed does not come from the C allele alone. Fixing type can be anything from conformation angles (the straight hind leg is supposed to be benefit in racing, and it’s far more common in TBs than other horse breeds who are not bred for speed) to the number of muscle fibers of various kinds, to disposition and trainability.

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