Thoroughbred Times

Thoroughbred Times ceased publication (went out of business) as of last Friday. I heard the news on Monday of this week, I think. Have been too busy mining data all week to comment until now.

As you probably know, I slaved for five years (1988-1993) at Thoroughbred Times. So I have mixed feelings about the news of its demise. I feel sorry for all the recent slaves there who are now unemployed. But overall, I am NOT sorry that the rag has ceased to exist.

I have extremely mixed feelings about my five years there. I accomplished a lot in those five years. I could have accomplished a XXXX of a lot more if not for having to deal with all the corporate idiocy and bureaucratic BS there. Although I have to admit that corporate idiocy and bureaucratic BS are pretty much par for the course wherever you go. Let’s just say that I picked a pretty good time to depart from that place and did not exactly look back with any regret.

When I started this blog a little over two years ago, I wrote some posts describing those years at that particular abode of all bliss (place of employment). I cordially invite you to revisit those posts now if you feel so inclined. Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Knowledge Is Sorrow

The Back Side of a Mule

The Speck and the Plank

To Build a Pile

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One Response to Thoroughbred Times

  1. Nicholas says:

    And, glad I didn’t go for that 2 year subscription.

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