Frankel and Big Brown Patterns–2007

Frankel is scheduled for a workout this morning at Newmarket that will simulate race conditions. See Bloodstock Journal for details if interested.

A few weeks ago I commented about his pedigree in Questions About Frankel, as well as the pedigree of Big Brown. Big Brown and Frankel are similar in that their pedigrees both feature SLBMSL (sire line-broodmare sire line) inbreeding to Northern Dancer. Big Brown is by Boundary (by Danzig, by ND) out of Mien, by Nureyev (by ND). So he is 3×3 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern. Frankel is by Galileo (by Sadler’s Wells, by ND) out of Kind (by Danehill, by Danzig, by ND). So he is 3×4 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern.

In that post I promised to list all the sales foals of 2003-2007 inbred in these two patterns. For lagniappe I throw in all the foals inbred 4×3 to ND in this pattern on the theory that if 3×4 is good, 4×3 might be good as well.

I remind readers that this is a work in progress. A few weeks ago I listed all sales foals of 2005 conforming to this SLBMSL pattern to Northern Dancer. A few weeks later I listed all sales foals from 2003 only also conforming to this pattern. Listed below are all sales foals of 2007 conforming to this pattern. I will post the other years as I get them finished, then list all the stakes winners of the same description and tabulate the results.

Listed below are 159 foals (24 of them 3×3, 62 of them 3×4, and 73 of them 4×3). Only one of them sold for $1,000,000+.

Cool for Cats (a colt by Storm Cat out of Mythomania, by Nureyev) was inbred 3×3 to ND in this pattern and sold for $1,700,000 as a yearling of 2007. Cool for Cats posted a record of 3-0-0-1 for earnings of $1,584. Cool for Cats was also inbred 3×3 to Secretariat and was mentioned in last week’s post for that reason. Those two pairs of duplications might have had something to do with his price of $1,700,000, but evidently they did not do much to enhance his racing performance.

The 409 sales foals of 2005 and 2003 adhering to this pattern sold for below-average prices. If you add in 2007, the 568 sales foals of 2005, 2003, and 2007 adhering to this pattern sold for a gross of $30,503,115, an average of $53,703, and a maverage of 163.06.

You can not get much closer to the overall norms (average of $54,140 and maverage of 163.11) than that. It will be interesting to see how the numbers change with two more years of data yet to come. I suspect that the numbers will go down with 2004 and back up with 2006. If they wind up right around the norms (as they did after three years), that will mean that the market judged these to be pedigrees of almost perfect averageness. And of course it will be interesting to see their racetrack results.

3×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Miss Jameson (Aramus—Wellomond, Lomond), 07Y1,000.

Kidepo (Ascot Knight—Poetic Eskimo, Eskimo), 07Y7,586.

Spark of Magic (Belong to Me—Shiny Band, Dixieland Band), 07Y200,000.

Big Brown (Boundary—Mien, Nureyev), 07T190,000.

Toytown Tuff (Century City—Hear the Sea, Dixieland Band), 07W5,500.

Sovereign City (Century City—Inca Empress, Sovereign Dancer), 07Y4,600.

Vif Argent (Century City—Nijinsky’s Beauty, Nijinsky II), 07Y11,500.

Becalm (Dixie Union—Napping, Danzig), 07T87,000.

Prime Time Gold (Game Plan—Insearchofgold, Herat), 07Y10,000.

Miss Temecula (High Demand—Exceedingly, Be My Guest), 07Y1,100.

Band and Jazz (Jambalaya Jazz—Just About Enough, Danzig), 07Y4,000.

Derwin’s Lady (Langfuhr—Glorious Sensation, Somethingfabulous), 07T25,000.

Dixie Mountain (Monashee Mountain—Dixie Darlene, Dixieland Band), 07Y11,500.

Diamond Danzig (Monashee Mountain—Sheza Sharp Danza, Danzatore), 07Y20,000.

Moscow Mig (Moscow Ballet—Ballalma, Ballydoyle), 07Y5,500.

Dance on the Lake (Northern Trend—Gold Edition, Dance in Time), 07T10,000.

Presidential Ball (Presidential Order—Eskimo Ball, Eskimo), 07Y2,000.

Royal Captive (Royal Academy—Captive Island, Northfields), 07Y52,000.

Academic Victory (Royal Academy—Nureyev’s Park, Nureyev), 07T20,000.

Earlynredhot (Score Early—Saucy Lady B, Fairway Fortune), 07T4,700.

Cool for Cats (Storm Cat—Mythomania, Nureyev), 07Y1,700,000.

Fort Sumner (Super Quercus—Jazzability, Dixieland Band), 07Y2,700.

Super Quest (Super Quercus—Romeo’s Chick, Danzatore), 07Y4,000.

Isla Contadora (War Chant—Isla Del Rey, Nureyev), 07Y115,000.

3×4 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Ookster (Alfaari—Mascaretta, Regal Remark), 07Y19,954.

Azzaro (Atticus—Bambina Bella, Bianconi), 07Y3,200.

Attaboy (Atticus—Belgium Girl, Falstaff), 07Y7,500.

J B Wine (Bartok—Watermelon Wine, Moscow Ballet), 07Y12,500.

Breezin Bartok (Bartok—Skedadling Sue, Chivalry), 07T4,700.

Just Ferdie (Brahms—Feisty Ferdinand, Ferdinand), 07Y1,000.

Moon City (Century City—Dark of the Moon, Dancing Brave), 07Y12,000.

What R U Thinking (Century City—Northern Twinkle, Northern No Trump), 07Y2,000.

The Big Finisher (Century City—Perky Dancer, Green Dancer), 07Y18,000.

Venganza (Compadre—Back on Top, Ascot Knight), 07Y2,371.

Mensch (Compadre—Edirne, Regal Classic), 07Y4,742.

Ledoux (De Guerin—Angelskeepinwatch, Belong to Me), 07Y2,700.

Contention (Dixie Union—April Squall, Summer Squall), 07Y350,000.

Old South (Dixie Union—Classical Tune, Din’s Dancer), 07Y270,000.

One Dream Union (Dixie Union—One Dream Cat, Storm Cat), 07Y45,000.

Dixie Mood (Dixie Union—Spin a Mood, Spinning World), 07Y100,000.

Santi Santi Santi (Dixie Union—Summer Wind Storm, Storm Cat), 07Y35,000.

Bravo Prado (El Prado—Kelly Pond, Deputy Minister), 07Y50,000.

Under Like Thunder (Exchange Rate—Stage Door Honey, Theatrical), 07W75,000.

Private Exchange (Exchange Rate—I’ll Bedazzled, Helmsman), 07T50,000.

Marianita (Exchange Rate—Lady Barronette, Summer Squall), 07T25,000.

OK Joe (Exchange Rate—Last Splash, Sky Classic), 07T25,000.

Lower the Rate (Exchange Rate—Ms Rancho Santa Fe, Personal Hope), 07T50,000.

Storm Galileo (Galileo—Allencat, Storm Cat), 07Y170,000.

Alhaque (Galileo—Safeen, Storm Cat), 07Y600,000.

Tarrip (Green Desert—Spinnette, Spinning World), 07Y400,000.

Steadfast Steve (Helmsman—Fancee Bargain, Candi’s Gold), 07Y12,000.

Padre Jon (High Demand—Heart of Joy, Lypheor), 07W10,500.

Barely a Valntine (High Demand—Barely Daylight, American Day), 07Y2,000.

Hooked for Life (Hook and Ladder—Gyration, Spinning World), 07Y25,000.

Lanie’s Fire (Lost Soldier—Charging Fire, Peterhof), 07T25,500.

Chase My Heels (Louise Quatorze—C Quints, Go and Go ), 07Y3,000.

Starship Diamond (Louis Quatorze—Miss Boot Scoot, Fred Astaire), 07Y48,000.

Lady on a Run (Momentum—Lady Snerd, Chief’s Crown), 07Y1,700.

Crystal Mountain (Monashee Mountain—Lady of Vision, Vision), 07Y37,000.

Little Luck (Monashee Mountain—Judge With Charm, Lit de Justice), 07Y1,700.

Crossed (Outflanker—Nautical But Nice, Helmsman), 07Y9,000.

O Night Divine (Outflanker—Tea Dance, Summer Squall), 07Y10,000.

Mr Park Avenue (Partner’s Hero—Hooded Dancer, Gate Dancer), 07T18,000.

Sharp Bluffer (Pine Bluff—Sharp Sox, Deputy Minister), 07T13,000.

Dixie Straits (Placid Fund—Prolite, Outflanker), 07Y4,250.

Gales Act (Regent Act—Scoresearlygale, Score Early), 07W8,000.

Fil’s Regent (Regent Act—Filronan, Fiddle Dancer Boy), 07Y15,000.

Academy Allie (Royal Academy—Danzig Tiger, Danzig Connection), 07W42,000.

Royal Scout (Royal Academy—Lil Scout, Atticus), 07W50,000.

Driven by Royalty (Royal Academy—Chloe Pond, Kitwood), 07Y47,000.

Piasca (Royal Academy—Ruby Sneakers, Rahy), 07Y20,000.

Que Noble (Russian Courage—Ma Noblesse, Louis Quatorze), 07T3,000.

Devon’s Journey (Sea Wall—Brave Passing, Regal Classic), 07Y1,000.

Wall of Silence (Sea Wall—Deadlock, Regal Classic, 07Y1,000.

Dr. Alex (Sligo Bay—Royal Remedy, Royal Academy), 07Y6,000.

Bridge Note (Stravinsky—Myrtle, Batshoof), 07Y250,000.

Russian River (Stravinsky—Prairie View, Honor Grades), 07Y4,000.

Spring Tale (Stravinsky—Sadler’s Profile, Royal Academy), 07Y35,000.

Reserve Girl (Theatrical—Ponca, Palace Music), 07Y65,000.

Showtime Z (Theatrical—Stormy Squall, Summer Squall), 07T6,000.

El Facha (War Chant—Merciless, Last Tycoon), 07W25,000.

Clifton Encore (War Chant—Theatrical Pause, Theatrical), 07W15,000.

Khukuri (War Chant—Accessory, Royal Academy), 07Y65,000.

War Crown (War Chant—Last Crown, El Prado), 07Y140,000.

Quake Lake (War Chant—Shooting Party, Sky Classic), 07Y47,000.

Northern Trader (Western Trader—Anjiz Princess, Anjiz), 07T2,600.

4×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Classified Flight (Adcat—Flying Reverence, Lucky North), 07Y4,200.

unnamed (Alajwad—Dixie Daf, Dixieland Band), 07Y8,500.

Let M Rip (Alybro—Sassy Linda, Trapeze Dancer), 07Y2,851.

Mr. Shadar (Alydeed—Drummers Roll, Follow the Drum), 07Y9,549.

Logic (Awesome Again—Storm to Glory, Storm Bird), 07Y290,000.

Musical Embrace (Bernstein—Magic in the Music, Dixieland Band), 07W37,000.

Dream Empress (Bernstein—Chinese Empress, Nijinsky II), 07Y60,000.

Le Bee (Bernstein—Miss Le Berthon, El Gran Senor), 07Y13,000.

Star Links (Bernstein—Startarette, Dixieland Band), 07Y140,000.

Otomi (Black Minnaloushe—She’s the One, Northern Flagship), 07W2,700.

Prefect Treasure (Cat Thief—Sweet Symmetry, Magesterial), 07Y10,000.

Ovid Fasti (Consolidator—Sinister Victory, Vice Regent), 07W15,000.

unnamed (Deputy Wild Cat—Thats Amore, Danzatore), 07Y2,500.

Touchdown Seattle (Domasca Dan—Nimble Vixen, Shotiche), 07Y1,897.

Lethal Gene (Doug Fir—North Bay Breeze, Far North), 07Y500.

Hard Four (Elajjud—Be My Everything, Be My Guest), 07Y5,690.

La Magestic (El Sancho—Trail On Ice, Magesterial), 07Y4,000.

Cool as Ever (Forest Camp—Cool Jazzed, Dixieland Band), 07W25,000.

Sweet Mariage (Forestry—Goulash, Mari’s Book), 07Y600,000.

Meriwether Jessica (Freud—Chunter’s Joy, Northern Jove), 07T95,000.

Another Name (Giant’s Causeway—Because, Sadler’s Wells), 07Y525,000.

Giant Sleep (Giant’s Causeway—Danzerella, Danzig), 07Y25,000.

Bishop of Derry (Giant’s Causeway—Yesterday, Sadler’s Wells), 07Y500,000.

Dipsea Demon (Globalize—Double Dipsea, Fairy King), 07W10,500.

Grand Najmah (Grand Reward—Najmah, Nijinsky II), 07W9,000.

Galpin Junior (Hennessy—Reluctant Diva, Sadler’s Wells), 07Y120,000.

High Faith (High Yield—Liz Cee, Topsider), 07Y82,000.

Charlie Tiger (Hold That Tiger—Fairy Dancer, Nijinsky II), 07Y100,000.

Letthetigerparty (Hold That Tiger—No Need to Party, Dixieland Band), 07Y60,000.

Son of Tiger (Hold That Tiger—Nocciolina, Dixieland Band), 07Y42,000.

Nile Tigress (Hold That Tiger—Sham Dancer, Sovereign Dancer), 07Y11,000.

My Chestnut Girl (Horse Chestnut—Mien, Nureyev), 07Y57,000.

Splish (Horse Chestnut—Dootsie, Dixieland Band), 07T100,000.

No John No (Hurricane Center—Snow Drummer, Follow the Drum), 07Y2,865.

Lena R (Jaunatxo—Donna’s Deal, Plain Dealing), 07Y1,100.

Chopper (Jaunatxo—Angel With Wings, Hunting Horn), 07T2,200.

Julie Julie Julie (Just a Cat—Mauterotts, Vice Regent), 07Y1,910.

Bay Summer (Kingfishking—Imaginaria, Imperial Fling), 07T1,200.

Medaglia d’Onore (Medaglia d’Oro—Always Ready, Dixieland Band), 07Y40,000.

Bawadi (Medaglia d’Oro—Chartreuse, Danzatore), 07Y50,000.

Min d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro—Min Elreeh, Danzig), 07Y40,000.

Yahilmoon (Medaglia d’Oro—Ravnina, Nureyev), 07Y300,000.

Sweet Golden Carol (Medaglia d’Oro—Turn and Sparkle, Danzatore), 07Y70,000.

Brabantio (Othello—Seduce, Northern Baby), 07Y7,639.

Inside the Parker (Parker’s Storm Cat—Jazz Band, Dixieland Band), 07Y1,800.

Get the Prize (Pure Prize—Race a Dream, Northern Flagship), 07Y17,000.

Jocularity (Repent—Ms. Jovial, Northern Jove), 07Y2,500.

Brother Will (Repent—My Big Sis, El Raggaas), 07T22,000.

Dzibanche (Roar of the Tiger—North to South, Northern Flagship), 07Y65,000.

Speculation (Silver Deputy—Beat Your Feet, Dixieland Band), 07Y475,000.

Dirt Farmer (Silver Deputy—Bird to the Wire, Storm Bird), 07Y55,000.

Ballet Recital (Silver Deputy—Ballet Troupe, Nureyev), 07T50,000.

Stormtothewire (Silver Deputy—Bird to the Wire, Storm Bird), 07T17,000.

Storm Half (Storm and a Half—Vivacious Sheila, Herat), 07W6,500.

Triple E (Storm Boot—Tres Norte, Northern Baby), 07T100,000.

Please Say Yes (Storm Creek—Polite Writer, Staff Writer), 07T32,000.

Moon Power (Stormin Fever—Dixie Drive, Dixieland Band), 07Y3,500.

Stormy Explosion (Stormy Atlantic—Explosive Meg, El Gran Senor), 07Y52,000.

Dances on the Seas (Stormy Atlantic—Falcon Dancer, Imperial Falcon), 07Y14,000.

Cosmic Queen (Stormy Atlantic—Well at the Top, Sadler’s Wells), 07Y70,000.

Sinister Storm (Stormy Atlantic—Dixieland Gold, Dixieland Band), 07T75,000.

Mikey’stexasholdem (Straight Flush—Chippewa Limited, Rakeen), 07Y1,000.

Tactical Talent (Tactical Cat—Frieda, Local Talent), 07T42,000.

Son of the Cat (Tale of the Cat—Dixieland Gal, Dixieland Band), 07Y100,000.

North East Gale (Tale of the Cat—North East Dancer, Far North), 07Y80,000.

Valiancy (Tale of the Cat—Sobinka, Sadler’s Wells), 07Y100,000.

Tale of the South (Tale of the Cat—Twigazuri, Dixieland Band), 07Y30,000.

Shofar (Tale of the Cat—Valkyries’ Ride, Dixieland Band), 07Y40,000.

Tall Tale Tammie (Tale of the Cat—Victorian Angel, Vice Regent), 07Y15,000.

Talkinclass (Talk Is Money—First Class Ticket, Northern Flagship), 07T8,500.

Tiger Dancer (Tiger Ridge—Cordia, Sovereign Dancer), 07T20,000.

I’ma QT Too (Toolighttoquit—Lucky Ashley, Lucky North), 07Y15,000.

New York Native (Yankee Gentleman—H. F. Brimstone, Far North), 07Y11,000.

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