Incest Is Best????????–Foals of 2004

The following is a continuation of my original post Incest Is Best??????? In that post I listed all weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds sold at public auction in North America in 2005 who were closely inbred. A second post did the same for sales foals of 2003. A third post did the same for sales foals of 2007. This (fourth) post does the same for sales foals of 2004.

I repeat that this is a work in progress. The lists below cover only one year of sales foals, those sold in 2004. My intention is to do one post for every sale year. Four down, one (2006) to go.

I still have not found any foals inbred 1×2 or 2×1. I did not find any foals inbred 2×2 among sales foals of 2004. So the total of foals inbred 2×2 remains at eight.

Over the four years I have now found 179 foals inbred 2×3, 61 foals inbred 3×2, and 1,458 foals inbred 3×3.

Some people believe that 2×4 and 4×2 are approximately the same as 3×3 (I have some doubts about that myself). So I included those two groups as well and have found another 418 of the former and 140 of the latter.

Listed are the name of the foal, the pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire) in parentheses, the price for which the foal sold in that year, and the sire to whom it is inbred. I have omitted foals inbred to females but listed them separately in another post.

The categories listed are 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×2, 3×3, and 4×2. Within each category the foals are listed alphabetically by the sire to whom they are inbred, then alphabetically by the sire of the foal. That way you can see at a glance that 172 of the 389 3×3 foals in 2005 are inbred to Mr. Prospector and that 16 of those 172 are by Tale of the Cat.

I found four closely inbred sales foals of 2004 that sold for $1,000,000+. Leading the way was Mr. Sekiguchi (colt by Storm Cat out of Welcome Surprise, by Seekeing the Gold). He sold for $8,000,000 as a yearling in 2004 and was inbred 3×3 to Secretariat. Mr. Sekiguchi posted a record of 4-2-2-0 for earnings of $85,800. That is not bad at all, but he did not earn any black type and was last reported as being at stud in Florida.

Fusaichi Samurai (colt by Fusaichi Pegasus out of Hidden Storm, by Storm Cat) sold for $4,500,000 as a two-year-old in 2004. Inbred 2×3 to Mr. Prospector, he posted a record of 4-1-0-0 for earnings of $22,200.

Major Commitment (colt by Danzig out of Scads, by Forty Niner) sold for $2,000,000 as a yearling in 2004. Inbred 2×4 to Northern Dancer, he won his only start (in Saudi Arabia) and earned $14,235. That race record may or may not be complete, but he definitely did not earn any black type.

Sense of Class (filly by Fusaichi Pegasus out of Golden Oriole, by Northern Dancer) sold for $1,500,000 as a yearling in 2004. Inbred 4×2 to Northern Dancer, she posted a race record of 7-0-0-0 for earnings of $3,040. She has produced at least one winner (The Sense Angel, filly by Mineshaft).

I have omitted race records from the foals listed below. When I get all five years finished, then I will list the stakes winners and tabulate the results. You are cordially invited to peruse the lists below.


Alie Took a Chance (Hazaam—Easytoblush, Blushing John), 04W2,000, Blushing Groom.

Altonator (Bold Executive—Time to Sign, Time to Explode), 04Y46,614, Bold Ruckus.

Hyeonbin (Good and Tough—Light the Way, With Approval), 04T28,000, Carson City.

Oliebollen (Phone Trick—Vital Spark, Miswaki), 04Y42,000, Clever Trick.

Echo Charlie (Eastern Echo—Baildancer, Bailjumper), 04W5,500, Damascus.

Yes She’s Sterling (Ascot Knight—Sheffield, Dayjur), 04Y15,490, Danzig.

Raise to Freedom (Belong to Me—Fairway Freedom, Langfuhr), 04W20,000, Danzig.

Lost Prima (Lost Soldier—Prima Excellence, Turkoman), 04Y7,000, Danzig.

Bound to You (Military—Up to You, Boundary), 04Y7,500, Danzig.

Touch It Up (Lived It Up—Touch a Match, Kerosene), 04Y3,700, Devil’s Bag.

Kaline (Cryptoclearance—Payline, Honour and Glory), 04W10,000, Fappiano.

My Jestic (Signal Tap—Cake and Cookies, Cryptoclearance), 04Y20,000, Fappiano.

Dave’s Launch (Dave’s Reality—Launchpad, Relaunch), 04Y600, In Reality.

Realities War (Dave’s Reality—Rose Cafe, Relaunch), 04Y650, In Reality.

Lady Canaveral (Cape Canaveral—Lady Zip, Crafty Prospector), 04T60,000, MP.

Mortgage the House (Chester House—Fee, Spectacular Bid), 04T60,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Blondie Beware (Chief’s Reward—Gold Stage Express, Gold Stage), 04Y1,200, MP.

Authorized (Crafty Prospector—Funky Chicken, Line in the Sand), 04Y6,000, MP.

Dancing Logo (Dance Brightly—Wild Logo, Our Emblem), 04Y4,000, MP.

I’ll Take You On (Dance Brightly—Eternal Wave, Gulch), 04W2,500, MP.

Touch Diamond (Diamond—Whitelen, Allen’s Prospect), 04Y2,000, MP.

Dahong Cima (Family Calling—Communicator Madam, Allen’s Prospect), 04T10,000, MP.

Findabel (Fashion Find—Cielobel, Idabel), 04Y9,000, MP.

Ms. Fupeg (Fusaichi Pegasus—Desviacion, Unreal Zeal), 04Y375,000, MP.

Fusaichi Spirit (Fusaichi Pegasus—Individual Spirit, Seattle Slew), 04Y150,000, MP.

unnamed (Fusaichi Pegasus—Proper Form, Deputy Minister), 04Y55,000, MP.

Fusaichi Samurai (Fusaichi Pegasus—Hidden Storm, Storm Cat), 04T4,500,000, MP.

Frank’s Gold (Gold Alert—Numerous Answers, Numerous), 04W9,000, MP.

Genovia (Gold Alert—Nat’s My Gal, Gold Crest), 04Y21,000, MP.

Paolo (Line in the Sand—Dylan’s Gold, Gold Crest), 04T8,500, MP.

Emma’s Aunt Amy (Line in the Sand—Clutch Performance, Rare Performer), 04T75,000, MP.

Gracie’s Choice (Line in the Sand—Merlin’s Gold, Crafty Prospector), 04Y1,200, MP.

Rowdy Party (Line in the Sand—Okay Babe, Crafty Prospector), 04Y3,000, MP.

Betontheline (Line in the Sand—Sharethechampagne, Woodman), 04Y1,100, MP.

Viterello’s Ace (Mojave Moon—Midnight Fleet, Tank’s Prospect), 04Y2,400, MP.

Lovely Senorita (Not for Love—Am Senorita, Miswaki), 04T39,000, MP.

Celtic Emblem (Our Emblem—Celtic Raven, Miesque’s Son), 04W3,500, MP.

Faier Emblem (Our Emblem—Tina Fleet, Afleet), 04Y15,000, MP.

Lil Miss Blurr (Pioneering—Blurr, Chromite), 04Y3,200, MP.

South Dakota Sally (Prospect Feature—La Me, North Prospect), 04Y900, MP.

Andrea’s Pearl (Smart Strike—Dawn of Promise, Tank’s Prospect), 04Y18,000, MP.

Rightnow Rightnow (Society Max—Mellenia, Geiger Counter), 04Y1,000, MP.

Woodman Copy (Souvenir Copy—Port Plaisance, Woodman), 04Y8,000, MP.

Sherintan’s Zeal (Unreal Zeal—Tinsel Toes, Silver Ghost), 04T11,500, MP.

Smoke to Flame (Smokester—Let’s Eat Lunch, Nostalgia’s Star), 04Y10,000, Never Tabled.

Patronise (Dixieland Band—Jade Aspen, Jade Hunter), 04Y37,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Angel Cristilea (Lucky North—Eskimo’s Angel, Eskimo), 04W5,700, ND.

Junior Council (Sadler’s Wells—Meteor Stage, Stage Door Johnny), 04Y260,000, ND.

Dreamyev (Unusual Heat—Childs Dream, Stately Don), 04Y6,000, Nureyev.

Red Award (Red Ransom—Awwaliya, Distant Relative), 04Y225,000, Roberto.

Gamhwaryeok (Down the Aisle—Elusive Runaway, Hatchet Man), 04T7,500, Runaway Groom.

Classic Jewel (Event of the Year—Day Jewels, Slew o’ Gold), 04Y19,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Waystogeaux (Leestown—Annual Guest, Vigors), 04Y6,000, SS.

Valentine Road (Reign Road—Leslie’s Valentine, Gate Dancer), 04Y1,000, Sovereign Dancer.

Alyssa’s Art (Catienus—Art of Illusion, Forest Wildcat), 04Y2,500, Storm Cat.

My Red Sea (Sea of Secrets—Defining, Miswaki), 04T12,000, Storm Cat.

Carmen’s Appeal (Valid Belfast—Sapphire Valley, Rubiano), 04Y1,600, Valid Appeal.

Valid Exchange (Valid Expectations—Copelan’s Exchange, Copelan),04Y41,000, Valid Appeal.


Finnegan’s Lad (Broad Brush—Date Stone, Forty Niner), 04Y525,000, Ack Ack.

Ayala Cove (Mt. Livermore—Kitra, Woodman), 04Y55,000, Blushing Groom.

Hips and Lips (Montbrook—Witch Wife, Smarten), 04Y150,000, Buckaroo.

Judys Favorite Son (Cozzene—Francisco Road, Strawberry Road), 04Y80,000, Caro.

Expert’s Choice (Fool the Experts—Natanes, Society Max), 04Y2,700, Crafty Drone.

Eastern Zee (Eastern Echo—Allegro, Timeless Native), 04Y1,500, Damascus.

To the Brim (Ascot Knight—Capacity, Capote), 04Y19,423, Danzig.

Oswald (Outflanker—Crystal Sky, Conquistador Cielo), 04Y2,000, Danzig.

Southern Capital (Sea Salute—Stravella, Miswaki), 04Y10,500, Danzig.

Send Me an Angel (Halo’s Image—Heavenly Deed, Shadeed), 04Y20,000, Halo.

Fawn Bluff (Halo’s Image—Power and Grace, Cox’s Ridge), 04Y11,000, Halo.

Maugusta (Saint Ballado—Heraklia, Irish River), 04Y180,000, Halo.

Magical Halo (Southern Halo—Crafty Magic, Crafty Prospector), 04Y10,000, Halo.

San Arroyo (Meadowlake—Houston Vixen, Houston), 04W17,000, Hold Your Peace.

Susie’s Prospect (Allen’s Prospect—Habar’s Mystery, Cryptoclearance), 04Y40,000, MP.

Precision Red (Cape Canaveral—Madame Giselle, Royal Academy), 04Y6,750, MP.

Manuscript (Carson City—Deer Ridge, Deerhound), 04Y180,000, MP.

Frontier Express (Carson City—Zinned, Silver Deputy), 04Y100,000, MP.

Ceres Courage (Carson City—Indyfault, A.P. Indy), 04W90,000, MP.

Eye for Style (Crason City—Donna Karan, Roy), 04Y60,000, MP.

Guns Drawn (Carson City—Inner Circle, El Gran Senor), 04Y60,000, MP.

Flim Flam Man (Carson City—Unbridled Ambition, Unbridled), 04Y42,000, MP.

Electric Charlie (Cat’s Career—Calafia, Marquetry), 04W4,500, MP.

Itsacatswhirled (Cat’s Career—Whirled Peas, Pentelicus), 04Y800, MP.

Careerwithnicole (Cat’s Career—Prado Gold, El Prado), 04T2,700, MP.

Jazz Man (Cloud Hopping—Picasso Moon, Honor Grades), 04W1,000, MP.

Tommy’s Turn (Conquistador Cielo—Grable, Dehere), 04Y22,000, MP.

Crafty Kid (Crafty Prospecter—Kidnap, Silver Deputy), 04T275,000, MP.

St Philip (Dance Brightly—Tender Moment, Torrential), 04W13,000, MP.

Keunakeun Seonmul (Dance Brightly—Hansel’s Beauty, Hansel), 04T9,000, MP.

Stranglehold (Distinctive Pro—The Roodeye, Rare Brick), 04Y5,000, MP.

Yeokchujeok (Distinctive Pro—Sure Thing, Tasso), 04T16,000, MP.

Misty Trail (Excellent Secret—Wayne’s Belle, Wayne’s Crane), 04Y5,500, MP.

Call Sara (Family Calling—Buzz Lively, Lively One), 04Y5,500, MP.

Family Appeal (Family Calling—Midnight Appeal, Valid Appeal), 04T14,000, MP.

Young Glory (Fusaichi Pegasus—Kris Pit, Kris S.), 04Y170,000, MP.

Fusaichi Lady (Fusaichi Pegasus—Lady of Choice, Storm Bird), 04Y525,000, MP.

Ginny’s Sunshine (Fusaichi Pegasus—Tomorrows Sunshine, Silver Deputy), 04Y700,000, MP.

Special Heritage (Gone West—Heritage of Gold, Gold Legend), 04Y170,000, MP.

Peebles (Gone West—Poetically, Silver Deputy), 04Y400,000, MP.

Cool Customer (Gone West—Radu Cool, Carnivalay), 04Y275,000, MP.

He’s Gone West (Gone West—She’s a Devil Due, Devil His Due), 04Y130,000, MP.

Gold on Go (Gold Alert—All Plum Gold, All Gone), 04Y500, MP.

Gig’s Magic (Gulch—Magic of Love, Magic Ring), 04Y140,000, MP.

Ann’s Domain (Homebuilder—Capote Ann, Capote), 04Y11,000, MP.

Homebuilderbobanna (Homebuilder—Hannahannabobanna, Dansil), 04Y1,500, MP.

King’s Bet (Kingmambo—Cherokee Crossing, Cherokee Colony), 04Y130,000, MP.

Tonality (Line in the Sand—Silky Tonya, Fortunate Prospect), 04T7,000, MP.

Wise Diplomat (Line in the Sand—T. G. for Wanda, Fortunate Prospect), 04T55,000, MP.

El Gato Olivo (Line in the Sand—Cryptocat, Cryptoclearance), 04Y1,100, MP.

Skyway Express (Line in the Sand—Spanish Queen, Fortunate Prospect), 04Y9,500, MP.

South Beach Baby (Line in the Sand—Miss Star Quest, Norquestor), 04Y1,000, MP.

Hank’s Hope (Manlove—Hi Hope, Pentelicus), 04W1,000, MP.

Fortheloveofconnor (Not for Love—Silk Stole, Pulpit), 04W70,000, MP.

Kim’s Miracle (Numerous—Shelly’s Gorgeous, Shelly’s Charmer), 04Y3,500, MP.

Our Day (Our Emblem—Perfect Day, Dayjur), 04W3,500, MP.

Three Dollar Baby (Our Emblem—Dancing Chevron, Flying Chevron), 04Y12,000, MP.

Our Milky Way (Our Emblem—Protogalaxy, Thirty Six Red), 04Y3,500, MP.

Wire Me Cash (Our Emblem—Showmethegreencard, De Niro), 04Y11,654, MP.

Pioneering Pro (Pioneering—Royalty Check, Roy), 04T16,000, MP.

Flip the Music (Prospector’s Music—Flipster, Press Card), 04Y7,700, MP.

Crayda (Proud and True—Adios Kiddoes, Kipper Kelly), 04Y5,000, MP.

Power Politics (Seeking the Gold—Stormy Pick, Storm Creek), 04Y380,000, MP.

Winningthesilver (Silver Ghost—Brenda D S, Fortunate Prospect), 04Y11,000, MP.

Low Strike Zone (Smart Strike—Royal Ride, Pulpit), 04Y40,000, MP.

Plant the Flag (Smart Strike—Terra Nova, Mt. Livermore), 04Y34,961, MP.

Dutchman (Smart Strike—Renfro Valley Star, Dayjur), 04T60,000, MP.

My Pie (Souvenir Copy—Richie’s Girls, Black Tie Affair), 04Y4,000, MP.

Pave Star (Souvenir Copy—Silver Whirl, Silver Hawk), 04Y16,000, MP.

Golden Strategy (Strategic Mission—Glacial Lake, Marquetry), 04Y3,500, MP.

Two Punch Jones (Two Punch—Canadian Halo, Halo), 04W32,000, MP.

Travelin Leroy (Two Punch—Morning Tease, Holy Bull), 04Y27,000, MP.

Pepita Raquel (Unreal Zeal—Rachel Elizabeth, Cryptoclearance), 04T12,000, MP.

State Ballet (Moscow Ballet—State Your Course, Stately Cielo), 04Y4,500, Nijinsky II.

Alluring Eyes (Royal Academy—Viridian City, Prized), 04Y40,000, Nijinsky II.

Energy Sun (Sword Dance—Blushing Windy, Geiger Counter), 04Y3,500, Nijinsky II.

Bewitching Miss (Sword Dance—Mystical Affair, Colonial Affair), 04T13,000, Nijinsky II.

Bultaeryeong (Sword Dance—The Faster You Get, Entropy), 04T12,000, Nijinsky II.

Tough Deal (Carnivalay—Dontforgethedealer, Line in the Sand), 04T5,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

My Bulls Eye (Carnivalay—Missle Lock, Goldlust), 04T4,700, ND.

Suteki Shinsukekun (Danzig—Autumn Moon, Mr. Prospector), 04Y550,000, ND.

Travel Team (Danzig—Lady Upstage, Alzao), 04Y80,000, ND.

Major Commitment (Danzig—Scads, Forty Niner), 04Y2,000,000, ND.

Another Gladiator (Danzig—Scarab Bracelet, Riverman), 04Y65,000, ND.

En Dixie (Dixieland Band—En Silence, Rahy), 04W120,000, ND.

Durajazz (Dixieland Band—Durants, Red Ransom), 04Y15,000, ND.

Bring the Noise (Dixieland Band—Music Fever, Gold Fever), 04Y70,000, ND.

Machomaru (Dixieland Band—Mysteries, Seattle Slew), 04Y150,000, ND.

Fever (Dixieland Band—Woodman’s Dancer, Woodman), 04Y120,000, ND.

Dixie Slew (Dixieland Band—Madam Moyra, Seattle Slew), 04T160,000, ND.

Train Conductor (Lucky North—Believe in Heather, Sword Dance), 04W700, ND.

Gaese Jijae (Lucky North—Missing Dancer, Gate Dancer), 04T6,500, ND.

Soloshot (Shotiche—Sempre Solo, Allen’s Prospect), 04T5,000, ND.

unnamed (Atticus—Turbo Dream, Unbridled), 04Y4,000, Nureyev.

Gracie Girl (Stravinsky—Carefree Sid, Thunder Gulch), 04Y18,000, Nureyev.

Casting Zagora (Theatrical—Zagora, Kingmambo), 04Y21,000, Nureyev.

Funny Funny (Highland Park—Our Fuuny Face, Totality), 04Y2,700, Raise a Native.

Victory Spin (Lear Fan—Spinning n Winning, Spinning World), 04W3,000, Roberto.

Mitanni (Lear Fan—Maria Dolores, Prized), 04Y52,000, Roberto.

Love for a Price (Repriced—Bye My Love, Runaway Groom), 04W1,000, Roberto.

Wishinguponastar (Repriced—Resilient, Wild Again), 04Y16,000, Roberto.

My Charmer Lady (Chief Seattle—Ms. Versatality, Opening Verse), 03Y37,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Thrilling Victory (Event of the Year—Golden Shadows, Dehere), 04T35,000, SS.

Quarterly Report (General Meeting—Fiscal Year, Half a Year), 04Y170,000, SS.

Magicafterdark (Houston—Ray’s Dancer, Bolger), 04Y3,500, SS.

Slew of Money (Ocala Slew—Josie’s Money, De Niro), 04Y800, SS.

Brillant Success (Successful Appeal—Brillant Way, Beau Genius), 04T20,000, Valid Appeal.


Ebony Rose (Bernstein—Prettyasarose, Affirmed), 04Y125,000, Affirmed.

Faster Than Indy (Beautiful Indy—Dear Sweet, Baldski), 04W40,000, Baldski.

Intensifier (Unbridled’s Song—Carlotta Maria, Caro), 04Y250,000, Caro.

Fiery Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Baltic Sea, Danzig), 04T320,000, Danzig.

Crazy Casey (Arrested—The Jickster, Distinctive Pro), 04Y14,000, Distinctive Pro.

A Fool for Gin (Go for Gin—Moneyaswespeak, His Majesty), 04T8,000, His Majesty.

Expecting Logan (Valid Expectations—Iron’s Advance, Iron Constitution), 04Y10,000, Iron Constitution.

Collect to Seattle (Chancery Court—Crank Call, Phone Trick), 04Y3,700, Phone Trick.

Doctor Jewel (Big Jewel—Romantic Beauty, Rajab), 04W1,200, Rajab.

He Dent Do It (Big Jewel—Romantic Beauty, Rajab), 04Y1,500, Rajab.

E B Striker (Smart Strike—Miss Owens, Smarten), 04T19,000, Smarten.

Night Watch (Take Me Out—Radiant Music, Stop the Music), 04W1,100, Stop the Music.

Banker’s High Yield (High Yield—Savannah’s Honor, Storm Bird), 04Y23,000, Storm Bird.

Thunder Point (Thunder Gulch—Stormy Jewel, Storm Bird), 04T120,000, Storm Bird.

More Than a Feelin (More Than Ready—Park City Gal, Woodman), 04W60,000, Woodman.


Springstreetballet (Bernstein—Sanctionize, Groovy), 04Y72,000, Affirmed.

Exotic Eyes (Diligence—Pink Lace, Naked Sky), 04T17,000, Al Hattab.

Just Ditto (Just a Cat—Just a Alleycat, Back Alley), 04Y799, Alydar.

Charmer Bar None (Just a Cat—Saratoga Charmer, Saratoga Six), 04Y7,645, Alydar.

Just a Scat Cat (Just a Cat—Lady Piet, Steady Beat), 04T38,000, Alydar.

Daniel (Lion Hearted—Montana Jordana, Holy Bull), 04T12,000, Alydar.

Outflanked (Outflanker—Bad Barnett, Jeblar), 04Y5,000, Alydar.

Outgraces (Outflanker—No Social Graces, Jeblar), 04Y2,200, Alydar.

Martywantstofish (Beautiful Indy—Ultravase, Honour and Glory), 04W30,000, Baldski.

Love My Place (Out of Place—My Michelle, Boundary), 04Y5,200, Best Turn.

If It’s Meant to B (David—Roving Eyes, Rahy), 04T35,000, Blushing Groom.

Successful Outlook (Orientate—Catch a Glimpse, Gulch), 04W75,000, Blushing Groom.

Havin a Good Time (Peaks and Valleys—City Mouse, Rahy), 04T15,000, Blushing Groom.

She’s Blushing (Prince of the Mt.—Blushing Nights, Seattle Knight), 04T2,000, Blushing Groom.

Glorious Groom (Stravinsky—Good to Be Queen, Rahy), 04Y90,000, Blushing Groom.

Decadent Dancer (Subordination—Blushing Doll, Blushing John), 04T5,500, Blushing Groom.

Rosy Lea (Swain—Moonshine Girl, Shadeed), 04Y9,000, Blushing Groom.

Seneca Sugar (Seneca Jones—That Kind I Want, Relaunch), 04Y5,500, Bold Forbes.

Jacbnimblejacbquik (John the Magician—Lady of Laddie, Bold Laddie), 04Y7,645, Boldnesian.

Shadow Rush (Skywalker—Love a Ruckus, Bold Ruckus), 04Y205,879, Boldnesian.

Justawitch (Chief Seattle—G. U. Senorita, Pamcho Villa), 04W12,000, Bold Reasoning.

Naderie (Double D. Slew—Sippewisset, Damascus), 04Y1,300, Bold Reasoning.

Lady Miswaki (Miswaki—Purely Social, State Dinner), 04Y8,000, Buckpasser.

Seeking Intrigue (Seeking the Gold—Political Intrigue, Deputy Minister), 04Y200,000, Buckpasser.

unnamed (Silver Charm—Share the Wealth, Key to the Mint), 04Y80,000, Buckpasser.

Unbridled Behavior (Unbridled’s Song—Belle Nuit, Dr. Carter), 04Y55,000, Caro.

Singsinthechoir (Unbridled’s Song—Raise a Carter, Dr. Carter), 04Y110,000, Caro.

Usurpator (Unbridled’s Song—Zoftig, Cozzene), 04Y650,000, Caro.

Spanishayes (Mazel Trick—Executricker, El Prado), 04Y3,500, Clever Trick.

Timeless Trick (Mazel Trick—Timeless Twist, Timeless Moment), 04Y32,000, Clever Trick.

Alaco (Straight Man—Cornish Pastie, Mining), 04W10,000, Cornish Prince.

Straightlittlelady (Straight Man—Fun City Lady, Jeblar), 04T25,000, Cornish Prince.

Pepper Lang (Cimarron Secret—Eatyourpeaslouise, Robyn Dancer), 04T2,700, Crafty Prospector.

Sir Boundary (Boundary—Bereavement, Timeless Moment), 04Y6,000, Damascus.

Rachael’s Ridge (Esplanade Ridge—Paba Free, Benefice), 04Y600, Damascus.

Flying Appeal (Fly So Free—Divine, Topsider), 04Y4,500, Damascus.

Mass Transit (Gilded Time—Scar Trek, Clever Trick), 04T25,000, Damascus.

Private Wager (Out of Place—Private Banking, Private Account), 04Y6,850, Damascus.

Bethpage Black (Private Terms—Intimate Moments, Benefice), 04T22,000, Damascus.

Mytermsonly (Private Terms—Only Angel, Cause Celebre), 04Y6,500, Damascus.

Amillionreasons (Red Ransom—Cin Isa Luv, Private Account), 04W9,000, Damascus.

Linda T. (Rodeo—Doc n Trope, Sitzmark), 04T5,700, Damascus.

Tell Da Judge (Skip Trial—Fast Frimmer, Cutlass), 04Y11,000, Damascus.

Maj. Trouble (Swiss Yodeler—Flying None, Time for a Change), 04W2,500, Damascus.

Tropical Beauty (Time Bandit—Time for Daylight, Timeless Moment), 04T25,000, Damascus.

Triple Account (Top Account—Triple Top, Topsider), 04T35,000, Damascus.

El Rayo de Jalisco (Chief Hortensia—Eaglefeer, Eagle Eyed), 04Y1,500, Danzig.

Shezafox (Distorted Humor—Buckeye Star, Foxhound), 04Y30,000, Danzig.

unnamed (Ecton Park—Sejm’s Lunar Star, Sejm), 04W19,000, Danzig.

Sophia Grace (Fusaichi Pegasus—Altos de Chavon, Polish Numbers), 04W42,000, Danzig.

Balhara (Fusaichi Pegasus—Star of Africa, Polish Precedent), 04Y13,000, Danzig.

Laddie’s Loaded (Lil’s Lad—Load Up, Dove Hunt), 04W10,000, Danzig.

Pure Madness (Minardi—Woodypine, Pine Bluff), 04Y2,000, Danzig.

Seventytwovikings (Skip Away—Marfie, Marfa), 04Y8,500, Diplomat Way.

Just Like a Woman (Charismatic—Parrish Empress, His Majesty), 04Y18,000, Drone.

Djournet (Grindstone—Buzz Buzz Buzz, Well Decorated), 04T9,000, Drone.

unnamed (Albert the Great—Tasaruma, Tasso), 04W9,500, Fappiano.

Unbridled Anees (Anees—Hot Flash, Cahill Road), 04T10,500, Fappiano.

Milesnmilesnmiles (Real Quiet—Pentfoot, Pentelicus), 04Y3,000, Fappiano.

Blistering Fx (Real Quiet—September Rain, Trapp Mountain), 04Y9,323, Fappiano.

Pyrrhic Victory (Victory Gallop—Lady Tasso, Tasso), 04Y300,000, Fappiano.

Alcansamesipodes (Memo—Presidiaria, Ahmad), 04Y3,500, Good Manners.

Roman Rose (Open Forum—Adamantine, Halo), 04Y3,700, Graustark.

Swift Silver (Open Forum—Cirque du Soleil, Solar City), 04T9,500, Graustark.

Spring Chick (Undeniable—Spring Cotillion, Avatar), 04Y8,000, Graustark.

Beauty Winner (King of Kings—Baba Cool, Kings Lake), 04Y10,000, Habitat.

Foreign Minister (Saint Ballado—Strawberry Reason, Strawberry Road), 04Y700,000, Hail to Reason.

Zippity (Abaginone—Seasons Comerant, Cormorant), 04Y12,000, Halo.

Bye Run (Goodbye Doeny—St. Catherine, Devil’s Bag), 04Y4,600, Halo.

Let’s Get Serious (Machiavellian—Sudden Mischief, Southern Halo), 04Y37,000, Halo.

Worth More (More Than Ready—Worth’s Girl, Devil’s Bag), 04Y50,000, Halo.

Jack’s Kid (More Than Ready—Sweet Femme, Saratoga Six), 04T75,000, Halo.

B Sharp Major (Silk Song—Act Lively, Lively One), 04Y2,200, Halo.

Dolac (Devil’s Bag—Blue Defense, Defensive Play), 04Y3,500, Herbager.

Two Dog’s Running (Anziyan—Lively and Lovely, Lively One), 04W2,700, His Majesty.

Caribbean Honey (Anziyan—Batscan, Batonnier), 04T1,000, His Majesty.

Broadway Martha (Broad Brush—Martha Stalwart, Stalwart), 04T100,000, Hoist the Flag.

Crypto’s Dream (Cryptoclearance—Mom’s Alleged, Alleged), 04Y2,000, Hoist the Flag.

Bay Pond (Forest Camp—Tacit Bid, Meadowlake), 04Y180,000, Hold Your Peace.

The Pharaoh (Forest Camp—Touche de Velours, Meadowlake), 04Y80,000, Hold Your Peace.

Dasherboard (Anet—Virginia Cool, The Cool Virginian), 04Y9,000, Icecapade.

Ghiaccio (Chief Seattle—Cugar, Clever Trick), 04W2,200, Icecapade.

Clever Chief (Chief Seattle—Baldski’s Finesse, Clever Trick), 04Y45,000, Icecapade.

Culinary (El Amante—Volunteer, Ski Champ), 04T25,000, Icecapade.

Q Inflite (Matchlite—Now Listen to Roxy, Now Listen), 04Y1,200, Icecapade.

Clever Event (Wild Event—Clever Adele, Clever Trick), 04Y7,000, Icecapade.

A Ps Special Jet (A. P Jet—Especially Aly, Relaunch), 04T4,500, In Reality.

Melissa’s Star (A. P Jet—Kuma Bear, Judge Smells), 04T27,000, In Reality.

Booboocando (Commendable—Deliteful Princess), 04Y34,000, In Reality.

Commendable Girl (Commendable—Diane’s Girl, Relaunch), 04Y7,500, In Reality.

Commend Time (Commendable—Times a Wastin, Gilded Time), 04T180,000, In Reality.

Keep n’ Line (Crafty Prospector—Bare It Properly, Proper Reality), 04Y100,000, In Reality.

General Funds (General Royal—No Kayela, American Standard), 04Y3,200, In Reality.

Admiral Reigart (General Royal—Entoria, Stop the Music), 04T6,500, In Reality.

Sanctify (General Royal—Satisfy, Known Fact), 04T10,000, In Reality.

Skatin Jake (Honour and Glory—Li Law, Known Fact), 04Y75,000, In Reality.

Our Father (Honour and Glory—Redeemer, Dixieland Band), 04Y85,000, In Reality.

Honorable Ruler (Honour and Glory—Queen Tutta, Kris S.), 04T2,200, In Reality.

Alittlepretentious (Littleexpectations—Pretentious Digs, Dignitas), 04W3,000, In Reality.

unnamed (Medford—Miss Princess, Believe It), 04W1,000, In Reality.

Jolly Good Guy (Pentelicus—Good Golly Gumdrop, Kyle’s Our Man), 04Y12,500, In Reality.

Suzy Q (Pentelicus—Idella, Real Courage), 04T9,000, In Reality.

Slew Motion (Slew Gin Fizz—Inthemiddleofitall, Proper Reality), 04T60,000, In Reality.

Storm Forcast (Slew Gin Fizz—Valid Storm, Valid Appeal), 04T30,000, In Reality.

Ensign Appeal (Successful Appeal—Honorable Ensign, Blue Ensign), 04Y84,000, In Reality.

Reality Valid (Valid Belfast—Del’s Special, Enough Reality), 04Y2,300, In Reality.

Expect Flowers (Valid Expectations—Flora Spring, Real Courage), 04Y10,000, In Reality.

Sweet Will (Valid Expectations—Sweet Surprise, Relaunch), 04Y20,000, In Reality.

My Time to Shine (Valid Expectations—Your So Special, Known Fact), 04T10,000, In Reality.

Perfect Wager (Valid Wager—Launch the Clan, Relaunch), 04Y11,000, In Reality.

Quoit Friendly (Waquoit—Mia Smiling, Smile), 04W8,500, In Reality.

Sweet Will (Valid Expectations—Sweet Surprise, Relaunch), 04Y20,000, Iron Constitution.

Diamonds for Alyse (Diamond—Roses for Alyce, Java Gold), 04T4,000, Key to the Mint.

Conspirator (Cee’s Tizzy—Promessa, Falstaff), 04T9,000, Lyphard.

King A. J. (King Cugat—Murfreesboro, Wavering Monarch), 04W5,000, Majestic Light.

Voodoo Priestess (King Cugat—Murfreesboro, Wavering Monarch), 04Y50,000, Majestic Light.

Winter Vacation (A. P Jet—Winter Dreams, Distinctive Pro), 04Y20,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Sense of Speed (A. P Jet—Out of the Buggy, Miswaki), 04T45,000, MP.

Quiet Rendition (A. P Jet—Quiet City, Carson City), 04T102,000, MP.

Banking (Banker’s Gold—Fabulous Five, Naevus), 04T14,000, MP.

Radical Banker (Banker’s Gold—Free Radical, Distinctive Pro), 04T8,000, MP.

Distintoydiferente (Banker’s Gold—Merchant, Silver Ghost), 04Y21,000, MP.

J’s Goldeena (Banker’s Gold, Reflexion, Miner’s Mark), 04Y1,000, MP.

Sky of Summer (Big Sky Chester—Cocoon of Summer, Half Term), 04Y10,500, MP.

Musical Moment (Brahms—Galwood, Woodman), 04W57,000, MP.

I’m a Robber (Brahms—Nothing Negative, Double Negative), 04Y13,000, MP.

Can’t Touch This (Bugatti Reef—Carson Touch, Carson City), 04T14,500, MP.

Gotthatfeeling (Cape Town—Enchanted Acorn, Crafty Prospector), 04Y95,000, MP.

Heavy Metal (Capture the Gold—Metallikat, Northern Prospect), 04T10,000, MP.

Capture the Wind (Capture the Gold—Stutz Poker, Stutz Blackhawk), 04T37,000, MP.

Cartlets (Cartwright—Kinklets, Drone), 04Y8,500, MP.

Tina’s Rolex (Catienus—Big Headache, Chequer), 04Y4,500, MP.

Cat Scratcher (Catienus—Olinka, Wolfhound), 04Y1,700, MP.

Magistrada (Catienus—Painted Pink, Conquistador Cielo), 04Y2,200, MP.

Cajun Hot Sauce (Catienus—Shattered Heart, Sutter’s Prospect), 04T15,500, MP.

Bruiser Star (Catienus—Wynona, Afleet), 04T9,500, MP.

Set Up (Chimes Band—Straight Sets, Texas City), 04Y12,000, MP.

Big Red Ranger (Commendable—Political Wife, Dehere), 04Y3,000, MP.

Super Diva (Cryptoclearance—Above Reproach, Crafty Prospector), 04Y11,000, MP.

Cryaletha (Cryptoclearance—Aletha, Conquistador Cielo), 04Y8,200, MP.

Babygold (Cryptoclearance—Arctic Gold Rush, Crafty Prospector), 04Y5,000, MP.

Campiano Queen (Cryptoclearance—Bint Alvoyager, Golden Voyager), 04Y3,600, MP.

Erbanski (Dayjur—Miss the Dance, Not for Love), 04Y7,000, MP.

Smart Sal (Devonwood—Depth of Wisdom, Gulch), 04Y1,400, MP.

Teague’s Fight (Devonwood—One Hundred Plus, Claim), 04Y4,969, MP.

Ozilda’s Honor Ms. (Double Honor—Ozilda’s Gale, Fountain of Gold), 04W12,000, MP.

Misty Parade (Double Honor—Hazy Star, Prospective Star), 04Y4,500, MP.

Rich Baroness (Double Honor—Baroness Stutz, Stutz Blackhawk), 04T35,000, MP.

Espadrille Wings (Ecton Park—Tantrum, Pleasant Colony), 04Y80,000, MP.

One Starry Nite (Five Star Day—Jovette, St. Jovite), 04Y55,000, MP.

Sabatini (Five Star Day—Play Date, Geiger Counter), 04Y43,000, MP.

Mystery Prospect (Fortunate Prospect—Mystery Line, Line in the Sand), 04Y7,000, MP.

Rubies n Gold (Gold Case—Precious Find, Demidoff), 04Y13,000, MP.

Prospector Fever (Gold Fever—Prospectors Guest, Gulch), 04Y5,250, MP.

Hammering Henry (Gold Fever—Trading, A.P. Indy), 04Y29,000, MP.

Goldenaskanbe (Gold Fever—Askrania, Afleet), 04T16,000, MP.

Kianga’s Gold (Goldminers Gold—Search and Burn, Regal Search), 04Y1,500, MP.

El Gran Melin (Good and Tough—Below Broad Street, Kokand), 04Y13,000, MP.

Good Edition (Good and Tough—Tuesday Edition, Gold Alert), 04T135,000, MP.

One Eighty (Grand Slam—Himmlisch, Gulch), 04W55,000, MP.

Ought (Grand Slam—Silver Valley Girl, Deputy Minister), 04W95,000, MP.

Red Hot Dress (Grand Slam—Dress, Topsider), 04Y15,000, MP.

Tribute to Bob (Grand Slam—King’s Love, Kingmambo), 04Y120,000, MP.

Patroller (Grand Slam—Scouting, Woodman), 04Y60,000, MP.

No Called Strikes (Grand Slam—Smart Ladys Friend, Carson City), 04Y230,000, MP.

Halory’s Prospect (Halory Hunter—Instinctive Pro, Distinctive Pro), 04Y4,500, MP.

Black Velvet Band (Intidab—Buddy’s Dinasha, Double Negative), 04W3,000, MP.

Smoke Shop (Jazz Club—I Smokin, Two Punch), 04Y50,000, MP.

Senor Jazz (Jazz Club—Signorita Cielo, Conquistador Cielo), 04Y3,500, MP.

Mugam (King Cugat—Miner League, Cherokee Colony), 04Y12,000, MP.

Two Timin Lance (Latin American—Two Timin Woman, Native Prospector), 04W4,000, MP.

Allsorts (Lemon Drop Kid—Call Me Up, Miner’s Mark), 04Y35,000, MP.

Think Smarter (Lexicon—Miss Smarter, Homebuilder), 04Y10,500, MP.

Jager Bomb (Light of Mine—Kilian’s Canyon, Aurium), 04Y3,093, MP.

Light Grinder (Light of Mine—Velvet Rose, Numerous), 04Y3,093, MP.

Abandon All Hope (Lord Carson—Lady Sucree, Miner’s Mark), 04Y2,500, MP.

Luhuk’s Dancer (Luhuk—Mishawaka, Miswaki), 04Y16,237, MP.

unnamed (Malibu Moon—Silvery Lady, Silver Ghost), 04W4,000, MP.

Urban Guy (Marquetry—City Life, Carson City), 04Y80,000, MP.

Sanghyang Dolpa (Marquetry—Kalmila, Miswaki), 04Y4,500, MP.

Quite a Catch (Matter of Honor—Quite a Find, Mining), 04Y7,745, MP.

My Lolita (Minardi—Carmelita, Mogambo), 04Y4,000, MP.

Arkis (Minardi—Mikimodo, Double Negative), 04Y7,250, MP.

Grass Wave (Mr. Greeley—Top, Cox’s Rdige), 04T120,000, MP.

Chimney Stone (Mr. Greeley—Fair Jordan, Woodman), 04W80,000, MP.

Mudder Mary (Mr. Greeley—Eighteen Carat, Gold Alert), 04Y50,000, MP.

Lojicar (Mutakddim—Crafty Women, Crafty Prospector), 04W21,000, MP.

Sugar for My Honey (Mutakddim—Jayhawk Judy, Woodman), 04W47,000, MP.

Mosquetero (Mutakddim—Fairy West, Gone West), 04Y1,500, MP.

Cheatinginseattle (Mutakddim—Finagle, Barachois), 04Y3,500, MP.

Godongsori (New Way—Jaded Lady, Afleet), 04T7,200, MP.

Night Tracer (Night Runner—Trace Mineral, Collier), 04Y800, MP.

No Phone Dean (Northern Afleet—Lady Blackhawk, Stutz Blackhawk), 04Y40,000, MP.

Bootsontheground (Northern Devil—Vago, Carson City), 04Y2,000, MP.

Forty Colors (On Target—Haviland Road, Distinctive Pro), 04Y2,400, MP.

Legs on Parade (Parade Ground—Blurr, Chromite), 04T1,100, MP.

Ice Capades (Pauliano—Legacy in Ice, Chromite), 04T5,500, MP.

Raise the Weight (Pentelicus—Via Mizner, Forty Niner), 04Y30,000, MP.

Hibachi (Peruvian—Crafty Clementine, Crafty Prospector), 04Y1,300, MP.

Fast Pike (Pikepass—Range, Cox’s Ridge), 04Y4,500, MP.

Make a Pass (Pikepass—West Amerigirl, Gone West), 04Y7,200, MP.

Nicene (Pulpit—Shuttle, Conquistador Cielo), 04Y85,000, MP.

Karen’s Roar (Roar—Another Karla, Fappiano), 04Y6,000, MP.

unnamed (Robyn Dancer—Gomarygo, Rock Hill), 04Y4,200, MP.

Champagne Brunch (Robyn Dancer—Sharethechampagne, Woodman), 04T35,000, MP.

Ocean of Mystery (Sea of Secrets—Mpunga, Conquistador Cielo), 04W6,000, MP.

My Red Sea (Sea of Secrets—Defining, Miswaki), 04T12,000, MP.

Havasu (Sefapiano—Beguiled Again, Geiger Counter), 04Y10,000, MP.

Featherstone (Sefapiano—Stage Door Ann, Distinctive Pro), 04Y2,500, MP.

Tap Fab (Signal Tap—Keith’s Moment, Miswaki), 04T12,000, MP.

Spell Me (Silver Deputy—The Spell Is Gone, Gone West), 04W52,000, MP.

Silver Prospector (Silver Deputy—Ensnare, Seeking the Gold), 04Y70,000, MP.

Idolizer (Silver Deputy—Fleet Pact, Afleet), 04Y120,000, MP.

Edmonton (Silver Deputy—Flower Canyon, Gulch), 04Y150,000, MP.

Baby Silver Hello (Silver Deputy—Hello Rachel, Mining), 04Y32,000, MP.

Caribbean’s Herd (Silver Deputy—Karantina, Gone West), 04Y160,000, MP.

Deputy Buck (Silver Deputy—Romantic Pro, Distinctive Pro), 04Y70,000, MP.

Silver Knockout (Silver Deputy—Stars Knockout, Two Punch), 04Y28,000, MP.

Size the Bet (Smoke Glacken—Ruby Glows, Deputy Minister), 04Y200,000, MP.

Always Gold (Stolen Gold—Always Pleasing, Souvenir Copy), 04W650, MP.

Flowers Last Petal (Stolen Gold—Search for Flowers, Regal Search), 04Y1,000, MP.

unnamed (Storm Boot—Ijada, Jade Hunter), 04W3,500, MP.

Sister Cyclone (Storm Boot—Sister Girl, Conquistador Cielo), 04W55,000, MP.

Master Cat (Storm Boot—Crown Jewel, Regal Search), 04Y30,500, MP.

Rockwell (Storm Boot—Culver City, Afleet), 04Y75,000, MP.

Via Rodeo (Storm Boot—Ghost Runner, Procida), 04Y32,000, MP.

Air Supremacy (Storm Boot—Native Dowry, Naevus), 04Y190,000, MP.

Boldtoboot (Storm Boot—Not So Shy, Crafty Prospector), 04Y15,000, MP.

She’s Got the Fire (Storm Creek—Fire in the West, Gone West), 04Y6,500, MP.

Sunshine Stalker (Storm Creek—Afleet Mama, Afleet), 04T100,000, MP.

Flood Watch (Storm Creek—Prospective Joy, Allen’s Prospect), 04T63,000, MP.

Don’t Say No Sierra (Tactical Advantage—Diamond of Forever, Diamond Prospect), 04T52,000, MP.

Paws (Tale of the Cat—Champagne Sunset, Gulch), 04W140,000, MP.

Erica B Classy (Tale of the Cat—Miner’s Match, Miner’s Mark), 04Y55,000, MP.

Stall Tales (Tale of the Cat—Misdumarch, Miswaki), 04Y20,000, MP.

Falkirk (Tale of the Cat—Dewars Rocks, Big Mukora), 04Y350,000, MP.

Eight Left (Tale of the Cat—Fuerza Marina, Polish Navy), 04Y120,000, MP.

Cat Criminal (Tale of the Cat—Jade Bird, Jade Hunter), 04Y150,000, MP.

MGM Cat (Tale of the Cat—Jurisprudence, Seeking the Gold), 04Y750,000, MP.

Fabled (Tale of the Cat—Miner’s Blessing, Forty Niner), 04Y325,000, MP.

Advisor (Tale of the Cat—Second Symphony, Mining), 04Y375,000, MP.

Eleventh Street (Tale of the Cat—Afleet’s Gold, Afleet), 04T140,000, MP.

Daiwa Impact (Tale of the Cat—Stars Knockout, Two Punch), 04T240,000, MP.

Nike Welcome (Tale of the Cat—Dezibelle’s Star, Prospective Star), 04T250,000, MP.

Endless Dream (Tale of the Cat—Conquistador Blue, Conquistador Cielo), 04T375,000, MP.

Added Value (Thunder Gulch—Added Elegance, Stutz Blackhawk), 04W200,000, MP.

Tiger Bait (Thunder Gulch—Bello Cielo, Conquistador Cielo), 04Y95,000, MP.

Storm Master (Thunder Gulch—Conquistress, Conquistador Cielo), 04Y180,000, MP.

Drina’s Thunder (Thunder Gulch—Crafty Queen, Crafty Prospector), 04T57,000, MP.

Miss Thunderella (Thunder Gulch—Lady Danz, Danzig), 04T16,000, MP.

Thunder Lady (Thunder Gulch—Embrace Lauren, Conquistador Cielo), 04T17,000, MP.

Starflight Lad (Trajectory—Fairflightmiss, Afleet), 04Y5,809, MP.

Smart Silver (Two Smart—Silvery Lady, Silver Ghost), 04Y7,500, MP.

Ante Up Tom (Upping the Ante—La Love Cat, Manlove), 04Y700, MP.

Love Ante (Upping the Ante—La Love Cat, Manlove), 04T900, MP.

She’s Some Wagon (Wagon Limit—Forewarn, Procida), 04Y13,250, MP.

Whiteriver Gold (Banker’s Gold—Heron’s Flight, Green Dancer), 04Y15,000, Nijinsky II.

Shattered Spirit (Broken Vow—Deanne’s Lady, Dancing Champ), 04Y110,000, Nijinsky II.

Sky Emerald (Emerald Jig—Sky Trip, Kissinsky), 04T1,500, Nijinsky II.

Freedom Rocks (Fusaichi Accele—Rock n Roll Ballet, Moscow Ballet), 04Y1,800, Nijinsky II.

Stacie’s Token (Gold Token—Sleeplessnseattle, Seattle Dancer), 04W4,000, Nijinsky II.

Kawfee (Madraar—Santana Dance, Fred Astaire), 04Y879, Nijinsky II.

Say Dubai Bye (Madraar—Shadawn, Shadeed), 04Y1,200, Nijinsky II.

Rubiano Ruby (Rubiano—Baynettebabe, Sword Dance), 04Y13,000, Nijinsky II.

unnamed (Sky Classic—Energica, Affirmed), 04Y4,000, Nodouble.

Classic Emerald (Sky Classic—Genuine Emerald, Unduplicated), 04Y5,438, Nodouble.

Blues Chaser (Aptitude—Mysterel’s Lady, Saratoga Six), 04Y1,400, Northern Dancer (ND).

Cash Storm (Aptitude—Stylish Storm, Storm Bird), 04Y6,200, ND.

Atozoe (Aptitude—Zoe’s Gold, St. Jovite), 04Y32,000, ND.

Princess Tam (Brahms—Southern Fable, Exclusive Native), 04Y6,350, ND.

Select Gold (Devonwood—Snow Drummer, Follow the Drum), 04Y5,734, ND.

Sweetwood (Devonwood—Sweet On You, Northern Horizon), 04Y7,263, ND.

Lenape Legend (Dixie Union—Northern Sanction, Affirmed), 04Y117,500, ND.

Sara’s Fling (Eastern Echo—See Sea Sara, Carnivalay), 04Y6,000, ND.

Family Voyage (Family Calling—Starfire Voyage, Fire Dancer), 04Y24,500, ND.

Dillagi (Family Calling—Native Northrop, Northrop), 04T6,000, ND.

Siempre Fi Boy (Langfuhr—Para Siempre, Val de l’Orne), 04Y2,700, ND.

Slam Down (Line in the Sand—Country Folly, Secreto), 04T3,000, ND.

First in the Sand (Line in the Sand—For the First Time, Sunny North), 04Y1,500, ND.

To Live by Grace (Line in the Sand—Yedinka, Blushing John), 04Y2,700, ND.

Miss Syria (Louis Quatorze—Unsaddled, Pancho Villa), 04Y40,000, ND.

Lycurgus (Not for Love—Canavakiss, Rakeen), 04Y75,000, ND.

Cupid’s Bow (Not for Love—Tie a Bow, Dance Spell), 04Y30,000, ND.

Crack the Whip (Pine Bluff—Bridal Tea, Gulch), 04Y29,000, ND.

Acadiano (Royal Academy—Tobiano, Mt. Livermore), 04Y9,000, ND.

Metallic Grit (Royal Academy—Dancelikethedevil, Devil’s Bag), 04T22,000, ND.

Manda Girl (Signal Tap—Wajibird, Storm Bird), 04Y3,000, ND.

Fantasmita (Southern Halo—False Image, Danzig), 04Y25,000, ND.

Thruforthenight (Southern Halo—Sakura Fabulous, Fabulous Dancer), 04Y9,000, ND.

Stormy Halo (Southern Halo—Stormy Secret, Storm Bird), 04Y23,196, ND.

Nada Bada (Southern Halo—Nada Bid, Spectacular Bid), 04T20,000, ND.

Tchaikovsky (Stravinsky—Cartagena, Secretariat), 04Y13,000.

Four Ten Slew (Tarakam—Dancing Token, Danzatore), 04Y1,000, ND.

Theatre Buff (Theatrical—If Angels Sang, Seattle Slew), 04Y110,000, ND.

Victor Street (Weekend Cruise—Flutter Bid, Dance Bid), 04Y4,000, ND.

Lacewell (Sovenir Copy—Aerial Meeting, General Meeting), 04Y40,000, Nureyev.

Egypt (Souvenir Copy—Marlene, Theatrical), 04Y14,000, Nureyev.

Sir Skinney (Sir Cat—Cloiudy Colors, Personal Flag), 04T9,000, Private Account.

Cannon’s Prospect (Allen’s Prospect—Out of a Cannon, Raise a Bid), 04Y41,000, Raise a Native (RAN).

Lord Laing (Chester House—Johanna Keene, Raise a Cup), 04Y25,000, RAN.

Sir Regent (Commemorate—Regent Mystic, Vice Regent), 04Y1,700, RAN.

Keep n’ Line (Crafty Prospector—Bare It Properly, Proper Reality), 04Y100,000, RAN.

Family Kiss (Family Calling—Raise a Kiss, Kissin Kris), 04Y4,000, RAN.

Call Anytime (Family Calling—Just Anything, Laomedonte), 04T72,000, RAN.

Dillagi (Family Calling—Native Northrop, Northrop), 04T6,000, RAN.

Fashion Creek (Fashion Find—Behind the Lines, Lines of Power), 04T45,000, RAN.

Brother Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Sister Fiona, Defrere), 04Y500,000, RAN.

Formal Glow (Gold Tribute—Mother Knows Best, Marshua’s Dancer), 04Y4,900, RAN.

Blackburne Jack (Ground Stroke—Clever Priced, Repriced), 04Y2,370, RAN.

Red Hunter (Jade Hunter—Subtle Rebuttal, Shahrastani), 04Y42,000, RAN.

Kupets (Kingmambo—Lassie’s Lady, Alydar), 04Y255,000, RAN.

Mick’s Last Dance (Lycius—Maureen’s Dancer, Marshua’s Dancer), 04Y2,500, RAN.

Dame Luck (Magic Prospect—Noble Dame, Native Royalty), 04Y9,174, RAN.

He’s Cool (Meadowlake—Crab Grass, Known Fact), 04Y40,000, RAN.

Meadow Ashlee (Meadowlake—Mean Imogene, Silver Deputy), 04Y51,000, RAN.

Butkus (Our Emblem—Royal Fit, Native Royalty), 04W17,000, RAN.

Amateur Ambush (Proud and True—View of Royalty, Native Royalty), 04T7,000, RAN.

Palikari Mou (Sahm—Catbell, Storm Cat), 04Y9,000, RAN.

Ladora Jones (Seneca Jones—Ladoray, L’Natural), 04Y4,500, RAN.

Princess Laila (Souvenir Copy—Pristine Princess, Alydar), 04W3,000, RAN.

Whirly Weekend (Weekend Guest—Whirlright, Native Royalty), 04Y4,587, RAN.

Mood to Yodel (Swiss Yodeler—Miss Moody, Leo Castelli), 04Y2,700, Raja Baba.

Strength (Yes It’s True—Basque Song, Bounding Basque), 04W50,000, Raja Baba.

Go Gris Lightning (Last Lion—Lady Luminosa, Black Tie Affair), 04Y5,000, Relaunch.

Kid Kris (Kissin Kris—She’s Expensive, Silver Hawk), 04Y1,900, Roberto.

Raffling Kisses (Kissin Kris—Raffle, Polish Numbers), 04T12,000, Roberto.

Willreyhino (Trail City—Belita, Royal Roberto), 04Y2,000, Roberto.

Dapper Dave (Cape Canaveral—Tiffany Lu, Slew o’ Gold), 04Y45,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Butterfly Garden (Cape Town—Empress of Troy, Dr. Caton), 04Y3,000, SS.

Lemon Drop High (Lemon Drop Kid—Highest Goal, Slew o’ Gold), 04W70,000, SS.

Sweetnsour Sister (Lemon Drop Kid—Fancy Ruler, Half a Year), 04Y12,000, SS.

Twist of Lemon (Lemon Drop Kid—Golden Thatch, Slew o’ Gold), 04Y108,500, SS.

Honeeluv Drop (Lemon Drop Kid—Indy Ama, A.P. Indy), 04Y8,000, SS.

Indyan Lisa (Lemon Drop Kid—Indyan Lightning, A.P. Indy), 04Y34,000, SS.

Lemon Law (Lemon Drop Kid—Post Parade, A.P. Indy), 04Y95,000, SS.

Swift Prince (Mutakddim—Chao Praya, Gold Legend), 04T65,000, SS.

Lojicar (Mutakddim—Crafty Women, Crafty Prospector), 04W21,000, SS.

Scotch and Soda (Slew Gin Fizz—Spectacular Lace, Jokester), 04Y5,000, SS.

Kandinsky (Stephen Got Even—Sintress, Gold Legend), 04T98,000, SS.

Naughty Fever (Stormin Fever—Naughty Linda, Slew City Slew), 04Y3,500, SS.

Gwangyeolhan (Stormin Fever—Clever Hou, Houston), 04T17,000, SS.

Neumie (Stormy Atlantic—Jillaboo, Slewpy), 04Y13,000, SS.

Stormy Meeting (Stormy Atlantic—Club Meeting, General Meeting), 04T140,000, SS.

I’mspectaculartoo (Stormy Atlantic—Spectacular Lace, Jokester), 04T27,000, SS.

Cruise ‘n’ Time (Weekend Cruise—Share ‘n Time, Metfield), 04Y27,000, SS.

Hearts Are Wild (Defrere—Glacey Intent, Executive Intent), 04Y3,500, Secretariat.

Lone Certificate (Gone West—Escrow Agent, El Gran Senor), 04Y130,000, Secretariat.

Pionero de Imbuia (Pioneering—Evetsyma, Pancho Villa), 04Y20,000, Secretariat.

Mr. Sekiguchi (Storm Cat—Welcome Surprise, Seeking the Gold), 04Y8,000,000, Secretariat.

M L’s Indian (Indian Charlie—Pass It, Salt Lake), 04W10,000, Siberian Express.

Syncopated Silver (Silver Music—Carat Sale, Cure the Blues), 04T2,000, Stop the Music.

Eyepopnruby (Take Me Out—Ruby Wax, Gallant Romeo), 04T5,500, Stop the Music.

Katalena Storm (Cape Storm—Stormy Beau, Storm Brewing), 04W1,000, Storm Bird.

One Quiet Cat (Catienus—American Passage, Quiet American), 04Y4,000, Storm Bird.

Devon’s Commitment (Devon Lane—Commitment Ring, Pleasant Tap), 04Y4,200, Storm Bird.

Moccasin Gap (Giant’s Causeway—Lemon Dove, Forty Niner), 04W360,000, Storm Bird.

Cuss the Fiddle (King of Cats—Cagey Baby, Crafty Prospector), 04Y16,237, Storm Bird.

Stormy by Nature (Storm and a Half—Presiding Lady, Personal Hope), 04Y2,200, Storm Bird.

Cat Criminal (Tale of the Cat—Jade Bird, Jade Hunter), 04Y150,000, Storm Bird.

Major Tom (Thunder Gulch—Cyber Cat, Storm Cat), 04Y320,000, Storm Bird.

Pure Thunder (Thunder Gulch—Pure Charm, Storm Cat), 04Y25,000, Storm Bird.

Thunderous Summer (Thunder Gulch—Stormy Squall, Summer Squall), 04T80,000, Storm Bird.

Chemical Romance (Muqtarib—Universal Toy, Tanyosho), 04W3,700, The Minstrel.

Sinui Yeonggwang (Take Me Out—Holiday Wish, Believe It), 04T10,500, Tom Rolfe.

Super Saint (Sweetsouthernsaint—Copelan’s Lilly, Copelan), 04W16,000, Tri Jet.

Whileyou’reheredoc (Buddha—Doe Na Wane, Grindstone), 04W15,000, Unbridled.

Scarlet Commander (Deputy Commander—Reasonable Thought, Peaks and Valleys), 04Y20,000, Vice Regent.

La Novia (One Way Love—Gentle Buck, Buckley Boy), 04Y4,661, Vice Regent.

Ulterior (Salt Lake—Bamboo Memory, Regal Remark), 04Y50,000, Vice Regent.

Shared Dreams (Stephanotis—Shared Ideals, Regal Intention), 04Y20,876, Vice Regent.

Minus Nine (Tejabo—She’s So Regal, Regal Remark), 04Y16,237, Vice Regent.

Victory Warrior (Victory Gallop—Butter Cream, Deputy Minister), 04Y30,000, Vice Regent.

All Man (Petionville—Purely Excessive, In Excess), 04Y105,000, Wavering Monarch.

Jaiide (Academyawardwinner—Posh Martinique, Guadalupe Peak), 04Y799, Windy Sands.


Heavenly Splendor (Point Given—Cherokee Darling, Alydar), 04W12,000, Alydar.

Merifield’s Hope (Yonaguska—Bringing Hope, Buckaroo), 04W42,000, Buckaroo.

Hadley’s Note (Editor’s Note—Canndondate, Cannonade), 04Y4,500, Cannonade.

Charlie’s Dot (Indian Charlie—Dorothy Kirsten, Caro), 04T50,000, Caro.

unnamed (Peaks and Valleys—Circus Poster, Crimson Satan), 04T38,000, Crimson Satan.

Beggers Dream (Distorted Humor—What Can I Do, Mr. Leader), 04Y20,000, Mr. Leader.

Miss Abita (Dixie Union—Be a Prospector, Mr. Prospector), 04W400,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Ruth’s Proof (Dixie Union—Sierra Madre, Mr. Prospector), 04W150,000, MP.

Southern Flu (Dixie Union—Nortena, Mr. Prospector), 04Y130,000, MP.

Dixie Prospector (Dixie Union—Prospective Wife, Mr. Prospector), 04Y47,000, MP.

Sensation (Dixie Union—Ryn, Mr. Prospector), 04Y475,000, MP.

Heavenly Juice (Dixie Union—Unbeatable Foe, Mr. Prospector), 04Y150,000. MP.

Blazing Rate (Exchange Rate—Blazing Alarmiss, Mr. Prospector), 04Y70,000, MP.

Hoochie Glide (High Yield—Abrade, Mr. Prospector), 04Y70,000, MP.

High Lode (High Yield—Lost Lode, Mr. Prospector), 04Y22,000, MP.

Interest Rising (High Yield–Senza Un ica, Mr. Prospector), 04Y90,000, MP.

Sparky Joan (Johannesburg—Abrade, Mr. Prospector), 04W100,000, MP.

Magic Storm Cat (Magic Cat—On Final, Mr. Prospector), 04Y14,000, MP.

Bosset (Stravinsky—Kadwah, Mr. Prospector), 04Y80,000, MP.

Spades and Hearts (Stravinsky—Task, Mr. Prospector), 04Y11,000, MP.

Unbridled Danger (Unbridled’s Song—Watch Out, Mr. Prospector), 04Y120,000, MP.

Haka Dancer (War Chant—Safe Return, Mr. Prospector), 04Y190,000, MP.

Jaildy (War Chant—Water Echo, Mr. Prospector), 04Y10,000, MP.

Half Mask (More Than Ready—Maskra’s Lady, Naskra), 04Y230,000, Naskra.

Sense of Class (Fusaichi Pegasus—Golden Oriole, Northern Dancer), 04Y1,500,000 (Northern Dancer), ND.

Biko General (Fusaichi Pegasus—Northern Aspen, Northern Dancer), 04Y125,000, ND.

Fifty Grand Bonus (Grand Slam—Daphne’s Dancer, Northern Dancer), 04T50,000, ND.

Credence Cat (Tale of the Cat—Marsha’s Dancer, Northern Dancer), 04Y75,000, ND.

Lemon Twirl (Lemon Drop Kid—Longing to Dance, Nureyev), 04W37,000, Nureyev.

Royal Ronique (Littlebitlively—Ronique, Raise a Native), 04W13,000, Raise a Native.

Compelling (Dixie Union—Slew Boyera, Seattle Slew), 04Y240,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Tizlater (Tiznow—Abby Normal, Seattle Slew), 04Y140,000, SS.

Tiz the Hour (Tiznow—Bittersweet Hour, Seattle Slew), 04Y13,000, SS.

Spice Thief (Cat Thief—Cardamine, Secretariat), 04Y130,000, Secretariat.

Sotana (Cat Thief—Fire Alarm, Secretariat), 04Y20,000, Secretariat.

Bold Bell (Concerto—Radiant Belle, Secretariat), 04Y10,000, Secretariat.

Publican (Hennessy—Crystal Cream, Secretariat), 04W155,000, Secretariat.

Amor Secreto (Hennessy—Secret Imperatrice, Secretariat), 04Y20,000, Secretariat.

Viva La Rodeo (Rodeo—Viva’s Lady, Secretariat), 04Y9,500, Secretariat.

Yastrzemski (Senor Speedy—Boston Red, Secretariat), 04Y1,700, Secretariat.

Angela’s Storm (Stormin Fever—Secretariat’s Fire, Secretariat), 04Y70,000, Secretariat.

Under Paid (Tale of the Cat—Lady Secretariat, Secretariat), 04Y75,000, Secretariat.

Party Guest (Vicar—Winter Party, Secretariat), 04Y37,000, Secretariat.

Chastise (Vicar—Gracious Reason, Secretariat), 04T100,000, Secretariat.

Fame’s My Game (Formal Gold—Walk of Fame, Silent Screen), 04Y7,200, Silent Screen.

Valentine Dance (Dance Smartly—Lady Be Smart, Smarten), 04Y13,000, Smarten.

Tribute to Music (Gold Tribute—Music Stopper, Stop the Music), 04Y7,000, Stop the Music.

Code Magic (Ordway—Today’s Bouquet, Vice Regent), 04Y17,784, Vice Regent.

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