Frankel and Big Brown Patterns–2004

Frankel remained undefeated in his 14th career start yesterday in the Champion Stakes at Ascot and has been retired to stud.

A few weeks ago I commented about his pedigree in Questions About Frankel, as well as the pedigree of Big Brown. Big Brown and Frankel are similar in that their pedigrees both feature SLBMSL (sire line-broodmare sire line) inbreeding to Northern Dancer. Big Brown is by Boundary (by Danzig, by ND) out of Mien, by Nureyev (by ND). So he is 3×3 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern. Frankel is by Galileo (by Sadler’s Wells, by ND) out of Kind (by Danehill, by Danzig, by ND). So he is 3×4 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern.

In that post I promised to list all the sales foals of 2003-2007 inbred in these two patterns. For lagniappe I throw in all the foals inbred 4×3 to ND in this pattern on the theory that if 3×4 is good, 4×3 might be good as well.

I remind readers that this is a work in progress. A few weeks ago I listed all sales foals of 2005 conforming to this SLBMSL pattern to Northern Dancer. A few weeks later I listed all sales foals from 2003 only also conforming to this pattern. A few weeks later I listed all sales foals from 2007 only also conforming to this pattern. Listed below are all sales foals of 2004 conforming to this pattern. I will post 2006 (four down, one to go) as soon as I get it finished, then list all the stakes winners of the same description and tabulate the results.

Listed below are 235 foals (50 of them 3×3, 90 of them 3×4, and 95 of them 4×3). Two of them sold for $1,000,000+.

Tawfeer (colt by Storm Cat out of Program Pick, by Peterhof) sold for $1,250,000 as a yearling in 2004. Inbred 3×4 to Northern Dancer in this pattern, he posted a record of 23-3-4-0 for earnings of $74,170. Not bad, but no black type.

Greathearted (filly by Giant’s Causeway out of Touch of Greatness, by Hero’s Honor) sold for $1,050,000 as a yearling in 2004. Inbred 4×3 to Northern Dancer in this pattern, she was unraced.

The 568 sales foals of 2003-2005-2007 adhering to this pattern sold for below-average prices. If you add in 2004, the 803 sales foals of 2003-2004-2005-2007 adhering to this pattern sold for a gross of $43,332,581, an average of $53,963, and a maverage of 161.67.

So the average went up slightly from $53,703 to $53,963 (still below the overall average of $54,140), and the maverage went down slightly from 163.06 to 161.67 (still below the overall maverage of 163.11). Both figures are still very close to the norms.

It will be interesting to see what the final numbers will be. Given that 2006 was the best of the five years in terms of prices, I suspect that the numbers will go up slightly from here. If they wind up right around the norms, that will mean that the market judged these to be pedigrees of almost perfect averageness. And of course it will be interesting to see their racetrack results.

You are cordially invited to peruse the lists below.

3×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Kay La Autumn (Anziyan—Sequins, Be My Guest), 04T2,000.

Sybelle Katheria (Ascot Knight—Sybelle Ami, Alwasmi), 04Y4,415.

Third Date Kate (Bartok—Noruega, Dance in Time), 04Y45,000.

Firstdowntouchdown (Belong to Me—Morgans Raider, Giboulee), 04Y27,000.

Bad Bonnie (Bianconi—Badarma, Glenstal), 04Y4,000.

Hard Deck (Boundary—Miss Le Berthon, El Gran Senor), 04Y38,000.

Rudolph Won (Brahms—Halcyon Bird, Storm Bird), 04Y4,500.

Shotgun Cohiba (Cohiba—Common Scheme, Pas Seul), 04T6,500.

Most Distinguished (Dixie Union—Stylish Storm, Storm Bird), 04W220,000.

Jelly (El Angelo—Pineaire, Compliance), 04T14,000.

Wish Me Well (El Prado—Hunt Wish J., Vice Regent), 04W100,000.

Jeanie’s Game (Game Plan—Georgia Lights, Northern Jove), 04Y8,500.

Game Writer (Game Plan—Staff Wind, Staff Writer), 04Y10,000.

Sarah Mia (Helmsman—Wasmi Song, Alwasmi), 04W2,500.

King Sonic (Islefaxyou—Contumelious, Northern Baby), 04Y30,500.

Jonny Jazz (Jambalaya Jazz—Miss U Mama, Minshaanshu Amad), 04Y7,500.

Art and Music (Jambalaya Jazz—Reputable, Son of Repute), 04Y1,000.

Jazz Fraternity (Jazz Club—Feyzie, Northern Jove), 04Y22,000.

Atlantis Queen (Jazz Club—Pennys Valay, Carnivalay), 04Y2,700.

Tak Bun (King of Kings—Trop Special, Nureyev), 04Y1,700.

Not Fuhr Real (Langfuhr—Katy Kaboom, North Pole), 04Y42,000.

No Sorrow (Langfuhr—Sans Sorrow, Barachois), 04T14,000.

Lost Goldstar (Lost Soldier—Insearchofdgold, Herat), 04W1,700.

Lost Hunter (Lost Soldier—Take Me Hunting, Hunting Horn), 04W5,700.

Lady Soldier (Lost Soldier—Super Glued, Herat), 04T13,000.

Only in Louisiana (Louis Quatorze—Aspenelle, Vice Regent), 04Y200,000.

My Sweet Louise (Louis Quatorze—Miss Cross, Far North), 04Y8,500.

Louis Special (Louis Quatorze—Carni Gal, Carnivalay), 04T4,000.

Northern Boy (Lure—Catala, Northern Park), 04Y35,000.

Noriska Number One (Menhal—Annual R.N., Storm Bird), 04Y1,000.

General Genn (Military—Race a Dream, Northern Flagship), 04W2,300.

Reenlist (Military—Raise a Herat, Herat), 04Y32,000.

Dream a Little Bit (Native Regent—Herat’s Pleasure, Herat), 04W3,500.

Little O’Malley (Native Regent—Lucky So Far, Lucky North), 04Y900.

Last Rose (Native Regent—Lottery Lil, Lucky North), 04T27,000.

I’m a Lucky Native (Native Regent—Lucky Asset, Lucky North), 04T10,000.

Party Regent (Native Regent—Party Hopper, Hunting Horn), 04T15,000.

Out o’ Vanilla (Outflanker—Pure Vanilla, Northrop), 04Y19,000.

No Partners (Outflanker—Mary Agnes, Mambo), 04T5,000.

Hey Doctor (Regal Classic—Petra, Northern Baby), 04Y10,000.

Bobby the Bagger (Rio Verde—Luz Daniela, Eskimo), 04T77,000.

Riverside Dancer (Stravinsky—Odori, The Minstrel), 04W40,000.

Fiery Diva (Stravinsky—Padrao Global, Storm Bird), 04W50,000.

Another Genepi (Stravinsky—Dawn Aurora, Night Shift), 04Y25,000.

Above Reason (Stravinsky—Odori, The Minstrel), 04Y85,000.

Stravinsky’s Angel (Stravinsky—My Pocket Angel, Storm Bird), 04Y25,000.

Stravinsky’s Song (Stravinsky—Money Unlimited, Fire Dancer), 04Y5,000.

Princess Whinny (Theatrical—Mudslinger, El Gran Senor), 04Y18,000.

Meany Me (Zarbyev–Defeat the Legend, Local Talent), 04T6,500.

Zarbed Wire (Zarbyev–Defeat the Legend, Local Talent), 04Y1,800.

3×4 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Queen Razyana (Anziyan—Missionary Kid, Robin des Pins), 04Y1,300.

Gold in the Grass (Ascot Knight—Joan’s Gift, Doulab), 04Y7,745.

Fifteen Cents (Belong to Me—Concentric, Shadeed), 04W135,000.

Threat to Me (Belong to Me—Classic Threat, Regal Classic), 04T22,000.

Time White (Bianconi—Timewee, Romanov), 04Y3,000.

unnamed (Blazing Fire—Miss Regal Time, Regal Remark), 04Y559.

Patchy (Blazing Fire—Red Square Dance, Moscow Ballet), 04Y3,823.

Regalia Spirit (Blazing Fire—Regal Pass, Regal Classic), 04Y1,911.

Arson Squad (Brahms—Majestic Fire, Green Dancer), 04Y100,000.

Mondenschein (Brahms—See Moon, Deputy Minister), 04Y100,000.

Clovis Point (Brahms—She’s So Free, Solford), 04Y150,000.

Ripsqueak (Candi’s Gold—Regal Roar, Din’s Dancer), 04Y2,000.

Rocky Blue (Citidancer—Bald Beauty, Baldski), 04Y30,000.

Armavir (Compadre—Belong to Katie, Belong to Me), 04Y929.

Chuck Dat (Compadre—Knight Lady, Ascot Knight), 04Y1,317.

Ascot Runner (Compadre—Knight Lady, Ascot Knight), 04W1,030.

Wonbid (Compadre—Ruby Queen, Secret Odds), 04Y775.

My Angel Grace (Compadre—Winding Willows, Bucksplasher), 04Y6,583.

Dixie Bo (Deal Breaker—Bo Rouge, Dixieland Band), 04Y5,990.

Court of Appeal (Deputy Minister—Appealing Missy, Lypheor), 04Y220,000.

Night Out (Deputy Minister—Gather the Day, Dayjur), 04Y190,000.

Nottawasaga (Deputy Minister—Wind River, Storm Cat), 03Y700,000.

Mr. Madden (Dixieland Heat—Prada, El Prado), 04Y14,526.

Southernconference (Dixie Union—In Conference, Dayjur), 04W100,000.

Dixie Quick (Dixie Union—Trisha Quick, Deputy Minister), 04W50,000.

G Mo’s Band (Dixie Union—Sejm’s Lunar Star, Sejm), 04Y75,000.

Confederate Lady (Dixie Union—Senita Lane, Ascot Knight), 04Y140,000.

Energico (Dixie Union—Sprightish, Northjet), 04Y130,000.

Maggie’s Choice (Dove Hunt—Dance Forever, Sword Dance), 04Y1,100.

Adelantado (El Prado—Hope’s Ahead, Alwuhush), 04Y105,000.

Tabarin (El Prado—La Cucina, Last Tycoon), 04Y250,000.

In Like Flynn (Have Fun—Expresso Lady, Presto Lad), 04Y500.

Cowgirl Cocktail (Helmsman—Cocktails Anyone, Petersburg), 04Y8,500.

Guiding Hand (Helmsman—Sarah’s Echo, Compliment), 04Y4,000.

Jacklin (Helmsman—Soviet Sting, Moscow Ballet), 04T38,000.

Make the Grade (Honor Grades—Chiqueada, Palmister), 04Y4,700.

Jambalaya Dancer (Jambalaya Jazz—Shop Girl, Summer Squall), 04Y6,500.

Gyeongboryeong (Jazz Club—Summer Deputy, Deputy Minister), 04Y7,000.

Beauty Winner (King of Kings—Baba Cool, Kings Lake), 04Y10,000.

Jacob’s Queen (King of Kings—Palestrina, Al Nasr), 04Y8,500.

King’s Blurr (Kings Blood—Love and Fun, Peterhof), 04W400.

Polish King (Langfuhr—King’s Daughter, Ferdinand), 04Y95,000.

Victoriaoflangfuhr (Langfuhr—Little Star Vicky, Bold Ruckus), 04Y4,260.

Break Now Jester (Langfuhr—Swan Queen, Regal Intention), 04Y42,730.

OK to Play (Lost Soldier—Charging Fire, Peterhof), 04W8,000.

Soldier’s Dancer (Lost Soldier—Heather’s Dancer, Gate Dancer), 04W4,200.

Soldiers Charge (Lost Soldier—Charging Fire, Peterhof), 04T45,000.

Adol (Louis Quatorze—Crysta, Pine Bluff), 04Y12,000.

Solar Racer (Louis Quatorze—Egret, Alwuhush), 04Y20,000.

Chongsaryeonggwan (Mystery Storm—Stonegate, Alwuhush), 04T10,000.

Firebella (Native Regent—Charging Fire, Peterhof), 04Y5,500.

Native Survivor (Native Regent—Foreign T. V., Foreign Survivor), 04T6,500.

Knotty Kat (Not Impossible—Bogie Cat, Storm Cat), 04Y15,538.

Classic Victoria (Outflanker—Taiki Victoria, Caerleon), 04W2,500.

Lantern Light (Outflanker—Lillybylamplight, Baldski), 04Y3,700.

Manila Krunch (Outflanker—Manila Kaper, Manila), 04Y30,000.

Baldski’s Lassie (Outflanker—Lillybylamplight, Baldski), 04T4,700.

Should Be Royalty (Pine Bluff—Malley, Deputy Minister), 04T600,000.

Majestic Navy (Polish Navy—Miss Shel, Manila), 04T3,500.

Flashing Numbers (Polish Numbers—Tanwi, Vision), 04Y22,000.

Numbers Don’t Lie (Polish Numbers—Hey Butterfly, Theatrical), 04T30,000.

Brashness (Regal Intention—Sloe Eyed Dancer, Wall Street Dancer), 04Y7,732.

Aluringact (Regent Act—Aluring Dancer, Manila), 04T21,000.

Artabegood (Rio Verde—Arta, Opening Verse), 04T38,000.

Jillian (Royal Academy—Classy Ensign, Polish Navy), 04W80,000.

Hyas Tyee (Royal Academy—Danzig Tiger, Danzig Connection), 04Y60,000.

Rosa Palpitante (Royal Academy—Jadite, Falstaff), 04Y5,000.

Scottish Lassie (Royal Academy—Miss Delta, Chief’s Crown), 04Y55,000.

Royal Moon (Royal Academy—Wedding Gift, Always Fair), 04Y20,000.

Early Ronan (Score Early—Filronan, Fiddle Dancer Boy), 04T16,000.

Early Jane (Score Early—Highwater Jane, Little Nureyev), 04T1,500.

Seajanequickly (Score Quick—Highwater Jane, Little Nureyev), 04W3,000.

Unsolved Odds (Secret Odds—Crystal Brown, Al Nasr), 04T4,500.

Sonar Sue (Seven Zero—Kathleen of Perth, Avodire), 04Y9,278.

Codice Da Vinci (Shadeed—Prado Gold, El Prado), 04Y800.

Miss Classic Cut (Sky Classic—Diamonds Direct, Diamond Sword), 04T6,500.

Royal Classic (Sky Classic—Lil’s Crown, Chief’s Crown), 04T35,000.

Tawfeer (Storm Cat—Program Pick, Peterhof), 04Y1,250,000.

Spring Symphony (Stravinsky—Spinnin Cannon, Loose Cannon), 04W40,000.

Stravinsky’s Secret (Stravinsky—Don’tellmichelle, Regal Classic), 04Y12,000.

Rushin Conductor (Stravinsky—Letthemagicbegin, Deputy Minister), 04Y60,000.

Alliepop (Stravinsky—Lollipop Lies, Green Dancer), 04Y6,000.

Littlebitofsport (Stravinsky—Sporting Green, Green Dancer), 04Y20,000.

Brantley (Theatrical—Biogio’s Rose, Polish Numbers), 04Y55,000.

Jordyn’s Theatrics (Theatrical—La Andaluza, Regal Classic), 04Y6,000.

Fri Guy (Theatrical—Stormy Squall, Summer Squall), 04Y45,000.

Foolish Ridge (Torey Ridge—Skulptress, High Comedy), 04Y2,500.

Chantal (War Chant—Megan’s Leprechaun, Green Dancer), 04Y110,000.

Jerry the Genius (Zarbyev—Crossett, Lustra), 04W3,400.

Wish Upon a Zar (Zarbyev—Amanda’s Wish, Lyphard’s Wish), 04T15,000.

4×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Susquehanna Cat (Adcat—Truly Amanda, Imperial Falcon), 04T4,500.

Jovial Angel (Adcat—Gipsy Jove, Northern Jove), 07Y4,500.

Shady Cat (Aljabr—Celtic Shade, Lomond), 04Y1,500.

Love Indeed (Alydeed—Lover’s Talk, Vice Regent), 04Y58,268.

Timber Cove (Awesome Again—J. D. Flowers, Dixieland Band), 04W260,000.

Awesome Sign (Awesome Again—Hekeepsmesinging, Dixieland Band), 04T40,000.

Talstein (Bernstein—Perceptive Heiress, Vice Regent), 04W11,000.

Diamond Dave (Bernstein—Sharp Tipper, Vice Regent), 04W20,000.

Evening Fire (Black Minnaloushe—Flame McGoon, Staff Writer), 04Y42,000.

Bontyme (Category Five—Jambo Dolly, Dance in Time), 04Y1,582.

unnamed (Category Five—Love Is Blind, Dance in Time), 04Y1,400.

Sparky’s at Five (Category Five—Pandora’s Song, Dance in Time), 04Y2,000.

Sir Ralph (Category Five—Peregrinita, Imperial Falcon), 04T3,200.

Regal Kitten (Catienus—Nijinsky Queen, Nijinsky II), 04W15,000.

Squire Street (Catienus—Glen Kate, Glenstal), 04Y14,000.

Co Co Catcher (Catienus—Tethys, Topsider), 04Y4,000.

My Lacie Cat (Cat Thief—Dream Regally, Vice Regent), 04W45,000.

Holy Bandit (Cat Thief—Dixieland Sreva, Dixieland Band), 04Y6,500.

Megan’s Mia (Cat Thief—Heart Lady, Dixieland Band), 04Y45,000.

Dicey Cat (Cat Thief—Remarkable Style, Danzig), 04Y10,000.

Preferred Risk (Cat Thief—Fois Gras, Barachois), 04T50,000.

Charismic Style (Charismatic—Miss Blush, Dixieland Band), 04Y16,000.

Butter Money (Charismatic—Inner Circle, El Gran Senor), 04T4,500.

Beautiful Concerto (Concerto—Sinfully Beautiful, Sun War Dancer), 04W9,500.

Storm Ballad (Concerto—Storm Threat, Storm Bird), 04Y21,000.

Conserve Gold (Concerto—Cordia, Sovereign Dancer), 04T9,000.

Classic North (Concerto—Northanna, Lucky North), 04T10,000.

Theforceiswithyou (Crown Ambassador—Eskimo Babe, Northern Baby), 04Y13,000.

Perdida (Deputy Bodman—Northern Beacon, Northern Flagship), 04Y399.
In Full Command (Deputy Commander—Soiree Russe, Nureyev), 04Y7,500.

Darn Cool Gal (Deputy Commander—Star of Albion, Ajdal), 04Y3,700.

Expabs (Exploit—Absolute Trust, Danzig), 04T16,000.

Shamss (Exploit—Jazzitup, Dixieland Band), 04Y55,000.

Winning Toast (Forest Camp—Give a Toast, Storm Bird), 04Y50,000.

Primeval (Forestry—Pas Who, Pas Seul), 04T210,000.

Generous Gabriella (Forest Wildcat—Ginny Dare, Pilgrim), 04W50,000.

Pistol Creek (Forest Wildcat—Dearest Dream, Carnivalay), 04Y35,000.

Cat Stick (Forest Wildcat—She’s So Dixie, Dixieland Band), 04Y3,000.

It’s a Pleasure (Freud—Sultry Secret, Nijinsky II), 04Y97,000.

Lorraine Dear (Gen Stormin’norman—Dancing With D. J., Orbit Dancer), 04Y2,500.

Screen Giant (Giant’s Causeway—Ravnina, Nureyev), 04Y260,000.

Greathearted (Giant’s Causeway—Touch of Greatness, Hero’s Honor), 04Y1,050,000.

Giant Dream (Giant’s Causeway—Theme, Sadler’s Wells), 04Y105,000.

Lenski (Giant’s Causeway—Twigazuri, Dixieland Band), 04Y600,000.

Victorious Laurie (Giant’s Causeway—Victorious Lil, Vice Regent), 04Y200,000.

Matt’s a Giant (Giant’s Causeway–Anna Sterz, Danzig), 04T60,000.

Pride of the Band (Hennessy—Allison’s Pride, Dixieland Band), 04Y19,000.

Key West Breeze (Hennessy—Gran Senorita, El Gran Senor), 04Y95,000.

High and Rose (Hennessy—Sequins, Northern Fashion), 04Y350,000.

Vintage Music (High Yield—Allison’s Pride, Dixieland Band), 04W30,000.

Portinthestorm (High Yield—Lucky Port, Danzig), 04Y17,000.

Winter Affair (High Yield—Winter, Lyphard), 04T40,000.

Reinforcer (Horse Chestnut—Classic Claret, Northern Jove), 04Y75,000.

Ring the Register (Horse Chestnut—Fancy Legs, Yukon), 04Y47,000.

Grass Burr (Jack Wilson—Arizona Cactus, Alwasmi), 04Y10,500.

Bengal (Just a Cat—Page Design, Staff Writer), 04Y27,835.

Brocat (Just a Cat—Star of My Eye, Lucky North), 04Y45,000.

I Did It Again (Lil’s Lad—Exotic Dancer, Sovereign Dancer), 04T14,000.

Mother (Lion Hearted—Proper Lassie, Topsider), 04T150,000.

Karakorum Dreamin’ (Malibu Wesley—Dancing Style, Danzig), 04Y8,500.

Malibu Style (Malibu Wesley—Dancing Style, Danzig), 04T9,200.

Silent Malibu (Malibu Wesley—Halo Eskimo, Eskimo), 04Y20,000.

Really Lovely (One Way Love—Be My Everything, Be My Guest), 04Y2,091.

Deputized Angel (Open Forum—Storm Angel, Storm Bird), 04T3,500.

Gabby P (Open Forum—Cresta Lil, Cresta Rider), 04Y5,250.

Power Band (Power Storm—Dixity Do Dah, Dixieland Band), 04Y19,000.

Amber Elegance (Puerto Madero—Precocious Amber, North Pole), 04W2,500.

Northern Anthem (Royal Anthem—Warta, Danzig), 04T13,000.

Red Command (Royal Cat—Paris Orbit, Orbit Dancer), 04W2,000.

Murales (Salt Lake—Poco Bambino, Nureyev), 04W10,000.

Salty and Steady (Salt Lake—Mariscal, Storm Bird), 04Y10,000.

Northern Watch (Silver Deputy—Miss Evans, Nijinsky II), 04Y6,000.

Fab Cat (Sir Cat—Fabulous Lady, Fabulous Dancer), 04Y3,000.

Prince’s Pleasure (Storm Creek—Banquet Scene, Lyphard), 04Y47,000.

Rebecca’svalentine (Storm Creek—Cie Canadienne, Canadian Gil), 04Y28,000.

Rock Creek Band (Storm Creek—Dixie Echo, Dixieland Band), 04Y12,000.

Storm Miss (Storm Creek—Cagna, Sovereign Dancer), 04T28,000.

Box Office Fever (Stormin Fever—Box Office Gold, Dixieland Band), 04W10,000.

Stormin Quarrel (Stormin Fever—Quarrel Over, One for All), 04Y165,000.

Ocean Flyer (Stormy Atlantic—Falcon Dancer, Imperial Falcon), 04W55,000.

Frosty Royalty (Stormy Atlantic—Royalty on Ice, Sovereign Dancer), 04T27,000.

Mil Amores (Tactical Cat—Selling Sunshine, Danzig), 04W20,000.

No Tactics (Tactical Cat—Flora Danica, Danzig), 04Y10,000.

Tactical Mary (Tactical Cat—Unbeknownst, Lyphard), 04Y10,500.

My Tale (Tale of the Cat–La Cumbre, Sadler’s Wells), 04Y50,000.

African Sunrise (Tale of the Cat—Nature’s Magic, Nijinsky II), 04Y650,000.

Tale of Two Kittys (Tale of the Cat—Purr Pleasure, El Gran Senor), 04Y100,000.

Danny Has Money (Talk Is Money—First Class Ticket, Northern Flagship), 04Y40,000.

Ready Now (Talk Is Money—Not Ready, Carnivalay), 04Y1,200.

Burnet (Three Wonders—Regal Debutante, Vice Regent), 04W37,000.

Stormy Tiger (Tiger Ridge—Cordia, Sovereign Dancer), 04Y20,000.

Solid Gold Prancer (Touch Gold—Zulu Dance, Danzatore), 04Y27,000.

Promisemetreasures (Treasury—Promising Preppy, Magesterial), 04Y2,800.

Cord’s Cowboy (Tychonic—Some Life, Somethingfabulous), 04Y1,300.

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