Imcest Is Best—Foals of 2006

The following is a continuation of my original post Incest Is Best??????? In that post I listed all weanlings, yearlings, and two-year-olds sold at public auction in North America in 2005 who were closely inbred. Three following posts did the same for sales foals of 2003, 2007, and 2004. This (fifth) post does the same for sales foals of 2006.

I repeat that this is a work in progress. The lists below cover only one year of sales foals, those sold in 2006. All five years (2003-2007) have now been accounted for.

I still have not found any foals inbred 1×2 or 2×1. I did find two foals inbred 2×2 among sales foals of 2006. So the total of foals inbred 2×2 is ten.

Those two foals were Nessun Dorma and I Rock. The former is a filly by Robyn Dancer out of Merlin’s Gold, by Crafty Prospector, and thus inbred 2×2 to Crafty Prospector. Nessun Dorma was the best of these ten foals. She posted a record of 54-9-7-5 for earnings of $87,421 (no black type, needless to say). I Rock was gelding by Outofthebox out of Extra Appealing, by Montbrook, and thus inbred 2×2 to Montbrook. He was also a winner (no black type, needless to say), posting a record of 22-1-2-1 for earnings of $19,941.

Over the five years I have now found 218 foals inbred 2×3, 74 foals inbred 3×2, and 1,846 foals inbred 3×3.

Some people believe that 2×4 and 4×2 are approximately the same as 3×3 (I have some doubts about that myself). So I included those two groups as well and have found another 537 of the former and 164 of the latter.

Listed are the name of the foal, the pedigree (sire-dam, broodmare sire) in parentheses, the price for which the foal sold in that year, and the sire to whom it is inbred. I have omitted foals inbred to females but listed them separately in another post.

The categories listed are 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×2, 3×3, and 4×2. Within each category the foals are listed alphabetically by the sire to whom they are inbred, then alphabetically by the sire of the foal. That way you can see at a glance that 172 of the 389 3×3 foals in 2005 are inbred to Mr. Prospector and that 16 of those 172 are by Tale of the Cat.

I found four closely inbred sales foals of 2006 that sold for $1,000,000+. Leading the way was Plavius, a colt by Danzig out of Sharp Minister, by Deputy Minister, and thus inbred 2×4 to Northern Dancer (in the SLBMSL pattern too, incidentally). Sold for $9,200,000 as a yearling in 2006, Plavius posted a record of 18-2-3-2 for earnings of $41,096 (no black type, needless to say).

Surprises Welcomed was a filly by Storm Cat out of Welcome Surprise, by Seeking the Gold, and thus inbred 3×3 to Secretariat. Sold for $3,000,000 as a yearling in 2006, she posted a record of 11-1-4-2 for earnings of $76,720 (no black type, needless to say).

Sapphiresndiamonds was a filly by Mineshaft out of Unbridled Lassie, by Unbridled, and thus inbred 3×3 to Seattle Slew. Sold for $1,450,000 as a yearling in 2006, she posted a record of 9-0-2-1 for earnings of $29,898 (no black type, needless to say).

White Tie was a colt by Unbridled’s Song out of Queen’s Lady, by Storm Cat, and thus inbred 3×3 to Fappiano. Sold for $1,350,000 as a yearling in 2006, he was unplaced in three starts for earnings of $3,450.

To recapitulate, that makes 14 closely inbred sales foals of 2003-2007 who sold for $1,000,000+ each (ranging from $1,100,000 to $9,200,000 and averaging $3,000,000). A few stakes-placed nags are included among these 14, but NOT ONE STAKES WINNER. Not a particularly good result, especially considering the total of $42,000,000 involved.

I have omitted race records from the foals listed below. Now that all five years are finished, the next and final step will be to look up the stakes winners and tabulate the results. I have already tabulated the prices for all five years but will reserve those numbers for the next time around. Stay tuned. You are cordially invited to peruse the lists below.


Nessun Drorma (Robyn Dancer—Merlin’s Gold, Crafty Prospector), 06Y15,000, Crafty Prospector.

I Rock (Outofthebox—Extra Appealing, Montbrook), 06Y3,200, Montbrook.


Catchup (Turkoman—Desert Visit, Event of the Year), 06W1,000, Alydar.

Mim’s Robe (Robannier—Mim’s Precedent, Slewvescent), 06W1,200, Batonnier.

Misstee Blue (Take Me Out—Work Out Queen, Fit to Fight), 06Y4,500, Cure the Blues.

Foxy Sal (Anziyan—Remember Sal, Foxhound), 06Y2,000, Danzig.

Sergeant Matt (Ascot Knight—Sheffield, Dayjur), 06Y1,339, Danzig.

Belong to You (Belong to Me—Refugee, Unaccounted For), 06Y4,000, Danzig.

Connect to Me (Belong to Me—Tavos Connection, Danzig Connection), 06Y2,000, Danzig.

Raise to Freedom (Belong to Me—Fairway Freedom, Langfuhr), 06T12,000, Danzig.

Five Claws (Langfuhr—Great Connection, Dayjur), 06Y85,000, Danzig.

Rocky Bearboa (Outflanker—Savvy Lady , Smarten), 06Y8,500, Danzig.

Grizzly Band (Chimes Band—Mi Camila, Southern Halo), 06Y19,000, Dixieland Band.

Kaline (Cryptoclearance—Payline, Honour and Glory), 06T1,000, Fappiano.

On the Case (Gold Case—Captivate, Gold Fever), 06T20,000, Forty Niner.

Fusaichi Special (Fusaichi Accele—She’s Real Special, Mr. Greeley), 06W1,000, Gone West.

Bulova (Proud Citizen—Maud Gonne, Mr. Greeley), 06Y11,500, Gone West.

Kubrikris (Old Kentucky Home—Cubby, Brocco), 06Y2,000, Kris S.

Manhattan Star (Aldebaran—Fairy West, Gone West), 06Y17,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Lees Pro (Distinctive Pro—Allen’s Girl, Allen’s Prospect), 06Y15,000, MP.

Firsttodance (Distinctive Pro—Show the Mark, Miner’s Mark), 06Y40,000, MP.

Tropical Babe (Family Calling—Share the Gold, Mining), 06T7,500, MP.

Anemotis (Fusaichi Pegasus—Arbela, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y230,000, MP.

Midnight Confessor (Gold Token—Fappies Cosy Miss, Fappiano), 06Y61,000, MP.

Star Tribute (Gold Tribute—Carr Star, Carr de Naskra), 06Y45,000, MP.

Kinisha (Kinshasa—Dancing Hertfield, Dance Brightly), 06Y2,678, MP.

Bold Irene (Two Punch—Mighty Lode, Lode), 06Y13,000, MP.

Spirit of Song (United Spirit—Singalonghome, Homebuilder), 06Y1,200, MP.

Visual Candy (Woodman—Double Dee’s, Double Negative), 06T57,000, MP.

High On You (Olympio—Such a High, High Brite), 06T5,000, Naskra.

Northern General (Dixieland Band—Eureka Lass, Lucky North), 06Y45,185, Northern Dancer.

Balmorhea (Istintaz—Cup Runeth Over, Bahri), 06Y3,500, Nureyev.

Private Jade (Brunswick—Mystic Jade, Don’s Choice), 06Y2,286, Private Account.

Corporatesecretary (Compelling Sound—Dictates, Capote), 06W1,100, Seattle Slew.

Lo Risquette (High Yield—Song of the Sea, Hennessy), 06Y22,000, Storm Cat.

Velvet Harmony (Pure Prize—Namora, Tabasco Cat), 06Y1,700, Storm Cat.

Strongdollarpolicy (Rainmaker—Namora, Tabasco Cat), 06W2,500, Storm Cat.

El Enmascarado (Riyadh City—Maguy, Level Sands), 06Y8,000, Storm Cat.

unnamed (Vision and Verse—Smilin’ Kitten, Forest Wildcat), 06Y1,100, Storm Cat.

Unbridled Dee (Drewman—Dee’s Art, Twilight Agenda), 06Y1,500, Unbridled.

Free Dance (Bright Valour—Dance So Free, Free At Last), 06Y892, Wild Again.


Okun (Wheaton—Oscar’s Queen, Jaklin Klugman), 06Y3,500, Alydar.

Treasure Mountain (Mt. Livermore—Holy Treasure, Holy Bull), 06T7,000, Blushing Groom.

Nefertiti (Rahy—Cross Your Heart, Miswaki), 06Y120,000, Blushing Groom.

Dance in Gray (Cozzene—Dance Till Dawn, Sadler’s Wells), 06Y55,000, Caro.

Luv U Much (Wagon Limit—Leslie, Harlan), 06Y6,000, Conquistador Cielo.

Shez the Xpert (Fool the Experts—Natanes, Society Max), 06Y3,700, Crafty Drone.

Anachini (Forest Camp—Charlie My Girl, Unbridled’s Song), 06Y175,000, Deputy Minister.

Cleave Hill (Holy Bull—French Buster, Housebuster), 06T40,000, Great Above.

Sorry (Aldebaran—Brush Hour, Broad Brush), 06W22,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Wabbraan (Aldebaran—Madame Modjeska, Danzig), 06Y80,000, MP.

Home At Dawn (Cape Canaveral—Haylie’s Dawn, Mi Cielo), 06Y3,000, MP.

Gilman (Cape Canaveral—Baraha, Dayjur), 06T43,000, MP.

Reata’s Tsavo (Carson City—Andora Springs, Capote), 06Y50,000, MP.

Carson’s Copper (Carson City—Citiview, Citidancer), 06Y55,000, MP.

Carson Free (Carson City—Lady Pulpit, Pulpit), 06Y9,000, MP.

City Roar (Carson City—Quiet, Roar), 06Y50,000, MP.

Alone at the Top (Chopin—Mary’s Buttons, Smokester), 06T800, MP.

Crafty Bob (Crafty Prospector—Cathy’s Star, Torrential), 06W25,000, MP.

West Coast Coach (Crafty Prospector—Anotherhappyending, Tale of the Cat), 06Y22,000, MP.

Pretty in Mink (Crafty Prospector—Mink Alert, Greinton), 06Y17,000, MP.

Crafty Kiwi (Crafty Prospector—Secret Advice R. N, Hansel), 06Y9,500, MP.

Real Cat Daddy (Crafty Prospector—Some Kinda Babe, Roy), 06Y30,000, MP.

Hunter Ridge (Dance Brightly—Ten Cent a Minute, Pick Up the Phone), 07Y2,341, MP.

Theatrical View (Distant View—Pember, Theatrical), 06Y29,000, MP.

Pro’s Pal (Distinctive Pro—Sir Harry’s Waltz, Sir Harry Lewis), 06Y10,000, MP.

Dubai of the North (E Dubai—Baraha, Dayjur), 06W3,000, MP.

Jerry’s Connection (E Dubai—Prize Connection, Editor’s Note), 06W5,500, MP.

Dubai Distinction (E Dubai—Darlin, Dayjur), 06Y175,000, MP.

Laurajen (E Dubai—Pretty Pretty, Silver Deputy), 06Y90,000, MP.

Shattuck (E Dubai—Saphrene, Quiet American), 06Y45,000, MP.

Truncheon (E Dubai—Dancing Water, Silver Deputy), 06T35,000, MP.

Time to Indulge (E Dubai—Miss Lulu, Unbridled), 06T55,000, MP.

Family Call (Family Calling—Caught Kissing, Lit de Justice), 06Y2,000, MP.

Florida Sweetie (Family Calling—Fly Birdie Fly, Tactical Advantage), 06Y2,000, MP.

Seiun Ares (Fusaichi Pegasus—Cacophony, Dixieland Band), 06W220,000, MP.

Honey Dipped (Fusaichi Pegasus—Indyfault, A.P. Indy), 06W65,000, MP.

Dodge the Bullet (Fusaichi Pegasus—Quiet Strike, Quiet American), 06W25,000, MP.

Lucky Flyer (Fusaichi Pegasus—Beautiful Crazy, Capote), 06Y75,000, MP.

Proud Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Cambria Gold, French Deputy), 06Y60,000, MP.

Web Gem (Fusaichi Pegasus—Chasing September, Storm Boot), 06Y170,000, MP.

Portstewart (Fusaichi Pegasus—Deputy Maiden, Deputy Minister), 06Y150,000, MP.

Pegasus Prospect (Fusaichi Pegasus—Fine Prospect, Meadowlake), 06Y60,000, MP.

Heisman U (Fusaichi Pegasus—Gera, Capote), 06Y230,000, MP.

Winged Warrior (Fusaichi Pegasus—Hope for Love, Fortunate Prospect), 06Y150,000, MP.

Midnight Clear (Fusaichi Pegasus—Indy Stormy, A.P. Indy), 06Y180,000, MP.

Naughty Fu Peg (Fusaichi Pegasus—Minister’s Destiny, Deputy Minister), 06Y47,000, MP.

Budge Man (Fusaichi Pegasus—Nickel Classic, Regal Classic), 06Y500,000, MP.

Seattle Pegasus (Fusaichi Pegasus—Slewnami, Seattle Slew), 06T5,750, MP.

Silvestre (Gold Alert—Silvervan, Nelson), 06T3,100, MP.

Strawberry Blush (Gold Regent—Strawberry Runner, Strawberry Road), 06Y5,500, MP.

Western Goldrush (Gone West—Heritage of Gold, Gold Legend), 06Y145,000, MP.

Banakel (Gulch—Run Up the Banner, A.P. Indy), 06W9,000, MP.

Bobby Sands (Gulch—August Storm, Storm Creek), 06Y60,000, MP.

Once a Gulch (Gulch—Once Around, You and I), 06Y160,000, MP.

Express Return (Gulch—Marseille Express, Caerleon), 06Y9,000, MP.

Dark Domino (Hussonet—Sasaya, Slew o’ Gold), 06Y32,000, MP.

Six Wild Carrots (Ihtimam—Quick Charge, Gumboy), 06Y1,000, MP.

Hunt for Roses (Jade Hunter—Three Roses, Southern Halo), 06W3,700, MP.

Below the Line (Line in the Sand—Truly Romantic, Robyn Dancer), 06W6,500, MP.

Devil in the Dirt (Line in the Sand—Devious Penny, Rare Brick), 06Y1,100, MP.

Nadia Mist (Line in the Sand—Fortunate Beau, Fortunate Prospect), 06T13,000, MP.

End of the Line (Line in the Sand—Honorable Miss, Double Honor), 06T13,000, MP.

Silkily (Line in the Sand—Silky Tonya, Fortunate Prospect), 06T35,000, MP.

No Boys Allowed (Lion Cavern—Sha Hearah, Dehere), 06Y3,000, MP.

Closebutnogold (Mancini—Close But No, Gold Legend), 06W8,000, MP.

Ronnie Clady (Mancini—Close But No, Gold Legend), 06Y15,000, MP.

Mancini Martini (Mancini—Twining Curls, Twining), 06T25,000, MP.

Molly’s Mancini (Mancini—Twining Curls, Twining), 06Y17,000, MP.

Love Runs Deep (Not for Love—Hugsie, Summer Squall), 06T120,000, MP.

Fortheloveofconnor (Not for Love—Silk Stole, Pulpit), 06T150,000, MP.

Not for Gold (Not for Love—Glacken’s Grace, Smoke Glacken), 06Y200,000, MP.

Our Day (Our Emblem—Perfect Day, Dayjur), 06T10,000, MP.

Ocean Serenity (Our Emblem—Easy to Praise, Alwuhush), 06Y67,778, MP.

Three Across (Our Emblem—Word Puzzle, Ghazi), 06Y3,500, MP.

Three Thirteen (Porto Foricos—Fillygris, Langfuhr), 06Y6,695, MP.

Lauren’s Music (Prospector’s Music—Twin Induction, Slewacide), 06T112,000, MP.

Hauntingly (Silver Ghost—Paris Gem, Rubiano), 06T30,250, MP.

Wisdom Walk (Smart Strike—Dixie Linedancer, Dixieland Band), 06Y260,000, MP.

McClees Creek (Smart Strike—Marvelous Mandy, Hennessy), 06Y120,000, MP.

Silver Sword (Smart Strike—Persian Silver, Silver Deputy), 06Y500,000, MP.

Stricken (Smart Strike—Twin Induction, Slewacide), 06Y190,000, MP.

Furlong Baby (Smart Strike—Dancingthruseattle, Seattle Slew), 06Y30,000, MP.

Got Smarts (Smart Strike—Mean Imogene, Silver Deputy), 06Y82,000, MP.

Keepsake Copy (Souvenir Copy—Cast of Characters, Event of the Year), 06Y18,000, MP.

Reminisce (Souvenir Copy—Miss Linny, Lord Carson), 06T11,000, MP.

Bo Waters (Strategic Mission—Emily Ha Ha, Bright Launch), 06Y21,000, MP.

No Regets (Treasure Cove—Speedy Lucia, Senor Speedy), 06Y2,000, MP.

unnamed (Two Punch—Gold Huntress, Hunting Hard), 06Y50,000, MP.

Shady Grove (Two Punch—Hugsie, Summer Squall), 06Y33,000, MP.

Premium Punch (Two Punch—Madiera, Silver Deputy), 06Y30,000, MP.

He Packs a Punch (Two Punch—Ogygianna, Ogygian), 06Y21,000, MP.

Golden Gloves Kid (Two Punch—Gold Huntress, Hunting Hard), 06T100,000, MP.

Ultimate Akdov (Two Punch—Pithy, Quiet American), 06T475,000, MP.

Illegal Ticket (United Spirit—No Parking, Corporate Report), 06Y5,200, MP.

Token of Class (Sky Classic—Otoka, Strawberry Road), 06T25,000, Nijinsky II.

Plavius (Danzig—Sharp Minister, Deputy Minister), 06Y9,200,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

Dancing Bandit (Dixieland Band—Dancing Gulch, Gulch), 06W500,000, ND.

Lazyblues (Dixieland Band—Society Column, Seeking the Gold), 06W17,000, ND.

Dixie Crisp (Dixieland Band—Two Step Trudy, Capote), 06T250,000, ND.

Ragtime Gal (Dixieland Band—Forest Treasure, Brief Truce), 06Y22,000, ND.

Stalemate (Dixieland Band—Long Stemmed Rose, Rhythm), 06Y130,000, ND.

Zippi Jazzman (Dixieland Band—Redeem, Devil’s Bag), 06Y45,000, ND.

Ohmygolly (Dixieland Band—Toocloseto Comfort, Mt. Livermore), 06Y7,000, ND.

Dash n Dancer (Lucky North—June in Green Bay, Bucksplasher), 06Y6,500, ND.

Hillbilly Rockstar (Lucky North—Southern Dawn, Southern Halo), 06T18,000, ND.

Mayfair Lane (Sadler’s Wells—Fanny Cerrito, Gulch), 06Y250,000, ND.

Tollishill (Sadler’s Wells—Prospect Dalia, Mr. Prospector), 06Y150,000, ND.

Skimini Cricket (Skimming—Lovely Copy, Souvenir Copy), 06T2,200, Nureyev.

Sweet Theatrical (Theatrical—Sweet and Firm, Peteski), 06Y10,844, Nureyev.

Bluegrass Princess (Dynaformer—America America, Mister Bailey’s), 06W285,000, Roberto.

Cascadian Currency (Cascadian—Serious Money, Peterhof), 06Y6,500, Seattle Slew (SS).

Heels to the Field (Chief Seattle—You Tell Nick, Ferrara), 06Y2,200, SS.

Seattle Vixen (Chief Seattle—You Tell Nick, Ferrara), 06T4,000, SS.

La Serenata (Chief Seattle—No Serenading, Cure the Blues), 06T22,750, SS.

Hilbre Court (Doneraile Court—Glasgow’s Gold, Seeking the Gold), 06Y21,000, SS.

Bucky B Lucky (Ketucky Lucky—Dixie Dew, Rolls Aly), 06Y1,200, SS.

Joe David (Leestown—Pearlie Queen, Sovereign Dancer), 06Y3,750, SS.

Cameo Cutie (Slewdledo—On Wings She Flyes, Golden Slewpy), 06Y4,200, SS.

Chaeronea (Iskandar Elakbar—Guagamela, Schossberg), 06W6,114, Vice Regent.


Fancy Free Kelli (Bernstein—Kelly Valentina, Affirmed), 06W10,000, Affirmed.

Roses in October (Harlan’s Holiday—River Crossing, Affirmed), 06Y75,000, Affirmed.

Mystery Ward (Mystery Storm—Southward, Affirmed), 06T3,500, Affirmed.

Portable Alpha (Hook and Ladder—Devon Ridge, Cox’s Ridge), 06Y52,000, Cox’s Ridge.

A to the Croft (Menifee—Heart Warmer, Devil’s Bag), 06Y55,000, Halo.

Outofthebook (Outofthebox—White Notebook, Notebook), 06Y20,000, Notebook.

Miss Hissy Fit (Aldebaran—She’s Fine, Private Account), 06Y60,000, Private Account.

Cherry Smash (Diamond—Scarlet Native, Raise a Native), 06T4,200, Raise a Native.

Way to Go (Gone West—Fantastic Ways, Secretariat), 06Y375,000, Secretariat.

Dr Dan (Yonaguska—Mississippi Blues, Silver Ghost), 06Y10,000, Silver Ghost.

The Fishy Family (Catienus—Stormy Flyer, Storm Bird), 06Y4,200, Storm Bird.

Lousy Divorce (Devon Lane—Stormy Divorce, Storm Bird), 06Y11,000, Storm Bird.

Trip to the Bank (Trippi—Valid Silk, Valid Appeal), 06T165,000, Valid Appeal.


Reata’s Shadow (Include—Ingenuity Joan, Valley Crossing), 06T105,000, Ack Ack.

Include Charlie (Include—Abruzzi Ridge, Mountain Cat), 06T90,000, Ack Ack.

Brianda (Royal Anthem—Kurmond, Woodman), 06Y2,000, Ack Ack.

Bullistic Miss (Holy Bull—Miss Roxana, Gilded Time), 06Y20,000, Al Hattab.

unnamed (Century City—Westlake Texas, West by West), 06Y3,200, Alysheba.

Carson Street (Carson City—Riscay, Rahy), 06T75,000, Blushing Groom.

Toxaway (Congaree—Doradoradora, Runaway Groom), 06W60,000, Blushing Groom.

Great Cause (Congaree—Grand Mirage, Southern Halo), 06W50,000, Blushing Groom.

Silky Slim (Macho Uno—Angelina J, Rahy), 06W14,000, Blushing Groom.

Gladiatorus (Silic—Gmaasha, Kris), 06Y8,000, Blushing Groom.

Kiwi Girl (Stravinsky—Starlyte Girl, Fairy King), 06Y7,000, Blushing Groom.

Sweetpea (Stravinsky—Angel Kate, Mt. Livermore), 06Y15,000, Blushing Groom.

Justawitch (Chief Seattle—G. U. Senorita, Pancho Villa), 06T30,000, Bold Reasoning.

Terraplane (Trust n Luck—Dynamite Dancer, Lite the Fuse), 06Y13,556, Buckaroo.

Emily’s Hope (Woodman—Bringing Hope, Buckaroo), 06Y17,000, Buckpasser.

Nausori (In Excess—Shagoof, Diesis), 06Y80,253, Caro.

Honeyella (Mancini—Bellazene, Cozzene), 06W27,000, Caro.

Our Status Quo (Maria’s Mon—Queen Douna, Kaldoun), 06Y30,000, Caro.

My Crimson Cat (Red Bullet—Terakat, Storm Cat), 06Y20,000, Caro.

Tenkiller Lake (Red Bullet—Terakat, Storm Cat), 06T225,000, Caro.

Oxidize (Siberian Summer—Rusti’s Pearl, Rusticaro), 06Y3,000, Caro.

Pogey Nogey (Tactical Cat—Olden Rijn, Cozzene), 06Y10,000, Caro.

Bourbon Cat (Tactical Cat—Private Drive, Cahill Road), 06Y9,000, Caro.

Unamed Sources (Yankee Victor—Dear Cosette, Cozzene), 06Y1,500, Caro.

Yes by West (Yes It’s True—Western Cowgirl, Play Fellow), 06Y82,000, Clever Trick.

Be On Say (Zavata—Regal Romp, Wavering Monarch), 06Y30,000, Clever Trick.

Gunnislake (Straight Man—Cornish Pastie, Mining), 06W11,000, Cornish Prince.

Show the Way (Orientate—Distinct, Out of Place), 06Y55,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Risky Gambler (Cimarron Secret—Gambler’s Faith, Prospectors Gamble), 06T6,500, Crafty Prospector.

Bird on the Run (Graeme Hall—Unpainted Dancer, Robyn Dancer), 06T70,000, Crafty Prospector.

Elucidation (Gilded Time—Knife, Benny the Dip), 06Y28,500, Damascus.

Well Grounded (Ground Stroke—Confident, Jumron), 06Y4,682, Damascus.

Silver Clara (Private Talk—Steppin Sharp, Timeless Moment), 06Y2,500, Damascus.

Mr. Timex (Time Bandit—Shopawaytheblues, Zen), 06Y1,800, Damascus.

Wheeling On (Wheelaway—Make the Cut, Cutlass), 06T22,000, Damascus.

Tip Top Quality (Benchmark—Tipiary, Dumaani), 06T5,000, Danzig.

Connect Two (Concerto—Julies Connection, Danzig Connection), 06T21,000, Danzig.

Pegasus M D (Fusaichi Pegasus—Downshift, A. P. Indy), 06W260,000, Danzig.

Foo Peggy (Fusaichi Pegasus–Chateau Beach, Danehill), 06Y80,000, Danzig.

Pegasus Again (Fusaichi Pegasus—Chit Chatter, Lost Soldier), 06Y50,000, Danzig.

Silver Payday (Fusaichi Pegasus—I Got Silver, Petersburg), 06Y30,000, Danzig.

Glide n Seek (Honor Glide—John’s Love, Chief’s Crown), 06T47,000, Danzig.

Aden’s Walk (In a Walk—Maddy’s Prize, Dumaani), 06W2,500, Danzig.

Super Size It (Prospect Bay—Cause I’m Worth it, Dayjur), 06T3,000, Danzig.

Saar Treaty (Saarland—Top of the Noggin, Chief’s Crown), 06W50,000, Danzig.

Hail the Moon (Kinshasa—C’Mon Surprise, Tejabo), 06Y16,069, Deputy Minister.

French Code (Omega Code—French Jubilee, French Deputy), 06W30,000, Deputy Minister.

Wanted Alive (Posse—Celtic Harp, Bold Ruckus), 06W55,000, Deputy Minister.

Catch the Posse (Posse—Palmilla Bay, Mane Minister), 06W32,000, Deputy Minister.

unnamed (Albert the Great—Elderberry, Roy), 06Y2,200, Fappiano.

Cardinal Mike (Commanchero—Cynwyd, Quiet American), 06Y5,000, Fappiano.

Party Affairs (Drewman—Phaedra, Pentelicus), 06W7,000, Fappiano.

Kayla’s Magic (Magic Cat—Came Uncorked, Signal Tap), 06T6,000, Fappiano.

Malabar Run (Malabar Gold—Leh She Run, Pulpit), 06Y12,000, Fappiano.

Impressive Armi (No Armistice—Impressive One, Press Card), 05Y2,000, Fappiano.

First Magnitude (Saarland—Fapindy, A.P. Indy), 06W5,000, Fappiano.

Light and Dreamy (Toolighttoquit—Lizzy’s a Dream, Cryptoclearance), 06Y4,500, Fappiano.

Saturday’s Dream (Unbridled’s Song—Danzig’s Dreamer, Rubiano), 06Y900,000, Fappiano.

White Tie (Unbridled’s Song—Queen’s Lady, Storm Cat), 06Y1,300,000, Fappiano.

Gotsomelegs (Victory Gallop—Bullagio, Holy Bull), 06Y12,000, Fappiano.

W. C. Jones (Volponi—Consider It Done, Green Dancer), 06Y50,000, Fappiano.

Sandia’s Sweetie (Sandia Slew—Sweet Sentiment, Williamstown), 06Y2,700, Forty Niner.

Kaleidoscope Kerry (One Way Love—Kerry Dancer, Bold Executive), 06Y1,518, Geiger Counter.

More Money Man (Talk Is Money—She Did Tell, West by West), 06Y1,500, Gone West.

Why Whynot (Whywhywhy—Marfa’s Squall, Marfa), 06Y15,000, Gone West.

Redneck Friend (Peaks and Valleys—Paula’s Day, Henbane), 06W3,200, Green Dancer.

Teen Drama (Tribal Rule—Bonneville, Salt Lake), 06T40,000, Grenfall.

Knock Out Queen (Two Punch—Shifra, Polish Numbers), 06Y80,000, Grey Dawn II.

Drawn Out (Winter Halo—Ms Drawn Off, Mr. Redoy), 06Y600, Grey Dawn II.

Sir Ivor’s Devil (Devil His Due—Ivorilla, Sir Ivor), 06W2,500, Halo.

Mshoneydue (Devil His Due—Msveepee, Honey Jay), 06Y3,000, Halo.

Radifa (Devil His Due—Southern Broad, Southern Halo), 06Y3,500, Halo.

Ms. Southern Devil (Devil His Due—Southern Crocus, Southern Halo), 06Y2,000, Halo.

Best Behavior (Lived It Up—Approving, Mari’s Book), 06Y4,200, Halo.

Heaven Tonight (More Than Ready—Heavenly Valley, Carson City), 06Y130,000, Halo.

Pine Derby (Pine Bluff—Choral Belle, Numerous), 06Y8,000, Halo.

Unbridled Way (Unbridled’s Time—One Fast lady, Lively One), 06T1,200, Halo.

Tockwotton (Forest Camp—Lady Buttercup, Meadowlake), 06Y160,000, Hold Your Peace.

Torch Lake (Greenwood Lake—Campfire Song, Fire Dancer), 06T14,000, Hold Your Peace.

Middle Initial (Middle Man—Rare Indication, Sezyou), 06Y1,700, Hold Your Peace.

Tranquil Times (Peace Rules—Lake Leman, Meadowlake), 06W155,000, Hold Your Peace.

Spirit of Seattle (Chief Seattle—Clever Adele, Clever Trick), 06Y5,200, Icecapade.

Call W J (Chief Seattle—Your Call, Wild Again), 06Y11,000, Icecapade.

Grey Lassie (Siberian Summer—Escapade Lass, Ice Age), 06Y29,000, Icecapade.

Six Gun Smokin (Wild Gold—Made to Be Fancy, Jungle Blade), 06Y1,500, Icecapade.

CC’s Dream (Commendable—Third Arkansas, Proper Reality), 06Y2,000, In Reality.

Monster Drive (Commendable—Ms. D. D. Walton, Known Fact), 06T120,000, In Reality.

Miss Kipper (Kipper Kelly—Miss Knoel, Known Fact), 06T3,200, In Reality.

My Houri (Seacliff—Joyful Girl, Kyle’s Our Man), 06T6,500, In Reality.

Recoil (Thunderello—Gin and Jazz, Taylor’s Falls), 06Y35,000, In Reality.

Ester’s Jazz (Untuttable—Jazz Enough, Enough Reality), 06T1,000, In Reality.

Your My Sunshine (Valid Belfast—Your So Special, Known Fact), 06Y600, In Reality.

Gambler’s Tune (Valid Wager—Lavonda’s Music, Line in the Sand), 06Y3,000, In Reality.

Bred to Win (War Chant—Southern Fiction, Brocco), 06Y37,000, Kris S.

Nima’s Pad (Lord Carson—Vie a Vie, Lord Avie), 06Y7,500, Lord Gaylord.

Vavasor (King Cugat—Murfreesboro, Wavering Monarch), 06Y4,100, Majestic Light.

Dreams Start Here (A Fleets Dancer—I Timad, Kayrawan), 06Y1,783, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Connie’s Billetdou (Big Sky Chester—Mary Beverly, Native Prospector), 06Y1,200, MP.

Brahms Medal (Brahms—Double Jeopardy, Horse Chestnut), 06W3,000, MP.

Brahms Swings (Brahms—Bank Key, Key to the Mint), 06Y100,000, MP.

Fairyland (Brahms—Fairy, Gulch), 06Y5,000, MP.

Musical Moment (Brahms—Galwood, Woodman), 06T12,000, MP.

Too Tyler (Brahms—La Veta Madre, Mining), 06T8,000, MP.

Dumaani Came Home (Came Home—Arkah, Dumaani), 06Y10,000, MP.

Bedarra (Came Home—Strikeapromise, Smart Strike), 06Y39,000, MP.

Sipnvelvet (Bustopher Jones—Baby Bountiful, Native Prospector), 06T5,500, MP.

Bye Bye Now (Cahill Road—Winning View, Naevus), 06Y3,000, MP.

Safari Dream (Cape Town—Sun Luck, Conquistador Cielo), 06W7,200, MP.

One Only (Cape Town—Tracks of My Tears, Damister), 06Y3,000, MP.

C. B. Golddigger (Career Best—Nasty But Nice, Naevus), 06Y750, MP.

Ad Me In (Catienus—Antice Upstairs, Fair American), 06T32,000, MP.

Rapid Ron (Catienus—Carson City Madame, Carson City), 06T23,000, MP.

Laurel Wreath (Catienus—White Silk, Always a Rainbow), 06T1,500, MP.

Crackerjac Boy (Catienus—Julie Apple, Conquistador Cielo), 07Y16,500, MP.

Lizzie’s Cat (Catienus—Lizzie Worthington, Gold Seam), 06Y6,100, MP.

Outta Hand (Chimes Band—Postal, Society Max), 06Y13,000, MP.

Big Eloy (Chimes Band—Sterlingapparition, Silver Ghost), 06Y2,000, MP.

unnamed (City Zip—Honour a Bull, Holy Bull), 06W7,000, MP.

Red Bayou (Cryptoclearance—Log Jammer, Woodman), 06W3,200, MP.

Crafty Naval (Cryptoclearance—Front Row Center, Crafty Prospector), 06Y17,558, MP.

Silent Wind (Cryptoclearance—Her Secret, Mining), 06Y29,000, MP.

Pink Kryptonyte (Cryptoclearance—Pink Cadillac, Man From Eldorado), 07Y9,500, MP.

Satellite Sal (Desert God—Nofinancenoromance, Society Max), 06Y25,000, MP.

Native Playboy (Distorted Humor—For Rubies, Not for Love), 06Y60,000, MP.

Jungleland (Double Honor—Super Lass, Line in the Sand), 06W1,200, MP.

Double Keys (Double Honor—Aurum Keys, Aurium), 06T15,000, MP.

Doublely Delight (Double Honor—Dylan’s Gold, Gold Crest), 06T4,600, MP.

Part Time Honor (Double Honor—Dylan’s Gold, Gold Crest), 06Y3,000, MP.

Double Mystery (Double Honor—Mystery Line, Line in the Sand), 06T12,500, MP.

Ozilda’s Honor Ms. (Double Honor—Ozilda’s Gale, Fountain of Gold), 06T12,000, MP.

Baroness Del Sol (Double Honor—Baroness Stutz, Stutz Blackhawk), 06Y13,000, MP.

Ecton (Ecton Park—Dolly by Golly, Not for Love), 06Y25,000, MP.

Southern Alibi (Elusive Quality—Looking Afar, Broad Brush), 06Y150,000, MP.

True Quality (Elusive Quality—Louve Mysterieuse, Seeking the Gold), 06Y280,000, MP.

Blessed Event (Event of the Year—Nureyev’s Angel, Nureyev), 06Y2,200, MP.

Cannonville (Event of the Year—Swingtime Music, Woodman), 06Y5,500, MP.

Lobau (Fasliyev—Calico Moon, Seeking the Gold), 06Y30,000, MP.

Five Star Magic (Five Star Day—Crafty Magic, Crafty Prospector), 06T20,000, MP.

Phenomena (Five Star Day—Violet Hill, Two Punch), 06T300,000, MP.

Roen’s Star (Five Star Day—Separate Ways, Gone West), 06Y27,500, MP.

Headline Hunter (Flatter—Kilcoe Castle, Gone West), 06W67,000, MP.

Tamo Tiger (Flatter—Afleet Summer, Afleet), 06Y30,000, MP.

Canterbury King (Flatter—Great Shot Grace, Carson City), 06Y1,200, MP.

Gramsci (Flatter—Hem, Forty Niner), 06Y6,000, MP.

Biscay Bay (Flatter—Lorient, Fappiano), 06Y70,000, MP.

Mauresmo (Flatter—Play Date, Geiger Counter), 06Y190,000, MP.

Embarrassed (Flatter—Stormy Blast, Kayrawan), 06Y57,000, MP.

High End Prospect (Fortunate Prospect—Reflexion, Miner’s Mark), 06Y26,000, MP.

Warrior Prospect (Fortunate Prospect—Warwoman Creek, Miner’s Mark), 06Y2,500, MP.

Shimmer to Gold (Ghostly Moves—Golden Moment, Gold Alert), 06Y11,000, MP.

Ghostly Belle (Ghostly Moves—Hometown Belle, Homebuilder), 06Y22,000, MP.

Global Market (Gold Market—Wildaboutwinnie, Rare Performer), 06Y1,600, MP.

After His Money (Gone Hollywood—Alpine Gem, Jade Hunter), 06Y10,000, MP.

Simply Preferred (Good and Tough—Precious Choice, Jade Hunter), 06T22,000, MP.

Ease My Mind (Good and Tough—Amalert, Gold Alert), 06Y10,000, MP.

Grand Trio (Grand Slam—Hidden Storm, Storm Cat), 06Y275,000, MP.

Laureldean Gale (Grand Slam—Ravnina, Nureyev), 06Y325,000, MP.

Gone Grand (Grand Slam—Greyciousness, Miswaki), 06Y55,000, MP.

Lanakila (He’s Tops—Cielo Otono, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y4,500, MP.

Arrow Junction (He’s Tops—Lite Nite, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y8,500, MP.

Waitingfordaylight (Holzmeister—Senora Anne, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y30,000, MP.

Karakorum Large (Ide—Karakorum Galore, Distinctive Pro), 06Y20,000, MP.

Indy’s Honey Gem (Indy King—Looks Like a Gem, Distant View), 06Y9,500, MP.

Prince Igor (Lemon Drop Kid—Glory Way, Woodman), 06Y85,000, MP.

Mention My Name (Lord Carson—Golden Notion, Gold Crest), 06Y19,500, MP.

Lord Elijah (Lord Carson—Elevator Gail, Native Prospector), 06T7,500, MP.

unnamed (Malibu Moon—A Fleet Peach, Afleet), 06W150,000, MP.

unnamed (Malibu Moon—Carson’s Vanity, Carson City), 06W130,000, MP.

Fifteen Moons (Malibu Moon—Prospective Joy, Allen’s Prospect), 06W70,000, MP.

Static Memory (Malibu Moon—Smart Catch, Conquistador Cielo), 06W15,000, MP.

Karambol (Malibu Moon—Conquistador Blue, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y16,000, MP.

Madame Kiawah (Malibu Moon—Danzalert, Gold Alert), 06Y105,000, MP.

Malibu Martini (Malibu Moon—Eighteen Carat, Gold Alert), 06Y55,000, MP.

To Straight (Malibu Moon—Prospective Joy, Allen’s Prospect), 06Y22,000, MP.

Daniel Moon (Malibu Moon—Romantic Pro, Distinctive Pro), 06Y21,000, MP.

Amazin Blue (Marquetry—Niner, Forty Niner), 06T55,000, MP.

Sizz (Marquetry—Miz Landy, Silver Ghost), 06Y2,500, MP.

Bonnie Blue Boy (Minardi—Hybaby, Rock Band), 06Y10,000, MP.

Miner’s Secret (Mineshaft—Madam Lagonza, Kingmambo), 06Y250,000, MP.

Sacher Mine (Mineshaft—Pulsatilla, Gone West), 06Y300,000, MP.

Patricia’s Gem (Mineshaft—Stylish Talent, Forty Niner), 06Y400,000, MP.

Full Charge (Mineshaft—Twist Afleet, Afleet), 06Y550,000, MP.

Norm’s At Cheers (Misnomer—Sieze the Queen, Afleet), 06Y7,833, MP.

Goofy Take My Hand (Monashee Mountain—Melodrama, Miswaki), 06W7,500, MP.

Monzibar (Monashee Mountain—Pressed and Ready, Woodman), 06W3,000, MP.

Monashee’s Secret (Monashee Mountain—Tar Fih, Gone West), 06W1,000, MP.

Rathmore (Mr. Greeley—Disco Lady, Peteski), 06Y110,000, MP.

Bullet Man (Mr. Greeley—Silk Tapestry, Tank’s Prospect), 06Y80,000, MP.

Kentucky Bear (Mr. Greeley—Tate, Afleet), 06Y42,000, MP.

Oklahoma Hills (Muldoon—Ima Pure Okie Lady, Here We Come), 06T2,700, MP.

Sephra’s Dancer (Muqtarib—Tormenta Gold, Strike Gold), 06W2,000, MP.

Go B Go (Muqtarib—Tormenta Gold, Strike Gold), 06Y2,000, MP.

Angel Eunice (Mugtarib—Color Me Silver, Silver Ghost), 06Y2,100, MP.

Moyito (Muqtarib—Slot Machine Sally, Carson City), 06Y7,000, MP.

Ize on Juan (Mutakddim—Wynona, Afleet), 06W5,000, MP.

Buc the Spartan (Mutakddim—Dolly by Golly, Not for Love), 06T45,000, MP.

Shoe Babe (Mutakddim—Perfect Reason, Distinctive Pro), 06T47,000, MP.

Gulf Coast Special (Mutakddim—Faithful Heart, Miner’s Mark), 06Y10,000, MP.

Sues n Promise (Northern Afleet—Honest Promise, Numerous), 06Y1,500, MP.

I Want to Tango (Northern Afleet—Last Tango, Lion Cavern), 06Y14,000, MP.

Topperscat (Parker’s Storm Cat—Tuf to Conquer, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y1,600, MP.

Hard Climb (Petionville—Gold At the Top, Cox’s Ridge), 06Y10,000, MP.

Proud Lisa (Proud Citizen—Miss the Mark, Miner’s Mark), 06W20,000, MP.

Blue Tambourine (Proud Citizen—Tantrum, Pleasant Colony), 06W20,000, MP.

Pulpitina (Pulpit—Double Sixes, Gone West), 06Y145,000, MP.

Pulpiano (Pulpit—Patchiano, Fappiano), 06Y17,000, MP.

Road (Pulpit—Tour, Forty Niner), 06Y370,000, MP.

Clutch Hitter (Robyn Dancer—Clutch Performance, Rare Performer), 06Y3,000, MP.

Two Gold Stars (Quaker Ridge—Silver Ore Gold, Northern Prospect), 06T5,500, MP.

A Sassy American (Quiet American—Concielo Dial, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y4,500, MP.

Lady of La Leche (Robyn Dancer—Mysterious Girl, Line in the Sand), 06Y1,000, MP.

Kenya Skye (Rock Slide—Im No Cynic, Two Punch), 06Y47,000, MP.

Crafty Diver (Sea of Secrets—Crafty Promise, Crafty Prospector), 06Y23,000, MP.

Benny the Waiter (Sea of Secrets—Double Coverage, Double Negative), 06Y11,000, MP.

Sea of Pleasure (Sea of Secrets—Doubleyourpleasure, Double Negative), 06Y23,000, MP.

Ms. Kramer (Sequoia Slew—Raise a Herat, Herat), 06Y2,000, MP.

Daguerreotype (Silver Deputy—Looking for a Win, Crafty Prospector), 06Y375,000, MP.

Liberating Love (Silver Deputy—Tourney, Forty Niner), 06Y110,000, MP.

Law Breaker (Silver Deputy—Such Flair, Kingmambo), 06T120,000, MP.

Peep Show (Silver Deputy—Catch a Glimpse, Gulch), 06Y7,000, MP.

Glenwood Canyon (Silver Deputy—Flower Canyon, Gulch), 06Y96,000, MP.

Campbell Jane (Silver Deputy—Ultimate Strike, Crafty Prospector), 06Y45,000, MP.

Silvery Whisper (Silver Deputy—Whispered Love, Forest Wildcat), 06Y20,000, MP.

Head Games (Silver Deputy—Head Count, Forty Niner), 06T18,000, MP.

Dakota Smoke (Smoke Glacken—Bullet Points, Gulch), 06W18,000, MP.

Unholy Smoke (Smoke Glacken—A Saint She Aint, Marlin), 06Y85,000, MP.

Satan’s Plume (Smoke Glacken—Trust Fund, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y170,000, MP.

Smoky Chimney (Smoke Glacken—Herat’s Goldengirl, Gold Alert), 06T100,000, MP.

Rubicund (Smoke Glacken—Ruby Glows, Deputy Minister), 06Y30,000, MP.

Hurricane Gussie (Storm Boot—Awesome Eyes, Really Awesome), 06Y3,000, MP.

Casanova Killer (Storm Boot—Casanova Marker, Miner’s Mark), 06Y7,000, MP.

Bootshine (Storm Boot—Funshine, Deputy Commander), 06Y35,000, MP.

Storm Booty (Storm Boot—Rare Star, Rare Performer), 06Y3,500, MP.

Rockin in the Rain (Storm Boot—Rockley, Miner’s Mark), 06Y20,000, MP.

Crimson Prince (Storm Boot—Savannah Hanna, Numerous), 06Y70,000, MP.

Push N. Boots (Storm Boot—Carson Kitty, Carson City), 06T53,000, MP.

Mostbeautifulstorm (Storm Boot—Mostbeautifulsound, Miswaki), 06T180,000, MP.

Chelsea Creek Pat (Storm Creek—Excite, Gone West), 06Y2,200, MP.

Captain Charisma (Storm Creek—Osho Togo, Strike Gold), 06Y8,000, MP.

Contretemps (Street Cry—Awaamir, Green Desert), 06W150,000, MP.

Street Spirit (Street Cry—Be Good or Be Gone, Gulch), 06W10,000, MP.

Street Bird (Street Cry—Jade Bird, Jade Hunter), 06T35,000, MP.

Star Power (Tale of the Cat—Stylish Talent, Forty Niner), 06W200,000, MP.

Antitrust (Tale of the Cat—Trust Fund, Conquistador Cielo), 06W170,000, MP.

Heroic Cat (Tale of the Cat—Best Mate, Woodman), 06Y50,000, MP.

Beer Boy (Tale of the Cat—Driana, Carson City), 06Y475,000, MP.

Splash of Colour (Tale of the Cat—Flashy Attraction, Fappiano), 06Y175,000, MP.

Dunlap (Tale of the Cat—Fontabelle, Gone West), 06Y10,000, MP.

Coby Cat Tale (Tale of the Cat—Lemon Twist, Seeking the Gold), 06Y110,000, MP.

Magic Tales (Tale of the Cat—Magic Melody, Gulch), 06Y530,000, MP.

Spectacular Tale (Tale of the Cat—Spectacular Day, Carson City), 06Y290,000, MP.

Just Seventeen (Tale of the Cat—Spree, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y250,000, MP.

Tale of the West (Tale of the Cat—Western Dreamer, Gone West), 06Y160,000, MP.

Cat Verse (Tale of the Cat—Adversity, Seeking the Gold), 06T175,000, MP.

Nicole’s Image (Tale of the Cat—Cyber Sam, Capote), 06T20,000, MP.

Diamond Cliff (The Cliff’s Edge—Si Si Gem, Conquistador Cielo), 06W29,000, MP.

Kiss’ Legacy (Trajectory—Once Upon a Kiss, Conquistador Cielo), 06Y34,341, MP.

Rocket Path (Trajectory—Stutz Classic, Regal Classic), 06Y36,148, MP.

unnamed (Wagon Limit—Shagadellic, Devil’s Bag), 06Y1,000, MP.

Eyes West (West Acre—Evil Eyed Czarina, Carson City), 06Y1,500, MP.

unnamed (West Acre—Judy’s Turn to Fly, Regal Search), 06Y4,500, MP.

Melba Toast (Western Fame—Mahdees Integrity, Mr. Integrity), 06Y4,700, MP.

Kylie’s Way (Menifee—Graceful Manor, Cure the Blues), 06Y42,000, Never Bend.

Golden Memin (Gold Token—Sleeplessnseattle, Seattle Dancer), 06Y1,500, Nijinsky II.

Perfectly Quick (Perfect—Quick Wink, Sword Dance), 06T6,000, Nijinsky II.

Manningtoharrison (American Day—Dunkin for Gold, Strike the Gold), 06Y4,200, Northern Dancer (ND).

Don’t Give Up (Aptitude—Bonus, Gulch), 06W35,000, ND.

Nayza (Aptitude—Balabina, Nijinsky II), 06Y17,000, ND.

Thou Swell (Aptitude—L’Abidjanaise, Dixieland Band), 06Y50,000, ND.

unnamed (Castle Gandalfo—Southern Flagship, Northern Flagship), 06Y1,000, ND.

Whitcombe Minister (Deputy Minister—Pronghorn, Gulch), 07Y50,000, ND.

Langartic (Langfuhr—Tintaburra, Bold Agent), 06Y85,000, ND.

Wanda Nevada (Not for Love—Hillbilly Boogie, Storm Bird), 06W55,000, ND.

Lovesgonnagetcha (Not for Love—Burren, Rahy), 06T60,000, ND.

Always for Love (Not for Love—Elegant April, Sun War Dancer), 06T32,000, ND.

Camilla’s Catch (Not for Love—Lady Tiara, Vice Regent), 06Y60,000, ND.

Ucanthandlthetruth (Roar—Poetry Writer, Staff Writer), 06Y35,000, ND.

Northern Tribute (Roar—Sing With Me, Hero’s Honor), 06T1,400, ND.

Rutledge Storm (Storm Cat—Western Eternity, Gone West), 06Y330,000, ND.

Western Gambler (Storm Cat—Western Eternity, Gone West), 06T275,000, ND.

Madame Elle (Sky Classic—Marjorie, Riverman), 06Y6,000, ND.

Solo Sunset (Stravinsky—River Sunset, Irish River), 06Y9,000, ND.

Childish (Theatrical—Child Bride, Coronado’s Quest), 06Y21,000, ND.

Commando Chant (War Chant—Go Carolina, Rahy), 06Y100,000, ND.

Giant Afternoon (Afternoon Deelites—Tinbin, Bet Twice), 06Y10,000, Private Account.

Crowninshield (Aldebaran—Queen of Money, Corporate Report), 06Y220,000, Private Account.

Sra Barbara (Aldebaran—Cuddley, Lure), 06Y25,000, Raise a Native (RAN).

Crimson View (Distant View—Crimson Native, The Name’s Jimmy), 06Y22,000, RAN.

Dubai Distinction (E Dubai—Darlin, Dayjur), 06Y175,000, RAN.

Rexy (E Dubai—Plate Boundary, Boundary), 06Y5,500, RAN.

King Kamehameha (Madraar—Ms. Saltyann, Salt Lake), 06T7,500, RAN.

Sevenhundredtooz (Exclusive Enough—Idyy Bitty Bidwa, Highland Park), 06Y1,200, RAN.

Chief Halftown (Greatness—Native Northrop, Northrop), 06Y13,000, RAN.

Kachon (Gulch—Diamond Bracelet, Metfield), 06Y6,000, RAN.

Sky’s Faith (Homebuilder—I’ma Stephanie, I’ma Hell Raiser), 06T500, RAN.

Gone by Sunrise (Not for Love—Bourne Royal, Exbourne), 06Y16,000, RAN.

So Seneca (Seneca Jones—Social Call, Topsider), 06T3,000, RAN.

Got Smarts (Smart Strike—Mean Imogene, Silver Deputy), 06Y82,000, RAN.

De Jewel (Big Jewel—Regally Perfect, Regal Search), 06Y3,500, Rajab.

Aspen Diamond (Mr. Greeley—Skies of Blue, Ogygian), 06Y120,000, Reviewer.

Agent Greeley (Mr. Greeley—Agenda, Private Account), 06W27,000, Reviewer.

Balmorhea (Istintaz—Cup Runeth Over, Bahri), 06Y3,500, Riverman.

Gi’s Second Chance (American Chance—Thnkhvnforltlgirls, Danton), 06T26,000, Seattle Slew (SS).

Convercent (Benton Creek—Silver Penny, Houston), 06Y6,000, SS.

unnamed (Authenticate—Comedy at the Met, Metfield), 04Y2,000, SS.

Haveubeentoldtoday (Cape Canaveral—Graph, Lord At War), 06Y7,500, SS.

Charming Hostess (Cape Town—Charming Gal, Slew’s Royalty), 06Y240,000, SS.

Classy Attraction (Cape Town—Classy Charlotte, A.P. Indy), 06Y4,500, SS.

C R Caper (Cape Town—Sheer Fire, Septieme Ciel), 06Y33,000, SS.

Heritage Harley (Crowning Storm—Coast Meridian, Gold Meridian), 06Y1,700, SS.

Mixed With Rain (Crowning Storm—Lillian, Herat), 06T2,000, SS.

French Gate (French Envoy—Heaven’s Gate, Septieme Ciel), 06Y3,000, SS.

Mi Problema (French Envoy—Not So Flamboyant, Chewy Slew), 06T4,700, SS.

Whospilledthesalt (Friends Lake—Saltinella, Salt Lake), 06W65,000, SS.

Full Queen (Full Mandate—Runninonacloud, Septieme Ciel), 06W10,000, SS.

No Exposure (Full Mandate—Lila Wanblee, Capote), 06Y25,000, SS.

Royal Mandate (Full Mandate—Lucy’s Princess, Capote), 06Y15,000, SS.

Quinton’s Hideaway (Hidden City—Crown Her Queen, Slew’s Royalty), 06Y20,000, SS.

Magic Mini (Indy King—Sinsie, Capote), 06W1,200, SS.

Influenced (Malibu Moon—Tsu Lou, Tsunami Slew), 06Y150,000, SS.

Unexpectedblessing (Matty G—Fauna, Woodman), 06Y17,000, SS.

Fighter Command (Matty G—Marissa T, Williamstown), 06Y4,500, SS.

Sapphiresndiamonds (Mineshaft—Unbridled Lassie, Unbridled), 06Y1,450,000, SS.

Miner’s Secret (Mineshaft—Madam Lagonza, Kingmambo), 06Y250,000, SS.

Lady Attack (Mutakddim—She’s a Slewpy, Slewpy), 06T150,000, SS.

Feet on Fire (Mutakddim—As We Sing, Seattle Song), 06Y13,000, SS.

Rip Roaring Ready (Mutakddim—Little Lady Liar, Slew City Slew), 06Y28,918, SS.

Belindy (My Grand Indy—Bell’s Beach, Taj Alriyadh), 06Y1,500, SS.

Truble Ridge (Paynes Bay—Love Disarmed, Fast Play), 06Y2,678, SS.

Sandia’s Sweetie (Sandia Slew—Sweet Sentiment, Williamstown), 06Y2,700, SS.

Jiggsie (Stephen Got Even—Slewzy Floozy, Slew City Slew), 06W8,000, SS.

Atlantic Star (Stormy Atlantic—Capital Star, Star de Nakskra), 06Y10,000, SS.

Ursa (Stormy Atlantic—Houston Bluelass, Houston), 06Y78,500, SS.

Blue Sky God (Stormy Atlantic—Godmother, Show’em Slew), 06T100,000, SS.

Bold Assurance (Stormy Atlantic—Houston Bluelass, Houston), 06T30,000, SS.

Both Sides Slew (Tahoe City—Pretty Peggy Slew, Slewdledo), 06Y5,500, SS.

Manofthewest (Gone West—Twin Sails, Boston Harbor), 06Y240,000, Secretariat.

Tony the Terio (Judge T C—Fixin to Storm, Storm Bird), 06Y50,000, Secretariat.

Surprises Welcomed (Storm Cat—Welcome Surprise, Seeking the Gold), 06Y3,000,000, Secretariat.

K. Boy (Tiger Ridge—Maple Lyph, Lyphard), 06W9,000, Secretariat.

Bellehara (Tiger Ridge—Poms Rising Star, Risen Star), 06W15,000, Secretariat.

M L’s Indian (Indian Charlie—Pass It, Salt Lake), 06T32,000, Siberian Express.

Cayenne Lady (Repent—Jilli’s Dream, Out of Place), 06W4,000, Sovereign Dancer.

Venture Fund (Entepreneur—Music Czar, Dancing Czar), 06Y12,000, Stop the Music.

Treimhse Tirim (Include—Dry North, Temperence Hill), 06Y115,000, Stop the Music.

Little B Rosson (Bernstein—Hopefully Bold, Personal Hope), 06Y1,700, Storm Bird.

Believe Me I Know (Catienus—Tobrah, Summer Squall), 06Y3,200, Storm Bird.

Hurricane Kate (Crowning Storm—Storminthewoods, Woodman), 06T8,200, Storm Bird.

Moccasin Gap (Giant’s Causeway—Lemon Dove, Forty Niner), 06T650,000, Storm Bird.

Somethingintheair (Gulf Storm—My Dena, Stalwart), 06Y7,000, Storm Bird.

Paul’s Hope (Lake Austin—Fondest Hope, Personal Hope), 06T26,000, Storm Bird.

Power Spinner (Stormy Atlantic—Beyond the Sky, Crafty Prospector), 06Y6,000, Storm Bird.

Stormy Harbor (Stormy Atlantic—Harbor Cruise, Boston Harbor), 06Y4,500, Storm Bird.

Unbridled Reserve (Tale of the Cat—Unbridled Soul, Unbridled), 06Y90,000, Storm Bird.

La Minstral (Thunder Gulch—Southerncomfortgal, Hermitage), 06Y15,000, Storm Bird.

Some Squall (Thunder Gulch—Bally Storm, Summer Squall), 06Y30,000, Storm Bird.

Kit n’ Kabuddha (Buddha—Hot Kitty, Tabasco Cat), 06T14,000, Storm Cat.

Lake Kiowa Kids (Cactus Ridge—Mi’angela, Kris S.), 06Y100,000, Storm Cat.

Verdade (Johannesburg—Toogoodtobe Easy, Easy Goer), 06Y12,000, Storm Cat.

Ingrid the Gambler (Johannesburg—Pretty Livia, Forest Wildcat), 06T68,000, Storm Cat.

Jump Lightly (Jump Start—Light as a Cat, Tabasco Cat), 06Y30,000, Storm Cat.

Redeploy (Jump Start—Lively Lynx, Mountain Cat), 06Y22,000, Storm Cat.

New Believer (Sky Mesa—Cocktail Sauce, Tabasco Cat), 06Y220,000, Storm Cat.

Original Ink (Speightstown—Red n’Gold, Tabasco Cat), 06W400,000, Storm Cat.

Robby’s Break (Sunday Break—Enchanted Kitten, Sir Cat), 06Y3,000, Storm Cat.

Sunday Prince (Sunday Break—Reigning Princess, Storm Boot), 06Y500,000, Storm Cat.

Chemical Romance (Muqtarib—Universal Toy, Tanyosho), 06T1,600, The Minstrel.

Western Starlite (Western Fame—Marbesa, Tom Rolfe), 06Y2,000, Topsider.

Wekiva Wings (Wekiva Springs—Change Return, Copelan), 06Y5,000, Tri Jet.

Big Casino (Songandaprayer—Stargirl, Tactical Advantage), 06Y120,000, Unbridled.

Appella’s Trip (Trippi—Appella, World Appeal), 06Y13,000, Valid Appeal.

All Expenses Paid (Trippi—Valid Reward, Valid Expectations), 06Y53,500, Valid Appeal.

Alotofappeal (Trippi—Argos Appeal, World Appeal), 06T275,000, Valid Appeal.

Klassy Tripp (Trippi—Klassy Charade, World Appeal), 06T17,000, Valid Appeal.

Aphrodite’s Dancer (A Fleets Dancer—Aphrodite’s Crown, Regal Classic), 06Y4,910, Vice Regent.

My Grecian Goddess (Deputy Wild Cat—Mahima, Roy), 06Y7,500, Vice Regent.

Stormin’ the House (Domasca Dan—Bold Consort, Bold Executive), 06Y49,704, Vice Regent.

Lady of Mystery (Domasca Dan—Mysterious Ruckus, Mysterious Vice), 06Y6,874, Vice Regent.

Miss Nickabella (Forest Camp—She Speaketh, Lil E. Tee), 06Y65,000, Vice Regent.

Pursuit Curve (Ghostly Minister—Light ‘n’ Classy, Regal Classic), 06Y1,600, Vice Regent.

Bill Jr. (Open Forum—Countess Delainea, Geiger Counter), 06Y3,500, Vice Regent.

Honeymoon Suite (Victory Gallop—Deputy Dear, Deputy Minister), 06Y26,000, Vice Regent.

Gabby’s Victory (Victory Gallop—Norwoods, Deputy Minister), 06Y1,200, Vice Regent.

Oh Lovely (Victory Gallop—Your Sweetness, Deputy Minister), 06Y8,000, Vice R egent.

Maria’s Siren (Petionville—Singing Siren, Maria’s Mon), 06W1,500, Wavering Monarch.

Ebony Amazon (Acceptable—Howaboutme, Theatrical), 06T11,000, Woodman.

Morereadythanever (More Than Ready—Canadian Alliance, Private Terms), 06Y32,000, Woodman.

unnamed (Three Wonders—Hansel’s Messenger, Hansel), 06Y2,500, Woodman.


unnamed (Five Star Day—Bet She Can, Cox’s Ridge), 06Y20,000, Cox’s Ridge.

Exotic Corredor (El Corredor—Foxy Coxy, Deputy Minister), 06Y220,000, Deputy Minister.

Bear’s Swan (El Corredor—Fiddlin Devon, Deputy Minister), 06T60,000, Deputy Minister.

Hall a Day (El Corredor—Prime Affair, Deputy Minister), 06T20,000, Deputy Minister.

Hannah’s Halo (Confide—Ten Hail Marys, Halo), 06T6,000, Halo.

Cardinal Hill (Harlan’s Holiday—Sky Bonnet, Halo), 06Y150,000, Halo.

Nevah Nevah (Changeintheweather—Majesty’s Grace, His Majesty), 06Y6,200, His Majesty.

Key to Lee (Leestown—Legal Coin, Key to the Mint), 06T11,000, Key to the Mint.

Turf War (Dixie Union—Grass Skirt, Mr. Prospector), 06Y100,000, Mr. Prospector (MP).

Write Home (Dixie Union—Safe Return, Mr. Prospector), 06Y250,000, MP.

Rivanna (El Corredor—Prospective Wife, Mr. Prospector), 06Y45,000, MP.

Art Exhibit (Johannesburg—Art’s Prospector, Mr. Prospector), 06T25,000, MP.

Smart Dice (Point Given—Autumn Moon, Mr. Prospector), 06Y100,000, MP.

Mesmerizing Lady (Unbridled’s Song—Go for It Lady, Mr. Prospector), 06Y160,000, MP.

Samurai Prince (War Chant—Elle, Mr. Prospector), 06T25,000, MP.

Sleeveless (Fusaichi Pegasus—Golden Oriole, Northern Dancer), 06Y250,000, Northern Dancer (ND).

unnamed (Officer—Harps and Wings, Relaunch), 06Y17,000, Relaunch.

Hint of Lavender (Officer—Loyal Friend, Relaunch), 06Y35,000, Relaunch.

Dixie Jo (Dixie Union—Baviera, Seattle Slew), 06Y12,000, Seattle Slew.

Never a Buddhist (Buddha—Nevertheless, Storm Bird), 06Y10,000, Storm Bird.

My Three Ex Wives (Johannesburg—Storming Up, Storm Bird), 06W60,000, Storm Bird.

Mama’s Find (Sunday Break—Storm’s Award, Storm Bird), 06Y22,000, Storm Bird.

Winsome Edition (Kafwain—Timeless Edition, Timeless Moment), 06Y7,500, Timeless Moment.

Jack Be Fast (Outofthebox—Decorated Dancer, Well Decorated), 06Y6,000, Well Decorated.

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