Frankel and Big Brown Patterns–2006

A few months ago I commented about Frankel’s pedigree in Questions About Frankel, as well as the pedigree of Big Brown. Big Brown and Frankel are similar in that their pedigrees both feature SLBMSL (sire line-broodmare sire line) inbreeding to Northern Dancer. Big Brown is by Boundary (by Danzig, by ND) out of Mien, by Nureyev (by ND). So he is 3×3 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern. Frankel is by Galileo (by Sadler’s Wells, by ND) out of Kind (by Danehill, by Danzig, by ND). So he is 3×4 to ND in the SLBMSL pattern.

In that post I promised to list all the sales foals of 2003-2007 inbred in these two patterns. For lagniappe I throw in all the foals inbred 4×3 to ND in this pattern on the theory that if 3×4 is good, 4×3 might be good as well.

I remind readers that this is a work in progress. Listed below are all sales foals of 2006 conforming to this pattern. I listed the foals of the other four years in previous posts. All five years are now done. All that remains to be done is to identify and list all the stakes winners of the same description and tabulate the results.

Listed below are 165 foals (27 of them 3×3, 64 of them 3×4, and 74 of them 4×3). Only one of them sold for $1,000,000+.

Garifine (colt by Belong to Me out of Vassar, by Royal Academy) sold for $1,800,000 as a two-year-old in 2006. Inbred 3×4 to Northern Dancer in this fashion, he was quite useful on the track, posting a record of 31-8-2-3 for earnings of $177,811 and finishing third in the listed Duncan F. Kenner Breeders’ Cup Stakes.

The 803 sales foals of 2003-2004-2005-2007 adhering to this pattern sold for below-average prices. If you add in 2006, the 968 sales foals of all five years adhering to this pattern sold for a gross of $52,421,159, an average of $54,154, and a maverage of 161.92.

So the average ended up just slightly higher than the overall average of $54,140, and the maverage ended up just slightly lower than the overall maverage of 163.11. Both figures are extremely close to the norms.

So these 968 foals should have had racetrack results very close to the norms. We will see what they actually were next time around, after I identify and list the qualifying stakes winners and tabulate the results. You are cordially invited to peruse the lists below.

3×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Arbat Bello (Anabaa—Beautifulballerina, Nureyev), 06W90,000.

Vermilion Knight (Ascot Knight—Theforest Has Eyes, Imperial Falcon), 06Y1,518.

Foresaken (Basic—Free City, Danzig), 06Y1,000.

Big Brown (Boundary—Mien, Nureyev), 06Y60,000.

Hundred Yard Dash (Century City—Dot Dot Dash, Nureyev), 06Y15,000.

Hollywood Beauty (Century City—Nijinsky’s Beauty, Nijinsky II), 06Y10,000.

Danzgal (Helmsman—Danz’n Lady, Danzatore), 06Y3,500.

Sarah Mia (Helmsman—Wasmi Song, Alwasmi), 06T6,000.

Comfy Lead (Istintaj—Contentment, Somethingfabulous), 06Y13,000.

Band of Dixie (Jambalaya Jazz—Miss U Mama, Minshaanshu Amad), 06Y1,000.

Cracked Ice (Knockadoon—Lilly and Ice, Eskimo), 06W800.

Gold Runner Gunner (Lost Soldier—Insearchofgold, Herat), 06Y10,000.

Magica Lomond (Magical Flagship—C. Philadelphia, Lomond), 06T3,100.

Magic Dancers (Magical Flagship—Cagna, Sovereign Dancer), 06T1,000.

Dicaprio (Monashee Mountain—Forladisonly, Sovereign Dancer), 06W3,500.

Mamow Max (My Friend Max—Trick E Ticket, Hamza), 06Y7,500, ND.

Under Siege (Royal Academy—Captive Island, Northfields), 06Y70,000.

Charlie’s Academy (Royal Academy—Final Flag, Northern Flagship), 06Y15,000.

Mr. Tayson (Royal Academy—Kalemaat, Unfuwain), 06Y7,750.

Cat Junior (Storm Cat—Luna Wells, Sadler’s Wells), 06Y500,000.

Shaval (Shaheen—Northern Avalanche, Northern Horizon), 06Y2,701.

Kiwi Girl (Stravinsky—Starlyte Girl, Fairy King), 06Y7,000.

Fiery Diva (Stravinsky—Padrao Global, Storm Bird), 06T25,000.

Northern Edge (Syncline—Miss North Street, Northern Flagship), 06T10,000.

Lainey Lu (Unusual Heat—Spanish Beam, El Gran Senor), 06T30,000.

Charlie’s War Chant (War Chant—Dixie Card, Dixieland Band), 06Y5,000.

Sun Score (War Chant—Heliotrope, Northern Score), 06Y100,000.

3×4 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Jaja’s Legacy (Alfaari—Mascaretta, Regal Remark), 06Y3,567.

Calpurnia (Atticus—Debie’s Daughter, Loose Cannon), 06Y6,000.

Chairman’s Club (Belong to Me—Amortization, Barathea), 06Y8,000.

Garifine (Belong to Me—Vassar, Royal Academy), 06T1,800,000.

Bian Reel Fast (Bianconi—Diamonds for Reel, Reel on Reel), 06T24,000.

French Irish (Brahms—Theatriken, Theatrical), 06W23,000.

Brahms Return (Brahms—A Love Story, El Prado), 06Y9,500.

Chocolate Cream (Century City—Butter Cream, Deputy Minister), 06Y5,000.

Staten (Century City—Lever to Heaven, Bluebird), 06Y45,000.

Chez Kitty (Dayjur—Tango Out, Fred Astaire), 06T10,000.

Contention (Dixie Union—April Squall, Summer Squall), 06W110,000.

Old South (Dixie Union—Classical Tune, Din’s Dancer), 06W60,000.

Castle Knock (Dixie Union—Listen Missy, Green Dancer), 06Y190,000.

unnamed (Dixie Union—Nicarola Catrola, Deputy Minister), 06Y150,000.

Coosa (Dixie Union—Senita Lane, Ascot Knight), 06Y35,000.

Carolina Belle (Dixie Union—Stormy Reply, Storm Cat), 06Y160,000.

unnamed (Dixie Union—Peppen, Pep Up), 06T6,000.

Wish I Was (Dixie Union—Pink Slip, Personal Hope), 06T9,000.

Sentimental Union (Dixie Union—Sentimental Gift, Green Dancer), 06T135,000.

Hannah Wiggles (Dixie Union—Uforia, Zilzal), 06T85,000.

Oubliette (El Prado—Miss Lenora, Theatrical), 06Y175,000.

Encanto Park (Exchange Rate—Sovietica, Soviet Star), 06Y13,000.

Prime Rate (Exchange Rate—Serengeti Sunset, Sky Classic), 06T27,000.

unnamed (Fasliyev—Dame Again, Danehill), 06Y180,000.

Teacht an Earraig (Galileo—Autumn Banner, Summer Squall), 06Y200,000.

Black Knot (Hook and Ladder—Adoraday, Dayjur), 06Y14,000.
Gullible Gal (Hook and Ladder—Guilty Pleasure, Pine Bluff), 06Y310,000.

Isza (Iskandar Elakbar—Zahara, Storm Cat), 06W13,538.

Jazz Me (Jambalaya Jazz—Belong to Rita, Belong to Me), 06Y2,000.

H M Katana (Katowice—Ballerina Pearl, Moscow Ballet), 06Y2,200.

Kings Magi (Kings Blood—La Mastrona, Astronef), 06Y2,500.

Lit Royale (Lit de Justice—Falstaffs Lady Ann, Falstaff), 06Y4,200.

Lits Jewel (Lit de Justice—Jewelofthesea, Theatrical), 06T50,000.

Lost in the Dark (Lost Soldier—Dark of the Moon, Dancing Brave), 06T35,000.

Marie Soleil (Louis Quatorze—Lullaby’s Melody, Ziggy’s Boy), 06Y25,000.

Island Patches (Midnight Royalty—Island Spirit, Shahrastani), 06Y3,000.

Let It Go Jaden (Monashee Mountain—Let It Go, Royal Academy), 06W1,700.

Winning Money (Outflanker—Musical Cup, Dixieland Brass), 06T15,000.

Mr. Park Avenue (Partner’s Hero—Hooded Dancer, Gate Dancer), 06Y5,000.

Caveman Kitchen (Petersburg—Itsagenderthing, Ferdinand), 06Y10,000.

Bluffing Cat (Pine Bluff—Hometown Cat, Storm Cat), 06Y1,500.

Blitzkrieg Bop (Polish Gift—McCoy, Robin des Pins), 06W1,300.

Polish Warrior (Polish Navy—Blue Stream, King of Kings), 06Y2,800.

Brianna’s Angel (Randy Regent—Green Angel, Green Dancer), 06Y4,017.

Alvarado Classic (Regal Classic—Moscow Tap, Moscow Ballet), 06W5,000.

Classic Sensation (Regal Classic—Branche d’Or, Last Tycoon), 06T15,000.

Ronan Sact (Regent Act—Filronan, Fiddle Dancer Boy), 06Y30,000.

Baby’s Got a Hemi (Regent Act—Naturally Quick, Score Quick), 06Y1,700.

Instant Coverage (Storm Cat—McConnell Springs, Deputy Minister), 06T300,000.

Old Rockie Boy (Skimming—Gold Coral, Candi’s Gold), 06T13,000.

Russian River (Stravinsky—Prairie View, Honor Grades), 06W3,500.

Jeninsky (Stravinsky—Don’t Ruffle Me, Pine Bluff), 06Y13,000.

Fyodorovich (Stravinsky—Omnia, Green Dancer), 06Y47,000.

Spring Symphony (Stravinsky—Spinnin Cannon, Loose Cannon), 06T30,000.

Reserve Girl (Theatrical—Ponca, Palace Music), 06W35,000.

Tu Tu Larue (Theatrical—Band Lady, Chimes Band), 06Y33,000.

Jan’s Cat (Theatrical—Dancing Sea, Storm Cat), 06Y1,000.

Seacrystal (Theatrical—La Recherche, Sky Classic), 06Y30,000.

unnamed (Theatrical—Liteup My Life, Green Dancer), 06Y110,000.

Bearactor (Theatrical—Sabu, Deputy Minister), 06Y75,000.

Dancing Abbie (Theatrical—Sicy d’Alsace, Sicyos), 06Y200,000.

Showtime Z (Theatrical—Stormy Squall, Summer Squall), 05Y1,500.

Tarooq (War Chant—Rose of Zollern, Seattle Dancer), 06W30,000.

Love and War (War Chant—Swearingen, Deposit Ticket), 06Y27,000.

4×3 Northern Dancer SLBMSL

Classified Flight (Adcat—Flying Reverence, Lucky North), 06Y1,000.

Joe’s Dream (Alajwad —Gipsy Jove, Northern Jove), 06W1,500.

Bon Echo (Alydeed—Imperial Miss, Imperial Falcon), 06Y8,927.

Dream Again (Awesome Again—Classy Mirage, Storm Bird), 06Y275,000.

Star Links (Bernstein—Startarette, Dixieland Band), 06W140,000.

Teeberry (Black Minnaloushe—Cajun Colors, Dixieland Band), 06Y32,000.

Tierra Del Tigre (Catienus—Golden Wave Band, Dixieland Band), 06W15,000.

Storm Dixie (Catienus—Golden Wave Band, Dixieland Band), 06T67,000.

Dixie Thief (Cat Thief—Dixie Chimes, Dixieland Band), 06Y8,000.

Crime Photo (Cat Thief—Pose, Nureyev), 06Y5,000.

Daredevil Kat (Cat Thief—Sehna, Dixieland Band), 06Y1,500.

Yo Cat Yo (Cat Thief—Skat Girl, Dixieland Band), 06Y3,000.

Red Zoe (Danehill Dancer—Starbourne, Sadler’s Wells), 06W180,000.

Fear the Fury (Deputy Diamond—Dontcallmemary, Imperial Falcon), 06Y3,700.

Sal Paradise (Forest Camp—In the Future, Storm Bird), 06W210,000.

Shannon Brook M D (Gulf Storm—Somewhat Shocking, Fire Dancer), 06Y4,200.

Gypsy Sage (Hennessy—Viburnum, El Gran Senor), 06Y67,000.

Hold the Cruiser (Hold That Tiger—Quarter to Nine, Dixieland Band), 06W6,500.

Unleash the Tiger (Hold That Tiger—Dixie Probe, Dixieland Band), 06Y11,000.

Bengal Boutique (Hold That Tiger—Jolie Boutique, Northern Jove), 06Y77,500.

Dances With Tigers (Hold That Tiger—Odori, The Minstrel), 06Y25,000.

Anastasia K. (Hold That Tiger—Sarasota, Northern Flagship), 06Y6,700.

Dixieland Classic (Hold That Tiger—Tzara Band, Dixieland Band), 06Y95,000.

Honor the Queen (Honor Glide—Amads Queen, Minshaanshu Amad), 06T8,000.

Splish (Horse Chestnut—Dootsie, Dixieland Band), 06Y70,000.

Ohnotheregoesmo (Lake Austin—Fox Trotter, Sovereign Dancer), 06T15,000.

Lion Mischief (Lion Hearted—Make Mischief, Carnivalay), 06W4,000.

Mr. Andretti (Minardi—Sharka, Shareef Dancer), 06W4,000.

Miss Caimen (Minardi—Storming Up, Storm Bird), 06Y1,200.

One Way to Paris (One Way Love—Julie’s Witt, Shotiche), 06Y45,185.

Twice the Love (One Way Love—Twice as Far, Far North), 06Y1,518.

Perfect Kiss (Perfect Vision—Eskimo Ball, Eskimo), 06Y8,500.

Youaremysweetheart (Radio Star—Our Sweetheart, Far North), 06T5,000.

Sindibad (Rock of Gibraltar—Bells Are Ringing, Sadler’s Wells), 06Y170,000.

Royal Cheek (Royal Anthem—On the Cheek, The Minstrel), 06Y7,500.

Everybodylovesme (Shanawi—Telina, El Gran Senor), 06Y1,100.

Ballet Recital (Silver Deputy—Ballet Troupe, Nureyev), 06Y14,000.

Stormtothewire (Silver Deputy—Bird to the Wire, Storm Bird), 06Y5,000.

Rocco (Silver Deputy—Vanities, Nureyev), 06T65,000.

Epic War (Sir Cat—Granulette, El Gran Senor), 06Y27,000.

My Program (Star Programmer—Mia Maria, Orbit Dancer), 06W1,200.

Classic Drummer (Stephanotis—Drummers Roll, Follow the Drum), 06Y32,414.

Trial Balloon (Storm Boot—Northern Temptress, Far North), 06W15,000.

Azucar Turbinada (Storm Boot—Swimming, Nijinsky II), 06Y15,000.

Bigalow (Storm Boot—Antonia Bin, Sadler’s Wells), 06T75,000.

Storm Squall (Storm Boot—Northern Swava, Northern Baby), 06T100,000.

Day Rose (Storm Day—Redwood Rose, Northern Baby), 06Y5,500.

Ruff Diamond (Stormin Fever—Whalah, Dixieland Band), 06Y70,000.

Indigenous Ruler (Stormy Atlantic—Indigenous, Lyphard), 06Y6,000.

Auntie Wainwright (Stormy Atlantic—Pitchunia, Compliance), 06Y11,000.

Smokin Leo (Stormy Atlantic—Revonda, Sadler’s Wells), 06Y7,000.

Magnificent Truth (Stormy Atlantic—True Life, El Gran Senor), 06Y6,200.

Sea Speaker (Stormy Atlantic—Verbalize, Danzig), 06Y20,000.

Storm Queen (Stormy Atlantic—Dixieland Gold, Dixieland Band), 06T75,000.

Tactical Talent (Tactical Cat—Frieda, Local Talent), 06Y60,000.

Tac a Cat (Tactical Cat—Sarah Too, El Gran Senor), 06Y16,000.

Angel Eyed (Tactical Cat—Bourbon Street Gal, Dixieland Band), 06T140,000.

Telling Stories (Tale of the Cat—Grapevine, Sadler’s Wells), 06W77,000.

Tall Tale Tammie (Tale of the Cat—Victorian Angel, Vice Regent), 06W20,000.

McNutt (Tale of the Cat—Allison’s Pride, Dixieland Band), 06Y220,000.

Evening Cocktail (Tale of the Cat—I’m Sweeter, Dixieland Band), 06Y14,000.

Hedgefund Investor (Tale of the Cat—North East Dancer, Far North), 06Y190,000.

Talkinclass (Talk is Money—First Class Ticket, Northern Flagship), 06Y14,500.

Wonder Flag (Three Wonders—La Gran Bandera, El Gran Senor), 06Y8,750.

Acai (Three Wonders—Regal Debutante, Vice Regent), 06Y16,000.

Royal Ruler (Three Wonders—Royal Mum, Imperial Falcon), 06Y5,500.

Juju’s Girl (Three Wonders—Hastys Book, Mari’s Book), 06T26,000.

Chiming Tiger (Tiger Ridge—Belle of Dixie, Dixieland Band), 06T19,000.

Jaycee Squared (Van Nistelrooy—Magic Flare, Danzatore), 06W32,000.

Captain Mark (Van Nistelrooy—Cool Look, Northern Drive), 06Y22,593.

Yudishtira (Van Nistelrooy—Current Guest, Be My Guest), 06Y20,000.

Cat Zone (Winthrop—Music Zone, The Minstrel), 06Y5,500.

Dazzling Derek (Yankee Gentleman—H. F. Brimstone, Far North), 06Y42,000.

Puff Maddie (Yankee Gentleman—Miss Maddie Puff, Northern Baby), 06Y32,000.

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One Response to Frankel and Big Brown Patterns–2006

  1. jim culpepper says:

    Effective inbreeding programs require large initial startup populations, lots of full sib, parent to offspring, and comparably close pairings to demonstrate the absence of bad genes and the presence of desirable genes which must be stacked and tested through continuing close pairings to acheive resistance to inbreeding depression and most of all, competent and rational breeders are required. Obviously , none of these are present or practical in thoroughbred breeding operations.

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