A Record Cribbage Weekend???????

I went up to Cincinnati this past weekend to see family and friends and play some cards. Cribbage mainly. Ended up 11-7 (up $8 at $2 per game) at cribbage for the weekend, but how I got there entails a bit of a story.

As far as my personal knowledge goes, the record for most consecutive games of cribbage won or lost stood at eight. That record was accomplished many years ago, also on a visit up to Cincinnati. I got back to the family manor on Mickey Avenue in Cincinnati about midnight after going out with some friends. I was drunk as a skunk. So was my Uncle Louie (my dad’s youngest brother, since deceased).

Uncle Louie was waiting up on me, hoping to win some money from me at cribbage. We proceeded to play for another two hours or so, and he proceeded to beat me EIGHT STRAIGHT games (no skunks, all ordinary victories), much to my humiliation.

At least in my mind that stood as the record for most consecutive games of cribbage won or lost. Until this past weekend.

I started off well enough, beating DOD (dear ole Dad) the first game here at my kitchen table (which also houses my PC) here in Lexington. I lost the next two though and was down 2-1 when we broke for lunch at Country Cookin (a local dining establishment, highly recommended by the way).

After lunch he drove me back to Cincinnati. We played three more games there while waiting for my darling sister (Jan) and brother-in-law (Tom) to show up. I lost all three and was down 5-1 for the day.

DOD and Jan played a game after she showed up, and the former skunked her. DOD was now 7-1 for the day, having lost the first game but having won seven straight after that (including the skunk as two games).

After Jan and Tom departed DOD and I played two more games. He won them both of course. So he was 9-1 for the day, having beaten me 7-1 for the day and Jan 2-0 for the day. He had also won nine straight games. I told him that I thought that might be some kind of record, that it WAS a record in terms of my own personal experience. Needless to say, he was mightily pleased with himself. It may not have been THE happiest day of his life, but surely it ranked up there.

I tried to be foolosophical about it as I tried to get to sleep that night. DOD is 89 years old (he will be 90 early next May if he makes it that far). He was a happy camper that day. Therefore, the trip and visit was successful. Or so I tried to tell myself anyway.

I had to accomplish a couple of missions the next morning. It was about eleven before I got caught up. DOD immediately proposed some more cribbage, eager to win some MORE $$$$$$, needless to say. We played three more games, and I won all three. “The worm is beginning to turn,” I told him as we headed off to lunch after those three games.

We still had some time to kill after getting back from lunch and before our poker guests arrived. So we played four more games, and I won all four. At that point I had won seven in a row (no skunks, all ordinary wins) from DOD and was back up on him 8-7 for the weekend.

Our poker guests arrived punctually about three that afternoon and stayed until about eight. I thought DOD might want some cribbage vengeance after that, but he did not mention it, so we just shot the shit for another hour or so before he toddled off to bed.

The next morning was Sunday, and we were due at mass at nine. About 7:15 DOD proposed his cribbage vengeance. We played three more games, and I won all three.

I thought he had me skunked for sure in that third and final game, but I pulled some slime out of my ass and found myself 15 points away from home with my first count and him about ten away as the dealer. I pulled a hand of 5-6-7-8, not great but eminently hittable. Either a 7 or an 8 would give me 14 points, and I fingered I could peg one or two.

In a situation such as that I make a big show out of closing my eyes and concentrating real hard on the card(s) I want to cut. DOD blows me shit about that, needless to say. So I went into my concentration mode and pulled up . . . an 8!!!!!! I did manage to peg two points as well to win that game and beat DOD ten straight games and 11-7 overall for the weekend. After mass and breakfast DOD put me on a bus back to Lexington. You don’t want to overstay your welcome when visiting relatives.

So anyway, DOD held the record of nine straight for about 36 hours (from Friday evening until Sunday morning). I broke his record and made it ten straight.

Just decided to Google the “Guinness Book of World Records” and searched for “most consecutive games of cribbage won or lost.” That search turned up a zero. I did find an obscure reference elsewhere to 16 straight games lost (including five skunks).

So in all probability my ten straight wins are NOT a world record for cribbage. It is, however, a record for the Dink family. And that is nothing to be sneezed at, for as you may have gathered from the foregoing babble, the Dinks are one dedicated cribbage-playing family.

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2 Responses to A Record Cribbage Weekend???????

  1. Mike Donohue says:

    I am looking for cribbage players in Cincinnati –

  2. fyi, The American Cribbage Congress (ACC) is a large group of regular tournament cribbage players, and you can find a lot of info on associated sites. The longest win streak we are aware of is 20 games in tournament play, Bob Hanes lost the first 2 of a 22 game qualifying session, then won 20 straight. check out the ACC at http://www.cribbage.org

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