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Northern Dancer–Regression to the Mean

NOTE: I have been castigated for using the word “heritability,” as you may have noticed if you look at the comments on this blog. I have agreed not to use the word again, not because I am convinced I did … Continue reading

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“Heritability” is another word that requires some explanation. You do not even hear it or read it all that often outside the field of genetics. It is mentioned only twice in Racehorse Breeding Theories, for example. Considering that “heritability” affects … Continue reading

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“Influence”–The Pope Shits in the Woods

Another one of my favorite chapters in Racehorse Breeding Theories was the last chapter, Chapter 16, “Evaluating Breeding Theories–Looking for the Real Patterns Underpinning Tesio’s Greatness,” by Ross Staaden, B.V.Sc., Ph.D. The Tesio part of that chapter was great. A … Continue reading

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