All Sales Foals of 2003-2007 With a CD of 0.00

Listed below are all sales foals of 2003-2007 with a CD of 0.00 (zero). Listed for each foal is its name, pedigree, sales info, dosage profile (DP), and a brief annotation as to its racing class (the five stakes winners were listed in the previous post).

Sold in 2003

Burned by I P A (Alaskan Frost—Relish, Green Dancer), 03Y800, 2-0-5-2-1, UR.

Alphabet Lady (Alphabet Soup—Lady Measures Up, Hard Work), 03Y18,000, 0-2-5-0-1, W.

Bo Bobbit (Bernstein—Ripon Falls, Salt Lake), 03Y1,000, 1-1-5-3-0, UR.

Natural Birdie (Bon Point—Infobird, Proud Birdie), 03Y4,000, 2-0-9-2-1, UR.

Soxie’s Queen (Cobra King—Soxie d’Or, Tour d’Or), 03Y2,600, 1-2-1-0-2, UP.

River Snake (Cobra King—Blue River Blues, Nijinsky II), 03T3,500, 3-2-7-4-2, UR.

Jugueton (Diesis—Gabriele’s Sister, Green Dancer), 93W50,000, 6-2-8-6-4, UP.

Unnamed (Diesis—Nuance, Rainbow Quest), 03W125,000, 8-1-14-9-4, UR.

Antaois (Elusive Quality—Dau Dau de Dau, Dauphin Fabuleux), 03Y17,000, 6-2-7-0-7, W.

Elusive Glory (Elusive Quality—Dau Dau de Dau, Dauphin Fabuleux), 03T20,000, 6-2-7-0-7, W.

Fabulous Bubba (Fabulous Frolic—Catch Ya Later, Kissin Kris), 03Y1,000, 1-0-5-2-0, PL.

Miss Woodrow (Fabulous Frolic—Crowchild, Lemhi Gold), 03Y1,000, 3-0-7-2-2, UP.

Twice as Fabulous (Fabulous Frolic—Fabulous Fanny, Forli Winds), 03Y2,000, 1-0-7-2-0, W.

Rods Mistress (Fabulous Frolic—Modestly, Quest for Fame), 03Y2,750, 2-0-6-4-0, W.

Timeless Legacy (First and Only—My God Miss Hall, Chas Conerly), 03Y1,000, 2-1-5-3-1, UR.

Cosmologist (Galileo—Fontemar, Babor), 03W50,000, 3-0-7-6-0, PL.

Standing Bull (Hesabull—Tilted Lady, Tilt Up), O3Y2,500, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Carmen’s Royale (Home At Last—Regal n Ready, Copelan), 03Y4,700, 0-2-3-0-1, UR.

Coupe Aux Marrons (Horse Chestnut—Life Is Delicious, Raft), 03Y53,000, 4-0-10-4-2, PL.

Sikanni Chief (I Cant Believe—Ridgeway Battler, War), 03Y1,971, 2-0-7-2-1, UP.

Dire Storm (Illinois Storm—Proud Doll, Golden Eagle II), 03T6,500, 1-3-3-5-0, UR.

Fighting Marine (In Excess—Lustrous, Moscow Ballet), 03W7,500, 1-2-5-4-0, UR.

Danswithalexis (Joyeux Danseur—Foxy Alexis, T. V. Commercial), 03T11,000, 4-4-14-0-6, UP.

Kitty in a Tree (Knockadoon—Z Olympic Cat, Olympio), 03Y4,000, 2-0-3-2-1, PL.

Scruffy (Little Nureyev—Regal Janice, Regal Companion), 03Y856, 5-0-16-4-3, W.

Gray Suitor (Maria’s Mon—Bayou Bird, Stately Don), 03Y55,000, 1-2-9-0-2, W.

Byestarterhijudge (Mazel Trick—Cash Crunch, Sky Classic), 03T26,000, 2-0-5-2-1, W.

High Select (Mi Selecto—Robin On High, Robin des Pins), 03Y800, 5-0-11-2-4, UP.

Moon Light Dancing (Moonlight Dancer—Art Tempo, Arts and Letters), 03Y2,500, 1-3-7-1-2, PL.

Word Power (Notebook—Red Mischief, Thirty Six Red), 03Y40,000, 3-3-5-1-4, W.

Miss Noteworthy (Notebook—Titanical, Cahill Road), 03T27,000, 3-4-8-0-5, W.

Wecandobetter (Open Forum—Diablo’s Gem, Diablo), 03Y5,500, 2-0-5-2-1, W.

Endured the Storm (Open Forum—Pride of Diablo, Diablo), 03T30,000, 2-0-7-2-1, W.

Pain and Glory (Precise End—Strong Little Girl, Wolf Power), 03Y25,000, 1-0-1-2-0, W.

Allbow (Rainbow Blues—All Present, Tom Rolfe), 03T900, 5-2-9-0-6, SP.

Mulligan Man (Recommended List—With a Princess, With Approval), 03T2,000, 0-2-11-0-1, UP.

Keen Interest (River Keen—Outrageous Lie, Valley Crossing), 03Y4,500, 3-2-9-4-2, UR.

Roses for My Lady (Royal Anthem—Rose O’Riley, Nijinsky II), 03Y1,700, 3-3-13-9-0, UP.

Heather’s Gold (Running Stag—D’Auria, Cutlass), 03Y1,000, 0-4-7-2-1, UP.

Reina Reina (Sandpit—Star of Usquaebae, Star de Naskra), 03Y3,000, 1-1-3-3-0, PL.

Goldy (Shanawi—Made Ya Look, Strike the Gold), 03W2,500, 3-0-7-6-0, UP.

Knight Dragon (Silic—Flight South, Magloire), 03Y5,000, 3-0-6-4-1, W.

Shift Gears (Silver Charm—Extra Rare, Rare Brick), 03Y230,000, 1-1-9-3-0, W.

Silver Miracle (Silver Ray—Feisty Flyer, Skywalker), 03T7,000, 1-0-11-2-0, PL.

Gold Lupin (Singspiel—Leave the Mark, Kingmambo), 03Y280,000, 7-0-22-12-1, W.

Charlie Cartwright (Siphon—Morning Dove, Fortunate Prospect), 03Y16,000, 1-0-3-2-0, PL.

Whisky High (Sky Classic—Irish Wisdom, Turkoman), 03Y3,000, 5-0-14-4-3, UR.

Classic D. D. (Sky Classic—Mystic Union, Skip Trial), 03Y5,000, 3-2-13-4-2, W.

Classy and Bright (Sky Classic—Strong and Steady, Steady Growth), 03Y37,357, 7-0-11-6-4, W.

Live in the Dash (Son of Briartic—Very Fancy, Hyperborean), 03Y15,000, 3-1-5-7-0, PL.

Spruce Blade (Spruce Bouquet—Jody Josiah, Jungle Blade), 03Y800, 1-4-7-2-2, UR.

Archie Manning (Sweetsouthernsaint—Queen’s Ransom, Red Ransom), 03Y40,500, 2-1-13-3-1, UP.

I’m a Red Sox Fan (Take Me Out—Houston Tune, Houston), 03T50,000, 2-2-9-0-3, W.

Tejano Chief (Tejano Run—Shawnee Doll, Verification), 03Y13,000, 0-2-7-0-1, UP.

Salieri (Thunder Gulch—Filibloom, Relko), 03T30,000, 5-0-3-10-0, UP.

Just Touching (Touch Gold—Little Miss Fast, Premiership), 03T120,000, 5-2-11-0-6, UR.

Unanimity (Unaccounted For—Miss Moonstruck, Stacked Pack), 03Y5,000, 1-2-7-0-2, UP.

Southern Silks (Valiant Nature—Sailability, Sea Cadet), 03Y900, 2-2-19-0-3, PL.

Unnamed (Victory Gallop—Wooing, Stage Door Johnny), 03W30,000, 5-5-9-7-4, UR.

Courtin’ Victory (Victory Gallop—Wooing, Stage Door Johnny), 03Y52,000, 5-5-9-7-4, UR.

Rabbit Hill (Vilzak—Gourmet Lunch, Gate Dancer), 03Y4,995, 2-0-7-2-1, UR.

Lord Vilzak (Vilzak—Lady Alta, Ky Alta), 03T3,483, 1-0-5-2-0, W.

La Wolfie (Wolf Power—La Kestrel, Robin des Pins), 03Y11,000, 2-1-8-5-0, W.

Queen of Darkness (Wolf Power—Stout, Stalwart), 03Y2,500, 2-3-5-5-1, W.

Zezak (Zede—Zip Code, Vilzak), 03Y1,700, 2-0-6-4-0, W.

Ze Zip (Zede—Zip Code, Vilzak), 03T3,500, 2-0-6-4-0, UR.

El Pilon (Badge—Loustrous Mss, Loustrous Bid), 03Y35,000, 0-2-2-2-0, UR.

Axe the Bird (Birdonthewire—An Axe to Grind, Tunerup), 03Y2,500, 0-1-4-1-0, W.

Lively Okie (Blumin Affair—Dream Alive, Festin), 03T1,000, 0-2-8-2-0, PL.

Classy Pac (Bold Pac Man—Sassy Clown, Dusty Sassafras), 03Y2,000, 0-0-2-0-0, W.

Manifest Mary (Bold Pac Man—Sassy Clown, Dusty Sassafras), 03T1,600, 0-0-2-0-0, PL.

Bunny Rabbit (Cherokee Run—Jane’s the Name, Trempolino), 03Y150,000, 6-0-4-0-6, W.

Starship Stripper (Comic Strip—Nubbins, Storm Cat), 03T20,000, 1-3-16-3-1, W.

The It Girl (Comic Strip—Wonformara, Air Forbes Won), 03T97,000, 0-1-10-1-0, W.

Atomic Comic (Comic Strip—Chives, Farma Way), 03Y15,000, 0-1-10-1-0, W.

Grassy Strip (Comic Strip—Sawgrass Express, Roman Diplomat), 03Y10,000, 0-1-16-1-0, W.

Jettin Cat (Comic Strip—Scatter Cat, Mountain Cat), 03Y1,200, 1-1-16-1-1, W.

Mita (Confide—Lady Henna, His Majesty), 03T3,500, 2-0-14-0-2, UP.

Natalie’s Honey (Deputy Diamond—Paw Paw’s Honey, Majesty’s Prince), 03Y7,000, 1-1-8-1-1, UP.

Mr. Priam (Devon Lane—Fabulous Saga, Beau Buck), 03W2,000, 2-2-8-2-2, W.

Vanity Farrah (Flying Continental—Jazz Critic, Jazzing Around), 03Y2,200, 0-0-6-0-0, UR.

Booglee Booglee (Impeachment—Without Question, Manila), 03Y13,000, 2-0-8-0-2, W.

Janemarie (In Excess—Favored One, Son of Briartic), 03Y6,000, 0-2-2-2-0, UR.

Onetwomanyfavors (In Excess—Favored One, Son of Briartic), 03T34,000, 0-2-2-2-0, W.

Too Busy Right Now (Kissin Kris—Julietiquette, Flying Continental), 03Y9,500, 0-1-8-1-0, W.

General Approval (Lasting Approval—Bonne Musique, Lucence), 03T5,000, 0-3-6-3-0, W.

Lendakari (Lear Fan—Zonda, Deputy Minister), 03W30,000, 2-2-16-2-2, W.

Theycallmeadreamer (Lit de Justice—Pensive Princess, Private Thoughts), 03Y2,299, 2-0-8-0-2, W.

Moochie Magnum (Open Forum—Dark Champagne, Hooched), 03T30,000, 2-2-8-2-2, W.

Penny’s Turn (Open Forum—Getting Warmer, It’s Freezing), 03T31,000, 1-2-4-2-1, W.

Ramsgill (Prized—Crazee Mental, Magic Ring), 03Y155,000, 0-2-8-2-0, W.

Kissin List (Recommended List—Catch Ya Later, Kissin Kris), 03T3,500, 0-0-8-0-0, W.

Kim’s Reprized (Reprized—Who’s in Love, Super Who), 03T5,000, 0-1-6-1-0, W.

Trickle of Silver (Silver Charm—Trickle Creek Miss, Repriced), 03W50,000, 0-2-14-2-0, PL.

Delta Monarch (Stephanotis—Deltateer, Pirateer), 03Y4,392, 1-0-8-0-1, W.

Tactical Vixen (Tactical Advantage—Hy Vanity, Proud Appeal), 03W13,000, 6-0-12-0-6, W.

Tejano’s Treasure (Tejano Red—Surge’s Joy, Stonewalk), 03Y1,095, 0-3-8-3-0, UR.

Valiant Maranda (Valiant Nature—Valor’s Minion, Turkey Shoot), 03T16,000, 4-2-22-2-4, UR.

A Man (Western Cat—Track Queen, Gonzales), 03Y2,200, 2-2-6-2-2, W.

Yan Yarrow (Yarrow Brae—McFadyanfrye, Perkin Warbeck), 03Y1,000, 2-0-6-0-2, UP.

Sold in 2004

Cherryonthebottom (Albert the Great—E. Cherie, Go Step), 04Y4,500, 2-3-9-1-3, W.

Driskoll (Albert the Great—Pantelleria, El Prado), 04Y170,000, 2-3-13-5-1, W.

Twenty Six Below (Alphabet Soup—Polar Rain, Tommy the Hawk), 04Y8,000, 0-2-9-0-1, PL.

Fatale Vows (Broken Vow—Attraction Fatale, Dauphin Fabuleux), 04Y9,294, 7-6-8-2-9, UR.

Desperate Lad (Desperately—Commander Bird, Bold Laddie), 04Y2,795, 1-1-3-3-0, PL.

Stormin Ransom (Diesis—Taken by Storm, Red Ransom), 04Y20,000, 5-2-13-4-4, UP.

Elegant Power (Elegant Fellow—Lady Lobo, Wolf Power), 04W1,200, 1-0-1-2-0, PL.

Twice as Fabulous (Fabulous Frolic—Fabulous Fanny, Forli Winds), 04T105,000, 1-0-7-2-0, W.

Ms. Copper Futures (Future Storm—Copper Caviar, End Sweep), 04W2,000, 2-1-4-5-0, W.

Ellie Fonte (High Yield—Tremor, Tromos), 04Y37,000, 4-1-6-5-2, UR.

Bourgeoisie (Housebuster—Noblestani, Shahrastani), 04Y5,000, 3-0-7-2-2, UP.

Paul’s Irish Girl (Irish Open—Paul’s Lil Girl, Lil Tyler), 04T5,500, 3-4-10-0-5, UR.

On Three Jack (Jack Wilson—Reckless Venture, Baatish), 04Y12,500, 3-0-7-2-2, SP.

Sweet Safari (Johannesburg—Suite, Graustark), 04W20,000, 3-2-11-4-2, W.

Tombi (Johannesburg—Tune in to the Cat, Tunerup), 04W260,000, 1-1-3-3-0, SP.

Magui Queen (King Cugat—Pink Dove, Argument), 04Y3,500, 4-3-10-11-0, W.

Miss Beverly (Knockadoon—Z Olympic Cat, Olympio), 04Y10,500, 2-0-3-2-1, W.

Delta Dear (Mass Market—Deltateer, Pirateer), 04Y773, 1-0-7-2-0, PL.

Beautyofthedream (Mass Market—Quiet Magic, No Louder), 04Y11,211, 3-0-7-2-2, PL.

Matty G Whiz (Matty G—Contagious Love, Graustark), 04Y47,000, 6-0-12-8-2, W.

Matty Mite (Matty G—Donnova, Star de Naskra), 04Y7,500, 4-0-7-6-1, SP.

Love This Star (Mazel Trick—Be in Style, Bering), 04W3,000, 1-0-7-2-0, W.

Morning Coffee (Monarchos—Melrose Morning, Shadeed), 04W150,000, 2-2-11-4-1, UR.

Moon Light Dancing (Moonlight Dancer—Art Tempo, Arts and Letters), 04T4,700, 1-3-7-1-2, PL.

Literature (Notebook—Deputy’s Mistress, Deputy Minister), 04T310,000, 2-2-7-0-3, W.

Zelda Bess (Open Forum—Daisy Lov, Peteski), 04T5,500, 2-0-9-2-1, W.

Wecandobetter (Open Forum—Diablo’s Gem, Diablo), 04T9,000, 2-0-5-2-1, W.

Bill’s Better (Open Forum—Fire Attack, Red Attack), 04Y6,000, 3-0-10-4-1, W.

Forum’s Fury (Open Forum—Frestin, Festin), 04Y3,000, 2-0-5-2-1, UP.

Open Ending (Open Forum—Sweep and Roll, End Sweep), 04Y20,000, 2-0-7-2-1, W.

Sweet Stormy End (Precise End—Stormy Spring, Future Storm), 04Y16,000, 1-0-1-2-0, PL.

Pain and Glory (Precise End—Strong Little Girl, Wolf Power), 04Y100,000, 1-0-1-2-0, W.

Amongst Giants (Ranger—Timeless Pleasure, Just the Time), 04T399, 1-1-5-3-0, UP.

Unnamed (Rinka Das—Under a Willowtree, My Boy Adam), 04Y1,500, 3-0-19-2-2, UR.

Dig Deeper (Running Stag—Judith’s Concern, Manila), 04Y4,637, 1-3-11-1-2, W.

Heather’s Gold (Running Stag—D’Auria, Cutlass), 04T5,500, 0-4-7-2-1, UP.

Hombresactlikemens (Salt Lake—Pioneer Lass, Trapp Mountain), 04W72,000, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Saratoga Class (Saratoga Six—Princess Smoggy, Smoggy), 04T6,100, 5-2-11-0-6, UP.

Judith’s Charm (Sea of Secrets—Tom’s Charm, Tom Rolfe), 04Y5,700, 6-2-15-0-7, UP.

Charming Joy (Silver Charm—Be Joyous, Holy Bull), 04Y10,000, 1-1-9-3-0, UR.

Sutro Heights (Siphon—Dancing Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 04Y37,500, 1-0-5-2-0, W.

Take Me Downtown (Sir Cat—Celtic Breeze, Cure the Blues), 04W7,000, 1-4-5-2-2, W.

Mr. Katz (Sir Cat—Hiad, Iades), 04Y17,000, 3-3-7-1-4, W.

K. C. Classic (Sky Classic—Top Credit, Private Account), 04T15,000, 3-2-13-4-2, W.

Unnamed (Sky Classic—Energica, Affirmed), 04Y4,000, 6-0-16-4-4, UR.

Too Much Color (Spectrum—Lady She Is Too, Two’s a Plenty), 04W80,000, 2-1-8-5-0, PL.

Night Watch (Take Me Out—Radiant Music, Stop the Music), 04W1,100, 1-4-14-0-3, W.

The Phenomenal Fed (The Fed—Naskranomical, Naskra), 04Y8,786, 6-1-15-3-5, PL.

Dirty Dingus (The Fed—Steep, Kris S.), 04Y6,351, 5-2-17-4-4, UR.

Glorious Request (Urgent Request—Glorious, Proud Birdie), 04Y4,700, 3-2-12-6-1, W.

Unnamed (Victory Gallop—Wooing, Stage Door Johnny), 04Y20,000, 5-5-9-7-4, UR.

Miss Meggie (Albert the Great—Ms. Stephanie, Salt Lake), 04Y15,103, 1-2-6-2-1, W.

Big River Ruler (Albert the Great—Talkabout, Alydeed), 04Y30,000, 1-2-8-2-1, W.

Ancient Seeker (Ancient Quest—Usually, Fortunate Prospect), 04Y2,446, 2-1-16-1-2, PL.

Heather’s Badge (Badge—Loustrous Miss, Loustrous Bid), 04Y1,300, 0-2-2-2-0, UP.

Cope’s Angel (Copelan’s Pache—Mother’s Daughter, Bobby Ben), 04Y1,700, 0-0-2-0-0, W.

Auspicious Girl (Delaware Twonship—Auspicious Moment, Castle Guard), 04Y33,000, 1-0-2-0-1, W.

Natalie’s Honey (Deputy Diamond—Paw Paw’s Honey, Majesty’s Prince), 04T16,000, 1-1-8-1-1, UP.

Unnamed (Expelled—Insignia, Personal Flag), 04Y1,000, 2-2-4-2-2, UR.

Demand a Favor (Favorite Trick—Hard Core, His Majesty), 04Y9,000, 2-0-14-0-2, W.

Charming Trot (Kessem Power—Foxtrot, Citidancer), 04T2,700, 1-0-4-0-1, UP.

Boogie Boot (Kicking Boot—Austins Day, Im Maheras), 04Y1,700, 0-0-2-0-0, PL.

Kissin Knight (Kissin Kris—Super Princess, Super May), 04Y6,500, 0-1-8-1-0, SP.

Kiss of Money (Kissin Kris—Autumn Foliage, John’s Choice), 04Y1,700, 0-1-8-1-0, W.

Kid Kris (Kissin Kris—She’s Expensive, Silver Hawk), 04Y1,900, 0-1-14-1-0, PL.

Kiss That (Kissin Kris—Swiss Fortune, Fortunate Prospect), 04Y4,200, 1-1-10-1-1, PL.

Lendakari (Lear Fan—Zonda, Deputy Minister), 04Y3,500, 2-2-16-2-2, W.

Doubletree Express (Le Grande Danseur—Ray’s Choice, Mi Selecto), 04Y10,000, 1-1-4-1-1, SP.

Ninewood (Malek—Monica Faye, Wolf Power), 04Y30,000, 0-2-4-2-0, UR.

Bad Robber (Master Robery—Last Doll, Everett’s Last), 04Y2,500, 0-0-2-0-0, UR.

Positive (Officer—Doctoressa, Doc’s Leader), 04W40,000, 1-0-4-0-1, W.

Army Officer (Officer—Elvina, Simply Majestic), 04W27,000, 2-0-4-0-2, W.

K. B. Paraiso (Ordway—D Lan lady, Whitesburg), 04W1,200, 2-0-6-0-2, W.

Reputed Romeo (Ordway—Gal With a Past, Mt. Livermore), 04Y1,700, 2-0-6-0-2, W.

Sweet Prime (Prime Timber—Mississippi Cat, Dixie Brass), 04Y13,000, 2-0-6-0-2, W.

He’s a Lumberjack (Prime Timber—She’s My Choice, El Raggaas), 04Y10,000, 3-0-8-0-3, SP.

Friendly Sea (Prized—Song of the Sea, Hennessy), 04W4,000, 0-1-8-1-0, W.

Royale Buddy (Royale Future—Hard to Register, Cliff Flower), 04T2,100, 0-0-4-0-0, UR.

Running Booze (Running Stag—Go for Champagne, Go for Gin), 04Y2,000, 1-2-8-2-1, W.

Trickle of Silver (Silver Charm—Trickle Creek Miss, Repriced), 04Y20,000, 0-2-14-2-0, PL.

Edgar (Siphon—Theatrical Debut, Theatrical), 04Y5,500, 1-0-8-0-1, W.

Cat Man Morgan (Tale of the Cat—Fay Morgan, Cox’s Ridge), 04Y150,000, 6-2-8-2-6, UP.

Onecharmingdeputy (The Deputy—Enduring Charm, Batonnier), 04Y5,000), 1-0-6-0-1, UR.

Moonlight Knight (Tough Knight—Bettina Star, Star de Naskra), 04Y5,000, 2-2-2-2-2, W.

Our Emma (You and I—Fat Emma, Nodouble), 04Y6,500, 4-2-16-2-4, W.

Sold in 2005

Act Up (Act One—Charlotte Corday, Kris), 05W5,000, 6-0-12-8-2, W.

Driskoll (Albert the Great—Pantelleria, El Prado), 03T77,000, 2-3-13-5-1, W.

Beertok (Bartok—Skedadling Sue, Chivalry), 05T5,000, 3-1-9-3-2, W.

Bj’s Manzotti (B. J.’s Mark—Cooper’s Pick, Manzotti), 05W1,100, 2-1-7-3-1, UR.

Dan’s Pride (Cherokee Run—La Vida Loca, Caerleon), 05W40,000, 3-0-6-4-1, W.

Continental Dancer (Flying Continental—Margie Twos, Green Dancer), 05Y1,100, 1-0-7-2-0, W.

Famaraptor (Flying Continental—Czaritza, Moscow Ballet), 05T4,200, 1-0-11-2-0, W.

Flying Russian (Flying Continental—Russian Rose, Moscow Ballet), 05T5,500, 1-0-5-2-0, W.

H L I Girl (Foggy Day—Tart, Tragic Role), 05T750, 1-3-11-1-2, UP.

Woodforest (Forestry—Catatonic, Big Spruce), 05Y275,000, 1-8-12-4-3, W.

Shelooklikeyolonda (Formal Gold—Truth Value, Proud Truth), 05W6,000, 2-0-5-2-1, W.

Z Happy Cat (Hap—Z Olympic Cat, Olympio), 05W4,700, 1-0-5-2-0, UP.

Malandrina (Honor Glide—Dance Delight, Colonial Affair), 05Y3,000, 2-7-11-1-5, GSP.

Glideintoheaven (Honor Glide—Heaven’s Door, Hunting Hard), 05Y9,000, 4-5-8-1-6, UP.

Part of the Game (Housebuster—Noblestani, Shahrastani), 05Y2,700, 3-0-7-2-2, UR.

Soupstar (Jambalaya Jazz—Debby Dot Com, Caller I. D.), 05W1,000, 2-1-7-3-1, UP.

Sweet Safari (Johannesburg—Suite, Graustark), 05Y40,000, 3-2-11-4-2, W.

Pixie Princess (Klinsman—Lady in Wining, Sea Aglo), 05Y1,900, 1-2-5-4-0, W.

E Commerce (Mass Market—Coastal Money, Coast Today), 05Y3,373, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Lord Bogart (Mass Market—Make It Bold, Ward Off Trouble), 05Y1,265, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Mazel Monkey (Mazel Trick—Sizzlin Sunshine, Sunshine Forever), 05Y9,000, 1-0-9-2-0, UP.

Fiddlers Trick (Mazel Trick—Miss Pine Top Az., Wolf Power), 05T47,000, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Terracotta Warrior (Mula Gula—Asian Wonder, Lomond), 05Y2,200, 2-2-4-6-0, W.

Book My Bet (Notebook—Gamblers Flight, Prospectors Gamble), 05Y27,000, 2-2-5-0-3, GSP.

Note d’Amour (Notebook—Princessa’s Passion, Marquetry), 05Y18,500, 2-2-7-0-3, PL.

Social Puffs (Not Tricky—Crestmiss, Batonnier), 05Y5,200, 2-0-7-2-1, UP.

Bold Sailor (Once a Sailor—Fleur de Soie, Graustark), 05Y6,400, 3-2-11-4-2, W.

Open Exchange (Open Forum—Copelan’s Exchange, Copelan), 05Y6,000, 2-0-5-2-1, UP.

Air Ride (Ordway—Fiesta Dancer, Personal Flag), 05Y1,950, 1-2-7-0-2, W.

Wolf Strike (Orientate—Wolfer, Wolf Power), 06Y22,500, 2-0-7-2-1, PL.

Out of Trooper (Outofthebox—I’m a Trooper, You and I), 05Y12,000, 2-2-9-0-3, PL.

Sparkle (Point Given—Max Donnell, Critique), 05Y57,000, 1-0-11-2-0, UR.

Kalysei (Prime Timber—Dema Dema Dancer, Demaloot Demashoot), 05Y2,000, 2-2-9-0-3, UP.

Prime Heat (Prime Timber—Getting Warmer, It’s Freezing), 05T6,000, 1-2-5-0-2, W.

Off Sweets (Prime Timber—Off Guard, Red Ransom), 05T40,000, 1-2-13-0-2, W.

Spring Regatta (Royal Regatta—Zapateado, Cannon Shell), 05Y1,400, 3-2-7-4-2, PL.

Hombresactlikemens (Salt Lake—Pioneer Lass, Trapp Mountain), 04Y115,000, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Striped Flag (Service Stripe—Final Flag, Northern Flagship), 05Y20,000, 7-0-5-2-6, W.

Honky Tonk Hopper (Silver Charm—The Happy Hopper, El Prado), 05Y30,000, 1-2-11-4-0, W.

Sutro Heights (Siphon—Dancing Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 05T160,000, 1-0-5-2-0, W.

Jordan’s Dream (Sir Cat—Lisa Mac, Jaklin Klugman), 05Y3,500, 1-2-7-0-2, W.

I’mafreighttrain (St. Jovite—Heatherfields, Northfields), 05W2,000, 3-8-9-2-6, UP.

He’s Got the Fever (Stormin Fever—Pleasant Enclusure, Pleasant Colony), 05Y1,500, 3-9-10-1-7, W.

Morganbonnetday (Worldly Ways—Morgansbluebonnet, Blue Orca), 05Y1,000, 1-3-5-5-0, UR.

Big River Ruler (Albert the Great—Talkabout, Alydeed), 05T60,000, 1-2-8-2-1, W.

Estella Rose (Comic Strip—Simply Savage, Simply Majestic), 05Y8,500, 0-1-10-1-0, PL.

Mediterranean (Compadre—Quiet Solace, His Majesty), 05Y58,842, 2-0-16-0-2, W.

Fire of Desire (Delaware Township—Daredda Dabetta, Explosive Red), 05Y12,000, 1-0-2-0-1, UR.

Auspicious Girl (Delaware Township—Auspicious Moment, Castle Guard), 05T70,000, 1-0-2-0-1, W.

Lady With a Heart (Delaware Township—California Flyer, Fly So Free), 05T5,500, 1-2-4-2-1, PL.

Spot the Attitude (Desperately—Stain, Chief Honcho), 05Y2,889, 0-3-6-3-0, W.

Ifucanseemenow (Diplomatic Jet—In the Heather, Meadow Flight), 05Y2,700, 0-0-6-0-0, PL.

Brave Tuition (Fappie’s Notebook—Rice Gate Pond, Wolf Power), 05Y4,000, 1-2-4-2-1, W.

Red Pepper (Flying Continental—Go to War, Lord At War), 05Y1,500, 0-0-2-0-0, W.

Flying Incognito (Flying Continental—Petong Secret, Petong), 05T3,500, 0-0-2-0-0, W.

Adonever Miss (Forever Whirl—Adonara, Strawberry Road), 05Y3,300, 0-1-4-1-0, UR.

Bettin On Gibson (Gibson County—Alyann, Alydeed), 05Y67,000, 0-1-4-1-0, UP.

Press the Wolf (Joyeux Danseur—Duchess Anne, Turkoman), 05T5,000, 6-0-16-0-6, UR.

Fairest Contender (Key Contender—Groovy’s Fairest, Groovy), 05Y6,000, 3-1-8-1-3, W.

The Red Bomber (Master Robery—Last Doll, Everett’s Last), 05Y2,500, 0-0-2-0-0, UP.

Miss Superior (Mizzen Mast—Miss Eminent, Quest for Fame), 05Y2,000, 1-4-12-4-1, W.

Escatawpa (My Mike—Miserable Merlin, Far Out Wadleigh), 05T3,000, 4-2-10-2-4, W.

Java Script (Notebook—Gold Parody, Java Gold), 05T30,000, 3-2-10-2-3, UP.

Positive (Officer—Doctoressa, Doc’s Leader), 05Y30,000, 1-0-4-0-1, W.

Army Officer (Officer—Elvina, Simply Majestic), 05Y60,000, 2-0-4-0-2, W.

Finicus (Officer—Glorous Linda, Le Glorieux), 05Y90,000, 2-0-2-0-2, SP.

Reputed Romeo (Ordway—Gal With a Past, Mt. Livermore), 05T7,500, 2-0-6-0-2, W.

Karakormsugardaddy (Precise End—Sugarpiehoneybunch, Manila), 05Y10,000, 2-0-6-0-2, PL.

Tiger Timber (Prime Timber—Tiger Stance, Mister Baileys), 06Y2,500, 2-0-8-0-2, W

He’s a Lumberjack (Prime Timber–She’s My Choice, El Raggaas), 05T30,000, 3-0-8-0-3, SP.

Allensworth (Prized—Castries, Air Forbes Won), 05Y5,700, 0-1-6-1-0, W.

Friendly Sea (Prized—Song of the Sea, Hennessy), 05Y4,000, 0-1-8-1-0, W.

Cheonhapyeongjeong (Silver Charm—Bengal Hot, Tabasco Cat), 05Y9,000, 0-2-8-2-0, PL.

End Run (Siphon—Let’s Sgor, Creag-an-Sgor), 05Y25,000, 0-0-2-0-0, UP.

Siphonanna (Siphon—Synchronist, You and I), 05Y15,000, 0-0-4-0-0, W.

Lucy Again (Smile Again—Proudly, Proud Truth), 05W255, 4-2-8-2-4, UR.

Sheisrough (Stephanotis—Regency Princess, King Alphonse), 05Y1,855, 1-0-2-0-1, W.

Salina Tequila (The Deputy—Princess Margaux, Lear Fan), 05Y1,000, 0-0-6-0-0, W.

Benny’s Girl (The Deputy—Sparring, Fit to Fight), 05Y1,000, 1-1-6-1-1, W.

Trader’s Babe (The Trader’s Echo—Beau’s Visage, Beau’s Eagle), 05Y10,000, 3-2-8-2-3, W.

A Hundred Kisses (Turnofthecentury—Lightning’s Kiss, Fortunate Prospect), 05W7,200, 1-0-2-0-1, W.

Jackie’s Bark (Turnofthecentury—Momo’s Favorite, Mountain Cat), 05W2,700, 1-0-4-0-1, UP.

Planetary Ferry (Wiseman’s Ferry—Jupiter Hollow, Salt Lake), 05W25,000, 0-0-2-0-0, W.

Way Too Saucy (Worldly Ways—Quick and Saucy, Avatar), 05Y1,700, 1-3-6-3-1, W.

Satherin (You and I—Singing Bird, Wavering Monarch), 05Y10,000, 0-1-10-1-0, PL.

Sold in 2006

Alphalpha (Alphabet Soup—No Kings, Tabasco Cat), 06W5,000, 0-2-7-0-1, W.

Thankxforthat (Alphabet Soup—Paper Princess, Flying Paster), 06Y17,000, 0-2-5-0-1, PL.

Olympic Arch (Arch—Lively Lynx, Mountain Cat), 06W5,000, 2-3-15-1-3,UP.

Aveisha (Bravo Bull—Acronical, Acaroid), 06Y500, 1-1-1-3-0, W.

Dan’s Pride (Cherokee Run—La Vida Loca, Caerleon), 06Y185,000, 3-0-6-4-1, W.

La Reina Hope (Devil’s Cry—Bill My Master, Master Derby), 06Y800, 2-1-6-5-0, PL.

Maria del Alma (Fappie’s Notebook—Locust Song, Sultry Song), 06Y2,700, 1-2-7-0-2, UR.

Flame Leader (Flame Thrower—Honey in the Lead, Mr. Leader), 06Y2,700, 3-1-11-3-2, UP.

Continental Dancer (Flying Continental—Margie Twos, Green Dancer), 04T1,800, 1-0-7-2-0, W.

Churumbela (Hennessy—Hooten Annie, Known Fact), 06Y55,000, 4-2-5-0-5, W.

Z Happy Cat (Hap—Z Olympic Cat, Olympio), 06Y2,100, 1-0-5-2-0, UP.

Mike Dowling (Hold That Tiger—Free Hair, Saint Cyrien), 06Y19,000, 1-2-7-0-2, W.

Holy Akadya (Holy Bull—Akadya, Akarad), 06Y12,000, 3-2-1-4-2, W.

Electric Glide (Honor Glide—Hard to Manage, Our Michael), 06Y15,500, 2-6-5-0-5, W.

Malandrina (Honor Glide—Dance Delight, Colonial Affair), 0T6,500, 2-7-11-1-5, GSP.

Return of the Lion (Lion Heart—Return Flight, Generous), 06Y9,000, 3-1-11-3-2, W.

Special Venture (Malek—Brattice Cloth, L’Enjoleur), 06Y50,000, 1-2-11-0-2, W.

Cagey Curt (Mass Market—Vision of Grandeur, Regal Intention), 06Y4,459, 2-0-7-2-1 W.

Miss Matty C (Matty G—Lady Whiskers, Large as Life), 06T7,000, 4-0-7-6-1, W.

Out of Prado (Mr. Livingston—I’m Proud, Proud Truth), 06W11,000, 3-3-9-5-2, UP.

Note d’Amour (Notebook—Princesa’s Passion, Marquetry), 06T25,000, 2-2-7-0-3, PL.

Lieutenant Dan (Officer—As Long as Ittakes, 06Y80,000, Sky Classic), 2-0-7-2-1, W.

Jopyful Five (Officer—Crissy Aya, Saros), 06Y130,000, 1-0-1-2-0, UP.

Bold Sailor (Once a Sailor—Fleur de Soie, Graustark), 06T42,000, 3-2-11-4-2, W.

Moorland Bonnie (Open Forum—Moorland Miss, Hansel), 06W6,000, 2-0-5-2-1, UP.

Vany Lane (Open Forum—Vany Expectations, Valid Expectations), 06Y1,000, 2-0-5-2-1, UP.

Danube’s Hawk (Personal First—Incommunicado, Wolf Power), 06Y11,000, 1-0-7-2-0, W.

unnamed (Posse—Hot Blooded, Sultry Song), 06Y250,000, 2-2-9-0-3, UR.

Precious Too (Precise End—Strong Little Girl, Wolf Power), 06T100,000, 1-0-1-2-0, W.

Gamun Bobaee (Silic—Life Is Delicious, Raft), 06T12,000, 4-0-10-4-2, W.

Lope Away (Sir Cat—Interlope, Lemhi Gold), 06T3,200, 1-3-5-1-2, UP.

Sir Escudero (Sir Cat—Lisa Mac, Jaklin Klugman), 06Y5,200, 1-2-7-0-2, W.

Oeuf a La Niege (Snow Ridge—Lady Crystal, Sky Classic), 06W10,000, 2-0-5-2-1, UP.

Tensas Twist (Storm Day—Ciel Rouge, Sky Classic), 06Y8,500, 3-2-9-4-2, UR.

Unnamed (Storm Day—Derdnik, Willow Hour), 06Y18,000, 2-2-7-4-1, UR.

He’s Got the Fever (Stormin Fever—Pleasant Enclosure, Pleasant Colony), 06T6,500, 3-9-10-1-7, W.

Verificador (Strong Hope—Trillion Wing, In the Wings), 06W45,000, 3-2-14-6-1, W.

Spark’s Lake (Sultry Song—Stark’s Promise, Graustark), 06Y20,000, 3-2-15-4-2, W.

Pineapple Hill (Take Me Out—Obligated Sue, Obligato), 06T5,500, 3-2-11-0-4, W.

Josey Avenue (Touch Tone—Pelusada, Sadlers Congress), 06Y20,000, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Lope Away (Worldly Ways—Interlope, Lemhi Gold), 06Y3,000, 1-3-5-1-2, UP.

Number One Seller (Booklet—Lovely Melody, Cherokee Run), 06Y4,000, 1-0-2-0-1, W.

Letterman Charles (Charles Bridge—Marisha, Arts and Letters), 06T1,700, 2-0-4-0-2, UR.

Shout It Out (Desperately—Stain, Chief Honcho), 0-3-6-3-0, 06Y2,881, UR.

Ifucanseemenow (Diplomatic Jet—In the Heather, Meadow Flight), 06T7,000, 0-0-6-0-0, PL.

Dream Power (Dream Run—Excellence, Cozzene), 06W2,000, 2-2-6-2-2, UP.

Lightning Finish (Finality—Sweet Lady Lass, Son of Briartic), 06Y7,579, 0-2-2-2-0, W.

Adonever Miss (Forever Whirl—Adonara, Strawberry Road), 06T6,700, 0-1-4-1-0, UR.

Bettin On Gibson (Gibson County—Alyann, Alydeed), 06T10,000, 0-1-4-1-0, UP.

Brave Nation (Indian Charlie—Team Webster, Alydeed), 06Y50,000, 0-1-4-1-0, W.

Kimberlea (Kimberlite Pipe—Idalea, Interprete), 06Y5,700, 1-0-4-0-1, UP.

Another Kris (Kissin Kris—Super Princess, Super May), 06T47,000, 0-1-8-1-0, W.

Makinsparksfly (Makin—Tanks Spark, Tank’s Prospect), 6-4-10-4-6, 06Y1,500, W.

One Step Up (Open Forum—Sextez, Partez), 06T10,000, 1-2-4-2-1, W.

Prime Choice (Prime Timber—She’s My Choice, El Raggaas), 06Y17,000, 3-0-8-0-3, W.

Howdyamissthisone (Prime Timber—Adelaide, Twilight Agenda), 06T7,000, 2-0-6-0-2, W.

Clever Dame (Prime Timber—Pride of Diablo, Diablo), 06T7,500, 2-0-8-0-2, W.

Squealing Blondie (Prime Timber—Third Row Center, Theatrical), 06T25,000, 2-0-10-0-2, UP.

Gift Package (Prized—Daddyiloveyou, Lord At War), 06Y1,000, 0-1-6-1-0, W.

Tahoe Blues (Rainbow Blues—Let’s Play Gin, Go for Gin), 06Y3,000, 1-1-6-1-1, W.

Uncle Pat (Read the Footnotes—Continuous Melody, Forest Camp), 06W13,000, 1-0-6-0-1, W.

Song Sung Sue (Rum Isle—Magical Song, Blue Grass Magic), 06Y700, 1-0-4-0-1, UR.

A Jewel for Siphon (Siphon—Le Famo, Lear Fan), 06Y15,000, 0-0-8-0-0, UP.

Suck It Up (Siphon—Sandringham, Sandpit), 06Y8,500, 0-0-2-0-0, UR.

Snow Rite (Snow Ridge—Reed and Rite, Notebook), 06Y7,500, 1-0-4-0-1, W.

Charlie’s Choice (Storm Day—Channel Vision, Lens), 06Y20,000, 1-2-8-2-1, W.

All Boy (Storm Day—Soxie d’Or, Tour d’Or), 06Y75,000, 1-2-6-2-1, UP.

Stepout (Stormy Jack—Lady Shambe, Sham), 06W2,500, 0-1-6-1-0, W.

Tribal Charmer (Tribal Rule—Ramelle, Genuine Guy), 06Y2,000, 1-1-4-1-1, UP.

A Hundred Kisses (Turnofthecentury—Lightning’s Kiss, Fortunate Prospect), 06Y13,000, 1-0-2-0-1, W.

Planetary Ferry (Wiseman’s Ferry—Jupiter Hollow, Salt Lake), 06Y32,000, 0-0-2-0-0, W.

Current Year (With Approval—Capracotta, Shernazar), 06Y1,500, 3-5-12-5-3-0, UP.

Sold in 2007

Wisheslittleaeriel (Aeropostale—Reader’s Wish, Derby Wish), 07Y1,200, 2-2-9-0-3, W.

Sharpay (Alphabet Soup—Wawasee, Salt Lake), 07T50,000, 0-2-7-0-1, W.

Olympic Arch (Arch—Lively Lynx, Mountain Cat), 07Y6,500, 2-3-15-1-3, UP.

Breezin Bartok (Bartok—Skedadling Sue, Chivalry), 07T4,700, 3-1-9-3-2, UP.

Sour Candy (Candy Ride—Distinguish Forum, Shanekite), 07Y35,143, 1-1-3-3-0, UR.

Hippie Power (Chapel Royal—Flowers for M’Lady, Stage Door Johnny), 07Y19,000, 5-5-7-7-4, W.

Cherma (Cherokee Run—Dharma, Zilzal), 07Y20,000, 3-0-9-2-2, W.

Silver Helmet (Comic Strip—Enid, Moscow Ballet), 07Y7,500, 1-1-13-3-0, W.

D Don’t Dance (Concorde’s Tune—Dance Script, Green Dancer), 07Y16,000, 1-0-3-2-0, W.

Lady Symphony (Consolidator—Dancing Naturally, Fred Astaire), 07W85,000, 3-1-7-3-2, W.

Pinky Swear (Delaware Township—Fare Value, Present Value), 07T5,500, 3-0-7-2-2, PL.

I Makem Shake (Desperately—Commander Bird, Bold Laddie), 07Y2,578, 1-1-3-3-0, PL.

L’Orangerie (Diesis—Spring Burst, Nureyev), 07Y36,000, 6-1-18-5-4, UP.

Diesis of Cloyne (Diesis—Venus, Atticus), 07Y42,000, 5-2-11-4-4, UP.

Shunquito (Future Storm—Living Waters, Flying Paster), 07Y6,200, 2-2-3-4-1, W.

American Steel (Gulf Storm—Festive Mood, Bering), 07Y3,500, 1-1-9-3-0, W.

Sunofastorm (Gulf Storm—Shimmering Sun, Son of Briartic), 07T23,000, 1-2-5-4-0, W.

Anitacruise (Honor Glide—Sister I’m a Poet, Tactical Cat), 07W1,500, 2-6-7-0-5, UP.

Little K C (Honor Glide—Gail’s Ring, Rahy), 07Y1,500, 4-3-9-1-5, UP.

Hiho Geronimo (Indian Charlie—Serene Nobility, His Majesty), 07Y50,000, 1-2-14-0-2, W.

King Rubi (King Cugat—Star Ruby, Rubiano), 07Y4,500, 6-3-15-5-5, UR.

C E P A’s Forum (Open Forum—Afternoon Rose, Afternoon Deelites), 05T27,000, 2-0-5-2-1, W.

Zanilla (Orientate—Farewell Tour, Son of Briartic), 07Y55,000, 2-0-7-2-1, PL.

Deception’s Child (Prime Timber—Satans Lullaby, Skip Trial), 07Y2,000, 1-2-9-0-2, W.

Frurious Wave (Shanawi—Tower Storm, Whitney Tower), 07Y2,000, 2-0-4-4-0, W.

Zavijava (Sky Classic—Cowgirl Wisdom, J P Hamer), 07W4,500, 4-0-10-4-2, W.

First Captain (Sky Classic—Lady Sky Racer, Skywalker), 07Y33,000, 4-0-10-4-2, SP.

Lets Get Wet (Storm Passage—Fishy Business, Late Act), 07Y8,200, 1-4-9-2-2, PL.

Verificador (Strong Hope—Trillion Wing, In the Wings), 07Y65,000, 3-2-14-6-1, W.

Mexican Capitol (Suave Prospect—Island Capitol, Manila), 07Y1,100, 3-0-9-2-2, W.

Tis Alkie (Alke—Tis Willie Nellie, Our Captain Willie), 07Y3,700, 1-2-4-2-1, W.

Awesome Frolic (Alphabet Soup—Fanny’s Frolic, Green Dancer), 07T11,000, 1-2-8-2-1, W.

Sky Gate (Arch—Mista Mayberry, Touch Gold), 07Y130,000, 1-3-16-3-1, W.

Comedy Ruhls (Comic Strip—Silver Ruhls, Silver Ray), 07Y1,000, 0-1-12-1-0, UR.

Tori’s Boldone (Comic Strip—Sultry Boldness, Sultry Song), 07Y5,000, 0-1-14-1-0, W.

Unnamed (Concorde’s Tune—Sorbie Duchess, Magesterial), 07Y22,000, 2-0-2-0-2, UR.

Hilda’s Flower (Concorde’s Tune—Valid Invitation, Take Me Out), 07T38,000, 1-0-2-0-1, PL.

Delaware Lady (Delaware Township—Supahnan, Major Moran), 07Y11,000, 1-0-2-0-1, PL.

Monkey Boy Jack (Dixie Dot Com—My Country Girl, Country Pine), 07Y2,000, 2-0-8-0-2, W.

Shooting Star Gin (Go for Gin—Starfly, Deputed Testamony), 07Y4,000, 3-2-8-2-3, W.

Gerard’s Wish (Jaunatxo—Earthra, Blues Traveller), 07T1,700, 1-0-8-0-1, W.

Pretty Emmy (Joe Who—Priss Stick, Forli Light), 07Y2,200, 0-0-4-0-0, W.

Bromhead (Johannesburg—Caramel Queen, Turbulent Dancer), 07Y150,000, 1-1-4-1-1, W.

Kimberlea (Kimberlite Pipe—Idalea, Interprete), 07T22,000, 1-0-4-0-1, UP.

Lion’s Den (Lion Heart—Anitas Knickers, Tejabo), 07W30,000, 1-0-4-0-1, W.

Heart Risk (Lion Heart—Risk, Wavering Monarch), 07Y27,000, 1-0-6-0-1, UR.

Corinne’s Makor (Makors Mark—Chain Link, Linkage), 07Y4,000, 3-2-4-2-3, W.

Top Mast (Mizzen Mast—Mirta, Theatrical), 07Y28,000, 1-3-14-3-1, PL.

My Blue Eyed Jax (Orientate—Doctoressa, Doc’s Leader), 07Y50,000, 2-0-8-0-2, W.

Fly Angel Fly (Point Given—Suddenly Maria, Stately Don), 07W12,000, 2-0-8-0-2, W.

Amezcua’s Play (Precise End—Play Per View, Sports View), 07T10,000, 1-0-4-0-1, W.

Primed to Be Ready (Prime Timber—Sly Isabella, Majestic Light), 07W17,000, 3-2-8-2-3, W.

Beam of Love (Prime Timber—Love Destiny, Silver Deputy), 07T50,000, 2-0-6-0-2, SP.

Prime Choice (Prime Timber—She’s My Choice, El Raggaas), 07T60,000, 3-0-8-0-3, W.

Knot News (Prime Timber—Front Page News, Caller I. D.), 07Y3,700, 2-0-6-0-2, W.

Timber Pride (Prime Timber—Pride of Diablo, Diablo), 07Y5,700, 2-0-8-0-2, W.

In Italics (Read the Footnotes—Dacarly, Hennessy), 07Y10,500, 1-0-6-0-1, UR.

Velvet Footnote (Read the Footnotes—Precise Accusation, Exploit), 07Y1,700, 1-0-4-0-1, UR.

I’m Not Herodias (Repent—Vogue Covergirl, Vaguely Noble), 07W4,000, 4-0-10-0-4, W.

What a Charm (Silver Charm—Briarcliff, Red Ransom), 07T27,000, 0-2-14-2-0, W.

Stellas Groove (Siphon—On the Buff, At the Threshold), 07W3,000, 0-0-6-0-0, UP.

Same Ol Cowboy (Siphon—Le Famo, Lear Fan), 06Y1,700, 0-0-8-0-0, UP.

Suck It Up (Siphon—Sandringham, Sandpit), 07T20,000, 0-0-2-0-0, UR.

Spirit’s Cutie (Spiritbound—Cookin Cutie, Really Cooking), 07Y5,000, 0-0-2-0-0, UR.

Snow On the River (Stephanotis—Star River, Star de Naskra), 07Y200, 1-0-2-0-1, W.

Stormin Riley (Storm Boot—Maxixe, Dauphin Fabuleux), 07Y10,000, 6-2-6-2-6, W.

Midnight Stalker (Teton Forest—Midnight Stroll, Private Account), 07W30,000, 0-5-6-5-0, UR.

My Call Notes (Well Noted—Cordless Phone, Phone Trick), 07Y4,750, 1-0-6-0-1, UR.

Planetary Ferry (Wiseman’s Ferry—Jupiter Hollow, Salt Lake), 07T25,000, 0-0-2-0-0, W.

Unnamed (Woke Up Dreamin—Swift and Sultry, Sultry Song), 07W10,000, 0-0-4-0-0, UR.

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