Pedigree Quiz

Listed below are 15 stakes winners (all with 2,000+ Performance Points) from among sales foals of 2003-2007. They all have one pedigree characteristic in common. What is that pedigree characteristic?????

Wait a While (5,382 Performance Points, Maria’s Mon–Flirtatious, A.P. Indy, 04Y50,000, 05T260,000).

Big Brown (5,315, Boundary–Mien, Nureyev, 06Y60,000, 07T190,000).

Informed Decision (5,014, Monarchos–Palangana, His Majesty, 06Y150,000, 07T320,000).

Mine That Bird (3,029, Birdstone–Mining My Own, Smart Strike, 07Y9,500).

Rail Trip (2,909, Jump Start–Sweet Trip, Carson City, 06Y200,000).

Gayego (2,851, Gilded Time–Devils Lake, Lost Code, 06Y32,000).

Scat Daddy (2,734, Johannesburg–Love Style, Mr. Prospector, 06Y250,000).

Shared Account (2,549, Pleasantly Perfect–Silk n’ Sapphire, Smart Strike, 07Y170,000).

Zanjero (2,521, Cherokee Run–Checkered Flag, A.P. Indy, 05Y700,000).

Game Face (2,399, Menifee–Galleon of Gold, Gone West, 07T280,000).

War Pass (2,383, Cherokee Run–Vue, Mr. Prospector, 06Y180,000).

Dangerous Midge (2,390, Lion Heart–Adored Slew, Seattle Slew, 07Y120,000).

Red Giant (2,192, Giant’s Causeway–Beyond the Sun, Kingmambo, 05Y350,000).

Any Give Saturday (2,184, Distorted Humor–Weekend in Indy, A.P. Indy, 05Y1,100,000).

Dream Rush (2,179, Wild Rush–Turbo Dream, Unbridled, 05Y90,000, 06T285,000).

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13 Responses to Pedigree Quiz

  1. Rod says:

    They all have a leg in each corner.. best I can come up with!

  2. lesleybowen says:

    All possess some form of inbreeding except for Any Given Saturday whose dam’s family is inbred rather than being inbred to the sire.

    • ddink55 says:

      That may be true, but it is not the answer for which I am looking. About 76% of all sales foals of 2003-2007 possess some form of inbreeding. Only about 24% of the same group are total outcrosses (have no duplications whatsoever within five generations). The common pedigree characteristic of these 15 stakes winners occurs in only about 9% of the same population (sales foals of 2003-2007).

  3. lesleybowen says:

    Then I suggest being more direct or specific in your questioning so that somebody actually can narrow down the criteria for the answer to that one which you seek. 😉 Your question is rather general.

  4. mikedorr77 says:

    Can the answer be ascertained by looking at just five generations of pedigrees?

    • ddink55 says:

      Yes. In fact, the answer can be ascertained by looking at just the first two generations.

    • mikedorr77 says:

      The only thing I can ascertain that close in is that they each have a chef-de-race in their second generation for the calculation of Dosage, but I’m surprised that’s only 9%.

      • ddink55 says:

        Yes, the correct answer is that their broodmare sires are all chefs. If it were either broodmare sire or sire of the sire, maybe half of the population would qualify. Broodmare sires only should be about 9%.

  5. Kathy Robinson says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that none of them trace to Man O’ War tail male and all but two trace back to Nearco (one to Ribot and one to Teddy). Is that consistent with overall % for the breed?

    • ddink55 says:

      Your statement would be accurate if you substituted Phalaris for Nearco. Gayego is Teddy (Damascus). Shared Account is Ribot (Pleasant Colony). The other 13 are all from the Phalaris male line, but only nine of them are through Nearco. The other four are either Mr. Prospector (Mine That Bird and Any Given Saturday) or Maria’s Mon (Wait a While and Informed Decision). Those four are all Raise a Natives. The nearest common ancestor in the male line those four have with the other nine is Phalaris. So Phalaris is about 87% of the 15. I would venture to guess that the Phalaris male line accounts for at least 87% of the breed (in North America), if not 90% or 95% or higher. Hope this answers your question.

      • Kathy Robinson says:

        I was afraid I missed a step there, but in essence I had the right idea..thanks for confirming. Amazing that one horse was so influential…which leads to the question of how many choke points (one ancestor such as Phalaris or Eclipse) does the breed have (and how many choke points can a breed survive)?

      • ddink55 says:

        See In Reality and Miscellaneous Male Lines for more info on In Reality and Damascus. As I recall I thought about doing Ribot but could not find enough foals (less than 1,000) to justify it. So there were about 4,200 In Realitys and Damascuses. Less than 1,000 Ribots. Maybe a couple hundred others. So maybe about 5,500 of the 70,000+ were NOT from the Phalaris male line. So the Phalaris male line accounts for about 92% of that population.

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