Rasmussen Factor Qualifiers Sold in 2008

Below is a list of all the RF qualifiers (stakes winners already listed omitted) sold as weanlings, yearlings, or two-year-olds in North America in 2008. Listed for each foal is its name, pedigree (sire–dam), description of the inbreeding, price, and a brief summation of its racing class (W for winner, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, etc.). The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (pretty much the order in which I found them).

Astarterwife (Abajo—Saddle Up), 5×5 Pocahontas, 08Y1,000, W.

Dona Nubia (Act of Duty—Create a Dream), 5×5 Thong, 08Y1,200, UR.

Arminta (Afleet Alex—Sand Pebbles), 5×4 Special, 08Y140,000, PL.

Peter’s Pet (Afternoon Deelites—Dance With Frances), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T9,000, PL.

My Bonnie (Alajwad—My Belle), 5×4 Busanda, 08Y1,300, UP.

Mane Course (Alajwad—New Menu), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T35,000, UR.

Nik’s Star Choice (Aldebaran—A Number One), 3×4 Gold Digger, 08W5,000, W.

The Big Gaviola (Aldebaran—Besige), 4×3 Numbered Account, 08W5,000, W.

Divination (Aldebaran—Ciencia), 5×4 Best in Show, 08Y7,500, PL.

Poklonnik (Aldebaran—Perfect Isn’t Easy), 5×2 Best in Show, 08Y4,000, PL.

Lourdes My Love (Alke—Sunshine One), 5×5 Traffic Court, 08Y50,000, W.

Darling Deana (Alysweep—First Beam), 5×3 Obeah, 07Y1,000, UP.

Mary Zig (Alyzig—Amy’s Halo), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y2,700, UP.

Between Raindrops (A.P. Indy—Beaucette), 2×4 Weekend Surprise, 08Y275,000, W.

Leopolis (A.P. Indy—Bloomy), 5×5 Glamour, 08Y35,000, SPW.

Chimayo (A.P. Indy—Chimichurri), 5×4 Missy Baba, 08Y3,100,000, W.

Cast Call (A.P. Indy—Shadow Cast), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08Y1,000,000, W.

Big Sister (A. P Jet—Doyourthing), 3×3 Tamerett, 08Y34,000, W.

Abounding Aptitude (Aptitude—Bound to Blush), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08Y2,500, W.

Just Archie (Arch—Copper Rose), 4×3 Courtly Dee, 08W20,000, PL.

Anacopa (Arch—Awaamir), 4×4 Courtly Dee, 08Y150,000, W.

Mamluk (Arch—Salchow), 5x4x4 Natalma, 08Y80,000, UR.

Crazyforlovingyou (Arch—Samut), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y500,000, W.

Ascot Aly (Ascot Knight—Sonic Boom Aly), 3×5 Golden Beach, 08W809, UP.

My Knight Indeed (Ascot Knight—Mey Indeed), 3×5 Golden Beach, 08Y15,929, W.

Lakeway West (Authenticate–Proudtobeajones), 5×5 Comely Nell, 08T24,000, PL.

Quilchena Park (Awesome Again—Storm Forcast), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08W7,000, W.

Diego Excellent (Bartok—Gambol Goldfish), 5×4 Milan Mill, 08Y1,200, W.

Pakeha King (Bartok–Pakeha), 3×4 Fairy Bridge, 08Y2,800, W.

Ozzies Storm Cats (Bernstein—Heartwood), 5×5 Busanda, 08W18,000, UP.

Ali’s Joy (Bernstein—Blennerhassett), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y22,000, W.

Maestro Miss (Bernstein—Changeable), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y90,000, W.

Tormenta Tropical (Bernstein—Fauna), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y11,000, W.

Bay Point Countess (Bernstein—Fighting Countess), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y30,000, W.

Imperialville (Bernstein—Gulch Girl), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y20,000, W.

Swinging Bernie (Bernstein—Swing Set), 5×5 Knight’s Daughter, 08T200,000, SPW.

Parkbench (Benchmark—Cup and a Half), 5×5 Real Delight, 08T4,000, W.

Two Fovr Willy (Best of the Bests–Nykee), 5×5 Natalma, 08W809, UP.

The Bird (Birdstone—Spanish Melody), 5×4 Cap and Bells, 08W24,000, UR.

No Stone Unturned (Birdstone—Abby’s Magic), 4×4 Gana Facil, 08Y43,000, PL.

Rock Mambo (Black Mambo—One Classie Lassie), 3×3 Lassie Dear, 08Y10,000, W.

Triple Overtime (Black Mambo—Original Score), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08Y5,500, W.

Full Horse Power (Black Mambo—Scarlet Combo), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y20,000, W.

Black Jack Boogie (Black Mambo—One Classie Lassie), 3×3 Lassie Dear, 08Y25,000, UR.

Little Toffee (Boanerges—Little Pip), 5×4 Gay Hostess, 08Y843, UR.

Executive Jewel (Bold Executive—Northernset), 4×4 Victoriana, 08Y18,740, W.

Bold Elise (Bold Executive—Regaldebaran), 4×5 Victoriana, 08Y12,847, W.

Early Spring (Bold Executive—Wiry Willie), 4×5 Victoriana, 08Y11,285, UP.

Wooster (Borrego—Appomattox), 5×4 Special, 08W50,000, UR.

My Name Is Rachael (Bowman’s Band—Hope Soon), 4×5 Natalma, 08Y1,000, W.

Hullmar (Brahms–Terrigal), 5×4 Sequence, 08Y56,220, UR.

Gongsu Jeonhwan (Broken Vow—Falling Leaves), 4×5 Killaloe, 08W7,000, W.

Bolden (Broken Vow—Golden Monarch), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08Y15,000, W.

G G’s Girl (Buddha—Appealing Baby), 5×5 Kerala, 08Y1,500, W.

Unnamed (Buddha—Bring Me Joy), 5×4 South Ocean, 08Y1,000, UR.

Missis Reba (Buddha–Diameter), 5×5 Kerala, 08Y1,100, UR.

Ancient Wisdom (Buddha–Frayne), 5×5 Kerala, 08Y5,000, W.

Judiths Artiste (Buddha–Kahlo), 5×5 Kerala, 08Y2,500, UR.

Acuario (Buddha—Time Honored), 5×5 Kerala, 08Y7,000, W.

Color Me Different (Buddha–Unsaddled), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 08Y5,000, PL.

Shopping Queen (Buddha—Scatter Buy), 5×4 Kerala, 08T6,000, W.

Bwana Brave (Bwana Bull—Fire Feet), 4×4 Cosmah, 08Y12,000, W.

Kristy Lynn (Bwana Bull—Sugar Run), 5×3 Suspicious Native, 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08Y67,000, UR.

Meema’s Wish (Cactus Ridge—One Final Wish), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08T19,000, UR.

Cahill Country (Cahill Road—Country Dream), 5×5 Raise You, 08Y17,000, W.

Movehome (Came Home—Diaki), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 08Y3,000, W.

Classic Brook (Came Home—Lady Brook), 5×4 Golden Beach, 08Y2,200, SPW.

A Shin Fractal (Came Home—Fact of Matter), 4×4 Tamerett, 08T320,000, W.

Mag Shot (Came Home—Tia Gigi), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T58,000, W.

Mr. Sammer (Canadian Frontier—Bonnie Baugh), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T19,000, UR.

Tonto Fontenot (Canadian Frontier—Blue Stream), 5×5 Special, 08Y4,000, SPW.

Oh Charlie Boy (Canadian Frontier—El Fasto), 5×5 Special, 08Y10,000, W.

Run Antonio Run (Canadian Frontier—Narni), 4×4 Gold Digger, 08Y1,000, W.

Unnamed (Canadian Frontier—Rationale), 5×5 Raise You, 08Y2,000, UR.

Cape Coloane (Cape Canaveral—Nany’s Affair), 4×4 Square Angel, 06W3,000, UR.

Unsinkable Molly (Capsized—Capable Miss), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08T1,600, W.

Yodel You Who (Captain Bodgit—Crystal Forest), 3×4 Ballade, 08Y15,259, W.

Two C. C. (Captain Bodgit—Sweet Creek), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y2,861, W.

Unnamed (Catahoula Parish–El Staro), 5×5 En Casserole, 08Y937, UR.

Henry’s Joy (Cat Dreams—Catch the Joy), 5×5 Foggy Note, 08Y3,500, W.

Luv’n That Cat (Cat Dreams—Queenofluv), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08Y2,500, UP.

Capital Cat (Cat Dreams—Queenofluv), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08T7,500, W.

Our Man Luke (Catienus—Clementia), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 08T20,000, W.

Quiet Girl (Champali—Commencement), 4×4 Foggy Note, 08Y4,000, W.

Big Champ (Champali—Ardum Relaunch), 4×4 Foggy Note, 08T40,000, W.

Modern Masterpiece (Chapel Royal—Dattt Way), 5×5 Bebop II, 08Y45,000, W.

Doc Thunderbolt (Chapel Royal—Lake Barataria), 4×4 Ciboulette, 08Y12,500, W.

Vegas Wedding (Chapel Royal—Flirting With Fate), 4×5 Ciboulette, 08T90,000, W.

Ritmo Criollo (Chelsey Cat—Foxey’s Finest), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y5,500, W.

Tribal Shelter (Cherokee Run—Are You Home), 5×4 Cap and Bells, 08T130,000, UP.

Cherokee Summer (Cherokee Run—Bully’s Del Mar), 5×4 Cap and Bells, 08T32,000, UR.

Sharpruckus (Ciano Cat–Haberdashi), 4×5 South Ocean, 08Y3,466, W.

Zazie (City Zip—Paris Gem), 4×5 Foggy Note, 08Y20,000, W.

Unnamed (Colonial Colony—Ought to Be Jazz), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 08Y1,000, UR.

Alarming Light (Colony Light—Creed’s Heroine), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 08T1,700, PL.

Latego Light (Colony Light—Laverlochere), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 08T15,000, PL.

Lucyinthecomics (Comic Strip—Voluptuous Lady), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08Y1,000, PL.

Bourbon Bandit (Congaree—River Princess), 5×5 Aimee, 08Y35,000, UP.

Adaro (Consolidator—Distinct Habit), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W2,700, W.

Rose of Glory (Consolidator—Duchess Maggie), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 08W20,000, PL.

Bates Cat (Consolidator—Bates Choice), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y13,000, UP.

Fantastic Cousin (Cozzene—Fantastic City), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y60,000, SPW.

Lumiere Verite (Cozzene—Play School), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y65,000, PL.

War Minister (Crafty Shaw—Pyrite Rush), 5×5 Comely Nell, 08Y2,000, W.

Deadwood Desperado (Cryptoclearance—Log Jammer), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 08Y5,300, W.

Cuvee Minds (Cuvee—Meeting of Minds), 4×4 Summertime Promise, 08T2,500, UP.

Dance Faster (Dance Master—Candy Wood), 4×4 Tamerett, 08Y9,000, W.

Mighty Missy (Dance Master—Missy’s Joy), 4×4 Tamerett, 08Y7,500, PL.

Sheza Carchy (Decarchy–Esmay), 4×5 Sex Appeal, 08Y1,200, W.

De Kool Car (Decarchy—Miz Kool), 5×5 Ortalan, 08Y18,500, UP.

River North (Dehere—Lady Chance), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y25,000, W.

Delaware Champagne (Delaware Township—Casting Pearls), 5×5 Tudor Jet, 08W1,700, W.

Mr Delaware (Delaware Township—Fit Fighter), 5×4 Pocahontas, 08Y3,000, UR.

Muy Loco (Delineator–Majahuitas), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y3,700, PL.

Baldor (Deputy Commander—American Affair), 4×5 Best in Show, 08Y19,000, W.

Vying Commander (Deputy Commander—Dancewithavixen), 5×5 Victoriana, 08Y31,933, UP.

Santa Nina Lia (Deputy Commander—Foradiesonly), 5×4 Grass Shack, 08Y11,000, UP.

Gema Del Sol (Deputy Rokeby—Cahill Girl), 4×5 All Beautiful, 08Y1,000, UR.

Cowboyonthewarpath (Desert Warrior—Arabian Nights), 3×5 Crimson Saint, 08Y10,000, W.

Katskill Bay (Desert Warrior—Cat in Deed), 3×5 Crimson Saint, 08T35,000, SPW.

Look At Her Run (Devil His Due—Fle’che Rouge), 2×4 Plenty O’Toole, 08W2,266, W.

Devil Water (Devil His Due—Charging Water), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y7,500, W.

Scare Package (Devil His Due—I Had to Laugh), 3×4 Li’l Puss, 08Y20,000, W.

Amusing (Distorted Humor—Cloud Break), 5×5 Pocahontas, 08W500,000, W.

Fleeting Humor (Distorted Humor—Fly Borboleta), 5×5 Raise You, 08Y275,000, W.

Distorted Promise (Distorted Humor—Seba), 5×4 Pocahontas, 08Y37,000, W.

Jumeirah Palm (Distorted Humor—Zoftig), 4×5 Continue, 08Y270,000, PL.

Winnie Dixie (Dixie Union—Icy Demeanor), 5×3 Change Water, 08W40,000, W.

Groovitude (Dixie Union—Angel Gift), 5×3 Change Water, 08Y240,000, W.

Penchant (Dixie Union—Rare Gift), 4×5 Too Bald, 08Y400,000, UR.

Dictate the Tempo (Dixie Union—Rosthern), 5×5 Hidden Talent, 08Y330,000, W.

Elaine’s Pride (Dixie Union—Ski Breeze), 4×4 Too Bald, 08Y37,000, W.

Mary’s Dancer (Dixie Union—Waltz On By), 4×4 Too Bald, 08Y85,000, W.

Wille Bags (Dixie Union—In the Will), 4×4 Too Bald, 08T130,000, W.

Dixie’s Flying (Dixie Union—Ling), 4×4 Too Bald, 08T6,000, W.

Candy Dome (Dome–Bumper Doo), 3×3 Terlingua, 08Y4,000, UR.

Soaring Patti S (Dome—Extra Swift), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y1,200, UR.

The Arneli Angel (Doneraile Cort—Paix), 3×3 Close Control, 08Y14,000, UP.

Oscar Bound (Doneraile Court—Heartwood), 5×5 Glamour, 08T110,000, PL.

Double Slew (Double Honor—High On Gin), 4×5 Gold Digger, 08Y1,700, UP.

Fast and Dandy (Double Honor—Three Whispers), 4×5 Gold Digger, 08T8,000, W.

Structural Change (Dream Run—Diamondsandrubys), 5×5 Foggy Note, 08T30,000, W.

Pleasure Run (Dream Run—Guilty Pleasure), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08T160,000, W.

Party Affairs (Drewman–Phaedra), 4×3 Charedi, 08T12,000, UP.

Drew Star (Drewman—Star Rainbow), 4×4 Charedi, 08T12,000, W.

Callmemisty’sblue (Duckhorn—Misty Aye’s), 4×5 Numbered Account, 08Y2,000, PL.

George’s Gal (During—Busy Windsong), 4×5 Monarchy, 08Y28,000, W.

Ultimate Class (During—Ecstatic Girls), 4×5 Tamerett, 08Y14,750, SPW.

Heritage Bay (During—Outta the Park), 5×5 Tamerett, 08Y15,750, W.

Princess Erica (During—Lady Drama), 5×5 Knight’s Daughter, 08T6,000, UP.

Unnamed (During—Sienna Lady), 5×5 Tamerett, 08T45,000, UR.

Assurance (D’Wildcat—Conchita Villa), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 08Y27,000, PL.

Early Dancer (Early Flyer—Hattie Dancer), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y6,000, SPW.

Well That’s Enough (Eavesdropper–Well), 5×4 Missy Baba, 08Y11,000, W.

Tokonoma (Eavesdropper—Aji Caribe), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08T25,000, PL.

Country Hustle (Ecton Park—Leading the Way), 5×5 Pocahontas, 08Y1,200, W.

Toni’s Park (Ecton Park—Sinfully Delicious), 5x5x5 Pocahontas, 08Y3,500, PL.

Unnamed (Ecton Park—What a Bout), 5×4 Pocahontas, 08Y7,000, UR.

Dubai Dawn (E Dubai—Baltic Beauty), 5×5 Classicist, 08Y15,000, PL.

Poetic Destiny (E Dubai—Quick Connection), 5×4 Classicist, 08Y8,000, PL.

Aly’s Corredor (El Corredor—Aly’s Question), 5×4 Tamerett, 08Y1,200, UP.

La Rapidez (El Corredor—Go Get It), 5×4 Broadway, 08Y40,000, W.

Black Tara (El Corredor—Hail Holy Queen), 5×5 Broadway, 08Y4,700, W.

Rockinwithher (El Corredor—Roman Romance), 5×5 Tamerett, 08Y5,000, W.

Templetonian (El Corredor—Debby d’Or), 5×5 Broadway, 08Y17,000, PL.

Passage of Time (El Corredor—Willa Time), 5×5 Tamerett, 08Y15,000, W.

Simply Carina (El Prado—Astra), 4×4 Special, 08Y825,000, W.

Edessa (El Prado—Dancinandsingin), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y20,000, UP.

King Prada (El Prado—King’s Interest), 4×5 Special, 08Y45,000, PL.

Whiskey Saint (El Prado—Lil Miss Devi), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y20,000, W.

Fragrant Air (El Prado—Romantic Comedy), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y60,000, UR.

Flagship (El Prado—Swift and Classy), 5×5 Lalun, 08Y1,000,000, PL.

Exclusive Avtor (Elusive Quality—After Tea), 4×4 Gold Digger, 08Y80,000, W.

Havenlass (Elusive Quality—Crusing Haven), 4×4 Tamerett, 08Y40,000, UR.

Special Quality (Elusive Quality—Cut Short), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 08Y40,000, W.

Hypnotized (Elusive Qualty—Delighted), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y110,000, W.

Kells Blues (Elusive Quality—Kim’s Blues), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y100,000, W.

Elusive Trader (Elusive Quality—Kumari Continent), 4×4 Tamerett, 08Y55,000, W.

Ninth Affair (Emancipator—Impossible Affair), 4×3 Gold Digger, 08Y1,550, W.

Knucklebuster (Empire Maker—Chandelle), 5x5x4 My Dear Girl, 08W100,000, W.

D M Dream Dancer (Entepreneur—Gran Trace Bag), 5×5 Sex Appeal, 08W200, UR.

Dane Verda Mae (Entepreneur–Monita’shistepper), 5×5 Bebop II, 08W600, UR.

Unnamed (Entepreneur—Sconset Rose), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y1,200, UR.

Careless Rapture (Entepreneur—Kissin Secretary), 5×5 Imperatrice, 08T24,000, W.

Christian’s Star (Essence of Dubai–Quon), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 08Y1,000, W.

Dadson (Esteem–Letsletmeroll), 5×5 Pocahontas, 08Y4,673, UR.

Euro Gal (Eurosilver—Don’t Ring Me), 4×5 Flaming Page, 08Y80,000, W.

Fortunata (Eurosilver—Eleanor’s Song), 5×3 Incantation, 08Y32,500, SPW.

Fun Play (Eurosilver—Ellzey), 5×3 Charedi, 08Y30,000, PL.

Gippeumnuri (Eurosilver—Regatta Queen), 5×4 Classicist, 08Y25,000, W.

Argenteus (Eurosilver—Tiz the Hour), 5×5 Incantation, 08Y100,000, W.

Vinevivenci (Eurosilver—Vena), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y1,000, W.

Vanessa Wins (Even the Score—Clochard), 5×3 Ballade, 08Y13,500, W.

Bien Canta’o Papa (Even the Score—Ring and a Prayer), 5×4 Ballade, 08Y8,000, PL.

Sendeni (Even the Score—So Saintly), 5×3 Ballade, 08Y7,500, UP.

Generous Offer (Even the Score—Glorious Jenna), 5×4 Ballade, 08T25,000, PL.

Zalmara (Exchange Rate—Royal Halo), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08W67,000, W.

Setting the Rate (Exchange Rate—Twinkle Twinkle), 5×5 Native Partner, 08Y72,000, W.

Copy Me (Exchange Rate—With Precision), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y14,000, W.

Saturday Matinee (Exchange Rate—Infinity), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08T170,000, UP.

Brent Murphy (Express Tour—My Tru Luv), 5×4 Marshua, 08T19,000, PL.

Miss Bottle Rocket (Fast Play—Mining Secret), 3×3 Broadway, 08T3,000, W.

Parkway Sam (First Samurai—Armourette), 5×3 South Ocean, 08W50,000, UP.

Emerald Galaxy (Five Star Day—Emerald Sea), 4×4 Lover’s Walk, 08Y7,500, UR.

What’s Important (Five Star Day—North East Belle), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 08T55,000, UP.

Vlahopoula (Flame Thrower—Motel Time), 4×5 Cosmah, 08T4,000, PL.

Hey Listen (Flaming West—Home Lass), 4×4 Gold Digger, 08Y939, W.

Josh’s Sonnet (Flatter—Ivor’s Sonnet), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W1,300, PL.

Danzig View (Flatter—Charming View), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y4,000, W.

Demand Amour (Flatter—Royal Amour), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 09Y2,000, W.

Chercherie (Ford Every Stream–Anikawi), 4×4 My Charmer, 08Y1,500, PL.

Miss Ford (Ford Every Stream–Pourjedajour), 3×3 No Class, 08Y5,500, W.

Enemy Fire (Forest Camp—Red Taffeta), 5×5 Grass Shack, 08W6,500, W.

Kuro (Forest Camp—Perfect Charm), 5×5 Grass Shack, 08Y50,000, W.

Fastin Bear (Forest Camp—Regal ‘n Bold), 5×5 Victoriana, 08Y89,015, W.

Ollyollyoxenfree (Forest Camp—D’ Monster), 5×5 Grass Shack, 08T40,000, W.

Gypsy Camp (Forest Camp—Senorita Czarina), 5×5 Bea Ready, 08T90,000, W.

Dangerous Angel (Forest Danger—Anna’s Angel), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08W100,000, W.

Unnamed (Forest Danger—Blackstone Clock), 5×4 Shenanigans, 08Y140,000, UR.

Dangerous Elle (Forest Danger—Gold Princess), 5×4 Shenanigans, 08Y140,000, UR.

Spooky Hollow (Forest Danger—Little Bonnet), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08Y120,000, W.

Rushlyns Tribute (Forestry—Alligator Allie), 5×5 Sequence, 5×5 Flower Bowl, 08Y50,000, W.

Annie’s Melody (Forestry—Country Melody), 5×5 Sequence, 08Y225,000, W.

Flying Drum (Forestry—Dundrummin’), 5×5 Sequence, 5×5 Natalma, 08Y95,000, W.

No La Hace (Forestry—Effectual), 5×5 Sequence, 08Y265,000, W.

Graysonia (Forestry—Go to the Ink), 5×5 Sequence, 08Y90,000, W.

Greensong (Forestry—Irish Melody), 5×5 Aspidistra, 08Y95,000, UP.

Pivoine (Forestry—Isle Go West), 5×5 Sequence, 08Y100,000, W.

Noble Grey (Forestry—Never Fail), 5×5 Aspidistra, 08Y150,000, W.

Meridian Mama (Forestry—Stirring), 5×5 Sequence, 08Y220,000, W.

Kenny Lane (Forestry—Vantive), 5×4 Sequence, 08Y225,000, W.

Doohan (Forestry—Weekend Gold), 5×5 Sequence, 08Y60,000, UP.

Majestic Blue (Forestry—Cariada), 5×5 Sequence, 08T675,000, W.

Digitry (Forestry—Digit), 5×5 Sequence, 08T22,000, W.

Mi Forest Amor (Forestry—Frolic Away), 5×5 Aspidistra, 08T150,000, W.

Forestry Bull (Forestry—Holy Treasure), 5×5 Sequence, 5×5 Aspidistra, 08T20,000, UP.

Rocket Rocket (Forestry—Jurisprudence), 5×5 Sequence, 08T180,000, UP.

Forest Tango (Forestry—Tenga), 5×4 Sequence, 08T150,000, W.

Forestcanfly (Forest Wildcat—Bred to Fly), 4×5 Sherry Jen, 08Y4,000, UP.

Summer Rendezvous (Forest Wildcat—Summer Exhibition), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 08T42,000, W.

Marci’s Way (Formal Dinner—Bower’s Way), 4×5 Grey Flight, 08Y2,000, W.

Formal Desire (Formal Diner—Jet Ready), 4×4 Grey Flight, 08Y3,500, UR.

Golden Horizon (Formal Gold—Brite Horizon), 5×4 Rose Bower, 08Y3,000, W.

Cool Spool (Freespool–Fresadora), 3×5 Thong, 08T1,000, UP.

Lakota Freud (Freud—Miniconjon), 5×4 Ballade, 08W1,000, W.

Aint No Freud (Freud—Glitter Bee), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y1,214, UR.

Finally Freud (Freud—Val’s Diablo), 5×4 Ballade, 08T110,000, UR.

Commanding Lover (Friendly Lover—Carli’s Command), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08Y5,500, UR.

Why Trust (Friends Lake—Lovely Nedra), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y130,000, UR.

Matlow (Friends Lake—Luminosity), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 08Y105,000, W.

Silver Patina (Friends Lake—Port of Silver), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y75,000, W.

Sidewalk Singer (Fruition—Seattle Sunlight), 5×5 Glamour, 08Y3,200, W.

Truely Valorous (Full Mandate–Ivordance), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y2,500, UR.

Sun Button (Full Mandate–Malindi), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 08T35,000, W.

Rhineshark (Fusaichi Pegasus—Hot Novel), 5×5 Cosmah, 08W130,000, UP.

Soft Paige (Game Plan—Evergreen Beauty), 4×5 Natalma, 08T2,000, UP.

Gold Story (Garnered–Onmywaytoheaven), 4×4 Ta Wee, 08T2,000, UR.

You Go Left (Gent—R Niele), 5×5 Polamia, 08Y1,500, UR.

Shaunas Lil Twirl (Ghazi—Irish Twirl), 4×5 Busanda, 08T2,500, W.

Ghazbuster (Ghazi—Kiwi House), 5×4 Petitioner, 08T20,000, UP.

Eltimaas (Ghostzapper—Najecam), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 08Y450,000, UR.

Royal Act (Giant’s Causeway—Queen’s Music), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W310,000, UR.

Bow Grace (Giant’s Causeway—Brown Eyes), 5x5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y15,000, W.

McCool (Giant’s Causeway—Dame Again), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y210,000, W.

Lovers Causeway (Giant’s Causeway—Heeremandi), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 08Y160,000, W.

Velikiy Zevs (Giant’s Causeway—Helsinki), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y25,000, W.

Giant Success (Giant’s Causeway—Simadartha), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y150,000, UP.

Sovereign Run (Gilded Time—Sovereign Witch), 4×4 Grey Flight, 08W10,500, W.

Ashlyn’s Girl (Gilded Time—Oakmond Gal), 4×5 Grey Flight, 08Y14,000, W.

Michaela’s Candi (Gimmeawink—Wish for Candi), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08Y14,000, W.

World of Color (Globalize—Hot Colors), 5×5 Pocahontas, 08Y4,000, W.

Autumn’s Glory (Gold Tribute—Gayle’s Glory), 5×5 Thong, 08Y2,000, W.

Afterburner (Graeme Hall—Lightning Forbes), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T38,000, W.

Mr Payano (Graeme Hall—Merry Motel), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T2,500, UR.

Lydia’s Reward (Grand Reward—Bella Ballado), 5×3 Ballade, 08Y12,000, W.

Unnamed (Grand Reward—Dancing Liebling), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y3,200, UR.

Arson Reward (Grand Reward—Flame Stitch), 5×3 Ballade, 08Y6,000, UP.

Flowers Athefinish (Grand Reward—Golden Petal), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y100,000, W.

Maples Donut (Grand Reward—Mismatch), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08Y50,000, W.

Mikeymike (Grand Reward—Photographic), 5×5 Ballade, 08Y50,000, W.

Next May (Grand Reward—Quiet Miss), 5×4 Ballade, 08Y60,000, W.

Nockonheavensgate (Grand Reward—Saintlike), 5×3 Ballade, 08Y25,000, SPW.

Make It Special (Grand Slam—Alphe), 5×3 Best in Show, 08Y240,000, W.

Sliding In (Grand Slam—La Croisette), 5×4 Best in Show, 08Y14,000, W.

Run to Grand Ave. (Grand Slam—Madame Ivette), 5×4 Best in Show, 08Y50,000, W.

Puerto Elizabeth (Grand Slam—Madame X Ski), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y65,000, W.

Envisioning (Grand Slam—Our Tomboy), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y70,000, W.

Bralorne (Grand Slam—Queen of Women), 5×4 Mixed Marriage, 08Y50,000, W.

Miss M V P (Grand Slam—Russian Bride), 5×5 Plum Cake, 08T48,000, W.

Nikkei (Greatness—Kashelon), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 08T5,000, UP.

Lady Bountiful (Greatness—Royal Bauble), 5×5 Natalma, 08T25,000, UP.

Gee Gee’s Pyramid (Great Pyramid—Tiger Stance), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y3,000, UP.

Karasoon (Grindstone—Summer Queen), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y10,000, W.

Edgemoor (Halo’s Image—Heart of America), 4×5 Almahmoud, 08T77,000, SPW.

Baekgeom (Halo’s Image—Sweet Paige), 5×5 Old Bess, 08T14,000, W.

Cat On Base (Harbor the Gold–Vying for Money), 5×5 Victoriana, 08Y7,000, W.

Tell Tale Friend (Harlan’s Holiday—Psych), 5×5 Alanesian, 08W30,000, SPW.

Harlan’s Charm (Harlan’s Holiday—Beauty Queen), 5×4 Alanesian, 08Y5,700, UP.

Flying Stone (Harlan’s Holiday—Strollin Slew), 5×5 Alanesian, 08Y55,000, W.

Great Jack (Hennessy—Crafty Siren), 4×3 South Ocean, 08Y60,000, W.

Niko’s Fire (Hennessy—Webee), 4×5 South Ocean, 08T4,500, PL.

Strasse (Hero’s Tribute–Bundling), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y10,000, PL.

Jenny Redi Made (Hero’s Tribute–Findinapleasure), 5×4 Busanda, 08Y21,000, W.

Telsomeonewhocares (High Cascade–Score First), 4×5 Flaming Page, 08T4,000, UR.

Bach Hero (Hero’s Tribute–Fast Mouse), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y1,500, PL.

Heavenly Demand (High Demand–Heaven to Earth), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y3,000, PL.

High Fly Amore (High Fly—Carol’s Amore), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y15,000, W.

County Ruckus (Highland Ruckus–Clever County), 3×4 Arctic Fancy, 08Y739, UR.

Fulita (Hold That Tiger—My Idea), 5x5x5 Somethingroyal, 08W1,000, UP.

Downstream Bull (Holy Bull—Downstream Blues), 4×5 Aspidistra, 08W20,000, W.

Holy Patooie (Holy Bull—Patooie), 4×5 Aspidistra, 08W12,000, W.

Unnamed (Holy Bull—Wild Cure), 4×5 Aspidistra, 08W15,000, UR.

Holy Flapper (Holy Bull—Flapper Dancer), 4×5 Aspidistra, 08Y27,000, W.

Charismaticspring (Honor Glide–Saratoga Spring), 3×4 Saratoga Spring, 08T21,000, W.

Capitan Tormenta (Honour and Glory—Sarie Marais), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 08Y4,500, W.

Foralltheglory (Honour and Glory—Winter Jewel), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 08Y25,000, W.

Honour Is Mine (Honour and Glory—Ziggaraut), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 08Y50,000, W.

Rising Honour (Honour and Glory—Quiet Threat), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 5×5 Cequillo, 08T45,000, W.

Odessa’s Hope (Honour and Glory—Ziggaraut), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 08T190,000, W.

Refinery Fire (Hook and Ladder—Cella Luna), 5x5x5 Gold Digger, 08T6,000, W.

Triunfador (Horse Chestnut–Fillie Mays), 4×4 Change Water, 08Y7,000, UR.

Tillman Hall (Horse Chestnut–Ayres Hall), 5×4 Special, 08T27,000, W.

Which Song (Humming–Which Witch), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 08Y4,500, W.

Fleetwing (Include—Capote’s Katarina), 5×3 Too Bald, 5×4 Hidden Talent, 08W40,000, W.

Blue Eyes Included (Include—Betsy Blue Eyes), 4×5 Bebopper, 08Y4,000, W.

Military Officer (Include—Honest Ashleigh), 5×4 Too Bald, 5×5 Hidden Talent, 08Y42,000, W.

A Brush of Beauty (Include—Philosophers Stone), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08Y1,500, W.

Our Uncle Pete (Intidab–Diablo’s Secret), 5×4 Raise You, 08T10,000, W.

Laredo Cat (Intimidator–Nealton Cat), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y15,000, UR.

Q Elegant Storm (Island Storm–Bad Intentions), 5×5 Your Game, 08Y2,000, W.

Dancing Jo (Johannesburg—Daffodil Princess), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 08Y60,000, UP.

Solutionfinders (Johannesburg—Hot Golden Jet), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 08Y30,000, W.

Kaiser Chief (Johannesburg—Unreal Cat), 4×4 T. C. Kitten, 08Y450,000, PL.

Big Shake (Johar—Bartered Bride), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y40,000, UP.

Jalal (Johar—Etheldreda), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 08Y5,000, W.

Mark S the Cooler (Johar—Felucca), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 08T52,000, SPW.

Ride the West (Johar—Sunday Symphony), 5×5 Sequence, 08W2,500, UR.

Deadlocked (Judge T C–Sweet E. L. A.), 4×5 My Dear Girl, 08T20,000, W.

Counting On You (Jump Start—Charming Amanda), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 08W8,500, W.

Dominite (Jump Start—Devil’s Dip), 5×4 South Ocean, 08Y6,000, W.

First Row Center (Jump Start—First Row), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y4,500, W.

Todo K (Kafwain—Scherzando), 5×3 Bebopper, 08T10,000, PL.

Just Like a Rose (Kalu–Chriso Gally), 5×3 Gay Missile, 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T35,000, UR.

Our Tekela Rose (Kela–Storming Way), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y11,000, W.

Bawaakeer (Kingmambo—Imperial Beauty), 4×5 Special, 08W180,000, UR.

Olga Prekrasa (Kingmambo—Opera Aida), 4×4 Special, 08Y325,000, W.

Cat Ruler (Kitten’s Joy—Grindstone Lassie), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 08Y3,200, W.

Won Hot Kitty (Kitten’s Joy—Silver Captive), 5×5 Special, 08Y20,000, UP.

Nittany Kitten (Kitten’s Joy—Teach), 5×4 Fanfreluche, 08Y2,000, UP.

Be Before (Knockadoon–Belle Buoy), 3×3 Mississippi Mud, 08Y35,000, W.

Langfuhrs Answer (Langfuhr—Numerous Answers), 4×4 Sweet Lady Briar, 08Y1,000, PL.

Langfuhr Glory (Langfuhr—Signs of Glory), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y6,559, W.

Uptown Leestown (Leestown—Polish Symphony), 5×5 Plum Cake, 08Y3,500, UP.

R C R Lee (Leestown—Aly Aly Free), 5×5 Plum Cake, 08T4,000, W.

Onetimeforthekid (Lemon Drop Kid—Our Joy), 5×5 Special, 08W22,000, UR.

Unnamed (Lemon Drop Kid—Hallie Lyn), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08Y10,000, UR.

Our Rachel (Lemon Drop Kid—Indy Gold), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 08Y21,000, PL.

Appian Road (Lemon Drop Kid—Intriguing Slew), 5×4 Sequence, 08Y10,000, PL.

Limo Kid (Lemon Drop Kid—Token’s Connection), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08Y20,000, W.

Sidney Melbourne (Lemon Drop Kid—Tolltally Light), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08Y17,250, W.

Inhabitant (Lido Palace–Under Lights), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08T25,000, GSP.

Jacobo (Lightning N Thunder—Tenacious D), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y1,200, W.

Rain N Jewels (Lightning N Thunder—Libby’s Jule), 5×5 Natalma, 08T30,000, W.

Lover’s House (Limehouse—Lovers Bend), 5×4 Sex Appeal, 08Y35,000, W.

Quay Lime Guy (Limehouse—Radcliffe Yard), 5×5 Tamerett, 08Y150,000, W.

Summer Games (Limehouse—Say Im Great), 5×5 Tamerett, 08Y40,000, W.

Tee It Up (Limehouse—Thendara), 4×4 Secrettame, 08Y8,000, UR.

Theres No Reason (Line in the Sand–No Apparent Reason), 3×4 Gold Digger, 5×5 Almahmoud, 08T17,000, W.

Cats and Lions (Lion Heart—Lascivious Lass), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08Y30,000, UR.

One Brave Cat (Lion Heart—Ma Kitty), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08Y50,000, W.

Leonine (Lion Heart—Cherokee Miss), 5×5 Bellesoeur, 08T110,000, PL.

Soul Warrior (Lion Heart—Urmia), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08T290,000, W.

Lion Strike (Lion Hearted—Christmas Strike), 5×5 Plum Cake, 08T210,000, W.

Liondrive (Lion Tamer–Outta the Park), 5×5 Tamerett, 08W10,000, W.

Ry Rys Marine (Lost Soldier–Alexandrite), 3×4 Priceless Gem, 08Y2,500, UR.

Louis Who (Louis Quatorze—Bag of Cookies), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y17,000, W.

Sir Lancelord (Louis Quatorze—Princess Franny), 3×4 Bold Princess, 08Y13,000, W.

Secret Illusions (Love of Money—Secret Glow), 4×4 Numbered Account, 08W1,000, UR.

My First Kiss (Luftikus–Booswillow), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08Y7500, W.

Rhythm Gone West (Macabe–Jungle Rhythm), 5×4 Numbered Account, 08Y6,000, W.

Classic Legacy (Macho Uno—Astella), 5x5x5 Gold Digger, 08W6,000, GPW.

Indulgence (Macho Uno—Forbidden Kiss), 5×5 Aspidistra, 08Y160,000, GPW.

Karama (Macho Uno—Royal Confection), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08T210,000, W.

Brighty (Madraar–Carrion Comfort), 3×4 Gold Digger, 08Y2,700, PL.

Bengali (Malabar Gold–Here’s Your Hawk), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08Y2,200, W.

Malibu Sam (Malibu Moon—Run With the Spirit), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 08W15,000, W.

Miss Sharondipity (Malibu Moon—Kelsey Kid), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y100,000, PL.

Cornell (Malibu Moon—Lady Julia), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y190,000, W.

Malibu Fire (Malibu Moon—Sobrina Del Rey), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y45,000, UR.

Gypsy Cab Company (Malibu Moon—Hazel’s Honor), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 08W5,500, UP.

Strong Commitment (Maria’s Mon—Sister Girl), 5×5 High Voltage, 08T420,000, W.

Monferno (Maria’s Mon—Greenberg), 4×5 Lady Be Good, 08Y70,000, W.

Rents Paid (Marino Marini–Champ’s Ole’), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08Y2,500, W.

Sheeza Beast (Marquetry–Wreath of Truth), 5×5 High Voltage, 08Y27,000, W.

Standard’s Poet (Mayakovsky–Standard of Peace), 4×3 Too Bald, 08T10,000, W.

Illegal Danish (Meadowlake–Gallura), 4×5 Nothirdchance, 08T20,000, W.

Chatsworth (Medaglia d’Oro—Kendall Hill), 5×4 Special, 08W165,000, UR.

Providential Bid (Medaglia d’Oro—Lady Wildcat), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 08W67,000, W.

Checkpluschick (Medaglia d’Oro—Chic Joy), 5×4 Special, 08Y70,000, UR.

Echo Tango (Medaglia d’Oro—Grandstone), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 08Y200,000, PL.

Reloading (Medaglia d’Oro—Nortena), 5×4 Special, 08Y30,000, PL.

Frosty Diamond (Medaglia d’Oro—Heirloom Diamond), 4×4 Cap and Bells, 08Y14,000, SPW.

Maraschino Red (Medaglia d’Oro—Irish Cherry), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 08Y900,000, W.

Unnamed (Medallist—Old Ruth), 4×4 Candle Star, 08Y1,500, UR.

Florentine Ruler (Medicean—Follow That Dream), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y90,000, W.

Victorious Athena (Medicean—Four Wings), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y1,200, UR.

Ridgeway (Megas Vukefalos–Abbery), 5×5 Flaring Top, 08Y6,559, UP.

Au Eleni (Menifee—Au Pair), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 08Y8,500, UP.

Too Late (Menifee—Au Pair), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 08T27,000, UP.

Harley D (Menifee—Naughty Nanny), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 08Y3,000, W.

Run and Pasion (Menifee—Run and Run), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 08Y3,000, PL.

Tied to a Post (Military–The Only Way to Go), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 08Y2,200, UR.

Trailer Park Queen (Millennium Wind–Catchaser), 4×4 Cap and Bells, 08Y3,279, UP.

Geomeun Yuhok (Milwaukee Brew—Little Ruthie), 4×4 Shenanigans, 08Y6,000, W.

Speedy Butterfly (Milwaukee Brew—Newsontherun), 5×5 Happy Flirt, 08Y10,000, W.

Karakorum Budman (Milwaukee Brew—Scottish Bubbly), 5×5 Happy Flirt, 08Y20,000, W.

Miss Paracas (Mineshaft—Borshoi Ballet), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y3,000, UR.

Miner’s Reserve (Mineshaft—Royal Reserves), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y150,000, GPW.

Wally Mandruko (Mingun—Iron Vein), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 08Y3,200, PL.

Nehru (Mingun—Run Early Run Fast), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y30,000, SPW.

Professional Crush (Mizzen Mast—Oops), 3×3 Ride the Trails, 08Y57,000, W.

Nathaniel (Mizzen Mast—Patriotforpeace), 5×4 Blue Canoe, 08T300,000, W.

Daniel’s Son (Mizzen Mast—River Dyna), 5×4 On the Trail, 08Y1,000, UP.

Personal Wind (Mongoose–Don’t Pat Gina), 5×4 Wavy Navy, 08Y1,000, UR.

Everybodywantsone (Montbrook—Box of Joy), 4×4 Old Bess, 08T52,000, W.

Summer Screamer (More Than Ready—Casuarina), 5×5 Shama, 08W55,000, PL.

Morekissesforkrista (More Than Ready—Colonial Review), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y75,000, W.

Unnamed (More Than Ready—Dixie Jewel), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y80,000, UR.

Party Goer (More Than Ready—Grand Gala), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y40,000, UR.

Creature Cantina (More Than Ready—Lookaway Dixieland), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y6,000, UR.

Nylons (More Than Ready—Married for Money), 5×5 Intriguing, 08Y220,000, W.

Western Flyer (More Than Ready—West Indian), 5×5 Intriguing, 08Y150,000, SPW.

Been Ready (More Than Ready—Jouled Rhythms), 5×5 Intriguing, 08T650,000, UR.

Toulouse Lautrec (More Than Ready—Lac Du Printemps), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08T145,000, SPW.

Unnamed (Mr. Greeley—Peaks Mill), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W150,000, UR.

Ollon (Mr. Greeley—Town Branch), 4×5 Broadway, 08Y170,000, W.

Balsha (Mr. Greeley—Carefree Cheetah), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 08Y375,000, SPW.

By Land Or by Sea (Mr. Greeley—Fleet Canoe), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08Y220,000, W.

Leaving Alone (Mr. Greeley—Spankin’), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 08Y150,000, PL.

Greely’s Ghost (Mr. Greeley—Tellum Texan), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T135,000, W.

Yolla Lad (Mud Route–I’m Alymatt), 5×5 Flaming Page, 08Y8,500, PL.

Caprina (Muqtarib–Park Avenue Lady), 5×5 Little Hut, 08T3,500, W.

Alcala’s Girl (Muqtarib–Sensational Memory), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T2,700, W.

An Teallach (Mutakddim—Golden Path), 4×4 Gold Digger, 08Y30,921, W.

Mutamenja (Mutakddim—Menja), 4×3 My Charmer, 08Y5,000, W.

Gold Accountess (Mutakddim—French Feminina), 4×4 Numbered Account, 08T9,500, UP.

Sky Native (Native Regent–Skysail), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y11,500, UR.

Sheer Chance (Nicholas Ds–Hannah’s Thunder), 4×5 Natalma, 5×5 Aspidistra, 08Y2,002, UR.

Nikki N (Nicholas Ds–Limit Pusher), 4x5x5 Natalma, 4x5x5 Kerala, 08Y2,384, UR.

Fairy Road (Niigon–Seanachai), 4×5 Special, 08W8,092, PL.

Ready the Confetti (No Armistice–Conradley), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W2,000, W.

Blackestofbeauties (Northern Devil–Wicked), 5×5 Pocahontas, 08T7,000, W.

Always in Love (Northern Afleet—A Love Story), 4×5 Special, 08T17,000, W.

Northern Cowboy (North Light—Hunting Jade), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08W1,200, UP.

Sesostris (North Light—Autumn Ridge), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y17,000, W.

North Dancer (North Light—Forever Partners), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y15,000, W.

Nightswimming (North Light—Mambo Madness), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 08Y30,000, W.

Sought (North Light—Norrsken), 5x5x5 Natalma, 5×4 Flower Bowl, 08Y13,000, W.

Greece (Not For Love—Coney Island Girl), 3×3 Numbered Account, 08Y22,500, W.

Petecarol (Not For Love—Diva Girl), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y100,000, SPW.

She’s Hot Stuff (Not For Love—Femma), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y40,000, W.

Two in the Box (Not For Love—Gonna Be), 3×4 Numbered Account, 08Y30,000, UP.

Casanova Brown (Not For Love—Popular Number), 3×3 Numbered Account, 08Y22,000, W.

Fawwaz (Not For Love—Ten Kisses), 3×4 Numbered Account), 08Y10,000, W.

Love the Moment (Not For Love—Tenmillionorelse), 3×4 Numbered Account, 08Y3,500, W.

Love the Chase (Not For Love—Chase It Down), 3×3 Numbered Account, 08Y30,000, W.

Mr. Real Deal (Not For Love—Legit), 5×5 Glamour, 08T85,000, W.

Not Ja Mama (Not For Love—Polish Nana), 3×3 Numbered Account, 08T220,000, PL.

Profit (Not For Love—Refugee), 3×4 Numbered Account, 08T57,000, SPW.

Mr. Directional (Officer—Diamond Ruby), 5×5 Foggy Note, 09Y9,000, W.

Denali Glitter (Officer—Spanish Glitter), 5×4 Foggy Note, 08T61,000, SPW.

Offlee Tuff (Offlee Wild—Dynawave), 3×3 Andover Way, 08Y4,000, W.

Revisionist (Offlee Wild—Elaine’s Way), 4×5 On the Trail, 08Y190,000, W.

Firebug (Offlee Wild—Starfire), 4×5 On the Trail, 08Y5,500, W.

Miranda’s Toy (Old Topper–Suspiciouscountess), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y1,700, PL.

Codera (Omega Code—Phaedra), 5×4 Too Bald, 08W3,000, W.

Dusty’s Code (Omega Code—Dusty Sparkle), 5×5 Too Bald, 08Y2,200, W.

Code Joe (Omega Code—Emerite), 5×4 Too Bald, 08Y7,350, UR.

Born to Walk Alone (Omega Code—Posh Pet), 5×5 Too Bald, 08Y1,200, UP.

Noble Greek (Omega Code—Regal Beauty), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08Y10,000, W.

Wadda Love (One Way Love–Dancedetide), 4×5 Thong, 08Y7,496, UP.

Lovin Way (One Way Love–Dancingonthewater), 3×5 No Class, 08Y23,425, UP.

Fridaycomes (One Way Love–Goodbye Rubytuzday), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 08Y2,529, UP.

Strata Del Sole (One Way Love–Persue), 5×5 Victoriana, 08Y2,811, UP.

Awaytobelieve (Orientate—Mollsberry), 5×5 Aimee, 08Y15,000, W.

Cookin Out (Outflanker–Home Cookin), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y8,500, W.

Elegant Kindness (Out of Place–Kind Reception), 5×4 Exclusive, 08T28,000, W.

Beundia (Outofthebox–Brewmatic), 5×5 Cap and Bells, 08Y5,000, UP.

Dynabox (Outofthebox–Dream Princess), 5×5 Cap and Bells, 08Y1,500, W.

Amadorable (Peace Rules—Amaday), 5×5 Natalma, 08W5,000, W.

Unnamed (Peace Rules—Casa’s Kids), 5×5 Natalma, 08W6,500, UR.

Robert Rules (Peace Rules—Gowns N Crowns), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y10,500, UR.

Honor in Peace (Peace Rules—Jeanne’s Honor), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y62,000, W.

Unnamed (Peace Rules—Mad About Julie), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y7,500, UR.

Peace Fire (Peace Rules—Miss Evans), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y90,000, SPW.

D’mad Woman (Peace Rules—Pat’s Possibility), 4×5 Blue Moon, 08Y4,500, UR.

Western Peace (Peace Rules—Sovietica), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y20,000, PL.

Dreamingofpeace (Peace Rules—Whitley’s Dream), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y3,500, UR.

Clever Rules (Peace Rules—Clever Actress), 5×5 Natalma, 08T105,000, W.

Penching Pennies (Peace Rules—Gayle’s Glory), 5×5 Natalma, 08T6,000, UP.

Quiet Dancer (Peace Rules—Grey Ballet), 5×5 Natalma, 08T75,000, W.

Ourwingman (Peace Rules—Inner Circle), 5×4 Natalma, 08T16,000, PL.

Cantankerous Clyde (Peace Rules—Justforthegirls), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08T80,000, W.

Bhangaloo Ruby (Peace Rules—Long Gone Lady), 5×5 Natalma, 08T250,000, W.

Ryan’s Rule (Peace Rules—Skip the Queen), 5×5 Natalma, 08T20,000, UR.

Dancingtheniteaway (Peaks and Valleys—Dancing Courtesan), 5×5 Self Control, 08Y3,762, W.

Raspev (Peintre Celebre–Ramayna), 3×5 Special, 08Y10,000, W.

Sour Puss (Perfect Soul—Classiest Carat), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y8,464, UR.

Secret Irish Soul (Perfect Soul—Ivory Perfection), 4×4 Somethingroyal, 5×4 Lalun, 5x5x5 Imperatrice, 08Y1,000, UR.

Sokol (Perfect Soul—Silver Nithi), 4×4 Special, 08Y23,000, W.

Soul of the Heart (Perfect Soul—Twoheartsbecomeone), 4×5 Special, 08Y9,000, W.

Workmate (Perfect Soul—Glimmering Halo), 5×4 Almahmoud, 08T12,500, W.

Irish Blarney (Perfect Soul—Turn On the Charm), 5×5 Thong, 08T95,000, PL.

Hot Act (Performing Magic–Hot Gossip), 5×5 Flaming Page, 08Y10,000, W.

Performing Dancer (Performing Magic–Milkmustache), 5×4 Flaming Page, 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T8,000, W.

Furia Personal (Personal First–Isabel’s Fury), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y1,000, W.

Pal Petey (Pioneering—Keen On Charlie), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 08W3,700, W.

Tartago (Pioneering—Darling Bee), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y8,000, UP.

Unnamed (Pioneering—Maryland Monroe), 2×4 Terlingua, 08Y1,000, UR.

Pilot Jet (Pivotal–Ebaraya), 4×4 Special, 08Y25,000, W.

Well La Dee Dah (Pleasant Tap—Love Line), 4×4 Flower Bowl, 08Y20,000, W.

Miss Sweet Dreams (Pleasant Tap—Shesa Due), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 08Y26,000, SPW.

Pleasant Lake (Pleasant Tap—Minister Lake), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 08T7,500, UP.

Romantic Era (Point Given—Angry Reply), 5x4x5 Foggy Note, 08Y16,000, W.

Point Destin (Point Given—Nikki A), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08Y8,500, W.

Unnamed (Point Given—Reine des Neiges), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08Y2,200, UR.

Vision of Money (Pollard’s Vision–The Heebster), 5×5 Chris Evert, 08Y1,500, W.

Carters Hope (Porto Foricos–Bold’n Breezy), 5×4 Somethignroyal, 08Y4,403, UP.

Unnamed (Posse—Gomiago), 5x5x5 Gold Digger, 08Y3,500, UR.

Geumbit Nuri (Posse—Devil’s Territory), 5×3 Ballade, 08T20,000, W.

Lovely Wandy (Posse—Dream City), 5x4x5 Gold Digger, 08T35,000, W.

Bo Brown (Power by Far–Beaming Belle), 4×5 Your Hostess, 08W2,500, UP.

Nureyev’s Ballet (Powerscourt—Dakini), 4×3 Special, 08Y5,200, UR.

Bharat (Powerscourt–Fountainhead), 5×5 Lalun, 08Y8,500, W.

Unnamed (Powerscourt—Memories of Madrid), 5×5 Lalun, 08Y5,000, UR.

Unnamed (Prime Timber–Phone Sophia), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08Y20,000, UR.

Jill Marie (Proud Accolade—Moonlight Fantasy), 4×4 Maximova, 08Y1,500, SPW.

Big Proud Man (Proud Citizen—Meadow Mystic), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W30,000, UR.

Wyn Jym (Proud Citizen—Comfort Zone), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y200,000, W.

Quick Deal (Proud Citizen—Fair Settlement), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y525,000, UP.

Berkley Road (Proud Citizen—Howl At the Moon), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y110,000, UR.

Eclipsed (Proud Citizen—Kamareyah), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y22,000, UP.

Times Ahead (Proud Citizen—Nanas Cozy Account), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y57,000, W.

Chairman Pat (Proud Citizen—Sejm’s Lunar Star), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y57,000, PL.

Emmz (Proud Citizen—Sunshine Again), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y80,000, W.

Mollyamodelcitizen (Proud Citizen—Tacky Waki), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y4,500, UP.

Barreq (Proud Citizen—The Wromg Face), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y45,000, W.

Proud Roy (Proud Citizen—Tijuana Brass), 5×5 Busanda, 08Y2,500, W.

Proud Beauty (Proud Citizen—Carson City Red), 4×5 Tamerett, 08T320,000, UR.

Stylish Citizen (Proud Citizen—Informative Style), 5×5 Natalma, 08T20,000, W.

Proud Diva (Proud Citizen—Laura’s Minstrel), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08T30,000, W.

Robingud (Proud Citizen—Radical Chick), 5×5 Natalma, 08T29,000, W.

Miss Dartmouth (Proud Citizen—Smart Erin), 5×5 Natalma, 08T65,000, W.

He’s a Proud Man (Proud Citizen—Tudor Guest), 5×5 Natalma, 08T6,000, UR.

Benedetto (Pure Prize—And), 5×5 Broadway, 08W1,000, UP.

High Prize (Pure Prize—Hightshift), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y77,500, W.

Zodiac Nation (Pure Prize—Sister Spice), 5x5x4 Gold Digger, 08T125,000, UR.

Coronet of a Baron (Pure Prize—Time for a Crown), 5×5 Broadway, 08T550,000, GPW.

Squeakin Bye (Purge—Wild Alizone), 5×4 My Charmer, 08W10,000, UP.

Unnamed (Purge—Accepting Fate), 4×5 Nowmepache, 08Y22,000, UR.

Cape Cod Carrie (Purge—Bet), 5×3 State, 08Y40,000, W.

Dirt Demon (Purge—Fusaichi’s Angel), 5×4 My Charmer, 08Y58,500, W.

Depose (Purge—Jersey Mambo), 3×4 Bid Gal, 08Y75,000, UR.

I Can Sing (Purge—Rachel’s Song), 4×4 Narrate, 08Y10,000, PL.

Corre Chiquito (Purge—Sum Delightful Gem), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 08Y1,500, W.

Final Topping (Purge—Unbridled Nan), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08Y3,000, W.

Working Class Hero (Put It Back—Atlantic Hero), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 08T125,000, W.

Filcher (Put It Back—Devin’s Abbey), 4×4 Foggy Note, 08T30,000, GPW.

Put It Back Twenty (Put It Back—Ioweyoutwenty), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 08T15,000, W.

Colonel Popcorn (Put It Back—Sunshine One), 4×4 Foggy Note, 08T110,000, UR.

Rattlin Gypsy (Quest–Louisa), 3×3 Mysterious Star, 08Y1,000, SPW.

Truly American (Quiet American—Truly Needy), 4×3 Gold Digger, 08Y2,200, PL.

Proenza (Rahy—Sunny Nature), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08W70,000, W.

Iagan (Rahy—It’s a Dance), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y20,000, W.

Capricornus (Rahy—Silent Partner), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y65,000, W.

Red Dutch Honor (Red’s Honor–Iron Duchess), 5×5 Intriguing, 07Y1,800, UR.

Runaway Reggie (Regal Intention–Madame La Belle), 4×5 Victoriana, 08Y4,226, W.

Clays Intention (Regal Intention–Nokzcatoffzfence), 4×5 Victoriana, 08Y2,861, UR.

Wild Judith (Repent—Wild Philly), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08W2,000, UR.

For B. and W. (Repent—Bamboula), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y6,000, W.

Gavan’s Repent (Repent—Buffett), 4×4 Bold Princess, 08Y1,200, W.

Turn and Repent (Repent—Feijoada), 4×4 Bold Princess, 08Y8,000, W.

Its a School Night (Repent—Jon’s Kimberly), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y20,000, W.

Oh My Sweetie Pie (Repent—Oh My Jessica Pie), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y10,000, W.

Dolce Pentimento (Repent—Sweetbabe), 4×4 Bold Princess, 08Y50,000, W.

Prince Repent (Repent—Great Impulse), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08T67,000, PL.

Glory Hunter (Repent—Irish Line), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08T12,000, W.

Retake (Repent—Trixie Lady), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08T115,000, W.

Valid Valentino (Richly Blended—Time to Move), 4×4 Desert Trial, 08Y6,500, W.

Rio’s Sondawn (Rio’s Lark–Pussyfoot Bun), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y939, UR.

No More Lilly’s (Roaring Fever–Falls Church), 4×5 South Ocean, 08T14,000, W.

Hit Or Miss (Roaring Fever–Spectaculaireontap), 4×4 South Ocean, 08T8,250, W.

Star’s Tiger Belle (Roar of the Tiger—Sand Star), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 08Y7,500, PL.

Halo for Mr. W. (Robannier–Ste. Pecheresse), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08T750, UP.

Abruzzi (Rock Hard Ten–Lacquaria), 5×5 Sequence, 08Y3,000, UR.

Candy Rules (Roman Ruler—Candy Clouds), 4×4 Gold Digger, 08Y2,200, UP.

Arch Director (Rowdy Ruckus–Stain), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 08Y2,098, PL.

Olmo What Else (Royal Academy—Flaming Bay), 4×5 Flaring Top, 08W6,000, PL.

Carleton Grinnell (Royal Academy—Deux Anes), 3×5 Flaming Page, 08Y70,000, UR.

The Zia Star (Royal Academy—Stars and Spice), 2×5 Crimson Saint, 08Y20,000 UP.

Noe Valley (Royal Academy—Evita Villa), 2x4x5 Crimson Saint, 08T160,000, PL.

Dance Revolution (Saarland—Dance Dance Dance), 4×2 Exclusive Dancer, 08Y15,000, UP.

Keeping It Asecret (Saarland—Preservation Hall), 3×4 Ten Cents a Dance, 08Y5,000, W.

Calantha (Saarland—Viva Affirmed), 5×4 Exclusive, 08Y3,500, W.

Legacy and Lace (Saarland—Preservation Hall), 3×4 Ten Cents a Dance, 08T190,000, PL.

Gold Chiffon (Safely’s Mark—Golden Glow), 4×4 True Charm, 08T40,000, PL.

Lu Lu Mess (Saint Liam–Battenkill), 3×4 Ballade, 08Y22,000, UP.

Draw a Blank (Saint Liam—Forget About It), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y25,000, W.

Salt Alert (Salt Lake—Natural Genius), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 08T150,000, SPW.

Hit the Books (Sarava—Rose Law Frim), 4×4 Shenanigans, 08Y3,200, W.

Unnamed (Say Florida Sandy–Game Gal), 5×5 Kerala, 08Y1,100, UR.

Cyber Queen (Scatmandu–Cybersimon), 5×5 Blue Denim, 08Y500, UP.

Spirit’s Wine (Sea Wall–War Crest Dancer), 3×5 South Ocean, 08Y809, W.

Leslie’s Lass (Seneca Jones–Leslie’s Fortune), 5×5 Two Lea, 5×5 Real Delight, 08Y1,000, UR.

Five Oh Somewhere (Seneca Jones–That Kind I Want), 3×4 Sally Stark, 08T4,500, UP.

Cowger (Service Stripe–Highpoint Princess), 3×4 Strike a Pose, 08T5,000, W.

Unnamed (Sharp Humor—Fancy Legs), 5×3 Gold Digger, 08W25,000, UR.

Miz Shugina (Sharp Humor–Lisieux), 5×2 Gay Sonnet, 08W65,000, PL.

Market Cap (Sharp Humor—Wreath of Gold), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08W40,000, W.

Union Chapel Road (Silver Deputy–Seemslikearocket), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 08Y35,000, W.

Subongsan (Singletary–Miss Shawnie), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08W1,900, W.

Henry’s Heir (Skimming—Heir Today), 3×5 Special, 08Y2,500, W.

Caesar Point (Skimming–Kissout), 5×5 Barra II, 5×5 Your Game, 08Y3,500, UR.

Steve’s Blue Sky (Sky Mesa–Hawayil), 4×4 La Mesa, 08Y15,000, PL.

Truffle Shuffle (Sky Mesa–Weepnomoremylady), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 08Y28,000, W.

Eishin Amadeus (Sky Mesa—Secondary School), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 08Y340,000, W.

No Mesa With Me (Sky Mesa—Yuki No Princess), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 08T50,000, W.

Collaborated (Sligo Bay–Kisbey), 5×3 Ballade, 08Y3,000, W.

Illegal Way (Sligo Bay–Watch Me), 5x5x5 Almahmoud, 08Y1,500, W.

Agent Archie (Smart Strike—Dans La Ville), 5×4 Quillopoly, 08Y180,000, W.

Angel in Heaven (Smart Strike—Presumed Innocent), 5×5 Your Game, 08T110,000, W.

Chromosphere (Smart Strike—Sundown Serenade), 3×4 Gold Digger, 08T170,000, W.

Seattle Jones (Smarty Jones—Kew Garden), 4×4 Stolen Base, 08Y3,000, W.

Caladesi Lady (Smooth Jazz–Three Whispers), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08Y7,000, W.

Snowbound Sue (Snowbound–Society Sue), 5×4 Nothirdchance, 08Y900, UR.

Got Snow (Snow Ridge—Formal Lace), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08W5,500, UP.

Bay Rae Ridge (Snow Ridge—Broad Issue), 5×5 Intriguing, 08Y1,500, UR.

No Snow (Snow Ridge–Decorette), 5×4 Missy Baba. 08Y1,200, UP.

Discreet Snow (Snow Ridge—Discreet Cris), 4×3 Terlingua, 08Y2,000, UP.

Snow Down (Snow Ridge—Color Her Gone), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08T17,000, W.

Broadway Lullaby (Songandaprayer—Rich Find), 5×4 Straight Deal, 08Y35,000, W.

Bee Cee Cee (Songandaprayer—Mighty Rose), 5×4 Old Bess, 08T200,000, W.

Ms Margaritaville (Southern Image—Love Ballad), 5×5 Who’s to Know, 08Y6,500, W.

Southern Royal (Southern Image–Stormfeather), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y3,500, UR.

Southern Accent (Southern Image—Stylish Accent), 4×5 Cosmah, 08Y25,000, UR.

Takehome Asouvenir (Souvenir Copy–Glittering Affair), 5×5 Thong, 08Y10,000, W.

Forever My Love (Spanish Steps—B T Delite), 3×3 Gana Facil, 08T45,000, W.

Inquisition (Spanish Steps—Poqito Polly), 5×4 Grand Splendor, 08T215,000, W.

Buzz Town (Speightstown—Buzz Song), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y130,000, W.

Mona de Momma (Speightstown—Social Director), 5×5 Pocahontas, 08T335,000, W.

Truchan (Stephen Got Even—Fact of Matter), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 08Y35,000, PL.

Gemma Dell’olmo (Stephen Got Even—Polly Alexander), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 08Y6,500, W.

Darlin Rose (Stephen Got Even—Summer Flash), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 08Y40,000, UP.

Goddess Angel (St Averil–Double Artemis), 4×4 Avie, 08Y3,700, W.

Cats Edge (Storm and a Half–Real Edge), 4×4 Con Game, 08Y1,700, UR.

Stormovthpanhandle (Storm and a Half–Gorgeous Princess), 5×5 Natalma, 08T6,500, UP.

Kentucky Boots (Storm Boot—Taste the Joy), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W2,200, W.

Boot Tails (Storm Boot—Miss Ptarmigan), 5x5x5 Gambetta, 08Y1,700, W.

Fifty Five It Is (Storm Boot–Sandpiper), 3×4 Drumtop, 08Y30,000, UR.

Abeyance (Storm Cat—Lights On), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y550,000, UR.

Mr Mistoffelees (Storm Cat—Country Romance), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08T1,500,000, W.

Le Roy Who (Storm Day–Frisky’s Finale), 5×3 Natalma, 4×5 Flower Bowl, 08Y2,500, PL.

Covetous (Storm Day–Pioneer Gal), 3×3 Terlingua, 08Y9,000, W.

Twelve Stepper (Storm Day–S’Mor Sunshine), 3×4 Golden Trail, 08Y10,000, SPW.

Fiesty Day (Storm Day–Dance On Destiny), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T15,000, W.

Dark Storm (Stormin Fever–Ministra), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y35,000, W.

Filled With Wonder (Stormin Fever—Sunny and Wild), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y28,000, SPW.

Storm Cat Rose (Storm of Goshen–Reckless Venture), 5×5 Key Bridge, 08Y1,800, PL.

K Famous Storm (Storm Passage–Regal Crisis), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T1,200, UP.

La Lucca (Storm Victory–Brandy Be Bold), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y1,878, W.

Oceanographer (Stormy Atlantic—Miss Lucy), 4×4 Moccasin, 08Y52,000, PL.

Atlantic Sky (Stormy Atlantic–Verma), 5×5 Rough Shod II, 08Y15,000, UR.

Kalookan Dream (Stormy Atlantic—Play Date), 5×4 Rough Shod II, 08T12,000, W.

Back At You (Stormy Atlantic—Title Nine), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 08T65,000, W.

Cosmic Queen (Stormy Atlantic—Well At the Top), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T320,000, SPW.

Princess Kaylyn (Straight Man—Well Dunne), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08T52,000, W.

Aloneinthestreet (Street Cry—Crown of Jewels), 5×5 Natalma, 08W80,000, W.

Hiddekel (Street Cry–Glimmering), 5×4 Natalma, 08W260,000, UP.

Ezio (Street Cry—Saintly Speaking), 5×5 Natalma, 08W200,000, W.

Porthgwidden Beach (Street Cry–Suaviter), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08W70,000, W.

Dreaming Blue (Street Cry—Allison’s Hope), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y290,000, SPW.

Village Street (Street Cry—Altos de Chavon), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y75,000, PL.

Falcon City (Street Cry—Ascot Tobie), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y200,000, UR.

Oh What a World (Street Cry–Balinese), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y75,000, UP.

Street Act (Street Cry—Cannons Crown), 5×5 Cosmah, 08Y400,000, W.

Heat Street (Street Cry—Dot Dot Dash), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y35,000, UR.

Silk Street (Street Cry—High Potential), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y60,000, W.

Jamaiquina (Street Cry—Jade Aspen), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y185,000, W.

Street of Dreams (Street Cry—Marry Me Scarlett), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y35,000, UP.

Cry Hallelujah (Street Cry—Mujado), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y100,000, W.

Bird Cry (Street Cry—Pay Bird), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y50,000, UP.

Reed Door (Street Cry–Pigricia), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y50,000, W.

Film Score (Street Cry–Soundtrack), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y400,000, W.

Screaming Destiny (Street Cry–Valenza), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y410,000, W.

Mission High (Street Cry–Citiscape), 5×5 Natalma, 08T160,000, PL.

Brickyard (Street Cry—True Lies), 5×5 Natalma, 08T175,000, SPW.

Balboa Bay (Strong Hope—Ethyl Mae), 5x4x4 Sex Appeal, 08Y100,000, W.

Oscar G. (Strong Hope—Tippity Witch), 5x4x4 Sex Appeal, 08T2,500, GPW.

Courtly Prospect (Suave Prospect—Courtly Attire), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08Y2,700, PL.

Sultry Gal (Sultry Song–March Forward), 4×5 Shenanigans, 08Y2,200, PL.

Unnamed (Sunday Break–Pongee), 5×4 Pocahontas, 08W2,200, UR.

Onthehalfhour (Sunday Break—Love Me Greeley), 4×5 Continue, 08Y1,200, UR.

Supremo’s Ice (Supremo–Southern Smile), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 08Y1,000, UR.

Kahina (Sweetsouthernsaint—Sorbie Duchess), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y1,000, W.

Carib Queen (Sweetsouthernsaint—Co Rate), 4×5 Cosmah, 08T11,000, UP.

To Hot for You (Sweetsouthernsaint—Leo Larla), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08T50,000, W.

St. Maximus Gato (Tactical Cat–Religious Colony), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y15,000, GPW.

Free Entry (Tale of the Cat–Preachtothechoir), 4×3 Narrate, 08W150,000, SPW.

Magics Runner (Tale of the Cat—Sweet Stew), 5×5 Raise You, 08W100,000, W.

Zizi Cat (Tale of the Cat—Zizi Top), 5×5 Monarchy, 08W7,500, W.

Entertainment (Tale of the Cat—Best Buy), 5x5x5 Natalma, 08Y75,000, PL.

Crystal Cat (Tale of the Cat—Crystal Lyric), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 08Y42,000, W.

Winning Tale (Tale of the Cat—Mining Missharriet), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y28,000, SPW.

Three Pointer (Tale of the Cat–Rumored), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 08Y50,000, W.

Ae Pit (Tale of the Cat–Sophie), 4×3 Narrate, 08Y110,000, W.

Big D (Tapit–Beguile), 5×4 My Charmer, 08Y17,000, W.

Concord Point (Tapit—Harve de Grace), 5×4 Foggy Note, 08Y220,000, W.

Tapitforpar (Tapit–Montpar), 5×4 Charedi, 08Y34,500, W.

Person of Interest (Tapit—Oriole Way), 4×3 Gana Facil, 08Y13,000, W.

Janvi (Tejano Run–Love Whisper), 4×5 Khazaeen, 08Y2,061, W.

American Banker (Ten Centuries–Ouest Banque), 3×3 Mrs. Hat, 08W1,500, UR.

Strike Or Spare (Tenpins–Cream Rises), 3×4 Classy ‘n Smart, 08Y7,500, PL.

Grillete (Tenpins–Hearts Delight), 5×4 Golden Beach, 08Y2,700, W.

Tenure (Tenpins–Pelican Strip), 5×4 Golden Beach, 08Y1,400, W.

Fivenineteen (Tenpins–Hearts Delight), 5×4 Golden Beach, 08T75,000, W.

Alyssa’s Melody (Ten Most Wanted–Ballado Melody), 5×5 Best in Show, 08Y1,000, PL.

Irish Frankie (Teton Forest—Time Honored), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08W15,000, W.

Whatever Trevor (Teton Forest—Regina’s Time), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y1,000, W.

First Act (Theatrical—Lola’s Dancer), 5x5x5 Almahmoud, 08Y10,000, W.

One Wonders (Three Wonders–Proper Dame), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T3,500, UP.

Speedy Spice (Thunder Gulch–Paintball), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y52,000, W.

R U Segura (Tiger Ridge–Certitude), 5×5 Missy Baba, 08Y18,500, W.

Jo Jo the Great (Tiger Ridge–Stormin Sally), 5×4 Missy Baba, 08T4,200, W.

Fantasy of Flight (Tiznow—Positive Energy), 4×5 Foggy Note, 08W240,000, GPW.

Tiz de Mayo (Tiznow—Drexel Monorail), 4×4 Foggy Note, 08Y65,000, UR.

Seville (Tiznow–Ennui), 5×5 Goofed, 08Y200,000, UP.

One Back (Toccet—Picca Pepper), 4×4 Ride the Rails, 08Y20,000, UP.

Kobecat (Tomorrows Cat–Kobemon), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y6,500, W.

Today’s Special (Tomorrows Cat–Lunch On Nancy), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08Y1,200, UP.

Bessie Dahlhammer (Tomorrows Cat–Spectaculaireontap), 4×4 South Ocean, 08Y1,200, PL.

Brockly Rob (Tomorrows Cat–Beijio), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T23,000, W.

Flying Nightmare (Trajectory–Cartier), 5×5 Grey Flight, 08W4,700, W.

Rainbow Judy (Trajectory–Trilogy), 4×5 Gold Digger, 08Y10,307, W.

Tribal Sky (Tribal Rule—Ms. Aviator), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08W2,500, W.

Bad Arnold (Tribal Rule–Tantalizing), 3×4 Bad Seed, 08T22,000, W.

Kat’s Trip (Trippi—Wanna Kat), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08W22,000, PL.

Trippo (Trippi—Reely Risky), 4×4 Witching Hour, 08Y45,000, SPW.

Seal Team (Trippi–Sunk), 5×4 Enchanted Eve, 08T75,000, W.

Klondike Lizzie (Trust N Luck–Brisker), 5×5 Bebop II, 08Y1,000, W.

Trust the Deputy (Trust N Luck—Deputy’s Delight), 5×5 Bebop II, 08T20,000, SPW.

Summit Station (Turn West–Anyone’s Daughter), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y1,200, W.

Unbridleds Fault (Unbridled’s Image–It’s Your Fault), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08Y2,000, UR.

Time for Jeff (Unbridled’s Image–Tip Toe Alyson), 2×3 Sugar’s Image, 08Y1,200, UR.

Denim n’ Motion (Unbridled’s Song—Storm Away), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 08Y225,000, W.

Time Due (Unbridled Time–Due in Seattle), 5×4 Incantation, 08Y5,000, SPW.

Mr. Holmes (Unbridled Time–Leomade), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 08T20,000, W.

Specially Blessed (Unforgettable Max—Exquisite Cassie), 5×5 Special, 08Y3,000, W.

Angel’s Place (Union Place–Annie’s Angel), 5×4 Natalma, 08Y1,132, UR.

Executive Anna (Union Place–Aunt Annie), 5×5 Natalma, 08Y1,537, W.

Untuttable Moment (Untuttable—Marilyn’s Moment), 5x4x5 Gold Digger, 08T6,000, W.

Dancing Fappi (Untuttable—Tiz a Dancer), 5x4x5 Gold Digger, 08T12,000, UR.

Strawberry Bolt (Unusual Heat—Across the Creek), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y20,000, UP.

Unusual Encounter (Unusual Heat—Count the Ounces), 4×3 Thong, 08Y25,000, W.

Doo Wop Mama (Valid Belfast–Rose of Sophia), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 08Y900, UR.

Steeterville (Van Nistelrooy–Glorinda), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y20,000, UR.

Princess Medelys (Van Nistelrooy—You’ve Got Mitch), 2×3 Halory, 08T50,000, UR.

Castle Victory (Victory Gallop—Pomme Duchesse), 5x4x5 Wavy Navy, 08Y3,000, W.

Yourpointis (Vision and Verse–Sabbath Day Point), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08Y1,400, UP.

Dee’s Victor (Vying Victor–Dee’s Love), 4×5 Victoriana, 08Y1,878, SPW.

Audzeezee (Vying Victor–Trillia), 4×5 Victoriana, 08Y18,000, SPW.

Two Lane Blacktop (Vying Victor–She’s So Regal), 4×5 Victoriana, 08Y1,408, PL.

Skarabeus (War Chant—Caffe Latte), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y28,000, GSP.

War Singer (War Chant—Sister Marilyn), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08Y60,000, SPW.

Gold Frost (Weekend Cruise–Stormin’lady Fever), 3×5 South Ocean, 08T9,000, W.

Upon Request (Western Expression–Andover Sweep), 4×4 Tamerett, 08Y1,000, UP.

Exciting Winner (Western Expression–Seeyou in Saratoga), 4×5 Gold Digger, 08T9,000, W.

Thecurlyhaireddude (Western Expression–Dinner Atthe Steer), 4×4 Gold Digger, 08Y4,800, W.

Nicola’s Nickers (Where’s the Ring—Pick Ten), 4×5 Gold Digger, 08Y20,614, W.

Lost the Ring (Where’s the Ring—Running Bold), 4×5 Gold Digger, 08Y18,740, W.

A. P. Adolph (Whiff of Indy–Charming Words), 5×4 Lady Be Good, 08Y1,100, UP.

Augustus Macray (Whiff of Indy–Room for Two), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T35,000, W.

Why Doc Why (Whywhywhy—Golden Trick), 5×4 Gold Digger, 08Y4,500, W.

Road to Knowledge (Wild Event–Ancient Highway), 3×3 Tree of Knowledge, 06T2,700, UR.

Wa Chu Laf Fin At (Wild Horses–Frosty Bar U), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08T1,200, UR.

End Zone (Wild Zone–Colonial Sue), 5×5 Flaming Page, 08Y1,500, W.

Wild Leap (Wild Zone–Bissextile), 5×5 Zonah, 08T2,600, PL.

Chacaito (Wind Whipper–Jacqui Bee Good), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 08T3,500, UP.

Legendary Ride (Wised Up–Tiff’n Chris), 5×5 Almahmoud, 08T11,000, W.

Woke Up Praying (Woke Up Dreamin—Madison Grace), 5×4 South Ocean, 08W2,000, W.

Unnamed (Woke Up Dreamin—Kickapoo Princess), 5×5 Aspidistra, 08Y36,000, UR.

Dual Forecast (Woke Up Dreamin–Sniffy), 4×5 Ta Wee, 08Y42,000, W.

Lucky Thoughts (Woodman–Thoughts), 4×5 Glamour, 08Y25,000, UP.

Dandy Yankee (Yankee Gentleman—Garden Whimsy), 4×3 Bad Seed, 08Y34,000, W.

Southern Lace (Yankee Gentleman–Leasears), 4×3 Procne, 08Y24,000, UR.

I Ain’t Lyin’ (Yes It’s True–Exceptionally), 4×5 Missy Baba, 09Y85,000, W.

Papa Jiggs (Yes It’s True–Impolite), 5×5 Shenanigans, 08Y85,000, W.

Consort (Yes It’s True—Romantic Summer), 5×3 Shenanigans, 08Y170,000, W.

Yes It Is (Yes It’s True–Marianka), 5×4 Golden Beach, 08T70,000, PL.

Bikini (Yes It’s True—Whisper Bay), 5×5 Golden Beach, 08T100,000, W.

Yoo Da Boss (Yoonevano–Lady Fettuccine), 4×5 Cosmah, 08Y31,932, UP.

Princess Yona (Yonaguska—Hawk Dance), 5×3 Flight Dancer, 08Y12,000, W.

Silk Perrier (Yonaguska—Mambo Mate), 4×3 Execution, 08Y2,500, UR.

Slavic Princess (Yonaguska–Opulent), 5×5 Gold Digger, 08Y23,500, W.

Zarb’s Glory (Zarbyev–Mother Knows Best), 5×4 Iron Reward, 08Y3,000, UP.

Tricky Deeds (Zavata–Evil Deed), 4×4 Kankakee Miss, 08T30,000, W.

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