Rasmussen Factor Qualifiers Sold in 2009

Below is a list of all the RF qualifiers (stakes winners already listed omitted) sold as weanlings, yearlings, or two-year-olds in North America in 2009. Listed for each foal is its name, pedigree (sire–dam), description of the inbreeding, price, and a brief summation of its racing class (W for winner, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, etc.). The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (pretty much the order in which I found them).

Latin Slugger (Abajo—Speed On the Lead), 5×5 Shimmer, 09Y3,700, PL.

Bella Giornatta (Action This Day–Opulent), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09Y18,000, W.

Obertura (Act of Duty—First Saint), 3×5 Gold Digger, 09Y1,000, UR.

Dona Nubia (Act of Duty—Create a Dream), 5×5 Thong, 09T2,200, UR.

Canada Fleet (Afleet Alex–Marieval), 5×5 Special, 08Y150,000, UP.

Zefina (After Market—Strong Faith), 3×3 Terlingua, 09W42,000, W.

Palace Guard (After Market–Winterose), 3×3 Winters’ Love, 09W115,000, UR.

Delightful Annie (Afternoon Deelites—Pyrite Missy), 4×4 Fanfreluche, 09Y35,000, UR.

My Boy McCoy (Afternoon Deelites—Upper Echelon), 4×5 Numbered Account, 09Y25,000, UR.

Geisha Gal (Agnes Tachyon—Danzig Withwolves), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09W180,000, W.

Tom Cat Allie (Albert the Great—Sunbeam Music), 5×5 Swoon’s Tune, 09Y15,000, W.

The Big Gaviota (Aldebaran–Besige), 4×3 Numbered Account, 09Y2,200, W.

Alhucema (Aldebaran—Sun Is Up), 5×5 Intriguing, 09Y19,000, W.

Avaryl’s Pal (Alex’s Pal–Avaryl), 5×5 Fool-Me-Not, 09T5,500, W.

Kippers n’ Eggs (Alke—Kelly Dot Com), 5×5 Tamerett, 09Y1,200, W.

Lourdes My Love (Alke—Sunshine One), 5×5 Traffic Court, 09T5,000, W.

Mary Zig (Alyzig—Amy’s Halo), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T3,000, UP.

Long Lake Krista (Anabaa—Valley Fever), 5×4 Missy Baba, 09Y3,500, W.

I’ll Be Home Soon (Anasheed—Fancy ‘n Fabulous), 5×3 Somethingroyal, 09Y1,000, W.

Seriously Simon (Any Given Saturday—Foufa’s Hunter), 4×4 Hooplah, 09W10,000, W.

Parable (A.P. Indy–Layounne), 5×5 Busanda, 09Y210,000, W.

Indylyn (A.P. Indy–Raylene), 5×5 Missy Baba, 09Y65,000, UR.

Big Sister (A. P Jet–Doyourthing), 3×3 Tamerett, 09T60,000, W.

Honor My Aptitude (Aptitude—Honor Point), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 5x5x5 Somethingroyal, 09Y4,200, PL.

Hawk Warrior (A. P. Warrior—Girl Gone Crazy), 5×4 South Ocean, 09Y85,000, W.

Caninann (A. P. Warrior—Storm Struck), 5×3 South Ocean, 09Y5,500, PL.

Subic Princess (A. P. Warrior—Triple Schnied), 5×5 South Ocean, 09Y7,000, UP.

Mysticism (A. P. Warrior—Wild Catseye), 5×5 South Ocean, 09Y115,000, W.

High Strider (Aragorn—High Maintenance), 5×4 South Ocean, 09Y160,000, W.

Black Raja (Aragorn–Intrigued), 4×4 Immense, 09Y10,000, SPW.

Nordic Sky (Arch—Magic of Love), 4×5 Courtly Dee, 09Y140,000, W.

La Jarochita (Arromanches—Take a Shine), 4×4 Foggy Note, 5×4 Key Bridge, 09Y2,500, W.

Mott (Artie Schiller—Divine Diva), 5×4 Special, 09W11,000, W.

Blackngreen (Artie Schiller–Diamondsnemeralds), 5×5 Special, 09Y1,300, W.

Showing My Tail (Artie Schiller—Fair Young Maiden), 3×4 Tallahto, 09Y40,000, UR.

Relief (Artie Schiller–Reef), 4×4 Cap and Bells, 09Y50,000, UR.

Sound of Daigo (Artie Schiller—Royal Beluga), 5×4 Special, 5×4 Gay Hostess, 09Y35,000, W.

Stage Mother (Artie Schiller—Smash Hit), 5×5 Special, 09Y19,000, W.

Oklahoma Hero (Artie Schiller—White Oak), 5×4 Special, 09Y19,500, W.

Bartok’s Bonus (Atticus—Bartok’s Belle), 3×5 Special, 09T10,000, PL.

Ohbabyobeyme (Awesome Again—La Sorpresa), 5×5 Gold Digger, 09Y50,000, W.

Go Go Lolo (Awesome Again—Selena Rose), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y19,000, W.

Little Maryruth (Badge of Silver—Beau Watch), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 09W32,000, UR.

Call for Silver (Badge of Silver–Bacall), 5×4 Victoria Regina, 09Y47,500, W.

Royalmountiasbadge (Badge of Silver—Golden Path), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y60,346, UR.

Alysilver (Badge of Silver—Sweet Betsy), 5×4 Victoria Regina, 09Y350, UR.

Ringmistress (Bandini–Jasminola), 5×3 My Charmer, 09Y120,000, W.

Olanda’s Lad (Battle Cat–Olanda), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y1,564, UP.

Im too a Trubador (Bay Head King—Im too Much), 3×5 Ballade, 4×5 Cosmah, 09Y800, W.

D E Sweet Tease (Bay Head King—Sweet Tease), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y1,500, W.

Bambola (Belong to Me—Light Ice), 5×4 Almahmoud, 5×5 Big Hurry, 09Y18,000, SPW.

Be Long Be Late (Belong to Me—Sandy Bay Lady), 3×5 Straight Deal, 09Y28,000, W.

Milania (Bernardini—Keeper Hill), 5×4 Killaloe, 09W190,000, W.

Villa (Bernardini—Critical Crew), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y300,000, PL.

Date to Remember (Bernardini—Fashion Star), 5x5x5 Somethingroyal, 09Y450,000, PL.

Major Duomo (Bernardini—Karis Makaw), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 09Y400,000, PL.

Start the Music (Bernstein—Affair With Aflair), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y57,000, W.

Ahlaain (Bernstein—Brocatelle), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y60,000, SPW.

Sing This Song (Bernstein—Camptown Gypsy), 5×5 Busanda, 09Y35,000, UR.

Silent Score (Bernstein–Demure), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y70,000, W.

Ozzies Storm Cats (Bernstein–Heartwood), 5×5 Busanda, 09Y17,000, UP.

L’Anch (Bernstein—One Loose Shoe), 5×5 Busanda, 09Y67,000, W.

Music of Arabia (Bernstein—Quiet Exuberance), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y5,000, W.

Advantage Player (Bernstein—Regal Approval), 5×5 Busanda, 09Y35,000, W.

Anime (Bernstein—Royal Sky), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 09Y20,000, W.

Top Care (Bernstein—Secret Dream), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 09Y50,000, W.

Zolata (Bernstein–Semiramis), 3×4 La Mesa, 09Y27,852, W.

Webeforit (Bernstein–Webee), 4×5 South Ocean, 09Y15,000, UP.

Zaphia (Bernstein—Weekend Dancer), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 09Y140,000, W.

Am So Happy (Bernstein—Why the Wind), 5×5 Busanda, 09Y1,000, W.

Dalliance (Bernstein—She’s Mahogany), 5×5 Busanda, 09T100,000, W.

Justafeeling (Best of the Bests—Alaround Pleasure), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y4,642, W.

Best of Aly (Best of the Bests–Alyancer), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y5,570, W.

Imperial’s Best (Best of the Bests—Imperial Miss), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y2,506, W.

Executive Best (Best of the Bests—Julie’s Witt), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y11,140, UR.

Best of Affairs (Best of the Bests—Mysterious Affair), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y5,570, PL.

The Bird (Birdstone—Spanish Melody), 5×4 Cap and Bells, 09Y130,000, UR.

Rock Mambo (Black Mambo—One Classie Lassie), 3×3 Lassie Dear, 09T20,000, W.

Oye (Black Mambo—Restraining Order), 3×3 Lassie Dear, 09T15,000, PL.

Cobalt Cat (Bluegrass Cat—Afternoon Dreams), 5×5 Numbered Account, 09Y100,000, W.

True Bid (Bluegrass Cat—D Gerry Ray), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y130,000, UR.

Savannah’s Glory (Bluegrass Cat—Dawn Princess), 5×3 Numbered Account, 09Y220,000, W.

Gran La Cat (Bluegrass Cat—Gran Latour), 5×5 Numbered Account, 09Y5,000, PL.

Hellcat Senior (Bluegrass Cat—On the Fritz), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y12,000, W.

Luna Bay (Bob and John—Echo Harbor), 4×4 Too Bald, 09W92,000, W.

Robert the Bruce (Bob and John—Seven Grand), 4×4 Too Bald, 09Y30,000, W.

Giveyourheadashake (Bold Executive—Clear Your Mind), 5×5 Alablue, 09Y2,503, W.

Napoli (Bold Executive—Consort’s Choice), 4×5 Victoriana, 09Y2,503, W.

Muckross (Borrego–Appomattox), 5×4 Special, 09W145,000, UP.

Dinaka (Borrego–Skeena), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09W20,000, UP.

Dr. D R (Borrego—Celtic Raven), 5×5 Special, 09Y11,000, W.

Every Ego (Borrego–Climbeverymountain), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09Y6,500, W.

Magic Cube (Borrego—Dynamic Reaction), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09Y8,000, PL.

Zimmaron Kid (Bowman’s Band—Starlight Stella), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y5,700, W.

Sir Trenton (Brahms—Total Indulgence), 5×5 Raise You, 09Y2,500, W.

Kiwi Mistress (Broken Vow—Hot Desert), 4×4 Strike a Pose, 09Y3,500, W.

G G’s Girl (Buddha—Appealing Baby), 5×5 Kerala, 09T3,000, W.

Ninety Five (Buddha–Tizprecious), 5×5 Incantation, 09T22,000, W.

Bwana Brave (Bwana Charlie—Fire Feet), 4×4 Cosmah, 09T19,000, W.

Kristy Lynn (Bwana Charlie—Sugar Run), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09T45,000, UR.

Super Taressa (Came Home—Ten Treasures), 5×5 Shenanigans, 09Y2,500, W.

Mannak (Canadian Frontier–Executricker), 5×5 Special, 09Y1,400, W.

Obsessedwithcandy (Candy Ride—Hidden Obsession), 5×5 Alablue, 09Y1,000, UR.

Asno Del Caramelo (Candy Ride—Highland Love), 4×5 Alanesian, 09Y14,000, W.

Chia Cat (Catienus—Saint Chi Chi), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y1,000, PL.

Corner the Champ (Champali—Take a Shine), 3×3 Moon Glitter, 09T4,000, PL.

Fortunate Run (Cherokee Run—Hope’s Ahead), 5×5 Aimee, 09T50,000, W.

City Attack (City Place—Lil Mac Attack), 5×5 Foggy Note, 09W6,000, W.

Zip Moment (City Zip—Rising Moment), 4×3 Sailaway, 09Y5,000, UR.

Marypatricia (Classic Account—French Steal), 4x4x5 Kerala, 09T3,000, UR.

Unnamed (Closing Argument—Harbor Cruise), 5×4 Tinnitus, 09W7,500, UR.

One Up Item (Closing Argument—Pyrite Or Bust), 5×5 My Dear Girl, 09T95,000, W.

Do Re Mi Concerto (Concerto—Glitter Lady), 4×4 My Dear Girl, 09T18,000, W.

Cheonji Beonjjeok (Concorde’s Tune—She’s a Barron), 5×5 Blue Eyed Momo, 09T20,000, W.

Concrete Man (Congaree–Anniston), 5×5 Tamerett, 09Y3,200, UR.

Condadana (Congaree—Paz Ciudadana), 5×5 Tamerett, 09Y5,700, UR.

Gun Boat (Congrats—White Ruffle), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09W20,000, GPW.

Congrats to Me (Congrats—Just Bimi), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 09Y3,200, PL.

Rose of Glory (Consolidator—Duchess Maggie), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 09Y16,000, PL.

Like My Job (Consolidator—Motel Lady), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y3,000, W.

Exciting Action (Consolidator–Perception), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y3,000, W.

Bates Cat (Consolidator—Bates Choice), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09T6,500, UP.

Gameday News (Corinthian—Summer Scene), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 09W160,000, W.

Go for Heaven (Corinthian–Vous), 5×4 My Charmer, 09W70,000, W.

Olympic Republic (Cozzene–Zavala), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09W30,000, UP.

Lumiere Verite (Cozzene—Play School), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09T100,000, PL.

Hard Desire (Cuvee—Dirty Harryette), 5×5 Brighton View, 09W1,400, W.

Bailando (Dance Master—Hadif’s Ballerina), 5×5 Prayer Bell, 09Y1,000, W.

No Exaggeration (Dance Master–Exaggerate), 5×5 Prayer Bell, 09T9,500, W.

H O’s Birthday (Dance With Ravens–Stormeor), 5×3 Classy Quillo, 09Y1,600, W.

Deer Carli (Deerhound—Carli’s Command), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 09Y800, UR.

Hound Dog Buddy (Deerhound—Girls in Pearls), 4×5 Busanda, 09Y2,000, UP.

Justice Is Served (Dehere—Brave Boco), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 09Y5,000, W.

Heir de Vye (Dehere—Princess Vye), 5×5 Victoriana, 09Y7,000, W.

Decelerator (Dehere—Paris Rose), 4×4 Somethingroyal, 09T250,000, W.

Win for Annie Dear (Deputy Commander—My Annie T), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 09Y17,000, W.

Double Tot (Deputy Commander—Rumbeau), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 09Y19,498, W.

Sexy in Stilettos (Desert God—C C F Finesse), 3×5 Best In Show, 09Y10,500, W.

Desert Morn (Desert God—Oklahoma Morn), 5×5 Aimee, 09Y4,500, PL.

St Thomas Lane (Devon Lane—Lady in Danger), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y8,500, PL.

Miss Devon (Devon Lane—Spectacular Chimes), 4×5 Foggy Note, 5×5 Gay Hostess, 09Y2,000, UP.

My Colleen (Discreet Cat–Navasha), 5×4 Intriguing, 09W60,000, UR.

Amusing (Distorted Humor—Cloud Break), 5×5 Pocahontas, 09Y550,000, W.

Wasp (Distorted Humor–Rubicat), 4×5 Gold Digger, 09Y160,000, W.

Dixie Does It (Dixie Union–Roseboom), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09W30,000, W.

Winnie Dixie (Dixie Union—Icy Demeanor), 5×3 Change Water, 09Y200,000, W.

La Force (Dixie Union—Undercover), 5×3 Change Water, 09T12,500, W.

Run Stephanie Run (Dome—Magic Midas), 5×4 South Ocean, 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y800, UR.

Peaceful Dome (Dome–Peacekeeper), 5×4 My Charmer, 5×5 Hidden Talent, 09Y9,000, PL.

Dont Start On Me (Don’t Get Mad–Puddlejump), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y1,200, W.

Mad World (Don’t Get Mad–Summerchance), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 09Y5,000, W.

Prieto Azabache (Down the Aisle—Sweet Champagne), 5×5 Ciboulette, 09Y1,200, UP.

D’screamer (D’wildcat—Spicy Souffle), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 09Y7,700, UP.

Assurance (D’wildcat—Conchita Villa), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 09T9,500, PL.

Merrytagio (D’wildcat—Merry Motel), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09T65,000, W.

D C Git N Go (Easyfromthegitgo–Begue), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y3,700, W.

Sima Legend (Eddington—Falling Leaves), 4×5 Killaloe, 09W7,000, UR.

Dinamita Flash (Eddington—Montpar), 4×4 Charedi, 09Y3,000, W.

Dr Ballenger (E Dubai—Hot Time), 3×5 Gold Digger, 09Y52,000, W.

Mujeok Ace (El Corredor–Heiresstothethrone), 5×5 Broadway, 09W28,000, PL.

Youcouldbelucky (El Corredor—Knock Twice), 5×5 Tamerett, 09W50,000, UP.

Mr. Newton (El Corredor—Society Gal), 3×2 Long Legend, 09W3,000, PL.

Parisian Gem (El Corredor—Hot Golden Jet), 5×4 Tamerett, 09Y70,000, W.

El Paso (El Corredor—My Lady Amelia), 5×3 Seven Valleys, 09T95,000, UR.

Rockinwithher (El Corredor—Roman Romance), 5×5 Tamerett, 09T37,000, W.

Star of Escondida (El Prado—Twining Star), 5×5 Lalun, 09Y32,000, W.

King Prada (El Prado—King’s Interest), 4×5 Special, 09T30,000, PL.

Crazy About Lucca (Eltish—Shes a Pro), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y2,500, W.

Chasing Alpha (Elusive Quality—Circuit City), 5×5 Natalma, 09W100,000, UP.

Life of Laughter (Elusive Quality—Country Garden), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 09Y80,000, W.

Rossano (Elusive Quality—Magna Graecia), 4×4 Tamerett, 09Y30,000, W.

Knucklebuster (Empire Maker–Chandelle), 5x5x4 My Dear Girl, 09Y190,000, W.

Black Power (Empire Maker—Robins Reign), 5×3 My Dear Girl, 09Y15,000, W.

Lagoon of Diamonds (Encosta de Lago—Nicole and Krista), 4×5 Natalma, 09Y500,000, W.

English Rhythm (English Channel—Golden Rhythm), 4x4x5 Gold Digger, 09W7,500, W.

Christian’s Star (Essence of Dubai–Quon), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 09T7,500, W.

Fortunata (Eurosilver—Eleanor’s Song), 5×3 Incantation, 09T17,000, SPW.

Gippeumnuri (Eurosilver—Regatta Queen), 5×4 Classicist, 09T15,000, GPW.

Argenteus (Eurosilver—Tiz the Hour), 5×5 Incantation, 08T200,000, W.

Sweet Rate (Exchange Rate–Sweetheavenlycross), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y45,000, UR.

Starship Quality (Exclusive Quality—Miss Kick), 5×4 Foggy Note, 09W5,200, W.

Wicked Lady (Exclusive Quality—Olivia’s Halo), 5×3 Tamerett, 09W8,200, W.

Costaniente (Fantastic Light—Sogna Di Me), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09T26,000, UP.

Nijinsky Legend (Fast Play–Tugy), 5×5 Glamour, 09Y500, UP.

Blitz Eclipse (Fire Blitz—Good Golly Gumdrop), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y1,000, W.

My Samurai (First Samurai–Samut), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09W105,000, PL.

Parkway Sam (First Samurai–Armourette), 5×3 South Ocean, 09Y32,000, UP.

Emerald Galaxy (Five Star Day—Emerald Sea), 4×4 Lover’s Walk, 09T45,000, UR.

Adulare (Flatter–Corking), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y55,000, W.

Haystack Needle (Flatter–Glamorama), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y15,000, W.

Sweet Somthings (Flatter—Los Altos), 5x5x4 Natalma, 09Y1,200, PL.

My Boy Ben (Flatter—Madame Adolphe), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y2,000, W.

Modern Champ (Forest Camp—Charismatic Nurse), 5×5 Grass Shack, 09T20,000, PL.

Arborville (Forest Grove–Asheville), 4×4 Mira Femme, 09W10,000, W.

Stich’s Publickpick (Forest Grove—Watch Me), 4×4 Mira Femme, 09Y3,500, W.

Greenwich (Forestry—Country Romance), 5×5 Sequence, 09W32,000, PL.

Redwood Dancer (Forestry—Fiery Pursuit), 5×5 Sequence, 09W80,000, UR.

Forest Tower (Forestry—Tina Bull), 5×5 Aspidistra, 09W25,000, UR.

Forest Souvenir (Forestry—Vogue Girl), 5×5 Sequence, 09W30,000, W.

Forest Goddess (Forestry—Belle of Perintown), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y150,000, UP.

Kherianna’s Hope (Forestry—Bright Feather), 5×5 Forestry, 09T25,000, UR.

Music News (Forestry—Country Romance), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y30,000, UP.

Rue Du Soleil (Forestry–Essence), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y12,000, W.

Catinatree (Forestry—Golden Knolls), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y15,000, SPW.

Forest Thunder (Forestry—It’s Our Time), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y1,000, UR.

Winning Interest (Forestry—Madame Mogambo), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y1,500, W.

Victory Team (Forestry–Megascape), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y15,000, W.

Unnamed (Forestry—My Friend C. Z.), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y75,000, UR.

Arabian Song (Forestry—Prima Centairi), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y40,000, W.

Mays Treasuretrove (Forestry—Purple Princess), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y135,000, W.

Forest Whip (Forestry–Swigert), 5×5 Sequence, 09Y65,000, UP.

Annie’s Melody (Forestry—Country Melody), 5×5 Sequence, 09T250,000, W.

Forest National (Forestry–Goldendale), 5×5 Sequence, 09T170,000, UP.

Lady Jadana (Forestry–Jade Flush), 5×5 Sequence, 09T105,000, W.

Uaintseenalligot (Forestry–Uaintseennothinyet), 5×5 Sequence, 09T90,000, W.

Sirocco Strike (Forestry—Wishful Splendor), 5×5 Sequence, 09T200,000, W.

Travel Squad (Forestry–Youbetshecan), 5×5 Sequence, 09T125,000, W.

Painted Woman (Forest Wildcat–Lawanda), 3×3 Terlingua, 09W40,000, GPW.

Alimin (Forest Wildcat—Start Stinging), 4×5 South Ocean, 09Y35,000, W.

Forestcanfly (Forest Wildcat—Bred to Fly), 4×5 Sherry Jen, 09T1,100, UP.

Forest Raven (Forest Wildcat—Cahill Kate), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09T20,000, W.

Magic Meal (Formal Dinner—Alice’s Magic), 4×5 Grey Flight, 09Y1,000, UR.

Lori’s Way (Formal Dinner—Bower’s Way), 4×5 Grey Flight, 09Y1,100, W.

Tuxedo Required (Formal Dinner—Pyrite Captain), 5×4 Pocahontas, 09Y2,200, UP.

Internet Cafe (Freefourinternet—Starlet Note), 5×5 Missy Baba, 09Y6,500, W.

Irish Choral (Freespool—Gold Coral), 4×4 Gold Digger, 09Y8,700, W.

Running in Choos (Friends Lake–Luminosity), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y57,000, W.

Black Knight (Friends Lake—Port of Silver), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y3,000, UP.

Bravo Gundan (Full Mandate—Good Listener), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y2,200, W.

Mirza (Full Mandate–Malindi), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 09Y5,000, W.

Magic Fort (Fusaichi Pegasus–Tremuntana), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09Y1,000, W.

Wonderful Woofie (Giant’s Causeway–Clambake), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 09Y35,000, UP.

Llanes (Giant’s Causeway–Coachella), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09Y45,000, W.

Gubernator Ru (Giant’s Causeway–Heeremandi), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 09Y8,500, W.

Linroyale Boy (Giant’s Causeway–Welcometotheworld), 5×4 Natalma, 5×4 Ballade, 08Y17,000, W.

Azure Dragon (Giant’s Causeway—Where Woody Bea), 5×4 Ballade, 09Y60,000, SPW.

Rise to Glory (Giant’s Causeway—With Certainty), 5×4 Ballade, 09Y170,000, W.

Istrebitel (Giant’s Causeway—Quick to Please), 5x4x4 Natalma, 09T19,000, W.

Charismatic Missle (Golden Missile—Holiday Fun), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 09Y5,000, UP.

Doeny’s Rifle (Goodbye Doeny—Rifle Woman), 5×5 Misty Morn, 09Y1,000, W.

Geniality (Good Journey—Happy Honey), 5×5 Little Hut, 09Y2,200, W.

Kintla Journey (Good Journey–Kintla), 5×5 Rough Shod II, 09Y5,000, W.

Destined Journey (Good Journey—Miss Rhythmic), 4×4 Numbered Account, 09Y1,700, PL.

Last Owner (Good Journey—Relative Shade), 5×4 Little Hut, 09Y1,300, W.

Wolf Moon (Graeme Hall—Stars in Your Eyes), 5×5 Princess Roycraft, 09Y9,000, W.

Maples Donut (Grand Reward–Mismatch), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 09T25,000, W.

Four to Score (Grand Slam—Affair With Aflair), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09W50,000, W.

Whobetterthanus (Grand Slam—Kumari Continent), 4×4 Tamerett, 09W22,000, W.

Iron Lou (Grand Slam—Along Came Mary), 4×5 Tamerett, 09Y5,000, W.

Grand Heart (Grand Slam—British Columbia), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 09Y16,000, W.

Kandelo (Grand Slam—Lady Vixen), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 09Y20,000, W.

Diamond Benz (Grand Slam—Perfectly Stunning), 5×5 Plum Cake, 09Y140,000, W.

Circus (Grand Slam–Woolloomooloo), 4×5 Tamerett, 09Y60,346, W.

Kathleen’s Girl (Grand Slam—Act Devoted), 5×5 Plum Cake, 09T20,000, PL.

El Dinger (Grand Slam—Are You Home), 4×5 Sex Appeal, 09T4,500, PL.

Sliding In (Grand Slam—La Croisette), 5×4 Best in Show, 09T50,000, W.

Alcalde Abraham P. (Great Pyramid—Quest for Ambition), 5x5x5x5 Natalma, 09T5,500, UP.

Actlikeyoumeanit (Greeley’s Galaxy–Doyourthing), 5×3 Tamerett, 09Y15,000, W.

One Lucky Punch (Halo’s Image—Jolie Britt), 3×5 Cosmah, 09Y4,000, UP.

Mentiroso (Halo’s Image—Va Va Voom), 4×5 Almahmoud, 09Y11,000, W.

Graceland Dixie (Halo’s Image—Dixieland Special), 4×5 Almahmoud, 09T30,000, W.

Crystal Image (Halo’s Image—Serene Lake), 4×5 Nothirdchance, 09T50,000, W.

Tell Tale Friend (Harlan’s Holiday–Psych), 5×5 Alanesian, 09Y60,000, SPW.

Karlie’s Holiday (Harlan’s Holiday—Salome Slew), 5×5 Alanesian, 09Y56,000, W.

Natale (Harlan’s Holiday—This One for Abbey), 5×5 Tularia, 09Y20,000, W.

Harlan’s Charm (Harlan’s Holiday—Beauty Queen), 5×4 Alanesian, 09T33,000, UP.

Happy Sunday (Hat Trick—Dolphin Band), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09W4,000, W.

Ammiel (Hat Trick—Fanny Forgot), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09W6,000, UR.

Wizard’s Trick (Hat Trick—Meadow Concerto), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09W7,500, UR.

Innocent Man (Henny Hughes–Accusation), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 09W150,000, SPW.

Legalized (Henny Hughes—Boston Symphony), 4×4 T. C. Kitten, 09W17,000, W.

Speed Square (High Cascade—Princess Tutthill), 4x5x5 Gold Digger, 09T800, UR.

Sheza Wild Tiger (Hold That Tiger–Glorinda), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y6,000, UP.

Bigsilver (Hold That Tiger—Glorious Sensation), 5×3 Somethingroyal, 09Y2,800, UP.

Chatoic Bull (Holy Bull–Chaos), 4×5 Aspidistra, 09Y2,500, W.

Holy Patooie (Holy Bull–Patooie), 4×5 Aspidistra, 09Y21,000, W.

Holy Flapper (Holy Bull—Flapper Dancer), 4×5 Aspidistra, 09T70,000, W.

Seven Signs (Hook and Ladder–Infinity), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T5,500, W.

Embrace Change (Hook and Ladder–Lightmywayhome), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T50,000, SPW.

Australis Royal (Hook and Ladder—Royal Bauble), 4×5 Natalma, 09T12,000, PL.

Honour Is Mine (Honour and Glory–Ziggaraut), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 09T14,500, W.

Ms Waki Chestnut (Horse Chestnut—Ms. Waki Talkin), 4×4 Change Water, 09Y5,000, UR.

Houston Creek (Houston Sunrise—Lady Latrec), 4×4 Smartaire, 09T1,300, UP.

Brant Lake (Humming—O’Lee’s Way), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y600, UR.

Roughstock Ryder (Humming—Rodeo Ryder), 5×3 Gold Digger, 09Y550, UR.

Right of Center (Hurricane Center—Little Coin), 4×4 South Ocean, 09Y8,280, PL.

Emerald Ide Cat (Ide—Shenanigan Cat), 4×5 Continue, 09T3,200, W.

Fleetwing (Include—Capote’s Katarina), 5×3 Too Bald, 5×4 Hidden Talent, 09Y40,000, W.

Siggi the Alien (Include—Moment of Honour), 4×5 Bebopper, 09Y90,000, W.

Blue Eyes Included (Include—Betsy Blue Eyes), 4×5 Bebopper, 09T3,500, W.

Miles City (Include—Jessie’s Chance), 5×4 Too Bald, 5×5 Hidden Talent, 09T4,500, W.

Homeland Express (Indian Express–Yomna), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T10,000, W.

Breeze On By (Indian Ocean—Discreet Cris), 4×3 Terlingua, 09W1,000, UR.

Amanzi Toti (Indian Ocean—Discreet Cris), 4×3 Terlingua, 09Y1,200, UP

Lazy Dynamite (Indian Ocean—Bering Bubbles), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, W.

Chena River (Indian Ocean—Eskimo Song), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y6,000, UP.

Grand Irish Song (Irish Road—Grand Cap D), 4×5 Tamerett, 09Y2,200, UP.

Not Funny Anymore (It’s No Joke—Royal Fandango), 5×4 Continue, 09Y3,700, W.

Pay Now Play Later (Johannesburg–Affluenza), 5×3 State, 09Y15,000. W.

Von Rosenberg (Johannesburg—One West), 4×4 T. C. Kitten, 09Y42,000, W.

Jo Bob (Johannesburg—Pure Energy), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 09Y22,000, W.

Eloquence (Johannesburg–Sculpture), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 09Y2,000, W.

Nash Ataman (Johannesburg–Sophie), 4×4 Narrate, 09Y5,000, W.

Coaming (Johar—Felucca), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 09W4,000, W.

Dazzle Ship (Johar—Felucca), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 09Y5,000, UR.

Mete Marmullo (Jump Start—Gold for Nina), 4×5 Hopespringseternal, 09Y3,000, W.

Mr. Top Kat (Katowice—Czechmate Miss), 3×5 Gold Digger, 09W900, W.

Cosmo Grand Aile (Kingmambo—Exhibit One), 4×4 Special, 09W300,000, PL.

Al Biruni (Kingmambo–Ebaraya), 4×4 Special, 09Y280,000, UP.

Bawaakeer (Kingmambo—Imperial Beauty), 4×5 Special, 09Y300,000, UR.

Al Andalyya (Kingmambo–Kushnarenkovo), 4×4 Special, 09Y100,000, UP.

Burjhatta (Kingmambo–Vadahilla), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09Y750,000, PL.

Joyce Marie (Kipling—Miss Mescalero), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 09Y7,000, SPW.

Captain Marvin (Kitten’s Joy–Somethingtreasured), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09W9,500, W.

Little Gina (Kitten’s Joy—Grindstone Lassie), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09Y25,000, W.

Treausred Kitten (Kitten’s Joy–Somethingtreasured), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09Y20,000, W.

Dontrainonmyparade (Leading the Parade—Outa Abou Ti), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 09W1,000, PL.

Jenlen (Lemon Drop Kid—Gender Dance), 3×3 Miesque, 09W75,000, UR.

Stirred Up (Lemon Drop Kid—Summer Delight), 3×5 Lassie Dear, 5×5 Missy Baba, 09W120,000, GPW.

King Lemon (Lemon Drop Kid–Cotopaxi), 5x5x5 Busanda, 09Y15,000, UR.

Kid You Not (Lemon Drop Kid—Eliza’s Time), 5×5 Special, 09Y25,000, W.

Expense (Lemon Drop Kid–Exhilaration), 5×4 Special, 09Y30,000, UR.

Fantastic Kid (Lemon Drop Kid—Fact of Matter), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 09Y25,000, W.

Lemon Hard (Lemon Drop Kid—Hot Weekend), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 09Y20,000, W.

Lemon Peel (Lemon Drop Kid—Lunar Colony), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 09Y8,000, W.

Thetartankangaroo (Lemon Drop Kid—Myth to Reality), 5×4 Special, 09T450,000, UP.

Went West (Lemon Drop Kid—Silky Finish), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 09Y180,000, UP.

Guadalupanita (Lemon Drop Kid–Teresia), 3×5 Lassie Dear, 09Y7,000, W.

Citrus Kid (Lemon Drop Kid—Orange Ice), 5×4 Missy Baba, 09T50,000, W.

My Wild One (Librettist–Rinskia), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, W.

Jacobo (Lightning N Thunder—Tenacious D), 5×5 Natalma, 09T11,000, W.

Golden Wheels (Limehouse–Divine), 5×3 Sugar Plum Time, 09W7,500, W.

House Lady (Limehouse—Pristine Lady), 5×5 Tamerett, 09W5,000, UR.

Quay Lime Guy (Limehouse—Radcliffe Yard), 5×5 Tamerett, 09T150,000, W.

Summer Games (Limehouse—Say Im Great), 5×5 Tamerett, 09T47,000, W.

Lionquake (Lion Heart—Earthquake Ride), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09W55,000, UR.

Berry Street (Lion Heart–Bounceberry), 4×4 Narrate, 09Y12,000, W.

She Is a Lioness (Lion Heart—Meadow Girl), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09Y50,000, W.

Madmadskillz (Lion Heart—Nikki A), 5×5 Gold Digger, 09Y4,500, W.

Macho La Papa (Macho Uno—Dance Kat), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y18,000, UP.

Sensationalmystery (Macho Uno—Forest Mystery), 4×4 Ta Wee, 09Y45,000, PL.

Macho Heart (Macho Uno—Ribbon Candi), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y30,000, UR.

Indulgence (Macho Uno—Forbidden Kiss), 5×5 Aspidistra, 09T360,000, GPW.

Supreme Miss (Macho Uno—Selena Rose), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09T20,000, W.

One Giant Leap (Malibu Moon–Initial), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09W40,000, UR.

Malibu Sam (Malibu Moon—Run with the Spirit), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 09Y50,000, W.

Joachim (Margie’s Wildcat—Amy ‘n Jill), 5×5 Somethingoryal, 09Y38,766, UP.

No Paparazzi (Mass Media—Princess Lana), 4×4 Cool Mood, 09Y1,900, W.

Drivebymedia (Mass Media—Sub Rosa), 5x4x5 Shenanigans, 09Y4,000, W.

Absolute Priority (Master Command—Jack’s Touch), 5x5x5 Somethingroyal, 09W55,000, UR.

Live From New York (Master Command—News At Ten), 4×4 My Charmer, 09W35,000, UR.

Double Moca (Mecke—Sea Span), 4×5 Fool-Me-Not, 09T11,000, W.

Sempre in Oro (Medaglia d’Oro–Dazed), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09W110,000, W.

Elton Dorney (Medaglia d’Oro—Sweet and Firm), 5×5 Special, 09W170,000, PL.

Reluctant Heroine (Medaglia d’Oro–Dazed), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09Y100,000, UP.

Chatsworth (Medaglia d’Oro—Kendall Hill), 5×4 Special, 09Y875,000, UR.

Gaya Myeongpum (Medaglia d’Oro—La Danielle), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09Y4,000, UP.

Providential Bid (Medaglai d’Oro—Lady Wildcat), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09Y210,000, W.

Tassimo (Medaglia d’Oro–Margy), 5×4 Special, 09Y180,000, UR.

Cedula d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro—Mary Goodnight), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09Y250,000, UR.

Top the Podium (Medaglia d’Oro—My Vintage Port), 5×5 Special, 09Y55,704, W.

Monie Bay (Medaglia d’Oro—Royal Feat), 5×5 Special, 09Y30,000, W.

Solar d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro—Solar Fire), 5×4 Special, 09Y147,500, W.

Golden Chimes (Medaglia d’Oro—Ting a Folie), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y255,000, UR.

Bella Medaglia (Medaglia d’Oro—Ten’s Testamony), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 09T200,000, W.

Blue Patz (Medicean—Blue Duster), 5x5x4 Natalma, 09Y6,000, UR.

Indygo Girlfriend (Midway Road—Indy’s Roar), 5×5 Admiring, 09T2,500, W.

Barely Nothing (Millennium Wind—Paisley Park), 4×4 Cap and Bells, 09T8,000, W.

Martin’s Pride (Milwaukee Brew–Kuruga), 4×5 Shenanigans, 09T30,000, W.

Geomeun Yuhok (Milwaukee Brew—Little Ruthie), 4×4 Shenanigans, 09T20,000, W.

Palech (Mineshaft—Que Belle), 4×3 My Charmer, 09Y130,000, W.

Mystic May (Mineshaft—Quick Tip), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y50,000, W.

Yomybato (Mineshaft—Secondary School), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y27,000, W.

Lassie of Mine (Mineshift—Unbridled Lassie), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 09Y35,000, W.

Fairy Reef (Mingun—Ice Gala), 4×4 Special, 09Y4,000, UR.

Wally Mandruko (Mingun—Iron Vein), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09T5,000, PL.

Nehru (Mingun—Run Early Run Fast), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09T60,000, SPW.

Merry Mast (Mizzen Mast—Dancing Shoes), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 09W70,000, W.

Mist of May (Mizzen Mast—Painting the Town), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 09Y5,000, UP.

No Mo Dancing (Momentum—Baja Dancer), 5×5 Grey Flight, 09Y1,000, UR.

Princess of Cash (Momentum–Collection), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, UR.

Daniel’s Son (Monarchos—River Dyna), 5×4 On the Trail, 09T15,000, UP.

My Sister Sandy (Montbrook–Melegant), 4×5 Bebop II, 09Y15,000, W.

Bianca Queen (Montbrook—Cricket Box), 4×3 Old Bess, 09T35,000, W.

The Best Lawyer (More Than Ready—Miss Trinidad), 4×4 Cosmah, 09W40,000, W.

Morethanforever (More Than Ready—Aurelia), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y100,000, PL.

Summer Screamer (More Than Ready–Casuarina), 5×5 Shama, 09Y100,000, PL.

Been There Buddy (More Than Ready—Citron Moon), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y3,700, W.

Priceless Design (More Than Ready—Great Design), 3×3 Northern Sea, 09Y300,000, PL.

No Gus No Glory (More Than Ready–Heliotrope), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y83,556, W.

Winning for Money (More Than Ready—Married for Money), 5×5 Intriguing, 09Y8,500, W.

Kappy (More Than Ready–Seefinn), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y50,000, W.

Kasla (More Than Ready—Should Excell), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y45,000, UP.

Party Goer (More Than Ready—Grand Gala), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T145,000, UR.

Swinginfromarainbo (More Than Ready–Liszy), 5×5 Intriguing, 09T70,000, PL.

Unnamed (Mr. Greeley–Lileagh), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09W170,000, UR.

Mullins Way (Mr. Greeley–Aljawza), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y2,000, W.

Fly Dragonfly (Mr. Greeley—Fly Borboleta), 5×5 Raise You, 09Y15,000, W.

Mr. Chango (Mr. Greeley—Island Queen), 4×4 Tamerett, U09Y2,200, UP.

Teton Jackson (Mr. Greeley—Jane’s the Name), 5×5 Tamerett, 09Y150,000, PL.

Yasmeena (Mr. Greeley—La Cucaracha), 4×5 Tamerett, 09Y330,000, W.

Unnamed (Mr. Greeley—Peaks Mill), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y125,000, UR.

Black Soul (Mull of Kintyre—Shimmering Palette), 5×4 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, W.

Ziva D. (Mutakddim—Cash Counter), 4×4 Numbered Account, 09Y10,000, W.

Naval Attack (Mutakddim—Navy Silks), 5×4 Busanda, 09Y37,136, SP.

Flashy Maxine (My Friend Max—Flashy Frosty), 5×4 Plum Cake, 09Y1,700, W.

Jubilant Jenny (Najran–Mersaides), 4×4 Too Bald, 09Y1,700, UP.

Fairy Road (Niigon–Seanachai), 4×5 Special, 5×5 Grand Splendor, 09Y64,988, PL.

Hypnotized (Northern Afleet–Delighted), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09Y36,000, W.

Unnamed (North Light—Baby Book), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09W1,000, UR.

South Light (North Light—Dixie’s Revenge), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09W1,000, W.

Astral Weeks (North Light—Cullberg Ballet), 5x5x4 Natalma, 09Y32,000, UP.

Karlee Lights (North Light—Flaming Dixie), 5x5x4 Natalma, 09Y1,200, UR.

Storm Derrianne (North Light—Stormy Gal), 5x5x5 Natalma, 09Y5,500, W.

Dunav (North Light—Trop Special), 5x5x4 Natalma, 09Y1,200, UP.

Jack Sensical (Not For Love—Sadler’s Sarah), 3×4 Numbered Account, 09W47,000, W.

Love the Bear (Not For Love—Bag of Stars), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y4,500, UP.

Much Love (Not For Love—Buff ‘n Polish), 3×3 Numbered Account, 3×4 Gold Digger, 09Y26,000, W.

Dear Rachel (Not For Love—Hunting Valley), 3×4 Numbered Account, 09Y5,000, W.

Greece (Not For Love—Coney Island Girl), 3×3 Numbered Account, 09T30,000, W.

Petecarol (Not For Love—Diva Girl), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T70,000, SPW.

Captain Alley (Officer—Apology Accepted), 3×3 Gentle Hands, 09Y8,000, UP.

Stonecoldsteamer (Offlee Wild—Hot Blooded), 4×5 Shenanigans, 09W28,000, W.

Cheerupsleepyjean (Offlee Wild—Dyna Mae), 3×3 Andover Way, 09Y2,500, W.

Big Code (Omega Code—Big City Joy), 5×5 Tamerett, 09Y5,000, W.

Dusty’s Code (Omega Code—Dusty Sparkle), 5×5 Too Blad, 09T12,000, W.

One Nice Roanoke (One Nice Cat—Virginia Witch), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 09Y1,900, W.

Canaima (Orientate—Sealed in Gold), 5×5 Spring Run, 09Y10,500, W.

Cuz’n Dick (Osidy—Seattle Jingle), 4×4 My Charmer, 09W200, UR.

Louisiana Mist (Osidy—Supah Kelly), 4×5 My Charmer, 09W200, UR.

Homegoing (Osidy–Homecoming), 4×5 My Charmer, 09Y3,500, UR.

Cajun Bar King (Osidy—Hyding in Malibu), 4×5 My Charmer, 09Y1,300, W.

Osidy Again (Osidy—Let Joy Reign), 4×4 My Charmer, 09Y5,000, W.

Fox’nfiddle (Osidy—M. A. Fox), 4×5 My Charmer, 09Y5,000, PL.

My Dream Catcher (Outflanker—Halo’s Security), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09W2,850, W.

Outofsiteoutofmind (Out of Place—Never a Bride), 5×5 Exclusive, 09Y20,000, W.

Starship Ruler (Peace Rules–Laces), 5×5 Natalma, 09W3,700, UR.

Amadorable (Peace Rules–Amaday), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y12,500, W.

Cocodrilo (Peace Rules–Flambeau), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y23,000, W.

Peace Hunter (Peace Rules—Load Up), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y23,000, UR.

Theslayerinthelane (Peace Rules—Moonshine Girl), 5x5x5 Natalma, 5×5 Continue, 09Y12,000, W.

Miss April Miss (Peace Rules—Si Si Gem), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y1,500, PL.

Im a Sweet Ride (Peace Rules–Simmerette), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y3,500, UR.

J’s Peace Tamboa (Peace Rules—Three’s Perfect), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y5,200, PL.

Ice Rules (Peace Rules—Trial On Ice), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y6,000, W.

Changing the Rules (Peace Rules—War At the Top), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y37,000, SPW.

Mis Pardner Rules (Peace Rules—Dinner Pardner), 5×5 Natalma, 09T35,000, SPW.

Fergus Mac Roich (Peace Rules—Klassic Kick), 5×5 Natalma, 09T10,000, W.

Unnamed (Peace Rules–Roulette), 5×5 Natalma, 09T40,000, UR.

No Peace At All (Peace Rules—She’s So Unusual), 5×4 Natalma, 09T52,000, W.

Birimbao (Perfect Soul—Eagle Lake), 4×5 Natalma, 5×5 Exclusive, 09Y35,000, W.

Apollo Skyknight (Perfect Soul—Royal Wonder), 4×5 Special, 09Y14,000, W.

Bella Victoria (Perfect Soul—Victorious Vice), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y2,200, UP.

Madelineville (Petionville—No No Perdomo), 4×5 Broadway, 09Y3,200, W.

Taino (Petitionville—Quiet Whisper), 5×5 Lady Be Good, 09T15,000, SPW.

Rob the Cradle (Philanthropist—Devine Decadence), 4×5 Gold Digger, 09Y6,490, W.

Pal Petey (Pioneering—Keen On Charlie), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y5,000, W.

Apache Kid (Pioneering—My Necessity), 4×5 Raise You, 09Y5,000, UR.

White Fire (Pioneering—Motel Nurse), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 09T11,000, UR.

Miss Bo Jingles (Pleasant Tap—Dior’s Angel), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 09Y9,284, PL.

Kaleidostar (Polish Rifle–Stratocaster), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09T1,450, W.

Just Great (Political Force–Retained), 5×4 Foggy Note, 09W8,000, UP.

Red Torpedo (Popular—Skipping Beats), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, W.

Cougarette (Popular–Catalass), 3×4 Ballade, 09T3,000, W.

Summer Sizzle (Popular—Summer Bay), 5×5 Northirdchance, 09T1,400, W.

Southern Daria (Porto Foricos—Southern Cat), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y4,500, UR.

Drink and a Wink (Posse—Lucky Wink), 5×4 Ballade, 09Y1,000, W.

Vigilare (Posse–Prieska), 5×4 Ballade, 09Y1,113, W.

Pecky’s Boy (Posse—Way Sassy), 5×5 Ballade, 09T6,000, W.

Aquit (Posse—Positive Energy), 5×5 Bramalea, 09T50,000, W.

Halo’spower (Powerscourt—Halo Halo Halo), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y1,800, UR.

Overpower (Powerscourt—Momentary Hope), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y180,000, W.

Beat the Buzzer (Powerscourt—Scaife Road), 4×5 Special, 09Y6,500, UR.

Maine (Powerscourt–Shriving), 5×5 Lalun, 09Y5,000, UR.

Range Man (Powerscourt—Bees ‘n’ Money), 5×4 Thong, 09T4,500, W.

Tequila Tonight (Powerscourt—Margarita Maggie), 4×4 Special, 09T9,500, W.

Match Stick (Prime Timber—Aaron’s Terms), 5×4 Shenanigans, 09T27,000, W.

Space Probes Quest (Private Terms—Space Probe), 2×4 Laughter, 09T4,500, W.

Currahee Assault (Proud Citizen–Marialua), 5×5 Natalma, 09W40,000, W.

Citizen’s Charter (Proud Citizen–Outsource), 5×4 Natalma, 09W150,000, W.

Woollahra (Proud Citizen–Woolloomooloo), 5x5x5 Natalma, 4×5 Tamerett, 09W10,000, W.

T Man Rocks (Proud Citizen–Febrile), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 09Y22,000, W.

Legal Citizen (Proud Citizen—Inoma Slew), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y70,000, W.

Prana (Proud Citizen–Javana), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y16,500, UP.

Citoyen Style (Proud Citizen—Not My Style), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y1,700, W.

Summer Frolic (Pulpit—Summer Raven), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09W275,000, PL.

Zpazio (Pure Prize—Creeker’s Surprise), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y20,000, W.

Pure Ambition (Pure Prize—Great Deep Bay), 5×5 Broadway, 09Y1,500, W.

Bliteymania (Pure Prize—Loping Along), 4×2 Blitey, 09T7,000, W.

Gana Gata (Purge—Nite Cat), 4×4 Narrate, 09W2,000, W.

Cardsontablefaceup (Purge–Persona), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 09Y13,000, W.

Sensationista (Purge—True Sensation), 5×5 Fool-Me-Not, 09Y42,000, UR.

Squeakin Bye (Purge—Wild Alizone), 5×4 My Charmer, 09Y6,000, UP.

Cape Cod Carrie (Purge–Bet), 5×3 State, 09T110,000, W.

Big Shot Dan (Purge–Sydneyleigh), 4×4 Narrate, 09T5,000, UR.

Final Topping (Purge—Unbridled Nan), 5×5 Gold Digger, 09T12,000, W.

Patienceisavirtue (Purim—Magical Magdalene), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 09W1,500, W.

Put and Take (Put It Back—Atlantic Hero), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 09Y6,000, SPW.

Prado R (Put It Back—Bella Fortuna), 5×5 Grey Flight, 09Y2,200, W.

Get Back Kat (Put It Back–Katoshu), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 09Y15,000, W.

Samgwan Pilseung (Put It Back—Art’s Sugar), 5×5 Grey Flight, 09T20,000, W.

Keenus From Louisa (Quest–Louisa), 3×3 Mysterious Star, 09Y1,700, W.

Vouch for Victory (Quest–Vouch), 4×4 Broadway, 09Y1,200, W.

Rattlin Gypsy (Quest–Louisa), 3×3 Mysterious Star, 09T18,000, SPW.

Take the Stage (Quiet American–Amazone), 4×5 Grand Splendor, 09Y13,000, UR.

Compensation (Rahy—Going Low), 5×5 Soaring, 09Y70,000, W.

Money Ray (Rahy–Meiosis), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y12,000, UR.

Mit Hy (Rahy—Plenty of Grace), 5×4 Soaring, 09Y130,000, UP.

The Other Angel (Rahy—Rookie Magic), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y20,000, UR.

Ra Ra Penteli (Ra Ra Superstar—Penteli de Gras), 5×4 Ballade, 09Y400, PL.

Eli’s Comin (Read the Footnotes–Tatooma), 5×5 Lady Dulcinea, 09T80,000, W.

Leicester Beat (Refuse to Bend–Monaassabaat), 4×4 Special, 09Y47,000, W.

For B. and W. (Repent–Bamboula), 5×5 Grey Flight, 09T6,500, W.

Go for Dough (Repent—Fight On Hillary), 5×5 Grey Flight, 09T5,500, W.

Hard Prospector (Rock Prospector–Merit), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09Y3,000, W.

Tizrocknroll (Rockport Harbor—Tiz the Day), 5×5 Incantation, 09W39,000, W.

Miss Tiny Rolecks (Rockport Harbor—Tiny Watch), 4×3 Susan’s Girl, 09Y17,000, W.

Roman Innocence (Roman Ruler—Shannon’s Innocent), 5×3 Pas de Nom, 09Y3,500, W.

Roman Bluff (Roman Ruler—May Day Bluff), 4×3 Rowdy Angel, 09T47,000, PL.

Olmo What Else (Royal Academy—Flaming Bay), 4×5 Flaring Top, 09Y7,500, PL.

Royal Johanna (Royal Academy–Johanna), 2×5 Crimson Saint, 09Y5,500, W.

Four New Tires (Royal Academy—See the Glow), 5×4 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, UR.

Royal Paddy (Royal Academy—Pleasant Camille), 4×5 Natalma, 09T3,700, W.

Saar Like an Eagle (Saarland—Go Honey), 5×5 Exclusive, 09T2,700, UR.

Keeping It Asecret (Saarland—Preservation Hall), 3×4 Ten Cents a Dance, 09T16,000, W.

Her’s a Girl (Sabre d’Argent—Soldier’s Siren), 5×5 Gold Digger, 09Y1,000, W.

Bold Occurance (Saint Anddan—In Conference), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09W19,000, W.

N’awlins Band (Satchmo’s Band–Onalesa), 5x5x5 Cosmah, 09Y400, UR.

Scrabblecat (Scat Daddy—Icu Later), 5×5 Flaming Page, 09W13,000, W.

Anonymous Donor (Scat Daddy—Thai Lilac), 4×3 Yarn, 09W50,000, W.

Isthmael (Scrimshaw–Preciosa), 5×4 Slapton Sands, 09T75,000, W.

Missisee (Seeking the Best—Taps Return), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 09W1,601, W.

Shaky Lady (Shakespeare—Silver Nithi), 4×4 Special, 09W23,000, W.

Decker West (Shaniko—Castelli’s Dance), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y27,852, UP.

Hegemonic (Shaniko—Dancing Liebling), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y5,000, UR.

Ivan R (Shaniko—Sass It), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y1,100, UR.

Bounty Regent (Silver Deputy—Elegant Colors), 5×5 Victoriana, 09Y1,113, UP.

The A. Train (Silver Train—A Real Lady), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 09Y62,000, W.

King Tomate (Silver Train—Scatter the Crowd), 5×5 Fleur, 09Y57,000, W.

Unnamed (Silver Train—Sincerely Susan), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 09Y2,000, UR.

Contessa’s Voyage (Silver Train—Starship Contessa), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 09Y2,200, PL.

Ottoman (Singletary—Lady Taba), 5×5 Leallah, 09Y10,153, PL.

Flash and Class (Sky Classic—See the Glow), 5×4 Almahmoud, 09T3,500, W.

Amiata (Sky Mesa—Best Friend), 5×4 Won’t Tell You, 09Y65,000, UR.

Dr. Jajo (Sky Mesa–Hawayil), 4×4 La Mesa, 09Y16,000, W.

Enchanted Mesa (Sky Mesa—Sweet Solairo), 3×3 La Affirmed, 09Y20,000, W.

City So Cool (Slew City Slew—Be So Cool), 3×4 My Charmer, 09Y3,200, UR.

Mari Gold Girl (Sligo Bay—Honey Eyed), 5×4 Thong, 09T6,000, W.

Fraqtus (Smart Strike—Between the Clouds), 3×3 No Class, 09Y150,000, UR.

Miss Matchless (Smart Strike—See the Wind), 3×3 No Class, 09Y200,000, PL.

Cloud Illusions (Smarty Jones–Ilusoria), 5x5x5 Gold Digger, 09Y60,000, W.

Art Matters (Smoke Glacken–Ashboro), 4×4 Gold Digger, 09T1,800, UR.

True for You (Snow Ridge—Precious Life), 5×5 Missy Baba, 09Y1,200, W.

No Snow (Snow Ridge–Decorette), 5×4 Missy Baba, 09T5,500, UP.

Crownthatbird (So Long Birdie–Coronita), 5x5x5 Somethingroyal, 09Y700, W.

La Monda (Songandaprayer—Queen Evelyn), 5×3 Straight Deal, 09T10,000, W.

Als My Pal (Soto—Miss Aciss), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09T17,000, UR.

Eighty Million (Southern Image—Bird to the Wire), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y35,000, W.

Southern Heat Wave (Southern Image—Cindy Embers), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y7,000, W.

Sky’s Sugar Rush (Southern Image—In the Lea), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09Y1,700, UP.

Ms Margaritaville (Southern Image—Love Ballad), 5×5 Who’s to Know, 09T20,000, W.

Cozamotion (Special Rate—Wishes n’ Dreams), 4×4 Special, 09T15,000, W.

A Shin J One (Speightstown—Motel Lass), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y335,000, W.

Born Flirt (Speightstown—Rokeby Rosie), 5×4 Pocahontas, 09Y25,000, W.

Very Speightstown (Speightstown—Very Very), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 09Y95,000, W.

Court Dress (Speightstown—Well Dressed), 5×5 Pocahontas, 09Y350,000, UR.

Bess’ Dream (Star Dabbler—Apache Babe), 4×5 Suspicious Native, 09Y22,000, W.

Highland Crop (Star of the Crop—Miss Highland Ice), 4×5 Grey Flight, 09T550, UR.

Another Peppi (Stephen Got Even—Lady Esther), 4×4 My Charmer, 09W5,000, W.

Stephenette (Stephen Got Even—Lady Esther), 4×4 My Charmer, 09Y4,500, W.

Sneakers (Storm Boot—Don’t Be Silly), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y37,000, W.

Gallery of Storms (Storm Boot—Picture Gallery), 3×4 Drumtop, 09Y11,000, W.

Z Breeze (Storm Boot—Raria), 3×4 Drumtop, 09Y20,000, W.

Kentucky Boots (Storm Boot—Taste the Joy), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y1,200, W.

Fifty Five It Is (Storm Boot—Sandpiper), 3×4 Drumtop, 09T55,000, UR.

Kitness (Storm Cat–Firmness), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09Y140,000, W.

Sorgho (Storm Cat–Gombeen), 4×4 Natalma, 09Y70,000, W.

Danger Intention (Storm Day—S’Mor Sunshine), 3×4 Golden Trail, 09Y3,700, W.

Unnamed (Stormello–Luvulongtime), 5×4 Summertime Promise, 09W25,000, UR.

Our Crimson Tide (Stormy Atlantic—Easy ‘n Gold), 5×3 Alluvial, 09Y1,000, W.

Fierce Prospect (Stormy Atlantic—Iron Feather), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y25,437, PL.

No Chargeback (Stormy Atlantic—Megan’s Halo), 4×5 South Ocean, 09Y20,000, UP.

Casa Tua (Stormy Atlantic—Mia Casa Grande), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y35,000, UP.

Strategic Dame (Strategic Mission—Subtle Song), 3×4 Sunny Dame, 09Y2,500, W.

Path of Glory (Strategic Mission—Terrified Ice), 4×5 Shenanigans, 09Y12,000, W.

Phychadellic (Street Cry–Galeta), 5×5 Natalma, 09W190,000, W.

Dukestown (Street Cry—Ascot Starre), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y300,000, UR.

Bia Don’t Cry (Street Cry—Born Something), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y30,000, UR.

Mr Easy Street (Street Cry—Cayman Agressor), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y50,000, UR.

Aloneinthestreet (Street Cry—Crown of Jewels), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y170,000, W.

Wall Dance (Street Cry—Dance for Dixie), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y400,000, W.

Miss Nicole (Street Cry—Dot Dot Dash), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y125,000, UR.

Orchid Street (Street Cry—Ella Eria), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y56,000, W.

Street Swagger (Street Cry–Etiole), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y275,000, W.

Theresmusicplaying (Street Cry—Foolish Kisses), 5×4 Cosmah, 09Y150,000, W.

Binks Forest (Street Cry—Joan Joan Joan), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y62,000, W.

Riot Police (Street Cry—Lords Guest), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y190,000, PL.

Ugo (Street Cry—Min Elreeh), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y17,000, W.

Carol’s Street (Street Cry—Summer Symphony), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y17,000, GPW.

Southern State (Street Cry–Tigi), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y225,000, W.

Sumerian (Street Cry—War Belle), 5×5 Cosmah, 09Y230,000, W.

Sounds of the City (Street Cry—Welcome Home), 5×4 Natalma, 09Y110,000, SPW.

Bird Cry (Street Cry—Pay Bird), 5×4 Natalma, 09T75,000, UP.

Liquid Lou (Strong Hope—Loving Miss), 3×3 Solar, 09Y25,067, PL.

Renegade Man (Strut the Stage—Northern Fleet), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09W16,016, W.

Megha (Strut the Stage–Mehek), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y6,675, W.

Born to Boogie (Strut the Stage—Northern Fleet), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y37,136, W.

Suave Voir Faire (Suave—Avie’s Song), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y30,000, GPW.

Brothers Outlaw (Suave—Belle Story), 5×5 Goofed, 09Y7,500, W.

Talkeetna Shuffle (Suave—Gratorious), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y4,000, UP.

Soy Altruista (Suave—Salsa City), 5×5 Goofed, 09Y20,000, W.

Unnamed (Sun King—Nitty Gritty), 5×5 Shenanigans, 09Y1,000, UR.

Californiacarpool (Sugar’s Saint—Lorena Lorena), 3×4 Ballade, 09T5,500, W.

Irish Break (Sunday Break—Irish Line), 4×5 Gold Digger, 09Y1,200, W.

Chant My Name (Survivalist–Evanthia), 3×4 Con Game, 09Y92,840, W.

Tested (Sweetsouthernsaint—Dance Somar), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T7,000, PL.

Storming Saint (Sweetsouthernsaint—Tomisue’s Storm), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T12,000, W.

Jackson N Humboldt (Tale of the Cat—Intend to Win), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y150,000, W.

Zizi Cat (Tale of the Cat—Zizi Top), 5×5 Monarchy, 09Y20,000, W.

Walkingonadream (Tapit—Cherokee Diva), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 09W65,000, UP.

Tapits Wildcat (Tapit–Lempicka), 4×4 Narrate, 09W55,000, W.

Duzy Jasko (Tapit—Sum Delightful Gem), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 09W21,000, W.

Vroni (Tapit—Abby’s Magic), 4×4 Gana Facil, 09Y5,000, W.

Arta B Tappin (Tapit–Arta), 5×5 Flaming Page, 09Y75,000, SPW.

Vodianova (Tapit–Chalonnaise), 5×4 Foggy Note, 09Y220,000, UP.

Tapping (Tapit–Chaseafallenstar), 5×4 Foggy Note, 09Y16,100, UP.

Tahltan (Tapit—Indian Town), 4×3 Moon Glitter, 09Y65,000, SPW.

Benergy (Tapit—Pearly Beach), 5×5 Foggy Note, 09Y130,000, GPW.

Hollywood Fierce (Tapit—Proud Rose), 5×4 Foggy Note, 09Y70,000, SPW.

Murray the Cop (Tapit—Storming Way), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y14,000, W.

Person of Interest (Tapit—Oriole Way), 4×3 Gana Facil, 09T31,000, W.

Touching Beauty (Tapit–Victory Road), 5×5 Killaloe, 09T235,000, W.

Treme (Tejano Run—Love Whisper), 4×4 Khazaeen, 09Y4,177, UP.

Strike Me Fast (Tenpins—Old Ruth), 5×5 Golden Beach, 09Y5,200, PL.

Strike Man (Tenpins—Perfect Time), 5×5 Golden Beach, 09Y13,000, UP.

Classic Ten (Tenpins–Tyendenega), 4×3 No Class, 09Y36,207, W.

Lola’stheatrical (Theatrical—Lola’s Dancer), 5x5x5 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, W.

Kuraga (Theatrical—Make My Heart Sing), 3×5 Special, 09Y9,500, UR.

King of the Creek (Theatrical–Miasma), 5×5 Rough Shod II, 09Y95,000, W.

Unnamed (Theatrical–Teleology), 5×4 Almahmoud, 09Y1,000, UR.

Queteparececholito (Three Wonders—Simply Perfect), 3×3 Terlingua, 09Y5,000, W.

Ordinary Time (Time Bandit—Quest Mount), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 09Y3,000, W.

Wonzit (Tiznow—Glittering Tax), 4×5 Foggy Note, 09Y85,000, PL.

Fantasy of Flight (Tiznow—Positive Energy), 4×5 Foggy Note, 09Y725,000, GPW.

Egipcio (Tiznow—Song of Angels), 4×5 Incantation, 09Y37,000, PL.

Jenny’s Touch (Touch Gold—My Jenny), 5x5x4 Natalma, 09Y15,000, W.

Ballistic Trac (Trajectory—Di Carlo’s Destiny), 3×4 Secrettame, 09Y928, UP.

Liza Storm (Tribal Rule–Tantalizing), 3×4 Bad Seed, 09Y1,500, W.

Ruling Princess (Tribal Rule—Courtly Colors), 3×4 Bad Seed, 09Y1,500, UP.

Tribal Queen (Tribal Rule—Decisive Pirate), 3×3 Bad Seed, 09Y1,000, UR.

Sweet Siouxsie (Tribal Rule–Exposee), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 09Y6,200, W.

Natives R Restless (Tribal Rule—Smooth Customer), 2×3 Sown, 09Y35,000, UR.

Youvegotthatright (Tribal Rule—Smooth Customer), 2×3 Sown, 09T32,000, W.

Kat’s Trip (Trippi—Wanna Kat), 5×4 Gold Digger, 09Y19,000, PL.

Treasure Trip (Trippi—Clever Treasure), 5×5 Enchanted Eve, 09T10,000, W.

Sunlight Sonata (Unbridled’s Song—Storm Away), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 09Y340,000, SPW.

Denman (Uncle Denny—Fountain Ridge), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 09Y1,000, UP.

Specially Blessed (Unforgettable Max—Exquisite Cassie), 5×5 Special, 09T12,000, W.

Siyah Sister (Untuttable—Siyah Marie), 5x4x4 Gold Digger, 09T16,000, W.

Valid Climb (Valid Expectations–Climb), 4×5 Fool-Me-Not, 09Y10,000, W.

Two for One (Value Plus—Bud Draft Please), 5×4 Charedi, 09Y10,000, W.

Little Roy (Van Nistelrooy–Meadowfold), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 09Y3,000, W.

Nistel’s Annette (Van Nistelrooy—Woody n June), 5×5 Almahmoud, 09T9,000, PL.

Girlysgotitgoinon (Vicar—Live in a Canoe), 5×4 Best In Show, 09T3,500, W.

Vindi Princess (Vindication—Zuppardo Ardo), 5×4 Teleran, 09W22,000, W.

Indigo Vision (Vision and Verse—Glorious Purple), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 09Y600, PL.

Dee’s Royal Victor (Vying Victor—Dee’s Love), 4×4 Victoriana, 09Y14,768, PL.

Mr. Victorious (Vying Victor—Somefabulous Miss), 5×3 Somethingroyal, 09Y9,230, W.

Touch of the Wand (Wando–Aoife), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 09Y3,249, UR.

Cristova (Wando—Grannydad’s Girl), 3×3 Royal Colleen, 09Y17,000, W.

Chanttoomuch (War Chant—Heavenly Spirits), 5×4 Almahmoud, 09W3,500, UP.

Wanted Poster (Wheelaway—The Midnightrobber), 5×5 Enchanted Eve, 09T30,000, W.

Chango (Where’s the Ring—Loupe Grace), 4×5 Gold Digger, 09Y4,517, UP.

Fighting Indy (Whiff of Indy—Honest Effort), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 09Y500, UP.

Sheba’s Weed (Whiff of Indy—Star of Sheba), 5×4 Lady Be Good, 09Y200, UR.

Thunder T (Wildcat Heir—Jr. T), 5×5 Sherry Jen, 09Y10,000, W.

Winner Trophy (Wildcat Heir–Paintyourwagon), 4×3 Terlingua, 09Y8,000, W.

Theonemuggz (Wildcat Heir—My Very Own Muggle), 4×5 Charedi, 09T5,000, PL.

Doc Can Dance (Wild Zone—Sparky Can Dance), 5×5 Flaming Page, 09Y9,000, W.

No Wire (Wire Me Collect–Nowhere), 4×4 Shenanigans, 09Y600, UP.

Apache Trail (With Distinction—Saratoga Ball), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 09Y9,000, W.

Unnamed (Woke Up Dreamin—Kickapoo Princess), 5×5 Aspidistra, 09T18,000, UR.

Dawson’s Chance (Yankee Gentleman–Winterose), 4×5 Bad Seed, 09Y1,000, UP.

Tidal Pool (Yankee Gentleman—Sea Rhythm), 4×4 Bad Seed, 09T220,000, W.

Yankee Romance (Yankee Gentleman—Winter Romance), 4×5 Bad Seed, 09T52,000, W.

Intrepid Dancer (Yes It’s True–Ronique), 4×3 Monique Rene, 09W25,000, W.

Silent Fright (Yes It’s True—Val Marie), 5×5 Shenanigans, 09Y175,000, W.

Chac Mool (Yes It’s True—Valid Affect), 5×5 Miss Disco, 09Y8,500, W.

Papa Jiggs (Yes It’s True–Impolite), 5×5 Shenanigans, 09T140,000, W.

Neverhappenedbefore (Zavata—Royal Navy), 5×4 Shenanigans, 09Y2,600, PL.

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