Rasmussen Factor Qualifiers Sold in 2010

Below is a list of all the RF qualifiers (stakes winners already listed omitted) sold as weanlings, yearlings, or two-year-olds in North America in 2010. Listed for each foal is its name, pedigree (sire–dam), description of the inbreeding, price, and a brief summation of its racing class (W for winner, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, etc.). The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (pretty much the order in which I found them).

Unnamed (Aeneas—Wooden Shoe’s), 4×5 All Beautiful, 10Y800, UR.

Leaping (Afleet Alex–Esher), 5×5 Special, 10Y130,000, UR.

Market Star (After Market–Sixta), 5×4 Ballade, 10W1,000, W.

Night Raptor (After Market–Evangel), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y4,000, UP.

Federation (After Market—Winter Romance), 3×3 Winters’ Love, 10Y1,000, UR.

Palace Guard (After Market—Winterose), 3×3 Winters’ Love, 10Y4,000, UR.

Here Comes Zim (Afternoon Deelites—Pyrite Missy), 4×4 Fanfreluche, 10Y5,000, UR.

Not Wanted (Afternoon Deelites—Upper Echelon), 4×5 Numbered Account, 10Y1,500, UR.

Divine Spell (Alphabet Soup–Divinatory), 4×4 Chambord, 10Y5,000, PL.

I’ll Be Home Soon (Anasheed—Fancy ‘n Fabulous), 5×3 Somethingroyal, 10T4,200, W.

Mr Saturday (Any Given Saturday—After Tea), 5×4 Gold Digger, 10Y50,000, PL.

Mexican Error (Anziyan Royalty—Lovely Aspen), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10T1,000, W.

Rude Warrior (A.P. Indy–Raylene), 5×5 Missy Baba, 10Y50,000, UP.

Northern Indy (A.P. Indy—Polish Nana), 5×5 Glamour, 10T170,000, GPW.

Kim’s Way (Aptitude—Kim Le), 3×4 Alluvial, 10Y1,200, W.

Candy and Nuts (A. P. Warrior—All Charm), 4×3 Demure, 5×4 South Ocean, 10Y9,500, SPW.

Warrior’s Hit (A. P. Warrior—Full Moon Tonight), 5×4 South Ocean, 10Y9,000, W.

Thunder Moccasin (A. P. Warrior—One Stormy Mama), 5×4 South Ocean, 10Y95,000, W.

A. P. Corsair (A. P. Warrior—Polly Alexander), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 10Y20,000, W.

Private Warrior (A. P. Warrior—Private Pouf), 5×4 South Ocean, 10Y47,000, W.

Hidden Warrior (A. P. Warrior—Road to Mandalay), 5×5 South Ocean, 10Y85,000, PL.

A. P. Stelluchella (A. P. Warrior–Stelluchella), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10Y1,000, W.

La Perlita (A. P. Warrior—Swan River), 5×5 South Ocean, 10Y2,700, UP.

Warrior’s Moon (A. P. Warrior—Full Moon Tonight), 5×4 South Ocean, 10T5,000, W.

Hawk Warrior (A. P. Warrior—Girl Gone Crazy), 5×4 South Ocean, 10Y335,000, W.

Notting Tomorrow (Aragorn—Notting Hill), 5×5 Natalma, 10W10,000, W.

Auditora (Aragorn—If Angels Sang), 4×3 Terlingua, 10Y20,000, W.

Saint Floyd (Aragorn—Keeping Watch), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y2,000, W.

Coolum (Arch—Tink So), 5×5 Notthirdchance, 10Y15,000, UP.

La Jarochita (Arromanches—Take a Shine), 3×4 Foggy Note, 5×4 Key Bridge, 10T8,000, W.

Mott (Artie Schiller—Divine Diva), 5×4 Special, 10Y5,500, W.

Triple Crantini (Artie Schiller—Gentle Flow), 5×5 Special, 10Y15,000, UP.

Catalinawinemixer (Atticus—Watershed Park), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y3,200, UP.

Champion Again (Awesome Again—Arctic Laur), 5×5 Victoriana, 10Y19,000, PL.

Max Again (Awesome Again—Slew Motion), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y52,000, W.

Bahia Beach (Awesome Again—Pop Princess), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 10T115,000, SPW.

Lost Highway (Badge of Silver—Smart N Smooth), 5×5 Bramalea, 10Y52,000, PL.

Kola Kat (Battle Cat–Olanda), 5×5 Natalma, 09Y3,326, W.

Battle Smoke (Battle Cat—Pellinores Palace), 5×5 Castle Forbes, 10Y5,701, UP.

Position Limit (Bellamy Road—Payable On Demand), 5×3 Arabain Dancer, 10T400,000, W.

Be Long Be Late (Belong to Me—Sandy Bay Lady), 3×5 Straight Deal, 10T30,000, W.

Caspian Crown (Bernardini—Acey Deucey), 3×3 Oil Fable, 10Y125,000, W.

Paris Affair (Bernstein—Affair With Aflair), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10W20,000, UP.

Rapid Burn (Bernstein—She’s Mahogany), 5×5 Busanda, 10W55,000, W.

Unnamed (Bernstein—Classy Con), 5×5 Busanda, 10Y6,000, UR.

Jerdan Hill (Bernstein—Keepers Hill), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y5,000, W.

Hair On Fire (Bernstein—Royal Sky), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y71,000, W.

Bernsteins Belle (Bernstein—Tres Facile), 5×5 Busanda, 10Y1,100, PL.

Advantage Player (Bernstein—Regal Approval), 5×5 Busanda, 10T70,000, W.

Proudtobenory (Bertrando—Gabby Kat), 5×5 My Dear Girl, 10Y1,000, PL.

Burr Tango (Bertrando—Match Ball), 4×5 Foggy Note, 10Y10,000, W.

Bare Is Best (Best of the Bests–Avidora), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y2,124, W.

Bestsweetnbitten (Best of the Bests—Bittersweet Rain), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y4,345, UP.

Rainbow’s Best (Best of the Bests—Heidi’s Secret), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y7,242, W.

Dancers Best (Best of the Bests—Hong Kong Dancer), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y4,450, UR.

Damascus Best (Best of the Bests—Lady of Iron), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y3,573, UP.

Northern Shaker (Best of the Bests—Lady Shakin), 5×4 Natalma, 10Y1,942, W.

Best Night Ever (Best of the Bests—Luna Night), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y1,255, UP.

Best of Affairs (Best of the Bests—Mysterious Affair), 5×5 Natalma, 10T40,000, PL.

Best Maani (Best of the Bests–Nirmala), 5×5 Natalma, 10T6,000, UR.

Neat Package (Big Brown—Miss Loren), 4×4 Special, 10W80,000, W.

Black Notebook (Black Mambo—Relic Notebook), 5×5 Missy Baba, 10Y10,000, W.

Suerte Nicholas (Bluegrass Cat—Lady Nicholas), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10W35,000, W.

True Blue Julie (Bluegrass Cat–Julie Truly), 5x4x4 Gold Digger, 5×5 Numbered Account, 10Y70,000, W.

Bluegrassislegal (Bluegrass Cat—Shop Glack), 5×4 Numbered Account, 10Y100,000, W.

Cobalt Cat (Bluegrass Cat—Afternoon Dreams), 5×5 Numbered Account, 10T75,000, W.

Riona (Bluegrass Cat—Sheila’s Prospect), 4×3 Dance Number, 10T38,000, UP.

Dimples (Bob and John—Parade Charade), 4×4 Too Bald, 10W19,000, W.

Hong Kong Harry (Bob and John—Beyond the Fence), 4×4 Too Bald, 10Y17,000, W.

Dangerous Lad (Bob and John—Buttercup’s Song), 4×4 Too Bald, 5×5 Incantation, 10Y32,000, W.

Sumter (Bob and John—Confederate Lady), 4×5 Too Bald, 10Y20,000, UR.

Luna Bay (Bob and John—Echo Harbor), 4×4 Too Bald, 10Y80,000, W.

Robert the Bruce (Bob and John—Seven Grand), 4×5 Too Bald, 10Y30,000, W.

Krz Executive (Bold Executive—Krz Ldy), 4×5 Victoriana, 10Y43,457, W.

On the Nose (Bold n’ Flashy—Bridey O.), 5×5 Alablue, 10Y48,285, W.

He Gone (Borrego—Madame Sunshine), 5x4x3 Special, 10Y32,500, W.

Little Miss Lily (Borrego—Miss Represented), 4×4 Cap and Bells, 10Y4,500, UR.

Dinaka (Borrego–Skeena), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 10Y17,000, UP.

Wicked Finance (Broken Vow—Global Fiance), 4×4 Charedi, 10W50,000, PL.

Break the Record (Broken Vow–Moussica), 4×5 Flaming Page, 10Y47,000, W.

Gongsu Jeonhwan (Broken Vow—Falling Leaves), 4×5 Killaloe, 10T20,000, W.

Juknokwon (Bwana Charlie—Sir Line), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10T20,000, W.

Mannak (Canadian Frontier–Executricker), 5×5 Special, 10T10,000, W.

My Candy (Candy Ride—Dancehall Floozy), 4×5 Alanesian, 10Y100,000, PL.

Flor de Amelia (Cape Town—Rhapsody At Sea), 5×5 Busanda, 10Y1,500, SPW.

Capote Bess (Cappuchino—Bullseye Bess), 5×5 Barra II, 10Y4,564, UP.

Cat Tappin (Catienus—Northeast Winds), 4×4 South Ocean, 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y2,221, UR.

Home for Dinner (Cat’s At Home–Ceremonial), 5×5 Missy Baba, 10T14,000, W.

Suji Sindong (Champali—Betty Spaghetti), 4×4 Foggy Note, 10Y18,500, W.

Royal Fighter (Chapel Royal—Dark Rhythm), 4×5 Ciboulette, 10Y11,000, W.

Joseph Joe (Cherokee Run—Tiz Twentyfour K), 5×4 Aimee, 10Y19,000, W.

Star Over the City (City Place—Sand Star), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 10W4,000, W.

City Center (City Zip—Great Red Hope), 4×4 Sailaway, 10T15,000, UP.

Zip Moment (City Zip—Rising Moment), 4×3 Sailaway, 10T6,500, UR.

Wish for Success (Closing Argument—Our Lady’s Wish), 5×3 Secrettame, 10Y18,348, PL.

Shamrock Sixty Six (Closing Argument—Maggie O’Slew), 5×4 Tinnitus, 10T22,000, W.

Deadly Venom (Cobra King—Star of Apalachee), 5×4 Knight’s Daughter, 10Y971, UR.

Retour (Colorful Tour—Kerry Dale), 5×5 Marie Kaye, 10Y1,000, W.

Skyler’s Whizbang (Connecting Terms—Personal Reply), 5×4 Miss Disco, 10Y1,300, UP.

Bad Rad (Consolidator—Lady Tabitha), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y2,700, W.

Our Great Hope (Cryptograph–Greattobeloved), 3×3 Strike a Balance, 10Y4,345, UR.

Concrete Man (Congaree–Anniston), 5×5 Tamerett, 10T10,000, UR.

Royal Congrats (Congrats—Royal Confection), 4×4 Gold Digger, 10W65,000, W.

Conzig (Congrats—Amber Myth), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10Y51,000, W.

Janus (Congrats–Malindi), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 10Y14,000, UR.

Brooklyn Legend (Congrats—Amber Myth), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10T102,000, W.

Comgrats to Me (Congrats—Just Bimi), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 10T20,000, PL.

Corinora (Corinthian—North East Gale), 4×4 Narrate, 10W15,000, UR.

El Hafash (Corinthian—All Primed), 5×4 Special, 10Y6,000, W.

Chestnut Moon (Corinthian—Dance Special), 5×4 Special, 10Y40,000, W.

Grand Cicero (Corinthian—Dream Street), 4×4 Narrate, 10Y335,000, PL.

Tacos for Mister G (Corinthian–Krasnaya), 5×4 My Charmer, 5×5 Special, 10Y5,500, UP.

Classic Corinthian (Corinthian—Quiet Weekend), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 10Y20,000, W.

Cara Madalina (Corinthian—Rapid Romance), 5×4 Special, 10Y3,000, UP.

Joint Venture (Corinthian—Spanish Melody), 5×5 Special, 10Y11,000, UP.

Olympic Enemy (Corinthian–Splashing), 5×4 Special, 10Y52,000, W.

Haystack (Corinthian—Such Flair), 5×5 Special, 10Y147,000, UP.

Unbelievable Ruth (Cuvee—Boogie Piano), 4×4 Light Verse, 10Y1,000, UP.

Castella (Daaher—Blue Stream), 5×4 Ampulla, 10Y2,700, GPW.

Babby (Dance With Ravens—Cover Crop), 4×3 No Class, 10Y2,200, W.

Dehere’s Lass (Dehere—Lucky Ruckus), 5×5 Victoriana, 09Y43,457, PL.

West Humor (Distorted Humor—Bear West), 4x4x4 Gold Digger, 10Y200,000, W.

Queen of Mongolia (Dixie Union—S W Aly’svalentine), 5×4 Change Water, 10W125,000, UP.

Greers Ferry (Dixie Union—State Cup), 4×5 Too Bald, 10W95,000, UR.

Silent Hero (Dixie Union—Sky Select), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y210,000, W.

Winnie Dixie (Dixie Union—Icy Demeanor), 5×3 Change Water, 10T400,000, W.

Prieto Azabache (Down the Aisle—Sweet Champagne), 5×5 Ciboulette, 10T11,000, UP.

Maryjean (D’wildcat—Fan Friendly), 4x4x5 Fanfreluche, 10Y30,000, W.

Refinada (D’wildcat—Hallie’s Rush), 4×5 Fanfreluche, 10Y7,500, W.

D’wildgold (D’wildcat—My Harvest Gold), 4×4 Fanfreluche, 10Y7,500, W.

Starship Romeo (D’wildcat—Our Dear Helen), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y17,000, W.

Coyote Point (D’wildcat—Sing for Joy), 5×5 South Ocean, 10Y25,000, UR.

D’screamer (D’wildcat—Spicy Souffle), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 10T37,000, UP.

Wait Outside (Dynaformer–Cercatore), 4×4 Golden Trail, 10Y100,000, W.

Eneldo (Easing Along–Webee), 4×5 South Ocean, 10Y20,000, W.

Sima Legend (Eddington—Falling Leaves), 4×5 Killaloe, 10Y11,000, UR.

Rock Star Charlie (E Dubai—Charlies Paradise), 5×4 Classicist, 10Y30,000, W.

Dr Ballenger (E Dubai—Hot Time), 3×5 Gold Digger, 10T260,000, W.

Mr. Newton (El Corredor—Society Gal), 4×3 Long Legend, 10Y48,000, PL.

Princess of London (El Prado—Eishin Houlton), 3×5 Cap and Bells, 10Y18,000, SPW.

Elusive Tiger T (Elusive Quality–Credenza), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10W12,000, UP.

Aster Nox (Elusive Quality–Tremuntana), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10W7,000, UP.

Chasing Alpha (Elusive Quality—Circuit City), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y140,000, UP.

Elusive Character (Elusive Quality—Pay Bird), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y25,000, UP.

Hannibal Hayes (Elusive Quality—Top Ten List), 4×5 Tamerett, 10Y37,000, W.

Outbreak (Empire Maker—Robins Reign), 5×3 My Dear Girl, 10Y9,000, W.

English Joy (English Channel—Our Joy), 5×5 Special, 10W13,000, UR.

Banana Banshee (English Channel–Bauhauser), 5×4 Special, 10Y22,000, W.

Globus Perfect (English Channel—Perfect Blend), 5×5 Special, 10Y8,000, UR.

Regal Turn (Erlton—Regal Grey), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 10Y1,200, UP.

Devil Di Roma (Even the Score—Megan Di Roma), 5×4 Ballade, 10Y2,000, PL.

Mano Mora (Exchange Rate—Fleet Ballado), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10W10,000, W.

Brandon’s Princess (Exchange Rate–Juneau), 5×5 Broadway, 10W42,000, W.

Fluctuate (Exchange Rate—Cut Short), 5×4 Native Partner, 10Y160,000, W.

Mia Isabel (Exchange Rate—Post Haste), 5×5 Broadway, 10Y25,000, W.

Tellme All Aboutit (Exchange Rate—Look to the Stars), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10T30,000, W.

Sweet Rate (Exchange Rate–Sweetheavenlycross), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10T120,000, UR.

Wicked Lady (Exclusive Quality—Olivia’s Halo), 5×3 Tamerett, 09Y13,000, W.

Stonewalling (Exclusive Quality—Seeet Hailey Jo), 5×4 Foggy Note, 10Y3,500, W.

Captain Luigi (Exclusive Quality—Wanna Kat), 5×4 Gold Digger, 10Y1,200, W.

Perfect Whisper (Explicit–Classikas), 4×5 Victoriana, 10Y4,855, UP.

Harmonicat (Fantasticat—Sympathetic Chord), 5×5 Queen Sucree, 10Y1,500, PL.

Nijinsky Legend (Fast Play–Tugy), 5×5 Glamour, 10T1,300, UP.

Tyme for Willard (Fire Slam—Lollipop Tyme), 5×5 Tamerett, 10T42,000, W.

Montana Dream (First Samurai—Duchess Maggie), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y27,000, W.

Seoul Myeongjang (Five Star Day—Expresso Cat), 4×4 Summertime Promise, 10T17,000, W.

Seattle Salute (Flatter—Morning in Seattle), 4×3 My Charmer, 10Y4,000, W.

Galex (Flatter—Oh Caramel), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 10Y31,000, SPW.

Wild’n Zaney (Flight West—Wild Western Woman), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10Y2,100, W.

Joe Boo (Ford Every Stream—Hot Fast N Loose), 3×3 Con Game, 10Y1,000, UR.

Storming Run (Forestry—Proper Cielo), 5×5 Sequence, 10W5,000, W.

Forest Pegasus (Forestry–Trani), 5×5 Sequence, 10W5,000, W.

No Not Angela (Forestry—Angela’s Love), 5×5 Sequence, 10Y16,000, W.

Postulate (Forestry—Life Is Beautiful), 5×4 Aspidistra, 10Y16,000, W.

Fastlikewildfire (Forestry—Miss Speed), 5×5 Sequence, 10Y67,000, W.

Whiskey Rebellion (Forestry—Running Debate), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10Y15,000, GPW.

Ize On Molly Boo (Forestry—Shepherd’s Star), 5×5 Sequence, 10Y9,500, W.

Callistris (Forestry—Sultry Allure), 5×5 Sequence, 10Y170,000, PL.

Mamameme (Forestry—Trust Fund), 5×5 Sequence, 10Y11,000, W.

Forest Souvenir (Forestry—Vogue Girl), 5×5 Sequence, 10Y11,000, W.

Monarchic (Forestry—Vole Vole Monamour), 5×5 Sequence, 10Y72,000, W.

Painted Woman (Forest Wildcat–Lawanda), 3×3 Terlingua, 10Y85,000, GPW.

Starship Debutante (Formal Dinner—Jet Ready), 4×4 Grey Flight, 10Y6,500, PL.

Lori’s Way (Formal Dinner—Bower’s Way), 4×5 Grey Flight, 10T3,500, W.

Bazinga (Freud—Sweet Tzipora), 5×5 Ballade, 10T19,000, PL.

Tammy’s Friends (Friends Lake–Luminosity), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10W1,100, UR.

Nine Friends (Friends Lake—Nine Flags), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y6,000, W.

Bravo Gundan (Full Mandate—Good Listener), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10T15,000, W.

Old Puerto (Fusaichi Pegasus—Darling Dancer), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y45,000, PL.

Newfound Zapper (Ghostzapper—Tustarta), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 10W57,000, SPW.

Voltarra (Giacomo–Tatiani), 5×5 Aspidistra, 10Y85,000, W.

Viuda de Clicquot (Giant’s Causeway—Queen’s Music), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10W10,000, UR.

Ashvin (Giant’s Causeway—Crazy Volume), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y120,000, W.

Sweet Speed (Giant’s Causeway—Golden Sonata), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 10Y22,000, UR.

Life Is Golden (Giant’s Causeway—Lizzy Cool), 5×3 Ballade, 10Y190,000, UR.

Blonde N Racey (Gold Bayou T B—Remarque in Gold), 3×2 Distingold, 19Y5,000, UR.

Miners Queen (Gold Case–Binnster), 5×5 Pocahontas, 10Y600, UR.

Just a Click Away (Golden Gear—Clicken Away), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10Y6,500, PL.

Space Race (Gone West—Aim for the Moon), 3×4 Tamerett, 10Y200,000, W.

Magic Appointment (Grand Appointment—Magic Blue), 4×2 Charedi, 10Y4,500, SPW.

Isn’tlovejustgrand (Grand Reward—Story of Love), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10T15,000, W.

Tessie Flip (Grand Slam–Antoniette), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 10Y40,000, W.

Big City Slammer (Grand Slam—Big City Bound), 4×4 Tamerett, 10Y2,700, UR.

Dustin’s Magic (Grand Slam–Dynabin), 4×5 Tamerett, 10Y50,000, W.

Baby Bananas (Grand Slam—Gale the Queen), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y14,000, UP.

Lucky Princess (Grand Slam—Grand Theft), 5×5 Plum Cake, 10Y4,000, W.

Mystic Legend (Grand Slam—Meadow Mystic), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y40,000, UP.

Sensational Slam (Grand Slam—Roman Romance), 4×5 Tamerett, 4×5 Sex Appeal, 10T240,000, W.

Starship Spirit (Grand Slam—Tellum Texan), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10T25,000, W.

Unnamed (Great Pyramid—Escaping Glory), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10YT2,500, UR.

Great Islander (Great Pyramid—Islander Blues), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10T8,000, PL.

Obligatory Glory (Half Ours—Socorro County), 5×4 Procne, 10Y6,500, W.

Syrophoenician (Half Ours–Tizalittlelater), 5×5 Incantation, 10Y8,750, W.

War Boy (Half Ours—You Call That Art), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y50,000, UP.

Starship Beetle (Halo’s Image—I’m a Love Bug), 4×5 Almahmoud, 10Y13,000, W.

Wind Dancing (Halo’s Image–Chordette), 4×5 Almahmoud, 10T65,000, UP.

Reflecting Pool (Halo’s Image—Serene Lake), 4×5 Northidchance, 10T20,000, W.

On Cycke (Harborage—Chari Me On), 4×5 Gold Digger, 10Y300, W.

D’ Pepjo (Hard Spun—Cloud Break), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y90,000, W.

Jack Seabrook (Hard Spun–Fontal), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y100,000, UP.

Cafalis (Hard Spun–Summertown), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y7,000, SPW.

Unnamed (Harlan’s Holiday—Shiny Band), 5×5 Cosmah, 10W35,000, UR.

Christmas in May (Harlan’s Holiday—Maddie’s Charm), 4×4 Won’t Tell You, 10Y12,000, UR.

My Lucky Logan (Harlan’s Holiday—My Girlie), 4×3 Terlingua, 10Y35,000, PL.

Vacationing (Harlan’s Holiday—Seattle Qui), 5×5 Alanesian, 10Y300,000, PL.

Harlotry Holiday (Harlan’s Holiday—Swift Girl), 5×5 Exclusive, 10Y200,000, UP.

Room for Me (Harlington–Graziella), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10W1,200, W.

Starship Vixen (Harlington—Southern Serenity), 5×4 Ballade, 10W5,000, UP.

Cash Or Cheque (Hat Trick—Big Cheque), 4×5 Cosmah, 10Y20,000, W.

Dual Mandate (Hat Trick—Chiming Dixie), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y60,000, UP.

Wizard’s Trick (Hat Trick—Meadow Concerto), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 10Y10,000, UR.

Fuel Injected (Hennessy—Lindsay Jean), 4×4 South Ocean, 10T20,000, UR.

Innocent Man (Henny Hughes–Accusation), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y125,000, SPW.

Legalized (Henny Hughes—Boston Symphony), 4×4 T. C. Kitten, 10Y6,000, W.

Nice to Regal (Henrythenavigator—This Is Crazy), 5x5x3 Special, 10W30,000, W.

Gallentango (Hero’s Tribute—Dance Fever), 5×5 Busanda, 10Y4,500, UP.

Altitude Drop (High Cotton—Unicorn Kid), 5×4 Lassie Dear, 10W2,000, UP.

Dustin’ the Rest (High Cotton—Dusty Sparkle), 5×5 Too Bald, 10Y1,700, W.

Pretty in Diamonds (Holy Bull—Cirque View), 3×3 Ta Wee, 10Y7,500, UP.

Glitter of Honour (Honour and Glory—Quiet Glitter), 3×4 Foggy Note, 10T1,000, UP.

Ide Do Care (Ide—Rhonda’s Rocket), 5×4 Pocahontas, 10Y1,000, UP.

Atticlude (Include—Treetop Landing), 5×4 Too Bald, 5×5 Hidden Talent, 10Y20,000, W.

August Osage (Indian Charlie—Baltic Flier), 5×4 Bold Princess, 10T100,000, W.

Zuni Rocket (Indian Ocean—Beautiful Image), 5×5 Moccasin, 10Y4,000, W.

My Ocean Beauty (Indian Ocean—Mia Bird Too), 4×5 Cosmah, 10Y1,100, W.

Amanzi Toti (Indian Ocean—Discreet Cris), 4×3 Terlingua, 10T6,000, UP.

Banshee Indian (Indian Ocean—Feature Film), 5x5x5 South Ocean, 10T37,000, W.

Disaster Peak (Indygo Shiner—Desert Glow), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10W3,000, W.

Northern Iowa (Istan—Echo Echo Echo), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y100,000, SPW.

Wanna Be Rich (Istan–Thoroughbabe), 4×5 Tamerett, 10Y3,000, W.

Istanbully (Istan—Tiz Tutta), 4×5 Gold Digger, 10Y7,000, W.

Not Funny Anymore (It’s No Joke—Royal Fandango), 5×4 Continue, 10T20,000, W.

American Bling (Johannesburg—American Jewel), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10Y100,000, UP.

Port City (Joahnnesburg—Piedras Negras), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10Y37,000, UP.

Johanna G (Johannesburg—Twin Induction), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10Y3,000, UR.

Eloquence (Johannesburg–Sculpture), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 10T13,000, W.

Unnamed (Johar–Cantata), 4×3 Tamerett, 10W1,200, UR.

Jobud (Johar–Cantata), 4×3 Tamerett, 10Y1,000, UR.

Gogo Jojo (Johar—Auntie Soph), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y2,500, W.

Holst (Johar–Dhow), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 10Y4,500, UR.

Coaming (Johar–Felucca), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 10Y2,200, W.

Jump On (Jump Start–Lavender), 4×4 My Chamer, 10Y11,500, UR.

Tavolata (Jump Start—Publicity Shy), 4×4 Hopespringseternal, 10Y3,500, UP.

Sweet Crude (Jump Start—Watusi Miss), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y2,000, PL.

Flight Pajamas (Katowice—Greenmountain Girl), 3×5 Gold Digger, 10Y10,000, PL.

Unnamed (Kela—Adore Me), 5×5 Thong, 10Y1,000, UR.

Kela Dawn (Kela—Dawn’s Moment), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10Y1,500, W.

Shy Rhythm (Kela—Lady of Rhythm), 4×5 Special, 10Y250, UR.

Leota Key (Kela—Really Good), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10Y1,000, W.

Kiptiddy Do Dah (Kelly Kip–Estrellica), 5×5 Tamerett, 10Y2,000, W.

Cosmo Grand Aile (Kingmambo—Exhibit One), 4×5 Special, 10Y170,000, PL.

Unnamed (Kipling–Gweneth), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10Y5,000, UR.

Kip’s Mescalero (Kipling—Miss Mescalero), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 10Y17,500, SPW.

Sooner Warrior (Kipling–Namaste), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10Y1,000, UP.

Quinichette (Kipling—With Etiquette), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 10Y5,500, W.

Kipling Weekend (Kipling—Yes Please), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 10Y1,700, W.

Distinctive Review (Kitten’s Joy—Broadbrush Beauty), 5×5 Special, 10W1,700, W.

Unnamed (Kitten’s Joy—Hidden Grove), 5×4 Fanfreluche, 10W25,000, UR.

Proud Josephina (Kitten’s Joy—Proud Mover), 5×5 Special, 10W3,000, UR.

Kitten Keeper (Kitten’s Joy—Raw Nerve), 5×3 Special, 10W1,500, UR.

Trabaja En Blanco (Kitten’s Joy—Scaife Road), 5×5 Special, 10W5,500, W.

Unnamed (Kitten’s Joy—Sweet Baby Jane), 5×5 Special, 10W22,000, UR.

Little Nip (Kitten’s Joy—Broadbrush Beauty), 5×5 Special, 10Y6,500, W.

Joy’s Jaguar (Kitten’s Joy—Hidden Grove), 5×4 Fanfreluche, 10Y13,000, W.

My Cat Lily (Kitten’s Joy—Lily Elsie), 5×4 Special, 10Y110,000, UP.

Do You Like Me Now (Kitten’s Joy—Sweet Baby Jane), 5×5 Special, 10W2,700, W.

Dancing Joy (Kitten’s Joy—Virginia Reel), 5×4 Special, 10T32,000, W.

Monarchos Class (Lanciano—Monarchos Miss), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10Y1,942, W.

Cala B Tryen (Langfuhr–Amarelle), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y1,500, W.

Time Lord (Latent Heat–Purloin), 5×4 Grey Matter, 10Y85,000, W.

Section A (Leading the Parade–Aboard), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y3,500, W.

Up Town Mary (Leestown–Miriah), 5×5 Glamour, 10Y5,200, UP.

Leestown Linkage (Leestown—Lady Linkage), 5×5 Plum Cake, 10T1,200, UP.

Restore the Shore (Lemon Drop Kid—Secondary School), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 10W15,000, PL.

Lemon Shot (Lemon Drop Kid—Advancing Star), 5×4 Missy Baba, 10Y32,000, W.

Zingy Zesty (Lemon Drop Kid—Chandelle No. Five), 5×5 Missy Baba, 10Y45,000, W.

King of Wine (Lemon Drop Kid—Faux Pas), 5×4 Special, 10Y22,000, UP.

Golden Lemon (Lemon Drop Kid—Golden Leaf), 5×5 Special, 10Y45,000, PL.

Seductress (Lemon Drop Kid—Indy Pendence), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 10Y125,000, W.

Twitch (Lemon Drop Kid—Judith Basin), 3×3 Lassie Dear, 10Y150,000, W.

St Moose (Lemon Drop Kid—Lady Reiko), 5×4 Special, 10Y20,000, W.

Lemon Secretary (Lemon Drop Kid—Sadler’s Secretary), 5×4 Special, 10Y100,000, UR.

Trend Is My Friend (Lemon Drop Kid–Silva), 4×5 Gay Missile, 10Y100,000, W.

Stirred Up (Lemon Drop Kid—Summer Delight), 3×5 Lassie Dear, 5×5 Missy Baba, 10Y420,000, GPW.

Senora Saeki (Lemon Drop Kid—Sunny Nature), 5×4 Special, 10Y25,000, W.

Pittypatpaddywhack (Limehouse—Bold Pegasus), 5×5 Tamerett, 10Y7,000, UP.

Golden Wheels (Limehouse–Divine), 5×3 Sugar Plum Time, 10Y10,000, W.

Scout Finch (Lion Heart—Scouting Party), 4×4 Terlingua, 10W1,500, UP.

Lionquake (Lion Heart—Earthquake Ride), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 10Y370,000, UR.

Lofty Heart (Lion Heart—Meadow Oaks), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 10Y110,000, W.

Royal Lineage (Lion Heart—Royal and Ancient), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y1,800, PL.

Liondrive (Lion Tamer—Outta the Park), 5×5 Tamerett, 10T18,000, W.

Lite Music (Lite the Fuse—Tejano Music), 4×5 Bebop II, 10T3,000, W.

Dewey Beach (Love of Money—Mitote Maya), 4×3 Numbered Account, 10Y2,500, W.

Dashing Platinum (Macho Uno—Forbidden Kiss), 5×5 Aspidistra, 10Y35,000, SPW.

M’Dearest (Macho Uno—Love and Marry), 5×5 Aspidistra, 10Y47,000, W.

Macho Heart (Macho Uno—Ribbon Candi), 5×4 Gold Digger, 10T15,000, UR.

Bacarella (Macho Uno—Sundown Delight), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10T10,000, W.

Majestic Desert (Majestic Warrior—Classy Clarita), 5×5 Broadway, 10W15,000, W.

Sunbaked (Malibu Moon—Robin’s Prospect), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 10W100,000, W.

Starship Luna (Malibu Moon—Hallowed Dream), 5×4 Green Valley II, 10Y12,000, W.

One Giant Leap (Malibu Moon–Initial), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y80,000, UR.

Wild Story (Margie’s Wildcat—Hollywood Baldcat), 3×3 Miss Wildcatter, 10T2,500.

Molina (Maria’s Mon–Zaafira), 5×5 Busanda, 10T12,000, UR.

Sugaratsuppertime (Marino Marini–Crozet), 4x5x4 South Ocean, 10Y10,000, UR.

Cajun Dancing (Marquetry–Iknowhowtodance), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 5×5 High Voltage, 10T3,000, W.

Lotsa Noodles (Mass Media—Lotsa Pasta), 5×5 Victoria Regina, 10T1,000, W.

Drivebymedia (Mass Media—Sub Rosa), 5x4x5 Shenanigans, 10T27,000, W.

Domino Class (Master Command—Class Selection), 4×4 My Charmer, 10Y7,500, UR.

Mister Command (Master Command—El Mirage Queen), 4×5 My Charmer, 10Y20,000, UP.

Lockupthemint (Master Command—Near Mint), 5x5x5x5 Somethingroyal, 10Y5,000, UR.

Amulet (Medaglia d’Oro—Prima Centauri), 5×4 Special, 10W220,000, UR.

Sempre in Oro (Medaglia d’Oro–Dazed), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y140,000, W.

Espresso Jack (Medaglia d’Oro—Do the Mambo), 5×5 Special, 10Y95,000, PL.

Sueno d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro—Dream Wish), 5×5 Special, 10Y155,000, PL.

Russian Bear (Medaglia d’Oro—Princess Ezra), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 10Y190,000, UP.

Shanes Girl (Medaglia d’Oro—Spin a Mood), 5×4 Special, 10Y22,000, PL.

Fire Assay (Medaglia d’Oro–Jostle), 4×4 Cap and Bells, 10T130,000, GPW.

Gaya Myeongpum (Medaglia d’Oro—La Danielle), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10T17,000, UP.

Wabbajack (Midnight Lute—Fast and Early), 5×5 Gay Hostess, 10W13,000, W.

Done Deciding (Midnight Lute—Time to Decide), 5×5 Gay Hostess, 10W77,000, W.

Millennial Gloria (Millennium Wind–Ashdeane), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10W1,600, UR.

Mirimichi Babe (Milwaukee Brew–Newsontherun), 5×5 Happy Flirt, 10T160,000, W.

Ducks Dock (Mineshaft—Gout de Terroir), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 10W105,000, W.

Startsprednthenews (Mineshaft—Auntie Mame), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y11,000, UP.

The Lodge Boys (Mineshaft—Wonder Legend), 5×5 Wavy Navy, 10Y8,000, UP.

Yomybato (Mineshaft—Secondary School), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10T97,000, W.

Mine That Gun (Mingun–Jezebid), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 10Y700, UP.

Lemon Drop (Mingun—Lemon Candy), 2×4 Miesque, 4×4 Lassie Dear, 10Y2,500, UR.

Mi Margarita (Mingun—Treasure Chest), 2×4 Miesque, 4×4 Lassie Dear, 10Y1,000, W

Top Scene (Mingun—Parade Scene), 2×4 Miesque, 10T8,045, W.

Fast Mast (Mizzen Mast–Honorlee), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 10Y5,000, PL.

Seeley’s Bay (Mobil—Dixie Rose), 4×5 Iskra, SPW, 10Y4,538.

Speyside (Mobil—Sahara Samba), 4×5 Iskra, 10Y5,794, W.

Miss Peppen (Momentum–Touchabull), 4×4 Banja Luka, 10T7,500, UR.

First the Ladies (Monarchos–Dynamistic), 5×4 Golden Trail, 10Y20,000, UR.

Tamna Hwangje (Montbrook—Morada Bay), 4×5 Bebop II, 10T20,000, W.

Taraf (Montjeu—Lorena Wood), 4×4 Special, 10Y200,000, UP.

Bourbonella (More Than Ready—Hibiscus Queen), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10W95,000, W.

Distinct Edge (More Than Ready—Danzig Wildcat), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y14,000, UP.

Goal and Gold (More Than Ready—Guilty Pleasure), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y50,000, UP.

Topazio (More Than Ready—Gypsy Hollow), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y40,000, SPW.

He Loves Me More (More Than Ready—He Loves Me), 5×5 Intriguing, 10Y175,000, PL.

Ms Pianist (More Than Ready—Pleasant Temper), 5×4 Shama, 10Y28,000, SPW.

Dan and Sheila (More Than Ready—Sheila’s Prospect), 5×5 Intriguing, 10Y150,000, W.

Avid (More Than Ready—Meadow Silk), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 10T525,000, W.

Tanouma (Mr. Greeley—Jane’s the Name), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 10Y115,000, UR.

Unnamed (Mr. Greeley–Lileagh), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y185,000, UR.

Noble Doss (Mr. Greeley—Mimi’s Golden Girl), 4×4 Broadway, 10T350,000, W.

Big Bad Babe (My Golden Song—Wildcat’s Babe), 4×4 Queen Louie, 10Y1,800, W.

Atencion Publica (Namid–Chamela), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10W5,000, UR.

Afleet Squadron (Northern Afleet—Prado’s Trick), 4×5 Special, 10Y5,000, UR.

Royal Bridge (North Light—Autumn Ridge), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y1,000, PL.

J R Light (North Light–Changeable), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y13,000, PL.

Arctic Galaxy (North Light—Minnie’s Meadow), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y20,000, PL.

Artic North (North Light—Ms Isadorable), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y2,000, GPW.

French King (North Light–Saintlike), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y2,500, UR.

Clonliffe (North Light–Rigorous), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 10T20,000, W.

Love Abounds (Not For Love—Foolish Kisses), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y50,000, W.

Loverbil (Not For Love—Go Nicholas Go), 3×3 Numbered Account, 10Y37,000, W.

Rich Love (Not For Love–Richetta), 3×3 Numbered Account, 10Y6,000, W.

Dyna Ice (Offlee Wild–Dynaspirit), 3×3 Andover Way, 10W2,400, W.

Offlee Shook (Offlee Wild—Miss Laken), 3×3 Andover Way, 10Y25,000, W.

Sweet Forest Gold (Old Forester—Sweet Millenia), 5×5 South Ocean, 10Y7,727, UP.

Hupomone (Omega Code—Blazing Fizz), 5x5x4 Gold Digger, 10Y6,000, W.

Barb Wire (Omega Code—Hey Hey Sunny), 5×3 Tamerett, 10Y1,500, PL.

Bell’s Valentine (One Way Love—Bell’s Gold), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y1,641, UP.

Portomaso (One Way Love—Parisian Profit), 5×5 Victoriana, 19Y16,416, W.

Unnamed (Orientate—Dusti’s Tune), 3×4 Flama Ardiente, 10Y2,600, UR.

Brittany’s Tuition (Osidy—Fast Laner), 4×5 My Charmer, 10Y4,000, W.

Hydingindyinosidy (Osidy—Hyding in Malibu), 4×5 My Charmer, 10Y1,800, W.

Ida Belle Ray (Osidy—Onda Ray), 4×5 My Charmer, 10Y5,000, W.

Kieara Wish (Osidy–Wish), 4×5 My Charmer, 10Y1,500, W.

Company’s Dream (Out of Place—Zavata’s Dream), 5×5 Exclusive, 10W1,000, W.

Jo Jo’s Comet (Peace Rules–Cacoon), 5×4 Natalma, 10W1,500, SPW.

Passion for Life (Peace Rules–Reforest), 5×5 Natalma, 10W3,000, W.

Binding Peace (Peace Rules—Deluxe Edition), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y2,500, PL.

Starship Ruler (Peace Rules–Laces), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y10,000, UR.

Never Rule Me Out (Peace Rules—Never Can Tell), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y10,000, W.

Rule Me (Peace Rules–Dancewithadolly), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10T30,000, UP.

Theslayerinthelane (Peace Rules—Moonshine Girl), 5x5x5 Natalma, 5×5 Continue, 10T23,000, W.

Peace Buster (Peace Rules–Starbuster), 5×5 Natalma, 10T30,000, W.

J’s Peace Tamboa (Peace Rules—Three’s Perfect), 5×5 Natalma, 10T6,000, PL.

More Up Less Down (Peaks and Valleys—Golden Vow), 3×5 Strike a Pose, 10Y8,210, UP.

Unnamed (Perfect Soul—A Northern Angel), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y1,500, UR.

Changing Plans (Perfect Soul—Hold to Fashion), 5×5 Lalun, 10Y22,000, UP.

Perfect Timber (Perfect Soul—Timber Ice), 4x5x5 Natalma, 10Y115,884, GPW.

Remember to Dream (Philanthropist—Devine Decadence), 4×5 Gold Digger, 10Y965, W.

Bluff On the River (Pine Bluff–Spacious), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10T1,500, UP.

Kentucky Bourbon (Pioneering—Dance Minnaloushe), 2×4 Terlingua, 10W1,000, W.

Max Given (Point Given—Perfect Energy), 5×4 South Ocean, 10Y10,000, UR.

Potus (Political Force—Alie’s Dolly), 5×5 Foggy Note, 10Y65,000, W.

Political Race (Political Force—Lady Sky Racer), 5×4 Foggy Note, 10Y22,000, W.

Senate Republican (Political Force—Race to Glory), 5×4 Foggy Note, 10Y4,000, UP.

Contributed (Political Force—West Coast Kitty), 5x5x5 Foggy Note, 10Y50,000, W.

Little D (Pomeroy—Crinum Maid), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y1,400, UP.

Roy’s Girls (Pomeroy–Justforthegirls), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y33,000, W.

Nomorereginrog (Pomeroy–Myofficewife), 4×4 Con Game, 10Y19,500, W.

Sleek Ezeke (Porto Foricos—Cherry Flambe), 3x5x5 Gold Digger, 10Y8,500, W.

Kristina Rose (Porto Foricos—Southern Cat), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y7,000, UR.

Imagen Alta (Posse—To the Right), 5×3 Ballade, 10W1,000, UR.

Drink and a Wink (Posse—Lucky Wink), 5×4 Ballade, 10T1,500, W.

Majestic Power (Powerscourt—Calista’s Star), 4×4 Special, 10Y3,000, UR.

McCourt (Powerscourt–McCall), 4×4 Special, 5×5 Lalun, 10Y10,000, PL.

Lucky Leprechaun (Powerscourt—Noble Grass), 5×5 Lalun, 10Y1,500, UP.

Unabiding Citizen (Proud Citizen–Amirati), 5×4 Natalma, 10W1,000, W.

Proud Life (Proud Citizen—The Perfect Life), 5×4 Natalma, 10W80,000, W.

Teeny Liz (Proud Citizen—Fact of Matter), 4×4 Tamerett, 5×5 Natalma, 10Y15,000, W.

Princess Ghalya (Proud Citizen—Greene Road), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y3,000, PL.

B G Want Me Back (Proud Citizen—Hope’s Diamond), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y1,500, W.

Bustarella (Proud Citizen—Hurricane Judy), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y40,000, W.

Currahee Assault (Proud Citizen–Marialua), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y170,000, W.

Melt City (Proud Citizen—Meteor Wells), 5x4x5 Natalma, 10Y55,000, W.

Proud Canadian (Proud Citizen—Miami Vacation), 5×4 Natalma, 10Y14,486, W.

Canelo (Proud Citizen—Moon’s Tune), 5×4 Natalma, 10Y160,000, PL.

Zen to Win (Proud Citizen—Ms Zenna’s Royal), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y17,000, PL.

Proud Pearl (Proud Citizen—Pacific Spell), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y250,000, GPW.

Rowdy Stella (Proud Citizen—Reserve Bid), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y10,000, W.

Muhamee (Proud Citizen–Santolina), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y70,000, PL.

Tomo Y Obligo (Proud Citizen—Swaying Amy), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y3,000, UR.

Proud Jackson (Proud Citizen—Sweet Lexy May), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y8,500, W.

Summer Proud (Proud Citizen–Teresita), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y14,000, GPW.

Reason to Be Proud (Proud Citizen—Why So Much), 5×4 Natalma, 10Y40,000, W.

Woollahra (Proud Citizen–Woolloomooloo), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y33,800, W.

La Familia (Pure Precision—Well Structured), 4×5 Precious Lady, 10Y10,000, W.

Masked Phantom (Purge—Five for a Nickel), 4×4 Narrate, 10Y7,500, W.

Audrey (Purge–Persona), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 10Y1,000, W.

Rum Dum (Purim–Montaraz), 4×5 On the Trail, 10W40,000, UR.

Legrand (Purim—Roses for Alyse), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10W5,500, W.

Do Somethin (Purim—Cherokee Sheik), 3×4 Andover Way, 10Y20,000, SPW.

Patienceisavirtue (Purim—Magical Magdalene), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10Y8,000, W.

Khan’s Time (Put It Back—Bella Fortuna), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10Y2,000, UR.

Wild Roundup (Put It Back–Fanfan), 4×3 Gonfalon, 10Y1,000, UP.

The King of Tricks (Put It Back—Gingham Curtains), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10Y4,000, PL.

Back Away (Put It Back—Que Felicia), 4×4 Gonfalon, 10Y1,700, W.

Prado R (Put It Back—Bella Fortuna), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10T4,500, W.

Country Cash (Quiet Cash—Lightning Stitch), 5×5 Gay Hostess, 10Y26,279, W.

Unnamed (Raven’s Pass—Fairy Princess), 5×4 Tamerett, 10W200,000, UR.

Kitty Two Socks (Ready’s Image–Mightbearuffian), 5×4 Shenanigans, 10W2,700, UP.

Regal Vixen (Regal Intention—Fearless Vxen), 4×4 Victoriana, 10Y1,000, UP.

Sweet Laurette (Regal Intention—Lazy Days), 3×5 Victoria Regina, 10Y24,332, SPW.

Orleans Parish (Repent—Dancing Dawn), 4×4 Bold Princess, 10Y5,000, UR

Here We Go Joe (Repent—Free Fantasy), 5×4 Shenanigans, 10Y10,000, W.

Repent This (Repent—P. J.’s Faith), 5×5 Shenanigans, 10Y1,500, W.

Hear the Message (Repent—Shear Attitude), 5×4 Shenanigans, 10Y4,500, UP.

Cat Fear (Repent—White Hot Cat), 5×5 Shenanigans, 10T2,500, UR.

Cogburn (Reuben–Acanalada), 5x5x5 Foggy Note, 10Y900, W.

Ribot Belle (Roar—Hoochie Coochie), 5×3 Flower Bowl, 10Y20,000, W.

Roaringoodmartini (Roar of the Tiger—Double Martini), 5×4 Ballade, 10Y5,000, W.

Aixa (Rockport Harbor—Red Beauty), 5×4 Charedi, 10T15,000, W.

Miss Tiny Rolecks (Rockport Harbor—Tiny Watch), 4×3 Susan’s Girl, 10T32,000, W.

Knows How to Rock (Rockport Harbor—Unchained Princess), 5×4 Haze, 10T13,000, W.

Shan’s River (Saint Afleet—My Agenda), 4×4 Ballade, 10T3,000, W.

Shotinthefog (Saint Anddan–Brewmatic), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 10Y7,250, W.

Bold Occurance (Saint Anddan—In Conference), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y45,000, W.

Zighausen (Saint Anddan—Just Bimi), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 10Y20,000, PL.

Big Wallet (Scat Daddy—Falun Dafa), 5×4 T. C. Kitten, 10Y5,000, PL.

Scrabblecat (Scat Daddy—Icu Later), 5×5 Flaming Page, 10Y15,000, W.

Prettypriceygirl (Scat Daddy—Lacie Girl), 5×4 T. C. Kitten, 10Y17,000, W.

Scat Cat Fever (Scat Daddy—Super Natascha), 5×4 Narrate, 10Y2,000, W.

Naviesbest (Seeking the Best—Navy Silks), 5×4 Busanda, 10Y45,387, W.

French Laundry (Seeking the Gold—Aaron’s Terms), 3×4 Broadway, 10Y5,000, W.

Viva Del Prado (Senor Swinger—Dovie Dee), 4×4 Cap and Bells, 10Y1,800, PL.

Easter Mass (Sharp Humor—Stormy Alliance), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 10W15,000, UR.

Miz Shugina (Sharp Humor–Lisieux), 5×2 Gay Sonnet, 10T40,000, PL.

Iron Cafe (Sightseeing—Sad Cafe), 5×4 Lassie Dear, 10W1,400, W.

Sandringham Sierra (Silic—Attica Gold), 5×4 Special, 10T3,000, UR.

The A. Train (Silver Train—A Real Lady), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 10T100,000, W.

Blue Valentine (Silver Train—Company Binness), 5×3 My Charmer, 10Y2,000, UR.

On a Burner (Silver Train—Magic Melody), 5×4 Fleur, 10Y4,200, W.

Sandwee (Silver Train—Gal’s Forum), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10T14,000, W.

Fill’s Fancy (Silver Train—Joi’s Flame), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10T11,000, W.

Hwanggeum K (Simon Pure—Regal Beauty), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y2,200, UP.

Subongsan (Singletary—Miss Shawnie), 5×5 Shenanigans, 10T10,500, W.

Slew Bayou Too (Slew City Slew—Marie’s Pride), 5×4 Alanesian, 10Y13,000, PL.

My One and Only (Sligo Bay—Always Seven), 5×5 Lalun, 10Y1,000, W.

Return Fire (Smart Strike–Ilusoria), 3x5x5 Gold Digger, 10Y12,000, W.

Washington Dash (Smart Strike—Pretty Dutch), 3×3 No Class, 10Y150,000, PL.

Es Four (Smarty Jones—Golden Honor), 5×3 Glowing Tribute, 10T18,000, W.

Got Snow (Snow Ridge—Formal Lace), 5×5 Missy Baba, 10T11,000, UP.

Trueforyou (Snow Ridge—Precious Life), 5×5 Missy Baba, 10T2,300, W.

Poqito Steps W F (Spanish Steps—Poqito Polly), 5×4 Grand Splendor, 10Y5,500, PL.

Im Star Bound (Star Dabbler—Im Heaven Bound), 3×4 Ballade, 10Y1,000, UR.

Curmudgeon (Star Dabbler—Queen o’ the Igloo), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y2,500, W.

Carli’s Song (Songandaprayer—Meine Cosmos), 3×2 Trolley Song, 10Y9,500, W.

Gospel It Tiz (Songandaprayer—Tiz This), 5×5 Incantation, 10Y1,000, W.

Ladybirdimage (Southern Image—Bird to the Wire), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y3,200, W.

Unnamed (Southern Image—Miss Sandi Ann), 5×3 Sand Buggy, 10Y2,900, UR.

Eighty Million (Southern Image—Bird to the Wire), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10T35,000, W.

Tipping Point (Speightstown—Academy Brass), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y200,000, W.

Barbados Beauty (Speightstown—Beautiful Moment), 5×4 Copper Canyon, 10Y127,500, W.

Keyboard Courage (Speightstown—Grandmas’ Girl), 5×4 South Ocean, 10Y137,000, W.

Spykes Bay (Speightstown—She’s a Rich Girl), 5×4 Pocahontas, 10Y60,000, SPW.

Black Seal (Speightstown—Wild Decision), 5×4 Pocahontas, 10Y60,000, PL.

A Shin J One (Speightstown—Motel Lass), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10T550,000, W.

Born Flirt (Speightstown—Rokeby Rosie), 5×4 Pocahontas, 10T120,000, W.

Joint Choice (Stephanotis—Enchanting Choice), 5×5 Victoriana, 10Y2,433, SPW.

Stephen Got Better (Stephen Got Even—Quiet Exuberance), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y1,500, W.

Z Breeze (Storm Boot–Raria), 3×4 Drumtop, 10T48,000, W.

Bernster (Storm Cat—Halo America), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y320,000, PL.

Stormy Donna Gail (Stormello—Silver On Gold), 5×5 Moccasin, 10Y6,800, W.

America Seal (Stormin Fever—Shining Victory), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 10Y9,000, W.

Gold Surge (Storm Surge—Insearchofgold), 4×5 Gold Digger, 10T15,000, W.

Forever Always (Storm Victory—Honor Patti), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10Y1,168, UR.

Black Tunic (Stormy Atlantic–Mien), 5×5 Rough Shod II, 10Y110,000, W.

Stormy Beauty (Stormy Atlantic—Raging Beauty), 4×4 Moccasin, 10Y60,000, W.

Caminetto (Stormy Atlantic–Vassar), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y350,000, W.

Casa Tua (Stormy Atlantic—Mia Casa Grande), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10T55,000, W.

Backstreet Boss (Street Boss–Bridled), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 10W35,000, W.

High Wire (Street Cry—Awe That), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y10,000, UR.

Celebrate Now (Street Cry—Dance Swiftly), 5×4 Natalma, 10Y90,000, W.

Feathers and Bows (Street Cry–Dianehill), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y90,000, PL.

Crying Wolf (Street Cry—Don’t Tacha Me), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y800,000, UP.

Leqqaa (Street Cry—Guerre Et Paix), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y310,000, SPW.

Baker Street (Street Cry—Hidden Cat), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y200,000, W.

Barrio Baby (Street Cry—In the Ghetto), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y200,000, W.

Red Bendel (Street Cry–Magicalmysterycat), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y180,000, W.

Grouse (Street Cry—Mood Indigo), 5×4 Natalma, 10Y150,000, W.

Rosendo (Street Cry—Mystery Trip), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y8,000, W.

Fair Ellen (Street Cry—Palais Versailles), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y225,000, W.

Yanabeeaa (Street Cry–Queen), 5×4 Natalma, 10Y400,000, W.

Next Cry (Street Cry—Storm Alert), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y42,000, W.

Strada Facendo (Street Cry—What a Treeasure), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y190,000, W.

A Shin Griffon (Street Cry—Wind Flow), 5×5 Natalma, 10Y240,000, W.

Street Champ (Street Hero–Sunette), 5×4 Gold Digger, 10W47,000, W.

Top Excitement (Street Sense—Madame Mogambo), 4×4 Coup de Folie, 10Y55,000, W.

Bella Capri Z (Strong Hope–Comarillo), 5×5 Best in Show, 10W1,800, UP.

Bullet Catcher (Strong Hope—Polo Ridge), 5×5 Tamerett, 10Y9,500, W.

Strut Canadian (Strut the Stage—Miss Florielo), 5×4 Gold Digger, 10Y965, UR.

Walking My Strut (Strut the Stage—Sweet Maria), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y5,794, UR.

Peace N Love (Student Council–Mybrowneyedgal), 5×5 Special, 10W1,200, UP.

Super Helia (Suave—Laird’s Honor), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10T17,000, PL.

Irish Break (Sunday Break—Irish Line), 4×5 Gold Digger, 10T7,500, W.

Unnamed (Sun King–Trizelle), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 10W6,500, UR.

Unnamed (Sun King—Winning for Glory), 5×4 Shenanigans, 10W1,000, UR.

Legalis (Sun King—Eh La Bas Chere), 5×4 Cap and Bells, 10Y9,500, W.

Zac Schiller (Sun King–Jet n’ Expectation), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 10Y3,000, W.

Unnamed (Sun King—Nitty Gritty), 5×5 Shenanigans, 10Y1,500, UR.

Sunlake (Sunriver—Lady Manolo), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 10Y10,000, UP.

Silent River (Survivalist—Mema’s Turning Red), 4×5 Gold Digger, 10Y9,659, PL.

Wait Till U Try (Survivalist—Miss Noire), 3×4 Con Game, 10Y2,125, W.

Saint Musket (Sweetsouthernsaint—Corsa Lan), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y15,000, W.

Italy Girl (Sweetsouthernsaint–Sofisticada), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y10,000, PL.

La Kamikaze (Sweetsouthernsaint–Streamer), 4×4 Solabar, 5×5 Nothirdchance, 10T9,000, GPW.

Zach Attack (Tale of the Cat—Sweet Stew), 5×5 Raise You, 10W70,000, UR.

Sold Out Show (Tale of the Cat—Hot Attraction), 3×4 Narrate, 10Y30,000, W.

Stately Cat (Tale of the Cat—Stately Belle), 4×3 State, 10Y40,000, W.

Tale of a Champion (Tale of the Cat—If Angels Sang), 3×3 Terlingua, 10T13,000, W.

La Belle Epoque (Tapit—Catlike Dancer), 4×4 Narrate, 10W22,000, PL.

Marilyn Monroan (Tapit—Summer Scene), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 10W255,000, PL.

Walkingonadream (Tapit—Cherokee Diva), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 10Y77,000, UP.

Pooh Corner (Tapit–Opulent), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y105,000, W.

Elijah Gray (Tapit—Palace Songster), 5×5 Flaming Page, 10Y12,000, UP.

Robin Diamond (Tapit—Rock Clause), 5x4x5 Gold Digger, 10Y15,000, W.

Duzy Jasko (Tapit—Sum Delightful Gem), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 10Y70,000, W.

Tritap (Tapit—Victory Road), 5×5 Killaloe, 10Y450,000, GPW.

Bellezza Rosso (Tapit—Bali Pie), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 10T27,000, W.

Tapfortexas (Tapit—Sparkle Anne), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 10T75,000, W.

Ten to Midnight (Tenpins—Midnight Delight), 5×4 Classy Quillo, 10Y13,000, SPW.

Strike Man (Tenpins—Perfect Time), 5×5 Golden Beach, 10T10,000, UP.

Teton Chid (Teton Forest—Dinner Rose), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10Y2,500, UP.

Irish Frankie (Teton Forest—Time Honored), 5×5 Grey Flight, 10T75,000, W.

Circus Clown (Teuflesberg—Vindicated Angel), 4×4 Ballade, 10Y17,000, W.

Catch the Garter (Three Wonders—Gold Garters), 5x5x4 Gold Digger, 10T1,200, W.

Four Bills (Three Wonders—Spicy Angelita), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 10T3,000, UP.

Feelsgoodonmylips (Thunder Gulch—Dixie Bay), 4×4 South Ocean, 10Y15,500, W.

Sword Hunter (Time Bandit—Hunting Trip), 5×5 Broadway, 10Y2,700, UR.

Ordinary Time (Time Bandit—Quest Mount), 5×5 Mixed Marriage, 10T15,000, W.

Current Design (Tiznow—Elegant Designer), 5×5 My Dear Girl, 10Y170,000, W.

Ramallah (Tiznow–Ennui), 5×5 Goofed, 10Y17,000, W.

Sunny Trill (Tiznow—Saturday’s Child), 4×4 Incantation, 10Y32,000, W.

Tiz Magnifique (Tizwonderful—Paris Gem), 5×5 Foggy Note, 10W19,000, PL.

Tiz Tremendous (Tizwonderful—Proof Positive), 5×4 T. C. Kitten, 10W27,000, GPW.

Taweang Queen (Tiz Wonderful—Unbridled Charmer), 5×5 Incantation, 10W45,000, UR.

Kimbell’s Fling (Too Much Bling—Comedy At the Met), 5×4 Bold Princess, 10Y5,800, SPW.

Big City Mamma (Too Much Bling—Ocala Quaker), 5×5 Flaming Page, 10T15,000, W.

Gold Knife (Touch Gold—House of Cheer), 5x5x5 Natalma, 10Y3,000, W.

Antique Circle (Traffic Circle—Antique Show), 4×4 Killaloe, 10T2,000, UP.

Pearl’s Rule (Tribal Rule—Jasmine Pearl), 3×4 Bad Seed, 10Y2,000, W.

Mystical Ruler (Tribal Rule—Mistical One), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 10Y24,000, UR.

Tribal Sun (Tribal Rule—Reine Du Nord), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 10Y8,000, UP.

J T Max (Trippi—La Flamenco), 3×4 Broom Dance, 10Y8,500, W

Force Factor (Trippi—Stanford Reunion), 5×5 Scotch Verdict, 10Y12,000, UP.

Super Babycakes (Two Punch—Bye Bye Katie Pie), 5×5 Shimmer, 10Y2,800, UR.

Unnamed (Two Punch—Green Jeans), 5×5 Ampola, 10Y10,000, UR.

Unbridled Voyage (Unbridled Energy—Jill McGill), 5×4 Incantation, 10Y2,000, UR.

Mojave Desert (Unusual Heat—Across the Creek), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y6,500, UP.

Our Heat (Unusual Heat–Veela), 3×5 Special, 10Y15,000, W.

Isamu (Utopia—Charming Melissa), 5×4 Pocahontas, 10Y5,000, W.

Exclusia Flosy (Utopia—Exclusia North), 5×5 Lady Angela, 10Y5,000, UR.

Unnamed (Value Plus—Heir to the Wind), 5×4 Charedi, 10Y4,500, UR.

Van Gogh (Van Nistelrooy—Booter’s Nix), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y2,000, UP.

Dona Ramona (Van Nistelrooy—Fusaichi Spirit), 4×5 South Ocean, 10Y5,000, W.

Unnamed (Van Nistelrooy–Robust), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y1,000, UR.

Unnamed (Van Nistelrooy—The Perfect Life), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y17,000, UR.

Crimson Cheer (Van Nistelrooy–Yousefia), 5×5 Almahmoud, 5×5 Somethingroyal, 10Y50,000, UP.

Euphrasia (Vibank—Helen’s Fury), 5×5 Gold Digger, 10Y26,073, W.

Vinyata (Vindication—Ride the Wind), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 10Y1,000, UR.

War Talk (War Chant–Andoya), 4×5 Natalma, 10Y10,000, PL.

Chanttoomuch (War Chant—Heavenly Spirits), 5x5x4 Almahmoud, 10Y25,000, UP.

More Is to Come (War Front—Ava’s Crown), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y25,000, W.

Action Nine (War Front—Nancy’s Glitter), 5×3 Moon Glitter, 10T57,000, W.

Northern War (War Pass—Warren’s Whistle), 5×4 Happy Flirt, 10W1,700, UR.

Kiss Me Andy (Wheelaway–Hightimeforakiss), 5×5 Your Game, 10Y1,900, PL.

Fighting Indy (Whiff of Indy—Honest Effort), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 10T4,500, UP.

Long Face (Whywhywhy—Louve Mysterieuse), 5×4 Broadway, 10Y20,000, GPW.

I Don’t Know Jack (Whywhywhy—Sweet Angel Eyes), 5×5 Tamerett, 10Y22,000, UR.

Rojarosa (Wildcat Heir—Gabriela’s Rose), 4×5 Charedi, 10Y70,000, UR.

Winner Trophy (Wildcat Heir–Paintyourwagon), 4×3 Terlingua, 10Y50,000, W.

Flower Jak (With Distinction–Ghazidora), 5×5 Busanda, 10W7,500, W.

Rich Widow (With Distinction–Catdog), 3×3 Terlingua, 10T6,000, W.

Woke Up Praying (Woke Up Dreamin—Madison Grace), 5×4 South Ocean, 10T1,400, W.

Yankee Vacuum (Yankee Gentleman–Vacuum), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 10Y8,500, UR.

Silent Fright (Yes It’s True—Val Marie), 5×5 Shenanigans, 10T400,000, W.

Super Yoo (Yoonevano—North by South), 5×5 Almahmoud, 10Y9,246, PL.

Zantino (Zanjero—Eve’s Valentine), 5×3 Lassie Dear, 10W1,400, UR.

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