Rasmussen Factor Qualifiers Sold in 2011

Below is a list of all the RF qualifiers (stakes winners already listed omitted) sold as weanlings, yearlings, or two-year-olds in North America in 2011. Listed for each foal is its name, pedigree (sire–dam), description of the inbreeding, price, and a brief summation of its racing class (W for winner, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, PL for placed, etc.). The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (pretty much the order in which I found them).

Cashin the Trash (Abajo—Take Out the Trash), 5×5 Pocahontas, 11Y11,500, UP.

Perform Wisely (Act Smart–Performer), 3×4 Smartaire, 11Y2,241, UP.

Exercens (Afleet Alex—Cervante), 5×5 Special, 11Y35,000, W.

Chica de Humo (Afleet Alex—Madame Sunshine), 5x3x4 Special, 11Y11,000, W.

Magno Carlo (After Market–Subeen), 4×4 South Ocean, 11Y2,000, W.

Snow Princess (After Market—Yuki No Princess), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 11Y8,500, W.

Yajber (Aljabr–Futuh), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T4,187, PL.

Divine Spell (Alphabet Soup–Divinatory), 4×4 Chambord, 11T15,000, PL.

Dominate (Any Given Saturday—Bright Image), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y50,000, W.

Ceci N Red (Any Given Saturday—Dawn Maneuver), 4×5 Hooplah, 11Y15,000, W.

Give Me a Saturday (Any Given Saturday—Extraordinary Lady), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y6,000, W.

Any Given Act (Any Given Saturday—One Kid Act), 5×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y15,000, UP.

Damyang Jeongsin (Any Given Saturday—Vermont Connection), 5×3 Lassie Dear, 11Y7,500, W.

Grand Niner (Any Given Saturday—Grand Deed, 5×4 Continue, 11T15,000, W.

Rude Warrior (A.P. Indy–Raylene), 5×5 Missy Baba, 11T200,000, UP.

Taxali Gate (Aragorn–Heeremandi), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 11W9,000, PL.

Dongseo Daeryuk (A. P. Warrior—Lady Marion), 5×5 South Ocean, 11Y7,500, SP.

Candy and Nuts (A. P. Warrior—All Charm), 4×3 Demure, 5×4 South Ocean, 11T42,000, SPW.

La Perlita (A. P. Warrior—Swan River), 5×5 South Ocean, 11T13,000, UP.

Armeblanche (Arch–Nault), 4×4 Courtly Dee, 11Y15,000, W.

Suite Faith (Article of Faith—Fantasy Suite), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T2,800, UP.

Dorsett (Artie Schiller–Dontgetinmyway), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y40,000, W.

Two Girls Adancing (Atticus—La Costa Azul), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y27,000, W.

Awesome Rebound (Awesome Again—Jane’s the Name), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 11W100,000, UP.

Hey Paulie (Awesome Gambler—Action Girl), 5×5 Shenanigans, 11T10,000, W.

My Dream Cat (Battle Cat—High Pioneer), 3×3 Terlingua, 11Y9,677, W.

Revelation Six (Bay Head King—Pass Six), 4×5 Cosmah, 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y4,000, UR.

Zyanza (Beau Soleil—Big Headache), 5×5 Flaming Page, 11T2,500, W.

Short Notice (Bedford Falls—Ruckus Ridge), 5×4 Alanesian, 11Y20,000, UR.

Card Trick (Bernardini—Towering Palace), 4×4 My Charmer, 11W280,000, PL.

Caspian Crown (Bernardini—Acey Deucey), 3×3 Oil Fable, 11W115,000, W.

Kimnjet (Bernstein—Paradise Street), 5×5 Natalma, 11W35,000, PL.

Fast Music (Bernstein—Sweet Citrus), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 11W25,000, UR.

Paris Affair (Bernstein—Affair With Aflair), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y50,000, UP.

Unnamed (Bernstein–Asyouwish), 3×3 Terlingua, 11Y45,000, UR.

Top Bernstein (Bernstein—Perfect Solution), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y17,000, W.

Cam and Con’s Girl (Bernstein—Phantom Income), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y9,000, W.

Bernie’s Belle (Bernstein—Quiet Exuberance), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y20,000, UP.

Kelley Marie (Bernstein—Regal Approval), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y8,000, W.

Rapid Burn (Bernstein—She’s Mahogany), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y140,000, W.

Tessies Passage (Bernstein—Stark Passage), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y12,000, W.

New Gal N Town (Bernstein–Termalina), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y50,000, W.

Estas Afuera (Bernstein–Venusberg), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y10,000, W.

Bits and Bytes (Bernstein—Weekend Dancer), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 11Y30,000, W.

Julie Bugs (Bernstein–Brocatelle), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T19,500, W.

Check Em (Best of the Bests—Lady Shakin), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y20,310, W.

Neat Package (Big Brown—Miss Loren), 4×4 Special, 11Y80,000, W.

Champion Boy (Big Brown—My Amandari), 4×5 Special, 11Y27,000, PL.

My Princess Diane (Bluegrass Cat—Dawn Princess), 5×3 Numbered Account, 11W14,000, PL.

Lieuteneant Seany O (Bluegrass Cat—Lady Lightning), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 11W50,000, W.

Salmagic (Bluegrass Cat—Unbridled Queen), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11W14,000, PL.

Suerte Nicholas (Bluegrass Cat—Lady Nicholas), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y30,000, W.

Cat With a Twist (Bluegrass Cat—Lemon Blossom), 5×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y50,000, W.

Don Pico (Bluegrass Cat–Lileagh), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y3,000, W.

Sweet Red Cat (Bluegrass Cat—Sweet Soul), 5x5x5 Somethingroyal, 11Y18,000, GPW.

Sun Cat (Bluegrass Cat—Will Be a Bates), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y40,000, UR.

Bluegrass Kopp (Bluegrass Cat—Svea Dahl), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 11T21,000, W.

Brother Dr. Bob (Bob and John—Classy Con), 3×3 Con Game, 11Y5,500, W.

Hong Kong Harry (Bob and John—Beyond the Fence), 4×4 Too Bald, 11T4,700, W.

Can’t Buy a Thrill (Borrego–Appomattox), 5×4 Special, 11Y15,000, PL.

Nogero (Borrego—Mambo Woman), 5×5 Special, 11Y2,500, PL.

Red Hen Walking (Borrego–Skeena), 4×5 Cap and Bells, 11Y3,500, W.

He Gone (Borrego—Madame Sunshine), 5x3x4 Special, 11T25,000, W.

Think Sunshine (Broken Vow—Beautiful Stranger), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y125,000, W.

Wicked Finance (Broken Vow—Global Finance), 4×4 Charedi, 11Y130,000, PL.

Trade Rumor (Broken Vow—Valkyries’ Ride), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y40,000, PL.

Miss Canaveral (Canaveral—Virginia Miss), 3×5 Runaway Bride, 11W3,000, W.

Strong Dog (Cat Strike—Goin Wide), 4×4 Crimson Saint. 11Y300, UP.

Shotgun Ralph (Cause to Believe—Fast Talk), 5×4 Gold Digger, 11Y2,518, SPW.

Suji Sindong (Champali—Betty Spaghetti), 4×4 Foggy Note, 11T20,000, W.

Pardonmecomingthru (Chatain—Bridal Tea), 4×3 Terlingua, 11Y20,000, SPW.

Really Smokin (Cheroot—Upper Ridge), 5×5 Flaming Page, 11Y6,043, UP.

Huntingtons Silver (Classy Prospector—Petite Silver), 5×5 Flaming Page, 11Y3,700, UR.

Wassamassaw (Congaree—Rosie the Riveter), 3×3 Danseur Fabuleux, 11T20,000, UR.

Unnamed (Congrats—Dick’s Chick), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11W20,000, UR.

Takajo (Congrats—Ariel Rose), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y40,000, W.

Limited Response (Congrats—Birds Up), 3×4 Wild Applause, 11Y40,000, W.

Mountain Jam (Congrats—Countess Avie), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y48,000, UP.

Royal Congrats (Congrats—Royal Confection), 4×4 Gold Digger, 11Y40,000, W.

Emile (Congrats—Sharp Country), 4×4 Gold Digger, 11Y29,000, SPW.

Conzig (Congrats—Amber Myth), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11T87,000, W.

Platinum Fox (Congrats—Foxy Duck), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 11T21,000, UP.

Special Congrats (Congrats—Frisky Cheerleader), 3×3 Wild Applause, 11T22,000, W.

Janus (Congrats–Malindi), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y50,000, UR.

Spectacular Song (Congrats—Saratoga Style), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 11Y7,500, W.

Gun Boat (Congrats—White Ruffle), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T150,000, GPW.

Consolidator Ruth (Consolidator—Beat It), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y2,500, UR.

Camp Meeting (Corinthan–Prominent), 5×5 Special, 11W50,000, PL.

Ya No Esta (Corinthian—Spanish Melody), 5×5 Special, 11W2,500, PL.

Corinora (Corinthian—North East Gale), 4×4 Narrate, 11Y100,000, UR.

Revelationist (Corinthian—Sky Beam), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y62,000, W.

My Melody My Song (Corinthian—Spanish Melody), 5×5 Special, 11Y2,500, UP.

Chestnut Moon (Corinthian—Dance Special), 5×4 Special, 11T145,000, W.

Light of Life (Corinthian—Touch of Splendor), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 11T35,000, W.

Zelmane (Corinthian—Wander Queen), 5×5 Special, 11T14,000, UP.

Ana Patricia (Cowboy Cal—No Lo Creo), 4×3 Quite Honestly, 11W9,000, W.

Headwing (Cowboy Cal—Real Blonde), 5×5 Broadway, 11W14,000, PL.

Third Knight (Cryptoclearance—Truly Needy), 4×3 Gold Digger, 11Y30,000, W.

Maisie’s Moon (Curlin–Reverently), 5×5 Smartaire, 11Y5,000, PL.

Unnamed (Dance With Ravens–Polyantha), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11W1,000, UR.

Fish Whistler (Dance With Ravens—Aunt Elaine), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y3,200, W.

Fenwick Island (Dance With Ravens—Mitote Maya), 5×5 Smartaire, 11Y1,400, UP.

Jerusalem Stone (Desert Warrior—Mythical Brownie), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y31,000, SPW.

The Snickers Kid (Disco Rico—Nicky’s Love), 5×5 Knight’s Daughter, 11T17,000, W.

Discreet Darling (Discreet Cat–Midnightresolution), 5×5 Intriguing, 11Y6,000, UR.

Cat’n Mouse (Discreet Cat—Samba Reggae), 4×5 Numbered Account, 11T8,000, UP.

Stormin Chief (Distorted Humor—Stormy Bear), 4×4 Gold Digger, 11Y140,000, UR.

Cascadian Matt (Distorted Reality—Golden Noodle Soup), 5×5 Tamerett, 11Y1,500, W.

Two Comma Guy (Dixie Union—Cosmic Colors), 5×5 Hidden Talent, 11Y110,000, W.

Dixiluna (Dixie Union–Dundrummin’), 4×5 Natalma, 11Y140,000, W.

Southern Jewel (Dixie Union—Rare Gift), 4×5 Too Bald, 11Y525,000, W.

Sun Gloria (Dixie Union—Delta Sensation), 4×4 Too Bald, 11T60,000, PL.

Queen of Mongolia (Dixie Union—S W Aly’svalentine), 5×4 Change Water, 11Y75,000, UP.

Greers Ferry (Dixie Union—State Cup), 4×5 Too Bald, 11Y37,000, UR.

Short Odds (Don’tsellmeshort—Strawberry Cookie), 5×5 Gold Digger, 11Y1,000, W.

Double Tenor (Double Honor–Wipetheslateclean), 4×5 Tamerett, 11Y6,500, UR.

Liesel (Double Honor–Courtyard), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T33,000, W.

Without Wings (D’wildcat—Dreamflight), 5×5 Sherry Jen, 11T85,000, W.

Maryjean (D’wildcat—Fan Friendly), 4x4x5 Fanfreluche, 11T4,500, W.

Starship Romeo (D’wildcat—Our Dear Helen), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T25,000, W.

Spanish Flyer (Early Flyer–Hadenough), 5×5 Kerala, 11Y3,200, W.

Patrician Snoop (Eavesdropper—Patrician Lady), 5×5 Missy Baba, 11Y2,200, W.

Foreign Officer (Eavesdropper—Wianno), 4×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y4,000, W.

Dreamlicious (Ecclesiastic–Gratorious), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y3,100, SPW.

Respectful Ed (Eddington–Respectful), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11T22,000, W.

Wanna Be a Baller (El Corredor—Search the Sea), 5×4 Broadway, 11Y1,000, UR.

Princesa Corredora (El Corredor—Zawaaya), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y5,000, PL.

Mujeok Ace (El Corredor–Heiresstothethrone), 5×5 Broadway, 11T20,000, PL.

Mr. Newton (El Corredor—Society Gal), 3×2 Long Legend, 11T110,000, PL.

King’s Plaza (El Prado—Ho Joy), 5×5 Lalun, 11Y100,000, UR.

Head for the Exits (Elusive Quality—Lady Heroine), 4×3 Glowing Tribute, 11Y110,000, PL.

Quality Light (Elusive Quality—Mine Light), 5×5 Admiring, 11W25,000, UR.

Looklistenandlearn (Elusive Quality–Brocatelle), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y35,000, W.

Raquelita (Elusive Quality—Yield to Faith), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y27,000, UR.

Joy Chance (English Channel—Our Joy), 5×5 Special, 11W20,000, UR.

Berkut (English Channel–Bauhauser), 5×4 Special, 11Y20,000, UR.

O’Prado Ole (English Channel—Mexican Moonlight), 5×5 Special, 11Y40,000, GPW.

Mi Doctora (English Channel—This Is Dixie), 3×3 Classy ‘n Smart, 11Y7,500, PL.

She’s Sassy (Eurosilver–Shalt), 4×5 Flaming Page, 11Y3,500, PL.

Brnadon’s Princess (Exchange Rate–Juneau), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y35,000, W.

Cyclone Warrior (Exchange Rate—Truly Quiet), 5×4 Gold Digger, 11Y105,000, W.

Tombstone Gold (Exclusive Quality—Dk Gold), 5×5 Glowing Tribute, 11W6,200, UP.

Exotic Affair (Exclusive Quality—Tropical Lady), 5×4 Natashka, 11Y6,000, UR.

Starship Quality (Exclusive Quality—Miss Kick), 5×4 Foggy Note, 11T20,000, W.

Taeyangsingi (Exclusive Quality—Stifled), 5×5 Tamerett, 11T20,000, W.

Lagi Lagi (Fantasticat—She Loves Me Not), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y1,000, W.

Runaway Charm (Finality–Aja), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y4,029, PL.

Classic Cheese (Finality—Cheese Land), 5×4 Dianthus, 11Y2,015, W.

Rutherford Rd (First Samurai—A Touch of Glory), 5×5 Killaloe, 11Y75,000, SPW.

Cocotzin (First Samurai—Sweet Bernadette), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11Y1,500, W.

Northern Passion (First Samurai—A Touch of Glory), 5×5 Killaloe, 11T220,000, W.

Backnbiz (First Samurai—Lady Fu Peg), 5×4 Killaloe, 11T50,000, UP.

Brother Patrick (Fisher Pond—Sister Patsy Ellen), 5×5 Plum Cake, 11Y4,089, W.

Consurgo (Flatter—Foxcroft Sister), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 11Y100,000, PL.

Top Flatt (Flatter—Top of the Hill), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y14,000, UR.

Diego the Lawyer (Flatter—Buzz Buzz Buzz), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T23,000, W.

Chimbolo Secret (Flower Alley—Grand Deed), 5×4 Continue, 11W3,700, PL.

Sallyport (Flower Alley–Lisieux), 5×2 Gay Sonnet, 11W65,000, W.

Arborville (Forest Grove–Asheville), 4×4 Mira Femme, 11T200,000, W.

Little Baker (Forestry–Diamondinthestream), 5×5 Sequence, 11W25,000, UP.

Red Miracle (Forestry—Golden Kitty), 5×5 Sequence, 11W10,000, PL.

Ironwing (Forestry—Angela’s Love), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y37,000, W.

Fall Victory (Forestry—Falling Springs), 5×4 Sequence, 11Y25,000, UR.

Spinwood (Forestry—Fantasy Spin), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y30,000, UP.

Cascajo (Forestry—Gal of Mine), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y15,000, W.

Forest City (Forestry–Kadija), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y67,000, UP.

Bobgeepers (Forestry—Lady Charade), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y27,500, W.

Forestry’s Delight (Forestry–Lenarue), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y6,000, W.

Tonys Forest (Forestry—Naturally Naughty), 5×5 Aspidistra, 11Y22,000, PL.

Storming Run (Forestry—Proper Cielo), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y25,000, W.

Ciscale (Forestry—Pulled Together), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y45,000, W.

Wit and Win (Forestry—Rose City), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y130,000, UR.

Oklahoma Rain (Forestry—Sleepless Rain), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y31,000, W.

Forest Pegasus (Forestry–Trani), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y2,500, W

Big Ardan (Forestry—Vogue Girl), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y8,000, W.

Dream Sequence (Forestry—Yellow Flag), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y40,000, W.

Ihateubutiloveu (Formal Dinner—The Jickster), 5×5 Precious Lady, 11Y5,000, PL.

Gold Emblem (Formal Gold—Greeley Creek), 5x5x4 Gold Digger, 11Y6,000, PL.

Barley Bay (Friendly Island–Cryptocari), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y1,700, UR.

Lady Gamelton (Friendly Island—Winter Vacation), 5×4 Tamerett, 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y1,200, UR.

Islomania (Friendly Island—Ochi Chernye), 5×5 Tamerett, 11T5,500, UP.

Friends With Macy (Friends Lake—Launchastorm), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y2,700, W.

Crafty Unicorn (Friends Lake—Unicorn Kid), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11T20,000, W.

Flight of Fantasy (Frost Giant–Ravishly), 5×5 Numbered Account, 11Y8,000, PL.

Veil’s Vengeance (Ghostly Moves—Reing of Light), 5×4 Tamerett, 11Y4,700, W.

Enjoy It (Giant’s Causeway—Act Devoted), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 11Y30,000, UP.

Magical Steps (Giant’s Causeway—Mayville’s Magic), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y270,000, SPW.

Marble Falls (Giant’s Causeway—Santa Croce), 5×3 Ballade, 11Y175,000, UP.

Go for Cameron (Go for Gin—Jazzy J J), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 11W1,800, UP.

The Good Bean (Good Journey—Loving Miss), 5×5 Best in Show, 11Y1,300, UR.

Seekinsweetrewards (Good Reward—Moussica), 5×5 Flaming Page, 11W1,000, PL.

Heavenly Haste (Good Reward—Post Haste), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y3,000, UR.

El Bomberito (Good Reward—Prairie City), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 11Y1,015, W.

Havanera (Graeme Hall—Cheyennes Approval), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y7,500, W.

Ms Manana (Graeme Hall—Sharp n Strong), 5×4 Gold Digger, 11T3,500, W.

Olympic Serena (Grand Slam—Qu Appelle), 5×5 Plum Cake, 11W20,000, UR.

Messageinabottle (Grand Slam–Devine), 5×5 Plum Cake, 11Y60,000, PL.

Dazzlewithdiamonds (Grand Slam—Hat Dancer), 4×5 Tamerett, 11Y12,000, W.

Dueling Oaks (Grand Slam—Katilac Ofthestars), 4×4 Gold Digger, 11Y45,000, W.

Running Tiger (Grand Slam—Lady Lyra), 5×5 Plum Cake, 11Y7,500, UR.

Grand Wing (Grand Slam—Prestigious Prize), 5×5 Plum Cake, 11Y50,000, UR.

Baby Bananas (Grand Slam—Gale the Queen), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T10,000, UP.

Whobetterthanus (Grand Slam—Kumari Continent), 4×4 Tamerett, 11T52,000, W.

Starship Omega (Half Ours—Wanna Kat), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 11Y5,000, PL.

Ugotthemoneyhoney (Harbor the Gold—Vying for Money), 5×5 Victoriana, 11Y7,200, W.

Unnamed (Hard Spun—Common Channel), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11W90,000, UR.

Final Redemption (Hard Spun—Flawless Diamond), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11W260,000, SPW.

Maquita Elaine (Hard Spun–Venusberg), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11W40,000, W.

Hanalei Memories (Hard Spun—Memories for Us), 4×5 Luiana, 11Y240,000, UR.

Hard Secret (Hard Spun—Two Halos), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y100,000, UP.

Holiday Surprise (Harlan’s Holiday—April Invitation), 5×4 Tularia, 11Y40,000, UR.

Unnamed (Harlan’s Holiday—Shiny Band), 5×5 Cosmah, 11Y225,000, UR.

Worthwhile Pursuit (Harlan’s Holiday—My Canada), 5×5 Alanesian, 11Y45,000, UP.

Holden Up (Harlington—Molitta), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y8,700, PL.

Unnamed (Harlington—Heliotrope), 4×3 Glorious Song, 11Y4,539, UR.

Mary Caught All (Harlington–Maricot), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y2,500, W.

Starship Vixen (Harlington—Southern Serenity), 5×4 Ballade, 11Y7,500, UP.

Dual Mandate (Hat Trick—Chiming Dixie), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11T150,000, UP.

Beat the Storm (Heart of the Storm—Isola Rosa), 4×5 Gold Digger, 11Y30,000, W.

Hennessy Please (Henny Hughes–Whatbabywants), 4×4 T. C. Kitten, 11Y6,000, UP.

Sat Nav (Henrythenavigator—Hallowed Dream), 5x5x5 Special, 11W9,000, UP.

Mazariegos (Henrythenavigator—Pete’s Fancy), 5x5x5 Special, 11W130,000, UR.

Prof (Henrythenavigator—Bandanna Lady), 5x5x5 Special, 11Y16,000, UR.

Lateen (Henrythenavigator—Changing World), 5x5x4 Special, 11Y85,000, UP.

Admiralofthesea (Henrythenavigator—Duchess Royale), 4×4 Luv Luvin’, 5x5x5 Natalma, 11Y22,000, W.

Just Henry (Henrythenavigator—Feature Article), 5x5x5 Special, 11Y200,000, UR.

Afonso de Sousa (Henrythenavigator–Mien), 5x5x3 Special, 11Y300,000, GPW.

Chroi Le Teaglaigh (Henrythenavigator—Paddy’s Daisy), 5x5x5 Special, 11Y110,000, W.

Fancy Henry (Henrythenavigator—Pete’s Fancy), 5x5x5 Special, 11Y85,000, PL.

Electromagnetic (Henrythenavigator—Wind in My Wings), 5x5x5 Special, 11Y90,000, UP.

Musical Diva (High Cotton–Marimba), 5×5 Too Bald, 11W25,000, UR.

Currency Union (High Cotton—Jiving Beauty), 5×5 Too Bald, 11Y23,000, W.

Megamove (High Cotton—Miss Sabrina), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 11T50,000, SPW.

Unnamed (Holy Bull–Ihavemyeyeonyou), 2×3 Sharon Brown, 11W8,000, UR.

Madam Couture (Holy Bull—French Manicure), 3×4 Ta Wee, 11Y27,000, UP.

Sunday Shopping (Holy Bull—Impulse Shopper), 4×4 Aspidistra, 11Y65,000, UR.

Pretty in Diamonds (Holy Bull—Cirque View), 3×3 Ta Wee, 11T16,000, UP.

Be a Bull (Holy Bull—P. J.’s Eskimo), 4×5 Aspidistra, 11T35,000, W.

Including (Include—Doolittle), 5×4 Too Bald, 11Y160,000, W.

Atticlude (Include—Treetop Landing), 5×4 Too Bald, 5×5 Hidden Talent, 11T5,000, W.

Indian Nobility (Indian Charlie—People’s Princess), 4×3 Suspicious Native, 11Y100,000, W.

Graceful Beauty (Indian Ocean—Beautiful Image), 5×5 Moccasin, 11W1,100, UR.

Zuni Rocket (Indian Ocean—Beautiful Image), 5×5 Moccasin, 11T6,500, W.

Keep on Shining (Indygo Shiner—Back in Time), 3×4 Image of Reality, 11Y45,000, W.

Zanzibar Blue (Indygo Shiner—Biogio’s Kids), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y7,000, W.

Indygo Fashion (Indygo Shiner—La Trillium), 5×5 Best in Show, 11Y12,000, W.

Unnamed (Indygo Shiner–Uvalde), 4×4 Sex Appeal, 11Y10,000, UR.

Irrationalbehavior (Istan–Rationale), 5×5 Raise You, 11Y1,000, UP.

Autumn Fire (Jackpot–Improvisation), 4×3 Ten Cents a Dance, 11Y2,000, UP.

Golden Dixieland (Jazil—Deer a Dough), 5x5x5 Busanda, 11T22,000, GPW.

Nearly Normal (Johannesburg—Cathy’s Star), 5×4 Grand Splendor, 11Y3,565, PL.

Conventional (Johannesburg—Do Nice), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y65,000, W.

Perseverent Pete (Johannesburg—Indian Halloween), 5×5 South Ocean, 11Y9,000, PL.

Rontos’ Dream (Johannesburg–Schism), 4×4 Narrate, 11Y28,500, W.

Johannesbourbon (Johannesburg—Mary Ellise), 4×5 T. C. Kitten, 11T60,000, SPW.

Port City (Johannesburg—Piedras Negras), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11T15,000, UP.

Burlador (Jump Start—We Got a Lemon), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y6,000, W.

War Shaman (Kela—Marlee’s Rain Bow), 5×3 Thong, 11Y6,500, W.

Kip’s Dee (Kipling–Gweneth), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y9,000, W.

Krakenwise (Kipling—Lunar Surprise), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y5,000, W.

Kips Calero (Kipling—Miss Mescalero), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 11Y10,000, W.

Barn Knee (Kitalpha—Frost Flower), 4×4 Special, 11Y10,000, W.

Carivan Man (Kitalpha—Pink Coral), 4×4 Special, 11Y1,250, W.

Iratus Leo (Kitalpha—Sadler’s Secretary), 4×4 Special, 11Y2,741, W.

Alpha Bullet (Kitalpha—Sheba Gold), 4×4 Special, 11Y6,000, W.

Fonz (Kitalpha—Telling Stories), 4×5 Special, 11Y23,000, W.

Unnamed (Kitten’s Joy—La Cat), 5×5 Special, 11W50,000, UR.

Balmat (Kitten’s Joy–Malaysia), 5×4 Special, 11W80,000, SPW.

Kornilov (Kitten’s Joy—Virginia Reel), 5×4 Special, 11W50,000, UR.

With Exultation (Kitten’s Joy–Caterette), 5×5 Special, 11Y155,000, W.

Unnamed (Kitten’s Joy—Hidden Grove), 5×4 Fanfreluche, 11Y155,000, UR.

Proud Josephina (Kitten’s Joy—Proud Mover), 5×5 Special, 11Y24,000, UR.

Ruby Kitten (Kitten’s Joy—Ruled by Ruby), 5×5 Special, 11Y40,000, UP.

Tenforthemoney (Kitten’s Joy—Sarahs Rahy Dancer), 5×4 Special, 11Y40,000, W.

Unnamed (Kitten’s Joy—Sweet Baby Jane), 5×5 Special, 11Y48,000, UR.

Virginia’s Joy (Kitten’s Joy—Virginia Reel), 5×4 Special, 11Y30,000, W.

Heaven’s Saint (Langfuhr—Saint Sammi), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y32,000, W.

Vj Gato Con Botas (Lawyer Ron–Paintball), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y10,500, W.

Lemon Sakhee (Lemon Drop Kid–Khazayin), 5×5 Special, 11W155,000, UR.

Unnamed (Lemon Drop Kid–Nafisah), 5×5 Special, 11W165,000, UR.

Army Hero (Lemon Drop Kid—A Bit of Pressure), 5×3 Lassie Dear, 11Y260,000, W.

Everything Matters (Lemon Drop Kid–Arbeka), 5×4 Missy Baba, 11Y210,000, PL.

Lemontella Bright (Lemon Drop Kid–Burnish), 5×5 Missy Baba, 11Y40,000, PL.

Kid Lightning (Lemon Drop Kid—Heat Lightning), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y300,000, W.

Restore the Shore (Lemon Drop Kid—Secondary School), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y105,000, PL.

Minor Crisis (Lemon Drop Kid–Tigi), 3×5 Lassie Dear, 11Y50,000, W.

Market Outlook (Lemon Drop Kid—Visions of Clarity), 5×4 Special, 11Y150,000, W.

Belaya Koroleva (Lemon Drop Kid—Wedding Day Blues), 5×5 Special, 11Y9,000, UR.

St Moose (Lemon Drop Kid—Lady Reiko), 5×4 Special, 11T50,000, W.

Divine Michael (Lewis Michael—Marge S), 4×3 That’s My Hon, 11Y6,500, W.

Cool Lime (Limehouse—Cool Alice), 3×2 Blue Jean Baby, 11Y5,600, UR.

Cruisen Along (Limehouse—Queen of My Nights), 5×5 Tamerett, 11Y1,200, W.

Bourbon Pride (Lion Heart—Royal G G), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 11Y25,000, W.

Scout Finch (Lion Heart—Scouting Party), 4×4 Terlingua, 11Y20,000, UP.

Heart and Seek (Lion Heart–Seek), 5×4 Iskra, 11Y15,000, W.

Crimson Heart (Lion Heart—Silent Academy), 5×3 Crimson Saint, 11Y220,000, PL.

Base Line Drive (Lion Tamer—Outta the Park), 5×5 Tamerett, 11T4,500, PL.

Liquored Lassie (Liquor Cabinet—Nanny’s Lil Lassie), 5×4 South Ocean, 11Y5,000, UR.

Scandalous Love (Love of Money—Double Your Luck), 4×3 Numbered Account, 11Y6,000, W.

Redvelvetcupcake (Lucky Pulpit—Lunar Mystery), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y6,500, UR.

Dashing Platinum (Macho Uno—Forbidden Kiss), 5×5 Aspidistra, 11T39,000, SPW.

Rated Xtreme (Magna Graduate–Tartufi), 5×5 Broadway, 11W1,500, PL.

Super Saiyan (Magna Graduate—Fleet Dreamer), 4×3 Con Game, 11Y1,000, UP.

Little Face (Magna Graduate—No Warning), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y25,000, W.

Blueeyesintherein (Magna Graduate–Tartufi), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y10,000, W.

Majestic Desert (Majestic Warrior—Classy Clarita), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y40,000, W.

Majestic Forecast (Majestic Warrior–Cumulus), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y42,000, UR.

Iratinelexuberance (Majestic Warrior–Fondly), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y25,000, W.

Royal Warrior (Majestic Warrior—Mutton Maniac), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y35,000, W.

Character Zero (Majestic Warrior—Wave Her Home), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y42,000, UP.

Moonlight Meeting (Malibu Moon—Beautiful Stranger), 4×3 Lassie Dear, 11W67,000, UP.

Coastal Moon (Malibu Moon—Coastal Wave), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11W110,000, UP.

I Thirtyfive (Malibu Moon—Guilty Pleasure), 4×5 Gold Digger, 11W85,000, UP.

Thunder Moon (Malibu Moon—Weekend Strike), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11W350,000, PL.

Sunbaked (Malibu Moon—Robin’s Prospect), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 11Y125,000, W.

Flak (Malibu Moon—Stormy Squall), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y150,000, PL.

Clearly Casual (Malibu Moon—Fighting Countess), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y45,000, PL.

Luna Bean (Malibu Moon—Ivory Mint), 5×5 Raise You, 11T100,000, UR.

Victoria Mia (Master Command—Charismatic Nurse), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y3,200, PL.

Me n’ Dixie (Master Command—Dixieland Squall), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y8,400, W.

Masteringthestorm (Master Command—Lemon Pie), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y2,500, W.

My Trickster (Master Command–Freei), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y10,000, W.

Absolute Priority (Master Command—Jack’s Touch), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T135,000, UR.

Ruggiero (Medaglia d’Oro–Alcina), 5×5 Special, 11Y400,000, UR.

Devious d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro–Hafifah), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11Y75,000, SPW.

Adriani (Medaglia d’Oro—Kendall Hill), 5×4 Special, 11Y35,000, SPW.

Amulet (Medaglia d’Oro—Prima Centauri), 5×4 Special, 11Y250,000, UR.

Credit Call (Medaglia d’Oro—Stars Indy Skies), 5×5 Special, 11Y340,000, UP.

Wabbajack (Mdnight Lute—Fast and Early), 5×5 Gay Hostess, 11Y25,000, W.

Magical Lute (Midnight Lute—Lady Doc), 5×5 Gay Hostess, 11Y11,500, UR.

Parris Island Babe (Military—The Only Way to Go), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y7,600, PL.

Milwaukee Girl (Milwaukee Brew–Sweetdownthelane), 5×5 Bold Irish, 11W9,000, UR.

Deli Dude (Mineshaft–Crozet), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11W75,000, W.

Ducks Dock (Mineshaft—Gout de Terroir), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y350,000, W.

Gamblin Jack (Mingun—Miss Lady Luck), 4×5 Special, 11Y4,700, W.

Glacial Ocean (Mizzen Mast—Battle Hymn), 4×4 Flower Bowl, 11Y1,700, UR.

Classic Jill (Mizzen Mast–Eightyfivebroadst), 4×4 Flower Bowl, 11Y35,000, UP.

Fast Mast (Mizzen Mast–Honorlee), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 11T30,000, PL.

Not too Shiny (Modigliani—Shining Prospect), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y5,000, W.

Topazio (More Than Ready—Gypsy Hollow), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11T50,000, SPW.

Ms Pianist (More Than Ready—Pleasant Temper), 5×4 Shama, 11T70,000, SPW.

Trashi Diva (More Than Ready—Slew Peg), 5x4x4 Gold Digger, 11T14,000, PL.

Picozza (More Than Ready–Casuarina), 5×5 Shama, 11W195,000, GPW.

Sir Fire Foot (More Than Ready–Curriculum), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y250,000, UR.

Ready to Boogie (More Than Ready–Marchonin), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y30,000, W.

Masasi (More Than Ready—Meadow Prayer), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 11Y90,000, SPW.

Ready to Rip (More Than Ready—Steal a Heart), 5×5 Intriguing, 11Y40,000, UP.

Apple Cider (More Than Ready—Who Did It and Run), 5×4 Intriguing, 11Y360,000, PL.

Omri (Mr. Greeley–Dive), 4×5 Broadway, 11W37,000, UP.

Alexis Road (Noble Causeway–Besige), 5×3 Numbered Account, 11Y5,000, W.

Noble Trickster (Noble Causeway—Golden Trick), 5×4 Gold Digger, 11T10,000, PL.

Simply Mauvelous (Noble Causeway—Royal Rhythm), 5×4 Numbered Account, 11T1,500, W.

River City Girl (Northern Afleet—Cincy Girl), 5×4 Tamerett, 11W27,000, W.

Unnamed (Northern Afleet—Spirit Away), 5×5 Tamerett, 11T3,000, UR.

Mega Storm (Northern Afleet—Storming Annie), 4×4 Square Angel, 11Y6,200, UP.

Afleet in Dixie (Northern Afleet–Whistlin’along), 5×5 Nangela, 11Y16,000, W.

Two and Twenty (Northern Afleet—Infinitely Greedy), 5×5 Tamerett, 11T105,000, W.

Northstorm (Northern Afleet—Storm’s Finale), 5×4 Natalma, 11T5,000, W.

South China Sea (North Light—Hsi Wang Mu), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11Y3,500, W.

R Vee (North Light—Long Vacation), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11Y1,200, UR.

Idelsa (North Light—Ms Isadorable), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11Y3,000, W.

Master Zeus (Not For Love—Many Smiles), 3×3 Numbered Account, 11Y10,500, UP.

Pay the Lady (Not For Love—Silvercity Lady), 5×5 Glamour, 11Y20,000, W.

We Found Love (Not For Love—Up We Go), 3×4 Numbered Account, 11Y65,000, W.

Who’s in Love (Not For Love—Who’s Cozy), 3×4 Numbered Account, 11Y50,000, UR.

Jack Sensical (Not For Love—Sadler’s Sarah), 3×4 Numbered Account, 11T40,000, W.

Offlee Shook (Offlee Wild—Miss Laken), 3×3 Andover Way, 11T9,000, W.

Wild Play Day (Offlee Wild—Play Day), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 11T15,000, W.

Turbulent Velocity (Omega Code—Gloomy Knot), 5×4 Too Bald, 11Y4,200, W.

Pyran’s Guitar (Osidy—Sheer Sable), 4×4 My Charmer, 11Y2,000, UP.

Brittany’s Tuition (Osidy—Fast Laner), 4×5 My Charmer, 11T10,000, W.

Hydingindyinosidy (Osidy—Hyding in Malibu), 4×5 My Charmer, 11T3,200, W.

Dowon Gyeolui (Old Fashioned—Wednesday’s Child), 4×4 Lucky Spell, 11W37,000, W.

Star Maneuver (Outflanker—Distant Star), 3×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y1,000, SPW.

Company’s Dream (Out of Place—Zavata’s Dream), 5×5 Exclusive, 11Y2,200, W.

Don’trainonparade (Parade Ground—Dark Torment), 4×5 Soaring, 11Y2,300, UP.

What Partners Do (Partner’s Hero—Not What I Do), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y6,000, PL.

National Security (Patriot Act—Weekend Surprise), 3×3 Weekend Surprise, 11T18,000, W.

Business First (Pavarotti—Parish Business), 5×5 Intriguing, 11T1,200, UP.

Jo Jo’s Comet (Peace Rules–Cacoon), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y7,000, SPW.

Peace At Last (Peace Rules—Funky Fraulein), 5×4 Ballade, 5×5 Natalma, 11Y1,200, W.

More Debt (Peace Rules—Pleasant Ring), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y17,000, W.

One Proud Baby (Peace Rules—Moonshine Girl), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11T8,500, UP.

Soul Intent (Perfect Soul—Danish Wildcat), 4x5x5 Natalma, 11Y7,500, W.

Parade Soul (Perfect Soul—Inventing Paradise), 4×4 Special, 11Y25,000, UR.

Valbella (Perfect Soul—Miss Winver), 4×4 Somethingroyal, 11Y1,706, UR.

Apache Soul (Perfect Soul—Glimmering Halo), 5×4 Almahmoud, 11Y8,000, W.

Changing Plans (Perfect Soul—Hold to Fashion), 5×5 Lalun, 11Y125,000, UR.

Petionville Ridge (Petionville—Persimmon Ridge), 3×4 Con Game, 11Y15,000, W.

Bears Grace (Philanthropist—Loupe de Grace), 4×5 Gold Digger, 11Y45,149, W.

Power Phil (Philanthropist—Pete’s Heiress), 5×5 Grey Flight, 11Y17,165, SPW.

Future Perfect (Pine Bluff—Perfect Puddin), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11T950, UP.

Tragic Moment (Pivotal–Demure), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y170,000, UR.

Pleasant Road (Pleasantly Perfect–Adel), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y20,194, W.

One Last Tap (Pleasant Tap—Big News), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y4,000, UP.

Tonight We Dance (Pleasant Tap–Vaganova), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y92,892, W.

Call Me George (Point Given—Sassy Chimes), 5×5 Foggy Note, 11Y4,500, W.

Lady Force (Political Force—Anita Garibaldi), 5×4 Foggy Note, 11Y2,000, UP.

Political Farce (Political Force—Harve de Grace), 5×4 Foggy Note, 11Y140,000, PL.

Little D (Pomeroy—Crinum Maid), 5×5 Gold Digger, 11T14,000, UP.

Fairy Missile (Porto Foricos—Fairy Song), 4×4 Special, 11Y4,700, W.

Gutsy (Porto Foricos—Pioneer Gal), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y2,000, PL.

Unknown Gem (Porto Foricos—Pyrite Missy), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y10,000, W.

Remember Foricos (Porto Foricos–Rememberance), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y6,700, PL.

Jeongsang Maru (Posse-Quinnsworth), 4×3 Seven Valleys, 11Y25,000, UR.

Sharon’s Way (Proud Citizen–Mariaburg), 5×5 Natalma, 11W2,000, PL.

Campeon (Proud Citizen—Wildcat Classic), 5×5 Natalma, 11W2,000, W.

Unabding Citizen (Proud Citizen–Amirati), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y10,500, W.

Proud Boss (Proud Citizen–Bosset), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y30,000, W.

Tetherball (Proud Citizen–Frolicing), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y6,000, SPW.

Proud Garden (Proud Citizen—Garden Spot), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y6,000, W.

Citizenship (Proud Citizen—If Angels Sang), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y21,000, PL.

Tyler T (Proud Citizen—Jinger Feathers), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y15,000, PL.

Galley (Proud Citizen—Joyce Ann), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y1,500, UR.

Proprietaire (Proud Citizen–Landholder), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y15,000, W.

Tax Reform (Proud Citizen—Main Topic), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y11,000, W.

Dane to Dream (Proud Citizen—Miss Carolina), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11Y7,500, W.

Brazenheart (Proud Citizen–Santona), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y24,000, UR.

Mayan Moon (Proud Citizen—See Moon), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y15,000, PL.

Mandy the Nag (Proud Citizen—Storm to Glory), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y15,000, W.

Successfuldebut (Proud Citizen–Succession), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y15,000, W.

Sweet Citizen (Proud Citizen—Sweet Temper), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y30,000, W.

Victoria’s Citizen (Proud Citizen—Victory Roll), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y4,200, PL.

Prince Rakan (Proud Citizen–Yousefia), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y4,000, PL.

My Cousin Zinny (Proud Citizen–Zinfandoll), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y25,000, W.

Goose No Fruit (Proud Citizen–Bellanique), 5×5 Natalma, 11T25,000, W.

Classy Citizen (Proud Citizen–Dowry), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11T2,200, W.

Proud Danehill (Proud Citizen–Hasardeuse), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11T5,000, UR.

Bustarella (Proud Citizen—Hurricane Judy), 5×5 Natalma, 11T10,500, W.

Charismatic Pulpit (Pulpit—Karis Makaw), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y235,000, W.

Lemon Pulp (Pulpit–Lemonlime), 4×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y12,000, W.

Arctic Prairie (Pure Prize—Arctic Lady), 5×5 Flaming Page, 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y9,300, W.

Java Chiller (Pure Prize—Aspen Diamond), 5x5x5 Broadway, 11Y5,000, UP.

Storm of Energy (Pure Prize—Perfect Energy), 4×4 South Ocean, 11Y3,500, W.

Prize Quista (Pure Prize–Quista), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y1,200, UP.

Summer Revival (Pure Prize—Time for a Cure), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y13,000, W.

Baby Fresh (Pure Prize—Fresh Aire), 5×5 Broadway, 11Y25,000, W.

She’s Purdee (Purge–Kiskadee), 4×4 Narrate, 11Y1,200, PL.

Khan’s Time (Put It Back—Bella Fortuna), 5×5 Grey Flight, 11T9,000, UR.

Wild Roundup (Put It Back–Fanfan), 4×3 Gonfalon, 11T6,500, UP.

It Takes Heart (Put It Back–Halo’s Geisha), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11T28,000, SPW.

Quiet Tiara (Put It Back–Mysweetmaria), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y20,000, W.

Romantic Juliet (Put It Back—Shari’s Glory), 5×5 Grey Flight, 11T15,000, W.

Mutargaga (Quest–Louisa), 3×3 Mysterious Star, 11Y10,000, W.

Quiet Hour (Quiet American—Gone to Utah), 4×4 Grand Splendor, 11Y80,000, W.

Illustrado (Quiet American—Grande Armee), 3×3 Killaloe, 11Y4,000, UR.

Steel Gray Guitar (Quiet American—Holy Chimes), 5x4x5 Aspidistra, 11Y31,000, PL.

Unnamed (Raffie’s Majesty—Sudden Profit), 4×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y2,000, UR.

Unnamed (Raven’s Pass—Fairy Princess), 5×4 Tamerett, 11Y210,000, UR.

Charmed Melody (Read the Footnotes—Stravinsky’s Fire), 4×4 Prospector’s Fire, 11Y4,500, UR.

Quiet Dinero (Real Quiet—Buff ‘n Polish), 5×4 Gold Digger, 11Y3,500, W.

Yosemite Red (Redattore–Tuolumne), 4×5 Intriguing, 11Y1,700, UP.

Take the Offer (Repent—Bodhavista), 5×5 Grey Flight, 11Y47,000, W.

Play Hard to Win (Repent—Gaucho Girl), 5×5 Shenanigans, 11Y2,700, W.

Finnish Flash (Repent—Storm Kisu), 5×4 Shenanigans, 11Y5,000, UP.

Rebecca Mia (Repemt—Make Me Know It), 5×5 Shenanigans, 11Y3,500, W.

Rio Valley (Rio Verde—Heavenly Valley), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y1,600, UP.

Mile Hi Squall (River Squall—Mile High Lover), 5×5 Aspidistra, 11T1,000, UP.

Gladewater (Roar of the Tiger—Lady Glade), 5×4 Ballade, 11T5,000, W.

Bama Bound (Rock Hard Ten—Leo’s Gypsy Dancer), 5×5 Nothirdchance, 11Y120,000, W.

Chasing Twilight (Rockport Hrbor—Orange Twilight), 5×5 Haze, 11W5,500, W.

Ocean Victory (Run to Victory–Bevco), 5×5 Grey Flight, 11Y2,044, UP.

Sainted Dancer (Saint Anddan—Load Up), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y22,000, W.

Blue Deep (Saint Anddan—Saratoga Ball), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y6,000, PL.

Scat Home (Scat Daddy–Homesteader), 5×3 Terlingua, 11T1,200, W.

A Shin Blaster (Scat Daddy–Madagascat), 4×3 Yarn, 11T400,000, W.

Glowing Gold (Seeking the Best—Fast N Flashy Miss), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 5×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y1,200, UR.

Jones Destiny (Seneca Jones—Dixie’s Destiny), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y1,000, W.

Tanque (Sightseeing—A Gal Named Slew), 4×5 Narrate, 11Y4,000, W.

Proud Trick (Sightseeing—Proud Little Phony), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y17,000, W.

House Maid (Sightseeing—Rock Clause), 5x4x5 Gold Digger, 11Y1,200, W.

Blue Valentine (Silver Train—Company Binness), 5×3 My Charmer, 11T3,500, UR.

Starship Silverado (Silver Wagon—Anna Lisa Beth), 5×4 Kanace, 11T30,000, W.

Hwanggeum K (Simon Pure—Regal Beauty), 5×5 Gold Digger, 11T2,000, UP.

Jackotree (Singletary—Rush to Justice), 5×5 Shenanigans, 11Y1,000, UP.

Unnamed (Singletary—Strings Attached), 5×4 Shenanigans, 11Y1,700, UR.

Channel Eleven (Sky Mesa—Common Channel), 5×4 Crimson Saint, 11Y3,000, W.

Tazer (Sky Mesa—Honor Point), 4×3 Weekend Surprise, 11Y1,200, W.

Slew Bayou Too (Slew City Slew—Marie’s Pride), 5×4 Alanesian, 11T15,000, PL.

Aunt Bailey (Sligo Bay—Aunt Ivy), 5×4 Thong, 11W715, UR.

Water Song (Sligo Bay—Rivermaid Dancing), 5×4 Lalun, 11Y50,775, PL.

My Special Man (Sligo Bay—Season of Love), 4×5 Special, 11Y1,015, UR.

Maui Jijon (Smarty Jones–Promising), 5×3 Bases Full, 11W6,000, UR.

Smarty’s Echo (Smarty Jones—Silver Echo), 5×4 Glowing Tribute, 11W15,000, GPW.

Smoke Town (Smoke Glacken—Early Mass), 5×5 Admiring, 11Y100,000, W.

Smart N Smokin (Smoke Glacken—Smart Triad), 4×5 Gold Digger, 11Y8,000, W.

Juslikep’sncarrots (Snow Ridge—Frozen Dinner), 5×5 Missy Baba, 11Y9,000, PL.

Crescent City Hero (Snuck In–Singasong), 4×5 Attache Case, 11T15,000, W.

Gallop by Freedom (Songandaprayer—Miss Popularity), 5×5 Exclusive, 11Y5,000, UR.

Speightlass (Speightstown—Motel Lass), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11W150,000, UR.

Lib Love (Speightstown–Lib), 5×5 Pocahontas, 11T48,000, W.

Quick Flip (Speightstown—Motel Lass), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T225,000, W.

Bounty Pink (Speightstown—Bring Plenty), 5×5 Pocahontas, 11Y65,000, W.

Boatyard (Speightstown—Lady Julia), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11Y55,000, W.

Blackball (Speightstown—Wild Decision), 5×4 Pocahontas, 11Y75,000, W.

Moneyatlast (Spring At Last—Theatre Flight), 4×3 Winter Wren, 11Y1,200, W.

Kapa Haka (Stephanotis—Good Thinking), 4×5 Victoria Regina, 11Y1,108, UP.

Jazzy Jane (Stephen Got Even–Jasminola), 4×3 My Charmer, 11Y15,000, W.

Stephen Got Better (Stephen Got Even—Quiet Exubernace), 5×5 Somethingroyal, 11T30,000, W.

Whisper Loud (Stevie Wonderboy—Family Silver), 5x4x5 Bramalea, 11Y1,700, W.

Thunder’s Rollin’ (Stormy Atlantic—Knock Off), 4×4 Moccasin, 11Y42,000, W.

Stealth Bolt (Stormy Atlantic—Secret Dream), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 11Y110,000, W.

Caribbean Storm (Stormy Atlantic—Tres Dream), 4×5 Moccasin, 11Y190,000, W.

Boss Me (Street Boss—Prancing Doe), 4×3 Fruhlingstag, 11W2,000, PL.

Backstreet Boss (Street Boss–Bridled), 5×5 Grand Splendor, 11Y15,000, W.

Stellatina (Street Cry–Belva), 5×5 Natalma, 11W450,000, UR.

Pearl Spectre (Street Cry—Dark Sky), 5×5 Natalma, 11W475,000, W.

Strike Tone (Street Cry—Pleasant Chimes), 11W180,000, 5×5 Natalma, UR.

Country Woman (Street Cry—Summer Colony), 5×5 Natalma, 11W40,000, PL.

Avenues (Street Cry—A. P. Interest), 5×5 Sequence, 11Y550,000, UR.

Pashka (Street Cry–Balistroika), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y400,000, W.

Freestyler (Street Cry—Dance Swiftly), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y625,000, W.

Mahaafel (Street Cry—Henderson Band), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y300,000, UR.

Mia Papa (Street Cry—Mystery Trip), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y60,000, PL.

Cry Pearl (Street Cry—Onda Nova), 5×4 Natalma, 11Y140,000, UR.

Iron Works (Street Cry–Wiscasset), 5×5 Natalma, 11Y325,000, UP.

Sweet Nothings (Street Cry—Dutchess Mojo), 5×5 Natalma, 11T60,000, SPW.

Fly Ride (Street Cry—Gran Senorita), 5×4 Natalma, 11T35,000, W.

Grouse (Street Cry—Mood Indigo), 5×4 Natalma, 11T150,000, W.

Geum Yeongung (Street Hero—Ms. Sabbatical), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y19,000, W.

Riot Gear (Street Hero–Torrid), 3×4 Weekend Surprise, 11Y3,700, PL.

Branding (Street Sense–Awesome), 5×5 Flower Bowl, 11Y250,000, W.

Streets of Fire (Street Sense—Greeley Mae), 4×3 Long Legend, 11Y180,000, W.

Major Production (Strut the Stage—Dancing Hertfield), 5×4 Gold Digger, 11Y3,010, W.

Unnamed (Suave—Virgin Isles), 5×4 Gay Missile, 5×5 Goofed, 11Y5,000, UR.

Rock My Gypsy Soul (Sun King—Devan’s Rainbow), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 11T7,500, UP.

River of Hope (Sunriver—Sarcastic Humor), 3×3 Ballade, 11Y4,400, UR.

Saint Musket (Sweetsouthernsaint—Corsa Lan), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11T14,000, W.

Italy Girl (Sweetsouthernsaint–Sofisticada), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11T24,000, PL.

Lovelight (Swiss Yodeler—Dazzling Light), 5×5 Admiring, 11Y1,000, UR.

Butterfly Effect (Tale of the Cat—Flashy Future), 5×5 Sequence, 11W87,000, W.

Ferocious (Tale of the Cat—La Danielle), 5x5x5 Natalma, 11W75,000, GPW.

Star of Mayfair (Tale of the Cat—Kinsale Lass), 4×3 Crimson Saint, 11Y35,000, PL.

Zach Attack (Tale of the Cat—Sweet Stew), 5×5 Raise You, 11Y185,000, UR.

Krissy Kat (Tale of the Cat—Kristy Beethoven), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 11T120,000, W.

Bigreds Thrillshow (Tannersmyman–Gabriella), 5×4 Summertime Promise, 11Y1,000, W.

Call Me West (Tapit—Alpine Garden), 5×4 Lassie Dear, 11Y375,000, W.

Tebbit (Tapit—Baroness Thatcher), 4×5 Narrate, 11Y50,000, PL.

Magic Vixen (Tapit—Honour Colony), 5×4 Foggy Note, 11Y270,000, UP.

Lifes Reward (Tapit—Pearly Beach), 5×5 Foggy Note, 11Y200,000, W.

Quay (Tapit—Skipper Tale), 4×4 Narrate, 11Y250,000, W.

Walkingonadream (Tapit—Cherokee Diva), 4×4 Weekend Surprise, 11T32,000, UP.

Tapajo (Tapit—Sleep Away Camp), 5×5 Foggy Note, 11T70,000, W.

Friend Dale (The Cliff’s Edge—Golden Path), 4×4 Gold Digger, 11Y6,093, W.

Unnamed (The Daddy–Noonan), 4×3 Passing Mood, 11W3,000, UR.

Millionaire Monkey (The Green Monkey—Polka Dot Miss), 5×3 Charedi, 11Y2,000, W.

Bank Thief (Time Bandit–Nilini), 4×4 Tamerett, 11Y300, PL.

Tinseltown (Tiz Wonderful–Glitterbdancing), 5×4 Foggy Note, 11W21,000, UR.

Unnamed (Tiz Wonderful—Unbridled Salt), 5×5 Incantation, 11W47,000, UR.

Ravishingly (Tiz Wonderful–Charmster), 5×5 Incantation, 11Y85,000, W.

Tiz Magnifique (Tiz Wonderful—Paris Gem), 5×5 Foggy Note, 11Y15,000, PL.

Tiz Tremendous (Tiz Wonderful—Proof Positive), 5×4 T. C. Kitten, 11Y15,000, GPW.

Taweang Queen (Tiz Wonderful—Unbridled Charmer), 5×5 Incantation, 11Y15,000, UR.

Christen Ballerina (Tomahawk—Artistic Ballerina), 4×4 Crimson Saint, 11Y10,033, W.

Sandy Sea (To Teras—Ocean Springs), 5×5 Chambord, 11Y27,000, UP.

India Moon (Trajectory—Dance Me Inside), 3×4 Secrettame, 11T2,004, UP.

Heather’s Hope (Trajectory—Dynamic Girl), 4×5 Tamerett, 11Y18,175, PL.

Soly (Trippi–Epistola), 5×5 Scotch Verdict, 11T15,000, W.

J T Max (Trippi—La Flamenco), 3×3 Broom Dance, 11T4,500, W.

Force Factor (Trippi—Stanford Reunion), 5×5 Scotch Verdict, 11T20,000, UP.

Pirate Energy (Unbridled Energy—Victoria Riggs), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 11Y1,500, UR.

Unbridled Voyage (Unbridled Energy—Jill McGill), 5×4 Incantation, 11T20,000, UR.

Rhodochrosite (Unbridled’s Song–Folklore), 4×5 Incantation, 11Y385,000, PL.

Mema (Unbridled’s Song—Our Seattle Star), 4×3 Incantation, 11Y200,000, UP.

I Got You (Unbridled’s Song—Lady Tiz), 4×5 Incantation, 11T50,000, PL.

Taffeta Disaster (Unusual Heat—Fleet Sparrow), 5×5 Rough Shod II, 11Y32,000, PL.

Irish Ninja (U S Ranger—Cherokee Sheik), 3×4 Andover Way, 11W120,000, W.

U S Scout (U S Ranger—Coronation Cup), 5×4 Flower Bowl, 11W22,000, W.

Dynamic Ranger (U S Ranger–Dynamous), 3×3 Andover Way, 11W70,000, PL.

Utopia Queen (Utopia—Smart Hat), 5×5 Lady Angela, 11T2,500, W.

Sugar’s and O’s (Van Nistelrooy—Illusive Note), 5×5 Almahmoud, 11Y2,300, UR.

Party Lad (Vibank—Helen’s Fury), 5×5 Gold Digger, 11Y5,518, W.

Golden Athena (Wando—My Sweet Lullaby), 3×2 Sweet Briar Too, 11Y1,218, W.

Theatre Star (War Front–Comedy), 5×5 Secret Promise, 11Y38,000, W.

War Cadet (War Front—Sweet Bernadette), 4x5x5 Natalma, 11W130,000, UR.

Our Trooper (War Pass—Swingtime Music), 5×5 Bayou, 11Y6,000, PL.

Wildly Leaks (Wild Desert—Idle Day), 5×5 Adds Up, 11Y1,000, PL.

Unnamed (Will He Shine—Another Wonder), 3×3 Carols Christmas, 11T12,000, UR.

Call Me Stone (Wire Me Collect—Miss My Way), 4×5 Shenanigans, 11T2,200, UP.

Distinctlywildwood (With Distinction—Piney Woods), 5×5 Raise You, 11W3,000, W.

Flower Jak (With Distinction–Ghazidora), 5×5 Busanda, 11Y5,000, W.

Genuine Money (With Distinction—Maria’s Money), 5×5 Lady Be Good, 11Y15,000, UR.

Canuletmedowneasy (With Distinction–Mismatch), 5×4 Somethingroyal, 5×4 Busanda, 11T55,000, SPW.

Hallucinator (Yes It’s True—Diamond Affair), 4×4 Missy Baba, 11W70,000, UR.

True Again (Yes It’s True—Elegant Effort), 4×4 Kankakee Miss, 11Y75,000, W.

Kelwynne (Yes It’s True—Quanah County), 4×5 Missy Baba, 11Y100,000, SPW.

Intrepid Dancer (Yes It’s True–Ronique), 3×2 Monique Rene, 11T35,000, W.

Tummel (Yes It’s True–Selu), 5×4 Shenanigans, 11T25,000, W.

V J Awe Chezamazan (Zanjero—Awe Cheryl), 5×5 Square Generation, 11Y200, UP.

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3 Responses to Rasmussen Factor Qualifiers Sold in 2011

  1. ned williams says:

    What’s the deal with all the Forestry yearlings. Do you think it was it a conscious effort to get the RF factor? What am I missing?

    • ddink55 says:

      Some sires “hit” RF a lot more easily than others. Forestry is one because his fourth dam is Sequence, the dam of Gold Digger, the dam of Mr. Prospector. Any foal by Forestry out of a mare with Mr. P within three generations (and there are a lot of them) is “inbred” to Sequence. I have no idea whether matings were intentionally arranged to facilitate this “inbreeding” or they occurred naturally because of the high proportion of Mr. P in the broodmare population.

      Other examples of sires who are easy to “hit” RF include Street Cry and Proud Citizen (both Natalma).

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