Pedigree Quiz

Judy the Beauty (Ghostzapper–Holy Blitz, Holy Bull), 10Y20,000, 3,262 Performance Points.

Comma to the Top (Bwana Charlie–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 08W5,000, 2,949.

Luke of York (Put It Back–Gion, Meadow Monster), 11T23,000, 200.

The three stakes winners listed above all have one pedigree feature in common. You may click on their names to view their five-cross pedigrees.

See if you can guess what that commonality is. I will tell you that it is a name in the exact same spot in each of the three pedigrees.

The name in question is NOT one of the usual suspects. It is NOT Northern Dancer, Nearctic, Nearco, Pharos, Phalaris, et al. It is NOT Mr. Prospector, Raise a Native, Native Dancer, et al. It is NOT A.P. Indy, Seattle Slew, et al.

Good luck. Have fun.

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9 Responses to Pedigree Quiz

  1. Jac Tomasello says:

    Female tail to La Troienne….9th dam

  2. Allison Roulston says:

    DD wrote: “And of course LT is still a positive influence on current pedigrees, right???? “

    Wrong, at least according to the “conclusions” you shared with us in September 2011.

    “It should not come as any surprise to any rational person that LT is actually below average. After all, she was a foal of 1926. But evidently there are not many rational people devoted to the study of pedigrees today. Because it seems to have become accepted “wisdom” that La Troienne is thy lady and thy goddess. Thou shalt not put strange chestnut gods before her.”


    • ddink55 says:

      That question was posed tongue in cheek. No, I have not changed my mind about LT. In fact, I am preparing some new stats on her female line using sales foals of 2008-2111 (the previous study was based on sales foals of 2003-2007).

      Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems to me that the worship of LT is still as strong as it ever was. And there are still not many rational people devoted to the study of pedigrees today. Aside from readers of this blog such as yourself, that is.


      • Allison Roulston says:

        DD: “And there are still not many rational people devoted to the study of pedigrees today”

        My favorite in the Dumb and Dumber stakes is the mindless obsession with sirelines. Even the most rudimentary knowledge of genetics reveals that the direct sireline, manifested in the Y chromosome, is of extremely limited inheritable influence — about all it does is make a male a male. Beyond that any stallion’s influence becomes part of the genetic soup wherein chromosomes are as likely to come from any horse in the same generation as they are from the tail-male ancestor. Why can’t people get beyond this patriarchal hangup? Probably because it provides a convenient form of pedigree bookkeeping.

      • ddink55 says:

        Amen!!!! Yes, male lines are a form of pedigree categorization. Which makes them about as useful and relevant as dosage. The greatest usefulness of male lines is as fodder for advertising idiocy (pardon the redundancy).


  3. nepetalactone says:

    The 5th dam of each was foaled in 1968?

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