La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2008

In my previous post I listed the 34 stakes winners from among sales foals of 2008-2011 who trace to La Troienne (LT) in the female line. Listed below are the remaining sales foals of 2008 who also trace to LT in the female line.

Listed for each foal are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and a brief synopsis of its racing class (W for winner, Pl for placed, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, etc.) The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (more or less in the order in which I found them).

Why go to the bother of listing every single foal? Well, I did not do it just for my health. The main reason is to demonstrate that I am not just making up these statistics (to come) on the LT female line. The lists of individual foals are the evidence.

So I am aware that these lists are probably not very interesting to most readers and that not many readers will bother looking at these lists. The lists were more fun to compile than to peruse. The foals I found most amusing were those with excellent pedigrees that sold for BIG $$$$ and could not even win a race. Also those with poor pedigrees that sold for minimal prices.

So for whatever it is worth, the lists begin below with sales foals of 2008.

Your Lucky Day (Action This Day–Laurenziana, Mining), 08W4,000, PL.

Deterrence (Action This Day–Salt de Tere, Salt Lake), 08Y85,000, W.

Stremitenliy (Action This Day–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 08Y7,500, W.

Walker Rd. (Action This Day–Katin, Mountain Cat), 08T50,000, W.

Chain Reaction (Act of Duty–Fine Fashion, Louis Quatorze), 08Y4,000, UP.

Valentinus (Afleet Alex–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 08Y20,000, W.

My Bonnie (Alajwad–My Belle, Buckaroo), 08Y1,300, UP.

Wasted (Alke–Boston Song, Boston Harbor), 08Y8,000, W.

Come Let’s Dance (Alphabet Soup–Becharmed, Touch Gold), 08T15,000, W.

Danger Davis (America’s Storm–Miss Chanel, Swing Till Dawn), 08T2,500, W.

Between Raindrops (A.P. Indy–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 08Y275,000, W.

A. P. Cardinal (A.P. Indy–Smok’n Frolic, Smoke Glacken), 08T380,000, W.

Birdie Beats Par (Aragorn–Bird Chatter, Birdonthewire), 08W90,000, W.

Ninja of Love (Awesome Again–Mistletoe Kiss, Bertrando), 08T55,000, UR.

Thegirlsagenious (Beau Genius–Sissi Song, Linamix), 08T5,500, UR.

Restless Style (Benchmark–Wide Eyed Wanderer, Pirate’s Bounty), 08Y12,000, W.

Spectaculous (Bertrando–Century Sweetheart, Pirate’s Bounty), 08Y3,200, W.

Big Starlet (Big Country–Actress, Academy Award), 08Y2,000, PL.

Actual Size (Bluegrass Cat–Lady Melesi, Colonial Affair), 08W280,000, UP.

Karlova (Bold Executive–Strong and Steady, Steady Growth), 08Y25,299, UR.

Nina Fever (Borrego–Impact Now, Major Impact), 08W40,000, SPW.

Lots of Rum (Bowman’s Band–Moonshine Run, Go for Gin), 08Y3,100, UP.

Vow Buster (Broken Vow–Jennymeg, Housebuster), 08Y12,000, PL.

Buckle Up Benjamin (Buckle Down Ben–Widow Quinn, Roar), 08Y600, W.

Frank’s Choice (Buddha–Horsafire, Hold Your Peace), 08T47,000, W.

unnamed (Buddha–Judith’s Gamble, Prospectors Gamble), 08T27,000, UR.

unnamed (Bwana Charlie–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 08Y4,000, UR.

Im Talkin Bout Me (Cactus Ridge–Cayce Lady, Wavering Monarch), 08Y9,500, W.

Carrie M (Came Home–My Six Sisters, Saint Ballado), 08Y10,700, W.

Cook Inlet (Candy Ride–Grove City, Pleasant Tap), 08W47,000, W.

Mad for Candy (Candy Ride–March North, Manzotti), 08T50,000, W.

Viper (Cape Canaveral–Vee See Are, Devil’s Bag), 08Y10,000, UR.

Money Thief (Cat Thief–Princess Lanique, Cherokee Run), 08T17,000, W.

Anxious Prospect (Cee’s Tizzy–Farasha, Carnivalay), 08Y25,358, PL.

Johns Addiction (Champali–Crazy Cyd, Wavering Monarch), 08Y3,700, UP.

Royal’s Here (Chapel Royal–Right Here, Menifee), 08W2,500, UR.

Brave Indy (Cherokee Run–Lady Margot, A.P. Indy), 08T200,000, W.

I Juana Win (City Place–Kylie Is for Real, Prospect Bay), 08Y13,000, W.

Alarming Light (Colony Light–Creed’s Heroine, Sea Hero), 08T1,700, PL.

Senor Brass (Compadre–Dixie Lynn, Dixie Brass), 08Y937, UP.

Eishin Full Heart (Congaree–Mysti’s Poem, Stalwart), 08Y120,000, W.

unnamed (Consolidator–Seven Sevens, Forty Niner), 08W10,000, UR.

Charismatically (Cozzene–Just Like a Woman, Charismatic), 08W17,000, W.

Springtime Frolic (Cuvee–Jelly Roll Frolic, Affirmed), 08T6,000, W.

Gunflint (Dance With Ravens–Red Valentine, Dehere), 08Y20,000, UR.

Unhinged (Dehere–Uncork, Unbridled), 08Y7,500, W.

Blond Dehere (Dehere–Zipangu Alydar, Alydar), 08Y2,000, PL.

Nobodys Buffoon (Demidoff–Leading Ballerina, Moscow Ballet), 08Y4,000, W.

Dixie Frolic (Dixie Union–Lindsay Frolic, Mt. Livermore), 08T400,000, W.

A Li’l Hanky Panky (Domestic Dispute–Tippy Too, Distinctive Pro), 08Y5,000, UR.

Double Slew (Double Honor–High On Gin, Slew Gin Fizz), 08Y1,700, UP.

Rainy Rain (During–Gold Bar Lady, Dehere), 08Y13,500, W.

Formaggio (Dynaformer–Garden Spot, Danzig), 08Y330,000, GP.

Go Doug Go (Ecton Park–Don’t Ruffle Me, Pine Bluff), 08Y1,000, W.

Love Rocks (El Corredor–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 08Y17,000, W.

Off She Goes (El Corredor–Upupandaway, Our Emblem), 08T37,000, W.

Legion El (El Prado–Upupandaway, Our Emblem), 08Y40,000, W.

Volcanic Ash (Elusive Quality–Make Known, Mt. Livermore), 08W175,000, W.

Contractual (Elusive Quality–Cahill Miss, Cahill Road), 08Y310,000, PL.

Empress Way (Empire Maker–Away, Dixieland Band), 08Y320,000, W.

Emma Hamilton (Empire Maker–Proud Owner, Proud Truth), 08Y17,000, W.

Burning Bush (Empire Maker–Under Fire, Gulch), 08Y400,000, W.

D M Dream Dancer (Entepreneur–Gran Trace Bag, Bag), 08W200, UR.

Dubainet (Essence of Dubai–Shinall Mountain, Cox’s Ridge), 08T4,000, W.

I’m No Pluto (Eugene’s Third Son–Silent Duchess, Silent Screen), 08Y40,000, W.

Soviet Afleet (Eugene’s Third Son–Sweet Mag, Candy Stripes), 08Y1,400, W.

Ativa (Eurosilver–Hot Communicator, Phone Trick), 08Y3,000, W.

Unclerichpeanuts (Eurosilver–Jakes Lil Sister, Louis Quatorze), 08Y28,548, W.

Saint Jude (Eurosilver–Rahy’s Wish, Rahy), 08Y135,000, SPW.

Birthdays in May (Eurosilver–Symbol of Love, Pleasant Tap), 08Y900, UR.

Fashion Model (Even the Score–Chase You, Mahogany Hall), 08T180,000, UR.

Brent Murphy (Express Tour–My Tru Luv, Bolger), 08T19,000, PL.

Half Pipe (Favorite Trick–Alpine Gem, Jade Hunter), 08Y3,600, PL.

Rabbitoutofmyhat (Favorite Trick–Auntie Bellum, Dixie Brass), 08T15,000, W.

Glowing Prospect (Five Star Day–Glowing Honor, Seattle Slew), 08Y47,000, UP.

Lyrical Star (Five Star Day–Lyrical Princess, Verbatim), 08Y10,000, PL.

Flag Starday (Five Star Day–Roleo, Devil’s Bag), 08Y1,500, UR.

Smoke Alley (Flower Alley–Smokem Then Frolic, Smoke Glacken), 11W57,000, W.

Iroquois Miss (Forest Camp–Lady in Power, Defensive Play), 08Y5,000, W.

Miss Marin (Forest Camp–See Me Through, Sky Classic), 08Y57,000, UP.

Ms. Rhetta (Forest Danger–Jeddah Harbor, Boston Harbor), 08Y175,000, W.

Rushlyns Tribute (Forestry–Alligator Allie, Gone West), 08Y50,000, W.

Fines Girl (Forestry–Firmness, Devil’s Bag), 08Y32,000, W.

Mi Forest Amor (Forestry–Frolic Away, Pentelicus), 08T150,000, W.

Roar Cat (Forest Wildcat–Raise a Roar, Academy Award), 08Y35,000, W.

Breezy Cafe (Formal Dinner–Behrens Breeze, Behrens), 08Y1,600, W.

Coalbanks Landing (Formal Gold–Midnight Nell, Air Forbes Won), 08Y1,300, W.

Sizzling Gold (Formal Gold–Rosana’s Intention, Regal Intention), 08Y9,000, W.

Cinque Bella (Full Mandate–Cole’s Future, Lit de Justice), 08T47,000, W.

Big Fang (Fusaichi Pegasus–If It’s Meant to Be, David), 08W5,000, W.

Act Fun (Fusaichi Pegasus–Dressed for Action, Bold n’ Flashy), 08Y17,000, W.

Boltronic (Fusaichi Pegasus–Lindsay Frolic, Mt. Livermore), 08Y180,000, W.

unnamed (Fusaichi Pegasus–Oscillate, Seattle Slew), 08Y55,000, UR.

Teotihuacan (Fusaichi Pegasus–Sister Fiona, Defrere), 08Y15,000, GP.

Chrysaor (Fusaichi Pegasus–Hidden Storm, Storm Cat), 08T400,000, UR.

Captain Leonidis (Game Plan–Triple Pro, Allen’s Prospect), 08Y6,000, W.

Time for Slewpy (General Royal–Slewpy Time, Slewpy), 08Y2,861, W.

Thrilled Angel (Ghostzapper–Vivid Angel, Septieme Ciel), 08Y180,000, UR.

Foolish Comment (Giant’s Causeway–Anguilla, Seattle Slew), 08Y60,000, W.

Preferred Issue (Giant’s Causeway–Be a Prospector, Mr. Prospector), 08Y420,000, UP.

Global Force (Giant’s Causeway–Debit Account, Mr. Prospector), 08Y1,200,000, SPW.

Stormy Spirit (Giant’s Causeway–Kapsiki, Danzig), 08Y100,000, W.

Gibson Crystal (Gibson County–Sky Crystal, Septieme Ciel), 08T20,000, W.

Beauty Is a Beast (Golden Missile–Barcelona Beauty, El Prado), 08Y10,500, W.

Andromaco (Golden Missile–Becharmed, Touch Gold), 08Y3,500, W.

Thunder Jack (Golden Missile–Fleet Justice, Lit de Justice), 08Y25,000, W.

Decision At Dawn (Golden Slew–Glaring Senorita, Glaring), 08Y1,000, UP.

Sweet Maggles (Gold Tribute–Sweet Mag, Candy Stripes), 08T2,700, UP.

Yes Oh Yes (Gone West–Diamonds for Lil, Summer Squall), 08Y250,000, UR.

Right Reward (Grand Reward–So Right, Affirmed), 08Y5,000, W.

Nola Gusta (Grand Slam–Nascat, Hennessy), 08W30,000, W.

Grand Seeker (Grand Slam–Seeking Triones, Seeking the Gold), 08W37,000, W.

Highly Tempted (Greatness–I’m Quite High, Quadratic), 08T10,000, W.

Kensington Stone (Grindstone–Dancer’s Prospect, Suave Prospect), 08Y7,000, UP.

Valentino’s Trick (Gulf Storm–Hot Queen, Trick Me), 08T25,000, W.

Proprium (Harlan’s Holiday–Delivery Day, Dayjur), 08Y13,000, W.

Harlans Magic (Harlan’s Holiday–Miniature Magic, Miswaki), 08Y10,000, UR.

Diablo’s Holiday (Harlan’s Holiday–Prevailing Fortune, Spinning World), 08Y3,000, W.

Hogan Beach (Harlan’s Holiday–Runnin Wonder, Chimes Band), 08T175,000, W.

Willycan (Hennessy–Nifty Lady, Gone West), 08Y130,000, W.

Bach Hero (Hero’s Tribute–Fast Mouse, Fast Play), 08Y1,500, PL.

Jenny Redi Made (Hero’s Tribute–Findinapleasure, Buckfinder), 08Y21,000, W.

Musical High (High Yield–Compressed, Green Forest), 08T1,800, UP.

Lil Cha Ching (High Yield–Decompressed, Crafty Prospector), 08T2,300, W.

Tigertude (Hold That Tiger–So Right, Affirmed), 08T15,000, W.

Royal Buttons (Hurricane Center–Briars Button, Son of Briartic), 08Y6,675, W.

Stay Classy (Include–Smoke ‘Em Good, Pleasant Colony), 08Y25,000, W.

He’sminenotyours (Indian Charlie–Lady of Lourdes, Dehere), 08Y260,000, W.

Intitricku (Intidab–Madam Grand, The Prime Minister), 08Y2,500, W.

Gold Crusher (Johannesburg–Compressed, Green Forest), 08Y60,000, PL.

unnamed (Johannesburg–Khalifa of Kushog, Air Forbes Won), 08Y110,000, UR.

Alot Like Mom (Johannesburg–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 08Y11,000, W.

Joubert’s Gold (Johannesburg–Proud n’ Appeal, Proud Appeal), 08T40,000, W.

Plain and Puny (Johar–Madam Grand, The Prime Minister), 08W1,200, UR.

Sweet Johar (Johar–Sweet Halo, Southern Halo), 08Y4,700, PL.

Ambers Angel (Jump Start–Amber Gold, Mr. Prospector), 08Y15,000, W.

Platinum Dancer (Kafwain–Judith’s Gamble, Prospectors Gamble), 08Y9,500, W.

Return of Justice (Katahaula County–Legal Count, Katowice), 08Y2,348, UR.

Jettisach (Kyle’s Our Man–Goldtown Beauty, Holy Bull), 08Y5,000, UP.

Solid as a Rock (Leroidesanimaux–Absurde, Green Desert), 09Y1,700, UR.

Starred (Leroidesanimaux–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 08Y75,000, W.

unnamed (Leroidesanimaux–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 08Y5,000, UR.

unnamed (Liberty Gold–Baby Barfly, Son of Briartic), 08Y900, UR.

Liberty At the Bar (Liberty Gold–Barknight, Knight in Savannah), 08Y700, W.

Turf Warrior (Limehouse–Beyond Price, King of Kings), 08Y12,000, W.

Dede’s Mouse (Lion Heart–Sanibel Sunset, Islefaxyou), 08W80,000, W.

Ry Rys Marine (Lost Soldier–Alexandrite, Ordway), 08Y2,500, UR.

Elusive Maggie (Lydgate–Sweet Mag, Candy Stripes), 08W800, UP.

Hayley Rebecca (Macho Uno–Nice Dilemma, Silver Deputy), 09Y80,000, W.

Oh So Macho (Macho Uno–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 08Y50,000, W.

Smoking Kitty (Macho Uno–Number One Cat, Storm Cat), 08T105,000, W.

Miss Macha (Macho Uno–Provoleta, Siphon), 08T20,000, W.

Southern Gentleman (Malibu Moon–Goes Around, Wild Again), 08Y325,000, UR.

Brianna Zianna (Malibu Moon–Laurenziana, Mining), 08Y20,000, W.

Misael the Great (Malibu Moon–Lyphard Gal, Lyphard), 08Y82,000, PL.

Quinn’s Moon (Malibu Moon–Hot Communicator, Phone Trick), 08T160,000, PL.

Pretty B (Matty G–Pretty City, Carson City), 08Y165,000, W.

Cuzin Charlie (Medallist–Cuz I Said So, Gold Fever), 08Y2,500, UR.

Apollo Precious (Medallist–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 08Y25,000, W.

Mynameismedford (Medford–Baccata’s Surprise, Allen’s Prospect), 08Y1,700, UP.

Lady Diane (Menhal–Monarda, Wavering Monarch), 08T10,500, UR.

Redverse (Menifee–Chamrousse, Peaks and Valleys), 08Y100,000, SPW.

Speed Kills (Midas Eyes–Ridge Drive, Cox’s Ridge), 08Y4,500, UP.

August Rush (Milwaukee Brew–Vividly, Touch Gold), 08T75,000, W.

Anna’s Glow (Mineshaft–Ethel Anna, Storm Cat), 08Y150,000, UR.

Money Huntress (Mineshaft–Favorite Funtime, Seeking the Gold), 08Y75,000, UR.

Part’n Parcel (Mineshaft–Priceless Storm, Storm Cat), 08Y100,000, W.

Mingun’s Heartset (Mingun–Heartset, Conquistador Cielo), 08Y4,200, UP.

Jolie’s Knight (Mobil–Aatush, Ascot Knight), 08Y809, UR.

My Horizon (Monarchos–Balldo, Saint Ballado), 08T19,000, W.

Annika Girl (Monarchos–Hulamore, Mt. Livermore), 08T4,000, T.

More Than Proud (More Than Ready–Proud n’ Appeal, Proud Appeal), 08Y47,000, W.

Danon Hidden (Mr. Greeley–Hidden Storm, Storm Cat), 08W75,000, UP.

My Enticement (Mr. Greeley–Cuddley, Lure), 08Y125,000, W.

Myah’s Grace (Mutakddim–Bluffing Lady, Pine Bluff), 08Y40,000, W.

Sweetmutacat (Mutakddim–Sweet Queens Cat, Tale of the Cat), 08Y9,370, PL.

Gentle Ride (Mutakddim–Rhythm of Dance, Pleasant Colony), 08T85,000, W.

La Corona (Najran–G I C Verdict, Woodman), 08T15,000, W.

Trieste Everything (New Trieste–Just Everything, St. Jovite), 08W300, UR.

Johnny Blackfoot (New Way–My Secret, Sabona), 08Y4,000, W.

Choke Hold (Northern Afleet–Lakewater, Salt Lake), 08Y7,200, W.

Prospective Love (Not For Love–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 08T300,000, W.

Orsonian (Officer–Miss Speed, Forty Niner), 08W40,000, W.

Mama Ruthie (Officer–Penne Ala Capaese, Unbridled), 08T165,000, UP.

Journey to the Top (Offlee Wild–Above Average, Two Punch), 08Y2,100, PL.

Leading Topper (Old Topper–Inspired Verse, Opening Verse), 08Y29,000, PL.

Mahalo Maggie (Old Topper–Kalihi Maggie, Al Mamoon), 08T15,000, UR.

Armond (Omega Code–Alliesunrun, Cherokee Run), 08Y1,000, W.

New God Code (Omega Code–Kylie Is for Real, Prospect Bay), 08T17,000, W.

One Sweet Love (One Way Love–Opinionated Lady, Known Fact), 08Y20,614, W.

Western Forum (Open Forum–Western Lil, Western Trick), 08Y25,000, SPW.

Story of Pulpit (Oratory–Equal Justice, Proof), 08Y1,000, UR.

Miss Bailey Grace (Outflanker–Mighty Molly, Not For Love), 08Y2,200, W.

Serious Coin (Outofthebox–Two Dozen Roses, Two Punch), 08W3,000, PL.

Joy Up (Outofthebox–Self Seeker, Skywalker), 08Y5,500, W.

Finite Justice (Outofthebox–Sixty Queens, Seattle Slew), 08Y8,000, PL.

Wild Shiner (Perfect Soul–Youcan’taffordher, Carson City), 08T75,000, W.

High Point Given (Point Given–I Aim High, I Enclose), 09T20,000, W.

Gin Juice (Pollard’s Vision–Affirm the Gold, Golden Act), 08Y2,700, W.

Lady Sydney (Pollard’s Vision–Foolish Party, Party Manners), 08Y2,000, UR.

Pistolpakinposse (Posse–Gilded Connection, Gilded Age), 08Y22,000, W.

Blame the Jockey (Posse–Miss Terasita, Prized), 08Y15,000, W.

Knot News (Prime Timber–Front Page News, Caller I. D.), 08T27,000, W.

Crafty’s Prize (Pure Prize–Love Doll, Crafty Prospector), 08W10,000, UR.

Pure Curiosity (Pure Prize–Curious, Rare Performer), 08Y17,000, UR.

Macho Cat (Pure Prize–Legal Miss, Law Society), 08Y35,000, UR.

Saratoga Nova (Pure Prize–Marching, Coronado’s Quest), 08Y5,500, PL.

Big Cal (Put It Back–Alliesunrun, Cherokee Run), 08T30,000, W.

Faradiba (Quiet American–Never a Saint, St. Jovite), 08W37,000, UP.

Quietly Waiting (Quiet American–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 08Y30,000, W.

Auto King (Quiet American–Vana Turns, Wavering Monarch), 08Y18,000, W.

Meet Leaders (Red Bullet–Dressed for Action, Bold n’ Flashy), 08T7,000, UR.

Whatchadointoday (Regal Intention–Bali Beauty, Seven Zero), 08Y7,513, W.

Wild Judith (Repent–Wild Philly, Wild Rush), 08W2,000, UR.

Brookins (Richter Scale–Florista, Deerhound), 08T4,500, W.

Kerouac (Rock Hard Ten–Coronation Cup, Chief’s Crown), 08Y100,000, PL.

Dark Flower (Rock Hard Ten–Darlin, Dayjur), 08Y17,000, W.

Estrella de Roca (Rock Slide–Pretty Crafty, Crafty Prospector), 08W2,700, UP.

Tuscan Chianti (Roman Ruler–Adored Slew, Seattle Slew), 08Y60,000, W.

Devil’s Dawn (Roman Ruler–Orissa, Devil’s Bag), 08Y3,500, UP.

Roman Invasion (Roman Ruler–Princess V., Memo), 08Y90,000, GP.

unnamed (Rossini–Affirmed Ambience, Affirmed), 08T2,700, UR.

Arch Director (Rowdy Ruckus–Stain, Chief Honcho), 08Y2,098, PL.

My Lady Academy (Royal Academy–Cherokee Eyes, Cherokee Run), 08Y2,500, UR.

Guzzlin Gtass (Running Stag–Demi Country, Demidoff), 08T8,000, UR.

Meet Me (Salt Lake–Royal Year, General Meeting), 08Y5,500, UP.

Minnie Sunshine (Sarava–Sunshine Minnie, Diablo), 08Y6,000, W.

Cosmic Chi (Scatmandu–Cosmic Lady, High Brite), 08Y5,000, W.

Candiano (Sefapiano–Grey Gables, Candy Stripes), 08T9,500, SPW.

Nice Ainit (Shaniko–La Diabla, Devil’s Bag), 08W1,200, UP.

Pride of Paris (Sharp Humor–Anotherbusride, Delineator), 08W30,000, W.

She’s So Sly (Silver Deputy–Adorable Lady, Affirmed), 08Y65,000, W.

Steve’s Blue Sky (Sky Mesa–Hawayil, Halling), 08Y15,000, PL.

Truffle Shuffle (Sky Mesa–Weepnomoremylady, Summer Squall), 08Y28,000, W.

Go Gallop (Sligo Bay–Holy Blitz, Holy Bull), 08T4,000, PL.

Josaka (Smart Strike–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 08Y75,000, W.

Numen Lumen (Smart Strike–Unifier, Deputy Minister), 08Y140,000, W.

Seattle Jones (Smarty Jones–Kew Garden, Seattle Slew), 08Y3,000, W.

Jelani (Smarty Jones–La Gueriere, Lord At War), 08T140,000, UR.

Developing Story (Smoke Glacken–Introducer, Cozzene), 08Y115,000, W.

Imanheiress (Smoke Glacken–Miss Moola, Saint Ballado), 08Y15,000, SPW.

Broadway Lullaby (Songandaprayer–Rich Find, Exploit), 08Y35,000, W.

Southern Ridge (Southern Image–Michigan Bluff, Skywalker), 08Y52,000, GP.

Miss Obama Mama (Southern Image–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 08Y22,000, UR.

Platinum Diva (Souvenir Copy–Sultry Bebe, Sultry Song), 08T6,000, UP.

Old Man Bill (Speightstown–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 08T14,000, PL.

Munnings (Speightstown–La Comete, Holy Bull), 08T1,700,000, W.

Silver Wave (Star Dabbler–Judith’s Gamble, Prospectors Gamble), 08W17,000, W.

Legal Flower (Stephanotis–Legal Count, Katowice), 08T939, UR.

Even the Odds (Stephen Got Even–Prairie Flame, Touch Gold), 08Y74,960, W.

Cowboy Gets Even (Stephen Got Even–Smoking Quality, Elusive Quality), 08Y42,000, W.

Cats Edge (Storm and a Half–Real Edge, Real Quiet), 08Y1,700, UR.

Fighting Brave (Storm Cat–Get Lucky, Mr. Prospector), 08Y2,000,000, GP.

Alex the Winner (Storm Cat–She’s a Winner, A.P. Indy), 08Y600,000, UR.

Shadow of Storm (Storm Cat–Layounne, Mt. Livermore), 08T95,000, SPW.

Baby Laura (Storm Passage–Demi Country, Demidoff), 08Y1,000, PL.

Luba Kasai (Stormy Atlantic–Luluwa, Zafonic), 08W75,000, UP.

Atlantic Breeze (Stormy Atlantic–Gan’s Girl, Prospector’s Music), 08Y40,000, W.

Stormys Proclivity (Stormy Atlantic–La Alleged, Alleged), 08Y20,000, W.

Esca (Stormy Atlantic–Make Known, Mt. Livermore), 08Y200,000, UP.

Wynn Stormy (Stormy Atlantic–Spun Gold, Mr. Prospector), 08Y7,500, W.

Storm’n Marisa (Stormy Atlantic–High Caste, Indian Charlie), 08T60,000, PL.

Inattendu (Street Cry–Springhurst, Lord At War), 08Y40,000, UR.

Stocking Boy (Strong Contender–Balldo, Saint Ballado), 08W2,500, UR.

Strong Belief (Strong Hope–Princess V., Memo), 08T20,000, W.

You Have No Idea (Sweetsouthernsaint–Fun City Lady, Jeblar), 08Y8,000, W.

First Deposit (Sweetsouthernsaint–Cross Tab, Relaunch), 08T2,200, W.

Yesterday’s Story (Tale of the Cat–Prosper, Affirmed), 08W90,000, W.

Virtuosa Planner (Tale of the Cat–Fashion Planner, Capote), 08Y65,000, UR.

Donegal County (Tale of the Cat–Miner’s Blessing, Forty Niner), 08Y15,000, W.

Sandesque (Tale of the Cat–Shades of Grace, Seeking the Gold), 08Y300,000, UP.

Call Shot (Tale of the Cat–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 08Y235,000, SPW.

Tempted to Tapit (Tapit–Tempting Note, Editor’s Note), 08Y18,000, GP.

Weefc (Tapit–Prime Advantage, Tactical Advantage), 08T5,000, W.

Silver Cadillac (Tapit–Southern Ivy, Majestic Light), 08Y7,500, W.

Strike Or Spare (Tenpins–Cream Rises, Dance Brightly), 08Y7,500, PL.

Cliff’snaughtygirl (The Cliff’s Edge–Nicebutnaughty, Exploit), 08Y1,500, W.

Off the Green (Tiger Ridge–On the Green, Green Forest), 08Y3,000, W.

Vital Sign (Tiznow–Blinx Babe, Wild Again), 08Y160,000, W.

Chabichou (Tiznow–Singin Up a Storm, Storm Cat), 09Y95,000, W.

Justmeandmyshadow (Tiznow–St. Helens Shadow, Septieme Ciel), 08Y210,000, UP.

Lovely Trip (Trippi–Pop Pop’s Hope, Valid Trefaire), 08Y15,000, W.

New Era Emily (Turnofthecentury–House of Cheer, Housebuster), 08Y1,000, UR.

Miss Quick Punch (Two Punch–Remiss, Summer Squall), 08W7,500, W.

Rabbit Punch (Two Punch–Rabbit Run Tootsie, Waquoit), 08Y67,000, UR.

Bridey’s Frolic (Unbridled’s Song–Stormy Frolic, Summer Squall), 08Y450,000, PL.

Good Fortune (Value Plus–Forever Young, Shadeed), 08Y45,000, W.

Holy Plus (Value Plus–Holy Saturday, Holy Bull), 08Y30,000, UR.

Red White ‘n Happy (Value Plus–Prall Street, Cherokee Run), 08Y12,000, UR.

Rose of Aran (Van Nistelrooy–Runaway Princess, Runaway Groom), 08T35,000, W.

My Sweet Revenge (Vindication–Julie Mis, Miswaki), 08Y60,000, W.

Letlifecometoyou (Werblin–Shiny Happy Groovy, Groovy), 08W5,500, W.

Pink Goose (Werblin–Saintly Lady, Saint Ballado), 08Y21,500, W.

Asong for Cynthia (Western Fame–Emmy’s Lullaby, Unbridled’s Song), 08Y1,000, PL.

Brecht (Wheelaway–Foolish Party, Party Mnners), 08T1,000, PL.

Applicant (Where’s the Ring–Rondinella, War Deputy), 08Y749, SPW.

Lightlightlight (Whywhywhy–Cigarlighter, Dr. Blum), 08T90,000, W.

The Yernie (Whywhywhy–Satisfied, Majestic Light), 08T11,000, W.

Heir to Money (Wildcat Heir–Sweet Hawaii, Honeyland), 08Y20,000, W.

Wavering Monica (With Approval–Wavering Viceroy, Wavering Monarch), 08T1,000, UP.

Southern Tenacity (Yankee Gentleman–Mucha Prisa, Wild Again), 08Y1,200, W.

Nayla’s Image (Yes It’s True–Madam Hertfield, Miswaki), 08Y60,000, W.

Yonafrench (Yonaguska–So French, French Deputy), 08Y2,000, W.

Call for Cash (Zavata–Boo Patch, Naevus), 08Y5,000, UR.

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2 Responses to La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2008

  1. Jane Heidelberg says:

    Thanks for this. I suppose in a later post, you will produce the percentages of each category to the whole list. And perhaps a later post would compare those percentages to the group of sales foals of that year.

    Just glancing over the list I was impressed with how many winners there were compared to the other categories, but I have a feeling that the same would be true for any random group of racing TBs. One suspects that almost all of them win at some point during a race career.

  2. ddink55 says:

    Yes, I have promised to post both the prices and the racing results (both compared to the entire group) when I have finished the lists. I intend to do so on Sunday. That will address the big question: Are LT’s results average, above average, or below average?

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