La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2009

In a previous post I listed the 34 stakes winners from among sales foals of 2008-2011 who trace to La Troienne (LT) in the female line. Listed below are the remaining sales foals of 2009 who also trace to LT in the female line.

Listed for each foal are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and a brief synopsis of its racing class (W for winner, Pl for placed, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, etc.) The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (more or less in the order in which I found them).

Estrella Del Dia (Action This Day–Guiding Star, Tough Gold), 09W1,500, W.

Stremitilny (Action This Day–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 09T10,500, W.

Act of Dominance (Act of Duty–Finding Bucks, Buckfinder), 09T9,000, W.

Chloe Kate (Afleet Alex–Eye Catching, Alydar), 09Y170,000, W.

Alacritise (Afleet Alex–Maitrise, Ogygian), 09Y11,000, UR.

Alectrona (Afleet Alex–My Six Sisters, Saint Ballado), 09Y9,000, W.

Mackenzie’sdelight (Aldebaran–Torrid, Honor Grades), 09Y4,000, UP.

Zodiac Girl (Aldebaran–With My Blessings, Pulpit), 09T45,000, W.

Perla dell’Olmo (Anabaa–Topsy Morning, Lahib), 09Y3,700, PL.

Parable (A.P. Indy–Layounne, Mt. Livermore), 09Y210,000, W.

Jenna’s Wish (Aptitude–Heavenly Splendor, Point Given), 09Y1,200, UP.

Magnet Cove (Aptitude–Toni DeNitto, Quiet American), 09Y80,000, W.

Read the E Mail (Aragorn–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 09Y10,000, PL.

Magical Merry (Aragorn–Mona Rose, Gold Legend), 09Y55,704, W.

Eldarion (Aragorn–Pagan Dance, Valley Crossing), 09Y11,500, W.

unnamed (Arch–Shield, Rahy), 09W18,000, UR.

Aurora Prospect (Arch–Screen, Mr. Prospector), 09T7,000, W.

Beach Harber Man (Around the Cape–Wicked Mama, Devil’s Bag), 09Y3,200, W.

Addicted Again (Awesome Again–Addicted, Broad Brush), 09Y22,000, PL.

Tony Blue Eyes (Badge of Silver–Clap Happy, Greinton), 09W80,000, W.

Silver Applause (Badge of Silver–Clap Happy, Greinton), 09Y25,000, W.

Time Goes On (Bandini–My Six Sisters, Saint Ballado), 09W3,500, SPW.

Jon Don (Bandini–Sultry, Songandaprayer), 09W2,500, W.

Go Go Yvonne (Bandini–Known Heiress, Known Fact), 09Y5,000, SPW.

Jinjalad (Bellamy Road–Maria Dolores, Prized), 09Y7,500, W.

Bambola (Belong to Me–Light Ice, Arctic Tern), 09Y18,000, SPW.

Union Flag (Belong to Me–Runup the Colors, A.P. Indy), 09Y60,000, UR.

News Beat (Benchmark–Century Sweetheart, Pirate’s Bounty), 09Y13,000, W.

Zolata (Bernstein–Semiramis, Elusive Quality), 09Y27,852, W.

Pretty Pursuit (Bertrando–Consideration, Time to Explode), 09Y15,500, PL.

Milestone (Birdstone–Gilded Connection, Gilded Age), 09W60,000, UP.

Touch This (Black Mambo–Assuring Touch, With Approval), 09T8,500, W.

Union Address (Bluegrass Cat–Chamrousse, Peaks and Valleys), 09Y100,000, PL.

Actual Size (Bluegrass Cat–Lady Melesi, Colonial Affair), 09Y220,000, UP.

Blue Right By (Bluegrass Cat–Shades of Grace, Seeking the Gold), 09Y140,000, W.

Nina Fever (Borrego–Impact Now, Major Impact), 09Y32,000, SPW.

Colette’s Secret (Bowman’s Band–Theyrplayinoursong, Seattle Dancer), 09W500, PL.

Brahms Inferno (Brahms–Adorable Cielo, Stately Cielo), 09Y3,500, W.

Basic Strategy (Broken Vow–Unifier, Deputy Minister), 09Y7,000, W.

Buddha’s Verdict (Buddha–G I C Verdict, Woodman), 09Y1,300, UR.

Elisa’s Birthday (Buddha–G I C Verdict, Woodman), 09T14,000, W.

Uncle Charlie (Bwana Charlie–Two Dozen Roses, Two Punch), 09W5,200, UP.

Conway Candy (Candy Ride–Dwendi, El Prado), 09Y75,000, W.

Cook Inlet (Candy Ride–Grove City, Pleasant Tap), 09Y185,000, W.

Mighty Tizzy (Cee’s Tizzy–Vital, General Meeting), 09Y3,500, W.

Champali’s Cowboy (Champali–Remiss, Summer Squall), 09T2,500, UP.

Namdo Maengju (Chelsey Cat–Drouth Willow, Premiership), 09Y1,200, W.

Baby Bordeaux (City Place–Riesling, Wolf Power), 09Y45,000, PL.

Blinx Zip (City Zip–Blinx Babe, Wild Again), 09Y4,000, PL.

Goodgollymyholly (Closing Argument–Shesarealdoll, Grand Slam), 09T5,500, W.

Miss Aristocrat (Closing Argument–Social Top, Glitterman), 09T24,000, SPW.

Colonial Tour (Colonial Colony–Ethel on Tour, Tour d’Or), 09Y1,500, UP.

Da Plane (Concorde’s Tune–Whirl’s Girl, Island Whirl), 09T95,000, W.

Eishin Full Heart (Congaree–Mysti’s Poem, Stalwart), 09T150,000, W.

Samantha’s Jewel (Congrats–Sister Fiona, Defrere), 09Y3,000, W.

Mollymook (Consolidator–Stay On Point, Point Given), 09Y8,000, W.

Kat’s Corinthian (Corinthian–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 09W25,000, PL.

Dervish Prince (Cozzene–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 09W45,000, PL.

Charismatically (Cozzene–Just Like a Woman, Charismatic), 09Y27,852, W.

Shanesha (Dance With Ravens–Symbol of Hope, Pleasant Tap), 09Y4,000, UP.

Sweet Stoops (Da Stoops–Sweet Hawaii, Honeyland), 09Y20,000, UR.

Dehanger (Dehere–Beyond Price, King of Kings), 09Y4,500, W.

Mr. Producer (Dehere–Miner’s Blessing, Forty Niner), 09Y170,000, PL.

Delta Donya (Deputy Storm–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 09Y27,000, W.

Where’s My Candy (Deputy Storm–Red Valentine, Dehere), 09Y1,000, W.

Brock (Distorted Humor–Tomisue’s Delight), A.P. Indy, 09Y200,000, W.

Madillac d’Ville (Don’t Get Mad–Lady Becker, Nijinsky II), 09Y3,700, W.

Mad World (Don’t Get Mad–Summerchance, American Chance), 09Y5,000, W.

Double Slew (Double Honor–High On Gin, Slew Gin Fizz), 09T22,000, UP.

Catangelic (Easing Along–Cubby, Brocco), 09W12,000, W.

Gospel Park (Ecton Park–Affordable Fantasy, Al Mamoon), 09Y2,700, W.

Secular Lioness (Eddington–Nascat, Hennessy), 09W20,000, W.

Lottery Lass (E Dubai–She’s On Appeal, Glitterman), 09Y4,500, W.

Praise for Dubai (E Dubai–With My Blessings, Pulpit), 09Y35,000, W.

Love Rocks (El Corredor–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 09T10,000, W.

Vassily (Elusive Quality–Lady Margot, A.P. Indy), 09Y150,000, UP.

Doc Hay (Elusive Quality–Coherent, Danzig), 09T300,000, W.

Empiricist (Empire Maker–La Gueriere, Lord At War), 09Y350,000, PL.

La Sheikh (Essence of Dubai–Southern Summer, Storm Cat), 09Y5,500, W.

Indy Harbor (Essence of Dubai–Gion, Meadow Monster), 09T6,000, W.

Silver Contessa (Eurosilver–Adena’s Girl, Personal Flag), 09Y7,000, W.

Secret Harriet (Evansville Slew–My Secret, Sabona), 09W800, UP.

Sly Warrior (First Samurai–Mayhavebeentheone, Arch), 09Y400,000, W.

Gator Camp (Forest Camp–Curtain Raiser, Theatrical), 09Y35,000, W.

Forest Whip (Forestry–Swigert, Fusaichi Pegasus), 09Y65,000, UP.

Lady of the Forest (Forestry–Lady Margot, A.P. Indy), 09Y26,000, W.

Roar Cat (Forest Wildcat–Raise a Roar, Academy Award), 09T6,000, W.

Poppysmic (Fusaichi Pegasus–Danube, Green Desert), 09Y6,000, W.

S D P Maggie (Fusaichi Pegasus–Yam, Nureyev), 09Y3,000, UR.

Boltronic (Fusaichi Pegasus–Lindsay Frolic, Mt. Livermore), 09T300,000, W.

Star Cluster (Ghostly Minister–Hindsight, Wayne County), 09T15,000, PL.

Haunted Melody (Ghostzapper–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 09Y150,000, UP.

Spicy Salsa (Ghostzapper–Miss Salsa, Unbridled), 09Y85,000, W.

Cotton Top Phil (Ghostzapper–Ready and Tough, Good and Tough), 09Y50,000, W.

Leopardi (Giacomo–So French, French Deputy), 09Y7,000, UP.

Grip Hands (Giant’s Causeway–Smok’n Frolic, Smoke Glacken), 09Y260,000, W.

Aggravated Battery (Gibson County–Sanibel Sole, Miswaki), 09T25,000, W.

Say Jas (Gibson County–Sky Crystal, Septieme Ciel), 09T22,000, W.

Votre Meilleur (Gilded Time–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 09Y30,000, W.

Gimmeawinkpoppy (Gimmeawink–Footsie Cat, Darn That Alarm), 09T6,000, W.

Golden Blitz (Golden Missile–Holy Blitz, Holy Bull), 09Y5,000, UR.

Beauty Is a Beast (Golden Missile–Barcelona Beauty, El Prado), 09T75,000, W.

Thunder Jack (Golden Missile–Fleet Justice, Lit de Justice), 09T47,000, W.

Equiczar (Gone West–Gaily Egret, Storm Cat), 09Y230,000, W.

Britt’s Sweetheart (Gone West–Miss Heidi, Nureyev), 09Y70,000, UP.

Nola Gusta (Grand Slam–Nascat, Hennessy), 09Y30,000, W.

Nelson Avenue (Grand Slam–Roving Eyes, Rahy), 09Y25,000, W.

Grace of Greatness (Greatness–Glorious Grace, Saint Ballado), SPW.

Halo Katie Pie (Halo’s Image–Bye Bye Katie Pie, Robyn Dancer), 09Y1,800, UR.

Ormond Street (Hard Spun–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 09W300,000, UR.

News Pending (Harlan’s Holiday–Motivated Sreva, Lear Fan), 09W180,000, GP.

Hopemiss (Hennessy–Madam Hertfield, Miswaki), 09Y5,000, W.

Biggin Mike (Henny Hughes–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 09Y1,700, W.

Hugh and Me (Henny Hughes–Princess V., Memo), 09Y80,000, W.

Trouble for Tiger (Hold That Tiger–Dutchess Alexandra, Judge Smells), 09Y40,000, W.

Holy Justice (Holy Bull–Just Cuz, Cormorant), 09Y25,000, UR.

Holy Above (Holy Bull–So Right, Affirmed), 09Y13,000, W.

Master Dunker (Imperialism–Finding Bucks, Buckfinder), 09Y1,700, W.

Indian Ambush (Indian Charlie–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 09W200,000, W.

Charlie’s the Man (Indian Charlie–Social Woman, Woodman), 09Y85,000, SPW.

Indian Heart (Indian Charlie–Hulamore, Mt. Livermore), 09T50,000, UP.

Father’s Mig (Johannesburg–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 09W10,000, W.

On the Run (Johannesburg–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 09Y17,000, W.

Nutmeg Meg (Johannesburg–Moere Gold, Sunday Silence), 09Y40,000, W.

Philly Princess (Johannesburg–Princess Lanique, Cherokee Run), 09T43,000, W.

Johar’s Big Charm (Johar–Foolish Party, Party Manners), 09Y1,000, W.

C U Later (Jump Start–Southern Ivy, Majestic Light), 09Y8,700, UP.

Our Career Move (Kafwain–Career Move, Rare Performer), 09Y3,500, UP.

King Karma (Kafwain–Mysti’s Poem, Stalwart), 09Y42,000, UR.

Russianmambo (Kingmambo–Open View, Southern Halo), 09Y20,000, PL.

Phyllis (Langfuhr–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 09Y40,000, UP.

You’re Kidding (Lemon Drop Kid–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 09Y47,000, SPW.

Starred (Leroidesanimaux–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 09T40,000, W.

Gospel Thunder (Lightning N Thunder–Designing Miss, Notebook), 09Y2,700, UP.

Jerry the Mush (Lightning N Thunder–Jerry’s Tootsie, Colonel Stevens), 09Y1,500, W.

Candy Kisses (Limehouse–Erin’s Tour, Tour d’Or), 09Y12,000, W.

Goddes of Fortune (Limehouse–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 09Y45,000, W.

Satin Sunset (Lion Heart–Prosper, Affirmed), 09W50,000, W.

unnamed (Lion Heart–Self Seeker, Skywalker), 09Y13,000, UR.

Simba’s Voodoo (Lion Tamer–Miniature Magic, Miswaki), 09Y25,000, W.

Christian Soldier (Lost Soldier–Beyond the Horizon, Sultry Song), 09Y1,200, UP.

Val Alstyne (Lydgate–Silent Duchess, Silent Screen), 09Y3,000, UR.

Indian Pepper (Macho Uno–Vividly, Touch Gold), 09T120,000, W.

Flying Mon (Maria’s Mon–Aloft, Unbridled’s Song), 09Y2,000, W.

Ms Sent to Dakota (Marquetry–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 09Y8,000, PL.

Live From New York (Master Command–News At Ten, Pleasant Tap), 09W35,000, UR.

Medaglia’s Image (Medaglia d’Oro–Golden Image, Strike the Gold), 09Y100,000, W.

Furia d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro–Rich Find, Exploit), 09Y50,000, W.

Apollo Precious (Medallist–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 09T100,000, W.

Jaimes Gold (Midas Eyes–Stylish Sultana, Sundance Ridge), 09Y7,700, PL.

His Precious Lady (Millions–Cast the Knight, Slew the Knight), 09Y4,500, W.

Wings of Fury (Milwaukee Brew–Unincumbered, Unbridled), 09T40,000, W.

Dirty Old Town (Mingun–Flower, Mountain Cat), 09Y5,500, W.

A. P. Niner (Minister Eric–Cuz I Said So, Gold Fever), 09W1,000, UP.

Cat’s Axe (Minister Wild Cat–Axtec, Valley Crossing), 09Y3,714, W.

Palisades Breeze (Mizzen Mast–Coronation Cup, Chief’s Crown), 09W40,000, W.

Red Mountain (Monashee Mountain–Princess Cielo, Stately Cielo), 09Y3,200, PL.

More Than Proud (More Than Ready–Proud n’ Appeal, Proud Appeal), 09T8,000, W.

Breda (Northern Afleet–Cobbley’s Jewel, Tom Cobbley), 09Y2,500, UP.

Arctic Fox (Northern Afleet–Kenzie Girl, Maria’s Mon), 09Y60,000, UP.

Northern Route (North Light–Pretty Honoree, Double Honor), UR.

Double the Love (Not For Love–Loved, Pulpit), 09T35,000, W.

Mermaiden (Ocean Terrace–Proud Honor, Double Honor), 09Y3,500, PL.

Goodeveningofficer (Officer–Alligator Allie, Gone West), 09Y15,000, W.

Orsonian (Officer–Miss Speed, Forty Niner), 09Y230,000, W.

Promising Ed (Officer–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 09Y65,000, W.

Big Tsimmis (Old Topper–Kalihi Maggie, Al Mamoon), 09Y4,000, W.

Armond (Omega Code–Alliesunrun, Cherokee Run), 09T10,000, W.

General Custer (Orientate–Cherokee Eyes, Cherokee Run), 09Y20,000, W.

Joy Up (Outofthebox–Self Seeker, Skywalker), 09T18,000, W.

Finite Justice (Outofthebox–Sixty Queens, Seattle Slew), 09T35,000, PL.

Haneori (Perfect Soul–Youcan’taffordher, Carson City), 09T20,000, W.

Cous Cous (Placid Fund–Genuine Irish, Irish Tower), 09Y2,000, PL.

All Daddy’s Money (Placid Fund–Genuine Irish, Irish Tower), 09T3,500, UP.

A Boy Named Em (Point Given–No Knocks, A.P. Indy), 09W10,000, W.

Point Well Taken (Point Given–Behrens Breeze, Behrens), 09Y1,000, UR.

Postal Surprise (Polish Rifle–Baccata’s Surprise, Allen’s Prospect), 09Y10,000, W.

Avalanche Attack (Pomeroy–Avalanche Lily, Grand Slam), 09Y35,000, W.

Vigilare (Posse–Prieska, Cape Town), 09Y1,113, W.

Maine (Powerscourt–Shriving, Irish River), 09Y5,000, UR.

Proud Stacy (Proud Citizen–Stop the Musical, Stop the Music), 09Y9,700, UP.

Myah’s Knight (Pure Prize–Runaway Princess, Runaway Groom), 09T11,000, W.

E Z Led (Purge–Bumble Bee Mama, Notebook), 09Y17,500, W.

Sunday Shoes (Purge–Classy and Bright, Sky Classic), 09Y2,000, W.

Pursuxit (Purge–Endear, Grindstone), 09Y2,500, W.

Isabella Jane (Purge–Storm Hen, Storm Broker), 09Y4,700, W.

Irish American (Quiet American–I Aim High, I Enclose), 09W8,000, UR.

Quietly Waiting (Quiet American–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 09T80,000, W.

Years Ago (Rahy–Weepnomoremylady, Summer Squall), 09Y10,000, W.

Electricite (Regal Intention–Aubergine, Ringside), 09Y2,031, UR.

Why Tiger (Roar of the Tiger–Twenty Reasons Why, Montbrook), 09Y1,900, PL.

Burke’s Book (Rockport Harbor–Not for Turning, Deputy Minister), 09Y80,000, W.

Shiny Rock (Rock Slide–Shining Gem, Robyn Dancer), 09Y1,700, PL.

Devil’s Dawn (Roman Ruler–Orissa, Devil’s Bag), 09T13,000, UP.

Stag Party (Running Stag–Free and Foolish, Fly So Free), 09Y8,500, W.

unnamed (Saarland–Second Strike, Fast Play), 09T7,000, UR.

Swaythisaway (Scat Daddy–Oscillate, Seattle Slew), 09W85,000, UP.

Cosmic Surfer (Scatmandu–Cosmic Lady, High Brite), 09Y500, PL.

Paige Me (Shaniko–Jaunty Day, Pine Bluff), 09Y2,700, W.

Grand Silver (Silver Deputy–Adorable Lady, Affirmed), 09Y10,000, W.

Dr. Jajo (Sky Mesa–Hawayil, Halling), 09Y16,000, W.

Sky Jivin (Sky Mesa–Jump Jivin Jade, Gentlemen), 09Y50,000, UR.

Fly Smart (Smart Strike–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 09Y230,000, UP.

Lady Bonita (Smart Strike–Sauntering, Military), 09T10,000, PL.

Smartacus (Smarty Jones–Saratoga Lady, Deputy Minister), 09W15,000, UR.

Botanica (Smarty Jones–Speedwell, Meadowlake), 09T29,000, PL.

Feather Maid (Smarty Jones–Heritage of Gold, Gold Legend), 09Y10,000, UR.

Rezar (Songandaprayer–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 09Y55,000, W.

La Monda (Songandaprayer–Queen Evelyn, Hennessy), 09T10,000, W.

Speightfully (Speightstown–Enterprise Coast, Awesome Again), 09Y40,000, W.

Thinking of Girls (Speightstown–Flashy Frolic, Premiership), 09Y100,000, W.

Shady Slim (Spreebee–Blaine’s Song, Regal Affair), 09Y1,600, PL.

Silver Wave (Star Dabbler–Judith’s Gamble, Prospectors Gamble), 09Y3,200, W.

Cowboy Gets Even (Stephen Got Even–Smoking Quality, Elusive Quality), 09T160,000, W.

Kitness (Storm Cat–Firmness, Devil’s Bag), 09Y140,000, W.

Storm ‘n Indian (Storm Cat–Fleet Indian, Indian Charlie), 09Y2,050,000, PL.

Mister Lucky Cat (Storm Cat–Get Lucky, Mr. Prospector), 09Y650,000, W.

Night Hunt (Storm Cat–Moon Safari, Mr. Prospector), 09Y750,000, UP.

Stormy Dude (Stormello–Our Saratogadancer, Saratoga Six), 09W2,500, W.

Stormy Antics (Stormy Atlantic–Jeano, Fappiano), 09Y17,000, W.

Luba Kasai (Stormy Atlantic–Luluwa, Zafonic), 09Y230,000, UP.

Atlantic Breeze (Stormy Atlantic–Gan’s Girl, Prospector’s Music), 09T75,000, W.

Stormy Lypard (Stormy Atlantic–Medina, Covered Wagon), 09T12,000, W.

Pedestrian (Street Sense–Under Fire, Gulch), 09W110,000, W.

Serafico (Suave–Uncork, Unbridled), 09Y17,500, GP.

La Sun King (Sun King–Hot Communicator, Phone Trick), 09W1,200, PL.

Wainwright (Survivalist–Lady Shakin, Dixieland Band), 09Y3,500, W.

Kiotari Bay (Survivalist–Miss Stuck Up, One Way Love), 09Y3,708, W.

Going Steady (Swain–Our Saratogadancer, Saratoga Six), 09Y3,200, UR.

Fun City (Sweetsouthernsaint–Fun City Lady, Jeblar), 09Y4,000, W.

Big Hoss (Tactical Cat–Moscow Tap, Moscow Ballet), 09W1,000, UP.

Yesterday’s Story (Tale of the Cat–Prosper, Affirmed), 09Y85,000, W.

Catiara (Tale of the Cat–Rose Tiara, St. Jovite), 09Y4,000, UR.

Highland Dream (Tale of the Cat–Special Heritage, Gone West), 09Y100,000, W.

Tipit and Tapit (Tapit–Mary E, St. Jovite), 09Y62,500, W.

Tinsnips (Tenpins–March North, Manzotti), 09Y2,000, UR.

Big Red Daddy (The Daddy–Above Average, Two Punch), 09Y11,000, W.

Who Wonders Now (Three Wonders–Pyrite Who, Roy), 09Y1,100, UR.

Siete Truenos (Thunder Gulch–Danzignthemoonlite, Quiet American), 09Y1,500, W.

Thunder Britches (Thunder Gulch–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 09Y5,500, W.

Mi Karlota (Thunder Gulch–Let’s Roll, Unbridled), 09Y1,200, W.

Supernaturaltalent (Thunder Gulch–Typhoon Ling Ling, Hennessy), 09Y2,500, W.

Blackout Time (Time Bandit–Stickitout, Baederwood), 09Y700, UR.

Frolic Now (Tiznow–Frolic Away, Pentelicus), 09Y85,000, W.

Temza (Tiznow–Nice Dilemma, Silver Deputy), 09Y20,000, PL.

Abide (Tiznow–Number One Cat, Storm Cat), 09Y430,000, W.

Chabichou (Tiznow–Singin Up a Storm, Storm Cat), 09T60,000, W.

Rocket Toccet (Toccet–Miss Moola, Saint Ballado), 09Y1,600, UP.

Placer (Touch Gold–Free and Foolish, Fly So Free), 09W6,000, PL.

Ikaros (Touch Gold–Twilite Tryst, Afternoon Deelites), 09Y3,500, W.

Heraklion (Trippi–Wa Ka Ridge, Cox’s Ridge), 09T21,000, UP.

Truckee Force (Truckee–Stately Whisper, Stately Cielo), 09T1,100, UR.

Trust in Frank (Trust N Luck–Example, Touch Gold), 09W1,000, W.

Rabbit Punch (Two Punch–Rabbit Run Tootsie, Waquoit), 09T3,500, UR.

Sanadaat (Unbridled’s Song–Lindsay Frolic, Mt. Livermore), 09Y580,000, PL.

Ghaaleb (Unbridled’s Song–Queen’s Lady, Storm Cat), 09Y650,000, W.

Salty Girl Plus (Value Plus–Salt de Tere, Salt Lake), 09Y12,000, W.

Trail Dust (Value Plus–Crafty Quarry, Crafty Prospector), 09T8,500, UP.

Full Moon Frolic (Vindication–Frolicing, Royal Academy), 09Y28,000, W.

East of Omaha (Vindication–Sweeping, End Sweep), 09Y30,000, W.

Under Reason (Vindication–Under Fire, Gulch), 09Y27,000, W.

My Sweet Revenge (Vindication–Julie Mis, Miswaki), 09T25,000, W.

War Prospector (War Front–Latori, Unaccounted For), 09Y22,000, SPW.

Letlifecometoyou (Werblin–Shiny Happy Groovy, Groovy), 09Y6,500, W.

G. Q. Man (Werblin–Sixty Queens, Seattle Slew), 09Y1,000, W.

Pink Goose (Werblin–Saintly Lady, Saint Ballado), 09T50,000, W.

Wildcat Special (Wildcat Heir–Pop Pop’s Hope, Valid Trefaire), 09Y4,000, W.

Download (Wildcat Heir–Skara Brae, Wild Zone), 09Y1,100, UR.

Southern Tenacity (Yankee Gentleman–Mucha Prisa, Wild Again), 09T8,000, W.

Saetbyeol (Yankee Gentleman–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 09T32,000, W.

Call for Cash (Zavata–Boo Patch, Naevus), 09T24,000, UR.

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