La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2010

In a previous post I listed the 34 stakes winners from among sales foals of 2008-2011 who trace to La Troienne (LT) in the female line. Listed below are the remaining sales foals of 2010 who also trace to LT in the female line.

Listed for each foal are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and a brief synopsis of its racing class (W for winner, Pl for placed, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, etc.) The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (more or less in the order in which I found them).

Josue C (Act of Duty–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 10Y1,800, UP.

Sweet Tess (Afleet Alex–Eye Catching, Alydar), 10W30,000, SPW.

Caribbean Beauty (Afleet Alex–Naropa, Pleasant Tap), 10W27,000, W.

Alacritese (Afleet Alex–Maitrise, Ogygian), 10T80,000, UR.

Fashion Lady (After Market–Aloft, Unbridled’s Song), 10Y3,500, W.

Tommycopacabana (After Market–Prize, Out of Place), 10Y4,000, UR.

Crying On Saturday (Any Given Saturday–Lady Melesi, Colonial Affair), 10Y22,000, UP.

Any Given Royal (Any Given Saturday–Really Royal, Unreal Zeal), 10Y130,000, GP.

Mexican Error (Anziyan Royalty–Lovely Aspen, Bianconi), 10T1,000, W.

Champagne Courage (A.P. Indy–Malka, Deputy Minister), 10Y625,000, UR.

Vivi Star (A. P. Warrior–Gold Fashioned, Seeking the Gold), 10Y3,000, W.

Thunder Moccasin (A. P. Warrior–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 10Y95,000, W.

Lady Emy (Aragorn–Open View, Southern Halo), 10Y5,000, W.

Silk Handling (Aragorn–Pantelleria, El Prado), 10T21,000, UP.

Battle Bridge (Arch–Board Battle, Seeking the Gold), 10Y285,000, W.

Arann (Awesome Again–Lakenheath, Colonial Affair), 10Y100,000, W.

Drill Sergeant (Awesome Again–Shades of Grace, Seeking the Gold), 10Y300,000, PL.

Despinas Desire (Badge of Silver–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 10Y17,000, W.

Gold Advantage (Badge of Silver–Prime Advantage, Tactical Advantage), 10Y6,000, PL.

Darcy’s Lightning (Bandini–Awesome Tri, Awesome Again), 10Y1,000, W.

Defy Gravity (Bandini–Quickest, Forest Wildcat), 10Y19,000, W.

Mary Bernice (Bernardini–Coronation Cup, Chief’s Crown), 10W30,000, W.

Goodrum (Bernardini–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 10Y32,000, UR.

One Bid too Many (Bernardini–Sweet Belle, Deputy Commander), 10Y75,000, UP.

Speedstein (Bernstein–Speedwell, Meadowlake), 10W12,000, UP.

Helimark (Bertrando–Wide Eyed Wanderer, Pirate’s Bounty), 10Y37,000, W.

Northern Shaker (Best of the Rests–Lady Shakin, Dixieland Band), 10Y1,942, W.

Varias Cuentas (Birdstone–Lu Lu Capaese, Luhuk), 10W2,000, UP.

Burr Jimmy (Birdstone–Lu Lu Capaese, Luhuk), 10Y15,000, W.

Lil’ Miss Tweety (Birdstone–La La Lola, Forest Wildcaty), 10Y2,000, W.

Derby Bird (Birdstone–Spinalong, Siphon), 10Y40,000, W.

Kentucky’s Tune (Bluegrass Cat–Greeley’s Tune, Mr. Greeley), 10W17,000, UP.

Blue Catillac (Bluegrass Cat–Sweeping, End Sweep), 10W35,000, W.

Alta Boy (Bluegrass Cat–Alta Love, Gone West), 10T60,000, W.

Sassy Harper (Bob and John–Compassionate, Housebuster), 10Y60,000, UR.

I Got Names (Bob and John–Susan Jane, Jump Start), 10Y2,300, UR.

Run Dink Run (Bob’s Proud Moment–Subtle Expression, Slew o’ Gold), 10Y1,700, UP.

Haengun Party (Broken Vow–Dutch One’s Storm, Stormin Fever), 10T35,000, W.

Basic Strategy (Broken Vow–Unifier, Deputy Minister), 10T35,000, W.

Romaflame (Burning Roma–Tri Some Irish, Irish Sur), 10W1,000, W.

Uncle Charlie (Bwana Charlie–Two Dozen Roses, Two Punch), 10Y5,000, UP.

Comma to the Top (Bwana Charlie–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 10T22,000, W.

Moonhak Candy (Candy Ride–Sparkling Sea, Sea Hero), 10Y8,000, UP.

Dulce Del Sur (Candy Ride–Sparkling Sea, Sea Hero), 10T1,400, UR.

Let It B (Chapel Royal–It It’s Meant to B, David), 10Y4,000, UR.

Namdo Maengju (Chelsey Cat–Drouth Willow, Premiership), 10T15,000, W.

Baby Bordeaux (City Place–Riesling, Wolf Power), 10T65,000, PL.

Plaxico (City Street–Shades of Pink, Fight Over), 10T10,000, UP.

Kev Says No (Compadre–Dixie Lynn, Dixie Brass), 10Y1,062, UR.

unnamed (Congaree–Miss Adorable, Mr. Prospector), 10Y1,700, UR.

Celestial Grove (Congrats–Sister Fiona, Defrere), 10Y16,000, PL.

Continent (Corinthian–Impart, Maria’s Mon), 10W20,000, UR.

Kat’s Corinthian (Corinthian–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 10Y7,000, PL.

Comisionado (Corinthian–Imastorming, Hennessy), 10Y20,000, UP.

Courageous Ruler (Corinthian–La Gueriere, Lord At War), 10Y425,000, UP.

Dervish Prince (Cozzene–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 10Y290,000, PL.

Lightning N Hail (Dance With Ravens–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 10Y9,000, W.

Stoopendous Diva (Da Stoops–Diva on Grass, Theatrical), 10T5,000, SPW.

Petrocelli (Disco Rico–Squaw Valley, Indian Charlie), 10W2,500, SPW.

Lucky Dan (Discreet Cat–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 10Y25,000, W.

Son de America (Discreet Cat–Elizabeth Street, Street Cry), 10Y11,000, W.

Immaculate (Distorted Humor–Folklore, Tiznow), 10Y450,000, W.

Red Virgin (Distorted Humor–Lafirma, Giant’s Causeway), 10Y210,000, W.

Ava Pie (Distorted Humor–Lakenheath, Colonial Affair), 10T310,000, UP.

Poof Two (Distorted Humor–Showpiece, Holy Bull), 10T50,000, GP.

Brock (Distorted Humor–Tomisue’s Delight, A.P. Indy), 10T2,300,000, W.

unnamed (Dixie Union–Cozzy Love, Cozzene), 10W1,000, UR.

Igotadeal (Don’t Get Mad–Guiding Star, Touch Gold), 10W1,500, W.

Furtiva (Easing Along–Gan’s Girl, Prospector’s Music), 10Y1,500, W.

Jang Guem (E Dubai–Maitrise, Ogygian), 10W4,000, UR.

Zander (E Dubai–Maitrise, Ogygian), 10Y7,000, W.

Dubai Joy (E Dubai–Anotherbusride, Delineator), 10Y8,000, UR.

Praise for Dubai (E Dubai–With My Blessings, Pulpit), 10T75,000, W.

El Fortune (El Corredor–Beyond Price, King of Kings), 10Y19,000, W.

Oshten El (El Prado–Unincumbered, Unbridled), 10Y45,000, UP.

Trois Vallees (Elusive Quality–Chamrousse, Peaks and Valleys), 10Y375,000, W.

Marching Orders (Elusive Quality–Manx Cat, Forest Wildcat), 10Y90,000, W.

City Empress (Empire Maker–Pretty City, Carson City), 10Y400,000, UP.

Empire Diva (Empire Maker–Mooji Moo, Jeblar), 10T82,000, W.

La Sheikh (Essence of Dubai–Southern Summer, Storm Cat), 10T5,000, W.

Fire Ma (Fire Blitz–Ma Come Pretendi, Pentelicus), 10Y1,000, W.

Shellingitout (Flame Thrower–Outrageous Oyster, Wild Gold), 10Y5,500, W.

Madison Richelle (Flashy Bull–Jelly Roll Frolic, Affirmed), 10Y4,500, UP.

Moshesh (Flashy Bull–Second Strike, Fast Play), 10Y23,500, W.

Ramonita M (Flatter–Cherokee Eyes, Cherokee Run), 10Y4,000, W.

Dottie’s a Hottie (Flatter–Croupier, Go for Gin), 10Y30,000, W.

Donzelle (Forest Danger–Impressive Star, End Sweep), 10T32,000, W.

Fastlikewildfire (Forestry–Miss Speed, Forty Niner), 10Y67,000, W.

Decorated Admiral (Formal Dinner–Admirelle, Smoke Glacken), 10Y1,200, W.

unnamed (Freud–A Lovely Pickle, Not For Love), 10W1,000, UR.

Indy Go Ribbons (Friends Lake–Mother Superior, Petionville), 10Y2,000, UR.

Badlands Baby (Fusaichi Pegasus–Broadway Baby, Gilded Time), 10Y19,000, UR.

Ketal (Fusaichi Pegasus–Nice Dilemma, Silver Deputy), 10Y6,000, GP.

Casa Lago (Fusaichi Pegasus–Princess V., Memo), 10Y110,000, UR.

Proud Pluck (Ghostly Minister–Hindsight, Wayne County), 10T9,000, W.

Heavy Breathing (Giant’s Causeway–Takesmybreathaway, Gone West), 10Y150,000, GP.

Grip Hands (Giant’s Causeway–Smok’n Frolic, Smoke Glacken), 10T500,000, W.

Votre Meilleur (Gilded Time–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 10T30,000, W.

Amazonka (Gone West–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 10Y18,000, UP.

Britt’s Sweetheart (Gone West–Miss Heidi, Nureyev), 10T27,000, UP.

Shoe La Lady (Goodbye Doeny–Grey Gables, Candy Stripes), 10T10,000, W.

Duchess Diana (Grand Appointment–Silent Duchess, Silent Screen), 10W1,700, UR.

Nola Gusta (Grand Slam–Nascat, Hennessy), 10T15,000, W.

Miss Henny Penny (Half Ours–Storm Hen, Storm Broker), 10Y62,000, SPW.

Lightly Wound (Hard Spun–Frolicing, Royal Academy), 10Y160,000, W.

Light Burst (Hard Spun–Kew Garden, Seattle Slew), 10Y190,000, W.

Ormond Street (Hard Spun–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 10Y350,000, UR.

Tripping (Hard Spun–Mississippi Lights, Majestic Light), 10Y20,000, W.

Caps Lady (Hard Spun–Nasaieb, Fairy King), 10Y100,000, W.

Kingwood (Hard Spun–Swigert, Fusaichi Pegasus), 10Y170,000, W.

The Great Gonzo (Harlan’s Holiday–Be a Prospector, Mr. Prospector), 10Y130,000, W.

Islam Way (Harlan’s Holiday–Day Off, Dynaformer), 10Y30,000, W.

Privatemarketvalue (Harlan’s Holiday–Naropa, Pleasant Tap), 10Y90,000, W.

Sunday Monday (Hat Trick–Lakewater, Salt Lake), 10Y1,448, UP.

Mile High City (High Cotton–Fun City Lady, Jeblar), 10W2,500, W.

Cotton Place (High Cotton–Tomokas Outrageous, Out of Place), 10Y2,000, W.

Holy Justice (Holy Bull–Just Cuz, Cormorant), 10T105,000, UR.

Master Dunker (Imperialism–Finding Bucks, Buckfinder), 10T39,000, W.

Pickemuptruck (Include–Spun Gold, Mr. Prospector), 10Y7,500, W.

Includetheprincess (Include–Youcan’taffordher, Carson City), 10T5,000, UP.

Regiment (Indian Charlie–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 10W200,000, PL.

Indian Storm (Indian Charlie–Frolic Away, Pentelicus), 10Y60,000, UR.

Counselor Cabot (Indian Charlie–Hurricane Love, Quiet American), 10Y200,000, W.

Tahima (Indian Charlie–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 10Y90,000, W.

Free Shipping (Indian Ocean–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 10T10,000, W.

Wine N Maxine (In Excess–Lovin Marlene, Sir Cat), 10Y3,000, W.

Jimmy the Cat (Jimalator Cat–Majesty’s Grace, His Majesty), 10Y500, W.

Father’s Mig (Johannesburg–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 10Y7,000, W.

Big Reggie Man (Jump Start–Saintly Music, Saint Ballado), 10Y150,000, UR.

unnamed (Kela–Adore Me, Sword Dance), 10Y1,000, UR.

Leeson Street Lady (Kitten’s Joy–Miss Stuck Up, One Way Love), 10Y9,657, W.

Prosecutor Pete (Lawyer Ron–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 10W10,000, UR.

Inquiry Miss (Lawyer Ron–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 10W8,200, W.

Royal Barrister (Lawyer Ron–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 10W50,000, W.

Folded (Leestown–Mysti’s Poem, Stalwart), 10Y20,000, W.

Private Prayer (Lemon Drop Kid–Blueyed Lass, Sky Classic), 10Y72,000, W.

You’re Kidding (Lemon Drop Kid–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 10T255,000, SPW.

Jerry the Mush (Lightning N Thunder–Jerry’s Tootsie, Colonel Stevens), 10T3,000, W.

Excellent Frere (Limehouse–Tight Shoes, Smart Strike), 10W45,000, W.

Ride Captain (Lion Heart–Dressed for Action, Bold n’ Flashy), 10Y6,000, PL.

Satin Sunset (Lion Heart–Prosper, Affirmed), 10Y65,000, W.

unnamed (Lion Heart–Self Seeker, Skywalker), 10T4,500, UR.

Un Hombre Caliente (Macho Uno–On Fuego, Pulpit), 10W15,000, PL.

Tres Bees (Macho Uno–Bumble Bee Mama, Notebook), 10Y20,000, UR.

Uno Macho Man (Macho Uno–Shesarealdoll, Grand Slam), 10Y1,000, W.

Rockfield (Malibu Moon–Be My Prospect, Forest Wildcat), 10Y500,000, W.

Molina (Maria’s Mon–Zaafira, A.P. Indy), 10T12,000, UR.

Bell Master (Master Command–Adorabell, Distorted Humor), 10Y65,000, UR.

Domino Class (Master Command–Class Selection, Rahy), 10Y7,500, UR.

Furia d’Oro (Medaglia d’Oro–Rich Find, Exploit), 10T110,000, W.

D D Renegade (Medallist–Glowing Honour, Honour and Glory), 10Y5,500, W.

J’ouvert (Midnight Lute–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 10W160,000, GP.

Biscuit Bird (Mineshaft–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 10Y2,500, UR.

Mount Abu (Montbrook–Chelsea Park, El Prado), 10Y4,500, UR.

Al’s Uncle (More Than Ready–Angel Island, Forestry), 10Y130,000, W.

Countess Theodora (More Than Ready–Lady in Power, Defensive Play), 10Y70,000, PL.

Corkage (More Than Ready–Uncork, Unbridled), 10Y50,000, UR.

Twin Engine (Mr. Greeley–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 10W25,000, W.

Brave Michelle (Mr. Greeley–Miss Salsa, Unbridled), 10Y77,000, UP.

Ipanema Bay (Northern Afleet–Plentiful, Lear Fan), 10Y14,486, W.

Primal Love (Not For Love–Known Thief, Cat Thief), 10Y16,000, W.

unnamed (Officer–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 10W10,000, UR.

Miss Shamazing (Officer–Shamazing, Yankee Victor), 10Y2,200, W.

Promising Ed (Officer–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 10T80,000, W.

More is More (Orientate–Marching, Coronado’s Quest), 10T40,000, W.

All of My Heart (Patrol–Awesome Olive, Awesome Again), 10Y1,448, UR.

Jerk Chicken (Patrol–Opinionated Lady, Known Fact), 10Y1,448, W.

Nick Rules (Peace Rules–Salt de Tere, Salt Lake), 10Y2,900, W.

Point Taken (Point Given–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 10Y9,000, W.

Starship Ashley (Pomeroy–Rahy’s Wish, Rahy), 10Y25,000, UP.

unnamed (Pomeroy–Sweet Hawaii, Honeyland), 10Y9,000, UR.

Avalanche Attack (Pomeroy–Avalanche Lily, Grand Slam), 10T50,000, W.

Axara (Powerscourt–Erin’s Tour, Tour d’Or), 10Y2,000, W.

Holster (Proud Citizen–Fashion Planner, Capote), 10W4,000, PL.

Highly Urgent (Purge–High Tec, Tactical Advantage), 10T4,500, UR.

Isaella Jane (Purge–Storm Hen, Storm Broker), 10T13,000, W.

Plinx Blinx (Purim–Blinx Babe, Wild Again), 10Y1,700, W.

Scarred (Purim–Judith’s Gamble, Prospectors Gamble), 10Y3,700, UP.

Squirrel’s Ticket (Put It Back–Lunar Valley, Gulch), 10W1,000, W.

Idella Is Back (Put It Back–Southern Summer, Storm Cat), 10W1,100, UR.

Nobody’s a Saint (Quiet American–Never a Saint, St. Jovite), 10W17,000, UP.

Cumberland Chief (Quiet American–No Knocks, A.P. Indy), 10W22,000, UP.

Mucho Grandioso (Quiet American–Known Heiress, Known Fact), 10Y15,000, W.

Opalite (Quiet American–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 10Y35,000, W.

Vladkaz (Quiet American–Nicebutnaughty, Exploit), 10Y13,000, UP.

Leo’s Pride (Raise the Bluff–Leona Drive, Salem Drive), 10Y7,500, UR.

Brikktown (Rare Brick–Special Lassie, Bright Launch), 10Y3,800, W.

Imagine the Gold (Ready’s Image–Gold Fashioned, Seeking the Gold), 10W3,500, UR.

Big Banana (Repent–Fraulein Brucher, Eltish), 10Y1,300, UR.

Designer Cat (Roar of the Cat–Fashion Designer, Island Whirl), 10Y5,000, PL.

Katie’s Ten (Rock Hard Ten–Hawayil, Halling), 10Y90,000, W.

Harrington Harbor (Rockport Harbor–X Tra Brassy, Pana Brass), 10W16,000, W.

Sevenfold (Rockport Harbor–Hulamore, Mt. Livermore), 10Y14,000, W.

Solandra (Sea of Secrets–Miss Double Dots, Stage Colony), 10Y4,000, UR.

Saros Secret (Sea of Secrets–Pachira, Saros), 10Y11,000, W.

Fitz N Giggles (Seattle Fitz–Riesling, Wolf Power), 10Y1,000, W.

Shakereadynroll (Shakespeare–Ready and Tough, Good and Tough), 10Y1,000, W.

Queen McRace (Shaniko–Exotic City, Carson City), 10T3,000, W.

Doctor J Dub (Sharp Humor–Anotherbusride, Delineator), 10W50,000, PL.

Funny Tide (Sharp Humor–Lakewater, Salt Lake), 10T60,000, W.

Divas Special (Sheryar Special–Sheza Diva, In a Walk), 10Y1,700, UR.

Mocha Polka (Shotiche–Dancer’s Prospect, Suave Prospect), 10Y1,000, UP.

Masquerade (Silent Name–Present Colors, Prized), 10Y15,000, SPW.

Rocket Train (Silver Train–Michigan Bluff, Skywalker), 10Y60,000, W.

Maggie Simon (Simon Pure–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 10Y22,000, W.

Captain Genius (Simon Pure–Shiny Happy Groovy, Groovy), 10Y12,000, W.

Skip Ahoy (Skip Away–Charlotte Russe, Fastness), 10Y3,000, UP.

Honest Truth (Sky Mesa–Trueytoo, Concern), 10Y17,000, W.

unnamed (Sligo Bay–Seminole Gal, Launch a Leader), 10Y1,200, UR.

Painted Paradise (Smart Strike–Ethel Anna, Storm Cat), 10Y230,000, PL.

Smart Masterpiece (Smart Strike–Showpiece, Holy Bull), 10Y95,000, W.

Smart Owner (Smarty Jones–Proud Owner, Proud Truth), 10Y5,000, W.

Es Four (Smarty Jones–Golden Honor, Mr. Prospector), 10T18,000, W.

Oreuse (Smoke Glacken–Heavenly Splendor, Point Given), 10Y13,000, W.

Bahati Gold (Soft Gold–Bahati, Horse Chestnut), 10Y8,000, W.

Rezar (Songandaprayer–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 10T24,000, W.

Shave and Pave (Stephen Got Even–Miniature Magic, Miswaki), 10Y17,000, W.

Foursouthernbelles (Stephen Got Oven–Toni DeNitto, Quiet American), 10Y1,000, W.

Grove City Storm (Storm Day–Polish Grove, Polish Numbers), 10T600, PL.

Importuno (Stormello–Impressive Star, End Sweep), 10Y27,000, W.

Stormy Dude (Stormello–Our Saratogadancer, Saratoga Six), 10Y7,000, W.

Stormy Donna Gail (Stormello–Silver On Gold, Artax), 10Y6,800, W.

Girl’s Got Swagger (Stormy Atlantic–Awesome Strike, Theatrical), 10Y6,500, UP.

Surrender (Stormy Atlantic–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 10Y25,000, PL.

Minnesota Storm (Stormy Business–Bold Applause, Pembroke), 10Y4,000, UP.

unnamed (Strategic Mission–Cayce Lady, Wavering Monarch), 10W1,000, UR.

Secret Agent Lady (Strategic Mission–Cayce Lady, Wavering Monarch), 10Y4,100, W.

In the Beat (Street Sense–Rhythmical Beat, Fusaichi Pegasus), 10Y180,000, W.

Pedestrian (Street Sense–Under Fire, Gulch), 10Y150,000, W.

Eleven Easy Street (Strong Contender–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 10Y4,000, W.

Kittitian (Strong Hope–Search and Seizure, War Chant), 10Y18,000, PL.

Nonno’s Boy (Successful Appeal–Singin Up a Storm, Storm Cat), 10Y10,000, W.

Flaunted (Tale of the Cat–Eye Catching, Alydar), 10Y160,000, UR.

Impartial (Tale of the Cat–Impart, Maria’s Mon), 10Y140,000, W.

Lady’s Tale (Tale of the Cat–Nifty Lady, Gone West), 10Y18,000, W.

Inflation Target (Tapit–Prall Street, Cherokee Run), 10Y200,000, W.

Tipit and Tapit (Tapit–Mary E, St. Jovite), 10T27,000, W.

Queen Teuta (Theatrical–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 10Y20,000, GP.

Royal Matter (Theatrical–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 10T20,000, UR.

Tizfirst (Tiznow–Number One Cat, Storm Cat), 10Y155,000, SPW.

Christinelisa (Tiznow–Typhoon Ling Ling, Hennessy), 10Y15,000, W.

Tiz the Gal (Tiz Wonderful–Enterprise Coast, Awesome Again), 10W15,000, UP.

Yolka (Tiz Wonderful–Sultry, Songandaprayer), 10W2,500, UR.

Sam the Ram (Toccet–Moments Past, Came Home), 10Y1,000, W.

Pioneer Zephyr (Too Much Bling–Sister’s Shamrock, American Chance), 10Y6,500, W.

Gold Knife (Touch Gold–House of Cheer, Housebuster), 10Y3,000, W.

Super Babycakes (Two Punch–Bye Bye Katie Pie, Robyn Dancer), 10Y2,800, UR.

Devil’s Energy (Unbridled Energy–Roleo, Devil’s Bag), 10Y17,000, W.

Cat Burglar (Unbridled’s Song–Be My Prospect, Forest Wildcat), 10W410,000, GP.

Whimsical Heat (Unusual Heat–Whimsical Goddess, Mountain Cat), 10W8,500, UP.

Valid Ruler (Valid Expectations–Fancy Locket, Woodman), 10Y15,500, UR.

Rising Plus (Value Plus–Riesling, Wolf Power), 10W1,100, PL.

Valuable Storm (Value Plus–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 10T3,000, UP.

Under Reason (Vindication–Under Fire, Gulch), 10T20,000, W.

Bourbonnais (War Chant–Smooth Charmer, Easy Goer), 10Y32,000, UR.

G. Q. Man (Werblin–Sixty Queens, Seattle Slew), 10T21,000, W.

Decidedly So (With Distinction–Cole’s Future, Lit de Justice), 10Y11,000, UP.

Fleet Distinction (With Distinction–Fleet Justice, Lit de Justice), 10T5,700, PL.

Mitch Rapp (Yankee Gentleman–Foolish Party, Party Manners), 10Y10,000, PL.

Julias Princess (Zanjero–Diana’s Derbystorm, Cozzene), 10W1,000, UR.

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