La Troienne Female Line–Sales Foals of 2011

In a previous post I listed the 34 stakes winners from among sales foals of 2008-2011 who trace to La Troienne (LT) in the female line. Listed below are the remaining sales foals of 2010 who also trace to LT in the female line.

Listed for each foal are its name, pedigree (sire–dam, broodmare sire), sales information, and a brief synopsis of its racing class (W for winner, Pl for placed, UR for unraced, UP for unplaced, etc.) The foals are listed alphabetically by sire (more or less in the order in which I found them).

Josue C (Act of Duty–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 11T4,500, UP.

Logan’s Lotto (Afleet Alex–Mystical Honor, Theatrical), 11W75,000, PL.

Return Trip (Afleet Alex–High Heel Sneaker, Dehere), 11Y20,000, W.

Royal Art (Afleet Alex–Prall Street, Cherokee Run), 11Y410,000, W.

Perry’s Prize (After Market–Prize, Out of Place), 11Y1,000, UR.

Saturday Special (Any Given Saturday–Nascat, Hennessy), 11Y20,000, W.

Karushi (Any Given Saturday–Western Jewel, Gone West), 11Y5,500, W.

Bayou One (A. P. Delta–Allthatcatcanbe, Sir Cat), 11Y100, PL.

Powerful (A.P. Indy–Malka, Deputy Minister), 11Y1,400,000, W.

Wicker Man (Arch–Mere Justice, Vindication), 11Y120,000, UR.

Epic (Arch–Pretty City, Carson City), 11Y50,000, UR.

Mephisto Aristo (Aristocrat–Runaway Sreva, Runaway Groom), 11Y10,000, W.

About Time (Artie Schiller–Don’t Ruffle Me, Pine Bluff), 11W25,000, UR.

Providential Glory (Atticus–Lovin Marlene, Sir Cat), 11Y1,200, UR.

Lucy’s Tacos (Attila’s Storm–Fooray, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y2,700, PL.

Awesome Adele (Awesome Again–Rhythmical Beat, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y65,000, UR.

Alamar (Badge of Silver–Demi Monde, Easy Goer), 11Y15,000, W.

Judge Lew (Badge of Silver–Evasive, Elusive Quality), 11Y20,750, W.

Sgt Bilko (Badge of Silver–Grace Lake, Meadowlake), 11Y10,000, W.

Despinas Desire (Badge of Silver–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 11T25,000, W.

Time Goes On (Bandini–My Six Sisters, Saint Ballado), 11T10,000, SPW.

Bricks and Glicks (Belgravia–Maggies Storm, Stormy Atlantic), 11Y80,000, W.

King Whale (Bellamy Road–Don’t Ruffle Me, Pine Bluff), 11Y80,000, UP.

Me Commanche (Belong to Me–Comanche Wind, Forestry), 11W6,000, SPW.

Silent Music (Bernardini–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 11Y35,000, UR.

Berni Dancer (Bernardini–Manx Cat, Forest Wildcat), 11Y35,000, W.

Burn Em Bernie (Bernstein–Dancing Darling, Mutakddim), 11Y1,500, UP.

Saturdayatbernies (Bernstein–Unbridled Rhapsody, Songandaprayer), 11Y100,000, W.

Check Em (Best of the Bests–Lady Shakin, Dixieland Band), 11Y20,310, W.

All That (Big Brown–Miss Forest City, Coronado’s Quest), 11Y310,000, W.

Kentucky’s Tune (Bluegrass Cat–Greeley’s Tune, Mr. Greeley), 11Y20,000, UP.

Blue Catillac (Bluegrass Cat–Sweeping, End Sweep), 11Y80,000, W.

Bluegrass Kopp (Bluegrass Cat–Svea Dahl, Honor Grades), 11T21,000, W.

Bug’s Girl (Bold n’ Flashy–O. P. Love, One Way Love), 11Y9,647, W.

Tried to Tell U So (Borrego–Homerette, Grand Slam), 11W5,000, UR.

Brahmzotti Belle (Brahms–Lady Zotti, Manzotti), 11W2,800, UP.

Pretty Lilly Ann (Brahms–Royal Image, Proud Truth), 11Y3,000, UR.

Irish Winnie (Broken Vow–Amazing Speed, Langfuhr), 11Y21,000, W.

Mythical Man (Broken Vow–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 11Y20,000, W.

Broken Spell (Broken Vow–Rich Find, Exploit), 11Y85,000, GP.

Captain Derek (Brother Derek–Thunder Serenade, Thunder Gulch), 11Y10,000, W.

Candy City (Candy Ride–Grove City, Pleasant Tap), 11Y32,000, UP.

Rocket Ralph (Cape Canaveral–Aubergine, Ringside), 11W1,611, UR.

Dignatario (Cape Cross–Cordevalle, Storm Cat), 11Y17,000, W.

Strong Dog (Cat Strike–Goin Wide, Crimcino), 11Y300, UP.

Hope to Be Royalty (Chapel Royal–Pop Pop’s Hope, Valid Trefaire), 11Y3,700, W.

Cherokee Windsong (Cherokee Run–Sweet Windsong, Aptitude), 11Y89,650, SPW.

Sugar Mama (City Zip–Bumble Bee Mama, Notebook), 11Y75,000, W.

Huntingtons Silver (Classy Prospector–Petite Silver, Silver Minstrel), 11Y3,700, UR.

Thrillagee (Congaree–Singing Sister, Red Bullet), 11Y1,500, W.

Ten Thirty (Corinthian–Julie’s Touch, Touch Gold), 11Y17,000, W.

Distiller (Corinthian–Moonshine Run, Go for Gin), 11Y40,000, W.

Seven Spot (Cowboy Cal–Takemeforawhirl, Island Whirl), 11W30,000, W.

Swing True (Cowtown Cat–Hot Dice, Carson City), 11Y35,000, UR.

Ranking Queen (Cowtown Cat–Ibedarn, Aldebaran), 11Y1,300, UP.

Thunderina (Curlin–Delta Music, Dixieland Band), 11W15,000, UR.

Delta Ru (Curlin–Delta Rhythm, A.P. Indy), 11W15,000, UR.

Liberated (Curlin–Lady Melesi, Colonial Affair), 11Y60,000, GP.

A Shin the Head (Curlin–Sweet Belle, Deputy Commander), 11Y170,000, W.

How ’bout Omero (Dance With Ravens–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 11Y6,500, PL.

Lightning N Hail (Dance With Ravens–How ’bout Chris, Unbridled), 11T6,200, W.

Forty Dehere (Dehere–Seven Sevens, Forty Niner), 11Y12,000, W.

Petrocelli (Disco Rico–Squaw Valley, Indian Charlie), 11Y12,000, SPW.

Take My Time (Discreet Cat–Prosper, Affirmed), 11W24,000, W.

Dragon Front (Discreet Cat–Kew Garden, Seattle Slew), 11Y5,000, UP.

Power Lady (Discreet Cat–Lady in Power, Defensive Play), 11Y15,000, GP.

Casual Affair (Discreet Cat–Flashy Frolic, Premiership), 11T30,000, PL.

Fleeting Smile (Distorted Humor–Fleet Indian, Indian Charlie), 11Y500,000, W.

J P Girl (Distorted Humor–Lady Lochinvar, Lord At War), 11Y600,000, UR.

Coin Flip (Distorted Humor–X Star, Pulpit), 11Y350,000, W.

Classic Reality (Distorted Reality–Kaydee Classic, Regal Classic), 11T8,000, UR.

Act of Divinity (Divine Park–Estimable, Came Home), 11Y40,000, W.

D’wildcat Gold (D’wildcat–Gold Khalifa, Formal Gold), 11Y21,000, W.

Zander (E Dubai–Maitrise, Ogygian), 11T9,500, W.

Quality Light (Elusive Quality–Mine Light, Mineshaft), 11W25,000, UR.

Aunte Shirley (Eugene’s Third Son–Traude, River Special), 11Y1,500, UP.

Five Star Rating (Exchange Rate–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 11T16,850, W.

My Maggie (Fisher Pond–Briars Button, Son of Briartic), 11Y3,782, UP.

It’s Fishin Time (Fisher Pond–Slewpy Time, Slewpy), 11Y1,022, W.

Madison Richelle (Flashy Bull–Jelly Roll Frolic, Affirmed), 11T20,000, UP.

I’m So Flattering (Flatter–Cream Rises, Dance Brightly), 11Y9,000, W.

Decorated Admiral (Formal Dinner–Admirelle, Smoke Glacken), 11T3,500, W.

Islomania (Friendly Island–Ochi Chernye, Mr. Greeley), 11T5,500, UP.

She Sure Is (Ghostly Minister–Hindsight, Wayne County), 11T4,000, W.

Mujeok Gangja (Ghostzapper–Angel Island, Forestry), 11Y37,000, W.

Ghoststone (Ghostzapper–Chamrousse, Peaks and Valleys), 11Y 150,000, W.

Queen’s Parade (Giant’s Causeway–Queen of Kills, Unbridled’s Song), 11W200,000, W.

Grand Manan (Giant’s Causeway–Manoa, Seeking the Gold), 11T25,000, PL.

Gibsonrollthedice (Gibson County–Hot Dice, Carson City), 11T5,500, UP.

After the Conflict (Gilded Time–Perfect Connection, Phone Trick), 11Y31,226, W.

Vengeful Song (Ginny’s Sunshine–Sky Bar Fly, Sky Mesa), 11Y500, W.

My Prince (Grand Reward–Princeapecia, El Prado), 11Y5,000, UP.

Grande Man Can (Grand Slam–Jennymeg, Housebuster), 11Y5,000, W.

Plying (Hard Spun–Nasaieb, Fairy King), 11Y200,000, W.

General Pico (Hard Spun–Queen’s Lady, Storm Cat), 11Y110,000, PL.

Wise Talk (Hard Spun–See Me Through, Sky Classic), 11Y40,000, UP.

Fine Spun (Hard Spun–Tarfaya, Pulpit), 11Y30,000, UP.

Doosey (Hard Spun–Loose Park, Stop the Music), 11T20,000, UP.

News Pending (Harlan’s Holiday–Motivated Sreva, Lear Fan), 11T250,000, GP.

Privatemarketvalue (Harlan’s Holiday–Naropa, Pleasant Tap), 11T210,000, W.

Red Hot Tweet (Heatseeker–Bird Chatter, Birdonthewire), 11Y20,000, W.

Munhagui Encore (Heatseeker–Southern Ivy, Majestic Light), 11Y10,500, UR.

Queen Nine (Henny Hughes–Motivated Sreva, Lear Fan), 11Y7,000, W.

Our Little Hen (Henny Hughes–Muklah, Singspiel), 11Y3,000, W.

Lookinfor Mr Right (Henrythenavigator–Search and Seizure, War Chant), 11W210,000, W.

Cuadrante (Henrythenavigator–I’ll Get Along, Smile), 11Y175,000, UR.

Cotton Place (High Cotton–Tomokas Outrageous, Out of Place), 11T15,000, W.

Split the Aces (Holy Bull–Silver On Gold, Artax), 11Y11,000, W.

Including (Include–Doolittle, Polish Numbers), 11Y160,000, W.

Regiment (Indian Charlie–Beaucette, Mr. Prospector), 11Y450,000, PL.

Indian Storm (Indian Charlie–Frolic Away, Pentelicus), 11T120,000, UR.

Tahima (Indian Charlie–Sweet Monarch, Wavering Monarch), 11T170,00, W.

Feliz de La Vida (Indygo Shiner–Pretty Honoree, Double Honor), 11Y4,500, W.

Finer Shiner (Indygo Shiner–Singin Up a Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y3,700, W.

Shedidwhat (Indygo Shiner–Solarana, Mutakddim), 11Y2,500, UP.

Samy Ispanico (Invasor–Brilliant Mischief, Royal Academy), 11Y32,000, UP.

Turkish Wonder (Istan–Walts Wharf, Wharf), 11Y35,000, PL.

J J Be Chillin (J Be K–Chelan, Bertrando), 11Y30,000, W.

El Bagre (J Be K–She’s On Appeal, Glitterman), 11Y20,000, W.

Start Up (Jump Start–Island Design, Chester House), 11Y3,500, W.

Jumping Cherokee (Jump Start–Ritual Dance, Runaway Groom), 11Y30,000, UR.

Kayate Echo (Keyed Entry–La Joya Escondida, Stephen Got Even), 11Y2,700, UP.

Kips Hog Wild (Kipling–Khalifa of Kushog, Air Forbes Won), 11T11,000, W.

Brave Act (Langfuhr–Shield, Rahy), 11Y19,000, W.

Fuhrika (Langfuhr–Tarika, Cozzene), 11Y3,200, UP.

Prosecutor Pete (Lawyer Ron–Five Gold Stars, Mining), 11Y47,000, UR.

Inquiry Miss (Lawyer Ron–One Stormy Mama, Storm Cat), 11Y9,500, W.

Royal Barrister (Lawyer Ron–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 11Y150,000, W.

Sastoreddu (Leading the Parade–My Tru Luv, Bolger), 11Y6,500, W.

Curly W (Macho Uno–Nice Dilemma, Silver Deputy), 11Y30,000, W.

Un Hombre Caliente (Macho Uno–On Fuego, Pulpit), 11Y180,000, PL.

Fighting Lady (Majestic Warrior–Golden Honor, Mr. Prospector), 11Y15,000, W.

Surfer Moon (Malibu Moon–Manx Cat, Forest Wildcat), 11W130,000, PL.

Irish Media (Mass Media–Tri Some Irish, Irish Sur), 11W8,500, W.

Braveheartscommand (Master Command–Phanie Slam, Grand Slam), 11Y2,200, UR.

Artemus Paperboy (Master Command–Touch Me Once, Touch Gold), 11Y70,000, W.

Temper in Command (Master Command–Queen Evelyn, Hennessy), 11T45,000, W.

Lipstick Lily (Master Command–Sister Flag, Defrere), 11T9,000, UP.

Frost Fire (Medaglia d’Oro–Alta Love, Gone West), 11Y525,000, W.

Celestial Cruiser (Medaglia d’Oro–Catumbella, Diesis), 11Y380,000, UR.

Superfection (Medaglia d’Oro–Supercharger, A.P. Indy), 11Y1,200,000, UR.

Midnight Flute (Midnight Lute–Battle Search, Regal Search), 11Y65,000, W.

J’ouvert (Midnight Lute–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 11Y140,000, GP.

Tlahcuilo (Mineshaft–Siempre Lista, Unbridled’s Song), 11W3,000, UR.

Italian Monarch (Monarchos–Septieme Etoile, Septieme Ciel), 11Y9,000, W.

Mount Abu (Montbrook–Chelsea Park, El Prado), 11T25,000, UR.

Happy Retreat (More Than Ready–Clap Happy, Greinton), 11W200,000, W.

More Respect (More Than Ready–Search and Seizure, War Chant), 11Y275,000, W.

Morediamondsplease (More Than Ready–Diamonds for Lil, Summer Squall), 11T10,000, W.

Countess Theodora (More Than Ready–Lady in Power, Defensive Play), 11T200,000, PL.

Corkage (More Than Ready–Uncork, Unbridled), 11T300,000, UR.

Cloud Catcher (Mr. Greeley–High Heel Sneaker, Dehere), 11W30,000, PL.

Twin Engine (Mr. Greeley–Fly the Colors, Giant’s Causeway), 11Y125,000, W.

Cliff Castle (Mr. Greeley–Lafirma, Giant’s Causeway), 11Y100,000, W.

Pure Sentiment (Mr. Greeley–The Legend Grows, Siphon), 11Y25,000, PL.

Ridin’ Wild (Mutakddim–Septieme Etoile, Septieme Ciel), 11T5,000, W.

Pirate Light (North Light–Addicted, Broad Brush), 11Y1,200, PL.

Ultimo Suspiro (Notional–Erin’s Tour, Tour d’Or), 11W6,000, UR.

Commands Attention (Officer–Susan Jane, Jump Start), 11Y12,000, UP.

Onlywild (Offlee Wild–Only Michelle, Academy Award), 11Y5,200, UR.

Old Fashioned Step (Old Fashioned–Stephanie’s Road, Strawberry Road), 11W50,000, PL.

Vicar of Dibley (Old Forester–One for the Angels, Bold Executive), 11Y25,083, W.

Marine Park (Orchard Park–Fire Line, Trippi), 11Y12,000, PL.

Princess Laura (Orientate–Lady Margot, A.P. Indy), 11Y50,000, W.

Lady Minka (Orientate–Most Treasured, Mutakddim), 11Y14,046, W.

Le Secret (Pleasantly Perfect–Guy Grand’s Girl, Grand Slam), 11Y12,000, W.

Jordan’s Sorority (Pleasant Tap–Delta Rhythm, A.P. Indy), 11Y31,000, W.

Impatient Lady (Pleasant Tap–Lady in Waiting, Woodman), 11Y10,000, UR.

Flashy Campaign (Political Force–Clash, Arch), 11Y32,000, SPW.

Starship Ashley (Pomeroy–Rahy’s Wish, Rahy), 11T30,000, UP.

Classic Blue Eyes (Porto Foricos–Blueyed Lass, Sky Classic), 11Y10,000, PL.

Tetherball (Proud Citizen–Frolicing, Royal Academy), 11Y6,000, SPW.

Proud Garden (Proud Citizen–Garden Spot, Danzig), 11Y6,000, W.

Brilliant Rescue (Purge–Miner’s Blessing, Forty Niner), 11Y20,000, W.

Gold Megillah (Purim–Touch Me Once, Touch Gold), 11T50,000, SPW.

Patrick S (Put It Back–Bye Bye Katie Pie, Robyn Dancer), 11Y15,000, W.

Alpha American (Quiet American–Foolish Girl, Exciting Story), 11Y10,000, UR.

Cumberland Chief (Quiet American–No Knocks, A.P. Indy), 11Y430,000, UP.

Snowboarder (Raven’s Pass–Gaudete, Distorted Humor), 11Y190,000, GP.

Jan Van Eyck (Raven’s Pass–Layounne, Mt. Livermore), 11Y95,000, W.

Holland Diamond (Rock Hard Ten–Liza Lu, Menifee), 11W35,000, PL.

Acquisition (Rock Hard Ten–Always Ready, Dixieland Band), 11Y35,000, W.

Meine Gloriana (Rock Hard Ten–Elizabeth Street, Street Cry), 11Y80,000, PL.

Rockport Princess (Rockport Harbor–Prevailing Fortune, Spinning World), 11Y35,000, UR.

Harrington Harbor (Rockport Harbor–X Tra Brassy, Pana Brass), 11Y50,000, W.

unnamed (Rockport Harbor–Hulamore, Mt. Livermore), 11T20,000, UR.

Jaelly Forever (Sarava–Genteel World, Spinning World), 11T5,000, W.

Madhubala (Scipion–Red Valentine, Dehere), 11Y10,000, PL.

Beefy and I No It (Seeking the Best–Shezaclassyslew, Evansville Slew), 11Y11,000, W.

Ruby La Belle (Senor Swinger–Turkish Taffy, Turkoman), 11Y1,200, UR.

Chillukis Chick (Sequoyah–Chenery’s Chick, Chief Seattle), 11Y300, W.

Doctor J Dub (Sharp Humor–Anotherbusride, Delineator), 11Y110,000, PL.

Silk in Silver (Silver Train–Silk Degrees, Mutakddim), 11Y5,000, W.

Skyrose (Sky Mesa–Rose Tiara, St. Jovite), 11Y10,000, W.

Clearbrook (Smart Strike–Coherent, Danzig), 11Y180,000, GP.

Maui Jijon (Smarty Jones–Promising, Irish Tower), 11W6,000, UR.

Smartacus (Smarty Jones–Saratoga Lady, Deputy Minister), 11T50,000, UR.

Oreuse (Smoke Glacken–Heavenly Splendor, Point Given), 11T20,000, W.

Frolic’s Song (Songandaprayer–Frolic N My Dreams, Smoke Glacken), 11Y15,000, UR.

Just Got In (Songandaprayer–Imastorming, Hennessy), 11Y15,000, W.

Britanica (Songandaprayer–Jasmine and Jewels, Rahy), 11Y11,000, W.

She’s a Minx (Speightstown–Jakes Lil Sister, Louis Quatorze), 11T25,000, PL.

Importuno (Stormello–Impressive Star, End Sweep), 11T45,000, W.

Jilly Baylee (Stormin Fever–Out of a Dream, Out of Place), 11Y24,350, W.

Picardia (Stormy Atlantic–Pretty City, Carson City), 11W65,000, UR.

Coolgower (Stormy Atlantic–V. I. P. Princess, Thunder Gulch), 11W42,000, UP.

Stormy Bull (Stormy Business–Goldtown Beauty, Holy Bull), 11Y1,300, W.

Riot Gear (Street Hero–Torrid, Honor Grades), 11Y3,700, PL.

Majestica (Street Sense–Miles of Style, Storm Cat), 11W295,000, UR.

Street Credit (Street Sense–Adored Slew, Seattle Slew), 11Y58,000, UP.

Craving Carats (Street Sense–Diamonds for Lil, Summer Squall), 11Y320,000, W.

Sir Bond (Street Sense–Emmaus, Silver Deputy), 11T260,000, W.

Eleven Easy Street (Strong Contender–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 11T2,000, W.

Sweet Dish (Successful Appeal–Pretty Sweet, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y30,000, UP.

Lil’ Juju Bee (Sun King–Hot Communicator, Phone Trick), 11Y8,000, W.

Haze N Harlee (Survivalist–Miss Stuck Up, One Way Love), 11Y1,022, W.

Lovelight (Swiss Yodeler–Dazzling Light, A.P. Indy), 11Y1,000, UR.

Princess Adelyn (Tale of the Cat–Be Happy My Love, Formal Gold), 11Y35,000, W.

Lady’s Tale (Tale of the Cat–Nifty Lady, Gone West), 11T42,000, W.

Go Cleve Go (Tap Day–Dixie Lynn, Dixie Brass), 11Y715, UP.

Pallasus (Tapit–Midday Runner, Real Quiet), 11Y160,000, UP.

Perilous Times (Tapit–Shadow of Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y200,000, UR.

Swig It (Tapit–Swigert, Fusaichi Pegasus), 11Y75,000, W.

Tapps (Tapit–Battle Search, Regal Search), 11T20,000, W.

Dance Card (Tapit–Tempting Note, Editor’s Note), 11T750,000, W.

Pursuitofparadise (Taste of Paradise–Stormin’ Nana, Storm Bird), 11Y3,500, W.

Tiz a Chick (Tiznow–Never a No Hitter, Kris S.), 11W115,000, UR.

Wine Glow (Tiznow–Cool Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y250,000, UP.

Christinelisa (Tiznow–Typhoon Ling Ling, Hennessy), 11T75,000, W.

Tiz the Gal (Tiz Wonderful–Enterprise Coast, Awesome Again), 11Y7,500, UP.

Wonder About Lola (Tiz Wonderful–Luluwa, Zafonic), 11Y24,000, W.

Tiz for Tat (Tiz Wonderfull–Tom’s Kid, Capote), 11Y85,000, W.

Cajun Caveman (Toolighttoquit–Rock the Ranch, Spend a Buck), 11Y3,700, W.

Tocacielo (Unbridled Energy–Roleo, Devil’s Bag), 11Y3,700, W.

Gracewood (Unbridled’s Song–Miss Abita, Dixie Union), 11W390,000, UR.

Rhodochrosite (Unbridled’s Song–Folklore, Tiznow), 11Y385,000, PL.

Unbridled Playboy (Unbridled’s Song–Oh Glory Be, Dixieland Band), 11Y30,000, UR.

Stormy Rhapsody (Unbridled’s Song–Priceless Storm, Storm Cat), 11Y115,000, UP.

I Got You (Unbridled’s Song–Lady Tiz, Tiznow), 11T50,000, PL.

U S Scout (U S Ranger–Coronation Cup, Chief’s Crown), 11W22,000, W.

unnamed (Valid Expectations–Autumn Banner, Summer Squall), 11Y12,000, UR.

Kieara Star (Valid Expectations–Island Greetings, Cape Town), 11Y1,000, UR.

Valid Jesse (Valid Expectations–Sister’s Shamrock, American Chance), 11Y1,500, UR.

Valuable Prince (Value Plus–Queens Plaza, Forestry), 11W13,000, W.

Rising Plus (Value Plus–Riesling, Wolf Power), 11Y20,000, PL.

Flowering Lady (Value Plus–Smooth Harmony, Tactical Cat), 11Y15,000, UR.

Enchanted River (War Chant–Island Fire, Island Whirl), 11Y30,000, W.

Hotchoi (Weather Warning–Nakoda, Real West), 11Y1,015, W.

Mr. Why (Whywhywhy–Stay On Point, Point Given), 11T15,000, W.

Distinctive Move (With Distinction–Local Gossip, Horse Chestnut), 11T20,000, W.

Back On Time (Y. C. Rail–Kicken Time, Tsunami Slew), 11Y3,009, UR.

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