More Mundane Matters????

My last post was purely personal. I promise that this one eventually will get back to more mundane matters–pedigrees and statistics. But allow me to introduce the next topic with a few more personal reflections first.

If you ask my family what is the most important thing I ever accomplished, their unanimous reply would be: “Davey invented option cribbage. And DAMN him for doing it (especially if staring at a hand that is painfully in between high and low).”

My family looks at me and thinks something like: “He’s retired. He has plenty of $$$$. He seems to keep busy with that blog thing of his. If he is trying to drink and smoke himself to death, he is not doing a very good job of it YET. I guess he’s doing all right for age 60.”

My older brother Mike is the only one who ever asks me about my “blog thing.” It seems to me like the conversation goes the same way every time. I try to explain to him what exactly I do on this blog. I probably provide too much (or too technical) information.

This time around Mike asked who was the typical reader of this blog. I had to think about that one. Breeders?, he suggested. Some, I replied. Also people who work for and advise breeders. Also people who just love the mystery of what makes Thoroughbred pedigrees tick (or FAIL to tick, as the case may be). I probably overestimate that last group.

Since that latest conversation it has occurred to me that the one group who should benefit the most from reading this blog is potential buyers of unraced Thoroughbreds at public auction. Because that is pretty much what I do.

I examine populations of sales foals from a historical perspective. I tell you what angles (theories) have NOT worked in the past (the vast majority of them). I tell you what angles (theories) HAVE worked in the past (a tiny minority). I tell you what to avoid as a buyer. I tell you what to ignore as  a buyer. I tell you what to look for as a buyer. How many buyers actually read this blog I do not know.

This time around I am going to give buyers something positive for a change. Something which might help them improve their chances of buying a better racehorse (without hocking the family jewels to do so).

That something might be described as age in pedigrees. I have written about all this before. It is something of a personal obsession of mine. Nevertheless, you buyers (especially at the upcoming Keeneland September yearling sale) need to be reminded of it once again.

But alas, I see that I have scribbled enough for one post already. So I lied at the top (though not deliberately). In my NEXT post I will get back to more mundane matters–pedigrees and statistics.

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3 Responses to More Mundane Matters????

  1. ned Williams says:

    Not to change the subject, but I just saw the Firestone’s (as in “the Firestones” of tire fame) Middleburg is entered in another graded stake race. Did I mention that there is some old money in Virginia……… who breed nice horses?!

  2. ned williams says:


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